Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It is a beautiful day in the neigborhood

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Let us start with quick facts from IES (a source that has some ideas about students in the USA):

"In fall 2013, about 50.1 million students will attend public elementary and secondary schools. Of these, 35.3 million will be in prekindergarten through 8th grade and 14.8 million will be in grades 9 through 12. An additional 5.2 million students are expected to attend private schools (source)."

Doubtless some 55 Million students is a good number...

In NHL we have 30 teams - and out of these all commercial teams - with the pressure to make profit - 23 are - located to the USA...

Yesterday the Dallas Stars proudly, and with all right to be proud, announced that they will introduce a fitness program to 185.000 elementary students in the Dallas Metroplex area (Floorball is a substantial part of this - and we will below touch base on how they communicate about this).

Then we did the math.
If the US school population is roughly 55 Million Kids and Dallas Stars will introduce Floorball to 185.000 kids for fitness purposes (to beat obesity) we:

A) First want to say that this is the best initiative we ever heard about as it comes to a PE curriculum with kids running and moving around at the same time as they have fun. So full credits to the Dallas stars for their incredible "ice-breaking" initiative..
B) As we do the math - and if our calculator works.. 185.000 kids is like 0.3 percent  - or 3 thousands of a full one and/or 99.7% of all US kids will not meet Floorball in their school curriculum this year.


You can look upon this in two ways:
A) It is kinda sad that the initiative only will reach 0.3% of the school population in the USA.
B) The potential to enhance PE in American schools with Floorball (to fight obesity - or not) is unprecedented.. at 99.7 %!!!!

Then our thoughts travel away from Hockey Clubs and over to PE initiatives - the governments - and it is true they have some splendid programs in place. We think about Active Schools (ASAP) and the Let's Move initiative with support at the highest political level - . So do they know what the Dallas Stars is up too? What do they now have up their sleeve... If You know tell us! (yes we have been on them before)

Did you by the way know that almost all school textbooks in the USA are written for Texas as a customer (as they are a very big customer). Maybe some avant garde textbook author should toss in a little chapter about Floorball next to the other teams sports in the next edition of PE text book instructions? Hint hint hint?

Dallas Stars must have one of the best paid Public Relations agencies in the USA. We say this since they are able to write a Press Release upon Floorball in School - and only one futile time mention Floorball in the very specific and main press release - as they at the end of their release breifly mention one sponsor. That is fully incomprehensible from our own Floorball perspective and fully out of this world.  Read it here for yourself This is what we call a "hairy feat" without any other PR comparisons this year we think.
We know that the stars are surprised about the success of their own program (well, that is what they say themselves) and... we here indeed know the power of Floorball (in school and beyond)... well uhum.. no more rants about this.
Then it is utterly true - in the live recorded video press conference as posted at NHL by the Stars (and here at this blog too) there is no doubt - Floorball as a sport is mentioned over and over by Jason Farris with the Stars! Good work Jason, maybe you should write too? Hey after we wrote this they tossed up another video - and its all f l o o r b a l l.

At the end of the day - this is the most outstanding ice-breaker for Floorball yet in the USA. And it comes not one single day to late as the IFF rush forward to have Floorball in the Olympics by 2024..... maybe?

But what will other NHL clubs and ordinary Youth Hockey Associations do now? Wait for the governments? We do not know..

But we know one thing for sure.
Mr. Rogers would have said one thing:
"It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood" - at least around the Dallas Stars and the Dallas Metroplex area.

Kids in the Metroplex - U have our warmest congratulations ever - share them with all the hockey gurus from the Dallas Stars!

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!