Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sports are wonderful - a declaration

Some people find joy in dressing up their hands with gloves and beat up other people - fist first - some even do it with no gloves. Some people put helmets on their heads and run head first into others and walls... Some folks call it contact sports.

We here like lightweight balls flying at incredible speeds - balls that is hard to control and demand a lots of speed and co-operation with your team mates to get it all right... and it is though....
We call this Floorball - a modern breed of a more peaceful and fun way to get a good work-out - that works indecently well for kids too.

You should both join and notice us now when we still have spots available :-)

And this is - more or less - all we have to say

;-D tonite!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Two American Sports headed to the Olympics?

"Appearing in the World 

Games is seen as the first step 

on the road to inclusion in the 


 IWGA has just included Lacrosse (we do not have to explain more to Americans) and Floorball... & They did not include kick-boxing and...

Floorball is Floorball American?

These roots looks utterly American to us - right?

IWGA and Floorball what is this? - well these sites describe what is boiling much better that we do here...
or this

You did not see this one coming huh?
- well we did

Fiction Floorball Best Seller to hit the World

A Swedish sport Classic.
A fiction novel on Floorball - going English?
With your help?

Global Floorball Crowdfunding?!!! Go for IT!

Read by thousands of kids in Sweden
The first book in the series InnebandyPiraterna was published in november 2009, written by Swedish Floorball journalist Sölve Dahlgren. It has since been followd by two more books with a fourth to be published in november 2014. Ever since the first book came out there have been requests from players around the world - when can we read the books?

Then name InnebandyPiraterna (Pirates of Floorball) is taken from a company that founds Floorball World Tour, FWT, a global tour with tournaments in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

In the first book we meet a Swedish junior team in Helsingborg playing their last season as juniors and will soon be taking the step to senior level - and then the team will be shattered. They read about the new Floorball World Tour and decide to start a journey together. Anton, Emil and the others dream of playing professional floorball. This will be a tough struggle, both on and off the field.

The books have been very popular in Sweden, selling thousands of copies and attracting readers in libraries and schools. Primarily aimed at kids age 10-18, but the book has also been popular among parents that never had the chance to read a floorball novel when they were young.
Support this to be more #floorballwithoutborders NOW

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Notice of Overload

We just very fast entered another phase here...

This means blogging will turn sparse maybe even non-existent for the closest fore-see-able future.

If time allows - we will be back asap... Hold Out.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Future Sport Development...

Basic understanding for how things work...
Wikimedia commons - Creative commons

So you take the old regular light bulb - you look at it and realize that the price is a few cents.
Then you look at the latest LED lamps - with its own phone app - to set the light exactly - the way you want. This fairly new product represents a completely different set of value and is sold for 50-60 dollars a piece.

So with some new technology and software integrated into an old product - to create new ways to use this product - the value sky rockets.

No this is not only about lamps. Cars used to be fairly dumb too. Now Google have self-driving cars on the road - and many car manufacturers work with other systems for autonomous driving. This means that the value of the car will rise - but also the amount of software dedicated to each car will just increase. And with higher value for the buyer - the seller can ask for a higher price... And down the road since software can cheaply be copied - the production cost for this software will dwindle as it goes into production - at the same time - true software development might not follow in that path.

All in all. It seems like this development is inevitable since many market forces and the economy most likely will support this development..

But as said this is not about light bulbs - it is not about cars - it is about how software will end up in all stupid products we have to create new massive value.

So we say this will happen to Floorball too - and we think the sport first out with software deeply integrated into its product will gain a clear upper hand over all other sports.
You can not just sit there and wait. You must figure out - what your plan is - how do you want software to develop Floorball so this product may offer more value for the consumer?

We had the pleasure to read an amazing article on this at Forbes on what Steve Jobs said a few years back - we think this is right on the spot. And, yes sports are mentioned too..

Read it - its not only good - but crucial if you want to grasp the future of sport development.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A tourney that puts London and Paris plus Holland and Poland on the map...

We like this - & and U know what our readers like this too

OK not that super early US hours here is another one with Paris up on the ballot..

If US open would ship us some links - we most likely would post that too - :-) But of course - that promotional endavour - is fully up to them ...

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Europeans will go live again with Hockey 2.0

OK almost only 3 hours left til the next game..

The Dutch team UC seems to do very good indeed

Did we not say the UC Faceoff from Holland is doing very good - here is the male version against Paris

And here some Sharks from London against the home team from Poland

And even if we could not post games like this last night - these live games seems to be very popular in our statistics - just so U know ;-D

How to drink - when playing Floorball

By Sivasankar (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0
via Wikimedia Commons
First, if you drink the night before - drink water.

Second, if you expect us to tell you what to drink when U play Floorball - look somewhere else. We think you should be old enough to figure out yourself what is good for you.

Vitamins, electrolytes, colors? We ourselves think just pure tap water is good enough - but the most important thing is that U decide yourself and do not listen to someone that wants to sell U some junk.

But we learned early on in our Floorball career that the bottle you drink from is almost as important... as what U drink.

Many of the custom made bottles we used was not good. They were almost always not big enough... so a few years down the road we started to use 2 liter used coke bottles or sprite bottles and some folks even thought we drank soda as we played... Crazy nutz.

As we started this it did not take long until the funny guy on the team brought a used plastic vodka bottle filled with water to impress and get a laugh - and yes, he did.

The big 2 liter bottles worked good - not in the sense that we drank all the water - but we could moderate the use and get enough - as we did not use commercial available small funky bottles - that never held enough water...

So what is next?
Well we do think at many levels in Floorball - you should look at the opportunity to scare the other team a bit - as a tactical unit to win the game - and this could include your teams drinking habit too. So why not equip your team with a full set of one gallon gas/petrol containers?
Red plastic - haul em' in show em' around - be bold - and drink from them (water of course) - just to make the other team feel a bit fearful. Mark the containers 102 octane or something?!

But if you are first - we are sure others will follow - and we guess  #Oxdog would most likely agree on that too ;-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More Floorball - 5 hrs left as we post - full day of live Floorball

Yesterday we saw a team from Paris playing good... today 4 games are up from Europe...

London Sharks is up next against Holland right?

And a team sponsored by Nokia...

And a team with home advantage from Poland..

VJ Stanley - an authority that understands American sports

Stanley is brilliant - with his blog: frozen shorts. We have reposted his material here before..
Today we'll do it again today - with his humble permission..

Adult Schedule Olympics:
For those of you who have followed my blogs you probably saw this one coming
a mile away. In the course of my attending over 2000 youth and high school
sporting events, a constant theme has started to emerge. Parents are complaining
about their hectic youth, club, and high school sports child delivery service. Some
combination of all four mixed together has produced a new psychological status
paradigm. I call it the “My schedule is so much tougher than yours Olympics.”
I have written and talked about the “keep up with the Jones mentality pervasive
in youth and high school sports. ( and society) There is an idea and strong belief
that if I don’t do all these things for and with my children they will fall behind
the other kids, and then there life will somehow be change dramatically for the
worse, forever. (Or at least the parents and coaches are convinced of this)

Nonstop, at almost every single event that I attend in my “fly on the wall” mode
I hear this refrain constantly. “My son/daughter has to be at this event at this
time or another. Then I have to go take them to another one the same day in
another city, or hurry back from there to play another game in their hometown.
Next weekend I have to be in three places at once, so my spouse and I won’t see
each other all weekend.” Whoa is me. Look at all I am doing for my kids, Not to
be outdone, another parent chimes in with their schedule, and it is ALWAYS more
hectic than the first parents lament. And when the schedules can’t be ramped
up any higher the amount of money is brought up. They never say exactly how
much they are spending. A simple statement rattled off listing ALL the places,
equipment, and teams that they are involved in so you have no doubt that they
are under a lot of stress and financial burden.

Then the Gold medal entry comes in. “Well I wish that was all WE had to do for
our son. We had to take him to a Sports Orthopedic surgeon (Insert Dr. name for
status purposes only). Then we had to take him to a personal trainer (insert first
name ONLY of trainer for status purposes) and then he went for Physical therapy.

Well it does not have to be that way. The race they are being told that they
are falling behind does not exist. In actuality, all that running around, is
probably causing their child to be fatigued. This fatigue actually hinders a
child’s development and makes the child more susceptible to injury. Also,
psychologically, when a child feels the pressure to do all these things because
they HAVE to and not because they want to, their desire and passion fade, it
becomes a tedious job.

Lastly the data points to rest being a crucial part of a child’s athletic
development, and all the travel, multiple teams, and multiple events tires children
The very stress that the parents are complaining about for them is actually
happening to their children on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. How ironic.
The idea that you can try and mimic what you THINK top athletes are doing and
have your child become an elite athlete and not be just a weaker copied version
is inaccurate. While expecting professional results from this process is misguided
at best and certainly has the potential to be very unhealthy children are not being
allowed to be children.

At Frozen Shorts our organic holistic balanced way for a child to develop is less
costly financially, physically, and mentally. The journey taken through the F.S.L.M. is more long term lasting, healthier, and of course my favorite, more fun!

Read all stories from Frozen shorts at
it is fire in the right direction - whatever sport U do!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What about some live Floorball ACTION from Europe?

Here is two games for you - via IFF... it is like 9 hours to go for the first one...

If you click the start button u will see when it starts - but it is one morning game for us in Americas..

Also we r sorry - but the late notification - but hey do not blame us - u have to search to find sometimes... ;-/

Just in via Twitter - A new pure Chinese Floorball brand?

We do not know more than this and that the brandname is rockwind... via Kelvin Koh.

The anatomy of small area hockey games

If you read the magazine USA Hockey - you in a heartbeat will be convinced that small area games is good for Hockey. And you do not have to be either a Rocket Scientist or Einstein to figure out why small area games is good for hockey.
It is just basic facts that a tight area will present all players with more puck contacts - so the ratio of puck per player will just increase. This means you have the component of fun play (motivation) mixed into almost the same level of puck contact as during more boring drills (but not long lines of players waiting to do the drill).
But this is not all, a small area game also creates a faster game since the other players come much more closer to you - and you will have much less time until another player is in your face. The whole thing of the small area - steal in principle dead transport times from the game and increase the amount of intense plays per minute - something that naturally drive skill developments.

Then - if we play with kids - kids are smaller and no adults. To accommodate for their size and give them a sheet of ice that is in line with their size and abilities - not only provides them with more realistic forms of the sport - it is just a better way of training. To see 8-10 year old play full ice hockey is just a sad over-kill that only shows how ignorant the coaches are.

It is however our opinion that cross-ice is superior to the idea to just move the nets closer on the ice, since cross-ice presents rebounds from the boards behind the nets - something that just will enhance the playing action.
We have also seen another form of 3 on 3 hockey - using only one goalie and a blue line - that indeed creates a new form of the game - it is good. But the idea of fast turn-overs are gone - so from our perspective as some sort of a drill benefit - we say cross ice must be much more efficient - without travel loops over the blue - and just the straight flow back and forth with realistic small area turn-overs and full action.
If you play cross ice with a goalie or not - depends if you have goalies available - but with no goalie you should use smaller nets..

In reality it does not matter if some old hockey guru in the USA is said to have invented small area training in 197x- cold something. Or if small areas games - just is Swedish Floorball transcended onto the ice. The way they often play Floorball with small nets over there.. What matter is that if U grasp the ideas on how to improve hockey as a game.

In Ice hockey it is fairly hard to move the boards to get a very small rink to play on. But we have seen a few such rinks. This is the optimal way to play small area games since the puck will come at you all the time from both players and close by boards in all directions.

For Floorball as a support sport for Hockey - it is very easy to arrange the boards and in 10 minutes build a small area game to play on. To quick have a tight rink set up that will provide re-bounds from close range in all directions. But this is not the only benefit for Hockey players.
The interface between the Floorball ball and the plastic Floorball stick is often more developed than the more clumsy hockey stick and the puck. Exactly why this is we do not know to 100%. But you do not have to watch many stick-handing drills to get this impression. We suspect that the flow of the Floorball Ball on the floor - with less friction (than a puck on the ice). A Floorball stick can also move faster since it weigh less than a hockey stick. Also the balance in a Floorball stick is different since it is significant shorter. All these are components that makes stick-handling with a Floorball stick way more fluent as compared to hockey stick drills on ice or with "golf" or other practice balls.

So if small area hockey games are good for Hockey - and we agree. We say that Floorball and small area Floorball games bring yet more benefits and anothe speed dimension to the hockey players table. The kids will not only play small area games - Floorball also brings an even faster form of the game forth - with yet even faster and more fluent stick handling. But as the very light Floorball ball also travel faster than the puck, and at times bounce in very unexpected ways - well the stress in the speed that Floorball offers Hockey players - can be nothing but good.
And that what we want to read about, in the USA Hockey Magazine too.

By the way;
The countries with the world's highest Floorball penetration in schools - are today ranked first and second by the IIHF in Ice Hockey

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Falun and Pixbo sweep Czech Open 2014

Falun wins Male elite

Pixbo the Female Elite....

PE secrets from around the Midwest... upon roots to the future

This patent from 1952 paved away for Pickleball, Floor Hockey and Floorball.

This patent describes not only the ball - but also the machine and process to produce the ball. This patent was first typed up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Other patents for earlier inventors did strive in the same direction. But this is the patent that defines the ball with the numbers of holes and the placements of holes, and how to make them, as we today find them in schools, or for indoor games of Pickleball - and it is the main ball design for Floorball.

This is how it looked 50 years ago in Battle Creek Michigan as the initial rules for "Floorball" or the Cosom Safe T-play Ball was used and developed in schools...

Early versions used a soft puck indoors and the Fun Ball outdoors... Modern Floorball does look a bit different with more modern equipment and rules But these sticks started what is called Innebandy in Sweden and Unihockey in Switzerland etcetera...

In America, Cosom Fun T-Play hockey soon developed into Floor Hockey and other versions. In Europe Floorball came to life through the American inventions of the plastic curved stick and the classic Cosom Fun-ball.

Secrets - what did you mean in the headline secrets?
OK, here are a few hints - and why both Pickleball and Floorball ties very good to the upper Midwest.
Did you know that the Cosom Fun ball is one of the balls approved for play as you play pickleball? Well it is... and it was invented in... yep.
But Floorball?
Floorball is not only seen as an awesome sport to fight obesity in schools - just ask the Dallas Stars (their program will run for 185.000 K-5 school kids 2014/2015), floorball is also seen as a good tool to be used as dry-land training for Hockey players - all shapes and ages... Yes, Gretzky Hockey School used it everyday this summer.
But this is what you indeed also - must know - Floorball is a dominant school sport in northern Europe (Sweden's largest indoor sport). Floorball is also on track towards the summer Olympics - and will be featured in an Asian multi-sport event in 2015 - called the SEA Games (South East Asian). It is like we would have Floorball in the Pan American games, here in America. Yep, and in Asia, they removed some traditional - and an Asian sport too - to have room for Floorball...
Yes Floorball is also a full fledged Special Olympics sport recognized by the Special Olympics International (we hope to see some American teams soon... ).

Good secrets huh?
Ok one more thing - if you look to the right side on this page you notice KUBB, that we support here too. And yes already there are a few schools in the Midwest that use Kubb in PE. We support Kubb since it is a nice outdoor activity - but it is not much geared towards fitness. Kubb's current secret - is - if we are not too misinformed - it is to be featured on PBS in not a too distant future.. We may only figure the rest. It is a fun game that involves basic math and strategy - plus skills.

Wrap up Floorball and Pickleball both have deep Midwestern roots. Floorball is an Olympic contender as a teamsport and countries that have it deep into their school systems are shamelessly good at Ice Hockey (Sweden and Finland ranks top in the world by the IIHF). Kubb is about to be featured on TV, we think, and since many people in the Midwest immigrated from Scandinavia - well Kubb connects here too.

Comments are open.

Roots are in place.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Conflict-affected children in Buenos Aires play Floorball

IFF posted this to their Facebook - we love this even if the main article linked to is in Spanish.. Here an embedded Facebook post we borrowed from the IFF.
Conflict-affected children in Buenos Aires play Floorball

Twitter Trix - Never try to measure your soul

Floorballcentral has the impression that news are not always news these days. Old impressive news brands has turned into a chase of traffic - online traffic. This means that good quality examining news has been replaced with the most odd stories - but the things that most people like to read about (quantity news). This can be both good and bad - from our own perspective it turns obvious that quality news has been replaced by quantity news... or that the quality news ends up behind pay walls. We say this without any further reference connected to Floorball. But we do not like this general news "development"...trend.

This kind of IDEA picture works good on Twitter
Floorballcentral is at times doing fairly good on Twitter as @Ulfjens Floorball and we have earlier revealed some of the tools we work with, here.
We have stated that we like an app called unfollowme that help us toss out accounts that does not follow us back. The idea behind this is that a balanced bi-directional network is much stronger than old mass medial networks - that mainly works in one old direction.. and to modern standards this must be seen non-social and off the wall.

Ok, recently we dove into the functionality that Twitter Analytics offer - and over a night our Tweets hit new wild records in many different ways. We also started to use a plug-in from Twitter counter that rate each single tweet in terms of its performance... and also gives specific instructions on how to improve these tweets - its a new tool,,,
We also found this at thenextweb

OK so here we offer all People on Twitter for Floorball a full free toolbox to improve all the tweets - we do. OK...

But it is also here we want to stop - hesitate a bit and conclude a few things.. If we use all these sets of tools maybe we are heading in the same direction as online news. Maybe we in the chase for the perfect tweet start to not only measure our tweets soul - but maybe we are digging in the wrong direction. We do not like tweets without soul. We do not like too much measurements - even if it seems to work. We prefer to like authenticity. Even if this at times not score that very high.

So right now our twitter activity for Floorball is maybe at a cross road?
Should we really measure all tweets we do? Probably not. Should we fully ignore all the tools there is for the perfect tweet? Probably not... Most likely it is best to balance tweets a bit..

But this is what we know right now:
Our 11 largest Followers all have above 1 Million followers. Only one generation away from our own tweets our network has the potential currently to reach millions and millions of people.. The pace of our tweeting is rated as very good. We have an incomparable very strong presence in Saudi & Kuwait. But that area of the world are famous for a high twitter presence and following as well as a strong soccer culture so no wonder they are interested in Floorball too. As we use Images in Tweets the engagements jumps up INDEED.
We should however have many more "penpals on Twitter" as it is very good for our cause. Many sources claim that we must put a PLS RT in every Floorball tweet but we feel it to be a bit obnoxious... 3% of our followers are from California... etcetera etcetera..
But the main lesson right now is probably this - We must use our heart and we must be a bit careful with starring too much on numbers and statistics - or we risk ending up with a twitter stream on "news" that only has value for a target group - we do not want to target. Twitter is extremely complex and continuously we are surprised about tweets that works - or tweets that do not work - and we not understand why... but u know that is fine..
Two things are however set in stone - we will not buy one single follower - and we will never schedule tweets to occur at the right time of the day... We think the globe needs tweets 24/7 on Floorball - so why would we move our tweets to top European hours?

Have fun with that link above - please write to us on Twitter and pls RT as often as you may - for Floorball.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Tribute to Eric Anderson - with Love

This post has nothing to do with Floorball - at the same time it has everything to do with Floorball - this is about KUBB. And sports devotion in the USA.

Picture stolen from Eric Andersons Facebook
We do not have to explain the game of Kubb - if you see our sponsor section below, well we have been supporting it for a long time... - you can find the rest online. But we have to explain what Eric A has done and why we love him...

Some years ago he started KUBB in the Midwest. He was able to make it grow - way more than what Floorball has been able to. Eric used compassion, sponsors, local connections - and year after year new tournaments showed up - he was on a roll and also on local radio. Mr Anderson finally started the main US National Kubb Championship, Skills grew. The community became involved - He was a wizard.
He was even able to get KUBB into the school system at places in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. This year his efforts turned into a test Midwest Kubb league..

Eric is a true frontier pioneer - he is the individual able to introduce Americans to new sports - new adventures.
But this is not the full story - did you see that we wrote skills grew.... Well people in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa developed new technologies as the "drill". Team became seriously good. The last rock n' roll move by Eric and his friends is to get the Swedish American Institute in MNPLS involved in a Kubb tourney - finally things what Scandinavians do today and not what they did 100+ years ago.
(Yeah - no that Institute has not lifted a finger for Floorball yet - even if it was first invented in MNPLS - and happens to be the largest Swedish indoor sport in Sweden today.... Funny indeed huh..?) They will wake up one day to a more modern picture we hope...

Well, let us get back to Eric. He formed his team and went to the World Kubb Championships in Sweden a few days ago... The played as well as only Americans can do.
They ended up in the finals - Eric - was elected MVP in that final - the team from the USA won silver in the 2014 Sweden.
No-one else in America - is doing what Eric is doing for modern Swedish culture in America... Are sponsors a...sleep?

Eric You R worth every moment of your trip - Eric we wish two things - A) You all the wellness in the world - and B) that You play a bit more Floorball!!

WHO is on fire? IN EC?


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TeamUp - new revolutionary social idea - Sports, Sponsors & Fans!

There is a new buzz in Finland's sport world. There is a new way to connect Sport Athletes and Sport teams (Including the Finnish Olympic Team and Happee Floorball) with both Sponsors and Fans - on social media - that is truly revolutionary, new, and it may change the game.

Floorballcentral checked in with Donna Kivirauma Co-founder and CEO at, TeamUp:

We formed our company August 31st 2012. My first idea was to make a kick-starter for sports, we called it SportsConnect, but the Finnish government quickly said no. They did not allow crowd funding in Finland. I thought about it more and decided that I wanted TeamUp to be more than a crowd-funding site. I wanted it to be a place where everyone could win and it wouldn't be a place that said -"hey help me reach my goal without an on-going relationship". I also saw the challenges facing sponsors in getting full measurable value from the sponsor deals.

I started looking at social media very critically and saw how so many launched without a business model. Because of that they have all done the same thing, sold their user's content and private information and put ads on their pages and feeds. The idea of doing that did not sit well with me even though it has worked for them. How could I not have a plan to sustain my company? Twitter lived off of investor money for many many years. Facebook advertising works, but at the expense of the user's privacy and I didn't like that you have to pay to reach your own following. Finally, I thought about sponsorship with more than 38 billion being spent on sponsorship and how difficult it is for the brands to get clear measurable results. A sponsorship platform was needed in social media. Sponsorship is the most effective way to emotionally connect with your customer. Brands and talents want to be in social media to reach their audience, but no one had developed anything that would specifically enhance the sponsorship relationship or improve social media marketing beyond pop-up ads and banner ads. If you think about internet marketing that is all there is. People are sick of it.

So TeamUp was born. A community that from the beginning had a purpose, strong core values, and a sustainable business model.

1) If Floorballcentral asked you to describe TeamUp in 95-110 characters (the most effective tweets on twitter) what would you write?

"a community of amazing people where their fans can feel like they are a part of what makes them great." or "the best place to discover, follow and support sports teams, athletes, musicians, and artists."

2) What is TeamUp's mission?

We want to build a community that is the best way to support and sponsor talented individuals and groups.
But we also have a TeamUp Philosophy: We believe in order to make a difference in people's lives and leave the world a better place that everyone must give back more than they receive. Everything we do facilitates this for the talents, fans, businesses, TeamUp partners and TeamUppers.

3) Tell us something about your company's long term vision?

Our long term vision is to be the replacement of Facebook for athletes, sports teams and the entertainment sector. We expect that everyone will be in TeamUp because everyone knows someone who is a talent that they would like to support. We also believe that TeamUp will be a bridge between nations. Sports, music, and art is a universal language and is what helps us to connect and understand each other.

4) If we say that crowd funding is interesting since it is built around the concept that fans or supporters - fund or contribute to a cause, idea or even a product. TeamUp looks a bit like this - with the main difference that you divide the fans into two parts sponsors and fans. Could you make a comment upon this comparison?

You are right! We didn't want a pure crowd-funding site. We wanted it to feel more like a social site where people could spend time getting to know the talent and really feel like they are a part of what makes them great, helping to build their social network, purchasing their fan items and cheering for them along the way. No one in TeamUp gets to stick their hand out for a donation. We wanted the daily interaction of knowing what it takes to strive for a goal and sometimes reach it and sometimes fall short. Personally, I have been highly inspired on a daily basis reading the updates of the talents. This follows our core value of giving back more than you take. TeamUp is designed so that giving is natural. We also wanted as part of the transparency to identify the sponsors and their role in enabling the success of the talent. Even though identified separately, in TeamUp the fan and the sponsor are on the same side of supporting the talent. All of this facilitates the natural bonding that will take place between a fan and a sponsor.

5) Is TeamUp a propriety sole standing ecosystem? What is good with this? Or do you plan to integrate other social systems with functionality inside of TeamUp. And if it is a propriety system - is that not also a big risk to take - since humans can only be members of so many social networks and apps at the same time?

We made a new platform because we didn't like how marketing was done in other platforms and we wanted to be able to "connect" or combine related profiles together to make it easier for people to follow their passion. Many sports teams have made their own apps, but we feel that by being in TeamUp it is like having your own app without users needing multiple apps to follow their passion. So in this regard we can reduce the number of apps a person needs. People are passionate about many things so our platform allows them to have the one place to follow their passion in sports, music, art and other entertainment. Right now Facebook is the defacto place where everyone is. We plan to be the defacto place where sports and entertainment lives.

We have built an API to TeamUp and would very much like to work with partners who match our core values. We have widgets that can be installed on any website that bring TeamUp feed or fan ranking. We also have made it possible for updates to be easily shared from TeamUp to Facebook or Twitter.

Media Dump Windows Phone of TeamUp! app

6) We know that social media migrates more towards phones. So when will TeamUp have a full range of phone apps available?

As you probably already know we have the Windows phone app. Thanks to Microsoft, Nokia and Appcampus. We definitely plan to have a full suite of apps.
Our benefits are a great way to deliver offers especially on mobile and can be used as daily offers if wanted.

7) As a true beginner on TeamUp I find that there is a learning curve involved to understand how it all works. Any thoughts from you on the learning curve for new social tools on the web?

We have known that we have made something very complex. We have thought this through from the very beginning and we wanted, as Steve Jobs would say,"to do things differently."In doing so, we know we have made something that takes time to learn fully. If you think about Facebook and how long they have been around, many people still do not understand how most things work and how the marketing works. We value transparency so we have endless explanations for everything in our support site.

8) How does TeamUp make money on its service? And is the service profitable today?

The service is 100% free for the sports teams, entertainers, athletes etc. and always will be. 100% free for the fans too. The businesses can either make a free profile (this enables a sports team to easily invite all of their sponsors to join) or they subscribe to one of the paid profiles. We have been told by marketing agencies that our prices are laughably cheap. That is part of keeping the balance of the ecosystem. We want every business to be able to come to TeamUp and support talents, so we are after the volume business. Once in TeamUp to gain visibility and earn brand points a company must sponsor talents. This is what creates the win-win for the community.
For the U.S market the prices to buy a business profile are $259 a month, $659 a month or $999 a month with discounts for annual payments. There is also the free business profile. Prices are affordable for every company. The added benefit is that the costs are fixed so that a company can make unlimited sponsor deals with talents, make unlimited benefits, collect unlimited following and reach 100% of them. Transparency with no surprises!! We are not profitable yet, but we are earning money every month. We had income a full year before we launched. We have had many companies in Finland buy the 5,500 Euro a year profile from us before the launch because they wanted to be first.

9) Tell us a little about the reception of TeamUp in Finland?

Finland has been loving TeamUp. Every business and talent we have talked to has said things like, "This is just what has been needed", "You are geniuses", etc. Finland in general though is slow to use new social media. Twitter is just now taking hold in Finland. We knew that when we opened up first here. It is a culture that is very reserved and does not value bragging or making yourself stand out. Because of the easy access in Finland to the talents we have been working with some of the top sports teams, The Finnish Olympic team, and a few of the most famous musicians just to name a few.
Once the U.S starts to join TeamUp we expect all of Finland will join. We now have more than 370 talents, 65 sponsors, and almost 5000 fans. Not a lot but we are expecting the numbers to grow considerably this fall.

10) Now as you are ready to take on the USA - can the different sporting landscape with most sports tied to schools instead of to own clubs be a challenge for TeamUp?

I think that it is a positive not a challenge. Facebook got started at Harvard and I am eager to see which school will be the first to take up TeamUp. I am already in talks with the University of Houston, my alma mater, and have talked to L.S.U. where I ran track back in the 70's on the first modern day L.S.U. track team...yes I am dating myself now. :-) We have some unique features in TeamUp that makes the community very attractive for schools beyond the value points stated above(remove since the value point question was taken out). Imagine a group profile for say UH. The athletics department can link their profile, the music department, the art department, their alumni association and on and on. It is a great way to communicate with their students, faculty, alumni and other stakeholders and showcase all that goes on in the University where all community members contribute. Our unique feature of how the profiles are connected (with patent pending) makes social media very easy. No hash tags needed, group member updates go automatically to the group profile. Alumni can connect more emotionally to individual talent at a University that will lead to more giving. It is a fact that if you can gain a personal connection to someone then you are more likely to support. Students can see the accomplishments across the campus and follow what goes on at their University thus building a stronger tie to the school. Brand-building is made much easier in TeamUp because of the collaborative nature of the profiles.

11) Can anyone start with TeamUp - from the biggest NFL team - to the smallest little local Floorball Club? Any restrictions whatsoever?

No restrictions and we want everyone here. We do proof all talent and business profiles before they are made public, but everyone is welcome and talent is in the eye of the beholder. :-) We let the community decide who they want to follow and support. Also, if you think about it most companies in the U.S are small businesses, more than 18 million of them, and it is them who support the local youth and high school teams. Also, local musicians and artists are supported by them too. We see TeamUp as a safe place to put your young son or daughter's floorball team and provide value for those wonderful local businesses who support the team, more than a logo on the back of the shirt. If you ask these businesses about the support, they will say it is a donation not a real marketing opportunity. A young team can promote their generous sponsors within their network and beyond. Also, imagine the cheers and positive support from the team fans for the youngsters. Parents can share pictures and videos in their cheers for the entire team to enjoy. Also, family members far away can follow their grandchild, niece or nephew more easily.

For the biggest teams like the NFL, NBA, NSL, MLB, NHL, etc. (sorry for leaving some out) the stakes are even greater. In down times sponsorship is cut and social media is cut. We wanted to raise both to the main stream marketing instead of where it sits relegated to its own area that gets cut more and more because the value is not fully realized nor is either fully monetized. This helps to protect a sports teams sponsorship revenue and we believe will increase the revenue.
BTW, the $999 profile that is not released yet will have a special shop. This will allow a business to run a web shop that does not show up in their own profile, but shows up in the talents they have sponsor deals with. For example, Nike can run a shop, handle the logistics, but the shop would show up in the sport team's shop as " A shop that supports us." Buying is direct from Nike, but your team gets credit with Nike for the purchase.

12) How big is this market you aim for - any ideas?

The world is our market. TeamUp is for everyone.

And hey from us at Floorballcentral - it is a delight to see that our old fav Team Happee Floorball (best in the world on Floorball marketing) has gone full in with TeamUp! 

Check out

Guest post by Tomáš Rambousek from the Czech Republic

The gathering of kings: the 22nd Czech Open with four champions and the best player in the world!

12.08.2014 | Tomáš Rambousek

foto: Pavel Růžička
It is difficult to imagine a floorball summer without the Czech Open. The Prague tournament has become an important part of the pre-season for many top-class teams from Europe. This year, fans may look forward to seeing the national champions from all four strongest floorball countries and also the best player in the world!

Yes, Rasmus Enström is coming to the Czech Open, again. When he was there in 2010, he helped Falun to reach the semi-finals but he was not yet in the spotlight. Two years later he was already the leader of his team but (despite his 6 goals and 4 assists) Falun finished at the third place once again. But now it is clear that the talented boy from Västeras has become the scoring machine. He has led his team to the league championship two times in row, he won the Champions Cup and the World Cup and he was voted the best player in the world. Only the title from the Czech Open is missing.

But Enström might change this very soon as he will be leading his team as a captain. The problem is that his Falun will face some very strong opponents such as Wiler, Happee or Vítkovice – the champions of Switzerland, Finland and the Czech Republic. And we shall not forget IBK Dalen, the winner of CO 2013, with the Czech trio Suchánek – Tokoš – Tomašík, or Pixbo Wallenstam, the 8th time winners of the tournament.

Czech Open may be well considered as the best tournament in the world. Every year, the best teams want to come to Prague to compete with the strong competition, and such phenomenon may be envied even by the International Floorball Federation. Perhaps not even the Champions Cup has such a good reputation as the Prague tournament.

But Czech Open is not only about the elite teams. In the Floorball Circus (the motto of this year´s tournament) you will see 269 teams from 21 countries – Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, the Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Once again, this is a record of the tournament - the widest international participation was recorded back in 2003 when Prague welcomed 20 participating countries.

There is just one thing that is missing – a hall which would satisfy the demand of the fans. In 2004-2010 the finals were played in the T-Mobile Arena, which had later become too expensive for the organizers. The last four years the finals were played at Sparta Podvinný mlýn, the biggest hall for "ball games“ in Prague. The capacity of the hall (1400 seats) is, however, rather insufficient. But the good thing is that on the final day – Sunday, August 17 – the place will be sold-out.

TeamUp = passion creates value

...and it is free...

Full story, interview with CEO and Co-founder up shortly... hold out.

What Europe is into from Aug 14th 2014

This clip tell the gist

And... this is the best place to stay updated...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Stuff 3D Printing and Design in BC with Floorball

Not bad at all this is a new idea for sure...

"Zen Maker Lab in partnership with the BC Floorball Association are offering a week long maker kids summer camp with some very cool learning experiences that will also be a lot of fun for the kids!

The kids will design 3D objects that they can 3D print and bring home with them. They will come up with an idea for a new invention or other object and will be taught the modeling and 3D printing tools needed to bring their ideas to life.

They will also be introduced to Raspberry Pi, electronics and introductory coding.

There will be some exercise with a beginners intro to floorball held at the North Shore Neighbourhood house, just a half block away. Floorball equipment will be provided. Kids will need a laptop. If it’s not possible to bring a laptop, please let us know as we have a few extras available."


Here a real Floorball Address - US Olympic Training Center, 1 Olympic Plaza

So How many people in the US Sporting world knows that next month - at the US National Olympic Training Center in Colorado - The US Nationals in Floorball is about to be played... this is a question in itself..
The next question - with its own living soul - is how many "Americanos" knows that Floorball is on a track to the Olympics - and maybe a real fast track!?
By Sam from Vancouver, Canada (Olympic Flag  Uploaded by Smooth_O) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Buvarp is the man in charge workin' with this tournament. So we checked in with him and - this is what he said today:
Floorball Colorado, on behalf of USA Floorball, hereby invite players of all skill levels for a very exciting tournament to be held at the prestigious Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The unique world class facility is operated by the United States Olympic Committee and offers the floorball participants to mingle with Olympians from all over the world between their games and the USOC has even awarded USA Floorball an opportunity to accommodate the players on-campus with lodging and buffet style food.

This event is the 2014 National Championships in Floorball that will host players from all parts of the United States. It takes place September 20 and 21 and the venue is the training center’s main gym, Olympic Sports Center I.

It is the premier floorball event in the United States and you’ll get a chance to match your talents with top level players. This is also an opportunity to be seen by USA Floorball staff involved in recruitment for the national teams (Men’s, Women’s and U19) that regularly participates in the World Floorball Championships.


Here the red tape nitty gritty...

September 20 and 21 - 2 0 1 4

US Olympic Training Center, 1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909

The 2014 US National Floorball Championships will be held in Olympic Sports Center I at the Olympic Training Center, OTC, in Colorado Springs, Colorado on September 20 and 21.
The OTC campus is located downtown at the intersection of Boulder and Union with easy access to hotels, restaurants, shopping and I-25.

Depending on the number of teams registering, there will be two conferences followed by direct elimination leading to a game for 3rd place and then the Final.

We are hoping to also see some Men’s and Women’s U19 teams participating.

There is on campus lodging available at $90 per person; 2 or 3 persons per room. This deal includes buffet style high quality nutritious food as well as complimentary airport shuttle to/from Colorado Springs Airport (COS) on the arrival and departure day.

Denver International Airport (DEN) is located a little more than a one hour drive North of OTC. There is fixed rate taxi service from both airports for those that are interested.

For more information, email
Our take on this? not the nitty gritty... This is what dreams are made of...
You play Floorball - but do not think you can last til 2024 or beyond - as the sport might do a real big Olympic splash 
- Hey here is your chance. 
Grab a stand-by ticket (even from Europe) - and then U MAY tell your grand kids...:
I played Floorball in 2014 at the US Olympic Training Center, at 1 Olympic Plaza.
And since I did - I earned my true Olympic Spirit - for all eternity. And some of you will also be able to say 
- We won ;-D

Fire her up Brother and Sisters!

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Big Leagues - will soon start the 2014-2015 season

Here is a pre-league warm-up test between Dalen and ThorenGruppen.
Norway's K Kronberg shines with a few peaks... no audience really but the quality of play is high.

Ghetto Floorball and Soccer in Latvia

During the summer Soccer and Floorball partner up in Latvias Ghettos.. Yeah not easy to grasp the lingo here - but images say more than words... cool indeed is our call.

Penalty to the Czechs

You know - this is another way to do Floorball that gets kinda intense..

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

WE here say that Floorball is good. But we think soccer is a good kids activity too. This is... now u be the judge.

Let us just say we are happy that it was not a Floorball player that performed for this Athletic Facial training product.

And it would have been 1000 times better if Ronaldo would have sported a Floorball Stick instead - so who invested in this?

THIS is the answer we really want to know!

Social Media & Floorball? Is Facebook the best tool?

It is great to see how Floorball moves forward on social media. There is no doubt that Floorball grows and that different countries connect in these ways - with a very cool attitude, flavor, and across borders.
A #hashtag that we have been trying to promote via Twitter is #floorballwithoutborders - and maybe social media is the key to border less floorball? A concept we do believe in.

The king is without doubt;
Just look at the Cesky Floorball Federation at they are close to 70.000 likes on the "F".

But Facebook is not only king in the Czech Republic they do utterly well in other areas too, including America... has more or less fully left Facebook.

This since we can not see the throttling of reach as a good thing if you want to do marketing. Yes we know if we pay - Facebook is an utterly good tool. But we do not pay, can not pay, or do NOT want to pay. And we think the problem with payments to reach your own community, or beyond, is flawed if you want to get some serious free marketing done. Let us quote Time Magazine - a fairly reliable source - :
  "-Facebook declined to comment on the percentage of fans that see posts from a typical Facebook Page (the last publicly disclosed figure was 16% in the summer of 2012), but the company admitted in December that posts from Pages are reaching fewer users." Here is the link if you want to read it -

Feel free to search the net and build your own understanding on how things work please.
We understand that Facebook is popular - everyone is on it - and it is easy to work with.

Nope we here have fully "snowed in" on Twitter instead. Why? Because we know there is no throttling and Twitter has some new cool tools to use too. and more in the pipeline. And we are not doing too bad. Each single tweet hits from a couple of hundreds of impressions up to thousands or more. So each day we get the word of Floorball out to some 5-6 thousands of readers if not more and... right now over the last few weeks we have well above 150.000 impressions on Twitter about Floorball... This is probably better than many small little newspapers - in particular since we know that we talk about real measured exposure.. Forget the ideas about Favorites on Twitter - way more people are exposed - and measured - in reality - and a Re-Tweet can toss your tweet to substantial larger audiences.

The advertising power is not in place fully yet on social media - but we are sure it will be there one day - investments in readers will move from Newspapers, that no-one hardly reads, to real measured views on social media. Then - most often on social media it feels like you have friends and a friends recommendation is one of the strongest sales incitement there is... Hmm Twitter is a very open community - even if a bit tricky to learn, we admit, as compared to Facebook.

And yes we do better on Twitter than on this blog, he he.

Instagram (owned by Facebook) and perhaps YouTube (owned by Google) is probably the best social tools to promote Floorball on, since Floorball offer so many unique image opportunities. The approach with images also talk to people's feelings and research has often shown that emotions is key if you want to sell something. But Twitter offers indeed pictures too.

We will continue to focus on Twitter here since we have some new resources to help us Tweet better and we think it is vital to stay focused. But - here is the secret - we just discovered a new social media tool used by one of the worlds best Floorball Clubs. Cool stuff, we will look into this more as we see some potential in this. But you know out of 10 start-ups 9 fail... We will be back on the subject of social Media for Floorball.

One more thing please follow us on Twitter as @ulfjens and share our tag as much as you like & do RT - for Kids & Floorball's sake!

Small Net Zorro Demo by D Mo from Wisconsin

D Mo is back... Garage Explorations!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

How to - Hack the Net and have it Tweet?

The most interesting thing with The Internet of Things is not when we connect "smart" stuff but fully basic and dead technologies.

This post will roughly describe on how to hack a Floorball goal. One of our first post on this blog - years ago was on the similar subject - self indicating nets that through a basic bell would have a basic audible ring to it when the net started to move = someone scored. We still think this is a splendid idea as playing Floorball with small nets and maybe with kids...

Here a basic and fairly low-tech net - Image via the IFF's flicker stream
Here is the recipe for the big league as we need something better:
1 Standard net
6 Light detectors (see image below)
1 Small solid state memory
1 Little card and some software to run as a controller and a small power supply (battery)
1 regular smartphone

This is how you can do this - we hope ;-D
First take the 6 light detectors you have

Maybe you have six i phones laying around and can take the cameras out?
Mount two on each side - inside of the posts of the net facing each other. Mount two on the top facing down.

Then you must connect it all together and have a way to run your software and the streaming images so maybe a raspberry pi board module for $30 bucks would do the trick?

OK ok we know you also probably must consult with a nerdy tech uncle on how to do this.
But if you have software that is optimized to see the ball and knows when the ball of the very specific color (no, you do not calibrate the cameras with a white balance -but with a ball color balance). Then the software must also know when a ball of this color passes the very specific goal line (if not the light color changes). And as long as the cameras are fast enough and can work together..and then have the goal line calibrated too.

Well a connected smart phone should easily be able to automatically tweet to the internet - not just only that there was a score recorded - but maybe also what the score is if both goals are connected - and include live footage from goal line cameras...too? Wow that nerdy uncle has a few things to fix...

Cost? Not too bloody. Time? Well ask the uncle again...

So who works with Floorball goals developments?
A kickstarter anyone?

And if this will not work you tell us why - OK!

OH, one more thing. In the Ice Hockey world we recently saw goal posts, designed like organ pipes or something - so when the puck sailed into em' - it chimes galore. Why? To make practice more fun we think... So there you go - 2 net hacks in one post at Floorballcentral. ;-D

Is it not time to end the game of Salibandy soon?

Here we go full attack on Finland and Salibandy as a word.

We use a current screen dump from Topsy;

OH no we could not - their copyright notice was rather clear so no image today

During the last month on twitter the word Salibandy has been used 45 times.
Floorball has been used more than 100 times more. Or 4.500-something...

Some smartxss will now say that is not a fair comparison - since the Finnish league is down during the Summer! Our tired response would be - what big English speaking League is playing during the summer?

Get real buddy!

From our perspective this discussion is over. But in the reality it is not.
Would it help to have the IFF headquarters moved closer to Olympic headquarters in Lausanne? Na, maybe not?

This was one of our Top Tweets over the last days

Since then we have figured out how to tweet better. This Tweet above only score 5 using an analytic tool. Many of the tweets we played with earlier this morning score above 8 and closer to 8.5 on a scale to 10.

So next time we will do this better ;-D

Friday, August 8, 2014

OK, lets follow this up on Pickleball balls

Here is a list of Floorball Ball producers that perhaps ought to look into the idea to expand ball sales onto Pickleball courts too..?

No Blinkered ideas at this blog - we promise... ;-D


Product nameCertificate (issued [yymm])Holder
Fatpipe Ball211030(1309)Power Stick Oy
Active Match103811(9908)Lek OHOJ AB
Active X1103815(0406)New rev "
Campus ATP334349(1301)Salming Sports AB
Classic Ball462707(0712)Renew Group Sweden AB
Crater462709(1010) "
Cynyc Ball 2012467509(1208)Cynyc Sportline GmbH
Exel Ball541006(1106)E-Sports Group OY
Fatpipe Fatball211018(0906)New revPower Stick Oy
GEAR506407(1004)Floorball Technology Co.
Intersport102732(0109)Unihoc International AB
Jekab Ball472501(0706)Jekab HB
Jolly Pro249301(9907)Jolly-Produkter AB
Karhu Hand of Doom 2126224(0609)L-Tec Sport Ltd
LEXX Top Competition561302(1302)New revLUC Marketing GmbH
OUTRA Sport Ball558803(1212)Top-Toy (Hong Kong) Ltd
Oxdog Rotor537618(1110)20TEN SPORTS s.r.o.
Precision Pro League541004(1106)E-Sports Group OY
Prostick Super League541005(1106) "
Qmax Ball349106(1005)Jii-Tee Sport Oy
RealStick Ball349206(0711)SB-Yhtiöt Oy Sählymestarit
Salming Aero334330(1011)Salming Sports AB
Salming AERO+334348(1301) "
Salming Ball313811(0505) "
Score Ball467403(0706)Sportagon AG
Sher-Wood Rekker537618(1110)20TEN SPORTS s.r.o.
Stiga EXS527703(1202)Stiga Sports AB
Trix Ball355701(0502)MEGASAT s.r.o.
Unihoc102732(0109)Unihoc International AB
X3M Ball313811(0505)Salming Sports AB

Source SP/IFF

Who's first?
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!