Friday, May 6, 2016

Tournament Report 2016 Midwest Floorball Championship

The 2016 Midwest Floorball Tournament in Tomah, WI, - the largest Floorball event in the USA

Chicago won the tournaments advanced division this year in a convincing style by beating a Tomah combination 9-1. This is the fifth time a team from Chicago has won the cup, in six attempts. Last year the Tomah team “Balls of glory” won the cup.
Two different teams from Minneapolis clinched first place in the Intermediate, as well as in the Recreational division. A local youth team from Tomah won the Youth Division.  -  “With a total of 19 teams participating, including far away teams from Colorado and New Jersey, this is the largest Floorball tournament in the USA,  to date ” Say Joe Protz, Director at the Tomah Parks and Rec.

Chicago won the advanced final over a Tomah team, being reinforced by players traveling from Iowa. This years edition of the Balls of Glory team had minor adjustments as compared to the team that won the Cup last year, whereas the Chicago team had a fairly developed roster and only a few players remained the same as from the previous year.  The six teams in the Advanced division further included teams from Minneapolis, New Jersey, Colorado and a second Chicago, Illinois team.

In the Intermediate division, won by Minnesota Floorball, the final also included a Tomah team under the leadership of Ben Kortbein. This Tomah team was leading their final, but  Adam Sillerud from Minneapolis showed his skills by making a double hat trick!  Yes, Adam scored SIX goals in the Intermediate final, producing a final score of 7-4, after being down 3-4. Another team that played very good Floorball in this division was the Late Bloomers from Minneapolis, This team consisted of 6 females and only two males. They played so good Floorball that they could have won this division. Overall this division was so even that any team could have lost or won this year's title. The weakest teams in the group play made it to the final and the strongest team from the group play fell short fast in the play-offs.

The Recreational division boiled down to a final between two different teams from Minneapolis. The final was won by a new young team that has promised to play in the Intermediate division next time. In this group we saw Cal Rassman from Minnesota showing stick-handling skills at a level only comparable to the Advanced division, if not beyond the advanced division. Cal’s team Wactown Wizards clinched this division win with style. Four teams from Wisconsin participated in this division.

The youth division was won by a Tomah combination that competed with Adams Friendship, WI,  about the first place.

The 2016 Midwest Floorball Championship started 6 years ago as a local tournament called the Tomah Open at first, with 11 teams from surrounding states. The status was raised the third year as the tournament picked up the promise to become the Midwest Floorball Championship.

“With 19 teams this year, and with teams travelling from both Colorado and New Jersey, it gets clear that we have surpassed the idea of a local Midwest Championship”, say the tournament founder Mr. Michael Borg. He also notes that this year's tournament included 5 players that have represented the National team USA in International floorball competition and one previous national player from Estonia.
Mr. Borg, continues;  - “It is time to rebrand this tournament to invite or attract International teams, and we will definitely also from now on play a two day tournament, and also extend our games in length.”

Scores Advanced Division
Balls of Glory, Tomah - Chicago Dogs 5-1
Chicago Innebandy - Minneapolis Floorball 3-2
Balls of Glory - Colorado 5-1
Chicago Innebandy - New Jersey Blackout 5-2
Chicago Dogs - Colorado 0-8
Minneapolis Floorball - New Jersey Blackout 1-0

Play-off Advanced
New Jersey Blackout - Chicago Dogs 4-2
Colorado - Minneapolis Floorball 3-5
Balls of Glory - New Jersey 5-1
Chicago Innebandy - Minneapolis Floorball 4-2
Balls of Glory - Chicago Innebandy 1-9

Scores Intermediate Division
Floorballers, Tomah - Goodhue, Tomah 5-6
Chicago Innebandy - Minneapolis Floorball 4-0
Late Bloomers, MN - Goodhue 5-1
Floorballers - Chicago Innebandy 4-1
Minneapolis Floorball - Late Bloomers 3-1

Play-off Intermediate
Goodhue - Minneapolis Floorball 4-3 (shoot-out)
Floorballers - Chicago Innebandy 4-3
Late Bloomers - Minneapolis Floorball 1-5
Minneapolis Floorball - Floorballers 7-4

Scores Recreational Division
Superheroes, WI - Custom Offsets, WI 1-3
Alma Center, WI - Wactown Wizards, MN 2-4
St Paul Saints, MN - Custom Offsets, WI 11-2
Wactown Wizards - Under Construction 5-3
Alma Center - Under Construction 1-8
Superheroes - St Paul Saints 0-5

Recreational Play-off
Under Construction - Superheroes 6-2
Custom Offsets - Alma Center 3-1
St. Paul Saints - Under Construction 5-6
Wactown Wizards - Custom Offsets x-x
St. Paul Saints - Wactown Wizards 3-6

Youth Division Games
Tomah Fury - Adams Friendship CLC 6-0
Adams Friendship CLC - Tomah Fury 0-3
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!