Monday, June 30, 2014

Floorball is a main platform for... some..

But not all.

This is what Hockeysfuture write;
"The trend in recent years that has seen the number of Swedish born and raised players chosen by NHL teams at the NHL Draft has continued to grow and serve as proof that the nation of Sweden is currently one of the top developers of hockey talent on the planet."

Full article here

So in 2011 Sweden had a record of 28 players drafted... Numbers for 2012 and 2013 was not too shy either and for 2014 another 28 players tied the previous Swedish NHL draft record...

Sweden is also the world strongest Floorball Nation. With Floorball in school and - well.. to describe it right we must say - all over. It is just like Baseball in America...

American Development models are good - but Baseball/Softball can not beat Floorball as it comes to dry-land training for hockey kids - sorry. Kids not allowed to be raised with Floorball are just at a clear and obvious disadvantage in our perspective.
Hey Sweden is a tiny country... Roughly 2 million less inhabitants than Belgium, for instance, and the number of licensed hockey players in Sweden is just a tad bit more than a tenth of either the USA or Canada (roughly). Why compare with Belgium? Well their LTAD efforts spells that they have a fairly good soccer team right now..

How do we dare to say that Floorball gives the true hockey edge?
You tell us something else that is utterly different in the way kids are raised with hockey on the other side of the pond and we will.. - perhaps maybe listen. ;-P

Floorball has new rules

They go in affect in a few hours - depending on where you live. July 1st the date and yes, foot pass is now allowed. Hey soccer here we come... ;-D

Here is the new rule-book courtesy of the IFF:

And the official announcement

I can not believe it...

They are indeed able to play Floorball in Minecraft - I thought this was impossible.

Pav, is at it again... this time at Rogers Arena..

Wonder how the blue ball landed there - by the way ;-)
Rock on!

Washing Floorball outfits is just like all other items we wash...

We can not change that. Some items must be washed at different degrees and some items treated like color, some like cotton, and some like delicates. All tricks used are probably as many as with most of the other items you put into the washer - or the ability of the washer you use.

OK, then let us just remember how container traffic revolutionized transports on the global scale and how computer "package-traffic" in essences are doing the same thing. So why not just apply the same thinking to items you wash at home - also including a full outfit wash procedure for the Floorball team. Yes often one single person ends up washing the full team outfits.

What do we need? Not much. In principle we only need a couple of thin plastic containers that has the size to fit right into the washer and dryer. If your washer is round and if your washer or dryer does not have a center piece this container should look like a big cylinder with an easy opening that you can snap down in a locked position fast. The cylinder must be lightweight, filled with holes - and maybe be designed like a floorball blade with tonnes of openings - to let water and detergent as well as all the rinse water easily in and out - but still keep even the smallest socks in.

Why is this good? Because you take a "package-approach" to your laundry. First as you put away dirty laundry you can automatically put it away in a the plastic cylinder pre-marked with for instance socks, or higher temperature whites or dedicates - . This is of course to be designed according to what your washer can do. And these containers could be located where you undress. In the locker room if we think about a sports team.
Then this will solve the transport of dirty laundry throughout your own home or to the laundry store you plan to visit. Then you do not need to sort things as you just put this "cassette" right into the laundry machine when it is time to run the machne.
But the best of it all comes when you have to move your laundry from the washer to the drier.. How many times have you not lost 3 socks as your laundry gets moved from the washer to the drier and you have to bend down to pick them up among all the other dirty clothes in a pile in front of the washer - ?
You just take the cassette out - maybe filled with Floorball towels and in one single move you put the cassette into the drier. Yes, as system like this would probably also reduce the number of lost socks in any household with some 50% (wild guessing here).

No, this system can not help you to fold the towels afterwards. But it is a systematic approach to make laundry a bit easier. It just borrows the idea of containers from the transport industry - and to us here it sounds slightly ingenious. The main problem is that the washing and laundry industry has not came up with this approach themselves - instead a crazy Floorball blog has to take on - just a regular and systematic - perhaps a more streamlined approach - to enhance a chore related to any Floorball or sports team with a pile of dirty sports wear.
We wonder what LG, Bosch, Maytag, Samsung, Tide, Downy and the others do when they design systems to wash our clothes - do the only look at the machines and how that part of the task to wash clothes looks like?
We do not.

Holistic Comments on this one would be cool!

Update - before anyone thinks any further...
"then you can make washers and driers pre-designed for container washing too"

And suddenly we have suggested how to fully change how people are supposed to be doing laundry - blogging is still fun cause there is soo much in the world we could be doing quite differently and most often much more efficiently too.

More Sandbox marketing

OK, first turn off the sound cause this only comes in Swedish. Second try to ignore the name of the new blade - Why? Well the marketing department seems to have focused so much on the Swedish market so it appears like the name of this blade is only aimed for Sweden - its is called the Airbladet.  It means the Airblade in English - we do not yet know if this product has an English name...
Are You set?
Here is the latest from Exel with 18% reduced air draft according the the sales rep..

Neymar? Who is that?

Someone that knows how to kick a ball? Well, floorball has that too...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

One Thing... turns to another and...

It is one thing that some clever hockey players double up with Floorball.
But it is a completely different thing when such a player gets drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning...
But it is even yet another thing when the Floorball background is proudly presented as a vital asset.. by the athlete.

Good luck with Tampa Christiano!

Screen dump of a twitter player presentation

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Attack the Screen-time!

We see it at places all over. It is not just at your home, or in America, it is a global problem. Kids does not play on play-grounds as they used to.
And what are we doing? Not much.
What are the kids doing? Well more and more time is spent in front of different screens - both at home, in school, and at times when they should maybe just be moving around.

This must change!

How can this change?
Here are some few ideas:
- Schools must have comprehensive plans in place to increase the levels of physical activity in schools. It can not be based upon single teachers saying to the class "- now it is time to stretch a bit..."

- Kids must be invited to participate in multi-activity engagement. They should sign up in recreational and extra-curricular activities that include different kinds of physical activity - but these activities should also include some fun screen time to keep physical engagement as fun as possible. We should not have kids engaged in one single activity like swimming, or wrestling, or basketball. Each week should also therefore be laid out with a miniature curriculum so activity is guaranteed in several kinds of physical activities and that these things must spread out over time.

- Integration of interactive elements for physical activity is good and makes things more fun i.e. digitized functions woven into all old sport activities means that we can gametize old sports or dance activities to a much higher degree - to make them modern and more fun.

- We must figure out what is high intensive play for kids - we should in much more balanced ways avoid to recommend kids to do team sports that is based upon the idea that most players should stand still in one spot - most of the time in a game.

So how would this look like?
Not very different than what we already do - but if this is systematized it will guarantee that more kids stay much more active than before.

The Active Extra curriculum "a smargasbord" - just as an outline.. for kids 7-12 years of age - all based upon LTAD ideas i.e. no winners - just the progress counts.. eliminate negative feedback - increase positive feedback.

Monday 5-7 Fall Soccer, Winter Basketball, Spring Swimming
Tuesday 5-7 Fall Minecraft, Winter Electronic Game of your choice, Spring Baseball/Softball
Wednesday 5-7 Fall Exploring activities of play, Winter Snow/ice activities/hockey, Spring Track & Field
Thursday 5-7 Fall Futsal, Winter Floorball, Spring Wrestling/dance
Friday 5-7 Fall Cross Country, Winter Volleyball, Spring Dance/Gymnastics

OK, not all kids should not sign up for everything. The main idea is that they must sign up to participate for at least two or three days per week but also that they can switch in between days for different weeks. This will guarantee a very broad spectrum of activities. This will also still offer some kids higher degrees of specialization in specific activities since they are only mandated to participate two days.. Then of course sports and or activities should be offered in line with what the community can offer what is suitable and what is good for the kids. The activities should also roll around and different activities should be at different places. Flexibility is the main key word.

Yup, this is just an idea and it has not much to do with Floorball - but someone much start to fight the increase of screen times with the tools we have...

And not just have "experts" to recommend kids to do teams sports where most of them mainly stand still - several days a week.

Problems to get the kids to all activities? Ok notify Uber... or Lyft..

More sticks offered to the the North American market?

We think so and this is what hints in that direction... it is a quote..


The Floorball Academy Equipment Supply Hub – launching soon!

Indecent fun?

Can this be a hit in Floorball too?

Here is a promotion for a contest - contest is over but the idea is new - maybe not for kids but still a bit like poker...
Is there a Floorball version to be made too? By someone?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last Nights NHL Hall of Fame post on Peter Forsberg...

....Became so popular so let us enhance it a bit - sorry this only came in Swedish...
But still here is Peter Forsberg - yet again - the latest Swede inducted to the NHL Hall of Fame (yesterday). Yes, all three Swedish inductees likes Floorball.

What they say?
Well here is an old post explaining the gist.

Top 10 - 2013

By Floorballmedia but the list was first presented by Innebandymagazinet...

Monday, June 23, 2014

NHL's HALL OF FAME - 3 Swedes

Some people use the HOF akronym to stand for the Hall of Fame. If you do not know what HOF stands for in Danish - you should look it up.

Borje Salming was the first Swede inducted to NHL's Hall of Fame.
He early started his own Floorball company and today Salming is one of the largest and most important Floorball brands in the World.

Mats Sundin was the second Swede inducted to the NHL Hall of Fame. He has openly praised Floorball and said that it helped his hockey skills. His brother also played Floorball in New York as Mats was still professional in the NHL.

Today the third Swede was inducted to the NHL Hall of Fame. Peter Forsberg has as well as Mats Sundin praised Floorball. Mr. Forsberg today plays Floorball on Wednesdays - if we are not wrong. He used to play for the club BK Rasket before his Ice Hockey career took over. Today Peter Forsberg own a part of one on the largest Floorball brands in the world Exel.

Still thousands of American hockey kids has never heard about Floorball - and that is why we run this blog...


Swift from Austin Texas 2014 INVITATION

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Brandee Gomez. I'm the goalie for the women's national floorball team and Director for the Southwest Invitational Floorball Tournament (or SWIFT). We're in our third year of this awesome tournament, and because we have such limited space, the tournament is, at present, invitation only. I wanted to reach out to your clubs and gauge interest as we're finalizing details for this event.

This year is particularly special because the United States Floorball Association (USFbA) is hosting a development camp at Round Rock Sports Center the Thursday and Friday (7/31, 8/1) directly preceding SWIFT (Saturday, 8/2). Learn from the experts about how to play or how to improve your skills, or maybe try to make your way onto the Team USA roster. Details on signups will be provided soon.

Here's what you need to know:

Tournament format --

- 4 on 4 plus goalies (maximum no. of registered players: 12 + goalie)

- 6 teams (possibly subject to change)

- Takes place on a Saturday afternoon/evening (projected time is 10:30 am - 7:30 pm);

- Date is AUGUST 2, 2014.

- Approximately 13 total games, with a minimum of 4 per team

- 2x12 minute halves (run-time with the last 2 minutes stop/go if within 2 goals)

- We'd provide refs from our club (although if refs from other clubs would like to participate, we'd love to have them!)

- Cost is $225 per team for up to 9 players, then $25/person thereafter with a maximum of 13 players

For the past two years, everyone got a t-shirt and a gift bag. Top three teams received medals, the winning team received a trophy, and the MVP of the tournament received a prize. Last year we also had an ongoing raffle throughout the tournament and had small token gifts for Players of the Match. We provided refreshments for all of the players during the tournament and offered lodging for our out-of-state players. We will do the same again this year.

Here is a video of the first year's tournament, courtesy of PointShootRecord:

and last year's tournament:

Team Californication (based in San Francisco) are the reigning champions, and we hope to see them back to defend their title! I'd really like to diversify our entrants this year by having some more teams outside of Texas. If you have any interest in attending, please let me know.

We have a pretty healthy population of floorballers in Austin, so if you're worried you can't field a full team but would still like to attend, we can always fill out your roster with some eager folks from our neck of the woods. We also have quite a few goalies here, so please consider that as well!

Supersport 360

Asian development is wonderful to see - in school and on the right track!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Conversations with Phil Carlson - Part One

Here is raw - unedited material on Phil Carlson - as we converse on the subject of Floorball - before it even became, Floorball...

This predates Unihoc and Ahlquist... in Sweden.
This is USA and Cosom, this is Minnesota, Wayzata Blvd, and Michigan, Battle Creek.
OK, we know the sound is not perfect and that we do not let Mr. Phil talk enough - it is an amateurish attempt and it is just a raw clip... still way better in terms of many Floorball roots than you ever seen before we hope.

We think some professionals should develop this further - before it is too late.
How many other sports have their founding fathers still around?

You know what - we have one more clip like this... to be published later on

- Since it is fully annoying having the World's best and dominating Floorball news source (even if only produced in Swedish) act behind a so called PLUS - i.e. a pay wall...
- We understand that they want to make a living - but dude or dudette.  Does this hurt the International spread of the sport or not?  - just like all the bogus languages Floorball is played in.

- So we have a challenge solution to this. This material is now freely available to everyone - beside of all people being involved in having pay-walls or the publish idea to share content behind any kind of a pay wall.
This is creative commons for creative commons - just like Floorball should be.

No Innebandymagazinet may not use this material without paying a hefty fee - we just follow your own example and principle here.


Sweden just beat Singapore in the World University Floorball Championship 2014.

Sweden won the semifinal with 23-0.

The big story is that the goalie in Singapore was awarded as the MVP in this game.

The result is bad and Sweden is doing too much to keep the sport inside it's own borders.

But when the loosing teams goalie in a game with more than a goal each 3rd minute is awarded the MVP. Then we speak love, heart and #ltad!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Royal Opera of Sweden

Advertise like this in the big News paper...

Credits Pal S
Some nutcases thinks that Floorball is not culture - it for heavens sake one of the largest cultures they have in Sweden - right now - and tomorrow too. It is justa double dance fest!

Expand your thinking with a phone

Not many people would have said that this device needed an optical sensor.
Ericsson Phone anno 1931 credits to wikimedia commons

The latest smart phone from Amazon, the fire, feature 6 different cameras and the next wrist watch from Apple is rumored to feature about 10 different sensors. This watch might be developed to in very good ways track fitness.

So how many of you can imagine a Floorball stick with sensors too? We do. Let's see how long this race might take ;-D
We are certain the Internet of things will hit floorball too.

A True Global School Sport

We know this - but do U know this?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Here is a Video June 2014 Bonanza

World University Floorball Championships are at full swing in Asia!
Highlights from day UNO! And for the first time ever we see China represented with a team! Good days for Floorball!

Mr. Quist has been seen as one of the worl'd best defenders ever. As he now quit - Kalle in Sweden made him a tribute reel - a bit Swedish but not bad!

A tribute to Henrik Quist from Kalle Brännberg on Vimeo.

This Clip is a Tribute to one of the World's Best
Now a Swedish Professional in Switzerland...

Floorball in Korah is certainly good for the USA

You can say what you want about the Floorball introduction by expat people and others (maybe exactly like us) spending time in the USA. You can continue to say what you want about Floorball introductions to the USA by other sport organizations and possible educational efforts in the direction to introduce USA to Floorball.

From our point of view it has yet not been very successful. And just way way to slow.

No not even if you compare with Canada. Canada has a couple of hot beds that through schools are able to grow the game. We do not have any hard facts or numbers on this right now. But we do see movements on social media and more and more Canadian kids mention Floorball online - so some sort of a momentum is perhaps building up there. That is good but the huge potential lay in the USA.

This will turn interesting as it reach the US borders. We know that US Americans easily accept new things from abroad closer to the borders. Some foreign cars sell for instance better at the borders or the big harbors as compared to the heartland.

Problem is that the first roots of Floorball are indeed American and from the heartland...

Just this week we discovered that they play Floorball at the Korah Gym.

Look at their twitter page their gym sport the same colors as Tomah in WI...

This is when Floorball reach the US border since Korah is located in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada.
You know what - that is on the US Border - that just above Michigan where Tom Harter devised some of the first Floorball rules in Battle Creek like 50 years ago…

Not Bad HUH?

It will be in your town too and it will become BIG! Now, we just have to wait for the jump across the border too..


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


"The 2014 World University Championships are organised by FISU (International University Sports Federation) in conjunction with the Singapore University Sports Council, Singapore Floorball Association, Sport Singapore and IFF.

The WUFC 2014 is played at the OCBC Arena at Singapore Sports Hub."

cool huh?

World Floorball University Championships & Alabama

WFUC 2014 - Are at full swing and you can see it all live right here

Nope, no embed codes and just must create a funky log in at Voxsports to be able to see this. And no count down codes. We love live images - but this is not as easy as it should be ;-)

Yes, China is in at WFUC 2014 - with a Shanghai Team - USA is not there..

Hey, here is by the way an American journalist from Alabama that recently mentioned Floorball.
Even if he is somewhat funny - question is if not this kind of journalism is exactly what keeps US in the yesterday of things?

As the World Cup in Soccer was played 1994 there was no MLS and after it started the struggled for years before becoming profitable and able to bring in the crowds. Today 20 years later Soccer is if not hot but at least lukewarm, some research claim that Soccer is more popular among some younger age groups than Baseball and that is interesting - and the ability for the US to beat Ghana in Soccer yesterday will even yet further spur interest for more global spread sports, we think...
Hmm, John Archibald, the writer in the Alabama news paper has more Twitter followers than we do. Good for him and he is a bit funny we admit that - but we wonder if he would do a very splendid job in Silicon Valley writing on new tech or new sports? Just askin'?
Since, we do think there has been some Floorball played in Huntsville too.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

OK, NOW let's Look a bit serious at your alternative summer sports

Most Hockey operations say - Yes you should do other sports - and we agree. #LTAD Agree. It is scientifically proven.

U Should do different sports! GOOD!

OK, but then let's ask what sports are good for Hockey? Ice Hockey we mean...
This has probably not been done before - so we just tried, tried and tried to do it.

All our numbers are bogus since we just sit here and guess - but still we think there is at least some substance in guessing too.
We here estimate the value of a few components for Hockey players doing other sports - nothing fancy - and then we just added up our numbers. If you can do this better than us - please let us know - but here is the rating of how good some different sports are for Hockey players...

In-line Hockey comes out on top - no wonder... but what is interesting is not what comes out on top - but the massive use of some alternative sports that come out almost like rotten eggs - lol.
Yes, we have been subjective galore in doing this - but hey as we already said - CAN U DO THIS BETTER?

Inline hockey
Amer. Football

Come on now "twerk" you own numbers show us a better rating and U tell us why Baseball/Softball is good for Ice Hockey - since we do not understand that part of this equation.

Then go and ask your own hockey authority - what alternative sports they recommend for hockey players and why - we only know that many different sports is the best U can do - and hey Barber, as being Florballcentral - we claim Floorball is one of the best options for any level Ice Hockey player...

Soccer on a Floorball Blog? - Why not?

You heard about the Brazilian Soccer player Neymar, right? He wrote these guys and congratulated them for their skills Soccer YouTube channel...
This is two twins from Sweden that teaches Soccer tricks on YouTube - just like many many many kids in northern Europe show of their Floorball and Zorro tricks - with one little difference.
Soccer is a stable global sport and Floorball is a young fast growing little cousin. In reality this means these Soccer twins have been able to establish their own Soccer YouTube skills channel that has so many followers that they indeed make some money on their YouTube presence.

Let us introduce you to the Skill Twins - and we can bet on the fact that these guys played some Floorball too (just since they are Swedish)

One day we say that good Floorball skills on YouTube will become profitable too - we just have to establish Floorball a little bit better on the global stage - it will happen!

And hey if you are at it check out more the skill twins videos... they are cool.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!