Friday, October 31, 2014

Girl Power from Warberg


Not too easy... with streaming video...

The games from Latvia cost money if we want to see them outside of Latvia. The games between GB and France does not seem to be streamed as well as the games in Italy..
The Finnish live games... we do not understand the interface or how to open up the games to see if there is any embed codes..or not hmm
We can only wish that more would follow the Youtube standard... And we will not develop our ideas on Solid tango yet again...

The Czech Republic will save the day... But the counts down clock seems to be wrong

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trick or Treat? Halloween Floorball Special

Scary Huh?

More Live International Floorball on line

This is tricky..
Cause now the streams come from several different places - and not one hub holding it all together.
Yeah, probably rights and contracts involved - but this must be fixed somehow..

This is our source.. so read it if you need to know more..

For tomorrow we seem to be able to embed this... Let's is this works cause now we are of the YouTube standard and for Saturday we do not know,,, (crazy)

Is the NHL on a bold race for Floorball on now?

A year ago the Dallas Stars Started with Floorball demonstration outside their own home games and a little implementation program of Floorball in schools under the Stars fitness idea.
This year they expanded this their own Floorball initiative almost 10 times to a level where 316 schools and 185.000 school students will be subjects to Floorball in school. Dallas Stars often talks about this as an hockey initiative - we know it is #floorball.

We heard also rumors this summer, via social media, that some Floorball sticks ended up at the highest level at the leadership with the Florida Panthers...
Tonight this tweet jumps up via Juha Mikkola...

Right now we do not know much more...
But we suspect that the Panthers in on the doorstep for some Floorball action too.

Then as we listen in to the earth with a big ear on both social media and at other places - we hear other rumblings too. The only thing we can say is that these are very interesting rumbings.
No it is not an earthquake yet... but at some point other media outlets - will notice this bubble too.
Cause this is a very solid bubble.

We seriously think - if you give this some time - the few NHL teams not with a Floorball program in place... well they might be on the list of extinction.

Are we too bold again? Then...
Read this again -  maybe 10/30 in 2024 - OK?

By the way we have never been too bold ;-P

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gretzky Hockey School talks already about the Summer of 2015

This is what they said Yesterday
2015 US Schools include: STL, LA, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Canada, we haven't forgotten about you, we'll be releasing 2 Canadian locations and dates very soon!
And today their facebook post looked like this...

In clear text on todays big USA reporting from Sweden

Today Innebandymagazinet in Sweden writes the following about USA Hockey:
We took the liberty to translate it in it's full glory...

Hockey in The USA Celebrates Floorball

Floorball is the reason to the large number of Swedish Hockey Stars. This is a conclusion by USA Hockey - that now will focus more on Floorball for the youth. 

USA Hockey has recently been thinking how it is possible that Sweden produce so many good Hockey players, when only New York has many hockey players as Sweden.
"- They also looked at the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Norway and some others that also produce good players. The conclusion is that the reason is that these countries do floorball in school, as extracurricular activities and with friends." This state the Swedish Floorball (SIBF) development head Mr. Emil Risberg, how has had close contact with USA Hockey, to

Technical skills and the understanding of the game is enhanced by playing Floorball as a youth and this promotes hockey players is the conclusion.
"- Due to this reason they want to introduce Floorball to Hockey children and youth players. At the same time they share the value proposition that irrespective of the sport you chose you must have fun as you play. If they find hockey players that thinks Floorball is more fun so are they as happy if they continue with that," say Mr. Risberg.

Full credit to Innebandymagazinet and/Henrik Jansson

Original post here (posted today)

If we follow all applicable laws...copyright & stuff we can probably not do this translation... But in the name sake of..  and for Floorball... we think this is still way more important.

Innebandymagazinet has copyright on their material - and normally a translation require a permit - but Sweden sleeps right now and this is so good so it must out fast... If Innebandymagazinet does not like this we will take it down - on the double..


We know we are right - we know we have been right for years!!!

USA Hockey now admits this...

Nota Bene!!!!!!!!!!!

This has not yet been released in the USA in any official ways... But this is a SWEDISH article in a big Floorball publication over there...

AND what the Floorball guys now say is clear as ice...

The only way for You to read this is to follow this link - and then do an online translation..
and read - to us it is seriously clear that USA Hockey now realize that what we have been naggin' about has substance...

OK the source might not be the largest official source within USA Hockey... But this is what they write today at Innebandymagazinet in Sweden about what USA Hockey say about Floorball..

ENJOY!!!!!!!! It only took us some 400.000 hits and a couple of years - congrats kids in the USA... we love it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Яussian Universities are on the ball

The plastic ball.. Ok they did not play in this dome... but hey does not those onion looking roof makes you think about Floorball balls too ;-)
By Petar Milošević [CC-BY-SA-3.0-rs ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons
The IFF just posted a great story on Яussian Universities able to get a cool Floorball "stunt" together... we quote...

"This was the fourth edition of the biggest student sport event after Universiade in Russia. The Festival was organised with the support from the Ministry of Education and Science.

The Festival was organised October 1st - 5th 2014.

Nine Russian Universities took part in the Student Sport Festival. Floorball was on the program this year for the first time."

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Crystal Ball

Linked in from Wikimedia commons

Nope the crystal ball does not look like this. As it comes to sports in the Americas it is made out of plastics, has 26 holes, and weighs in at 23 grams.
Yupp. If we add up how things are developing in both Europe and Asia. In regular Floorball or for Special Athletes..
If we toss in what the Dallas Stars foundation brings on, Gretzky Hockey School's engagement last summer... some other things we see and hear..
If we put it all together - extrapolate a bit..
and make a conclusion..

Well the conclusion we make is - if you read this some.. 10-20 years from now.. U will get amazed how right we were..

So what is today's options for you?
U can drag your feet pretend its raining - it will not change too much.
Or You can take the future in your own hands and make a real difference for kids.

The future crystal ball is made out of plastics - and if it is a sensational success in north and central Europe and at other places - like in Asia - we can assure you - it will happen here too.

The definition on who is the real dork will change - but that has, on the other hand, always been the case in change management...

It is time to donate #floorball to the people!

We know - this post is an opinion not a fact - but we use facts to form our opinion 


USA Hockey praise small area games....

We like that too - due to many reasons...

One reason is this version of 1 on 1 - micro-area #floorball

This is set up between one of the most famous players in SSL Mr. Gillek and the famous reporter Larnö.

And hey here is a clip that is not fully relying on Swedish as the lingo eternita...
Full courtesy to Klubbhuset

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Great Story from Canada on NHL drafted player that knows his Floorball

Interview with Cristiano DiGiacinto, 170th pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft

"Q: How were you introduced to floorball?
A: Hockey Canada Skills Academy. I started really getting into floorball in grade 9 at Sherwood Secondary School. It’s been in Hamilton for a really long time. There’s kids in grades 7 and 8 who were already playing in elementary school tournaments, including myself.

Q: What was your first impression of floorball? Did you enjoy it right off the start? Did you pick it up quickly?
A: I found it easy to pick up. I played ballhockey too so I found it to be very similar. I really liked the experience."

This great story comes from Floorball Canada and you can read it in full on this Floorballer - and also a Tampa drafted player here

Floorball Ringtones? Yup they have that too

At least one stick producer..
Here is Oxdog and U may get ring tones from here

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Classic Marketing... theories

image linked in Via Wikipedia

If U want read up on this subject be our guest:
OK Now let us toss in Floorball into this..
In Sweden Floorball must probably be seen as a Cash Cow. With a very high market share (the nations largest indoor sport) but not very much growth. In countries with explosive growth like South Korea, perhaps...Floorball would be seen as a Star. The market share is not the largest but growth is incredible.
Dogs could be 3 on 3 Floorball in Latvia and activities like walking Floorball, Freebandy or why not Special Olympics Floorball may be seen as Question marks - smaller activities in some markets with possible and very good potential... in several markets

What do we learn from this?
Well, that ongoing change is crucial to maintain or reach a higher potential. We also know that Floorball already today is not just one sport but comes in several different forms - something that promise good for the future - for now - mainly in the long run.

It is obvious too... That if a market turns into a cash cow market with a very high penetration but low growth... You might seriously need to redefine your market.

If we ask this question you probably will understand what we mean:
- How would IKEA look like if they only stayed inside their own Swedish national borders? Maybe like a cash cow still too - but would it be sustainable in the long run?

Most big industries talks about scale of production. We here think that goes for Floorball too. If you have big leagues across the world - interest will rise and the status and the overall production of Floorball will flourish.
That is why we constantly nag about the idea #floorballwithoutborders here.

With a consistent plan to grow the sport and with actions to build Floorball on new and highly potential markets the status and activity will grow in countries that today have Floorball as a cash cow too. It appears to us like a law of nature.

Let us now just  hope some of the bigger National Federations understands this reasoning too.
We do not argue against them but for their own sustainable good!



Here comes the idea about a floorball training encyclopedia

Let us present myfloorball

Let's see how it goes... ;-D


Say no more

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Eurostick - Holy Smokes!

All Floorball sticks are certified via SP.
Newer brands often certify 3-5 new sticks whereas the larger brands certify maybe 15-20 sticks each season.. or each time they have new stuff coming

Eurostick - from Sweden in August 2014 certified 90 (ninty) new sticks - holy smokes!

Do you think they believe in Floorball or not?

Quick International Update

- Switzerland builds Grassroots Floorball in Brazil as we have show here just earlier

- From Malaysia a large news paper claimed today that Floorball is about to become one of the most popular sports

- We see incredible and big work from South Korea Floorball all the time

- India today announced new strong developments that takes them closer to International competition

- This blog is constantly surprised about the very high numbers of visits we have  from Ukraine - way ahead of Canada for instance...

And we see so much more... cool things..
indeed. floorball is fun... stay tuned..

Interesting Study from the Ice Hockey world

"The study analyzed 528 recorded injuries from 2006 to 2013 that occurred in all divisions of the men’s World Championship program, the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and the qualification tournaments for the Vancouver 2010 and the Sochi 2014 Games. 

Among the notable findings made by the study was that the number of injuries sustained during international ice hockey competitions is relatively high, but that certain arena characteristics, such as flexible boards and glass, appeared to reduce the risk of injury. "

We like this with flexible boards and glass... This seems to be a very good study - but why are players with concussion symptoms back in the same game at an 11% rate? - odd hmm.

Could someone now tell us how Floorball would have looked like with fully fixed boards and nets bolted to the floor?
Just think about it for a while..
No no no we do not say that Ice Hockey has nets bolted to the Floor - but the rink or board systems used are often rather unforgiving compared to Floorball 
and a whee bit more expensive too ;-D

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dallas Stars Floorball sticks - for kids now available

We just heard via Floorballplanet ....

"FITNESS STARS FLOORBALL STICKS:  You can now purchase the unique Dallas Stars branded floorball stick! This is the same X3M Campus 36 school stick with the Dallas Stars logo that is used in the Fitness Stars program in hundreds of schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Our licensing agreement precludes us from showing the stick in our online store. Send us a Fitness Stars order form and pick up your order at our store OR we'll ship it to you. Download a copy here - Fitness Stars Stick Order Form (pdf).  For information about the Fitness Stars program, visit Fitness Stars."

Floorball Coach’s Clipboard: An App for Professionals and Amateurs Alike

Floorball doesn’t enjoy the same attention as more established sports. Being much newer to the scene, it has yet to cross over into other parts of the world, but it’s slowly making progress. In the past few years, it’s even crossed over into Singapore, where even colleges such as Nanyang Technological University have established their own active floorball teams.

The growing popularity of the sport has encouraged the development of certain apps that help make managing floorball teams easier, even for amateurs of the sport. Millions of people now use their smartphones for just about every activity you can imagine, with Gaming Realms, operators of Free Bingo Hunter, reporting that “There were an estimated 1 billion Smartphone users at the end of 2012, representing 17% of total mobile users.” This figure has continued to grow exponentially, and today we see apps for every sport on the market.

The Floorball Coach's Clipboard app, in particular, eliminates the need for the more traditional clipboard of plays, replacing it with a fully animated app that allows coaches to demonstrate plays right on their tablets. Coaches can use their fingers to move players on the board to illustrate plays, records these illustrations, and play them back at a later date. It allows coaches to display player names and even has different modes for half and full court games. Coaches can even use the app to distribute plays to their players by sharing them via email.

The app is intuitive and quite easy to use, and cheaper and more organized than having an old clipboard. Coaches can also experiment with different plays during downtime and simply share the plays with the team because of the easy replay function that lets them record and playback an unlimited number of plays on their device.

Do you have any other apps you like to use for your floorball games?

Monday, October 20, 2014

More on the Dallas Stars in October 2014

and Floorball..

We have seen projections that the Dallas Stars might win the Stanley Cup this year.. cool.
But here we care almost only about Floorball. And what Dallas Stars above talk about - is ...yup  #floorball.....

So Floorballplanet just told us that beside of Floorball demos outside at the American Airline Center - the Stars home turf..
And beside of the Stars introducing Floorball to some 185.000 kids at 316 schools in Dallas..
Floorballplanet now snuck in an ad into the Dallas Stars game program too with the potential to reach... well as many pairs of eyes as we have reached at this blog.. now u - Look up to the right!

Our conclusion is clear:
Floorball will enter the USA on a solid ground in Dallas.

However we wonder what in the world do all the other NHL teams do? Is it some other - more ancient hockey emulation they think about?

Well, here - we don't!

Grass-root push in Brasil

"- Our goal is to teach the teachers. With this system, we are able to provide sustainable development onsite for years. The local educators will add our knowledge in their own projects to the kids, says Hans-Jörg Kaufmann, the leader of the team."

Full story via

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Texas sent 3 postcards - we love Dallas Stars...

Woah, Setting up a Floorball demo outside A NHL Game can look like this...
And.. hey did the IFF make those stickers? I need one on my car...

Yup Hockey mascots play Floorball too - and we have seen both the Maple Leaf mascot as well as Minnesota Wild's mascot doing this - before - as well as Hirvo Heimo...

The jumbotrone lights up above an ad from Floorballplanet..... This is modern hockey. Dallas Stars leads the way with their fitness program and floorball on track in 316 TX schools. Who is next?

Postcard credits - floorballplanet - Thank U!

Our firm opinion - is that American kids deserve this too

- Look at the skills.
- Look at the speed.
- Look at the team work.
- Look at the audience.
- Look at the love.

Look at Floorball and realize American kids deserve it too...
On an Olympic trail... and we act trail blazers at the sporting frontier...

You know what - we need these kinda' productions if not every week - at least one a month. All credits to JH Productions this time...

If it is #hockey ? U betcha!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Any well educated Floorball player must have seen this...

Vladimir Putin

And how he ended up on a floorball blog...
This make me think about other leaders and their amazing sport accomplishments

We like the Annenberg Foundation & Special Olympics

Hey Special Olympics - all over - here it is, the official guide, Instruction, rule book or whatever you prefer to call it...
This is Floorball for Special Olympics.

What we think makes this Rulebook/Instructions manual stand out for - is the video they use... throughout the book.
Just look at the last page and the video that describes Zorro for instance - U will be hooked ;-)

Thanks to all involved for a magnificent job!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Korea - On track towards a powerhouse?

Now we extrapolate on a few current trends for future sports TV

Trend A)
We do not watch TV as we used too. Some people do binge watching and the internet is at times nothing but the worlds largest digital video recorder.

Trend B)
NHL is exploring the route with Go-Pro mounted cameras on players and similar ideas.

Trend C)
Computer games are of massive interest to the young generation.

Trend C)
Oculus Rift could be a new way to in crazy ways get the feel of the action in a game.

This is, by the way, what Floorball's older cousin Field hockey is playing with... via the Telegraph...

OK, let us put all this together. With smaller cheaper better cameras - we will see them everywhere - and well a camera is nothing but a light sensor...
So who is the producer that will be able to edit all this in real time? He or she is not human. There must be software that edits the streams of images in real time. This means that the user can also - maybe not be the producer - but the end user ought to be able to pick different modes of real time editing - maybe by just using "filters" like we have at instagram. The end watcher pick either one editing mode or change the editing mode by using sliders controlling, ball cams, drone cams, team cams or wide game cams.. So maybe not one single end user will have exactly the same stream from any big game...anymore..

Then if we know exactly where the players are on the court and how they move as well where the ball is. It should not be completely impossible to move from a live game into a simulation mode and via a computer game instead either replay the last minutes of any big World Cup final... or just take the game in your own hands to try to beat the reality?
Yupp, we'll do it in 4k at least and maybe on a head set like an Oculus rift too..
Those roller coaster demos we have seen with headsets on will look like a joke and the clumsy big cameras we have today will be antique one day..
And watching sports will never be the same ;-D

Or what do you think - the one doing this best will earn enough money for the doughnuts.


We think it is noteworthy that the world's largest Floorball news source - the Swedish "innebandymagazinet" recently puts a great focus on Floorball's penetration on social media.  HURRAY!
Why? Well we here see a two step basic correlation - first it is all about marketing - second marketing relates to value and value can at times also mean more cash too.
In this case for Floorball.
So this focus is utterly good. But we should not forget @floorball_news at that use several top lists to figure out who is most social - or not.

Then the backdraw.
With a national focus and by using a national language - these guys and gals also use artificial old ways to limit their own market penetration to their own national borders...a rather futile market using global eyes. This must change. And it will.
Since - has anyone of you - heard about social media that only works inside one nation only?

No wonder, we nag about #floorballwithoutborders here ;-P

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Swedish Floorball federation celebrates Floorballs history at a Museum...

"The exhibition is a collaboration project between the museum and the Swedish Floorball Federation, It is a journey through time from when floorball came to Sweden during the 1960’s and up until today."

Here the story via IFF...

We hope this will be a success story..
Here is our US American contribution..

May we present Phil Carlson?
Phil Carlson Minetonka MN - a Founding Father

May we share a video he gave us?

May we also share the text we wrote after we investigated the roots of Floorball?

Warning for Kids!

Via Fatpipe Factory..

What the heck here is a rerun... Gretzky Hockey School

Hrm.. seems like Gretzky Hockey School plans to grow for 2015?

One of the North American largest Floorball News recently is doubtless that the Gretzky Hockey school teamed up with Generation Floorball and Pavel Barber to provide students with modern dry-land training using good chunks of Floorball every day - for their hockey students - only a few months ago.

That is good - and the way things should be done... But here comes an interesting twist on this. From the Gretzky Hockey School we now understand that they seem to intend to grow their school. So for next summer they aim to hit a few more or maybe several places in North America - at least that is what we think - try think yourself - read their posting below from their facebook page. We have the feeling that their post hints in that direction... Oh well..

Hm, so if Gretzky spread their activities and also keeps on doing Floorball.... Well that would not only mean that more kids will meet seriously good hockey instruction - but also Floorball in North America. It will also mean that we have another serious action in place beside of what the Dallas Stars already are up to... Interesting indeed.. huh?
Maybe this is a #funalarm?
Our advice keep an eye both on what the Gretzky Hockey School is up to - as well as the Dallas Stars...
We'll try to keep you posted...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

This is better video than what we ever made in Tomah - from the US Olympic training Center

Congrats Anders - but hey the boards looks as good as the ones we had ;-)

Language Education

Or How Storvreta turns a 1-5 situation to a 8-5 victory... Wait for the clip to load... will be up for 30 days... after the Swedish lesson U have live top notch Floorball.

Time to Capitalize on all the streamed Floorball TV?

By Wilfredo R. Rodríguez H. (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
Nope not just yet...
Well the sport is not big enough yet... But that day will come too..
But we must realize that TV as we know it does not look the same anymore... And it is changing in front of our eyes. When will we have an app - for Floorball with chromecast capabilities for instance?

What Floorball TV? Ok here is a cool listing - look at Floorball News listing and you can deep dive into national schedules - up in the right corner . Here U find scheduled streams indeed.
But yes there is a problem to know what is up even if Floorball News list games in one place - many other games jumps up with a very short notice... from different places... So maybe it is hard to have one general listing. But it should not be impossible.

So what to do? Well sites like this one, Club pages and even National federations must start to embed much more live video - some do - and that is good.

Then Floorball must attack all new on-line TV providers.. No not the bad ones since this is a business ugly and full of seriously odd stuff and strange websites. So U better be careful.

But there are good ones too. Why not read this article?

Then to sign up - with your Floorball content to Frequency TV - try this...

Here is Pluto TV's Baseball channel by the way!&channel=baseball

It would not be bad to find Floorball on Waywire either - here is NHL

OK, we do not say that frequency TV, Pluto and Waywire is perfect - we do not say that these are all the channels that Floorball can or must use.

But we say there must be a plan - a marketing plan for how to further extend Floorballs reach with live high quality footage - beyond the initial live streams we have available today ;-D

City of Minneapolis - do you know what you did?

We here seriously think that the City of Minneapolis should send observers to Scandinavia's largest sporting event this year, anno 2014.
The WFC 2014 in Gothenburg Sweden.

Why? Well Cosom on Wayzata Boulevard in Minneapolis more or less invented this sport some 50 years ago - it's ball, and the idea to play hockey with plastic sticks.... and
OK Ok OK the Scandinavian's refined it a bit with some Swiss help - is also true.

So if you were not invited by the WFC2014 organizers - well you have direct flights to Gothenburg from New York, Washington, Chicago & San Francisco. Good tickets to the event is probably harder to find...
Try this

Hey take someone with you from the Swedish American institute too please ;-D
And remember to have fun!
OH, well, one more thing this sport is on an Olympic track too by the way...

Our Tribute to Honda!

Let us justy quote upon what they do for Floorball in Europe:

"Honda Sweden has been an official

sponsor of the Swedish Floorball

Federation for the past two years, but

now the company has also become an

official partner and vehicle sponsor of

the World Floorball Championships.

Sixteen nations and more than 300

players will gather in Gothenburg on

5–14 December for Scandinavia’s

biggest sports championship of 2014."

Modern Cars - a Modern Sport

Read More about Honda and the WFC here:

Norwegian Wood? Streaming live from Norway - Finals and more!

Yeah and thank u IFF for doing this - less than 2 hours to kick-0ff in first game as we posted this,,, 3 games goes live.. re-cast via IFF.

Pre-primer Floorball - For the sake of the kids and the sport.

So what happens from the safety stand-point as we do a pre-primer Floorball session with kids?
Over the weekend we have had hundreds of kids trying a small area Floorball at a scout camp. They had never heard about it before...

Our strong belief is that Floorball is both a rather safe activity and a very motivational kids game. But let us focus on the safety aspect. If we compare to the current hockey emulation used in US elementary schools - to many Floorball may look a bit wild... Current hockey related activity in schools use sticks like these,,,

And you can probably not be safer like this... but then kids can not dribble and do shooting? You tell me.. so the point of the game as we see these sticks - well it is almost lost.

This is we do it - in a pre-primer Floorball session where kids never done it before.. We demand the use of safety goggles. We are extremely picky about stick height - and we mention the "knee rule" on lifting the blade above the knee and we ask them to keep the blade on the floor. We also ask all players to play carefully and use more aiming skills than power.. Sliding or one knee down on the floor is prohibited..

The results? Well as the ball starts to ricochet as in a live pinball game they get so excited that they run all over and throw themselves in to the game with full power. And the action is... well action is full flavored and fun is at peak or at the top turbo level...

So is it safe? If we compare to the foam version floorball probably looks a bit adventurous. But if you compare to most other team sports, including soccer with wild pre-primer kicks Floorball is not worse... - but safer.

This weekends mishaps were - one player had a ball in his eye. But the protective goggles we use worked as they should. So he was back playing a few minutes later. Another player got a ball on his lips. No crying, but he felt enough discomfort to leave the game. And one player was smacked on his fingers with a stick - and he will probably have a little bruise for a few days. We are talking about 5-6 hours of constant play - with energetic beginners that truly want to play hard.
So what do we wish for right now? Well we think about the original Cosom stick and we remember the bad quality the plastic had - so bad that the sticks was wobbly to the point of worthless. No doubt newer kids stick are much better to play and master the game with,,, but still the wobbliness brought on a safety feeling with smacks that were not that stiff.
Then we can only praise the idea to play floorball with protective eye wear for kids. And we think USA Floorball should adopt the policy that protective eye wears are mandated for all kids playing Floorball in the USA (just like in Finland for example). And we hope that Texas that now introduce Floorball to some 316 schools also use protective eye wear since we think it is the sensitive thing to do.

For the sake of the kids and the sport.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Here - tossin' in more live real love (streamed)

courtesy.. IFF
only 10 minutes kinda to next game... so we r sending floorball all night here ;-D

Scouts in Wisconsin play Floorball

Ok our daughter will make a video that will be up later...
But just some instant reflections.
We had tonight scouts kids galore for 3 hours. They line up in big lines to be able to play Floorball. The have fun. They work hard, They have a good time? - nope they love it.
It is a kids game - nothing else and they recognize this...
They are at home. We are so happy to be able to provide these kids with a fun activity they like.
It is nothing complicated. It is just frontier Floorball - a pre primer at the first level but we have such a good response from them...

You know what we are scheduled to do another 3 hour stunt tomorrow too.

;-D #happytimes!

20 NHL Goals in round one & ADM - the rhetoric question!

Let us start with ADM.
Here is what USA Hockey said this spring:

"Floorball is a great complementary off season sport for ice hockey players. It provides opportunities to work on tactics and strategies of play that are similar to ice hockey. It’s a way for players to develop their hockey sense and stick skills while away from the ice rink."


we say good - very good - but we wanna to see way more ;-P

Then we back up to the first round of the NHL. Here is an article covering the 20 scores - by Swedish players...(sensational good) it's in Swedish - but online translators are plenty...

Then to the rhetoric question...
"Were the Swedish Kids - now Hockey players - raised with the American Development Model - or Floorball in school?"

This blog has the funky idea that the best answer to a question is not an answer - but another question ;-p. Our next Question - with no answer...

If Sweden and Finland is ranked first and second as hockey nations by the IIHF... What is it that is so utterly different... compared to most other countries?

Is it one excessive activity they do? Some food they eat? Something they think about,,,or drink? Na the best answer is probably another question?

;-D  Think Baby Think ;-D

Thursday, October 9, 2014

How Swedish Hockey teams use Floorball

This is dry-land. This is from this spring . This is the White Horse a traditional good team just below the highest league... More details here

What is interesting is that the players mainly use rather long sticks - hockey players are used to long sticks..
Then the goalies use leg pads and gloves plus helmet (hockey) and a stick - to simulate their game - and the court they play on is not that big either. No pennies - shirt or shirtless divides the teams.
no this is serious stuff dear watson.

Then of course kids float around with a Floorball stick and a ball... and as one team score - well U see yourself - what happens :-)

This is Floorball this is Hockey ;-D

10 penalties signed Kohonen

This clip gained almost 4000 hits in a day - good work Floorball media

And we tranfers ourselves from a blog to a vlog again...

The world's best Floorball league...

They say is SSL... the Swedish Super League
Hmm, some of the new teams this years in not best in Sweden to bring in the local audience...
Hmm, what would happen if not the playing performance - but the audience size on home games would be the determining factor on the teams allowed to play in the highest and most advanced league?

Crazy idea? Yep, but fully unrealistic? It is like the hen and the egg - what came first?
Just think about it ;-D

Live Stream = This is for real happening now ;-)

More games..
And here is all the other things worth to know

Courtesy IFF - re-casted in proud manners

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Quartet of live streamed Euro games again

woah - courtesy IFF

Just imagine future possibilities...

Think, in game footage from players - above players...
Think big games - it will be sweet one day - and then add the regular cameras and a hot producer..

Yup, as we tweeted the other day NHL is opening up a bit for cameras on players...
just search for it and U will find

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rock n' Roll More TV pumpin' out Live Floorball

Now from Norway - and some other top Euro Club teams - Time for Euro Floorball Cup 2014. Click the games and U will see when it starts - roughly 5 hours left til the first game... IFF is doing things right again,,, wonderful! Enjoy and 1000 thanks...

Monday, October 6, 2014

We showed some kids from the Ho-Chunk Nation Floorball today...

Ho-Chunk - proud people with the big voice and amazing traditions

This is significant. Not only for the kids that for the first time was able to see and try something new, like Floorball....

This is also interesting and possibly significant since native people of America is organized in their own sovereign and proud nations.
And not too many people overseas knows this - but we have sovereign Nations (inside the USA) that not only rule themselves but also actively engage in International sport exchange, in sports like Lacrosse.
And yes Lacrosse is another future Olympic contender that we will see in the World Games in Poland soon..

To be honest however - today we did not care too much about Nations and Olympics. Our focus was fully set on the kids - and they had a blast so we will most likely do this again... By the way thank U Ho-Chunk for trying some Floorball!

Unihoc hits the Hockey World in Sweden


Sunday, October 5, 2014

The fastest hockey on this planet

You can simply not play hockey - any style faster than this.
Awesome edit by the IFF by the way...

Our Commentary is Insane

You can say what you want - think what you want... and so on.

BUT, if you ever should see one Floorball game in life - or over the next weeks or so... would indeed recommend that you restart that video below on this blog the final from Champions Cup played earlier today (or yesterday in Europe/Asia) between Falun and Happee.

Check out Falun. Check out their tempo, their attitude and the way they played this final...
We think it is just insane...
and well worth to watch again.

It is a big sporting moment to us too - even if we love happee here...

Saturday, October 4, 2014

LIVE TV FINALS Champions Cup 2014

We'll be quiet and listen in.... commentary is great!

and you know what in three days time we will start to pump out more new live video from the big Euro Cup in Norway...

The Benenits of a Floorball Zamboni

Courtesy IFF from CC2014

They are very cost-efficient with revolutionary mileage. Emissions are very low so the danger of pollution is low too and that is a vital plus for the environment. It is also easy to park a Floorball Zamboni in a minimal garage. They come in many different colors, some with extra features too. The initial investment compared to other zambonis are sweeping low and insurance is low or zero.
Another good features of the Floorball Zamboni is that you can use them on other surfaces too - so this is indeed a very flexible Zamboni. They are also easy to drive and maintain.

In case you know of other reasons why this Zamboni is better than the big old one - please do not hesitate to comment in the comments...

Friday, October 3, 2014

We find this analysis utterly interesting

What about you?

Champions Cup Live Floorball Free Stream Oct 4th 2014

Courtesy to IFF - a Federation that understands modern Marketing..

Semi Finals... 4 from Switzerland

Dallas Stars and Floorball - the way all 55 million students in the USA - should experience this, now kinda

We could have not said this better ourselves - well maybe we would have said Floorball instead of Hockey... a few times..

But what Dallas Stars are doing - is exactly what both Hockey and Floorball need the US Schools to do...
Fight obesity with hockey and foorball in all schools - one more thing - we know since a long time ago that more physical education makes kids smarter too - so this is for better grades too!

Thank You Jukka and Floorballplanet too.

PLaylist via @YouTube? Why not...

Then this is probably one of the best interviews we have seen - a reporter that dares to ask the right questions kudos to him!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Pictures say more than 1000 emoijs, right?

Feeding on Opinions - an ABC

This site feeds on opinions.
That is not the same thing as facts. But we think our opinions are facts driven.

We think:
A) Floorball is one of the best kids games ever invented
B) Floorball is the best off-ice thing any Hockey player can do
C) Floorball was invented in the USA - but the USA knows close to zero
D) The floorball movement is stuck in administration
E) The floorball movement can not see very well beyond the sandbox horizon
F) The floorball movement must embrace marketing

That was 6 letters - we can do 19 more if U want

Z) Fight obesity in Kids like the Dallas Stars with Floorball


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Most Modern way to see Top Quality Sport - requires a Modern Sport too

No, not talk the talk - let's walk the walk - instead

These Games LIVE of Top Notch Floorball 
from Europe
 Proudly Presented here
 are possible only through incredible shown understanding in marketing matters by the IFF. 
We do warmly recommend that you follow the 

for instance...

Golden Gate

We pick this one up too
"SF Floorball club invites you to the 5th annual Golden Gate Cup, November 15-16, 2014, in San Francisco."

The Best to do - is probably to follow this link... to start with!

A Champions Cup Postcard!

Good artisan flow here.. via IFF

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!