Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We found 106.000 missing Swedish hockey players!

Yesterday (2/2/2015) we took a Top 25 base from NHL

In the 25 best point scorers we have 4 Swedes = 16%

In the 25 best goal scorers we have 1 Swede = 4%

In the 25 best assists we have 5 Swedes = 20%

In the prestigious +/- we have 3 Swedes = 12%

8.1% of the NHL players are today Swedish that means they outperform in 75% percent of the 4 crazy benchmark we picked, as of above, within only the top 25 players.
But this is not only about the top 25 - this is a consistent pattern.

OK here is another site that knows and shows all this much better:
http://www.quanthockey.com/nhl/nationality-totals/nhl-players-2014-15-stats.html An incredible site by the way!
In case their embed code does not come out too good in your browser - try the link.. above.. have fun.

Here the stats for 2014-2015 season in NHL

2USUnited States23.7%23.3%22.7%22.9%22.8%23.6%23.0%17.8%22.0%
4CZCzech Republic4.3%4.6%5.0%5.1%5.1%3.8%5.8%7.5%5.3%

OK, This tells us Sweden has more players in NHL than - Russia and the Czech Republic both have - together.

We also see that Canadians perform on par with their presence in the league and that US players perform just below their presence in terms of scores, assists and points. Swedes seem to perform above their presence as it comes to scoring, points and assists (!). So maybe a call for more Swedes would be a clever move?

Finland has more players in NHL than their big brother Russia this season (yes KHL plays a part here - but Finland hava one KHL team too). Compared to Sweden - Finland seems to be on par with Sweden in performance - we did not do the numbers - since the Finnish Hockey system is so much smaller as compared to the Swedish. However it seems like they under perform compared to their presence - well how many goalies do they have in the NHL now again?

Sweden has 72 players in NHL and USA 211 - so that is 34% or close to a 1/3 of Swedes in relation to Americans.

Just as a reference - Sweden has 62.000 registered hockey players roughly - USA about 510.000 that is relation at 12%. Why does not the number 34% as in NHL - match 12% as in active players? It should - if hockey education was done at the same level! 
1/3 of 510.000 is like 168.000 - so why does not Sweden have 168.000 licensed hockey players then - we miss some 106.000 Swedes - if they now indeed would perform in a hockey education on par with the US system?

What can it be? We wonder so hard.. here..
OH Yeah - what can now be so utterly different with Swedish and Finnish Hockey education as compared to the US system? Do they play baseball in school or do they drop tennis balls to their kids in Sweden? Do they have lacrosse in school? What is it? The water?
This is the chance for a Swede to play in the NHL 0.00116
The chance for an US American to play in the NHL 0.00041

This means Americans today have like a 35% opportunity to play in the NHL as compared to Swedes in comparative terms based upon number of registered players and hoe efficient their hockey education is ran - do we dislike these numbers or not here?. Ok, now - You can look at this one too - same season absolute numbers.
1CACanada45014 301202634445470847943462323
2USUnited States211652990715832490349820719141
4CZCzech Republic38128819935655556052834
Source: QuantHockey.com

Floorballcentral has since 2009 tried to highlight the benefits of Floorball. In the US American hockey landscape so far Dallas Stars and Gretzky Hockeyschool together with a handful of other schools has figured this out.
Our message is that USA Hockey may do so much better - and must do so much better. These numbers are not hard to grasp - and as soon as all prestige is tossed away- it is easy to implement Floorball into both US Schools as well as into hockey clubs.
Numbers as presented of above are cold hard facts - just like ice - what is sooo utterly different ? - what was Sweden's and Finland's largest indoor sport called now again? Is it not twice as big as ice hockey in Sweden too?

It is hard to say exactly how many registrered players there is different sources say different numbers - but if Sweden has 58.000 or 64.000 registered players - does not change much. The same goes for the US numbers used.

It is easy to say that Floorball in schools does not have a profound negative impact on ice hockey.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!