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These numbers - proof enough - Hockey without Floorball = wild & crazzzy

Mikael Granlund with Zorro Floorball goal against Russia linked in via

An Explosive growth of Floorball in Sweden created a new very large sport that "mainly" occurred between 1992-1998 - if we believe what Swedish Floorball has posted as their official numbers on players: claims that Floorball is the best dry-land training for any level Ice Hockey player. And it is perfect to use it in schools too.

We tend to believe that Finland had a similar development - with maybe just a few (1-2) years delay.

Since it is harder, for us here, to figure out the penetration in today's steamy hot Floorball countries like Switzerland and the Czech Republic. We have decided not to study these countries - beside of the fact that we know - Switzerland has performed extremely well last years in Ice Hockey... something you probably already knew.

But - we also know that USA and Canada has almost zero Floorball penetration still (well almost zero at least -). So it is these two extremes that is interesting to compare..

So let us now just do a medal count on the history upon IIHF's males world championships in Ice hockey and see the medal count related to explosive Floorball growth in two countries.

We want to know how Floorball possibly might relate to these medals. So we look only at Sweden and Finland - as being Floorball intense - and USA & Canada as being, well, ... Floorball deprived.

Before 1990 - Floorball was not that common in Finland and Sweden - as it fast grew to much higher levels a bit later.
About in 1995 we are halfway in this process and good maturity in societal Floorball penetration is reached around 1998-2000 - in both Sweden and Finland. So these years we have marked yellow in this the medal count as published by the IIHF below.

48.1982Helsinki, TampereSoviet UnionCzechoslovakiaCanada
49.1983Dortmund, Düsseldorf, MunichSoviet UnionCzechoslovakiaCanada
50.1985PragueCzechoslovakiaCanadaSoviet Union
51.1986MoscowSoviet UnionSwedenCanada
52.1987ViennaSwedenSoviet UnionCzechoslovakia
53.1989Stockholm, SödertäljeSoviet UnionCanadaCzechoslovakia
54.1990Bern, FribourgSoviet UnionSwedenCzechoslovakia
55.1991Turku, TampereSwedenCanadaSoviet Union
56.1992Prague, BratislavaSwedenFinlandCzechoslovakia
57.1993Dortmund, MunichRussiaSwedenCzech Republic
58.1994Bolzano, Val di Fassa, MilanCanadaFinlandSweden
59.1995Stockholm, GävleFinlandSwedenCanada
60.1996ViennaCzech RepublicCanadaUSA
61.1997Helsinki, Turku, TampereCanadaSwedenCzech Republic
62.1998Zürich, BaselSwedenFinlandCzech Republic
63.1999Oslo, Hamar, LillehammerCzech RepublicFinlandSweden
64.2000St. PetersburgCzech RepublicSlovakiaFinland
65.2001Nuremberg, Cologne, HannoverCzech RepublicFinlandSweden
66.2002Gothenburg, Karlstad, JönköpingSlovakiaRussiaSweden
67.2003Helsinki, Turku, TampereCanadaSwedenSlovakia
68.2004Prague, OstravaCanadaSwedenUSA
69.2005Vienna, InnsbruckCzech RepublicCanadaRussia
70.2006RigaSwedenCzech RepublicFinland
71.2007Moscow, St. PetersburgCanadaFinlandRussia
72.2008Quebec, HalifaxRussiaCanadaFinland
73.2009Zürich, BernRussiaCanadaSweden
74.2010Cologne, MannheimCzech RepublicRussiaSweden
75.2011Bratislava, KošiceFinlandSwedenCzech Republic
76.2012Helsinki, StockholmRussiaSlovakiaCzech Republic
77.2013Stockholm, HelsinkiSwedenSwitzerlandUSA

Source IIHF

Before 1990: (Floorball penetration is early and low in Sweden/Finland (6yrs)
USA & Canada wins 5 medals
Sweden & Finland wins 2 medals
(numbers are indeed affected by Soviet dominance - but this affect all the teams we study)

1990-1994 (Floorball is growing very fast in Sweden and Finland) (5yrs)
USA & Canada wins 2 medals
Sweden & Finland wins 7 medals

1995-2000 (Floorball is still growing at a massive pace in Finland/Sweden) (5yrs)
USA & Canada wins 4 medals
Sweden & Finland wins 8 medals

2001-2005 (The Floorball growth is still present in Sweden/Finland but slows to mature and steady levels with very high penetration) (5yrs)
USA & Canada wins 4 medals
Sweden & Finland wins 5 medals

2006-2010 (5yrs)
USA & Canada wins 3 medals
Sweden & Finland wins 8 medals

2011-2014 (3yrs)
USA & Canada wins 1 medal
Sweden & Finland wins 5 medals

Nope You can not base science on this - the numbers are too low to be reliable. But if we worked within hockey - we would serious start to crunch the numbers - game by game - play by play - and measure what happened to the countries with Floorball - compared to the ones that is not on the Floorball train... and doing this year by year...

But on the other side of this same coin...Still over the last three years Sweden and Finland has right now - earned 5 times more medals as compared to the USA & Canada.... together...

Floorballcentral - seriously thinks that Switzerland very possibly will be able to pass USA in the IIHF's ranking list soon - if not USA get their act together and starts to implement Floorball in schools and hockey clubs.

It must be high tide for "A Floorball Development Model" - according to us here.

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!