Saturday, November 29, 2014

Another article about Hockey u should read..

How anyone now dares to write a story like this without mentioning the impact of Floorball in Swedish and other European schools and other settings goes beyond our wildest dreams, - bravest of the brave we think.

We say fail, fail, fail
We continue to say redo, redo, redo...
And our final comment:
The king is not wearing invisible cloths - he is naked - but he for sure also knows how to play Floorball.

So this is not a sport problem - it is an information problem.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dr Kluger points out some diffrences USA vs Canada

wikimedia commons By User:SMcCandlish, based on original by User:Astrokey44 [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Dr Kluger, a Floorball expert in Finland, points out the differences between Team USA and Team Canada for the World Floorball Championships.
He say that the Canadian Team mainly consist of players living in Canada with only a few extra players brought on to the team - using Canadian passports but they live and play in Europe. Team USA on the other hand is mainly based upon players with US passports living and playing Floorball in Europe - and only a few players are Floorball players living in the USA on a more permanent basis.

Of course Dr Kluger is right - but we also have heard voices about this from both the UK and France about the mix of players too - involving players with French or UK passports - but not spending too much time in their own country - but still representing a "passport country". And to some people this is a sensitive matter since the subject of national pride might be a big one (for some).

From the perspective of Floorball without borders - this is a matter with no sense at all - as the best players must be eligible to play in a World Floorball Championship. Point is Passport rules only..

But there is also a reality behind the differences between USA and Canada. In Canada Floorball has fast grown strong and parts of this strength come from what many individuals have done - but also through commitment by Hockey Canada to use Floorball for dry-land training as well as through governmental support. All this has created a culture in Canada that involves good quality Floorball players at a fairly decent level at several places and in schools. Canada is just way ahead of the US in this sense.
USA is not there yet. The Floorball operation is still mainly based around foreigners living in the states.
The USA Hockey operation has yet to take the progressive steps as seen in Canada and Floorball in USA schools is still utterly rare. Governmental support is to date unheard of and... What the Dallas Stars now do as well as what the Gretzky Hockey School has in their pipeline might change this in the right direction. But this will take some time as it looks right now.
For now Team USA must rely on a bulk of "European players" - still they are "US passport citizens" - that do know how to play top notch Floorball - to create the very best US team.

We here at Floorballcentral do not think this will hamper the attempts to build good Floorball in the USA - as it will all work as a promotional thing. And USA Floorball needs all the promotions it can get right now.
But heck, yes with some better governmental support, better support from closely related sports like hockey (as we see in Canada) from field Hockey, from the US Olympic organisation, from the Department of Education or why not from Special Olympics or Pickleball...etcetera. The United States will be able to build their own team with players mainly based in the United States too.. But we also think the Europeans must help the USA out too - when did we last time see a top notch Euro team go to the USA to play a demonstration game? This never happened dear Dr. Kluger!

And yes all those things will be good for Floorball here - but we are not there yet - and - only god knows why!

Go Team USA GO!

Good story from Canada

We quote..

"Canada will play a two-game qualification series against the U.S., Feb. 6-7 in Markham, to determine which country represents North America at the 2015 world women's championships next December in Finland."

Full story here via the Intelligencer in Canada

Floorball on the Big Stage World Games

picture linked via the IFF
John Says:
"- - This is a great opportunity for the floorball family to really show the other sports and the Olympic movement, what we can bring the Wroclaw World Games and also hopefully the Olympic Games in the future. The importance of the World Games increases a lot if the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee Olympic Agenda are approved, since the IOC is proposing to increase the cooperation between the IOC and the World Games. In addition the World Games will act as the test site for the sports wanting to be included in the Olympic Games, says IFF secretary general John Liljelund."

In other words... The preparations for the floorball tournament in the World Games in Poland has started...and Floorball will participate in the World Games for the first time as an official program sport with six Men’s teams.
... they aim to make the World Games tourney the best ever for Floorball
... and if you want to read the full coverage about this... go here..

Let us here just now hope that some school people in US get the hang of this...too

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A New Line with famous players do Floorball for Hockey

On the center position we have Gretzky Hockeyschool, on left wing Xhockeyproducts with Bryce Salvador, on the right wing Exel, Left defence player is Pavel Barber and the Right defence - Greg Beaudin. Zen is the goalie...

Who can beat this? - Sorry just kiddin' a bit... But the line-up is indeed cool ;-).

Check this out - it should make some new editorial stuff and interest come forward - we think.

Now, You draw your own conclusions on how Floorball might develop Hockey in North America - or Hockey Develop Floorball - ?

This game has not started yet - but it will be amazing to see as this will develop beyond our own dreams, right?


Today we do not quote - we steal the full monty... in a super quote..
"For Immediate Release- We are thrilled to announce a quantum leap in Floorball Hockey Development for North America. We have built a smart, modern and complete ecosystem that will launch the Sport of Floorball across the school, hockey and community center sectors.
Floorball Academy Plus Inc,  (Floorball+, International Floorball Academy) is an education, training, development and supply portal for the Floorball Community.  With a full menu of starter to premium equipment, online training and membership development tools, we help players, teachers, coaches and organizations to deliver quality Floorball Hockey experiences.
We are proud to call these outstanding organizations our partners:
“In our first conversation with Greg, we immediately saw the genuine passion for growing FloorBall across North America.  We also recognized how Floorball could become another key part in the development of a player’s hockey skills. The professionalism and expertise that Greg’s FloorBall+ team exhibited made it an easy decision for us to become involved as both partners and ambassadors in an effort to grow the sport of FloorBall.”
Bryce Salvador and Peter Ing – Current and Former NHL Players | – Built For Players By Players.
I remember when I first saw floorball being played…it was a YouTube video and I was drooling as I watched the amount of cool things you could do with that stick. I immediately bought one online and started making it a part of my stickhandling routine. I just thought it would be fun, but had no idea how much it would help my overall stickhandling performance. The ball and stick are so light that every single touch on the stick has to be precise. You have to be so mindful. The speed at which the ball moves when stickhandling challenges your reflex speed immensely, and it has really opened up my creative mind which I have now transferred to my ice hockey game. I stickhandle for at least an hour every day in my room or at the rink when I have time. Definitely obsessed. It has given me a renewed love for the sport of hockey. In a world where the the effectiveness of creativity in hockey is just beginning to be realized, I am so excited to see what people come up with when they decide to make floorball a part of their off ice training program.
Pavel Barber
“We are pleased to partner with Greg and his team of Floorball experts to help our players improve their hockey skills with Floorball as a key ingredient of our off-ice training program.  Their skill development, experience and professionalism have been a great addition, complementing our on-ice programs.”
Eric Kleineck & Ty Gretzky- Gretzky Hockey School
“Greg and his team approached us with a unique and compelling opportunity to help re-invent floor hockey in North America, to re-invigorate physical activity and team sports for youth in schools, to create a sustainable business model that is innovative and green, a future sport accessible for everyone.  These are the types of people and products that we want to work with and support at Zen Launchpad, and we have witnessed the unbridled passion from Greg and Pavel when delivering and teaching the message of Floorball and Hockey across a wide demographic base.  We are excited to be a part of the Floorball+ team.”
Cyri Jones – Co-Founder Zen Launchpad
“EXEL has been in the Floorball business since 1992. Starting from that time EXEL has pursued for ground breaking innovations such as Oval shaft amongst many others and top of the line collections to support the Floorball world. For long time this world has been developing heavily on Scandinavian markets and few other European countries and what a development it has been. The markets where Floorball is played a lot it really is one of the most common sport and has taken its place amongst football, ice hockey, and many other.
 It is my great pleasure to introduce North American market to be part of this development and I’m proud to announce Floorball+ and  xHockeyProducts to the EXEL family. Based on the status of the company in the field of Ice Hockey and the people behind the company I’m certain that EXEL will succeed to introduce and develop Floorball there. Based on this partnership EXEL will take the place for the future in the ever growing Floorball community in North America.
On top of this I could not dream of better platform to raise the awareness of this sport than hand in hand with ice hockey. When I heard the possibility to be part of Gretzky Hockey School with xHockeyProducts and EXEL I did not think twice. When young developing hockey stars are not on ice what would be the better way to continue developing eye hand coordination, handling, passing, positioning and most of all fun time than Floorball.”
Jaakko Aro- CEO EXEL Sports 
E-Sports Group Oy
Our world class management team will provide all the essential building blocks to activate a comprehensive set of Floorball programs that can be customized to meet each client’s unique needs.
Please join us in celebrating our grand opening
Friday November 28th, 5pm – 9++
280 East 1st street, North Vancouver.
Also visit us online at (Canada) and (USA)"

Source (if you need to know more)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Czech hat-trick

we said vlog right?

Promotion of Floorball in micro-cosmos

You have all heard about the massive promotions of American sports teams in like both NFL and NHL do - traveling to Europe for regular exhibition games.

Floorball will do the same but at another scale.. The first regular game in the highest Swedish male Floorball league will this spring be played on foreign soil.

The last game for the season 2014/2015 between Helsingborg and Warberg will be moved to Denmark.

TV needs the regular home rink for some sort of a Eurovision song-contest stunt so Helsingborg moved the game to Denmark... Well Denmark is not far away - it is just over a little strait a mile away or soo.

But sure this will still be cool stuff in Helsingoer Denmark. ;-D

Goalie trouble in Sweden?

According to Innebandymagazinet Sweden. In the last SSL game between AIK and Vaxjo the Swedish national keeper kicked players. One player became knee injured. This has led to an official complaint in written form to the Swedish federation. And according to the source Innebandymagazinet - this could possibly and technically prevent the Swedish national keeper from participating on the Swedish national team during parts of (or) the World Floorball Championships.

Nope we will not translate this - but you can use online translations for these articles here:

Our take on this is that we do not know anything more and we have not seen any video of this so we can not say anything in particular about this.

But in general terms the rules changed to allow foot pass this season - meaning you can kick the ball to another player. But if kicking players instead of the ball is true? Well then that foot pass rule might need to be clarified a bit for some players ;-D

Monday, November 24, 2014

New score record in Sweden

This week they managed to set a new scoring record in one of the lower competitive leagues in Sweden at level 6.
Two local teams in the Gothenburg area met. One team unfortunately only came to the game with 5 players and a goalie and no subs... They kept up early in the game as the first goal where shared to a one on one score.
Then they probably become tired - since the other team won with 53-1... That is close to one bout every minute for 60 minutes.

Our source innebandymagazinet also report that the refs had to take time out as the big time losing team at one point had their goalie toss out the ball very hard - into the back head of his own defender with the result that the ball bounced off his head straight into goal - behind the goalie. The refs laughed so hard so they had take a time out - having a hard time reffing the game - according to the source.

So if U lose in Floorball - but with less than 53-1 in a 60 minute game - well u r good!

The shift from a blog to a vlog

Is very hard to stop - so why even try?

More Promotion flicks

We like this - more and more promos. This is the way to go.... Can't wait til both Floorball and the Olympics run their own "TV-channels" ;-).

This is a decent compilation - even if it is not the best yet for the WFC2014. We think the promotional song by Kedhammar and Unihoc get our vote for that - but here is the latest clip we just picked up.

Olympic Change

Today the IFF run a piece on Olympic change and development. The new IOC President Thomas Bach has put forward an initiative that sparks of development in several key areas of the Olympics. This looks like highly interesting change and development.

To get the larger picture the following documents/posts are interesting
IFF relates and communicates as in regards to the Olympic 2020 recommendations
The 2020 Olympic agenda

We just want to pick three things (out of 40) that stand out to us:
- They want to create an Olympic "channel" - with the idea to keep the Olympic movement alive 365 days a year.
- It is suggested that the relation between the world games, "Cooperate closely with other sport event organisers (Recommendation 6) like the World Games, concerning the sports programme composition and their respective evaluations." quote via the IFF. And just as a reminder Floorball is at this point today an official sport in the World Games.
- The IOC and its delegates will meet and discuss this change proposal December 8-9th - yes December 13-14 are the last days for the 10th World Floorball Championships in Gothenburg Sweden. We know that a couple of IOC representatives are invited to the WFC. So timing is maybe beyond decent?  ;-D
As we suspect the people related to the IOC might be visiting the final days of the games?

Go Floorball go!

Yes there is much more good stuff in the 2020 agenda - so read the recommendations from the IOC in depth please.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Only three guys has played 1000 games for the Canucks

Today Daniel Sedin joins his brother Henrik Sedin as player number 3 with 1000 games for the Vancouver Canucks...

Congrats Daniel!

So who was first to play 1000 games for this team?

Pavel shows Hockey in Hockeyland what hockey is (floorball is hockey)

We have an idol - a true idol.
His name in Pavel Barber - he has one of the best hockey dangles Youtube channels out there.

Psst justa secret - he knows Floorball too..

Darn we were wrong - he has the very best Youtube hockey channels out there...

Floorball is hockey. Floorball is soft mittens. Soft mittens is fun... & darn effective
In case you did not know this ask any European or why not Pavel Barber!!!

How to do things - via Unihoc & Johan Samuelsson

How to do things - with Closed Captions - Subtitles Hooray!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

OK - let's do this now as Canada is here today

We took the latest flick from Youtube on Unihoc's channel.
We loaded it up on the phone.

We started the big screen - turned on the surround sound. We started the clip and had it chromecasted from the phone to the big screen..

Wow - what you see here - the embed version - is just a little poff in space..

We thought it would be appropriate for our Canadian friends since traffic from north of the border is good today!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Time to dress up

Via Salming

By the way if you have not visited - it is a good time to do that today for some innovative webpage and Floorball design..

Not bad at all - or better said - a true quality experience... Way to go!

Hockey is way ahead of Floorball as it comes to net developments

via (u can order them there too)

Or what do you think?

How Colombia fast advanced ahead of the United States

The IFF just released an utterly good article covering Floorball developments for Colombia schools.

This is not just about forming a little local Floorball Club, this is about the education of PE teacher students - a.k.a. the right way to do things. And this teaching took place as a seminar/exhibition activity for PE students in Colombia.
But yes - of course they formed a Floorball club too.

We quote

" Floorball was the biggest single sport during this event. The event was scheduled for four days between 8-13:00. A total of 105 participants showed their interest for the seminar. Altogether about 80 participated and we gave diplomas to 60 participants who had participated for at least three days, Per Emion informs.
The participants were mainly students who studied to become Physical Education teachers at the ”Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia” en Bucaramanga. UCC is the biggest private university in Colombia and it is located in 18 different cities in the whole of Colombia. Five participants were teachers of Physical Education from different schools and 30 participants, were Physical Education students from “Universidad de La Guajira” in Riohacha about 600 km away at the northern coast of Colombia."

Yupp Tv, Radio and other media was covering this too

This is exactly the kind of posts we love seeing...  and if you want to read the full story..
By the way you should - cause this is real big floorball news in South America

And why not support Floorball in Colombia too with some likes at facebook?

With now some 60 diplomates in Floorball as PE teaching students in Colombia - well the US seems to be trailing galore ;-D

Yup, they also say that Ecuador is interested in the idea to do something similar.

Way to go IFF and Lillaan and Colombia!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Two Weeks

For some time we have been running things like this on twitter..

You might ask.. Well the Local Organizing Committee for the WFC2014 is not doing it  - and to be fully frank with U they are not even on twitter.
What we think about that - well U can guess...

But let us hope that the general assembly that the IFF arrange as the WFC is played on the subject of marketing.... lets hope they will discuss matters like this..

OK there is another reason too - these posts counting down to the WFC drives our twitter statistics like crazy - no other post on twitter are as popular like these.. So they are not only good for the WFC - they are also good for this blog as well as for Floorball.... we hope.
If they were not we would have stopped a long time ago..

But U guys and gals - it is not Floorballcentral that should be doing this. It is not a crazy wild blog on the Floorball frontier (in nobody land) that should do this - this should be done by the core people..
Oh well,, we will continue doing this since we feel we plug a hole in some sort of communication stream that does not exist.

No no no we do not say that the LOC is messed up - they have for floorballs sake been able to sell plus 90.000 tickets to the World Floorball Championships and it seems like TV in 7 countries will televize Floorball. So that is good - but we want more - we want social media... We want to drive the future.

Can someone tell us why the LOC for the WFC2014 is not to be found on twitter - according to us - what is the reason?

Now use your brain and tell us what do you think yourself -?

Where darth wader came from - we do not know - but he for sure looks cool for the 2 weeks cause.


Mr. Bonelli in New York just came up with this on the subject of #floorball4hockey...

Floorball4Hockey puck cotrol with cones from Michael Bonelli on Vimeo.

He also say that there is more comin' in the pipeline... hold on.. hold on..

Dallas Stars takes Floorball to School - like in this moment

This is how it looks like as the Dallas Stars NHL team - right now - in this moment - takes Floorball to schools in Texas.
Nope this is not one school.
This is one of 316 schools and a little part of 185.000 lucky kids in Texas.

So - what NHL ream will be next?
There are some 54.8 million kids in the US that do not know Floorball in school yet!

The frontier looks bright.

Tweet via Kim Altonen. THANK U SIR!

Ooops from the humor dept.?

#thisismymove @patrickrisandersson @innebandymagazinet

A video posted by IK Sirius IBK (@iksiriusibk) on

Floorball in Wausau Wisconsin

We just picked this up

This is from Wisconsin The Northcentral Technical college - not bad huh ;-D

Update!! we have not been able to confirm if this is Floor Hockey or Floorball yet...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Floorball is very very very Social

This is a Beta report. This work is done by @Floorball_news on twitter in its first beta edition 1.0. One of the most important promoters of Floorball ever.

All credits goes to @Floorball_news. This is beyond good! Source

This is not to play with numbers - this is a serious data analysis on how Floorball looks like on Social Media and we find several interesting things..

Facebook dominates this - an odd fact since as a marketing tool - Facebook charge money to do marketing and about 6-12% of all postings is said to reach all intended followers/likers. So the strategy here ought to be explained a bit we think?

The Czech dominates this too - but, do u see how stuck they are on facebook? Also remember hardly anyone from the Czech Republic tweet on any language beside of slavic.

Klubbhuset and Innebandymagazinet seems to have the healthiest mixes of social presence - but none of these guys tweet hardly ever acts social beyond Swedish.

If we exclude facebook (as we think promoters should do) two interesting things jumps up... Floorball Shop Spain is dominant on Instagram (click the icon and u will see) and we also think it is clever to focus on one channel for social media.
The same goes for us here as we do fairly good on twitter compared to the posse. So in this perspective a merger between us and Floorball Shop Spain would be an awesome deal ;-D

If you look at clubs several of them do better than our own favorite club Storvreta - but Storvreta is doubtless the club that best use an international language and this list does not show us this... ie the language used.
Floorballcentral could easily start to tweet in Esperanto tomorrow - but to what point?

Among the brands for sticks and more equipment - several actors should feel ashamed over their own weak performance. Clubs in general should be able to do better as well - we think.
As it comes to the Finnish federation we do not know how they think - to us here finland is well ahead of Sweden on Social media as we speak English - normally - but not the official federation?

On this site we here ends up as the world's 5 largest Floorball portal is - well insane. Or just a proof how utterly weak the competition is.

For heavens sake U guys and gals we do not even run any targeted ads on this site ;-D, Beside of a single one we r only exploring right now - LOL

This work by @Floorball_news is something of the best we have seen in the social world of #floorball. Congratz - our hero!

More Floorball on Jamaica TV

Yeah TV in the Americas are good stuff..

Fat Pipe enters USA - big time..

Floorballplanet has always been fiddeling around with Fat Pipe a little bit or more over the years.
Now they have suddenly gone full speed big coverage.

Mr. Kotti from Floorballplanet say the they wanted to cover the full flex range since Fat Pipe use other Flex numbers (ODD) that fits right inbetween what Salming offers (EVEN).

This means that we now have an Angry Bird Floorball stick available here in the USA too. Not bad huh?

But they have some other new sticks too..

What about this - the Jab blade?

or what about.. the beat?

Full collection here... I am thinking about the mighty eagle myself...

China gear up Marketing

You do not need to know Chinese to grasp this...

Today's snapshot via Gfloorball

Psst, this is the assistant coach for NYR..

Here, below, is a story we wrote a few months ago as we saw that the two world's best ranked countries in Hockey are Sweden and Finland by the IIHF... and there is hardly any coaches in the NHL from these countries... Ulfie above is one of the few - and yes - as we see he holds a Floorball ball in his hand - dude.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

... painful sponsor in-waste-ments

This is International.
This is probably the world's best player.
This is Sweden - but also Switzerland.
This is AIK and also Grasshoppers.
This is Floorball with Olympic aspirations
This is just before the largest Floorball event ever - the World Floorball Championships.
This is sponsor investments - nope it is in-waste-ments.
This is the best TV Productions ever for Floorball.
This time it's Salming that mess things up - but almost all Floorball brands make the same serious mistake.

- NOT-



What can we do call 911? This is painful!

Still here it its pure sandbox version.. and yes it is beautiful, outstanding and the best Floorball promotion ever made (as always).

It is app time - dear Floorball Friends

We just had @IBKswissenergy reporting via Twitter that IFF has updated the Phone app for the World Floorball Championships 2014

What to do?
Well now you can guess away on most results and show the world how good you are at predicting results and scores.
Our own plan is to not win shoes as some people do... (we have been very close) but our plan is to beat @TeroTT on twitter - and he is good.

Try it you too it is fun and - well you learn alot about Floorball too.

Download the app via Google play
or I-tunes now version 2.7 is ready now..

GOLDEN - Win a pair of Asics!

This is what +IFF Floorball wrote today...

"Guess the MVP floorballer at the World Floorball Championships 2014 and you have a chance to win Asics shoes!

The MVP of the Men´s World Floorball Championships 2014 will be awarded with the Asics Golden Floorball Shoe MVP Trophy."

So U go here... U just guess and fill in the rest

Linked in via the IFF
Yes we did it and we guessed
Alexander Galante Carlström 
he he - 

We will post the shoes here as they arrive ;-D

Nashville trends globally on twitter

Nashville won 9-2 over a Canadian team just recently. And the score trends globally on twitter.. Our fav player Filip Forsberg advances to 6th place in scoring at NHL... but he is also 20+ in his plus minus statistics at NHL - that is 5 scores ahead the second guy... ok let us count 1 2 3 4 5 after like 16-18 games...
Yes we wrote about Filip before here...
plus 20 is not bad - it's like best in the world... and Straalman is still 3rd... in the +/- league..

We we post about this now - well Floorball will trend globally too one day...

Great Sport Politics - today

This was just tweeted by +Sportaccord and it shows how Floorball - in this case Mr. Eriksson - signs the conventions with FISU.

FISU, is French but it means the Federation for International University Sports...

Beside the corporate lingo - it just means that Floorball moves forward i the Sport Political landscape - well as fast as a game of Floorball.

Nuff said!

The guy with the tennis shoes - with non-marking the right picture... is not a Floorball guy - he represents Handball - and we are thankful for that...

Monday, November 17, 2014

The World Games now with Floorball


Ok the World games is a global multi-sport event - that kinda acts like a sorta feeder circuit to the big world Multi-Games -- a.k.a. the Olympics.

The next World Games will take place in Poland 2017 - and their website has just been released - with Floorball included.

We quote the IFF:

"Over 30 sports, over 4000 athletes from over 100 countries will participate in the World Games in Wroclaw, floorball being one of the sports on the program.

Floorball will be one of the ball sports in the WG 2017. The other ball sports are canoe polo, fistball, beach handball, korfball, lacrosse and squash."

In other words it is like the SEA Games in South East Asia -no not with that strong geographic focus - as they have in the SEA games - but oh heck yes Floorball is part of the SEA Games too...

Bingham Al - via Wikimedia Commons and linked in
Whats more - as we see this from American eyes - Birmingham Alabama wants to host the World Games in 2021 - if so Americans for sure will be able to see real Floorball up close at least in 2021.

China is making progress with Universities

17 Chinese Universities are up for... we quote..

"Shanghai University Floorball Federation Tournament is held in Shanghai International Studies University. We Have teams from 17 universities! THE GAME IS ON!"

link? be our guests

In Sweden they speak Swedish

But they also make full feature National Tv shows about Floorball ;-D

Via TV4

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Denver Post on Peter Forsberg

The Denver Post writes a nice story on Peter Forsberg.
Nope the text does not mention Floorball..
But the picture at the end of the article shows Forsberg playing Floorball.. with a caption Floor ball..

And yes he plays with a Floorball Exel stick (the brand he has owner interests in...)
Here buddy

Scroll down to the botyom to see Sweden's maybe best player hockey ever with his Floorball stick ready to go.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The local report

This week we played our regular kids and adult Session Sunday in Tomah WI.
Thursday we played with 18 elementary kids from the Ho-Chunk Nation and Friday the Swim team at Ft. McCoy had Floorball as dry land training..

Tomorrow we have a new regular session...

Since we have noticed that Sherwood now have their Floorball sticks available through Dick's online here in the USA - we went to the new big Dick's store they just opened on the border to Minnesota (in Lacrosse).
Nope no Floorball sticks on the shelves in the store yet (we did not expect that)..
But it is cool to see how the advertising algorithm here pump in ads on our own blog for Floorball sticks from Sherwood via Dick's in the USA.

Like magic we think ;-D

Salming will now become a Statue in Toronto

Screendump via
It is not because his work and efforts with Floorball - this time. But for Ice Hockey. ;-D

It would not surprise us here if the next statue on Salming - will be a Floorball statue...
But then on the other hand only old sports - produce statues ;-D

Friday, November 14, 2014

Just an everyday SSL game

Xhockeyproducts go Floorball

We already told ya...

But what we want to do today is to show their impressive line up connected to Floorball at - or should we say xfloorball?

 - we will be back with more in this matter...
this line up is to be found at

Tomorrow it's time for the Golden Gate Cup 2014

They have been able to get 8 teams together out in San Fran and that is the best - for some time we think - in other words a big congrats for this the 5th edition.

We also understand that some (2) players related to SSL is out there - unfortunately we can not embed the posts up on facebook about this event - probably due to some settings in facebook - (we do not know)  but the site is flagged as public so please be our guests..

Go Colorado go ;-D

Can Salming fix closed captioning on this one?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The World Games 2021 to Birmingham AL?

Well three cities has applied...
And, yes Floorball is on the program now for the World Games - so let's hope that we get the World Games to Birmingham.
It would be so cool to see top notch Floorball being played in Alabama.

And this is the question mark of today...?


"The federal government has invested over $10 million developing and promoting a video game about a young teen that must escape a town full of fat people, as a method to fight obesity."

If the federal government instead would have done what the Dallas Stars do.. to fight obesity in schools - with Fitness Stars
 - with some negotiations - well close to a million Floorball sticks could probably have been give for free to American kids instead.. and we promise that the kids physical activity would have exploded... Computer games BAH!

This is probably the most stupid article we ever saw... - no the reporting is great - but the decision and the act by the government - is a full blown joke.

Thanks Mr. Bonelli for the notification about this madness

Zorro report from Switzerland

5 Zorro points... in one game..
We wonder what Mikael Granlund with the Minnesota Wild thinks about that?

Oh yeah he played Floorball too so he knows what we talk about...

Prediction - here is a clip that will become one of the most watched ever


The current top floorball clip on YouTube has + 1.2 Million hitz...
This one is new as of today...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This player in the NHL has the best + / - statistic right now like today

Today this is Filip Forsberg.

It looks like this when Filip plays Floorball

Third on that list from NHL we find Anton Strålman from Tibro Sweden + he knows indeed what Floorball is too -

Yupp Tibro is a place we know very well at Floorballcentral by the way ;-D

Gretzky paves forward Floorball to hockey talent - trust us

Gretzky Hockey School now has Floorball+ and Xhockeyproducts as their Corporate partners.
This means a few things like:
- Top talent young Hockey players will have Floorball access at the worlds premier Hockey school next summer - here in America - in Idaho, same place as last summer, but also in LA and STL in USA - as well as in Edmonton (yup) and Toronto for 2015.

But we have more news for YA.
Xhockeyproducts also means Pavel Barber - and if you read this blog you know him already... But with Xhockeyproducts in - and as they will be selling Floorball equipment too sourced via Floorball+ - we for the first time see a current NHL player directly engaged in Floorball in America as Bryce Salvador - the current Captain in the NJ Devils also own Xhockeyproducts together with the former NHL player Peter Ing.

This is a bit remarkable since we thought some European NHL player, raised with Floorball should have seen this coming first? But, Oh baby well - this is probably even better.. Ok Ok, there is a European connection too,,, As Floorball+ will carry the Exel brand - and - if you read this blog you also should know that the former Colorado Avalance player Peter Forsberg owns a position in the Exel Floorball brand (or its sales channel) too.

Then we ask ourselves. What can the little local hockey club out on the empty Floorball frontier do now? They must see what Dallas Stars - but also NOW the Gretzky Hockey School and Xhockeyproducts have up their sleeves too... but to put the burden of innovative forces onto the little Club - might be a rough challenge - so our eyes yet again turn to USA Hockey... Interesting huh? Very interesting from our perspective.

What is next? We will try to look into the offer from both Xhockeyproducts and Floorball+ and hope to be back with deeper material upon - Xhockeyproducts, Floorball+, and Exel.
But Floorball grassrot development at the broader scale - ought to be developed too beyond the initiatives we now face - so let's see.

This story is not about a little funky development for hockey - this story is about a fun-damental change on how Americans will do sports
- trust us.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The #WFC2014 hashtag is a mess

Someone else took part ownership of the #WFC2014 hashtag.
Someone else is something like a conference on Fantasy Fiction Writers and has not very much to do with Floorball.


If you run Scandinavia's largest sporting event you must be certain you own - not only the hashtag but also the twitter handle @wfc2014...
Of course you can not own a hashtag - in other ways than through true dominance..
Right now if you search for #WFC2014 a big load of these tweets has nothing to do with Floorball. And if you look at the twitter stream on the main home page for WFC2014 - well you can learn a good deal about Fantasy Fiction writers too...
And if you could not buy the twitterhandle @WFC2014 - you probably should have found another handle and start with?

OK, what to do - we would say there are good 2 things to do - either the local organizer and the Floorball community must decide to own the #WFC2014 hashtag - so a Twitter and facebook storm would be a good solution. Or toss out that tag and use #floorball2014 instead.. This is indeed a better hashtag since it convey some real cognitive content - something no acronym can do for the non-invited.
Floorballcentral despise acronyms by the way as a bureaucratic waste product.

Huh, is this our problem? Yes since this affect the social media presentation of the games and the sport. And we care about such things. We can only imagine how the folks behind this matter reason? he he.

A third way to deal with this could be just to admit that the creator of this problem maybe should develop some other and better skills and next time get a social media expert involved?
Then maybe just pretend that nothing is wrong. Added to this is that a bunch of Fantasy Fiction writers now maybe will start to write about Floorball too?
Maybe this was the way how the writers behind the US TV-show #psych wrote about Floorball a year ago... They found it through their own hashtag?
So maybe this is a genius move after all?  Even if for now (23 days & counting) seems like a big mess.

For now - hey you Fantasy Fiction writer - please write a bit about Floorball too will you?

Team USA vs. Lerum

I love it!!!!

Jamaica - make moves other American countries may dream about

Via the IFF we learn..

"Monday October 6th was the start of the Jamaica Floorball Association’s Floorball School tour. The first stop was Alpha Primary, where the children were treated with a little taste of what is to come."

Well this is big big stuff going on over there - read the full story with one love at the IFF:

We want to add some peculiar facts... to this story from the nhl

From the NHL network


The greatest Hockey factory in the world...?

We have some additional information..
OK the Sedin twins original club is today divided in two activities Hockey and Floorball - if we are not wrong.
Peter Forsberg played a lots of Floorball growing up and he has praised Floorball for parts of his development.
The town of Örnsköldsvik has a Floorball team that created the fastest Swedish hat trick ever in Floorball. A hockey strength coach for the Modo Hockey team - was previously a floorball coach and so on...and on..

Then there is many others in NHL that is not from Modo but Sweden - that do good in the NHL too... and yes all Swedes do play Floorball in school... but not all Swedes drink the water they have in Örnsköldsvik...

We here think the introduction of massive Floorball in the Swedish society directly influence the ability to produce quality hockey talent. If you do not belive this - we think you are wrong.
And there is nothing more to it.

Baseball? Bah ;-p

Monday, November 10, 2014

Steve Wozniak and Kubb

Mr. Wozniak (a guy that founded apple with a Mr. Jobs) just said that the Apple Iphone 6 came 3 years too late.

So how the heck does this relate to Floorball?
Well the IFF arranges a conference during the WFC 2014 in Gothenburg where they will discuss marketing of the sport... From our point of view - the WFC 2014 is the largest event ever - and as being back in Sweden for this - this the 10th event - well, that marketing conference should have taken place like 3 years ago - too.

So how can the IFF and other federations become turbo charged from here on?

Philly Floorball just asked on twitter tonight when Floorball will become a relevant sport in the USA? That is a serious good question...

Maybe our friends up in Eau Claire that took the Scandinavian game of Kubb to the USA is much better at marketing new sports in the US than all others here involved with Floorball?

This was aired tonight at PBS - that is Public Broadcast TV - and it is kinda big.. It aired tonight and looked like this...


Erppa - is at it again - now in snow

Try this yourself..

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Practice with church bells?

A year ago or so we run into a system for hockey. A practice system that enhanced the posts in the nets with sounding bars.
I worked like as when a puck hit the bars on the net a big chime or bell sound came out from the post - all to increase the fun during hockey practice.

We first thought - what a silly idea.

Then we asked this question. What is the purpose of a bar in a hockey net?
And as we try to answer this question - we realize that you could probably add more purpose to a hockey net?

Hmm, nets that made much more sounds during a game might improve the fun of the sport and how could nets be enhanced even more. Well, sounding bars might after all not at all - be a bad idea,,,
And yes this goes for Floorball too - and it is just about the addition of acoustic design to the game...
Who works with this area?

Floorball the Sport of Love

This is 100% perfect - This is passion!

This is what Jamaica wrote us...

"Check out the floorball song that we have created and we invite you to create your own video for the song.

Spread the love"

Saturday, November 8, 2014

We care about "Greatzky" Hockey School - they care about "Great" skills for kids!

Gretzky Hockey School Opens registrations Monday Nov. 10th 2014.

On their facebook page - it looks like this!

This is the best Hockey school in North America. This school brings NHL talent to the school and is the the "Greaztkiest" of all time. If you are serious about Hockey. If you want a memory for life. If you never heard about Floorball...
This is for You.

Locations available this summer are:
LA, Idaho, Edmonton, St. Louis and Toronto...
If I was serious about my hockey (seriously not so much, lol), If I wanted a memory for life (I do), if I never heard about Floorball (I already did)..
Yes if we are not wrong they will bring Floorball to 5 locations across america this summer - not bad.

Well you got the idea - kids should sign up a.s.a.p. since you might not get a spot otherwise..

Only via floorballcentral - since we do care about kids too

Patric Hörnquist is the most scoring Swede in NHL right now

No wonder as he plays on the same line as Sidney Crosby.. in Pittsburgh.

This is a clip from Hörnquist's Swedish Hockey Club.

It is Djurgården's top team... and they do...this.

The Sport of Love via Jamaica

We love this

The Original Storm Hat Trick!

One Guy - one Game - the Original Storm Hat Trick has just been invented
by Juha Lehtonen from Finland - 7 scores in one game all from his stick..

Friday, November 7, 2014

Australia sent a WFC greeting

Just a note...

We just noticed that Filip Forsberg from Nashville Predators - right now has as many points as Ovechkin.. Since we think Filip will get some more points in NHL this season..
so - it is probably time to show this again.. ;-D

Prague Masters 2014

Or the only big time Floorball International Championships for old farts (hepp) - is right now at full swing..

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ravelli Soccer World Cup USA 1994

Yupp, looked like this

Is he into Floorball too?
Here one of the latest articles via innebandymagazinet in Sweden - you have to translate it yourself - dude
He scored two goals..

US National Player in the News..

"In December the Men’s World Floorball Championshipswill be played in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a local man will be there.
Team USA qualified last February, and now the players set to represent the U.S. in Gothenburg have been selected, including Dan Torretta of Lopatcong Township, according to The United States Floorball Association."

The day when U also should go to the casino

No more comments

USA - Canada Games in Feb 2015

Via IFF..
Female National Qualifications for the WFC

"The IFF, in co-operation with our local organisers, are pleased to announce that the schedules for the Asia-Oceania & Americas WFC 2015 Qualifcation events, to be held in January & February 2015, are now available."

A US stick on a world and national team shirt...

Fully awesome from the American point of view..

Floorball update from Jamaica

Picture linked in via Martina Hillbrand

"Finally, I can say something about the floorball project I came here to work for. I gave it a month so I wouldn't have to report anything negative but it is still difficult. It's more than a month since I arrived and I certainly had a good time getting to know my new home and its surroundings. 

I also had 3 trainings with my club so far. I love my club! It is organized by a community center in a little village outside Spanish Town. The community is small and strong. There are always people by the community center and they play a lot of sports. The community center is really important, I think, to give young people something other to do than roaming the streets and getting involved with gangs and drugs. So my trainings were always fun. 
The kids are really enthusiastic but it was still possible to control them and making them do the exercises I prepared and they did really well! They learn very fast and you can just tell that they all play a lot of sports because it all comes really natural to them. I know if they continue they can make the Jamaican national team soon."

......Full story came up here - not the ordinary source for Floorball news - but it worked.. continue reading at

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jokerit - and their youngest

#passion & #pixiedust
How can Finland be so utterly good at Hockey?

Jokerit is Finlands most interesting Hockey Club.

But that is another story...
This story is about what you see in this clip. Look at the placement on the field, look how the main player in this clip reads the game, look about the passion and u will through pixiedust see why Finland is ranked utterly high as a Hockey nation too.
Let us present Floorball juniors.. from Jokerit.. Watch full clip the end is cool!

Luukas SB from Jussi Mäntynen on Vimeo.

Zuccarello again?

Last year he played with a Salming Hockey stick...

Zuccarello did you not write bout him before?

Salming is that not a Floorball brand too?

Canadian Updates right now

Let's first update with this from Cambridge Canada...

Then we read that Manitoba has a new Floorball board system... and that Sherwood - is one of the first schools with Floorball markings on the gym floor..

And from the west coast, Pav Barber just had this one retweeted..

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Memories brings on a question about golf

In an old post on this blog (one of the first) we took the awesome stick development that Floorball brought forward - and asked - why the heck not Floorball producers took one cool technology from its sport and applied it to hockey sticks too?

It took a year or so and Salming presented two utterly advanced hockey sticks - this was one of them....

This stick design is based upon the also twisted X3M Floorball stick (same company) and the idea is that the twist on both sticks (the Floorball and the hockey version) makes the stick stiffer and provides the shooter with a better kick and a harder shot..

Ok, we do not know if these sold good or not - but we do like the idea to transfer technologies..

Then if we now think about S shaped, Floorball sticks, curved sticks, bamboo designs, or different indents or other shaft technologies used... and also remember a few other facts..
- The first plastic sticks from Cosom...
- The first ball from Cosom...
- So many hockey players..
all these things are - very much inspired by golf...

So when will we see golf clubs with bow shafts? Bamboo? Or different indent technologies - why not a twisted shaft?
U tell me ;-P if they need some future too? Or why not field hockey sticks, or lacrosse, and badminton too?

Not Your Average Hockey Game

At first glance, it would appear as though the sport floorball is merely an alternative to Canada’s beloved game - hockey. But one step on the court and you quickly realize that this is not the case. Originally from Europe, floorball is now one of Canada’s fastest growing sports with home-grown teams competing at an international level. Its appealing finesse and fast paced nature draws a wide variety of clientele from hockey players in their off seasons to couch potatoes merely looking to get back into the game and everyone in between. While the sport may be relatively new to Canada (only making the trek across the ocean in the early 2000s), new leagues are sprouting up and beginning to thrive.

Tyler Brush, the founder of the Floorball League of Cambridge, fell in love with the sport when he was introduced to it by a gym teacher in his high school years. That love has turned into a passion and the now Team Canada player created the Cambridge League just five years ago. 
Brush recalls with his hockey years behind him that, “I was just finishing up my hockey career and starting to attend university. I was looking for a new inexpensive outlet to fulfill my need to compete, while still staying active. Floorball seemed like the perfect opportunity to do this”. With no floorball league around, Brush simply, “Began inviting friends and family out to play”. While Brush did not originally intend to turn his passion into a league, he soon realized that this sport was contagious. 

Now with registration to the start of the league’s fifth season opening today, Brush admits that, “The highlight of every year is watching all of the players develop a love for the sport as the season progresses. Seeing athletes from other sports make the transition is always fun”. Brush is looking forward to the upcoming season as exciting changes are being made to accommodate the rapidly growing league such as, “becom[ing] a recognized league within Floorball Canada. Because of this we now have an official website with standings, scoring leaders, schedules, etc. as well as online registration”. The league that is situated in Cambridge, Ontario now sees players from major surrounding cities such as Paris, KW, and Ayr.

But what is it exactly about this sport that draws people in? Nick Baetz has been the captain of Team Heritage and has been with the league since its humble beginnings. With one championship under his belt, Baetz is no stranger to competition and has played competitive sports his whole life. But he claims that floorball is different. 
The captain states, “I have been playing [floorball] for four years. I always loved playing ball hockey, but after playing floorball I liked it even more because it is faster, cleaner and has more of an emphasis on skill and passing”. Baetz adds that another positive to the league is the variety of skill levels. He states, “It is fun because it can get competitive, but it is also friendly and people are respectful of others”. 
The league is sprinkled with players who have never seen the sport to Team Canada hopefuls and everywhere in between. Baetz’s championship came earlier on in his career as Team Heritage was the 2012 Mercier Cup Champions. He credits his team as the secret to his success even though his team has changed year after year. Baetz admits that the sport is accommodating to all athletes as, “I have a few core players that I have been with for a few years, and then I ask people I know that enjoy playing sports and who are interested in playing”.

What does the future hold for this thriving small town league? Looking to the hopeful upcoming season, Baetz claims, “I am looking forward to playing again with my team and striving for our second championship”. Brush, who will have recently returned from worlds at the beginning of the new season in January, brings his international perspective to the league stating, “Floorball is a big deal overseas and has a great fan base and players from all ages. 

Each time I travel to Europe my love for the sport is rejuvenated and I am more excited to help the sport grow in North America”. The Floorball League of Cambridge runs on Monday nights from January to April, and also holds weekend tournaments throughout the year and summer kids programs. For more information on the league or to be a part of this contagious game, you can check out their Facebook page at “The Floorball League of Cambridge” or visit their website at

Nov. 3, 2014

Cassandra Brush
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!