Monday, February 9, 2015

This is to be on national TV in the Czech republic - about Floorball in TEXAS

The largest Floorball Club in the Czech Republic now starts a comprehensive co-operation program with the North Texas Floorball Association.

Here is where it is supposed to be reported or shown on Czech TV - or rather will be available online - ... all in Czech though..

We have the full press release here on the future developments.
NTFA (NORTH TEXAS FLOORBALL ASSOCIATION) AND Fbs BOHEMIANS (FLOORBALL CLUB FROM PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC) ANNOUNCE A COOPERATION PLAN (DALLAS, TX, USA and PRAGUE, Czech Republic, February 3, 2015) – NTFA and Fbs Bohemians, floorball club from Prague, Czech Republic announced their plan to support youth floorball growth by introducing a four stage development program, aiming at getting the first ever floorball youth group from Dallas, Texas to visit the City of Prague and participate in development camps and tournaments. The plan will allow NTFA to send players to the Czech Republic. Fbs Bohemians will guarantee the quality and appropriate level of floorball program for participants to improve their individual skills, get involved in team practices and participate in scrimmage floorball games, leading to participation in tournaments. In the initial stage, Fbs Bohemian representatives will visit Dallas, Texas, to evaluate the NTFA floorball program, players, and teams, with focus on level of competition and practice operations. Bohemians will then send over players and staff from Czech Republic and begin to integrate into practices and league games in the Dallas region. These participating Bohemians will be available for all teams within the area to improve upon skills, teamwork, and knowledge of floorball. “We are looking forward to this opportunity to develop both our individual players and goalies”, says Jukka Kotti, responsible for goalie activities under the NTFA. As the program progresses, focus will shift to U19 players traveling from Dallas to Prague, Czech Republic, for involvement in additional youth development programs. “We are confident that this program will support U19 program development of the United States Floorball Association” says Darryl Gross, Regional Director of U19 program. “Prague youth tournament has been ranked as one of the top tournaments in the world” says Jan Bagin representative of Fbs Bohemians. Ultimately, NTFA youth teams will be participating in competitive tournaments in Prague and other European countries. NTFA and Fbs Bohemians are spear-heading this partnership with the common goal of supporting youth floorball development in North Texas leading to additional playing opportunities throughout the DFW metroplex and beyond. “We are pleased, that the Fbs Bohemians club is willing to start cooperation with NTFA. It is a major step in our youth development” says Kim Aaltonen, President of NTFA. “At this moment, we are working hard to establish regular U19 competition. Because of the Fbs Bohemians cooperation, we will be able to offer our youth players an exciting, high quality floorball program with development possibilities in the international environment. NTFA will strive to have as many boys and girls involved as possible.” “Fbs Bohemians floorball club is impressed by NTFA commitment to grow the game of floorball within the community and country,” said Martin Musil, President of the club. “We are glad that we are able to assist NTFA in making progress with their youth programs and to continue to offer floorball programs to more and more youth players.” About the NTFA The NTFA was established in 2014 to introduce youth floorball programs, manage competitions and to promote the growth of youth floorball throughout the communities of North Texas . Since its formation, both adult and youth players have been benefiting from floorball programs and NTFA support. For more information, visit and follow NTFA on Facebook or Twitter. About Fbs Bohemians Fbs Bohemians club was established in 1996. The Club has currently over 1 200 members with 89% of players under the age of 18. Since the beginning, Fbs Bohemians has aimed to promote floorball and establish youth programs for all age categories. The Club is the largest floorball club in the Czech Republic and has teams in both top national competitions – men´s and women´s. The youth teams became several times national champions in different age categories, both boys and girls. Czech Republic national team won bronze medal in 2014 floorball World Championship tournament. CONTACT: Fbs Bohemians Martin Musil, President martin.musil(AT) NTFA: Board of Directors Kim Aaltonen (kim(AT) David Friedman (dave(AT) Darryl Gross (darryl(AT) Jukka Kotti (jukka(AT)

Jukka Kotti as of above comments:
" - Our North Texas Floorball Association and the largest floorball club, Fbs Bohemians in the Czech Republic created a friendship and cooperation program. Please see read the press release published today in Czech and USA.  Program goals are basic, work together to grow both youth and adult player base, develop player skills on both individual and team levels. 

- We are all very excited about this development!!"

Links: (All in Czech)
Czech Floorball Union web:

Bohemians website:

Our own comment:
Hmm, terrific awesome good news for kids in Texas.  This is what the USA needs - wonder if some other big Euro teams are interested to help out at other parts of this enormous continent by the way. The potential is as we see it is INCREDIBLE.

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!