Sunday, March 8, 2015

Religion - has some great tricks up their sleeve

Religion is a tricky subject and we will not discuss here if it is good or not or if one flavor is better than the other.
But we will just do some NUMBERS and then think out loud a bit.
80% of all people say they are religious in the world. We have some 7.3 billion people in the world right now. So, 5.84 billion people are religious.

And yes, it will take some time to get them all to play Floorball. But that is not what we will discuss here today.
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Indeed, Churches do a lots of things right, they have big organisations, incredible following, often great architectural structures, leadership and some churches are also comparable rich - so indeed they do a lots of things right, indeed.

The question we want to touch base on today is what can Floorball learn from religion? Yes yes yes, we know that many churches or religious organisations like the KFUM in Sweden for instance has learned a lots from Floorball - as they use it in big ways over there - both at Ministries, Churches, Youth Groups and other Religious activities like camps indeed often include Floorball. So we think Churches has learned a lots from Floorball already and that is very good.

But now we want to turn this coin around a bit = we want to ask what may Floorball learn from Churches and is there something to be taken in as a good lesson? That is an open ended question and you dear reader can probably come up with your own ideas, in many different fields - so do not hesitate to share em'.

Today we will only try to focus on one matter in this post - and that is funding. How can Floorball learn from religion how to fund itself?

First, most churches are probably of the opinion that they work for a good cause filling a good deed in the society . We think that goes for many Youth sport operations too. The larger difference is probably that the sport operation aims with a more firm hand towards the youth - whereas the Churches often seem to be populated with a slightly more ageing population. Otherwise both try to do good as well as they can in the society - based upon what they try to do - right? (OK, do not go into the specifics here cause we know that some people does not agree upon this).
Both are good at administrative matters and both, Churches and sport clubs are good at filling up larger buildings at times - with the larger difference that the Church often has their very own and propriety building for their activity. Yes, this is crucial since the Churches - all over the world seem to do this in more or less the same manner.

Floorball relies on different forms of support including sponsorships and ticket sales. Whereas very few Churches sell tickets and not many have openly active sponsors.. 
Now, we start to enter the seriously interesting dynamics of this question.

Let's phrase the rest a bit provocative against Floorball - by just follow some common practises as used in many Churches today. 
So here we have a number of direct questions to Floorball.

- Why, do Floorball not ask its members to contribute 10% of its earnings to the Floorball Club?

Yes, this might sound crazy at first - but this is indeed a large part of the funding that supports many Churches in a rather successful way and as soon as the question is raised the matter comes in another light some way? So far we suspect that no Floorball active person alive never ever has thought about the idea to support the sport with 10% of their income. Now since the question is raised - does it still feel to be that crazy? Is there philanthropic people playing Floorball too? Should this question not be used at all Floorball clubs too?

- Why, do Floorball Clubs not ask for offerings? Or do they? When? At practice at games? Maybe they do?

This, is not a great revenue stream - but beside of selling hot dogs at a concessions stand it is far more profitable as compared to the work needed to create a steady, even if little stream of income to any Floorball operation. But no, this is not the big heureka solution to support a big Floorball operation. But still it is a little continuous stream of revenues... over time - that makes the wonder.

- Why does your Floorball Club not have active recommendations - to have people that are about to pass away - to put Floorball in their will? Or for other donations too? Or is this too much out of context?

Indeed or in-dead. Doubtless this is a large revenue stream for many churches as they more or less "own" much of this revenue stream. And no wonder. Closer to the end of life many people will be at peace with the spirits and may be giving away big donations and this is a great way to contribute to the greater good of your own ministry. But as we think about this in more vivid terms. Youth sport teams are doubtless a very good investment in the youth and the sprawling of life. Some donations from rather mature people at a church that just passed away - inside of an ageing church system - often supports other people of the - more or less same age. So the dynamics of what you put your will or donation into would definitely be different  - if you gave your resources to the youth instead of the grey panthers - we dare to think.
But hey, this is not only about age dynamics.
It is also about youth sport funding - and in this perspective since it is not working like this - is - not the bad of the churches - it is not the bad of the people donating away resources in their last will. It is indeed the bad of the Youth Sports Clubs (on this blog Floorball Clubs) - since normally we are not even trying to harvest this sort of funding for youth sports.

Can this change?
That is a very bad question - since our opinion (yes here we are full of opinions) - is that everything is changing - we just have to focus on what we want to change and make certain it changes at an increasingly exponential rate.

And we are sure there is an app for that too - or if not - then let us make one. ;-D

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!