Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Comment on Mika Hilska

Mr. Hilska mentions Floorballcentral and states that we said:

"Measure what matters, not just what flatters, a slideshow linked by FloorballCentral said, putting it well. Floorball news in English look great and make us feel good but do they bring a particular elite club more spectators who buy a ticket or sell more ads on a national news site?
Not likely. But then, that may not be all there is."

Maybe it is the translation that blur things up..? What we have said though and we, can say again, is that research show that strong Club brands - in American Baseball  - earn more money than other teams. We have also said that we do think that social media is an excellent avenue to build brands. We also do not see why not Floorball Clubs should build strong brand names too - and yes - it seems like this is an avenue for increased revenue - not only from paying spectators... Sponsors most likely pay more to relate to a strong brand name too.

OK Back to a comment related to Mr Hilska's text.

If you walk into a room - a room filled with foreigners - and you start to address the crowd on your own language.. only...  Well you will twerk a few people off - and Twitter, Instagram, Facebook is nothing but a global window or a global room. 
So even if you sit in JyvÀskyle - you must realize you are talking to the world or a room filled with people that does not know your language - and if you want to treat these people with ignorance - you must understand that you make this kinda rude choice..

In our opinion and with an American perspective we find it troublesome that the World's best Floorball TV clips via Sweden is not "YouTubed" with closed captions - it is just done in Swedish. This is rather easy to fix though - since it is often sponsored by brands - a good advice would be to use some customer power and only buy equipment from brands that make certain advertisements only in a language you understand. Nope, we did not say boycott - but for heavens sake tell the world (in this case the stick producers, on twitter - for instance - why you buy their stuff). 
Hey may we for instance recommend the Floorball Supershop in Spain - they do talk a lots of English and sell across borders?

This the main lingua franca problem can be seen as divided into three stages
A) You Fully Ignore all foreigners
B) You Try but it is maybe not good enough
C) You are as good as can be

The worlds largest Floorball publication online belongs mainly to the first stage. With the additional problem that they try to make money on what they write - so most Swedish stuff can not even be translated by online services. And even if you paid for this... it would most likely be trouble to repost commercial information even if translated - as shared to non paying readers... A bag of worms!

The second stage is when you try but maybe rely too much on online translators - some texts that comes from one source (no name) that produces tonnes of Swedish material in English - write a very odd English - sometimes so odd that it is hard to read. But hey these guys are trying - and as long as you try - we give you five stars.

Then look at this

An American professor at a University told me the front page of this printed matter was misspelled. 
It is not. But apparently he did not know that in England they spell organisation like this and not like we do in the USA - organization.. If this is a problem? We think so..

This is yet again an example of trying - but maybe - we should try harder? Why is a printed matter like this optimized for some 50 Million Brits? When 300 Million in the USA spell with a Z - and a bunch of Canadians do the same..? 
Maybe International printed stuff should be adjusted towards America? Or do we need two versions for full credibility? Here is a cool page on English spelling by the way...
Then we must think about the Aussies and other places too.. English in India is most likely spelled like in England so maybe this brit spelling is right? - but the American professor would still not understand why a new sport would use a misspelled front page?

Well, our conclusion is that as long as you do it just right. We here too do tonnes of mistakes since we spit out much material fast. So it is OK to us - as long as you try. It is when you not even try - our world falls apart. 

And all our honors to the IFF (nope honours is British) they are hands down the best source in the world for English Floorball information - but Singapore is good too - in particular on Twitter! But the national feds must shape up as they visit a space with foreigners - indeed when they talk about things with International interest. 

The ones that ticks us off and the ones we so not like - are the ones that does not even try to meet and greet people respectfully in a crowded room.

Change Please!
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!