Saturday, February 7, 2015

Loose organisational - rather random thoughts of power

If you look at old advertising for the US military - it often states that the task is to fight communism.


What was it then that took down most of the Communism the world had back then?
What do you think? Dictatorship, bureaucracy, a way too well planned economy - 5 years into the future, not too much choice, many people with jobs - but not too much to do, beside of creating their own routines - in a system with acute lack of value and choice?
Hmm, is then the US Military today then organized so very much better today?
I guess we need a general, at least, to answer that nut?

Look at the public schools from a choice driven perspective. Who can make a decent choice? Well maybe it is the teachers as they set grades and design instruction. But who is the service providers - and who are indeed their customers?
At the restaurant it's clear that the customers make choices as they order, pay, add tip, and can rate the restaurant - or just decide not to come back again if the pizza tasted like rotten eggs. So why can not teachers be rated or picked by their own consumers in a system by using a better consumer choice - just like in most other parts of the modern rather efficient market economy? Do not hire teachers - have the customers select them instead.

Power, real power, is nothing much more but the ability to make very large choices - to make big decisions about things - either in terms of money, value or consequences... often on behalf of others - and it sounds as primitive as it is.

The market economy is efficient, & most people think - it is because the drive to make big money - we here instead think it is efficient since it gives the power of choice to the grassroots. The grassroots vote away (by not using their money) all bad things that they do not want to have. Or they can vote up the things they like, by using money. Oh yeah, tonnes of other things also play a role in these interactions.
But doubtless the efficient structure in any good market economy, or system, is based upon a democratic choice, or value, in the hands of the grassroots. In other words - more influence and power to the little people - to make them grow. Yep, almost like Darwinism - the most fit will not only survive but also thrive in ways - that build efficient systems.

It feels like we rewrite economic, or organisational theory here now... But no, we just want to apply some avant garde ideas to Floorball.

We know that many small sports emerging, or not, struggle with political or power issues in several countries. Other "off-ice Hockey versions" and others trying to grab power - show this dilemma too. Either it's fractions in one group, two different groups, or more, and this is not typical for Floorball. We have seen this in many sports. It seems it's more connected to the ability to make choices no-one else can make, because I/we are in charge.

And yet again to be in charge gives the ability to make choices whereas the others are outside in the cold. This does not seem like a very clever structure to get the most possible power out from everybody in a specific - or targeted geographical area - even if they all might have different viewpoints (something that is democratic, good, and the reason why people should work things out).

No, this almost typical scenario, seems to not to be too uncommon in many small emerging organizations, even the early IFF had some sort of a power struggle going (if we not old read press clippings wrong) just before the last President was instated. Hmm.

So what is the solution?
We do not know, we can only speculate. But we think organisational structures and power must to a much higher extent try to emulate a market economy. Where all grassroots, even just one-stop "buyers", have the ability to make small choices and affect developments - just as in the very uttermost efficient market economy. So some sort of higher level of democracy pushed to the grassroots is the most likely solution - to us.
And yes if small local organizational fights of power happened before - they may probably happen again, if not addressed and in particular if the same people sit at the top - way too long.

A more strict look at democracy states that there are different levels of involvement of what many call democracy:
- from not even knowing about what decisions you are subject to, over the spectrum where you are informed about what is going on, to the different, slower or faster, levels of indirect or representative democracy, to regular voting (slow or fast frequency) and all the way up to full or direct democracy. Yep, this is a very very complex area too... But the Internet gives the actual ability to shortcut it all up to voting everyday for everyone that stays informed a.k.a. direct democracy... and it could work like a market place for juste ideas or even decisions...

Then of course we have the nature of how people in general are or act - most people does not dare to speak up. Old statistics said that only some 10% of the population ever wrote an editorial to their newspaper.
Others claim today that 90% reads all material on the Internet, like on facebook, 9% makes the comments and only 1% drives the discussion...

Can Floorball change that too? Probably not - at least not today.

So if this is true: Floorballcentral might belong to that one tiny percent! In case you feel like you want to break into the 9% bracket as of above - be our guest and make your comments...

Show your ;-P ower of choice. ;-D

A few years back we wondered where the IFF had their real vision or mission... together.

We just read the big updated vision document - just presented.

Wow, this is outstanding, vibrant, on the right track and goes very much hand in hand with what we wrote up here a few days ago...

Did you ever read a strategic document that treats questions as a core part of its content? This is what the IFF just did - and we have always thought - a question always hold more answers that the answer itself.
Crazy good job IFF!!!

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!