Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to - get members to your new club or federation? Czech this out!

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Watta Question!

Calm down. ;-D

Historically it was easy to have people to join a sport club.
You were invited to a club & you had a membership - card, and that was it - all happy - all dandy. Things were sweet, the member was a member and life was fine, with good perceived value.

Well, it is not 1950 anymore.

Today clubs and federations offers websites, special log in functions, member cards, advertising, other services or product offers, insurances and you name it... Toss in a slew of fund raising too (at least in America) - and you are set.
The largest sport clubs in the world, in the largest sports nowadays also in a few cases carry billion dollars (or almost) in sponsor contracts and very wealthy players or former players.

IMHO, Team-up has figured out a great model. Team-up integrates members with the Club and the sponsor as an interaction piece of life. This sound like a basic winning concept. The sponsors of a club or the fans of an athlete will have direct access to offers available from the sport club's partners. The only concern we have with Team-up is that the club, the member, as well as the sponsor must be on the same digital, platform... - but, yes no extra social network sign-up is needed, you may use the facebook log-in you already have - that is very good.. If Team-up takes off big time, with their integration between sponsors and teams or fans... well these ideas sounds solid. And they are to a decent start it looks like.

Let's instead ponder at the hardest things of em' all. You are not established. You need new members - like now, to build your own club....

.... if we had a Club mentor system in play? Let's say you want a Floorball club in Memphis, TN right (oh no, we are not there yet - anyway it is just an example). Well if the big club Happee in Finland (only as an example still and they said 0H - dear my...we have an apprentice club - you will have access to all the sponsor deals we have for our own members for a couple of years... just to build our your own club. OH yeah the example is extreme and not realistic right now - but just as a thought experiment...
Only because this idea is about - you can have a mentor club and what their sponsors can do for the main club - they can offer others too = We are not no not thinking of money donations here - but discounts on products services, what sponsors can offer do for for the big club in terms of offers for the big club - they may do the same for the little club too! Hmm. Would we then create member value at a new level? Maybe? From the sponsor side of things we are talking about brand new markets - and a new way how to build these new markets... hmm.

OK, seriously there are several limitations to this concept. Many sponsors does not act at the global scale and only at a local level and they therefore only need exposure at the local level. But some do act bigger - and want to find new markets. The main idea is still to transfer member value from the big club/federation, to the little guy - a bit down the road.

This is what the FbS Bohemians in the Czech republic is trying to do for the North Texas Floorball League - on the sports side of things. But - in case they also brought this thinking over to the commercial side? Hmm.
The question is: How can the partners or sponsors of the FbS Bohemians also gain benefits - in a systematic and quality assured way in North Texas? How may Floorball people in North Texas gain benefits from the partners of the FbS Bohemians? No, not by chance, but in a systematic and quality secured system?.. Most likely they will - without a more comprehensive system in place since we do think people will go to the Czech republic and Prague from Texas to play Floorball, and this way become integrated as sport tourists... But how about lifting this concept to a systematic approach with a some commercial interests? Maybe they plan to do this in Texas? We do not know - but this sounds like a very good way to build frontier mentor style Floorball.

Czech out what is up in Texas on the sport side of things!
Yet again
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To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

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