Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quality dwellings... and why you should not buy sticks in Europe

Quality is a misunderstood concept for many.
From the producing side it has often been determined that quality is to supersede expectations and this only a.k.a. - nothing more. It means if you supersede too much like U go to school in diamond laced jackets - you are not in line with the quality since quality is too high.
On the other hand dirty jeans with holes in them is not good enough either since the quality is not good enough. Good quality is to just supersede the expectation and nothing more.
Value is another property that means different things to people and it should probably only be measured at the individual level - even if most folks think someone else can act as an appraiser and tell u how to value things.

But that is from the producers side of things.

From the consumer side of things several new things are up in the air.
A Mr. Pink has for instance recently declared the death of the information age. Maybe the reason for this is that we just have way too much information. And maybe we just have too much products too? We here assume with too much of either information or products the supply risks to outperform any sort of demand. Mr. Pink states that we are entering a new age that he declares to be the innovation age. Yet again ideas of change and creativity are centerpieces in our reasoning - maybe they move forward due to economic ideas that state that when demand is high and supply is low the value goes up - maybe we just do not have enough ideas - as compared to the products and the information we have - we just do not know? Things in the more holistic perspective turn indeed a bit complex and as a human consumer a good way to deal with it all is to simplify things and just create shortcuts. Or just do what is easy.

So, as a consumer of Floorball stuff - what is good quality for me?

Well from the value point you must decide yourself what you value. The following questions will not direct you - but provide hints about what could be important?
Is the brand of a stick the most important Value to me as a consumer? Is color a big thing - as well as the stick design? What technical tricks do I need on my stick? Must my stick be lightweight?
Is the length of the stick important? Is the lefty or righty configuration important? Is the flex of the stick important? The softness or hardness of the blade - do I need think think about this too? Do I need a cheap, a medium cost stick or an expensive stick? Can I play with balls with no dimples or not and why? How important is Floorball compared to other stuff I do? Am I a good or just reasonable good player?

The advice from us here as we try to answer these questions... on our own...
To us here - but maybe not always to you - we think:
Stick Length and the righty configuration is crucial to us. We just must have a 96-97 length stick and a righty blade - nothing else works for us since we are so utterly used to this.
But we also indeed like a rather light stick with a fairly medium soft/rigid blade and our stick must look cool - these are properties we value rather much.

We also think that we as a consumer want to just go slightly beyond our own expectations... So if we like a 90 dollar stick as the main price level choice by our spine. Then we often want to treat ourselves with a stick that is worth maybe 20-40 dollars extra - since we are just worth it.. Maybe this is just a psychological aspect of things - but still it is very tangible.

And remember the value of a stick is never what it has costed before - if you find sticks that is on sale... the sale price represents the true value to the seller - so in reality another stick with no mark downs might be as a good value as the other on sale. And it is only as a seller and a buyer agrees on a price that the sales will happen. But then we end up in another subject - negotiations - and u know what some people wrote books on that subject too - so sometimes the fast slim line is the best way to move forward.

Then as it comes to frontier Floorball - floorball on new developing markets. It is crucial that the seller of Floorball sticks makes good money on his or her business. Because if they do not make enough money the supply of good sticks will dry up. So our full hearted advice is two folded here.
Do not buy stuff from Europe - and do not negotiate on price too high with your local guy. To get Floorball going from a local bush sport - it is crucial that all our local guys stay afloat and make money to be invested in further market development. Not only for their sake -but for your sake and for the sake of Floorball. To be developed beyond the frontier.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!