Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The World's Best from Fatpipe -> Unihoc -> Salming

Kim Nilsson is one of the World's Best Floorball players. He now move from AIK Sweden to Grasshoppers Switzerland as a full time professional Floorball player.

He also switch his stick brand from Unihoc to Salming. He started out his career as a Fatpipe player.

How the heck they can produce this in only Swedish goes well above our logic understanding. Does the sport not need these news outside of the Swedish border?
Maybe Salming only want to sell sticks in Sweden?


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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!