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After hours at the Gretzky Hockey School...

..And some will not just stop playing..

Thanks for sharing Pavel!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It is a beautiful day in the neigborhood

J. Aaron Farr [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Let us start with quick facts from IES (a source that has some ideas about students in the USA):

"In fall 2013, about 50.1 million students will attend public elementary and secondary schools. Of these, 35.3 million will be in prekindergarten through 8th grade and 14.8 million will be in grades 9 through 12. An additional 5.2 million students are expected to attend private schools (source)."

Doubtless some 55 Million students is a good number...

In NHL we have 30 teams - and out of these all commercial teams - with the pressure to make profit - 23 are - located to the USA...

Yesterday the Dallas Stars proudly, and with all right to be proud, announced that they will introduce a fitness program to 185.000 elementary students in the Dallas Metroplex area (Floorball is a substantial part of this - and we will below touch base on how they communicate about this).

Then we did the math.
If the US school population is roughly 55 Million Kids and Dallas Stars will introduce Floorball to 185.000 kids for fitness purposes (to beat obesity) we:

A) First want to say that this is the best initiative we ever heard about as it comes to a PE curriculum with kids running and moving around at the same time as they have fun. So full credits to the Dallas stars for their incredible "ice-breaking" initiative..
B) As we do the math - and if our calculator works.. 185.000 kids is like 0.3 percent  - or 3 thousands of a full one and/or 99.7% of all US kids will not meet Floorball in their school curriculum this year.


You can look upon this in two ways:
A) It is kinda sad that the initiative only will reach 0.3% of the school population in the USA.
B) The potential to enhance PE in American schools with Floorball (to fight obesity - or not) is unprecedented.. at 99.7 %!!!!

Then our thoughts travel away from Hockey Clubs and over to PE initiatives - the governments - and it is true they have some splendid programs in place. We think about Active Schools (ASAP) and the Let's Move initiative with support at the highest political level - . So do they know what the Dallas Stars is up too? What do they now have up their sleeve... If You know tell us! (yes we have been on them before)

Did you by the way know that almost all school textbooks in the USA are written for Texas as a customer (as they are a very big customer). Maybe some avant garde textbook author should toss in a little chapter about Floorball next to the other teams sports in the next edition of PE text book instructions? Hint hint hint?

Dallas Stars must have one of the best paid Public Relations agencies in the USA. We say this since they are able to write a Press Release upon Floorball in School - and only one futile time mention Floorball in the very specific and main press release - as they at the end of their release breifly mention one sponsor. That is fully incomprehensible from our own Floorball perspective and fully out of this world.  Read it here for yourself This is what we call a "hairy feat" without any other PR comparisons this year we think.
We know that the stars are surprised about the success of their own program (well, that is what they say themselves) and... we here indeed know the power of Floorball (in school and beyond)... well uhum.. no more rants about this.
Then it is utterly true - in the live recorded video press conference as posted at NHL by the Stars (and here at this blog too) there is no doubt - Floorball as a sport is mentioned over and over by Jason Farris with the Stars! Good work Jason, maybe you should write too? Hey after we wrote this they tossed up another video - and its all f l o o r b a l l.

At the end of the day - this is the most outstanding ice-breaker for Floorball yet in the USA. And it comes not one single day to late as the IFF rush forward to have Floorball in the Olympics by 2024..... maybe?

But what will other NHL clubs and ordinary Youth Hockey Associations do now? Wait for the governments? We do not know..

But we know one thing for sure.
Mr. Rogers would have said one thing:
"It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood" - at least around the Dallas Stars and the Dallas Metroplex area.

Kids in the Metroplex - U have our warmest congratulations ever - share them with all the hockey gurus from the Dallas Stars!

This Clip from the Dallas Stars shows that Tom Gaglardi with the Dallas Stars is now the best Floorball player in the world (perhaps)

Clip speaks for itself.. but no it is not Tom playing here it is his man Jason that plays for him...

We can only wish teachers knew more about Floorball and other hockey emulations (hint Floorball is not Floor Hockey - and it is on an Olympic track - a fast track)

Today's first picture from the world of Hockey

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ohman tribute - 5 top scores by FloorballMedia

Dallas Stars also tossed up a video... on the most important school initiative ever (for floorball)

And here it is and it talks very much for itself...

Congrats to all School Kids in Dallas TX!!!!

Pav Barber sets up obstacle course for kids at Gretzky Hockey School

Light and fast...

Post by Generation Floorball.

One more...

185.000 Kids will be exposed to Floorball in Texas thanks to the Dallas Stars! (this year)

We quote:
"Dallas Stars President and CEO Jim Lites announced today the expansion of the team's Fitness Stars program to 279 new schools for 2014-15, bringing the total to 307 schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex impacting over 185,000 children.

"The response during the first year of the program has been far greater than we initially expected," Lites said. "Physical education teachers have found Fitness Stars easy to integrate into their current curriculum and the donation of hockey equipment from the Dallas Stars Foundation has given children an opportunity to stay active while learning about the sport of hockey.""

We add a picture (screen dump):

Last Year Dallas Stars introduced their Fitness Program to fight Obesity (with Floorball) to 26 schools - what they do now for 2014-2015 is to ad 279 new schools

Let us quote some more:
"Through the Fitness Stars program, our campuses have the equipment and training to engage students in fun and motivational physical activity," Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD Athletic Director Renee Putter said. "We value physical fitness as an integral aspect of student success in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch School District because physical activity helps engage a student's brain at a higher and deeper level."

And another picture (screen dump) maybe:?

Source material is to be found at:

Without too much thinking the math speaks for itself... 185.000 kids exposed as potential customers of a Floorball stick is well using rough numbers approximately 20% of the yearly production of global Floorball sticks...

Talkin' about big news? And hey this is only one NHL team...

We have also learned earlier that most text books in school in the USA often are written for Texas - so maybe some Text books for PE now should have a few lines about Floorball in them too?


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Monday, July 28, 2014

Gretzky + Floorball = True

Photo Credit & Copyright - made and designed by #floorball4hockey

Walter, Ty, Keith, Emma and Wayne are all part of the New Gretzky Hockey School.
Wayne is not just one of the world's most famous athletes - he is also the athlete that gives Hockey a real human face - with for instance the 61 different NHL records he held at his retirement 1999.
Someone just said -  it is time for Walter (the dad) to share how he taught hockey to his own kids and even if Walter is not the main instructor - well we guess his spirit and attitude is a vibrant factor at the new Gretzky Hockey School.

So doubtless in terms of hockey news it is big news that Gretzky now teach kids how to hockey. From the US point of view it is also interesting that the first Gretzky Hockey school is located in Idaho USA.


Then... beside of the hockey news side of things. The Gretzky Hockey School also works with Generation Floorball. And in the Floorball world this must bee seen as dynamite news of the very highest valor. Ok, we know that some prestigious Canadian Hockey Schools and Camps like PrepCamp and Hockey Canada Skills Academies also blend in Floorball for Hockey Training but in the USA - so far we have only seen some sporadic Floorball activities connected to Hockey thanks to a name like Bonelli on the east coast and Beaudin in the southeast, and we have seen some connections out in California, Arizona and in Texas. Doubtless with the Gretzky Hockey school we will see another large and true ice breaker that will have a lasting impact for the growth of Floorball.

So we checked in with Jonas Laeben at Gfloorball out in Coeur D'Alene Idaho today...

He bubbled of happiness and said this is "insane" before he calmed down and said in a more analytic tone; "doubtless the new Gretzky Hockey School is very good news for Ice hockey even at the global scale. But for us Floorball people to be a part of this - with extensive dry-land sessions each day it must be rated as some of the most important Floorball news ever".
Jonas continued to explain that the Floorball sessions are divided into 4 different sections and as of today, the first sessions was taught with emphasis upon the basic rules as well as improvised scrimmage games... 3 on 3 small nets/area - no goalies. The instructors from Vancouver include Greg Beaudin as the legendary floorball man from BC, Michael Lindgren co-founder of BC Floorball and son of NHL Defenseman and Vancouver Canucks Scout Lars Lindgren and Pavel Barber, a floorball4hockey skills wizard with his own YouTube channel that fast picked up floorball as a skills tools for Ice Hockey. Generation Floorball also have a local Washington State coach David Crawford who is helping to grow Floorball in the Northwest.

Jonas also said, before we had to hang up...
"You know, as these kids were supposed to go to break, they refused to let their Floorball sticks go - and they just continued to intensely dangle around, they are eating it up, and the feedback from the Parents is overwhelmingly POSITIVE. The On-Ice instructors like Keith Gretzky, Dean Malkoc, Mark Caccio are also impressed by the Floorball action, noticing first and foremost, how much the kids are enjoying Floorball, It's been such a great fit for the School, a great component for sure."

The kids at the Gretzky Hockey School are about 9-14 years of age and most of them come from the USA, with quite a number driving down from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We will try to have more from the Gretzky Hockey School - tomorrow - lets see what comes out... - we think another video is in the pipeline by the way... so...

#Floorball4hockey - anyone?

Gretzky Hockey School

From today - only 4 hours old - baby!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Reflections at the frontier of fundamental things in acceptance

We have had some fairly wild posts here... If you dig into and search for such things you will find posts that wonder if not people should be payed to do recreational sports - like Floorball?
We have also tried to sort out what "real value" is and how that fits into the current money based economy and if not a large part of healthcare expenses should be used for preventive things like recreational sports (like floorball). Yes we know this is all rather outlandish (or free) thinking...

But (ok this does not relate too much to Floorball) still please listen:
- It is not free to get connected to the Internet
- It is not free to have and use a cell phone service
- It is not free to pay for electricity
- Or, or.. and so on.
- Why is then the road systems we use mainly free of charge (beside of the gas and vehicle expenses)? Ok we know there is no such thing as a free lunch - but if the car and truck industry is subsidized over the tax bills with millions of free roads - how in the world can this be - that this particular part of the economy has this incredible feature and incredible benefit? Why? To what good?
Ok we know that free roads are good for the economy - but why the car industry - what is so utterly special with vehicles - that makes almost all roads to be paid by the governments (we)? - why not then now the new Internet infrastructure too?
It does not cost a dime to merge up onto a freeway - but to use Internet at home is not free of charge...

Why do we blog about this? Well, we just want point to the fact that things we often see as normal and fine - indeed also can be seen as rather awkward and strange as you compare things, a little bit from the outside. So in reality we do have outlandish things already as it is - so the idea to pay people to do recreational sports is maybe not as crazy as it sounds like --->

What do you think is healthiest for us humans - two hours in a car on the highway or two hours of Floorball?  hmm...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

It is not the Score that counts - but the game itself - performance values someone?

We just invented a new phone app for Floorball - listen to this ...

Some sports have 10 judges that hand out points, other sports measure exact performance with a scientific tool (like a measuring tape), other sports have one ref that easily and fast can affect the outcome - and the variations of different sports goes on.

The sport we like here is Floorball. In this sport we normally have a decent number of scores - without getting ridiculous high - too many times, and the referee must be fairly clumsy to solely decide a game.

Still the team performance is mainly measured by "most goals" in any game. From a modern technological point of view - this measure is; well, a bit clumsy. Not that we recommend that Floorball games should be decided by 10 judges that votes like we have in figure skating... no.

But. If you take a goalie that makes 10 good saves in a Floorball game should that not be worth something? If one team has 60% possession - should that not be worth something? One team gets close to double the amount of free-hits as the other... One team does not have any player penalties... one team shoot 10 more shots at and on goal as compared to the other... and you can maybe come up with more measurable features too.. still we only count the goals - like they did in the beginning of sports?

Nope, we do not say that this should changes like this. But we do say, hey look at this - what is in reality possible to do? Can we add a number of parameters and weigh them by using some algorithms and create some kind of uniform performance value - for a game - beside of just the old boring score? Can we do this? Yes. Who can do this? Any decent nerd or why not an app for the phone - we think?
So here and now we just invented the "Sport Performance Value" app - that would work in a number of sports - a kickstarter anyone?

Why do this? Because we want to stay on the top of developing things and we want to know how things work. To use this information to start to decide games is probably a bit too avantgarde for us here too. But we must dare to think the thought - or someone else will.
And they will because a tool like this will most likely help folks betting on games too... yawn.

Then we truly believe that the meaning of a trip is not its destination - but the trip itself. The results from a Floorball game should perhaps in the future reflect this?

Mud Floorball - Finnish Championships

A real sport does not need any closer explanation - this is the Finnish Championships

South America heats up - news from Ecuador & Peru

The incredible philanthropy organization floorball4all from Switzerland has just ignited Ecuador & Peru to the tunes of Floorball.
Image credit Santiago Ojeda from Eucador

Floorball4all has broken more land than any others and this time they have spiced things up with one blog for each country... To us the online translations works very good...

Here all you need to know about Ecuador

Here same excellent thing for Peru

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Climate Change + No Ice = Floorball

Here is a dude from the Czech republic that shows how it will look like when all the Ice is gone and all Hockey players turned Floorball players try to stay cool...

Or maybe it is just some fun things for us all to do in the pool during the summer? Thanks Lukas!

Today marks an interesting day in the History of Floorball in America

 we have the announcement that Modern Hockey from Vancouver will partner up with Gfloorball from New York..
Here is that at full flavor
We have earlier seen some leaked pictures here and there upon the new gener8tion Floorball stick from Gfloorball. We will try to divin' to that too very soon.

OK on top of this we have this announcement too:

That states...
"Generation Floorball partners with Gretzky Hockey School
Generation Floorball, the leader in Floorball development programs for Hockey has been busy with a number of Hockey Schools this summer, and are gearing up to run off-ice Floorball training activities July 27, 2014 - August 1, 2014 in the Inaugural Gretzky Hockey School in Couer d'Alene Idaho."

OK, now we will do something different here - we will not speculate on behalf of you - now you speculate a bit on yourself... answer your own questions about this - OK?

We have dug into the sources of this and we have been promised first hand spectacular exclusive material from this activity - next week... Hold out.. We will bang our drums - when we have something cool to drum them with - until then - why not play some Floorball?

Hepp - more people will!

How to Dunk with a Floorball net

This is not new. But it shows how to Dunk in Basketball using a regulation size Floorball net.
Yeah we know no music... But why do we show this? Well, we think this in a nice way connect Basketball to Floorball and... if only one Basketball player see this - maybe they want to know more about Floorball

Yes, then if you think a regulation net is too high to dunk over - start out with a smaller Floorball net used for small scale Floorball - without goalies maybe?
Found via innebandymag

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Kind of Candy we love

Some Candy is sweeter than most... Penalties  - WFC - and an American - can it taste better?

& thx IFF - good work!

25 Top Cities in the USA... do they have Floorball or not?

Here the main list we stole from Wikipidia and then we guessed a bit (ok we have a fairly good idea on how things looks like...)

                                                                          Floorball? Yes/Maybe/No

Maybe No

To what point one might wonder ?
Well, if there is a strategy in place one could wonder do we want to grow at strongholds - or have an even spread? Then we argue - maybe that question is not even important?
So what is then important?
We think it is utterly important for the US to bridge to the Development in Canada - so a City like Detroit or Columbus seems very important for Floorball to get established at - as well as at some other northern big cities - not even on this list...
Then for pure political reasons Washington DC must be crucial for Floorball to conquer as a stronghold too? Are there no International lobbyists that could play some Floorball at the Capitol?

With reservations for mistakes - but we think our listing cover Floorball presence in the largest US cities fairly good.

Whats more? We think no city in the USA has a Floorball population penetration at comparable measures as we have in Tomah, Wisconsin. It does not mean we do things good - it means there are substantial comparative advantages - by just being small - sometimes...
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!