Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Exploding into a real TV Channel?

The IFF will take the step to use English commentary on the live transmissions from Champions Cup (at least for some games). This is exactly what we said years ago. But that does not belittle the huge progress IFF now is doing to get Floorball on the map - in the minds of people - beyond U and Me.
To be ON the map is a must to be able to create any other road-map - well, U must be on the map first!

We now hope that we also will see clever use by sponsors in these live feeds - with advertising from the big brands supporting Floorball - both before and after games as well as in-between periods. We think the sponsors also should repost these games on their own web pages. We are so happy to see that the Swedish Floorball Federation, or at least the web hub innebandymagazinet (SIBF support them) now will also recast the transmissions from the Champions Cup. If you run a web page for a federation or just a Club - and decide not to repost Live Free Top Notch Floorball - we here - do not really know what U are up to?

Nuff Said - Time for the Feeds from IFF to run this blog - click the video and you will see when the games start!
Right now about 5 hours to the first game!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Second largest sport in the Czech Republic.... nope not Ice Hockey

Dude, U guessed it already?

hint via Floorball to the Olympics on Facebook....

Is there a thing like an Olympic rocket?

via wikimedia commons - sputnik - it needs some photoshop ;-)
IFF's President just released a statement before the Champions Floorball Cup coming up.

This is what he said:
"Floorball has taken important steps forward, in order to reach our Vision and a place in the Olympic Games. The next task is to be ready for 2015, when the IOC chooses the contenders for the “short list” of sports that have a possibility to enter the 2024 Olympic Games.

Concerning multi-sport events Floorball is successfully now on the World Games in August 2017 in Poland, in the city of Wroclaw. We are also on the Urban Games, in 2016 or 2017, and we will play either 3 versus 3 or 4 versus 4. It is vital we show the values that Floorball possess, showcasing Floorball with many spectators, and a good youth oriented atmosphere, continuously having all matches streamed on the internet."

source: http://www.floorball.org/news.asp?kieli=826&id_tiedote=4061

We like this - it is clear and full force ahead. 
As it comes to the streaming part of live games online we hope many more than Floorballcentral will start to stream live games via their web pages as embedded posts - in particular National Federations. The more embedded streams - the more buzz we will create - and the more viewers we will reach - this is just modern TV!

But what we also like is the organizational idea described later in the same post by Mr. Eriksson. It clearly states that the organization for Champions Cup should be divided into two main efforts - one aimed at the performance, or the administration, of the tournament - and another effort focused upon marketing.
Floorballcentral thinks this is exactly the way to go. This is also what we want to see within the IFF as an organization too, but also with the other top National federations - some that we think sometimes are way too heavily aimed at administration instead of marketing, yawn. 
So to take this step is a genius move by the IFF for the Champions Cup.

Here is another fun idea on the marketing concept that we have heard from American Football. As the favorite team (in this case the Green Bay Packers) in American Football scores like 21 points - the main sponsor offers a 21% rebate on their products/services the following day.
In Floorball it is slightly harder to reach as high numbers as in American Football - so even in this perspective Floorball seems like a good bet for marketing activities based upon the score from a game - providing discounts related to the score. HUH ;-D
NO no no soccer will not work - 1% off as the big team wins? U must be joking - and Basketball 102% off LOL.

So who can now photoshop sputnik so it more looks like a floorball ball in space?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Backlund's Sister?

Well she is best in the world right now ;-D

Feelings from SLL to the harsh frontier...

C-O is one of the best Floorball players for his age group in Wisconsin (competition is still very very sparse)
The worlds best Floorball league - the SSL in Sweden - just kicked off and after about three rounds...
We see a handful of teams making a bit more scores than most other teams. We also see a few teams that have allowed a bit more scores in their own net - compared to the others.
So as we wonder how they feel - we guess the producers of many goals feels just great and super strong... kinda.
But the ones with a bunch of allowed scores behind their own goalie must now focus to not develop fragmentation of the team spirit...

So how does this connect to frontier Floorball? Floorball played in the middle of no-where - at places where most people - and schools remain clueless?
Well, when we play at the frontier the score and the results does not mean too - much - a little yes... but for us at the frontier we care about other numbers...

So when we normally starts to get closer to our own big tourney in the spring. The numbers of active players shoot up and as we have engaged up around 50 players on Sundays - well then we feel as good as the best teams in SSL. We feel strong. But when numbers are low and we struggle forward on a skeleton crew, in the shade of all other big ol' sports. When we go forward on the most dedicated souls - well things can be a bit more fun.. so we must also focus to avoid fragmentation - of our own team spirit. Just as those SSL teams.

Tonight, the kids participation in Floorball at the frontier was surprisingly very very good and all the kids had a very fun and healthy time. This made our day! The teen and adult session was running - but hey we need seriously to recruit players here - as that group is just making both ends meet for now ;-)

So if you want to try Floorball in Tomah WI and are 13 plus of age. The High School is full of action from 6PM on Sundays!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Serious Zorro - can be lethal

Check it out - an insane art - according to us


Malaysia - penang youth that knows the road ahead!

When Finish Sisu meets Passion

Salibandyliiga said today that three games this weekend will be streamed live and free of charge via service called watson. We checked it out but could not find any embed code... so for now. Here is a cool clip edited by the Finnish master Janne Makkonen - the same guy that made the main protest NHL video when they had a look-out last year.

you may find the games for this weekend here

IFF updates the App with Champions Cup


Not very much time to have it installed... We wish both games live streamed and app updates had a separate calendar so the grassroots would know when stream or new apps would jump up... OH well one day this might be fixed.....

Let us quote IFF
"Champions Cup 2014 Mobile App – 24.09.2014

The IFF Events Mobile App for CC 2014 is now launched for iOS and Android! Follow and Guess the results and win Asics shoes!

Download the iOS version in the App Store & Android version on Google Play or update your current version of the App (search: "IFF Events")."

Full article:

Usa Hockey mentions Floorball yet again - or - cause this game is fast?

Let us quote them
"In days gone by, street hockey and floor hockey were staples of kids’ overall hockey experience. Could a renaissance be on the horizon? The increasing popularity of American floorball, already a craze in Europe, hints at it, as does USA Hockey’s recent collaboration with the NHL to create detailed resources for playing and coaching street hockey."

Here is the source ie their full article...

Ok, this is not a specific Floorball post. But it is clear that USA Hockey now knows that Floorball is a crazy big thing In Europe - and way larger than Hockey at some places. 
It is also fun to read the expression "American Floorball" that was a new one ;-).  We like the attitude to use an expression like this. Yet, we will not refrain to use it here at floorballcentral.org. We here say that Floorball or important foundations of Floorball came from both MN and MI - but to go as far as calling it "American Floorball" - well, that is a bit extravagant we think..

In 2009 we wrote Ken Martel at USA Hockey about Floorball for the first time.
We now hope he revs up his speed a bit and that it will not take another set of several years until USA Hockey writes about Floorball again - and exactly explain how it can benefit a hockey player...
- cause this game is fast - both as a game as in the way it spreads...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The World's Trophy Tour Sweden

"The World Floorball Championships trophy is on tour in Sweden.

The grand trophy has already made a couple of appreciated appearances where people lined up to get their picture taken with the trophy......"

Full story from the quote and the IFF here

Full report via The Olympic Training Center and Colorado Springs

team colorado

2014 US National Floorball Championships

Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado

After several months of intense preparations by players, team captains, referees, tournament organizers, support staff and venue hosts, seven teams with players from all over the continental United States gathered at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Even a few players from Europe and Canada journeyed to Colorado this bright shiny late September morning for a chance to participate in this much anticipated tournament.

At 9AM sharp, September 20, 2014, the event was opened with Summer Creek Band playing a 4-part violin piece of the Star Spangled Banner, specially arranged for this event by Mr. Jory Lane of Colorado Springs.

Immediately after the opening ceremony, there followed 14 games of very exciting and entertaining floorball. The matches were cheered on by visiting friends, families and spectators. Each team got to match their talent against four other teams. It soon became clear that San Francisco was a strong contestant closely flanked by BosDiego, the Texas ‘Dillos and Menlo Park New York.

At the end of the day, both BosDiego and ‘Dillos had managed to obtain 9 points. As BosDiego was playing their final game, even the goal differential was matching between the two teams and people started viewing the third tie-breaker to determine who would get the 2nd seed. Finally, BosDiego scored another goal and clinched seed number two. As can be seen in the adjacent table, Menlo Park New York managed to achieve the best goal differential of the day albeit only earning two wins resulting in a 4th seed.

At the lower end were the Floorball Coalition and the Texas Titans, who tied 3-3 when they met. The Coalition was a team forged only days before tournament start with players from Alaska, Canada, Texas and Colorado. Despite their last minute creation, they fought well together and tied their opponent in the first period. With only days to go before the tournament, the Titans unfortunately lost a significant number of players on their team. However, the Titans were not discouraged at all of their sudden loss of force and battled valiantly in all their games. They managed to steal a point against the Coalition with a goal late in the game.
After the first day of hard fought games, the first seed, San Francisco, went straight to Semi Final and as per the tournament rules, the 2nd and 3rd seeds got to choose their opponents in the Quarter Final. BosDiego went with the Titans and the ‘Dillos selected the Floorball Coalition and by default, the 3rd Quarter Final then became Menlo Park New York vs. Team Colorado.
The second day started with Team Colorado being very hungry and not willing to give up easily on this tournament. This team had a rookie goalkeeper, 17-year-old Conor Chmelka of Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs, see above. The game against Menlo Park New York was very tight but in the end Colorado lost by one goal resulting in a final score of 4-3. Menlo Park New York’s goal keeper, Daniel Vik, had the following to say after the match:

“We were not as sharp as in the previous games and Colorado played very well and created many chances. Colorado wanted to win seriously and was often first on the ball and played defense well. It was the best game played by Colorado at this tournament.”
Next, the ‘Dillos played against the Floorball Coalition. The Coalition won the first period as Number 10 Jacob Ring of Denver, Colorado scored 1-0 assisted by Number 88 Connor Owttrim. However, in the second period, ‘Dillos took over and scored several goals securing the victory. The Coalition did score again with the help of the Canadian dynamic duo. This time it was Connor Owttrim that assisted Greg Beaudin in scoring. Despite that extra heroic effort, ‘Dillos won by 7-2 and hence all Floorball forces from Colorado had been eliminated.
The Semi Finals followed where San Francisco played a close game against Menlo Park New York and winning by 2-1. Below you can see Henrik Eriksson of Menlo Park, California dueling with Jirka Krouzil of San Francisco, California. BosDiego eliminated the ‘Dillos and with that all the players from Texas were out of the battle for the Gold medals at these National Championships.

With the Semi Finals out of the way, the exciting shoot-out competition commenced. The award was a USA Hockey branded floorball stick. Three rotating goalies were recruited in order to make it as difficult as possible to score; Brandee Gomez, Lee Payne and Erin Harnden. Twenty-one shooters had signed up and took turns trying to get that ball into the net.

Head referee Vince Faso made sure that the IFF rules were followed and that no cheating took place. After a few rounds, there were four shooters entering the final. Among the finalists was Andreas Sievert of Menlo Park, California, whose name seemed to come up repeatedly during this contest. However, in the end, we had one last man standing and it was none other than Niklas Dalbjer from Sweden who well deserved and beautifully won the 2014 US Nationals shoot-out competition.

With the shoot-out out of the way, it was time for the match for the 3rd place. Menlo Park New York lined up against the Texas Dillos at noon the 2nd day. The former was the stronger team, had more stamina and hence won the Bronze by winning 6-0.

Now it was time for the Championship game; San Francisco vs. BosDiego. San Francisco took the lead in the first period by 2-0. However, before the end of the period, BosDiego managed to score three goals resulting in a 3-2 lead to them at the end of the first period.

Similarly to the first half of the first period, San Francisco scored two more goals and took the lead with 4-3. In the second half of the second period, BosDiego scores; 4-4. With about two minutes left of the game, San Francisco scored and then BosDiego and hence at full time, the score was 5-5.

At this point, a five minute “Over Time”-period started with sudden death. Two minutes into the over-time, BosDiego got a two-minute bench penalty for an incorrect push. With only two minutes left, Number 6 in San Francisco, Klas Berghede, did his characteristic long distance shot from the right hand side of the rink. The ball made it past several players that were between Klas and the goal and the final score 6-5 was a fact. Please note that BosDiego fought extremely well and honestly, any of these two teams could have won the championship.
The tournament MVP award went to Number 21, Iiro Maekinen of Menlo Park, California, see above. Iiro did very well scoring many goals and making an equal amount of assists.

The excellent refereeing was carried out by Vince Faso, above, Jeff Morris and Bobby Nodea.
Special thanks needs to be extended to the Van Noordt family for their flawless execution of the secretariat.
Floorball Colorado thanks everyone that participated in making this a success, including Zack Geiser and Calle Karlsson working behind the scene in California and Adam Troy in Sweden. The staff at the Olympic Training Center also went the extra mile to make this happen. Many thanks to Solidtango.com for sponsoring the live streaming of the Final.

Text and Pics via A Buvarp - and doubtless we saw the best reporting so far from any USA Floorball event - thank You Anders!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Last Years finals in CC anyone? More to come...

In a full Monty

Yepp this Quality feed - as always via the IFF

Here - the ladies too

From 2010 to 2014 in North American press - cause possible head scratch?

The title states:

Feschuk: Floorball gives hockey players creative edge

The most important Floorball article ever in North America was written in 2010 and it is still available here
That was in 2010.

Today 4 years later...2014...
- another superb article hits the Canadian Newsstands - its a more local article - but hey this is good written stuff.

We here say - read em both - then scratch your head please ;-)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wanna stay ahead of future sport development - with Asics?

This is proven. This is massive - at so many places now - and it is just spreading..

Thanx Asics!

Calling out to all Norwegian ancestors in North America

Hey you guys - including all Sons of Norway - - in Norway they are kind of busy with some rather modern sports too.
Just wanted to show you this so U do not miss out on the old "hjemmelandet".

They say that some places in North America are even more Norwegian that Norway itself,,, maybe old Norway?
The video clip above show a modern version of Norwegian traditions...

Skills and how to build soft mittens from age 12 and up...

Say no more

Monday, September 22, 2014

New activities: 2 plus and 1 minus

It seems like we will be back for a Floorball stunt in October outside of Lacrosse WI, at a larger scout gathering (we did this last year) and also during a scout Angry Birds STEM (fun-learning camp) this summer.. They happen to like Floorball - we can not disagree here

We have also initiated discussions with native Americans about a possible introduction of Floorball for the local area. Nothing is set in stone at this point but it could possibly turn out great. Indeed great.

On the flip side, Floorball has yet again been requested by the local Boys and Girls Club. Due to other commitments we are unable to serve them Floorball at the time and place as requested... ;-(

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Floorball is back at the true frontier

Creative commons via http://townmapsusa.com/d/map-of-tomah-wisconsin-wi/tomah_wi

We are happy to announce that the 6th season of Floorball just started in Tomah Wisconsin.
Tonight we had a youth group doing both scrimmage and other plays. The teen/adult group played mainly improvised scrimmage games with miXed teams in different formats.
The Tomah Chamber of Commerce has yet again been kind to promote our activities on the main electronic bill board in town.

To grow Floorball in Tomah yet further we now look for more new players. Yes we are recruiting players in all age group categories and by different genders.

Join Floorball next time Sunday at 5 PM for kids and teenagers/adults play at 6 PM at the Tomah Highschool. This arrangement is arranged by the Tomah Parks and Rec. Join Wisconsin's best Floorball group already next week - everyone invited.

These numbers - proof enough - Hockey without Floorball = wild & crazzzy

Mikael Granlund with Zorro Floorball goal against Russia linked in via http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Finland-sells-out-of-Mikael-Granlund-lacrosse-go?urn=nhl-wp5833

An Explosive growth of Floorball in Sweden created a new very large sport that "mainly" occurred between 1992-1998 - if we believe what Swedish Floorball has posted as their official numbers on players: http://innebandy.se/sv/StatistikHistorik/Innebandyn-i-siffror/

Floorballcentral.org claims that Floorball is the best dry-land training for any level Ice Hockey player. And it is perfect to use it in schools too.

We tend to believe that Finland had a similar development - with maybe just a few (1-2) years delay.

Since it is harder, for us here, to figure out the penetration in today's steamy hot Floorball countries like Switzerland and the Czech Republic. We have decided not to study these countries - beside of the fact that we know - Switzerland has performed extremely well last years in Ice Hockey... something you probably already knew.

But - we also know that USA and Canada has almost zero Floorball penetration still (well almost zero at least -). So it is these two extremes that is interesting to compare..

So let us now just do a medal count on the history upon IIHF's males world championships in Ice hockey and see the medal count related to explosive Floorball growth in two countries.

We want to know how Floorball possibly might relate to these medals. So we look only at Sweden and Finland - as being Floorball intense - and USA & Canada as being, well, ... Floorball deprived.

Before 1990 - Floorball was not that common in Finland and Sweden - as it fast grew to much higher levels a bit later.
About in 1995 we are halfway in this process and good maturity in societal Floorball penetration is reached around 1998-2000 - in both Sweden and Finland. So these years we have marked yellow in this the medal count as published by the IIHF below.

48.1982Helsinki, TampereSoviet UnionCzechoslovakiaCanada
49.1983Dortmund, Düsseldorf, MunichSoviet UnionCzechoslovakiaCanada
50.1985PragueCzechoslovakiaCanadaSoviet Union
51.1986MoscowSoviet UnionSwedenCanada
52.1987ViennaSwedenSoviet UnionCzechoslovakia
53.1989Stockholm, SödertäljeSoviet UnionCanadaCzechoslovakia
54.1990Bern, FribourgSoviet UnionSwedenCzechoslovakia
55.1991Turku, TampereSwedenCanadaSoviet Union
56.1992Prague, BratislavaSwedenFinlandCzechoslovakia
57.1993Dortmund, MunichRussiaSwedenCzech Republic
58.1994Bolzano, Val di Fassa, MilanCanadaFinlandSweden
59.1995Stockholm, GävleFinlandSwedenCanada
60.1996ViennaCzech RepublicCanadaUSA
61.1997Helsinki, Turku, TampereCanadaSwedenCzech Republic
62.1998Zürich, BaselSwedenFinlandCzech Republic
63.1999Oslo, Hamar, LillehammerCzech RepublicFinlandSweden
64.2000St. PetersburgCzech RepublicSlovakiaFinland
65.2001Nuremberg, Cologne, HannoverCzech RepublicFinlandSweden
66.2002Gothenburg, Karlstad, JönköpingSlovakiaRussiaSweden
67.2003Helsinki, Turku, TampereCanadaSwedenSlovakia
68.2004Prague, OstravaCanadaSwedenUSA
69.2005Vienna, InnsbruckCzech RepublicCanadaRussia
70.2006RigaSwedenCzech RepublicFinland
71.2007Moscow, St. PetersburgCanadaFinlandRussia
72.2008Quebec, HalifaxRussiaCanadaFinland
73.2009Zürich, BernRussiaCanadaSweden
74.2010Cologne, MannheimCzech RepublicRussiaSweden
75.2011Bratislava, KošiceFinlandSwedenCzech Republic
76.2012Helsinki, StockholmRussiaSlovakiaCzech Republic
77.2013Stockholm, HelsinkiSwedenSwitzerlandUSA

Source IIHF

Before 1990: (Floorball penetration is early and low in Sweden/Finland (6yrs)
USA & Canada wins 5 medals
Sweden & Finland wins 2 medals
(numbers are indeed affected by Soviet dominance - but this affect all the teams we study)

1990-1994 (Floorball is growing very fast in Sweden and Finland) (5yrs)
USA & Canada wins 2 medals
Sweden & Finland wins 7 medals

1995-2000 (Floorball is still growing at a massive pace in Finland/Sweden) (5yrs)
USA & Canada wins 4 medals
Sweden & Finland wins 8 medals

2001-2005 (The Floorball growth is still present in Sweden/Finland but slows to mature and steady levels with very high penetration) (5yrs)
USA & Canada wins 4 medals
Sweden & Finland wins 5 medals

2006-2010 (5yrs)
USA & Canada wins 3 medals
Sweden & Finland wins 8 medals

2011-2014 (3yrs)
USA & Canada wins 1 medal
Sweden & Finland wins 5 medals

Nope You can not base science on this - the numbers are too low to be reliable. But if we worked within hockey - we would serious start to crunch the numbers - game by game - play by play - and measure what happened to the countries with Floorball - compared to the ones that is not on the Floorball train... and doing this year by year...

But on the other side of this same coin...Still over the last three years Sweden and Finland has right now - earned 5 times more medals as compared to the USA & Canada.... together...

Floorballcentral - seriously thinks that Switzerland very possibly will be able to pass USA in the IIHF's ranking list soon - if not USA get their act together and starts to implement Floorball in schools and hockey clubs.

It must be high tide for "A Floorball Development Model" - according to us here.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

12.45 PM Mountain Time - Live Floorball stream USA Nationals - Colorado & the Olympic Training Center

This video starts at 12.45 Sunday mountain time - BE READY!!!!!

Have fun - this is history in the making ;-D

USA Floorball sets a new standard - Tomorrow live streamed Floorball

This post is fully copied and/or "borrowed" straight from the USA Floorball website! This material is under full copyright by USA Floorball.

Photo Adam Troy
We are happy to be able to announce that the final of the National Championships in Colorado will be streamed live on our Solidtango Playchannel.
The game will be broadcast without commentators and will be free to watch.
“It is important to showcase floorballgames in the states and we hope this is the first streamed games of many.” says organizer Anders Buvarp
The final will be played tomorrow Sunday, 21 September at 12:45 PM Mountain Standard Time
Adam Troy via

Strong Development in India

Here, a personal & direct report from our dear friend Mrinal Naugin:

Picture via Dehli Floorball

The Indian Floorball Federation Organised the International Floorball Development Seminar , 3rd Federation Cup ( 20 Teams ) and 9th Junior Nationals ( 36 Teams ) - in which Mr. Sara Vanan from Singapore was present as a trainer and Tournament Observer by IFF. 

This Was the First ever tournament of Floorball in INDIA which was Played in a Indoor Hall at Kehloor Indoor Stadium, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, India. In this tournament Dr. Prabhat Kumar, President, InFF announced a cash prize of Rs.7500/- for the Best players and Rs.5000/- for the Rising Stars in the tournament. 

There was lots of media present and the matches will be televised on the National Sports Channel "DD Sports". And the tournament was ended with an announcement that the senior Nationals in Feburary 2015 will be held in "Tyag Raj Indoor Stadium" which was used in the Common Wealth Games. 

With the Efforts of Dr. Pradeep Singh, Secretary General, InFF this tournament was a Huge Success. 
Final Positions of the Senior Teams Were... 
Men: Section Delhi Madhya Pradesh Uttrakhand 
Women: Section Delhi Himachal Pradesh Uttrakhand 
Individual Prizes 
Men Best Player of the Tournament: Mrinal Naugain ( Delhi ) 
Rising Star of the Tournament: Shivam Gulati ( Delhi ) 
Best Goalie of the Tournament: Anshuman Singh ( Delhi ) 
Women Best Player of the Tournament: Sangeeta Rathi ( Delhi ) 
Best Goalie of the Tournament: Roshini Singh ( Delhi ) 
Junior Section... 
Boys: Punjab Hariyana Jharkhand 
Girls: Himachal Pradesh Punjab Jharkhand

Friday, September 19, 2014

IOC Athlete MOOC

image linked via source at floorball.org

OK, we can say what we want about this IOC Athlete MOOC... But just listen to the acronyms..... This is an organization, administration and burea-crazy department that invented this name.. And this does not come from a market-driven communicative unit... but..
Otherwise the MOOC is fully splendid. Here IOC puts forward a solution that sound like it is a complete educational resource for top level Olympic Athletes.

Let us quote the IFF:
"What is a MOOC? A ‘MOOC’ is a Massive Open Online Course. MOOCs are a popular way to study without attending a school or college. Taking online courses enables students to choose to study when it suits them. "

More? Sure...

Check out the International Floorball Federations full coverage including a video here

OH one more thing - to us here it is smashing news the the International Floorball Federation focus good on what IOC produces - it promise good future deeds for both Floorball and tomorrows Olympic games...

Antique curiosa? Or love with Tennis?

Well,sometimes the sport development takes the most interesting ways...
We know that Tennis people like Roger Federer and the Swedish ATP team's through the years have played tonnes of Floorball...

But this picture we found from the Czech republic must take the top prize? We do not know what this is - but it looks like a love affair between Floorball and Tennis.

cool we say - the picture is found at this URL http://www.720hodin.estranky.cz/img/picture/483/PlayFlorball.jpg

wonder what ball they used?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Salibandyliiga knows marketing (floorball)

Enjoy (or how to use a hockey rink during off season)

and yes Youtube still rocks ;-D

4000 Spectators in a regular league game

image via http://reducandonos.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/4000.jpg

It is clear - Floorball is beyond any doubt - a big spectator sport for the future - We think it is unheard of that local volleyball, basketball or even the largest spectator sports bring in like 4000 in the audience for a regular indoor league game in Sweden.
Floorball is what's next..

The feed from solid tango has not always been the fastest or in the best HD - but we try here again - you must wait out the ads.. via FCH - a club now also acting on twitter in English by the way

Why Finns should go and play floorball in France?

Construction tour eiffel4.JPG
"Construction tour eiffel4". Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

France is among the minor countries practicing floorball in Europe. The national
federation is young, founded only 10 years ago and includes around less than 40 teams scattered all over the country, but mainly in the half northern part of France. Its 1000th licensed player was reached this year.

Floorball in France knows a rapid development nowadays with development of juniors.
The women are competing in a small championship as they gather 5 teams for the
upcoming season. Because of the lack of intense practice (the regular season usually consists of 10 games), a wide number of teams organizes their own tournament, mainly during spring and summer time, as a mean to get additional playing time.
However, those tournaments usually gather the same teams (usually the ones the
closest geographically). Very few foreigner teams have come and played on the French territory, most likely by a lack of knowledge

For the past two years, two Finnish teams from Etelä-Uusimaa (division 4 and division 5) came to France to get a glimpse of French floorball. In both of the cases, I can say that their travel was a complete success for both the Finns and the Frenchs. Not only the Finns have played against the French on the field but they have also enjoyed the local life of cities, that not has known as the capital city, including food and beverages (the beverages, especially ;). On the other side, the French were ecstatic and proud to receive north men from one of the best floorball country in the World on their field. I mean, for the French, Finns are like semi-gods when it comes to Floorball ;)
Summer is naturally the perfect time for Finnish teams to come and visit France, to take part to a floorball tournament experience which include friendly cheerful atmosphere on the field; in the audience and during the evening social activities. Of course, it is a good reason to visit the country and get acquainted with the french culture (e.g. cheap good french wines basically).

The list of the tournaments happening all over the year in France can be found on
You are very welcome to check them and contact the organizers to ask whether a spot would be available for you.
Among all the tournaments, two are peculiarly suited for Finnish teams and rather
different. The first one is the TIFT (Tournoi international de floorball de Tourcoing) which takes place in Tourcoing, near Lille (north of France; 1h by high speed train TGV from Paris) at the end of August. It is the first and only international tournament in France so far. It gathers up to 12 teams from England, Belgium, Luxemburg, Sweden, Czech Republic... The tournament is set in one or two different gymnasiums. The priority is given to foreigners teams and the only French team is usually the organizer, the Tourcoing Nordiques (division 2). If some slots remain free, additional French teams are invited to take part. Besides, if you are lucky, the TIFT can happen the same week-end as “la Grande Braderie” de Lille, a huge yearly event that attracts a million tourists and is worth attending. Besides, it is a great place to try beers, and various specialties from North of France. Football fans may even decide to go and attend local football league team, LOSC, one of the best in France.

The second tournament I would recommend is the OFFestival in Orleans which takes place in early July. Orleans, the city of Joan of Arc, is located one hour South of Paris. By its configuration, the tournament offers a fast pace rhythm with 12*2 games and can gather up to 14 teams. Besides, several activities were added in between such as penalty shots drill, skill drill and shooting drill were added as well as a brilliant diner evening gathering all the teams. Last year was the occasion for Korso based Greasers 2 to come and win the tournament. The captain of Greasers was even interviewed by the french local television on that occasion. Greasers 2 has planned to come to defend its cup next season.

The French are always happy and proud to receive Finnish teams on their soil and to compare skill and discuss different matters also outside the fields. Of course, the level of French floorball is not as high as in Finland therefore those tournaments are more suited to teams from division 4 to division 6. Of course, women players and women teams are also very welcome as often the teams in France include a few individual women playing in the men’s team. I can only suggest Finns to come and enjoy a french week-end of floorball during next
summer 2015 !

Nicolas Kluger

Useful links
French national federation of floorball: http://www.floorball.fr
List of all the floorball tournaments in France: http://floorball.fr/Tournois-Amicaux
OFFestival http://www.offestival.sitew.fr/#Presentation.A
Tourcoing International Floorball Tournament https://www.facebook.com/


This is a great article from a great individual that hands-on work with floorball development.
But we think the subject goes beyond Finns going to France. We think this is an excellent vehicle for French Floorball promotion to all countries. We think this is excellent modelling of behavior. We think people from many countries should break a border and go to France or why not somewhere else..too. This is how we spread Floorball - this is how we grow Floorball. Skip a silly beach vacation go and play Floorball instead. Irrespective of the vine or other things they have at places - and nope we do not think about some recreational stuff they offer in Colorado for instance - hepp.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The IFF President speaks Olympic Games on national radio

The gist is that the World Games is a door opener to the big Olympics for Floorball...
And IOC members are invited to #WFC2014

The interview is done in Swedish - feel free to use an online translated service for the text - you get the most for a full translated version - let us hope IFF will release a translated version soon..

Source material

This sounds rather good...


well what do you think?

We here think - yes, a bit too far away from floorball...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Frozen sport news from Vancouver

"The world of skill development for young hockey players is constantly evolving and Greg Beaudin, founder of the B.C. Floorball Federation and president of Modern Hockey, thinks his game is about to become an integral part of how ice hockey players train and improve their fundamentals."

Wanna read the rest - be our guest!

The dominant league SSL just started..

..And TV4 in Sweden had coverage from both games Mullsjo - wins versus AIK and Storvreta denies Vaxjo...
The new National TV magazine looked like this - hey it is open to be seen here too - cool enough for us even its more talk than action.. and yes that is the Canadian coach too David Jansson...

Last year it looked like this in the final game...

One of the best tweets we ever tossed together

Hands-on instruction - it looks like this

And yes this tweet reached many times the normal number of top floorball game spectators...
It was positive and gave positive credits to Storvreta that is doing something good - and it was written in English...

Gretzky Hockey School must be the best one ever

Some specific Hockey folks told us - no we do NOT have time for Floorball...

Well Gretzky had plenty of time.. for Floorball too


Monday, September 15, 2014

Floorball research?

Is in full swing at the countries where Floorball fast has grown to become a dominant sport...
And it covers areas from medicine, psychology, education, gender developments, rehab and more..

This page just shows the current research in Sweden

Yup you must run a translation to grasp what they are up to..

The subject we want to be researched? Well, we have said it before - what is the impact on Ice Hockey developments - if you have broad and deep penetration of Floorball in school?

To us the answer is obvious - we're just asking for the proof - the researched proof ;-D

Sunday, September 14, 2014

ALS Ice bucket Swedish Floorball

and they challenge Finland, The Czechs and Switzerland

of course they do that in Swedish.... a marketing parody perhaps?

History has taught many lessons

It taught us that what we do at places and in time - either by a majority - or by leadership...
Well... generations to come will not always like what was done.

Several Witch-hunts in Europe is probably a good example of this
Wikimedia commons provided this file link
Then you can come up with your own ideas of bad things humanity has done - not only in time but between different line of thoughts too... OK so things changes over time and ideas evolve right. But many of the poor people behind what most of us think is utterly bad - most likely thought they did the right thing.

This is why change is important to many parts of the society (if not all).

OK, but what the heck has this to do with a Floorball blog?

Hm. our thesis is that Floorball is a much better activity for many kids. It is cost-efficient, relative safe, inclusive, fun, motivational and burns tonnes of calories.
Then it does not mainly focus on brute force but more on dexterity (skill-developments).

Change is a hard thing for most people - but the day change has happened some things might be seen in a different light and that could possibly be true for Floorball too?

Let's see.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

OK we hoped for more live games to be re-casted here

But it seems like the postings at IFF's YouTube channel are gone... or is it just us that can not find em"?

Do not know - but it looks sadly enough like no live Sweden - Finland games re casted here for tomorrow...

we will be back..soon.

All Swedish Hockey players - played Floorball as kids

Do we need to repeat?

And yes - where is Sweden ranked by IIHF?

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!