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VJ Stanley - an authority that understands American sports

Stanley is brilliant - with his blog: frozen shorts. We have reposted his material here before..
Today we'll do it again today - with his humble permission..

Adult Schedule Olympics:
For those of you who have followed my blogs you probably saw this one coming
a mile away. In the course of my attending over 2000 youth and high school
sporting events, a constant theme has started to emerge. Parents are complaining
about their hectic youth, club, and high school sports child delivery service. Some
combination of all four mixed together has produced a new psychological status
paradigm. I call it the “My schedule is so much tougher than yours Olympics.”
I have written and talked about the “keep up with the Jones mentality pervasive
in youth and high school sports. ( and society) There is an idea and strong belief
that if I don’t do all these things for and with my children they will fall behind
the other kids, and then there life will somehow be change dramatically for the
worse, forever. (Or at least the parents and coaches are convinced of this)

Nonstop, at almost every single event that I attend in my “fly on the wall” mode
I hear this refrain constantly. “My son/daughter has to be at this event at this
time or another. Then I have to go take them to another one the same day in
another city, or hurry back from there to play another game in their hometown.
Next weekend I have to be in three places at once, so my spouse and I won’t see
each other all weekend.” Whoa is me. Look at all I am doing for my kids, Not to
be outdone, another parent chimes in with their schedule, and it is ALWAYS more
hectic than the first parents lament. And when the schedules can’t be ramped
up any higher the amount of money is brought up. They never say exactly how
much they are spending. A simple statement rattled off listing ALL the places,
equipment, and teams that they are involved in so you have no doubt that they
are under a lot of stress and financial burden.

Then the Gold medal entry comes in. “Well I wish that was all WE had to do for
our son. We had to take him to a Sports Orthopedic surgeon (Insert Dr. name for
status purposes only). Then we had to take him to a personal trainer (insert first
name ONLY of trainer for status purposes) and then he went for Physical therapy.

Well it does not have to be that way. The race they are being told that they
are falling behind does not exist. In actuality, all that running around, is
probably causing their child to be fatigued. This fatigue actually hinders a
child’s development and makes the child more susceptible to injury. Also,
psychologically, when a child feels the pressure to do all these things because
they HAVE to and not because they want to, their desire and passion fade, it
becomes a tedious job.

Lastly the data points to rest being a crucial part of a child’s athletic
development, and all the travel, multiple teams, and multiple events tires children
The very stress that the parents are complaining about for them is actually
happening to their children on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. How ironic.
The idea that you can try and mimic what you THINK top athletes are doing and
have your child become an elite athlete and not be just a weaker copied version
is inaccurate. While expecting professional results from this process is misguided
at best and certainly has the potential to be very unhealthy children are not being
allowed to be children.

At Frozen Shorts our organic holistic balanced way for a child to develop is less
costly financially, physically, and mentally. The journey taken through the F.S.L.M. is more long term lasting, healthier, and of course my favorite, more fun!

Read all stories from Frozen shorts at
it is fire in the right direction - whatever sport U do!
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