Saturday, February 28, 2015

Problems --- But not with Barber

I know we have problems with our blog here - not enough postings in time and so forth... But some parts indeed are out of our control.
Like time - is not on our side. Mick Jagger said the opposite. That time was on our side...

Nope we will not kill the blog - we will continue to spread the love of Floorball here. We will attack mediocre Hockey education (lacking floorball), we will push the idea that kids have the right to both Floorball and good #LTAD in schools.

Oh well,
For now we will toss in the latest from Pavel Barber... and we will go from here..

We love his accent...
Fast Hands Hockey - let's hope you are serious about it?

Then again - we wonder if not the idea of a blog is dead and information goes on in a stream instead - like on Youtube - like on Twitter? This blog might be too much old school. Hmm.


Hopefully we will have some news up on the Midwest Floorball Championship 2015 - very very soon.
Stay tuned even if the blog is in a laid back mode currently.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

canada cup



The Canada Cup Floorball Championship is proud to announce that registration for the 2015 Canada Cup is now open! Take advantage of our early bird rates and reserve your spot for North Americas largest Floorball tournament. 


Registration Opens: February 23, 2015
Early Bird Deadline: March 31, 2015
Full Payment Due: April 24, 2015
Roster Submission: May 8, 2015


Click the link below for more information on the hotel and how to book rooms!


If you are interested in joining the Canada Cup 2015 team as a member of the the committee or as a volunteer, please fill out the volunteer form below.
To learn more about the Canada Cup, surf to our website at

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Balraj Jutla & Vikrant Saili
On behalf of the Canada Cup Committee.


Hosted annually in Toronto, Canada


Sometimes we post snap chat style... that is we kill things - we are not too happy about ;-D

Monday, February 23, 2015

MidWest - Trick flick - Yeah!

We plan to ... Well let's see this first...
Yet another US American trick flick...

So cool - please share...

Yes we think D Mo and his buddy both might come to Tomah too - for the
MidWest Floorball Championship 2015.

We plan to open Registrations in early March - hold out!

Hey Texas - Can You do this too?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

300.000 licensed players

Here is the latest numbers from the IFF

And the sport has for the first time ever passed 300.000 licensed players.

Now let us look at this with critical eyes.
Growth is only 1 %
- The instant question is what has the Swedish Floorball Federation (largest nation) done during 2014 to spread or share the sport outside of Solna (that is a joke - read Sweden)?
Our answer, not much, they seem to feel rather safe in their own cool duck pond.

How much quality do we read into these numbers?
Wild guesses is what we see, but also some good reporting from a few nations, and some that did not report at all.

Anything good? Yes the big countries are growing - but not fast enough - because not much floorball work is aimed towards growth..
It is mainly sweat on the court for a few so far - to make Floorball as big as it is worth - we have to sweat with the push of it to others too.

So What do we need? Justa few basic things..

A) Marketing - they say it is on its way...
B) Systematic incentives to grow the sport - give license discounts to players that brings on new players - this is just normal marketing stunt that works - put a growth strategy in place. Do not wait for it to happen - make it happen. 2 licenses for the price of one anybody?
C) Make certain all licensed player are subject to value added services/products
D) Figure out how to build infrastructure - school education in PE - and a big roll-out of boards to foreign hot beds
E) Build cross-sport relationships, with hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, pickleball, frisbee, and why not tennis?
F) Make certain the worlds best league is available free to be watched online - outside of Sweden.
G) Get serious with global sponsors - not local ones
H) Have more fun - and do not act so utterly bureaucratic
I) Realize that the LTAD program Swedish Floorball is working on - is at the very top notch global #LTAD level - Export it!
J) Product placements into Hollywood (bollywood) productions (its not impossible)
K) Tell Floorballers to take full interest in social media - this is the main marketing tool in 2015 - and any channel is good - but make certain Floorball beats the guts out of any other sport that possibly could be considered a competitor ;-D
L) Develop the product - introduce the mixed gender team
M) Take ownership of the heritage - Celebrate the guy that invented plastics, Cosom Hockey, Jolly that gave us ventilated sticks, and Ahlquist's first initiatives
N) Be bold on safety and injury protection - be better than other sports
O) For heavens sake get an environmental program in place - fight plastic pollution in the Pacific for instance
P) Build other cultural relationships - Use a world class DJ for all forthcoming WFC's for instance - make it a double whammy.
Q) As long as Nike and Adidas does not grasp Floorball, nothing will happen - lobbying - someone?
R) Diplomatic work at the highest levels
S) Drive research of Floorball to heights we have not seen before
T) Students that go abroad - must be used as official ambassadors
U) Move individual statuses down the chains, not up the ladder
V) Now we almost ran out of more options here
W)  Or as VJJ Stanley said: True Victory is to find a peace of mind - that goes for Floorball too..

Was there something else - wonder your favorite evangelist...?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

School Teachings in 2015

Many American Schools teach about great American inventors.

Like the Wright brothers.
Otto Lillienthal was first in flight and Gustave Whitehead, that lived in New Jersey was ahead the brothers in motorized flight too.

Recent reports claim that Edison did not invent the lightbulb - he borrowed the idea - but who uses that kind of light bulbs today, anyway?

Let us instead ask this - was Plastics a great invention? Do we use a lots of Plastics today?
And would Floorball exist - without plastics.
So was Leo Baekeland, from Belgium - he also lived in the USA, an important guy - do you think?

the colors of sport

via Floorball to the olympics..

Friday, February 20, 2015

Thailand National Team!

OK, now U do this?

The bad with Floorballcentral

Ok so we have pulled you over here and you read stuff here - some folks do, as we are zooming in on 500.000 hits...

Well, we also make mistakes and we think our last post on missing news was just a big flaw from our side - still can not figure out why so much old news jumped up.. Hmm
Post is killed, and excuses sent over twitter. Here to - we are so sorry IFF.

Anyway, we have also learned that many media companies has figured out that a website is a bad idea. You do not want to drag people to a website - cause they normally do not come.
No, you want to spread your news in the social stream instead... Because it is there you find people interested in things like Floorball.


That means, that we should abandon this web site - or at least its main idea. And instead build a website that looks like a social stream news generator or something.

Maybe Floorballcentral instead should be open for 100 people to post on - with full implementation of tools that automatically post wide in social networks.
Some sort of a news collection or aggregate site - with the core functionality to push global floorball news into social media instead?

Instead of one person posting Floorball to their facebook page - such a system would maybe 10 fold the Floorball news spread in social streams?

We do not know? We do not even know if it would work, if people would be driven or motivated to act like that?
Any other ideas from you?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to - get members to your new club or federation? Czech this out!

Image via the IFF

Watta Question!

Calm down. ;-D

Historically it was easy to have people to join a sport club.
You were invited to a club & you had a membership - card, and that was it - all happy - all dandy. Things were sweet, the member was a member and life was fine, with good perceived value.

Well, it is not 1950 anymore.

Today clubs and federations offers websites, special log in functions, member cards, advertising, other services or product offers, insurances and you name it... Toss in a slew of fund raising too (at least in America) - and you are set.
The largest sport clubs in the world, in the largest sports nowadays also in a few cases carry billion dollars (or almost) in sponsor contracts and very wealthy players or former players.

IMHO, Team-up has figured out a great model. Team-up integrates members with the Club and the sponsor as an interaction piece of life. This sound like a basic winning concept. The sponsors of a club or the fans of an athlete will have direct access to offers available from the sport club's partners. The only concern we have with Team-up is that the club, the member, as well as the sponsor must be on the same digital, platform... - but, yes no extra social network sign-up is needed, you may use the facebook log-in you already have - that is very good.. If Team-up takes off big time, with their integration between sponsors and teams or fans... well these ideas sounds solid. And they are to a decent start it looks like.

Let's instead ponder at the hardest things of em' all. You are not established. You need new members - like now, to build your own club....

.... if we had a Club mentor system in play? Let's say you want a Floorball club in Memphis, TN right (oh no, we are not there yet - anyway it is just an example). Well if the big club Happee in Finland (only as an example still and they said 0H - dear my...we have an apprentice club - you will have access to all the sponsor deals we have for our own members for a couple of years... just to build our your own club. OH yeah the example is extreme and not realistic right now - but just as a thought experiment...
Only because this idea is about - you can have a mentor club and what their sponsors can do for the main club - they can offer others too = We are not no not thinking of money donations here - but discounts on products services, what sponsors can offer do for for the big club in terms of offers for the big club - they may do the same for the little club too! Hmm. Would we then create member value at a new level? Maybe? From the sponsor side of things we are talking about brand new markets - and a new way how to build these new markets... hmm.

OK, seriously there are several limitations to this concept. Many sponsors does not act at the global scale and only at a local level and they therefore only need exposure at the local level. But some do act bigger - and want to find new markets. The main idea is still to transfer member value from the big club/federation, to the little guy - a bit down the road.

This is what the FbS Bohemians in the Czech republic is trying to do for the North Texas Floorball League - on the sports side of things. But - in case they also brought this thinking over to the commercial side? Hmm.
The question is: How can the partners or sponsors of the FbS Bohemians also gain benefits - in a systematic and quality assured way in North Texas? How may Floorball people in North Texas gain benefits from the partners of the FbS Bohemians? No, not by chance, but in a systematic and quality secured system?.. Most likely they will - without a more comprehensive system in place since we do think people will go to the Czech republic and Prague from Texas to play Floorball, and this way become integrated as sport tourists... But how about lifting this concept to a systematic approach with a some commercial interests? Maybe they plan to do this in Texas? We do not know - but this sounds like a very good way to build frontier mentor style Floorball.

Czech out what is up in Texas on the sport side of things!
Yet again

More - basic cheap genius tools

From William and Wiking...
Two ingenious practise tools to be used for Floorball. Yup the ball returns each time you sweep it away in the right fashion. But the two different designs provides you with different effects. An easy and cheap build. Plus 4000 hits on youtube for Floorball on youtube is what - we call ingenious.

Thank You boys for sharing! ~

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Down Down Down

Floorballcentral is currently down due to other affairs.
We plan to be back - soon - or the day we are caught up with things beyond Floorball.

Stay Tuned.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pixbo & AIK - YouTube

This is great. This is embed. This is HTML5, This is the #sharingeconomy. This is #floorball
This is #YouTube.

This AIK... Stockholm, Sweden

AIK has two clips up - more are expected

This is the other

Follow AIK here

This is Pixbo Wallenstam Gothenburg Sweden - Same thing here

Pixbo has a load of clips up - follow em' here

One World - One Ball: Pav Barber Style


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Seems like more people move forward in the USA now

Did You hear about Impact Floorball?
We just found them..

What we guess?
This aim for Ice Hockey developments - A very good thing.
We think Upstate New York is a nice place for Floorball - Indeed.
Are some of those clips just borrowed straight off - ?

OK OK anyway - we just sent a mail to a guy we think might know more  - let's see if we get some real meat onto the bones...

In the Perils of Twitter

By Frka (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0
via Wikimedia Commons
Did you know that both Google and Facebook have hordes of real people sitting and scrubbing bad content out?

Twitter is not as big as these two.

But Twitter is often first with news - and does have some sort of grunge to its content - if and when, you connect to the right accounts.

We are convinced that Instagram right now is perhaps the best vehicle to share the joy of Floorball.

But as it comes to news - well, we think Twitter beats Instagram and Floorball is nothing but news - so we decided to focus on Twitter.

As we have said before we are also convinced that the old mass media structure is dead and instead of one node - with many listeners. We think the modern strong network with everyone connected to each other, back and forth, creates a way better and much stronger network.
It is the social network.

This means that we must follow back all others following us. It also means we must toss out all accounts - not following us back, or not just being active enough. We must aim for a coefficient as close as possible to one - in our followers/following ratio. Then we should also somewhat actively follow interesting accounts that connects to floorball, or related fields..  The last is a tedious task that we do not spend too much time on.

OK that is a bit of our twitter strategy and our understanding of the media.

However over the last couple of weeks - we have had rather good following from new followers, but a new trend has shown up that we do not like.

As following is high and steady - we try to keep some sort of a strategy to follow accounts back directly. But recently several of these accounts suddenly belong to either a macabre collection with either explicit physical sex or gruesome pictures of violence showing up as disturbing pictures hidden among some nicer ones. This becomes suddenly a problem if you are not aware about it and open twitter in a public place on your phone.
So this is indeed a problem.

Therefore we would like to warn you about this new bad side we have encountered.

The solution will probably come from twitter itself as they also might need to scrub some accounts like Google and Facebook do. Maybe twitter needs two different channels? One clean and one free - we do not know. Yes, we have blocked a few of the bad ones and yes, we suddenly now directly slowed down our following back activity - and look more closely what the folks we intend to follow back publish. But the bad guys knows how to get around this too - feeding bad stuff into the stream via workaround RT's from more innocent tweeps.

The Internet as a whole seems to taken a turn - full blast for your eye balls. Look at old traditional decent news outlets - they are now filled with "promoted content or stories" that has nothing in their mind - but have you click through the most bizarre forms of information - News Quality is gone - and it seems like they are after just clicks - and your mind. Watch out for all "news pornographic" sites too.

Anyway, a little warning might be our best advice tonight - be careful as you follow back on twitter - look closely what images or messages that are posted before following someone back. Some nutcases are out there.
Nope, we do not use our main twitter stream - hardly at all. Instead we use search functions to find what we like.
But our main big stream, still - has a tendency to jump up when we start the phone.

Do not grow like we - do (we are true explorers) grow in your own pace - but please share the joy of #floorball.

Hey - be careful out there, ok.

School Championship in Germany - promoted like this

Say no more

Floorballtrailer from haltdieklappe on Vimeo.

In the USA we guess some 54.750.000 kids has never heard of Floorball - out of 55 Million.

Tell a teacher today please!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Guest post by VJ Stanley

We like what VJ Stanley writes, almost all the time here. He is a great stylist and story teller. He also has a drive that aims in the direction of #LTAD, without even calling it Long Term Athletic Development.

This report is not about Floorball - but it could - very well be.

I recently interviewed a high school varsity coach who also coached an “elite
club” team. The sport does not matter for this discussion. Hopefully by now you
know my mantra that if it is really true, than it applies to all sports, and life. I did
not tape record this interview because quite frankly, I did not think it was going to
be anything special. I was interested in getting some more background
information on the “elite” club team mentality. Specifically, how it applied to the
younger children.

The beginning of the interview went very well. The coach was quite open about
what he thought an “elite” player was and how his club tried to get all the
younger players pretty much equal time during the games and to stress fun.
I explained to him that was very commendable because only 1% of the kids going
to college play at the DI level and only half of them play for free. I also told him
that human beings don’t physically develop until their early twenties so it was
good to get kids as much playing time and fun as possible. We believe in inclusion
not exclusion.

What he didn’t understand or see is that I was trying to plant an idea with him
about how he could adapt this fun philosophy to his high school team.
I was struck by his belief in winning over development and that how he
understood very few of them would ever get a D I scholarship, but it didn’t matter
to him. He had to win to keep his job, he said. But the rub is, he had only won one
sectional championship, and then his team was loaded. Why wasn’t he open to

I went and watched his team practice and play in two different games. Stunned
doesn’t even begin to reveal how different his approach was with his high school
team versus the club team he coached, or the way he said he coached. He rarely
substituted. Even far ahead or behind he did not use a lot of extra players unless
it was a complete blowout. I went back to see him for another interview.
I started by asking him about his substitution policy as it pertained to his high
school team. He said that the reason he rarely substituted was that his starting
players needed to continue to play together so that they could form a more
cohesive unit. When I explained to him that his starters rarely completed more
than four passes in a row, he just shook his head and said the subs would
complete even less passes. These players were all mostly “elite” club players and I
wondered how they could be so weak in this department if they played on the
same “elite” club team all year.

Again, I was stunned at the answer. He said that kids have to play on “elite” club
teams if they want to get the exposure by major colleges to get a DI scholarship.
When I asked how many kids he has sent to a DI college on a full athletic
scholarship he could not answer. When I checked around, I found the answer to
be ZERO.

I then asked him why his substitute players, (a term I dislike immensely) should
practice hard for him if they knew they would not be afforded a chance to play in
a game. He stated evenly that they were role players and knew their position on
the team was to help the starters (I dislike that term also) get better and to push
the starters in practice so that they could play better.

When I told him I went to two of his games and saw the disgruntled players sitting
on the bench ignoring what was going on during the game he did not believe me.
He said that the substitute players weren’t good enough to play very much and
that they had not developed during the year to even suggest to him that they
deserved playing time.

When I asked him maybe the reason they had not developed was because they
felt helpless and knew no matter what they did they would not get to play. He got
upset and asked me what the purpose of the interview really was? He suggested
that I did not know enough about his team to question him about playing time.

He had won a championship coaching in high school and played at a very high
level and knew what he was doing.

Now I could have let it go right there but I figured since I had gone this far I might
as well ask one more question. Did he think playing more players and creating
inter team competition would help his team, keep his better players rested and
fresh, and foster a greater team chemistry? Which, of course would lead to a
higher level of play, and more victories, I believe. No he said. The weaker players
would not get better and would just bring his good layers “down” when they were
playing instead of the starters or with mixed in with them that would wreck any
team chemistry.  Besides, his players wanted him to play
to win and they were content to sit on the bench.

If you think this is an isolated incident or interview, it is not. You want to know
why? This is actually a combination of three different interviews I did with three
different coaches in three different sports. I melded their answers into one.

You can follow VJ on Twitter @VJJStanley, facebook frozenshorts, website, email, and at his office 585-743-1020

We have a confirmation for Midwest Floorball Championship April 25th 2015

Toss everything overboard and go to Tomah, Wisconsin April 25th 2015 for the Midwest Floorball Championship.

OK, this is the current status:
- We have a date April 25th 2015 X (finally)
- We plan/hope to have a logotype out within two weeks X (the best ever)
T-shirts, we want made in good time before the event X (new idea for marketing)
- We will most definetly likely play without boards X (frontier style)
- We will follow the previous set-ups from last year - on rules and everything else - so NO retyping of what we have X (environmental friendly)
- We will change the cost to 15 dollars per player as we must start to save money for boards X (donations appreciated and last years lowest price was not a hit)
- We plan to have sign up available all the way until April 20th X (we want to see if we can do advertising at the Let's Play Hockey show in some way)
- We will most likely NOT run a stick store X (but we will have a few loaner sticks)
- We must in some odd way beat the number of 11-12 teams that we have had for 4 years X (dunno how to do that yet or we have not been growing, so please try to spread the world)
- Fundraiser for the Tourney - all teams must help bring in something valuable for this X (what we have done so far is not good enough ;-D)
- We will try to do updates at as they come in X (maybe we will have a separate tab on the blog for the tourney or something)
- We are looking for a performer to sing the national anthem (no X mark)
- Questions? Drop an electronic mail to ulfjens(at) - replace the middle part with a regular @ or ask over twitter to @ulfjens. The last option is better since other people will see and recognize that we play Floorball - OK?

Monday, February 9, 2015

French TV is Good TV - FR3

Texas heats up

Here is a new front page from a Texan paper - Ok it is not Texas largest paper - but still what do we see on the front page?
Not bad huh?

This is to be on national TV in the Czech republic - about Floorball in TEXAS

The largest Floorball Club in the Czech Republic now starts a comprehensive co-operation program with the North Texas Floorball Association.

Here is where it is supposed to be reported or shown on Czech TV - or rather will be available online - ... all in Czech though..

We have the full press release here on the future developments.
NTFA (NORTH TEXAS FLOORBALL ASSOCIATION) AND Fbs BOHEMIANS (FLOORBALL CLUB FROM PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC) ANNOUNCE A COOPERATION PLAN (DALLAS, TX, USA and PRAGUE, Czech Republic, February 3, 2015) – NTFA and Fbs Bohemians, floorball club from Prague, Czech Republic announced their plan to support youth floorball growth by introducing a four stage development program, aiming at getting the first ever floorball youth group from Dallas, Texas to visit the City of Prague and participate in development camps and tournaments. The plan will allow NTFA to send players to the Czech Republic. Fbs Bohemians will guarantee the quality and appropriate level of floorball program for participants to improve their individual skills, get involved in team practices and participate in scrimmage floorball games, leading to participation in tournaments. In the initial stage, Fbs Bohemian representatives will visit Dallas, Texas, to evaluate the NTFA floorball program, players, and teams, with focus on level of competition and practice operations. Bohemians will then send over players and staff from Czech Republic and begin to integrate into practices and league games in the Dallas region. These participating Bohemians will be available for all teams within the area to improve upon skills, teamwork, and knowledge of floorball. “We are looking forward to this opportunity to develop both our individual players and goalies”, says Jukka Kotti, responsible for goalie activities under the NTFA. As the program progresses, focus will shift to U19 players traveling from Dallas to Prague, Czech Republic, for involvement in additional youth development programs. “We are confident that this program will support U19 program development of the United States Floorball Association” says Darryl Gross, Regional Director of U19 program. “Prague youth tournament has been ranked as one of the top tournaments in the world” says Jan Bagin representative of Fbs Bohemians. Ultimately, NTFA youth teams will be participating in competitive tournaments in Prague and other European countries. NTFA and Fbs Bohemians are spear-heading this partnership with the common goal of supporting youth floorball development in North Texas leading to additional playing opportunities throughout the DFW metroplex and beyond. “We are pleased, that the Fbs Bohemians club is willing to start cooperation with NTFA. It is a major step in our youth development” says Kim Aaltonen, President of NTFA. “At this moment, we are working hard to establish regular U19 competition. Because of the Fbs Bohemians cooperation, we will be able to offer our youth players an exciting, high quality floorball program with development possibilities in the international environment. NTFA will strive to have as many boys and girls involved as possible.” “Fbs Bohemians floorball club is impressed by NTFA commitment to grow the game of floorball within the community and country,” said Martin Musil, President of the club. “We are glad that we are able to assist NTFA in making progress with their youth programs and to continue to offer floorball programs to more and more youth players.” About the NTFA The NTFA was established in 2014 to introduce youth floorball programs, manage competitions and to promote the growth of youth floorball throughout the communities of North Texas . Since its formation, both adult and youth players have been benefiting from floorball programs and NTFA support. For more information, visit and follow NTFA on Facebook or Twitter. About Fbs Bohemians Fbs Bohemians club was established in 1996. The Club has currently over 1 200 members with 89% of players under the age of 18. Since the beginning, Fbs Bohemians has aimed to promote floorball and establish youth programs for all age categories. The Club is the largest floorball club in the Czech Republic and has teams in both top national competitions – men´s and women´s. The youth teams became several times national champions in different age categories, both boys and girls. Czech Republic national team won bronze medal in 2014 floorball World Championship tournament. CONTACT: Fbs Bohemians Martin Musil, President martin.musil(AT) NTFA: Board of Directors Kim Aaltonen (kim(AT) David Friedman (dave(AT) Darryl Gross (darryl(AT) Jukka Kotti (jukka(AT)

Jukka Kotti as of above comments:
" - Our North Texas Floorball Association and the largest floorball club, Fbs Bohemians in the Czech Republic created a friendship and cooperation program. Please see read the press release published today in Czech and USA.  Program goals are basic, work together to grow both youth and adult player base, develop player skills on both individual and team levels. 

- We are all very excited about this development!!"

Links: (All in Czech)
Czech Floorball Union web:

Bohemians website:

Our own comment:
Hmm, terrific awesome good news for kids in Texas.  This is what the USA needs - wonder if some other big Euro teams are interested to help out at other parts of this enormous continent by the way. The potential is as we see it is INCREDIBLE.

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!