Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Micro cosmos of emerging sports on the local US scene..

Jan-Ove Waldner
Waldner via Wikimedia commons
Brenda started Pickleball last summer in Tomah Wisconsin.
It is a smashing success with 30 some more or less regular players.
We love it.
Pickleball is like some sort of a swollen table tennis without a table.

Floorball has been around in Tomah for about 5 years and we cater to some 20 regular players of all ages.

Both sports have the true advantage of being new, modern activities, being fun, they provide good exercise and they are constructive without the idea to directly hurt other players, or get odd unfair advantages, due to the power of a referee or a rule.

We would not dare to say that pickleball is doing better than floorball - but Pickleball are indeed doing utterly good on the local scene in Tomah. So why is that?
OK we have four reasons why:
A) The pickleball infrastructure in the midwest (or the USA) is way stronger than the floorball infrastructure -  if you look for local activities or players - it is not hard to find this for pickleball
B) The middle school has actively been running Pickleball segments in Tomah for PE
C) Brenda is doing an utterly good job
D) Pickleball seems to have a well defined target age group - that almost lack other physical sporting activities.

Perfect - but what can Floorball learn from this?
We think improvements in the infrastructure is crucial. This means what local resources can not provide as they tend to do for pickleball - they must be provided in some odd way through international resources - how to do this we do not know? OK we have given some ideas here earlier - but a more systematic approach would be good.
We must get Floorball into the schools - and we are happy to announce that we have applied to run a Floorball educational segment at the Tomah summer school this summer.
Maybe we should learn more from Brenda too?
Our target groups for recreational Floorball activities should maybe become more target group defined too?

Oh well...
Pickleball is superfun and it is a tight cousin to Floorball as we both use a very similar - or indeed the very same ball.
And one day old American sports will wonder why they did not have better development departments...

The one main question we have is - how would Jan-Ove Waldner do in Pickleball? The best table tennis player ever - with great Floorball experience - and now at the right age - would he be good at pickleball?
Probably just like, WoW  --- maybe?

Friday, January 30, 2015

NHL's hardest shot - well Otto is still faster

Otto Tikkanen is still a bit faster...

205 km/h is like 127 mp/h

OH My - This is Scary

The Swedish Floorball Federation has decided to give up on Solidtango as the provider of live Floorball games from the national leagues.
This is a good decision since Solidtango was a very poor solution for foreginers. We will not write about Solidtango again.

Here comes the scary part - now they go with a company called Sportsground.

Here is why we think it is definitely not better:

A) There seems to be no embed solutions, or we can't find it - the other older provider had one - but it was extremely complicated and not intuitive to work with. Why is the embed functionality so important to us? Two reasons - 1) It has been hailed as the functionality that made YouTube as big as it is 2) If you want to reach more people and a larger audience - you not only use the embed code - but you promote the use of it - at Sportsground we can not even find it. Backwards thinking reign.

B) Yes, Sportgrounds video feed do look better here in the USA, and it is good that material is not locked to the IP address - as before.
But where the previous providers video lagged and stopped this one gets pixelated - in particular at high speed movements. We think that this has to do with the flash technology used and we have a hard time to figure out the resolution of the video - something we probably can measure with a tool - but no, that is not what an average user should do.
The whole Internet world knows that on-line video right now shifts from flash feeds to HTML 5 - but here comes a flash feed, we think, when everyone else (at least the big behemoths) go HTML 5. Why?

C) Sportgrounds website looks outdated and ugly.

D) Paid-per-view is a sandbox idea that only cater to a local market - and therefore directly harmful to the larger spread and share of the sport. Why not try to arrange Olympic games inside of Sweden instead - instead of fiddling with odd SEK 39 video solutions?

So why is this done? Well, it is said to be cheaper. We believe them.
Nope, we see this as fully scary - and who is to blame for this? Well, not at least us here.

Whatever You think - we say as we have said before #floorballwithoutborders please and the main growth area is not always in your own backyard.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Innebandymag say:

Most lucky save ever..
We say - the coolest save ever - by Mr. Cool..
but we do not disagree..

Exel in Colorado with Peter Forsberg 21 & Floorball

Hallo America!

Exel presents in Colorado - right now

Maybe we will see more stuff over the weekend.
Via Greg Beaudin on Instagram

At the SIA Show with Team EXEL

A photo posted by Floorball+ (@floorballplus) on

How NHL + IIHF cleverly fix Hockey without borders

Wikimedia commons

The fact is: With about 1 million licensed Ice Hockey players in North America - not too many are able to play in the Ice Hockey world Cup 2016 on either Team Canada or Team USA.

The next fact is: With several utterly good players from countries like Switzerland, Denmark and Germany (etc) from Europe they belong to nations not always good enough to toss up fully competitive national teams.

For the World Cup 2016 in Ice Hockey - this has been fixed - with a solution where the organizer does not blindly look at nations. So they have created 2 extra teams: One mixed extra American team and one Mixed European team.

We here call this Ice Hockey without borders - and we think this is brilliant!

Read here and grasp the scoop

We say - Floorball can do something similar and follow this lead as another action in a strive we call Floorball without borders...

In Floorball we know that many Swedes, Czech, Swiss and Finns (for instance) are good enough to play among the best at a WFC. Can we not let a couple of extra teams from these areas participate just like Ice Hockey will show is possible?
And on the other end of the spectrum - should there not be a few extra teams with the best players - from the nations not good enough to sport full teams to play in a WFC?

This would:
A) make the WFC more competitive and exciting with more leveled teams
B) It would increase the level of Floorball being played at a WFC
C) It would make it more attractive and a bit harder for some nations to participate in the final WFC round..

It takes just some serious thinking on how to organize it all - but a good thing would be if all extra teams are cross-border teams - just like in Hockey so we do not end up with a second Team Sweden - for instance.

What do you think about this?
We like ourselves Floorball without borders here - but Ice Hockey seems to lead the way ;-D

Top 10 Goals - with 2 Canadian scores!


Ad Astra - an Organizational fantasy cake

Nasa Organisational chart via
no copyright

Nope, not talking about players this time - but administrators, politicians and marketing people.

We have a case. A real case. Floorball seems to doubtlessly end up at the World Games in Alabama 2021 - and no normal American has ever heard about the sport. So this case is also a challenge of the best possible kind, a challenge one can dream of - once in a lifetime. 
It is the case of THE big challenge.

But if we look beyond the sport as it is being played and instead look at the players behind the scenes - that must make this happen we see two things - a current reality and a dream fantasy.

This post in not intended to discuss how things are. This is not written to step on toes. This post's intention is to discuss how the administrative dream team could look like - in the USA - to take Floorball to the World games 2021, as a dream!

This is America - and the most vivid market economy in the world. The Dream team we see should act based upon capitalistic principles. It means an organization based on revenues for profit. The unit that takes Floorball forward should not be a non-profit organization - but a for profit entity. Bold huh?

OH no that is impossible. Is it not? If the first individual, or sub-contractor, hired for such an operation also is indeed one of the best grant writers in America? If the second individual - or subcontractor - is one of the most efficient sponsorship negotiators in America? The third one - a philanthropist... Or let us put it this way. If an economic platform is secured before anything else - things will be easier to deal with - right. Yes, as said this is still a dream to aim for...

Then it is time to realize that these games are not a national priority - but a global priority so the organization should - be ad hoc designed for the task to take Floorball forward in the USA at the World Games. This means that the top International Federation must not only supply know-how, personnel and be an integral part of a local task force. Yup a local office would not be wrong either... location - Colorado of course (most us sports are organized out from CO)

It is further a dream idea to build alliances with other organizations that have deep and well developed structures in this nation. We think both about mentor sports but also educational resources and sport organizations for special needs. Yepp.

Anything else? Yupp, a Floorball ad hoc group - to take the sport forward in the USA may not be too tainted with Europeans or Asians. This group must consist of several core born Americans for its very highest credibility. And this part is not negotiable.

So how would this Dream Cake look like as a receipt?
To make the dough; Take 3 deciliters of money generators: grants, sponsorships and philanthropy. Mix these well and sprinkle some crowd funding above for some colorful fun.
1 deciliter of International authority - mix these well with 2 ounces of the national experienced leadership. Bake well at 425 degrees until the dough gets golden brown.
Add a half cup of mentor leadership from both national Hockey and Field Hockey each, spread gently over the loaf. Let stand for a short time. Add a thinner layer as soon as the cake cools down with - why not Special Olympics?
Cover the cake with a full layer of education - use the most prestigious resources possible from Universities at a top national level - this layer of leadership ought to taste very good at any US PE teaching institution.

Our serving suggestion - is called Marketing, Social Marketing and Social Marketing.

A dream? 
Well to have Floorball at the World Games in Alabama 2021 - was also a dream - days ago ;-) 

Ad Astra (or "to the stars" in latin - and Floorball might hit the treetops to start with) ;-)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Nations - now Korea - likes the idea of Olympic Floorball

The IFF acts like a machinegun - now... here is the latest:

"January 27th became a date to remember in the history of Korean Floorball when the Korean Floorball Federation (KFF) was approved as a Provisional Member of the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC)."

We can only hope that countries that does not have a clue about Floorball yet sees this and start to wonder what is going on... It would be utterly cool to have a list over all these nations... plus some graphics that show when in time National Floorball organizations became recognized in some way by different National Olympic Committees...

Then as we have said before Mr. Kim in Korea that has been a big driving force between all these local accomplishments - he should work now at the International level instead - we think ;-D

Full story:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Big Sport - Big Data

Now from NBA

Denmark takes Global healthy initiative - for societies


"The Danish Floorball Union (DaFU) received some good news in December when the boards of both Danish Sport Federation´s (DIF) and DGI (Dansk Gymnastik och Idrott) approved the first Vision Project Agreement for 2015-2018. Floorball being one of the sports elected for this Project." 
Said the IFF today.
We say - Denmark Denmark Denmark - U will make something fully remarkable.
By 2025 - Denmark will - as the IFF reports, take 50% - or half of its population -to be active in sports clubs - and this goal in Denmark, also states - that 75% of the Danish population by 2025 will be active in a sport.

If you work with troubling sport participation numbers - kids drop-out rates at the age 13, or just with #LTAD. 
Our advice is plain and simple - move to Denmark.
It is rare that we repost a full article from the IFF - today is rare! We think they understand - courtesy of IFF:

The project is the first phase in the large 25-50-75 common vision for DIF and DGI where five sports (Running, Cycling, Handball, Badminton and Floorball) are selected to bring more Danes in 2025 into the sports clubs (50% of the population) and to get more Danes active within sports (75% of the population). Thereof the name of the project: 25-50-75.

The project for floorball towards 2018 includes a specific focus on two tracks; more members in the 50 existing floorball clubs and more floorball clubs to be established around the country. ln 2017, the project will be spread out to be nationwide in DGI with an established joint cooperation Project with DIF and DGI.

The goal is to almost double the amount of floorball players until 2018, from 6 500 in 2014 to 12 000 in 2018. In order to achieve this,10 million Danish crowns have been allocated for 3 years (3.3 million annually).

- On the behalf of the Danish Floorball Union and Floorball, I am extremely proud that we can now present, a so economically attractive and large project that makes it possible for the individual floorball club to develop the sport locally. We have in DaFU, long worked towards making it easier for the individual clubs to develop and this cooperation will support the development, says DaFU Chairman Thorbjorn Ovedal and continues:

- It is the largest project in the history of Danish Floorball and we expect that with DIF and DGI as strong partners, we will be able to provide the boost that floorball deserves. And I look forward to DaFU now being able to support the clubs so that we can move floorball to the next level.

The project started on 1 January 2015 and the first half of the year there is much start up work before it finally can be rolled out for clubs and other players after the summer 2015.

Project Facts:
- Runs for 3 years, 2015-2018.
- Pool for clubs with a total of 2.3 million total over 3 years incl. equipment.
- Funds for the recruitment of 4 DGI Part-time Consultants and 1 new DaFU consultant.
- 50 selected clubs offer tailored concepts for club development, equipment and project funds
- Concepts for children, families, late starters and elderly people.
- DaFU Project Manager from January 2015 will be Nils-Ola Nilsson.
Floorballcentral earlier said some Utopian and outlandish stuff here - like recreational players ought to be paid for the sports they do... We will not dwell into that line again here tonight. 
But we will clearly state that it is very important to note that this game changer in Denmark for how their society view sports - fully include and support Floorball for the future - more heavy politicians at other places should know - see and recognize this. Running, Cycling, Handboll and Badminton are perfect partners for this national initiative and effort - together with Floorball.

Photo: IFF WFC 2014/Miina Anahita/ text in blue via the IFF

Monday, January 26, 2015

Singapore vs Australia 2015 - Full Game

Congrats Singapore

INDIA schools now way ahead...

....Many other BIG countries as it comes to Floorball implementation.

Good going & an excellent article on this via IFF

- It was a very exciting tournament in all aspect. We had seen much breath stopping moments with brilliant performance from all participants. This tournament witnessed great performance by several players, Mr. Pradeep Singh, the Secretary General of the InFF comments.

Full Story

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Duluth MN has a sister city

It is Vaxjo, Sweden.
Here they show how have fun again one of the world best teams Pixbo. And the coach in Pixbo is also head coach for Canada

Coincidences huh

Every Floorball lover - only 7 days for your vote - U may change global sports NOW


Screendump via IWGA
Your own vote at the International World Games Association (IWGA) can bring forward Floorball in substantial ways on the Global sport political level and in real life for thousands of kids.

The Swedish male Floorball team has been nominated as the athlete of the 2014 year . - This means, more than any Floorballer - or at least - most any Floorballer, ever could have dreamt about...

It only lacks one thing - your vote -  and we only have 7 SEVEN days to GO!

So now people we need three big things - but we must do this - on all names used for floorball - we must announce this on #innebandy, #salibandy, #unihockey, and all other more or less odd names - used for our sport.

Yep, it is a cool challenge... a cool social change challenge -
The three things that needs to happen is
A) voting campaign on twitter
B) voting campaign on facebook
C) voting campaign on instagram

But we can not do this here alone - U must help us - set this in stone - run your own campaign - we need help - and voting - it only takes a second. Show the world that our sport is large enough to do this ok. Show the world that U care.

Also let us know on twitter or any other channel as soon as you have casted your vote!!!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

In bed keep - hand above cover and - play floorball

Yup - it's in bed hockey too...

Would April 25th Work?

For a Midwestern Floorball Championship in Tomah?

Frontier Style?

Well we do not know yet - but we have suggested that date for now...

Stay tuned ;-D

Jan 24th - the latest Hockey hint from Pavel Barber

Can U do this too?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Full Game New Zeeland-Singapore

Full Game World's Qualifications Ladies New Zeeland - Singapore

This is Cool - colder than Floorball

But extremely awesome

Imagine now how future sports might be produced on a screen or in a head set...

Floorballcentral say - we need a floorball flick like this one too - please ;-D

The IFF on Birmingham World Games 2021

"- We strongly believe that this gives the floorball family a very good start to enhance the development of our sport in the Americas, as we need to showcase the sport to the local organising committee in Birmingham, in order to have their interest to host floorball during the World Games 2021. IFF will start the coordination of planning process with its American members associations still during this spring, John Liljelund, IFF Secretary General comments."

Photo linked in from the IFF
Full story here

As we have said before - this is the best thing that ever happened to Floorball - in this part of the world. But The World Games also raise more questions than answers at this point - we will try to sort out or speculate away in some of these matters a.s.a.p.
Doubtless however it is with joy we read the clear and strong intentions of the IFF to focus on the Americas now.
It is high time for actions full speed ahead now and hence, to be nitty gritty, we do not want to see that word "still"  - we need more of fast action ;-D he he.

Happy times - Full Speed Ahead and Good Morning America.

OH, one more thing:
Floorball is not an odd marginal sport in countries where it has been allowed to grow for some short years. Floorball is a modern dominant activity. In Sweden for instance it is the largest indoor team sport - roughly twice the size of Ice Hockey as it comes to licensed players - and in Finland it looks more or less the same...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New media & CUBA enlightment?

So as we liked the idea to embed Mr, Obama's YouTube interview here.. (see post below).
OK, let us yet again state why we liked this:
A) It is a new kind of media
B) It is the kind of media that goes straight into the hearts of young people

We also saw in that clip how the focus of the interview moved a bit from the President to the interviewers as they carried a young style. Utterly interesting stuff we think for Floorball too - in particular.

Then of course a piece of that material was on talks about Cuba.
So why not continue on that subject.

We honestly do not think anyone ever played Floorball on Cuba - not even Christopher Columbus as he came there a long time ago.

Until last week.
The first ever Floorball picture from Cuba? We think so.
It was hot and rather windy to play outside. But the venue we found was equipped with electric lights, polished concrete, 2 hockey nets, a big rink and a large light display for the results. Yep, it was a ball hockey or inline hockey installation - just perfect for some outdoor floorball - if it not had been that windy.

Why is this interesting?
1) The USA and Cuba tries to normalize their relations a bit
2) Jamaica is just a pebble toss away on the east side - they know Floorball
3) The Cayman Islands to the other side has a thriving Ball hockey community - that Floorball representatives visited a few years back

OK, nothing more is in the plans for now - that we have heard of - but CUBA might be very ready for Floorball too one day... &
- a very nice Havanna cigar could lighten up that moment!

Floorball in Alabama - Maxwell 2011 & Prattville 2012

We do know that Floorball has already been played on a regular basis in Alabama at the Maxwell Air Force base. If we remember this right is was an returning Air Force Major from overseas that brought in Floorball.
Here is a link of this from 2011

We also posted our own post here - that links out to another story
here is that link

Then we do know that they also tried to run Floorball at the YMCA in Prattville Alabama 2012.

Today several people wonder what Floorball and several other sports are as Birmingham in Alabama earned the World Games.

We think Major Phillip Douglas at the US Air Force was a very clever man!

More from Mr. Obama?

Ok, this is not directly on Floorball - but we know Mr. Obama wanted Birmingham Alabama to get the World Games.
They got it today and Floorball is in for the 2021 US edition of the games.
And we like new media here as much as new sports - so why not show how new media can be used here too?

In case of some big Floorball leaders would see this ;-) - hint U can use You Tube like this too:

OK, Birmingham Alabama

Congrats to winning the World Games for 2021!

Wow - this is so good!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The largest American Floorball news ever? - And the plan?

In less than 12 hours - it will probably be announced that the IOC IWGA has awarded Birmingham Alabama the World Games in 2021. (sorry a typo)

Here is the live count down - that we proudly can embed via the world games:
Start the video and You will see how long time is left...

Floorball is a new sport to be played on this important multi-sport event. These games involve many thousands of Athletes in a loadful of diciplines.

So what happens with Floorball now? In the case Alabama wins the World Game ?

In 2017 Floorball will for the first time ever be participating in the World Games in Poland. This is nothing we are concerned or worried about - because in that part of the World Floorball is well developed and runs strong among kids and most folks. So we dare to count the participation 2017 for Floorball in the World Games as a cake walk - and doubtless - we want to ensure you it will become a terrific success.

It is the next step that makes our collar shiver a bit.
How many with the UOC (US Olympic Committee) knows what Floorball is - for instance? Or how many of them have ever played it?
Or how can we in 6 years time - only - build Floorball strong enough in America to shine in Birmingham Alabama 2021?
Canada, with their Hockey support can most likely be halfway ready as well as Jamaica as it comes to a reasonable penetration in their societies... 2021 - But the USA?

Floorball must move the sport from the shoulders of local disoriented expats (like us here) - into the hands of all main American schools/universities at the blink of an eye. Oh my!

The only way to do this fast is through forceful political and diplomatic ties at the very highest level. Guys and gals - Floorballcentral talks about an invasion - like a military operation - and not a Sunday afternoon picnic..
Or maybe a re-invasion? Since Cosom in MNPLS invented the foundation for the sport?

Why is this important? Well if Floorball flunks badly with no interest at the games in Alabama (yes in 2021 every little aspect of the games will be measured in digital tiny details or bits) - then - it would not be surprising if the big International Floorball stunt on the nice The World Games stage ends after two stops only.
Something that is fully unacceptable.

So buckle up for a wild western style ride ahead! All of you - the time for change has arrived. Thank You Birmingham Alabama, the World Games, and Floorball.

But - We need a plan - that goes beyond most other plans we have ever seen in the Floorball world!

OK, what is left if Peru or Russia gets the games? For Floorball as much as before. For Floorball in the USA not as much more than the more blurry Summer Olympic dream.

So in hours, and with this announcement - it is extremely important for Floorball in the USA - but also for some 55 Million school kids in America - we hope.

As in most sports - Let the best win ;-D

Czech Cup Finals

Via... Facebook


"The SPLISS (Sport Policy factors Leading to International Sporting Success) network of organizations coordinates research in regard to high performance sport policy and its relation to elite sporting success. As a network organization SPLISS also develops and shares the outcomes of research with policy makers, National Olympic Committees (NOCs), international (sport) organisations, and researchers worldwide."

Interesting huh?
If you agree - here is way more on this subject

Of course we picked this up from Floorball resources in Sweden - but this is valid for all sports. With its aim for elite sporting success we only keep half of our eye open - since we think the big value in sport is not always in the elite segment. But the grassroot movements is where you find most benefits for any society - we think. However the elite is crucial too to drive interest for the masses.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thursday the World Games 2021 will be decided

"As President of the United States, I am pleased to voice my support for the City of Birmingham's bid to host the World Games 2021," Obama wrote in a letter dated Jan. 15. "I believe Birmingham's storied history, vibrant community, and thriving service-based economy would make the city an excellent host to the 4,500 participating athletes and officials."

We here at Floorballcentral likes the idea with the World Games - with Floorball included too - to be played in Alabama - for the sake of, not at least, all American school kids..

image via
Here is the latest from Alabama.

Go Birmingham GO!

Texas sets a new standard for kids in the USA

via J Kotti
Texas sets a new US Floorball standard for kids. It is our belief that the North Texas Floorball Federation has created the very first true youth league in US Floorball history. If we are wrong - let us know...
In Wisconsin we still work with kids - but in the form of pick-up games. It is however when you work with kids - and schools - and leagues - that real tings may start to happen. Still we have ways to go ;-D
See also

Here is a fun and real challenge for you - by the way...

Optimized Olympics

We know roughly what the IOC likes to see as it comes to the future of sports. But how can Floorball be set up to meet their vision a bit better?

Well, lets try this fantasy design:
- Set up the game 4 on 4 on a court that is roughly 15% smaller than the normal court - limit the number of players to 12 for any team - two full lines + two players and 2 goalies of each gender (the sport will this way save on both number of involved participants and the need of venue space - see more on gender below).
- Limit the game to 2 periods for 25 (some) minutes each (these - 10 minute shorter games will save on wear on the athletes and make more games possible during a limited time-frame a.k.a. more tournament friendly)
- Go co-ed. Demand that each team is set up by using only 6 females and 6 males. Demand that the game is played with at least two female field players all the time. Each team must have two goalies - one female and one males - they must play one period each, the teams decide themselves the period to use - either the female or male goalie. In case of a goalie substitution - only another player on the team - and of the same gender - can be exchanged and substitute as a goalie (we know that the Olympic gods wants to see co-ed sports)
- No over-time games - all undecided games must be resolved in a penalty shoot-out - but to speed up the process, all penalties are done two at the same time simultaneously at both nets - in a fair co-ed fashion (this will make shoot-outs more exciting - include more action, and save time for the arrangements - as twice as many shoot-outs will be done at the same time)
- Change the time of a personal penalty from for instance 2 minutes to 100 seconds (this since with only 4 players on a team - the personal penalty comparatively hurts the team more - as compared to a 5 on 5 game).
- Then maybe one could consider the idea to play with 5% larger nets too - as the scoring ought to be the same in this set up as in a regular male or female 60 minute game - but this is a huge change as new nets needs to be designed - so we think this is questionable - and probably something we would not recommend at this point...

This set up would most likely make Floorball even more attractive for the Olympics - But it is still Floorball?
We think it could be - but is that your opinion too?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pavel Barber likes Erppa too

We say no more...

How Hockey Canada...

Embraces Floorball can be found via this link

One day we hope we can link to similar material at USA Hockey too - right here at this blog.
The day that happens we will celebrate big at this blog...

So how did the two teams do at the last world juniors hockey championships now again?

Canada's Sponsor backs out too?

Image link via

Ok, this is currently not confirmed news...
But yesterday we reported on the awkward situation that Floorball USA's equipment sponsor backed out from the sponsorship of USA Floorball.

Tonight we have the non-confirmed rumor up that the equipment sponsor for Floorball Canada just withdrew too.

Yup this is just days before Canada and USA's ladies are to face-off in a WFC Qualification game..

And yep we think these both two countries are sponsored by the same brand - or should we say was sponsored by the same brand?

We think this raise a substantial amount of questions...

Belleville shines

Now they start the 6th year of their league - here an article..we quote..

"Moira teacher-coach Todd Crawford, who championed the introduction of floorball to the school and city, says the league is open to beginners and experienced players.

“No experience is necessary,” said Crawford. “All you need is a floorball stick, shorts, T-shirt and sneakers. Goggles and protective eyewear are optional, but recommended for younger players.”

Full read

Need to know: Belleville is hosting the 2016 U19 women's world floorball championships at the Quinte Sports Centre.

Another reason to like Floorball

Nope Floorball is not free of concussions - but it is a good - or a much better alternative to collision sports - where the point - in Floorball - is to play with the inside of you head - more than the outside.

The Verge has an interesting article on the subject of concussions is collision sports...
Let us just quote em' too:



Here at Floorballcentral we say that Floorball is a much better alternative and less prone to the bad use of the outside of the head.
Psst. it is more fun too ;-D
We do not think Floorball needs this for instance

Then as a parent you decide what you want your kids and yourself to do, right?

Read The Verges full story here

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The US Ladies lost their Sponsor

Scrambling news!!!

The US ladies lost their sponsor suddenly - so the USA Floorball asks for imminent donations of 10 bucks or more.

We quote Calle posted on FB from TX to the SF facebook page...
"Hey guys! As many of you probably already know, the Women's National Team have lost their equipment sponsor and is only three weeks away from their WFCQ game against Canada! Therefore they need our help to get there! If 100 of us donate as little as $10, we can get them there. As part of the tight knit US Floorball family, we have to lean on each other to help out in times of need."

So please help em out!
Floorballcentral wonders if we should not also reveal the name of the sponsor, too?

Whatddaythink? In 2021 we might have big time Floorball at the World Games here in the USA - and who builds Floorball here now?

Tractor Pull - Education & Floorball

By Pete [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
In tractor pull you use certain strategies, like the engine, the fuel, the tires, weight distribution and many more ways to get as much power as possible into moving forward. Your respondent is the pavement, dirt or whatever you have inbetween - the more responsive road you have - it all boils down to one word:

In teaching it is the same. The teacher use many different strategies with the goal to get his or her students (the road to the future) moving forward in many different subjects. Some strategies are way better than others - since the students learn faster, are more engaged or suited for the strategy used.

This goes for all subjects in school. It goes for PE too.

So how did this odd post end up at a site like the Floorballcentral?

Well in PE a teacher can use many different strategies to expand the students over-all physical expenditure as much as possible - something that must be a goal with PE for health? Right?

OK, our thesis here and now is that Floorball gives way better traction in this respect for any PE teacher than many of the current strategies used in schools across America. Why we do not know but we suspect things like self-autonomy, speed and novelty plays a role as kids play Floorball? It could be that they feel safe that make kids like Floorball too?

Anyway if you search for good traction for a few PE lessons you probably ought to check out Floorball?

To us here it is highly distressing that Teachers - and PE teachers in particular are not too drilled in the subject of TRACTION - even so if it is just about Tractor Pulls - & not about #floorball.

Find PE traction today - continue to read floorballcentral!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Epic Erppa

Floorballcentral - is back in a few days or weeks.

Play on...

Friday, January 2, 2015

Tonight's YouTube vlog via Europe ;-D

Modern Times

The Big Game of 2014


As a New Year's Promise - we will log off from social now.

Posting will be gone.
Posting will be minimal.

But it will resume in a few weeks time...  to break 1/2 Million hits to this blog!

Welcome back!

9 Times Straight

For nine time straight has the Swedish Junior Hockey team (U20) now played in the semi-final at the World Junior Hockey World Championships.

We say here - it does not mean that the same team will beat the Russians Sunday. We also say that even if they do that - it does not mean that they will beat the Canadians (most likely finalist - Sorry Slovakia) in the final.

But we say here that this track record of a fairly small hockey nation (approx 60.000 licensed players) is another clear sign that massive use of Floorball in schools and among the population - does NOT hurt hockey.
We even continue to say - with a clear steady voice - a massive societal penetration of Floorball - that makes many average Joe's into decent stick-handlers - is directly good for Hockey.


As long as other Joe's does not understand this - good - let's have a cup of coffee instead.

A Swiss/French Star-wars flick with Floorball


And Murmansk and Christmas too and save the world - a rather different production ;-D COOL thanks for doing this - Powerful!

Random thoughts on indoor Hockey (part 1)

First let us define this a bit:
Indoor hockey is in this case the sport Hockey or in the US also called Field Hockey - as they take it inside and play in a gym like - well just like Floorball almost...
But still not really.
It kinda looks like this....

Not far away from floorball - but still far away? Hmm.

Why is this interesting?
If we are not misinformed there has been some talks about some sort of co-operation between the IFF and the FIH,,, but we get back to that later - sooner than later we hope..

Let us first discuss the game.
Emotionally we feel that the governance of the rules for this game has kept it a bay. The concept of outdoors field hockey with strict rules for the stick, the ball and the game - is perhaps the reason to why this did not evolve into Floorball. If they would have allowed some experiments with the ball and the stick (plastics) - this game very well could have looked very much more like Floorball.
But then of course some might say - the presence of this hockey as it always has been is the classic charm of this game..

Still as Field Hockey is taken inside, on a field with dimensions same as a Floorball court. With the same number of players - 5 on 5 and periods the same length (almost) as Floorball - and using low boards... Well you see it yourself. It is not Floorball but it is way more Floorball than most other sports we have seen.

So what do they do better than Floorball - from our own more opinionated perspective?
We think the concept of two periods only and to keep the game shorter makes it easier to deal with at big tournaments. And we saw some complaints at the last male Floorball WFC as they wanted larger rosters to keep up with a tight game schedule. One Floorball game every day is though - even for the best..\
And maybe some of the outfits used are better?

What they do worse? Well you tell us?

In next post we might dream up some ideas on how this could work together on the more administrative side.... and that could be a long long post ;-)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

No Bullies in Floorball

IFF reports:

"Finland´s biggest and most international floorball tournament - Helsinki Floorball Cup, along with Finnish national team players Miko Kailiala and Silja Eskelinen, challenge everyone to take part in the campaign against bullying.

Helsinki Floorball Cup is the biggest and most international floorball tournament organized in Finland and will be played during 2.-4.01.2015. Each year, the HFC gathers over 300 teams, 6000 participants and thousands of spectators to become one big floorball family. During the three day tournament, there are over 900 games played in four tournament venues."

Much more here

No wonder they know stick-handling in Switzerland

So we say no more

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!