Friday, March 27, 2015

Do not just watch crank volume up and hear too

This is exactly why Floorball will be an Apple a day smash hit in North America


Mr Eriksson..
Floorballcentral do think that the IFF should produce a paraphrase upon this commercial - one of the best ads ever...

Since Floorball will be here to change school sport for many millions of kids one day....

One apple a day and just some Floorball too... (keep the doctor away)

Blog in slow mo... and buck bangs

Blog runs right now in slow - mo... but not Floorball..

We will be back with more asap... but tied up in other stuff too - then to be honest - we also realize - even if we are close to 1/2 Million hits on this blog and it took a few years to get here...

Well on twitter, if we put some effort in - to reach 500.000 people about #floorball - well it does not take years - but a few months only...
So lets aim at the "Bang for the bucks!"


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

USA girls in demand

Just in from USA Floorball via the IFF

By Anders Buvarp
Updated: March 12, 2015

USA Floorball is currently preparing for the 2016 World Floorball Championships in Belleville, Canada. Team USA will play the B-Division against Canada, Hungary and other countries.

We are searching for youth athletes born 1997 – 2000, who are able to obtain, or has a valid US passport and who are keen on representing their country at this unique and very special historic event.

Since youth floorball is still under development in the USA, we are also considering players with an excellent track record in field hockey, ice-hockey, ball hockey, lacrosse or any other sport with top level skills transferable to floorball.

In May 2015, the WU19 team will attempt to participate in California Cup, which is held annually in Fresno. We are also looking at playing in US Open in August in Los Angeles and at the Golden Gate Cup in San Francisco later on in the year.

We plan to organize try-outs in conjunction with USA Floorball’s 2015 Development Camp or at any of the above tournaments. If players are unable to attend any of the above events, selections will be based on live footage from game situations.

For international players, we are organizing try-outs, camps and practice games in Motala, Sweden. These will take place during the Summer and Fall of 2015 and will be organized by Ann Lovgren. She is the appointed Director of International Development for team USA WU19. International eligible players are encouraged to email Ann Lovgren.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Stick-handling did we say Stick-handling?

Or is this just another regular tweet from Pav Barber?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

American & Canadian troops meets NATO Floorball in Poland

WE quote the US ARMY

"The American team stood proudly as the Star-Spangled Banner played over the public address system before the match. They listened respectfully when the Polish national anthem followed. Then it was time for floor ball.
The matchup was a battle of rookies pitted against experience. The American team, made up of Troopers from K Troop, 3rd Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment training at the Drawsko Pomorskie Land Forces Training Center in Poland as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, squared off against one of Poland’s best club floor ball teams, WSU Wierzchowo. Though some on the American team were familiar with floor ball’s sister sport hockey, none had played the sport before, which is a variation of hockey without the ice and skates.

The American inexperience showed, as they lost their first game 15-1. "

The story in its full glory here

Monday, March 9, 2015

How would a Euro Union - Floorball team look like?

Ha, Why?
Well the case is - that the top nations are only 4. Sorry Norway, Denmark, Slovakia and all you others - but at this point in time the Floorball world is dominated by Sweden, Finland, The Czech Republic and Switzerland. It almost does not matter is we play kids, females or the top elite.

This means concentrations of skills - perhaps too much concentrations of skills - are set to a bunch of boundaries in Europe. This concentration also means that several of the very best in Sweden and Finland etc can not play in a WFC, since they are not good enough to be on the national team, since after the best 30 players, in each top nation - well the door gets closed.
From national leagues, in the very best countries, we however know that even the players that are not rated to be the best best best - they can beat the best at times. Hmm. And these players are better than many other players in other nations.

So a Floorball team representing the European Union would indeed have a chance to go for gold in any big tournament. And the uncertainty at the top of the Floorball world would be even more exciting with a new joker in the games for any larger tournament.
A EU team would in principle be open for any European player - but we suspect the bulk of these players would still come from the top four nations. But that is not too important at this point.

Would the EU itself benefit from this?
Well, if you play with national numbers at any big sporting event it is often rather interesting to see how well a country like the USA is doing. But if the USA instead, for instance, would compete at a World Track and Field championship as representing their own state - well the numbers are not too exciting as it comes to gold medals to each state. Have you ever looked at the accumulated medal count at the Olympics for the European Union for instance - it shows very interesting numbers. This is something the European Union has not figured out yet as most European Athletes still always represent their own country in any big sporting event. And all this has only and mainly to do with traditions. Floorballcentral think from the perspective of the representative value to play a Floorball team representing the EU - this holds several good positive perspectives. First it would promote the European Unity. It would be representative of the European idea and it would promote cooperation over boundaries, perhaps instead of promoting nationalism? And is it not so that a citizen of any European Union National State in the European Union also is a citizen of the European Union? And if a sporting team representing the European Union spells good marketing value for the European Union. Well, then the European Union is not a poor house either - so the European Union should, or at least ought to, have some funds to run European Floorball teams too? We think.

Ok, let us now crush the idea that the European Union "National" Floorball teams should be made up by second hand players from the best nations. Let us instead play with the idea that the players themselves can decide if they prefer to play for either their National team or the European Union team? Still nationalism runs strong so we think that most of the best players would prefer the national team. But maybe not all. And maybe this might change over time too?

Is there something more a European Floorball team must have?
To be a truly European team, most likely we need players representing the Union from several different European regions - so some sort of guidelines - must be in place, as it comes to the composition of such a team. Maybe at least 6 nations must be represented? A team like this must also showcase European Unity and cooperation. Maybe with a team of coaches - or in reality not too much say that the coaches must come from the very best Floorball countries? Right?
Then, and this might be the most beautiful of it all? A team like this must have the most beautiful Euro designed outfits and play under the EU flag.

Is this at all possible?
Anything is possible if the will and the right determination is in place. Maybe not easy - but definitely not impossible - we say.
Hepp ;-D

And as Floorball grows - we can definitely also see an Asian team and an American team build after the same principles. ;-D

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Amazing Story on Wrestling

Its so good - we must run it here...

Religion - has some great tricks up their sleeve

Religion is a tricky subject and we will not discuss here if it is good or not or if one flavor is better than the other.
But we will just do some NUMBERS and then think out loud a bit.
80% of all people say they are religious in the world. We have some 7.3 billion people in the world right now. So, 5.84 billion people are religious.

And yes, it will take some time to get them all to play Floorball. But that is not what we will discuss here today.
By FitimSelimi (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Indeed, Churches do a lots of things right, they have big organisations, incredible following, often great architectural structures, leadership and some churches are also comparable rich - so indeed they do a lots of things right, indeed.

The question we want to touch base on today is what can Floorball learn from religion? Yes yes yes, we know that many churches or religious organisations like the KFUM in Sweden for instance has learned a lots from Floorball - as they use it in big ways over there - both at Ministries, Churches, Youth Groups and other Religious activities like camps indeed often include Floorball. So we think Churches has learned a lots from Floorball already and that is very good.

But now we want to turn this coin around a bit = we want to ask what may Floorball learn from Churches and is there something to be taken in as a good lesson? That is an open ended question and you dear reader can probably come up with your own ideas, in many different fields - so do not hesitate to share em'.

Today we will only try to focus on one matter in this post - and that is funding. How can Floorball learn from religion how to fund itself?

First, most churches are probably of the opinion that they work for a good cause filling a good deed in the society . We think that goes for many Youth sport operations too. The larger difference is probably that the sport operation aims with a more firm hand towards the youth - whereas the Churches often seem to be populated with a slightly more ageing population. Otherwise both try to do good as well as they can in the society - based upon what they try to do - right? (OK, do not go into the specifics here cause we know that some people does not agree upon this).
Both are good at administrative matters and both, Churches and sport clubs are good at filling up larger buildings at times - with the larger difference that the Church often has their very own and propriety building for their activity. Yes, this is crucial since the Churches - all over the world seem to do this in more or less the same manner.

Floorball relies on different forms of support including sponsorships and ticket sales. Whereas very few Churches sell tickets and not many have openly active sponsors.. 
Now, we start to enter the seriously interesting dynamics of this question.

Let's phrase the rest a bit provocative against Floorball - by just follow some common practises as used in many Churches today. 
So here we have a number of direct questions to Floorball.

- Why, do Floorball not ask its members to contribute 10% of its earnings to the Floorball Club?

Yes, this might sound crazy at first - but this is indeed a large part of the funding that supports many Churches in a rather successful way and as soon as the question is raised the matter comes in another light some way? So far we suspect that no Floorball active person alive never ever has thought about the idea to support the sport with 10% of their income. Now since the question is raised - does it still feel to be that crazy? Is there philanthropic people playing Floorball too? Should this question not be used at all Floorball clubs too?

- Why, do Floorball Clubs not ask for offerings? Or do they? When? At practice at games? Maybe they do?

This, is not a great revenue stream - but beside of selling hot dogs at a concessions stand it is far more profitable as compared to the work needed to create a steady, even if little stream of income to any Floorball operation. But no, this is not the big heureka solution to support a big Floorball operation. But still it is a little continuous stream of revenues... over time - that makes the wonder.

- Why does your Floorball Club not have active recommendations - to have people that are about to pass away - to put Floorball in their will? Or for other donations too? Or is this too much out of context?

Indeed or in-dead. Doubtless this is a large revenue stream for many churches as they more or less "own" much of this revenue stream. And no wonder. Closer to the end of life many people will be at peace with the spirits and may be giving away big donations and this is a great way to contribute to the greater good of your own ministry. But as we think about this in more vivid terms. Youth sport teams are doubtless a very good investment in the youth and the sprawling of life. Some donations from rather mature people at a church that just passed away - inside of an ageing church system - often supports other people of the - more or less same age. So the dynamics of what you put your will or donation into would definitely be different  - if you gave your resources to the youth instead of the grey panthers - we dare to think.
But hey, this is not only about age dynamics.
It is also about youth sport funding - and in this perspective since it is not working like this - is - not the bad of the churches - it is not the bad of the people donating away resources in their last will. It is indeed the bad of the Youth Sports Clubs (on this blog Floorball Clubs) - since normally we are not even trying to harvest this sort of funding for youth sports.

Can this change?
That is a very bad question - since our opinion (yes here we are full of opinions) - is that everything is changing - we just have to focus on what we want to change and make certain it changes at an increasingly exponential rate.

And we are sure there is an app for that too - or if not - then let us make one. ;-D

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Flag UP for a bright FUTURE

World's Largest Consumer Show for Hockey..
And on top of it all the largest Floorball Banner or flag we ever saw - with Galante swingin' his Exel stick with attitude.
It looked like this.. he he.

Yep, that big bad sign, is backwards since the photo is from behind - but watta da ya think the kids on the other side saw?

Under it - the Youtube sensation Pavel Barber sweeping his stick in all directions at once (witta ball that looked glued to it), Xhockeyproducts - smiling away with Peter Ing at the forefront. Several Exel representatives in that stand in the midst of the smack of it all? Yeah... and yup we counted to a bunch of advertisements for the Gretzky Hockey School too - not bad not bad at all.

We have way more material... coming - let's hope Salming, X3M, Unihoc, Oxdog and bunch more guys come next year - so the Floorball world really can show what this is about in the mekka of Hockey - Yeah - Swerink can come they too..

;-) WE will be back - promise.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Just announced that they have opened the registration for their Floorball league.

To us here that is huge news!

Thank you guys

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Midwest Floorball Championship 2015

April 25th is the date we will play Midwest Floorball Championship 2015.

We will run this as last year. We will try to post a repeat on rules as we used last year here soon. Yes foot pass is allowed.

Registration is open now - until April 20th.
You register - either by an email to ulfjens or to Joe P (make certain you have a confirmation email back) - jprotz(at) or ulfjens(at) - replace the brackets with the at-sign teams should have minimum 5 players as we play 4 on 4 with goalies, recommended team size 7 players, or you can max a team with 9 players. Goalies may double up as field players and this way play in both divisions. Each team need a designated ref and a captain as well as a designated goalie. Goalies can also play field players in the other division. We have two divisions A) Advanced or B) Recreational

You can also mail registration with money/check to
Tomah Parks and Rec
819 Superior Avenue, Tomah, WI 54660
But make certain it has arrived on April 20th

If money is not sent in at advance, we will take payments as You arrive too in the morning. Games will be running for 12x2 or 15x2, slightly depending upon numbers of teams. Each team should have at least 4 games scheduled = roughly 2 hours of games at least.

It sounds like the Twin cities will have 3-4 teams in place. They might aim to win both divisions this year (that is the right spirit) - - let's see. Tomah is working on  perhaps 4 teams, this is at least what we hear right now.

And as before - if you can not fill a full team - let us know - we might be able to have free agents form a team too.

There are only a few differences this year:
- No boards - as we have been unable to rent/find boards cost efficiently anywhere.
- For the advanced, we will use Ice dividers
- For the rec; one guy Mr. Dan will make specialty dividers to cover some bad areas
- The main big trophy is in process to be updated with a good investment
- The cheapo price of 10 bucks last year did not bring in enough and the concessions failed from the financial side - so we do not plan to have the booster club in again. We will try to take care of the concessions ourselves and the cost per player to participate in the tourney has been raised to 15 per player. This should cover the expenses.
- The other rec trophy is in St Paul?
- The stick store will be rather limited as we only have a handful new sticks here and do not plan to order more sticks currently
- loaner sticks will be available
- We might possibly have one free stay at a hotel room in Tomah if someone needs that - just let us know and we try to will investigate if this is true or not - but if this is true we have only one night - one room.

We also ask for team support with donations of items to a possible raffle drawing we will try to run. Baskets or anything you might be able to haul in of value? We have had some cool items too like a leaf blower from Toro and so on.. earlier years.

Toss in an email, see above.

- we plan to have have one Head ref
- we plan to have a head organizing committee, so we can solve any disputes that goes beyond the games, like protests and stuff.

Also, it is helpful if you early on can indicate if you are planning to arrive with a team or not - since it will help us with the planning. Also if a team is short on players please let us know - We might have a free agent available somewhere.

Next weekend, we will try to deliver fliers about the tourney at the Let's Play Hockey exhibition in MNPLS. We do not think that this will bring on additional teams - but we never know. This exhibition is the reason why we have set the sign-up date very late before the tourney, to give additional teams a chance to form and sign-up. We suspect, last year the short sign-up time obstructed some of our possible teams from that event.

Feel free to share (forward) this information with the people - all of them - You think needs to know this.

Thank You very very much ;-D

One more thing, as the booster club ran the concessions last year - at least one team brought in their own food. This is not allowed if we have a concession running since it defeats the purpose with a concessions. We will try to arrange our own concession this time - however if we fail in that respect. Then we might consider to ask all teams to bring their own food supplies, OK? This information will be updated as we come closer to the tournament.

All the best - take care ;-D

"Real Victory - is to find peace in mind!" ( quote by VVJ Stanley)

European's in the chair of this!

Blog still on a break...

Here a sunshine-story...

Kim Nilsson a.k.a. most likely the Floorball world's largest single star currently... professional player in Switzerland...

He took a ball, wrote an autograph on, it and mailed it to a young girl fan in Holland.

This is a sunshine story ;-)

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!