Wednesday, December 31, 2014

BadToro - Spain, Finland, France

Mr. Kluger has written on this blog...
This story is about a true hero i.e. something extraordinaire..

We quote the BadToro.. This is about Mr. Kluger!

"Nicolas says “What I like the most about floorball is the fast pace game with lots of rhythms. It requires physical and mental strengths and most of all, the game is never over until the final second. Because of its nature, there are lots of goals during a floorball game. For example, in one of our last games, our team scored 3 goals in 12 seconds! So you can always have to stand up”. But he doesn’t only play fast on the field, also he does it with every challenge he proposes for himself. So, his next challenge is to get a place as a goalkeeper in the French national floorball team for the floorball world championship qualifiers that will take place in February 2016."

Full story via the badtoro

Floorballplus looking forward to 2015

A picture for the race into 2015
Promises good, linked in via URL from Floorball+ LinkedIn

Erppa is back with a new flick

Enjoy some Garage fixin's

Hoo - should not that guy be sponsored by someone?

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Interesting health story from a business

By Lou Fitness (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Some rich companies not only think that physical exercise is good for their employees. Some companies or other workplaces indeed let their employees take an hour or some other time each week to do physical exercise during some work time.

We think that is good and benefits the overall health cause.

Then we read this interesting story how one specific story about a new way how to organize this... The back draw with doing fitness activities during paid work time - is that it is a bit expensive for the company in the short term perspective - since the health benefits does not show directly up on a balance sheet

So the interesting twist on this - it was arranged in a way as employees that did work out for health benefits had to log this. Then for each 5 hours of work-out on their own free time - granted them one hour off from work. And some employees earned so much time this way that they had one extra week of vacation each year.

This is indeed an interesting set up. Since it first cost the business only a fifth to do the health investment - since the employees - does not do work-out as when they are being paid - or on the "clock" they do it on their own time.
The other benefit is that this - even if it is, of course not, the same fringe benefit as being paid doing work-out - but - in the case we saw - the set up seemed to spur rather much activities for the employees.. cause they could earn much more time off.

Hmm, our only comment is that this seems to be as good of an idea as doing #floorball ;-D.

Just kids playin' in da snow?

Nope it is the real future of hockey..

& one day it will hit America too - big time...

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Linked in via fastcompany

This is not complicated - we had this in our guts.
Then the MIT did some research on the subject. And our funky emotional guesses on how big English is - just crushed most or all of our ideas.

Let's just say we thought English is the indeed best language to be spoken on social media for Floorball.
We were wrong.
The right answer is English is the super-duper incredible the hyper best language to use on social media if we want to spread Floorball outside the IFF.

Here is the research from MIT.

And the random guy Goransson must be happy that this research was not done at the Carnegie Mellon University (sorry about the internal joke - but who is not a joke by the way - LOL).

So can the Swedes, the Finns, the Swiss, and the Czech - suck this up?

50sports is a cool blog..

"Imagine Ice hockey without ice. Take away the fights and wall slams, swap the skates for running shoes and the puck for a light and fast moving plastic ball. The arena is about the same size but the floor is a rubber coated hard surface designed for speed. Five players plus a masochistic goal keeper race it out end to end in search of the elusive goals that come about as often as a good football/soccer game.

Floorball is all the rage across Scandinavia and is rapidly spreading around the globe, in fact there were 16 teams at this week’s men’s World Cup in Sweden including the USA, Japan and Australia. Here the family discover why this sport is growing so fast. If you put all the ingredients of the ideal sport into one pot and stirred it up I’m certain you’d get Floorball." is a cool website or blog doing 50 sports in 50 days. Just looks at their last verdict or description...
If U put all ingrediends of the ideal sport into one pot and stirred it up - U get Floorball = not bad hun?

OK full post is heree...

Saturday, December 27, 2014

How Canada builds Floorball way ahead of other Americans

This is the core of the future and we do not need to add too much to this clip - it is perfect.

Seems like this clip is still at the editing level with some clips...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

South East Asian Championship 2014 the faster version...

Good work to all teams!

A comment upon the Juniors Hockey Championships.. before it starts

By Matt Boulton (Flickr: Raising #21)
[CC BY-SA 2.0
via Wikimedia Commons
One of our most constant line of thoughts at this blog - is that Floorball makes Hockey players better.

We are not alone saying this. A man like Pavel Barber indeed add some fuel to this fire of a discussion. The statistics on how both Finland and Sweden has performed as hockey nations after the broader Floorball introductions - also speaks with it own clear voice.

Then, what we also love to add, is that it is not just the specific training in itself, with very light tools, that helps out - or the ease of access to meaningful training... We think it is also the massive way that Floorball penetrates societies like Finland and Sweden - in school or any other recreational setting imaginable. So Floorball reach all kids in one way or another - and interest for stick-handling or the gift of hockey manners or tricks - are brought forward to all kids in some sort of an interesting "#LTAD" manner.

Both Sweden and Finland are very successful Hockey nations. So does this mean that the Junior Hockey World Championships tourney that starts - more or less now and goes into 2015 - will be won by Sweden or Finland?
We think - maybe not this time.

Why? Well, first of all the American teams will have the home Ice advantage with the tighter rinks, then obviously it seems like they have rather strong rosters for both the North American teams this year too.  We have also been able to read up that some key players are missin' in the Swedish team, due to injuries or other reasons.
Then, and this is crucial - it is always Davids fight against Goliath. Sweden measured by its size - for instance.... - it is like the city of New York would take on the rest of the US nation and that is not always an easy task. And Finland, well let's just guess that they have 3/5 of the numbers of players as Sweden do - so it is even harder to ask "half" of New York to beat the rest of the nation.

From our Floorball perspective we think it could be interesting to more look at individual players this time - mainly from nations like Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and the Czech republic - as some of these players are raised in a rather Floorball intense environment. Something that we say have spurred some skills also among hockey players.
Yep, each Hockey World Championship seems to generate a few individual, outstanding playing, stars each time and it will happen now too - for both players with some Floorball background/traditions - or not.

And yes, just to remind you, players like Mats Sundin, Peter Forsberg and a few more of some rather big guys has said that Floorball helped their hockey. And we do think they know what they talk about.

Let the games begin. This will be highly interesting to follow - even if our favorite Floorball nations not may take the gold - we will still be very happy about Floorball here - so for now - let's see how it goes.

Remember - it's only a game :-D

Nike release "floorball" inspired shoes?

FastCompany cover this talking about Russian Spacedogs, Iphone cases, and design at the kind of level, beyond what most people need..

Any Floorball cowboy in the world can see that this design - is nothing but inspired by the funball from Cosom. So we say here - Nike & Floorball, huh?
Then U r probably thinking of Crocs too right?

Nope probably no more Floorball inspired stuff from Nike this week - this is probably just some funky design experiment trying to find its very own root roots.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Road to GOLD 2014...

Exciting story in images from Floorballmedia.

This is a part of a blog post that you can find here...

Great compilation media!!!!

And just so you know - there is not one single ice hockey team on this earth - what would be close to score on these Floorballer players - in the game of Floorball -
trust us or... we'll eat Don Cherry's tie. ;-D

Interesting research on Floorball

photo via flickr IFF
Research done by Tervo and Nordstrom, and an article on this posted at hockeyhebdo by Dr. Kluger,6360.html is here in french.

OK, that is the formal source information.

English source research in english too?

What we find interesting is the conclusions, results or rather the indications of some knowledge related to Floorball and musculoskeletal medical issues as described at hockeyhebdo by Kluger.

Three main things are highlighted:
- Preventive training is helpful
- It seems like the number of injuries are higher on synthetic sport floors
- Higher shoes/sneakers might prevent some injuries

Our own comments goes as follow:
A) Preventive training must be a thing for coaches and further coaching education?

B) Maybe the producers of synthetic sports flooring should take a closer look at this - since from their perspective - they most likely want to provide their markets with the safest possible floors?

C) Not many Floorball players use higher shoes, and most specially designed Floorball shoes are rather low over the ankle - so this sounds like a great opportunity for producers of more basketball like shoes - to get an inroad onto this market? If the findings reported hold for both real significance and truth.

Dr Kluger say that next time he will post on eye related injuries.
We find this very interesting.

We further say - in our own opinion - all kids playing Floorball should use protective eye wear. Even if the IFF has not mandated this yet - we however think they should - and we do recommend this as strong as we can - Please kids - use protective eye wear.
If you can not afford the more expensive specialty Floorball solutions available. We say at least try, some sort of air gun shooting protective wear or other protective glasses - and use most preferably ANSI certified solutions - here in the USA. The big trick is to find a size that fits a kids face so they stay. And you need glass that is shatter proof and designed to take a beating.
Yes, if you look online at a retail store like you can find some very cost efficient models too.
We say first, You go with real Floorball designated eyewear for kids - if that does not exist - only then you should go for more cost efficient alternatives. Make certain they are ANSI certified - and never kids - never - think you may play Floorball without good eye wear as long as you are under the age of 16.

We say this for your sake - and for Floorballs sake - as well for the sake of the player that might hit you in the eye.

The Warren Reporter on Floorball

Wow finally an American journalist clever enough for Floorball.

Merry X-mas USA!

We quote..
"LOPATCONG TWP.—After two weeks in Gothenburg, Sweden, Dan Torretta of Lopatcong Township returned home from the World Floorball Championship.
Team USA placed eleventh in the competition, their highest feat in their history of competing, and beat their Canadian rivals.
"It was more than I thought it would be," said Torretta. "It was absolutely great."
Getting past the first hiccup of losing his luggage, said he was thrilled to be in an environment where floorball is a professional sport and broadcast on television.
"There were kids asking for autographs, we posed for photos. It kind of made us feel like celebrities," he said.

Floorball Super Shop sets new standard for xmas greetings

Merry X-mas from US too ;-)

Oh - one more thing. Even if a Floorball stick is not the X-mas gift of the year in the USA yet.

We know it will happen - here too ;-D

Monday, December 22, 2014

3 Crucial Issues for A 2015 Midwest Floorball Championships

Hands Down this is what we must deal with right now:

A) The TASD School has not yet confirmed a date - we have asked a few times. We hope for a April/May/June date

B) Last year we had real boards - we think it is crazy not to have boards and now we try to secure these - if possible in some way. Here in the middle of "floorball no-where-land" that is a tricky task - to say the least (we might develop this further in another post later)

C) Even if the Midwest Floorball Championships has been one of the largest - and longest running tournaments in the USA - we CANNOT continue to run a tourney on a dozen of teams - to find substantial growth in this we must desperately secure more teams. To stay at a status que is the same as not growing the sport. And that is NOT good enough.

So - yes we ask for your support - right now!

The man that shots harder than Zedno Chara gets a 1/4 Million hits

Is he faster?
We do not know - but the fastest measured Floorball shot is a slap shot at 127 MPH - a bit faster than Mr. Charas 108 top mark - by Otto Tikka in Finland. Some - Plus 20% we think.

Mr Ostholms speciality is not slapshots but wrist shots - according to himself since he protect the ball better this way and,,, well, we do not know if the speed has been recorded yet.
However everyone in the SSL say he shoots harder and more painful than anyone else.

Then the National TV4 station made this feature on him - all in Swedish of course.. A few days ago... and yup - U do read the headline right - a couple of his recent shooting clips has 1/4 Million hit over a course of a few days/weeks.
This is remarkable Floorball stuff since the best hit ever has recently topped the first million,,,
This clip, featured via TV4, is the latest on his accuracy - when shooting hard..

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yes, Great Britain too

Here is an amazing story on how a Finnish Hockey player moves from Poland to G.B. due to a Floorball tournament in Holland..

This is the gist..
"While Suoraniemi is an experienced ice hockey pro with previous clubs in Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and Denmark, he also plays floorball at amateur level during the summer."

Curiosity killed the cat right. Yes Floorballcentral has always liked the Fife Flyers...

Here is the story:

And Yes, Paul Walker is cool dude!

South East Asia in Focus

IFF writes:
" The pre-tournament of the South-East Asian Games 2015 came to an end today in Singapore. The tournament was a success not only from an organizational point of view, but also served as an excellent showcase and test for the new countries to the International Floorball scene. Especially Indonesia performed really well, but also the Philippines showed huge development in the tournament."

And they continue:
"Singapore´s Men has won the 1st South-East Asian Floorball Championships with 9-4, after a very exiting match, where both teams at times had the keys for success, but Singapore found the means to break the tight Malaysian defense in the second period.
The Women´s South-East Asian Floorball Championships finals ended in a home victory for the Singaporean ladies after an exciting match with 9-2, were Malaysia showed that there is potential in their game. The pre-tournament of the SEA Games has worked very well and all teams have developed during the tournament."

Floorball is for all and has no preferred connection to any culture or religion. Still from our own perspective we really like this picture with the girls playing in their own more traditional outfits. This is what makes Floorball colorful and must maybe be the floorball picture of the year?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Young people get a bug at the Gretzky Hockey School

At least according to Instagram. And the bug is called Floorball.

Action from Philippian & Malaysian teams in SEA

The IFF cover the South East Asian ongoing tournament in eminent ways right now. Singapore is the host and by most observers say they are very likely to win this SEA tournament too.

Game Quote:
"The Malaysian and Philippine men gave a really entertaining performance in their match, with a lot of goal scoring situations in both ends of the field. The Philippines however had problems staying out of the penalty bench during the whole game, giving the Malaysians a clear advantage, as it took the Philippines a lot of time to get their game re-organised again after the penalties. It neither helped that the Malaysians scored a few power play goals, giving them a 5-1 lead in the middle of the game. Malaysia was able to move the action into the Philippian zone in the third period, by putting hard pressure on their defense, forcing the Philippines to drop down low and thus giving Malaysia the opportunity to score from far away taking a clear victory in the end by 8-1"

Read it all here - they have pictures via voxsport too:
.. and tomorrow (or rather soon since they are in Asia) the SEA finals will be played.

In other interesting news from Asia we learnt that the older National Floorball Federation in Thailand was deemed as defunct by the IFF - and now an organization under the name Hockey Thailand is the new organizer of Floorball in Thailand. We find that very good too ;-D

The secret off-ice training routine

Oh, I thought we already posted this one... Hmm it's worth to be seen again - and no its not a helmet he wears - it is a hat ;-D

Friday, December 19, 2014

Have we fooled U all the time?

Let us just say this blog is perhaps - not about Floorball at all?

Maybe it is about something much larger?

Maybe it is about change and a vision for all kids to do something so much better?

Today we saw this video of a presentation performed by SIBF's Director o development Emil Risberg - on the subject of - Floorball development. And what he talks about is Turbo-charged #LTAD - New times and New structures and a much better childhood for so many - and a life-long experience of learning. So outstanding brilliant.. that we R afraid not all would even grsp the subject...

Cool VJ Stanley would have loved this as well as Mike Bonelli and all the other people that hold the #LTAD flag high in Youth Sports here in the USA.

Funny enough - Science has traditionally taught us specialization in the old dark days. Modern science - or rather clever analysis say - away with specialization. Sports are failing. Drop out rates are way too high - for the sake of the better society make kids stay in sports - for life,,, Everything else is close to Junk.

Floorball is just a tiny tool to move in that direction.

So what is next? Well if we were running the IFF we would make certain A.S.A.P,  that Mr. Risberg on the double was signed up for a larger TED presentation ;-D. Or maybe Floorballcentral should do this instead?

It is 2015 soon - and time to change sports in better ways - than compared to what u ever dreamt of.

Irrespective of the sport U like!

Eurostick... 2014/2015 Hardware

You know the manufacturer that had 90 Floorball sticks certified at SP just recently... Yeah most of the other brands certify 5-15 sticks at a time. But Eurostick kinda smashed them all.

OK, let's add some acts to this
Nine new sticks from Exel
Three new sticks from Oxdog
Three new sticks from Zone

And so if goes - Eurostick smashed it all by certifying 90 sticks - no not 90 sticks in total but 90 different stick models...

Well they have a catalogue too - and no we do not think the new 90 sticks from them - are included in this catalogue. But it is still fun to share here what Eurostick/Acito has to offer Floorball.

South East Asian Floorball Blooms in its 1st edition!

Cool reporting via the IFF. And we think it is crucial to put the spotlight on this too - as we see Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines and Singapore play each other under real circumstances.

The IFF writes;
" In the second game of the day, the Indonesian ladies took on the Malaysian ladies, being able to surprise by controlling the ball for long times in the Malaysian zone. So it was no coincident that the Indonesian ladies took a 2-0 lead on power play in the first period. The Indonesian hedgehog defense was able to keep the Malaysian from scoring for almost half of the game. But even then the Malaysian had to work really hard to break the defense and were able to do so only after creating traffic in front of the Indonesian goalie giving them a 4-2 lead. Indonesia created a real spurt in the end and was able to fight their way back and equalized the score to four all. Malaysia had the chance to score on power play, but instead ended up having to play 3 vs 5 short-handed the last two minutes of the match, which ended in a draw 4-4."

Full report from the South East Asian Floorball Championships 1st Edition

The Plastic Floorball Environment

via wikimedia commons

Just recently we picked up the notion that one of the coming WFC's will try to go paperless for the sake of the environment.


And not too many months ago we also picked up that the IOC has a high level of awareness as it comes to environmental matters...


Way long before this - Floorballcentral started to write about the environment and floorball.

Just a few examples:

3 years ago

1 year ago

Today, we just want to state yet again that: it is one thing to run a paperless WFC. It is another thing to have a full blown environmental policy in place. And it is a third thing to figure out how to systematically recycle material like sticks and balls. Oh, by the way today it is soon 2015 too ;-D.

Being at the frontier of things means - being out of sync too - since you R a bit ahead of things.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

The first IFF site...

Was up in 1998. And well it looked like this...

Well today's site look way better even if we hope for a mobile version before next WFC ;-D

Östholm - shows his crazy shooting move

He shoots hard - probably harder than anyone else. It does not look like any regular wrist shot or sweeper. It does not look like anything you see in hockey.

What he does is to start the move way behind himself. A previous explanation by others has said that this is good since the ball is hidden away for the goalies.
But in this video from TV4 he shows that the move with the ball - so far behind - also has the benefit that the ball is carried far away from any defenders too. Then he say that he has full control on the ball and can decide when to turn and apply the power. This means he can sweep in before a defender, after a defender, or why not through the legs as he moves a bit diagonal as seen from the net. We think the deep behind the legs starting phase - also provides a long stretch for the acceleration part of the shot.
Also he compares to the slapshot technique that leaves the ball out on the open and fully unprotected for a slit-second (a very long time in Floorball) as compared to this the Östholm-esque style.
Then the main secret comes on how the power is generated from hips and his lower torso.

Martin Östholm also describes how his move is based on hip power and legs - where the supporting leg takes all the punishment. The arms are mainly used for the aiming part, beside of pushing the stick to the floor for maximum stick flex.

Nope we have not figured this out ourselves yet - but if for sure looks like a rather innovative move for most stick based sports - the day you know how to do this ;-D

To Sweat or.. the biggest magic (part 2 World Games 2021)

Image linked in via
OK, This is a no brainer.

If Floorball gets a regular venue at the World Games in Polen 2017, it will become a blasting success. But if they are able to scale up from the 1200 seats venue, that Floorball is assigned to now - to a larger one - the success will be even more massive.
This is not speculations - this is what will happen - one way or the other - in Poland/EU they know what this is - so end of that discussion.

That is all good - but then as we take the scenario 4 years forward to 2021. Birmingham, AL will most likely get the World Games (we know in January 2015). Even if there are only 3 people voting - if we understand this right. We still must hold Birmingham as the most likely city to arrange these games for now. See also our previous post below on this blog.

So let us pretend that this happens... now in January 2015.

We are afraid that that a USA with a Floorball presence today mainly driven by European/Asian expats, with almost no Floorball in school, and a Floorball infrastructure that is on pair with the weak developmental countries.. Yeah, you know what I talk about...
Our fear is that this will hamper - or even it could damage Floorball's chances to stay in the World Games after 2021.
And that means the Olympic Floorball dream could possibly die in Alabama too.
Ok, these are pure, and rather rare, or almost random speculations at this point - but they are still scary at the same time. A bad blow in Alabama could take years, maybe decenniums, to recover from.

So maybe - it is time for IFF and other Floorball federations to focus with a top priority on the USA? And Alabama?

We will know more, about the Birmingham decision - in a few weeks.
A basic question ought to jump up, soon thereafter, on how many Floorball rinks will that Rink sponsor send for the 2021 games? Maybe we have a new rink sponsor in 2021?
But what we speculate in here - gives at hand that we can not wait 6 years to build something that must be built much sooner. Desert style Floorball in Alabama at a US televised World Games event without spectators - is a too large risk for the overall Floorball movement.

Why not send 10 Floorball rinks to the USA already, or immediately - as soon we know if Birmingham will get the games?

Birmingham, AL will indeed have the potential to become the very biggest trick - not Poland.
USA is also a market with most likely the strongest Floorball potential in the world (think Hockey, think Field Hockey).

And can it be fixed so that at least one main University in each US state has a Floorball rink at their disposal very soon too? - Yup - now talking about 50 rinks instead - these must be available several years ahead - not after, or just before the World Games 2021 tournament. Massive investments demand timely planning - but also funding and a discussion that starts very soon.
Where was that number to the World Bank again ;-D

Imagine that Floorball did not exist in Europe - this is the situation in the USA - what would you do to kick start it? - roll thumbs until it is too late? Probably not?

Sweat or.. dead ahead!?

Whatever, at least some possible plastic drama... right.

Our camp fire, by the way - is still - lit.

Lookin' ahead to World Games 2021, part Uno

May we suggest that you read this?

"Birmingham may well get the 2021 World Games, but at this point it all comes down to the "small things." That's according to Max Bishop, vice president of the International World Games Association (IWGA) executive committee who spoke at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame on Friday. Bishop is one of three IWGA decision makers who will determine in January if Birmingham's bid is successful. "

Here is the full scoop:

In January we will know more
For Now Y'all, - You Should almost know what the headline for next post will be? Huh?

Numbers that could rattle the commercial Sporting World

The IFF has just released so much numbers on the enormous success of the 2014 World Floorball Championships.

Yet again Floorball proves to be a superior commercial product. Companies like Asics, Gerflor, Unihoc, Honda and more should be proud that they invest in a clever activity that not just produce returns in viewerships - but also connects their brands to a modern fast, comparably safe, healthy, and cool activity for the youth/kids.

Merry X-mas all sponsors..

We here just quote a little part of all the numbers from IFF:

"A total of 22 WFC 2014 matches were shown on TV in a total of 47 broadcasts in nine different countries.
In Sweden the WFC 2014 final set a new record for TV4 and floorball matches. The new floorball record is 542 000 TV viewers in addition to 21 300 who saw the final on TV4 Play Web-TV. The previous record was from the WFC 2008 Final 2008 (490 000 viewers),
In Finland the Final was watched by 467 000 TV viewers and the total number of viewers in the seven broadcasted TV matches was over 1,5 million.
In Czech Republic the bronze game between Czech Republic and Switzerland reached a total of over 680 000 viewers in total, with an overall average over 201 000 viewers.
The total number of TV spectators will be very close to 5 million spectators for the WFC."

Want to see the full numbers rant in its full glory?

Go Floorball Go - and still this has not started since North America hardly knows what this is yet - WOW Baby!

Oh one more thing, just a little disclaimer... - as the IFF shows some numbers on followers on social media - it is important to keep in mind that they do not work too actively to gain following instead they use a more classic passive and waiting approach. In our opinion their numbers could be increased a lot if the took on a much more active stance to increase following. The day they start to work more actively with marketing - we r sure they will push some of those levers and regulators too - to increase their own numbers even more ;-D. Their potential for doing this is beyond well awesome... And it would not hurt the sport (rather the opposite).

The best X-mas lyrics? Deke the Halls.

So we are getting closer to X-mas and many Floorball sticks will be the most sought after present in many parts of the world..

One of the most famous songs during X-mas is Deck the halls.
Here we have here a new version of that song called Deke the Halls.
Tis is da music..

Here are the new much more modern Lyrics - sing away!

Deke the Halls with boughs of Jolly,
Ba la la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be Swagy,
Ba la la la la, la la la la.

Don we now our gay apparel,
Ba la la, la la la, la la la.
Troll the ancient Yule dan gle,
Ba la la la la, la la la la.

See the blazing Yule Zor ro,
Ba la la la la, la la la la.
Strike the net and join the chorus.
Ba la la la la, la la la la.

Floorball me in merry measure,
Ba la la la la, la la la la.
While I tell of Yule tricky treasure,
Ba la la la la, la la la la.

Fast away the old guy passes,
Ba la la la la, la la la la.
Hail the new, ye lads and lasses,
Ba la la la la, la la la la.

Play we joyous, all together,
Ba la la la la, la la la la.
Heedless of the speed and dribble,
Ba la la la la, la la la la.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

English spoken Media?

In connection with previous World Floorball Championships we have been able to pick up a few news articles.
This year Germany did extremely well - but we wanted to see more in English... Oh well.

Here is however a new thing on a Hockey team from the USA in CT that plans to do some Floorball:

Latvia can set a New Standard

Wikimedia Commons via Zscout

The World Floorball Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden 2014 is over and the Local Organizing Committee did proudly announce a new spectator record of in total 104.000 some Spectators. Ok this is not what was said before the games as they said 110.000 sold tickets - with hopes of yet another 20% of sales after the tourney started - so something sounds a bit odd in that story... And the 104.000 - and something, is not sensational as compared to the Czech numbers just a few years ago... It is just a few percent better (and some analyst even said some numbers from Gothenburg - must be measured with a few ounces of a smile - or something like it).
Ok, that is in reality not important - the important thing is that Floorball grows fast - and by measuring the audience in Gothenburg our judgement is - well it could have been done... like a bit better.

So now we say that Latvia can beat the heck out of all previous WFC's - if they do it right. Yes Latvia is the next host for the male WFC in 2016.

The IOC, on the other hand, say they want to move the Olympics from a sport happening to more of an event happening. Hmm.
We think that is a very clever and futuristic analys. So we think Floorball can do this.

There is this funny story from Sweden; on How Avicii ended up on a Swedish stamp. People over 30 wonder who is Avicii? - but people below 30 say - What is a stamp?

Floorball attract a heck of many young people so let em run the show!.
So if Floorball in Latvia forget about Rock bands that play guitar accords that young people think is for old people - schlager based music or whatever. If Floorball let young people have their music.. And you know what - they should not glue a funky song to a WFC as a front cover image.. No make it into a full blown DJ concert instead.

Use a DJ!
Calvin Harris?
David Guetta?
Steve Aoki?
Afrojack?                   Need more Ideas?

Do not have them play in intermissions like at the Superbowl - arrange instead full blown DJ concerts each night after the Quarter finals, Semi Finals, and the Final day - after the games are over. Just adjust the playing schedule a bit. Add 4-5 hours of big Music. Sell tickets like in combo packages. Floorball attracts many people - but a top notch DJ at least as many - so in theory this should mean a double dip of high power and energy.
Too expensive? Or..maybe too lucrative? LOL!

Old audience records - would fly out the window. The youth appeal to the sport perhaps staggering. Bundle TV coverage to include a concert..

As we just said - the IOC talks about the move from sports to events. Listen to them.

Latvia would be famous and Floorball would lead the event based sporting world. ..

Fun idea, huh?

Here is an update..
This is what Metallica will do for NHL - or San Jose Sharks... so this is not as off-the-wall as u first thought huh

Fat Pipe most likely stunning other stick producers, via FSS

We like Fat pipe - they have go in their advertising. It is not the nicest guy on the block, but a tone of street smartness..

So smart that they now took over the throne at the WFC as the most used stick...

The Floorball Super Shop FSS writes...
"Last Sunday the Swedish national team won the 10th Men’s World Floorball Championships in Gothenburg after defeating Finland in the big final, however, if we talk about the sticks, the finns were the winners with the brand Fat Pipe, which was the most popular one for the players according to statisticscompiled by FSS during the championship." 

Image via Floorball Super Shop

Full article here

What surprised us is Jolly, Canadian - but also Salmings lower number? Is that maybe related to Salming's new big focus on running?

Slideshow via SIBF & an IMHO

Great Production - very good.

We might come with something more critical soon on the larger arrangement - but for now let's be pleased about all the good things... Cause many things were very good.

Dough on it, We wish Swedish Floorball could learn to speak English on YouTube - at least and take the mindset from a local Swedish Championship - to a Global World Championships - to grow up to the right size - to speak English... Kinda freaky with all the Swedish being used..


Hockey Canada at World Floorball Championships - where was Mexico?

IFF runs a great story...

"Hockey Canada has recently introduced the Hockey Canada Elementary School Program which features floorball as the sport of choice. Mr. Poulin said, “Hockey Canada sees floorball as the perfect sport to introduce kids to hockey in the gym. 

In addition to being a great school sport generally safe, fast and fun it will help us appeal to non traditional hockey players in Canada’s urbanizing core.” The program consists of a 10 week school curriculum, a training DVD and a stick set and Hockey Canada is promoting it to physical education teachers across the country through a grant obtained from the Hockey Canada Foundation. “We see this as a win win for both sports”

Hockey Canada has a long history with floorball, starting at the Hockey Canada Skills Academies more than a decade ago. “We see floorball as a great office training tool for elite hockey players. Most of our 100 strong Hockey Canada Skills Academies play floorball and we use it all the way up to our elite teams as a way to develop skills while off the ice”, Mr. Poulin added."

Yep - Poulin is the right guy and Hockey Canada knows what is good for kids..
Our Opinion?

Well we think it starts to get heck of late soon if Hockey Mexico wants to get into this game. And we are highly surprised that Hockey Mexico has not done more than they have at this time and point - in history.
For heavens sake Mexico - Floorball was invented in North America - in Minneapolis...

Just Sayin'

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Today's crazy Tweet

This one went crazy and could have been our best tweety action ever - we missed a picture - good tweets must have pictures - It still might be our best tweet ever.

We just announced that the Floorball final - was watched by plus half a million people on Swedish TV. It is like 6% of the population. And Oh did this tweet become popular? Yes indeed...

As U want to Introduce the big Floorball game.

U probably want to put on a good show. This was a good show. This filled one of Swedens largest Hockey arenas.
6% of the Swedish population watched this on live TV.
The tournament as a whole sat a new record in live spectators... and well this is a good way to do it... and while you are still at it - why not invite some IOC representatives too?

Good Stuff. Good plastics kinda...

Floorball technology at a new level? Update with NHL reference

Light, lighter, Lightest
The spotlight is on from Unihoc this time...

What da ya think? Speed - ? Velocity -? huga!

OK OK a bunch of hours later...
IFF highlights this stick with a full news push - U can read it here - and guess what 400 NHL players are already using this technology... The race to eliminate the stick is on?

A Rally from the male US U19 Floorball team

Quoting away..

"This Rally supports the USA Floorball - Men's U19 Team and our journey towards the World Championships. The Men's U19 team is directly qualified to the 8th Men's U19 Floorball World Championships played in Helsingborg, Sweden April 29th - May 3rd, 2015. This is the first time in history that a U.S, U19 team participates in the Floorball World Championships.

Help our players represent team USA and make history by supporting our cause..."

Full Rally

May Hockey affect the face-off statistics?

The best face-off numbers from the World Floorball Championships has just been released by the Innebandymag in Sweden.

The top list looks like this

Top 3 most won face-offs WFC 2014
1. Lauri Hannelius, Canada 33 won
2. Ryan Winkler, USA 29 won
3. Sergei Iurev, Russia 28 won

Even if Hannelius is a well developed Floorball player in the Finnish league - we suspect - that Ice Hockey has something to do with these numbers - what do you think?

Full article - in Swedish

Soutter asks good questions

Questions is sometimes the best answer.
In an article from Innebandymagazinet Phillipe Soutter - the German coach asks several vibrant questions as in relation to how to build global Floorball and what Sweden is up too.

Of course this material only comes wrapped up in Swedish...

You can use an online translator and try to figure out what he asked?

What we think?
Go Soutter Go - International Floorball needs EXACTLY people like you!

U19 Promo - World Championships

Frozen Shorts - Specialization ≠ Special Results:

Frozen Shorts...
Say so many good things... Here is their latest clever words on youth sports. With proud permission to re-post

Specialization ≠ Special Results:
I recently received a call from a coach who wanted to know how to deal with a parent. This parent was inquiring as to their son’s participation in an individualized and specialized coaching scenario after the season was over.

Let me explain my opinion on this phenomenon of specialized coaching, and for that matter, participation in said coaching. An athlete can improve at his or her sport by not playing it. Yes, that seems outrageous, but it is true. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Also, rest is a KEY component to a child’s health and long term athletic development. It is certainly a no more outrageous program than believing a parent pays a specialized coach to improve their child enough to get a D1 scholarship. While they may be able to get a small edge, is it worth the time, money, and stress added to the parent’s and athlete’s life? In my opinion, the straight forward answer is no. Unless of course it’s really just a status and ego thing, but I digress.

If you send your child to a specialist you expect special results. When you take your child to a pediatrician and they recommend that you see a specialist in the area of your child’s discomfort, they are saying your child has a problem that requires specific, special treatment to get better. After seeing this specialist you expect special results that could not be attained by going to your regular physician. You feel a little tense that something is wrong with your child but you anticipate that going to the specialist will fix things. There is a latent, or in some cases blatant, need for immediate and substantial results.

The same applies to youth sports.

Here is the kicker: when you send your child to a specialist in youth sports, first of all, the coach may not be so special. They may have a coaching certificate and may have experience in a certain sport at a level that gives them some status and the experience that you seek, but they may not be able to teach to the specific needs, if there are any, of your child. They may have been told by many people how great they are and started to believe it. They may also have such status that other parents and children brag about the advantages of going to them without legitimate results to back up their claims. They may just want to name drop and gain status. None of these scenarios are good for the athlete, and isn’t that what the goal is? If it’s not, it certainly should be.

Sports are an art, plain and simple. Teaching those children how to play a sport or get better at a sport is also an art. It is not based solely on the pedigree of the teacher or the student. Your child may need rest just as much as training. They may need balance in their muscles. They may just need a break from what they are doing. They may not need a specialist at all, but a general anesthesia from the sport they are playing.

That last sentence sure felt good to write, let me tell you. You want to have your child feel good too.

So here’s what happens. A parent sends a child to a specialist and expects special results. The problem with this theory in youth sports is that there is nothing wrong with the child’s athletic performance to begin with so the visits are unnecessary. He or she just needs to have fun. They do not need the pressure associated with going to a specialist, pressure that originates from the knowledge that other kids went to this specialist and played better. How will they handle it if/when they do not perform at the next highest level of play?

Money was spent, time was spent, status was displayed, and there is now pressure to justify the expenditure. They could get better results, in my opinion, by playing another sport, going to the library and reading, or just resting and doing yoga, than they would from going to a specialist.

So I told these things to the coach, and said that he should tell the parent the facts and what it is he has learned as coach. If the parent still wants to send their child to a specialist, then it is their decision.

Now let me explain that this coach gets it. He just finished his season and the parents sent him a letter stating that the kids had more fun playing for him than they had playing for anyone else, in any other sport. This varsity level high school coach has been in constant contact with me about the book I am writing on youth sports and has implemented many of the recommendations I have given him. In the consulting service I provide, I have conferred with and advised many players, coaches, and families about what they are doing in youth sports, and how they are doing it. The message is always the same. What is in the best interest of the athlete’s long term health, both physically and mentally? If you stay on that path, and keep the adult’s needs out of the equation, you will find the answer to the question.

However, let me state that he had the ability and the answer to that question before hand as he had children who played youth sports growing up, and he questioned the results of their journey through youth sports. He wanted to get better, not for his own peace of mind, but for the long term best interests of the kids he was coaching. He was learning right along with the children, and that is the best coaching scenario.

In the end I told him he should tell the parent that he was very satisfied with their child’s level of play and participation on his team, which was true. I told him he should also tell the parent that the child would be better off playing another sport for fun, and to not go to the specialist. His goal for his team was to have fun, and the more fun they had the more they would improve. He is learning, as am I, and hopefully it transfers to his team, his work, and his life, so he can pay it forward to those around him. Because what we are doing is truly correct, it must be applicable to all walks and areas of a person’s life.

True change has to come from within and be intrinsic in nature. Children learn from internal realization, not extrinsic force.

I can tell my son to pick up his room if he wants to use the car and go out with his friends or girlfriend. He will reluctantly do it. However, if I can teach him the benefits for doing it without me asking, he will be better off and have learned a life lesson. He will have less frustration, more free time, be able to find things easier, all while getting his father off his back.

The same holds true with that parent. I wanted my friend to educate that parent, and explain the paradigm so that the parent could come to their own conclusion for the long term best interests of the child. Isn’t that truly what parents want for their children?

If you like what you read here, and would like to find out how you can integrate the Frozen Shorts way into your youth or high school sports experience, go to our website at to find out how. You can book V.J. to speak to your group, do one on one consultations, or coach mentoring, at

Monday, December 15, 2014

News that somewhat drowned, plus aggressive hunger

The Father of India Gandhi
Wikimedia commons
It is tricky with a World Floorball Championship. One tricky part is how to release news that may drown in the big stream of all other news.
We think that this probably happened to the excellent news that four new members has just now joined the World family of Floorball nations. We would not be surprised if this will be announced again. But until then...

So let us just again shed some spot-light on the fact that the IFF just has released; - India, Indonesia, Iran, and Jamaica are all new members of the International Floorball Federation.

India is utterly interesting due to its long strong traditions in the field (ehum) of field hockey - a sport that has a few things that reminds perhaps people about Floorball? India is also a rather huge country - if we say so... and measure how many people that lives in India (and they are mainly young too)... Well, it is big.
No shadow on the other three countries - they have all the position to become key Floorball power houses in their own part of the world... too.

Then of course we must dwell a bit on the psychological idea to list the countries that already are in... We have seen this in the USA too at the national level.  All attempts to list who is in - is just the normal way to do things... And that is OK.

But we like to challenge normal thinking a bit here.
Why not do the opposite instead?

Why not list the countries that does NOT have Floorball instead and then make it a top priority to get these on board?
Nope, we do not talk about internal memos - we talk about broad communications.
Or in the local case - If someone would list all the states, cities, and towns across America that does not play Floorball yet (we are talking about a massive undertaking and a big list. here, he, he)  -  A wild project - but, we suspect that the incentive to get things going would be staked up a bit.

Ok, ok, ok, doing things this way might just be a little tiny psychological twist on things.

But we suspect that the list of missing countries - or states - or cities - would move the focus from a more content state like - "look what good things we have" - to a very eager - and an aggressively hungry level of state? Like - "This is what we want to do now!"

What do you say? Word's free...

Genesis - Special Olympics

Here is a cool Special Olympics Floorball article via the Caribbean..

"Genesis Academy is a high school established in 2003 for students with intellectual disabilities/challenges; catering for students age 12 to 21, and to students 21 to 25 in its Adult Unit, which provides support in occupation & life skills. 

“We are always looking at new activities that include all of our special children, and that allows them to experience what normal children do. Floorball appealed to me because it was a team sport, but more importantly both the able bodied and the physically challenged could participate, so no-one was excluded. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn a new sport, to be active, and perhaps to find something that they can be good at. "

Full report on Special Olympics Floorball via Jamaica from this fall

Fashion and Power

Music... words that comes to our mind.

This embedded post from the World of Floorball shows the Swedish national team on way to the final - carrying their guns.. This is sport photo journalism at its very best level.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Wait a moment....

Is this about the dance moves - or the noise from the audience? Thanx for sharing Dan!

Meanwhile in the USA, as Dallas Stars win 4-3...

Floorballplanet continues their strides building Floorball. Saturday night they yet again had a booth set-up at Dallas Stars game at the American Airline center in Texas.
Dallas Stars played well and won 4-3 over New Jersey Devils...
New Jersey Devils? Is that not the team with Bryce Salvador and is he not one of the owners of Xhockeyproducts that sell Exel Floorball sticks?
Sounds like things comin' together here? Hmm.

Oh well, Floorballplanet showed both Fat Pipe and Salming sticks as Dallas won just one goal ahead of their guests... Images via Floorballplanet.

Do You like German?

Here is a new thing only seen by 10 people as we posted this.
It is the IFF president speaking about Olympic opportunities for Floorball. You have to figure out the German part yourself ;-D

The World's best game in short

Faster than U we bet...

Today's best news?

We picked it just up from clutch sport on twitter - that the responsible with Hockey Canada - for school programs - went with them to visit the World Floorball Championships.
That is to us incredible good news. We think they met some good people too. hooray!

Only one problem we live in USA ;-D

Here hockey players play other games on their off-season and for dry-land we guess and... this will probably for now continue... and we might not see developed floorball in US schools until it is in full bloom in Canadian schools.

May we suggest that USA Hockey....... oh no we will be quiet for now... they have to figure out somethings on their own...

Interesting... traffic notes// -

We are failing to keep traffic up at a blast level over the full WFC here. Hmm it is also noteworthy that our consistent top post here at this blog - is about Ice Hockey.

This means a few things...
America does not care too much about Floorball yet.
We probably need some help to make them care much more. So we are searching for that we guess.

But we can also see that our blog went supergood last summer when Dallas Stars released their Fitness Stars news - including kids Floorball - and when the Gretzky Hockey school started to do Floorball.

So how do we develop North America from here?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

To all Hockey players in the USA

Is this not a nice tweet? So say - nope it is not Floor Hockey...

quoting Stefan...

Great Article again..
From USA Floorball... and today Stefan said:

"What do you think of the future of floorball in the US?- I think it has a bright future. We know that the development takes time so we have to let it take one small step at a time. I really hope some new people in the US saw one of our games and started to think about how they can help floorball grow in the states. It starts with one person who influences another and then those two people each reach one and so on. Then finally we have hundreds and thousands that want to develop the floorball in the states. "

Full article


Will Sweden win with 6-2 or 8-2 that is the question - maybe 6-2?


We do think the Czech team will win this.

Top Flick from Day 8

The problem with science

We use science to understand things.
Some classic methods used often tend to break things apart into smaller units - then add these units together in groups or classification systems and often we love to put labels on these things too.

Does it work? Well our answer is yes and no - sometimes we see things better and we can easily also see different correlations.
But often the idea to break things down loose other connections or a more holistic approach and some correlations can also be just plain crazy as they are ripped away from the more holistic view.


Forget these two paragraphs above for now.

During the World Floorball Championships the Finnish company "My Coazh" released an App or a tool to analyse games. It is massive and it goes down into the very smallest detail of a game. You can check it out here
To be honest we looked at that web page too - and even if we understand the level of detail this tool may provide - we could not fully understand how it works.

Then came this study/article via Innebandymagazinet where today's game had been analysed on behalf of the Swedish team. If you rub an online translation over it you will get the most out of this as it is published in Swedish.

Ok this shows the game in detail and it might be what many coaches dream about. Yes they do other sports to at my coazh..

If we like it? We do not know - but we are afraid that this takes on an extremely technical approach to be used for the study of art...
Then Floorball players are humans too - so we are afraid that some rather holistic human components might be lost in the stream of data..

But the data stream is on the other hand - overwhelmingly impressive...

A General Assembly at the IFF

We have seen some pictures, we did not see too many tweets about it - and we guess that is the way it is. The few tweets that came was more like - "here we are".

The IFF however also shared a full and detailed report on the General Assembly - and it is here..

Read it - you will find some good stuff in there on developments and new members and how the development for Floorball goes in relation to Olympic activities... and more.

That is fine, that is good..or is it?

Dunno, there is something in the tone that could have been more developed - without quoting - the first part say something about a strategy that has been proven to be right... This statement is so firmly laid forward - in a way - so it does not ring fully good with us here. Is it bragging, or over-compensating, or something else?
Hmm, this is hard to grasp or put the thumb on - but what is it that makes us feel a little uncomfortable?

We think development and change has its foundation in, first and foremost questions (both nice and rough), as compared to clear answers. This more presents a perfectly served answer.

So was there no discussions? No Questions?

We are probably a bit over sensitive here and could be wrong - but something in the tone used - does it fully sound sound...?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Semi-finals R up!

 We R a Proud recaster of eminent WFC material from IFF ;-D

And that winner of QF4 is Switzerland - now Floorball gets to the real stage of top notch sport...

Dirty kick in Floorball

This is the dirtiest play we have seen from the World Floorball Championships.
Does not belong in Floorball.

What do U think?

One more live game today?

Why not?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

USA vs Canada in the largest game to date

World Championship 2014 live in hours HD = free stream!
Here two different ideas... USA play one way Canada the other...

Courtesy IFF_floorball

Adam Troy asked Brown:
"Depressing loss today but tomorrow you face Canada?
─ I think we are going to win. But you never know because Canada have played pretty well this competition It is going to be as hard a game as the games against the other teams we have met so far. Canada against the USA is classic game so let the best team win.

And will you score?
─ I think so yeah, you know that! Says Robin Brown."

Read in Full here 

Let us develop co-ed Floorball a bit

OK, the IOC said something in style with that they like Sports with mixed genders were Male and Female play together and most observers said this was a flirt towards korfball...

Well this..

And as you see teams are co-ed.

Our instant reflection on this was - oh doug on it - floorball is often played in co-ed settings too - often as rec Floorball is played. So why not formalise a version with 3 on 3 players and just mandate that one player must be female...

OK, but that is just a quick fix. This could be arrange in different ways too. The periods played could be with different genders, two male periods and two female kinda - or a game between two clubs/nations could be designed to include both a female team and a male team that played the other same gender team at the all the other teams more or less at the same time. But of course the best mixed version of Floorball - co-ed is to play with both male and female players on the court all time. Maybe in a four on four setting - and the goalie - well we do not know - what do you think...
How would co-ed Floorball as a sport be developed to be as good as possible - since we know it is indeed possible to set up the game in ways like this... The interaction between the players are reasonable enough to allow this if we play the games by the rules... - so in essence no rule changes are needed - or are they?

Next time, maybe we should write about LGBT floorball too? Does that exist by the way?

The Best Floorball X-Mas card we have seen

& we say no more
via Floorball to the Olympics on Facebook

Outstanding by Team Canada too!!!

Cool - and good for Floorball

The Best Game ever played by a USA Floorball team?

History now... but only a few hours old here is the short version..

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ready for more Live HD in North America...?

Yes, first out Canada.

Canada should have a good chance to beat Slovakia... But the Ball is round and the Slovaks have played good and... well the ball is round..

Second out is USA

Team USA meets Germany - and that is a very hard nut to crack.... But let's see...

These games are on...

Floorball in a Floorball Desert

linked in via Wikimedia Commons
Yeah, Floorball in a Floorball Desert is not always easy and the streams of revenue are like streams of water in a Desert too - rather rare.

Therefore we just wanted to show three different initiatives - this time from the female side.
So if you happen to sit on a stack of ash - no cash... or just feel a bit extra philanthropic... or remember that it is x-mas soon.

Well then these three initiatives are for you...

Ladies in Canada 

Ladies in USA

Girls in USA

Why Floorball is perfect for Twitter

Take any normal soccer game. 90 minutes and maybe some extra overtime. Let's pretend that this game ends not 0-0,  but maybe 2-1... or whatever.. Most soccer games does not produce too many goals - but it is the game in itself that is fun to watch.
To tweet "GOAL" one to four times - during a game of soccer that lasts 90 minutes or more, does not sound too exciting...

Basketball has the similar problem but from the other side. If a game generates as score close to 100 - well it means a good load of tweets. But on the other hand if the other team score the similar amount of baskets. Well close to 100 scoring tweets during a game - must not only to be hard to tweet - but rather annoying to read too. ;-D

Fortunately, we happen to know another sport that produces a great pace of scoring - without being overwhelming...  In other words a modern sport almost designed for twitter - LOL

Danebroen fly for real in the sky....

It is also cool that one of the big heroes in this - wear protective goggles - something we say must be mandatory for kids.

Go Danmark go!

The 5th Day in a Flash!

 That penalty shoot-out between Denmark and Germany - was outstanding by the way...

The short version of Canada - Latvia

It all started good and lasted half the game...

More from USA Floorball - lightning fast

Now we are impressed by USA Floorball and here is why - much more sports marketing from American Floorball coming out extremely fast - incredible work Mr. Troy!

Wanna know more well visit this.. 
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!