Saturday, May 31, 2014

How a Floorball shop may look like in the USA too

First we only have to inform the Americans that this game was first invented in Minnesota - then we have to teach the beauty of the game and...

With American measurement systems this will look like a tiny shop and not like a real Floorball mall..

Friday, May 30, 2014

Stanford wins in California!

The latest from the WEST

"The 2014 California Cup was played Saturday May 10 in Fresno, California. Five California teams competed for the Cup.

After all teams had completed the Play-Off qualification round, playing each team once, San Francisco came out on top as the #1 Seed followed by Stanford, Hand of Doom, Menlo Park and Fresno."

Full Story via USA Floorball

Go West Young Man (& Woman)

China fast toss up 10 teams - can CO beat that?

Most larger Quality Tournaments in the USA still would dream to have 10 top teams playing.

In China they after 12 years playing had a National Championship with 10 teams:
"The 2014 China National Floorball Tournament was organised by the Guangzhou club and was held in the American International School of Guangzhou. The tournament included two certificated Singapore referees. The gym was divided into two parts and teams play a round robin."

Full story via the IFF

Let see how many teams go to Colorado in September - to beat China would be fun ;-D

Quick comments on the CB

Recently the IFF released a new CB minutes. This is an awesome source of great information - in particular together will all the appendixes.

If you want to be updated on what is cookin' - we say read it!

We will only make a few reflections and not cover too much here. But it is utterly interesting to read as the President in writing confirms a much larger interest for the sport of Floorball within many National Olympic Committees.

Beside of all the up-coming multi sport events, as we have reported on earlier here, it furthers seems possible that Floorball will be part of an upcoming Urban Games edition. The Universiade seems to lay deeper into the future. But the Youth Olympic Games could possibly lay not too deep into the future for Floorball, 2022 - maybe? What it is YOG ->

We also note that discussions been made between Floorball and representatives for as well as to investigate routes for possible projects or sorts of co-operation work. We think that is just smashing brilliant.

Then we saw that someone wants to "somewhat regulate" the use of social media as being accredited for larger Floorball events. We are not sure if we understand this and the purpose of this. It could be a positive regulation like instructions that a certain number of postings are supposed to be on an International language - and then that would be a good initiative. But if a regulation would in some way limit the free expression on social media - well, we probably do not have to tell you what we think about that. But we could not understand the intentions behind the suggestion here.. Maybe You do?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

WOW May 2014 will Sail to Heaven!

Just looked at the stats for this blog. The Month of May is now on track to become the best month ever. Thankfully May has 31 days.
We are not there yet - we need a couple of more hundreds hits on this site - thats a piece of cake since traffic is high right now.
May is at this moment shy of April 2014 only.

The idea to start this blog is one of the best things we did.

Yepp blog could be better with more writers and someone that took care of the graphic part (we tried this before and a mad man stalled all activity and we had to switch domain).

We also know that advertising is over spending galore on old print ads and has much catching up still to do on both the web, on mobile platforms and social media. We probably do not have to say the rest - now you think - as we sail towards One Million hits - our ultimate goal.

#floorballwithoutborders #isheretostay #olympicreality

Oculus Rift and Retina - Kids will maybe play Floorball like this?

Some folks say Oculus Rift will turn Education up-side-down or just disintegrate it.
Oculus Rift? Here

Or Ping Pong? Sex maybe?

OK, let us switch gear.
Before we have the rift... we have the retina, our head and as we add that with #passion for the game of Floorball - interesting things happens to our own retina and the amazing image memory we carry around since we became humans or maybe even before that.

If you do a cool Floorball move it gets stuck in our old brain like an image memory or video clip like for a long time.. The intensity gets hammered into the brain with a shower of adrenaline we think...

Do you know what we talk about?

Our own last big image memory is from the 2014 Midwest Floorball Championship in the recreational division. We played goalie and ended up swimming on the floor. A good shot comes high - the only way to react was to toss up a leg. And with what the we say - would have been a solid top shelf score... the left foot blocked the shot. By standers cheering along - this is what we remember - and not the score of the game.

Na, we do not call this virtual reality - we call it reality reality - caught on the retina - and it stays... maybe not forever but for a jolly good time - and it is both real and original.

What is next? Who builds software that caters to both Floorball and the Oculus Rift?

Another Stick You never heard about...

Yupp not too many letters in that name that are too far away from Salm-someth-ing else...
If the logo looks like the someth-ing else logo is up to you to judge...

Salmans own website say right now...
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

Apache Server at Port 80

But they have a facebook page up - filled with Storvreta images - and no we do not think Storvreta use Salmans Sticks yet...

If we know something more? Not much beside of the fact that these sticks are supposed to be from Pakistan.

Welcome to the party Salmans...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Cup is not big enough!

They say that size does not matter. But too often we think we see Floorball teams awarded with a tiny tiny little cup. Some pictures looks silly in this respect. Yep, we have not understood this ourselves really - yet. But we do think, or at least suspect that; the size of the cup matters.

A small cup of coffee

No not that one.
The trophy a team wins in any Floorball tournament must be big if not humongous by two reasons:
We want to honor the winner - but we also want to "communicare" to others that this was a very important tourney and as other sports people would see pictures of enormous Cups won by Floorball teams, on instagram for instance, they will start to scratch their heads.
This is a profile approach for the sport - that might sound crazy - and it is - but at the same time as we say this - we also think it will work wonders.

So how do we change this - through a petition? No probably not. But for the Midwest Floorball Championship we play with the idea to upgrade our old cup for the advanced division - and right now we are amuzing ourselves with the idea to oversize it boldly in some way, maybe.

The say - "One World One Ball" or something like it at the IFF - Wonder if not Floorballcentral instead may say - "We have a larger Cup and Balls galore"
And. This is America!


Floorball at the Joe - cool setting huh? Interesting rink system? Go Detroit Go!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

For Europeans Only!

As one tries to explain Floorball in North America - most people strats to talk about broomball... well this.

Yeah it is a ball with ice and equipment galore...
Irrespective if you find this interesting or not... what is interesting we think is that the one writing a wiki on the subject had heard about floorball...

In Houston Floorball Challenge Icehockey!

Houston Floorball Club would like to challenge the hockey people in Houston to join our all day tournament in June 21st.

We will reserve at least one team for Hockey Players only. I think we have a fair change to take you down. But bring your best team/players. We want to show you what floorball is all about and how this can help with your hockey skills.

This floorball tournament will also serve a tryout for U.S. Nationals in Colorado Springs in September. We are looking for some talented hockey players to join our team to strengthen our team for the tournament.

Floorball Elections in Spain

A couple of our dear friend in Spain is interested in the task to develop Floorball in Spain further.
To us here Spain and the well-being of Floorball in Spanish talking countries - is fully crucial since - well South America and large parts of the United States do speak Spanish...

First we did not know if we should do a bad online translation to English - our solution is we will post this as is and you may do your own translation in case you need it.

The other bid for Floorball power in Spain looks like this

Spanish U16 Champs & Female Champs

And from South America we will see the same one day

Sport Inspiration is Important

And this is true inspiration!

Otherwise we like table tennis since the ball they use is even lighter than the one in Floorball

Monday, May 26, 2014

What team in SSL should play these sneakers?

Do something harder than Zorro?

Try it

Twitter clarifications

We strongly believe in the idea that you listen to the person that you talk to. We think it is just normal to follow another person on twitter by following back. We also think that a strong network is a network with accounts both giving and taking at the same time - old one sided mass medial networks is not what we like here. Social media is interaction and you are supposed to be social i.e. to follow back.

OK and we have therefore said that we follow all others back that follows us - but we also kick out non-followers.
That statement must be modified.

We have encountered some folks online twitter that engage in explicit sex stuff both rather normal but also a bit odd. We have seen some rather racist tweets and we have seen drug - romantics too as well as borderline hate or swearing tweeps. Since the goal with our twitter presence is to promote Floorball - and since Floorball often is a kids activity - and non of these things seem to fit well with floorball we have decided to not follow such accounts even if they follow us. On some foreign languages this is hard to verify - but on english spoken accounts this is what we will aim to do.

But any other political ideas, religions or not, marketers or almost whatever - we are glad to share floorball on twitter with you all (well, almost all).

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nope... not this month

Aggregated analytics say that we are most likely to miss our goal to produce the best month ever here at Floorballcentral for May 2014.
We are close.
But rolling monthly traffic right now hints that we will not beat April 2014 - even if we have 6 days to go...

OK this is fully understandable since the Floorball season is mainly over at most places. But we know that Floorball normally pick up great activity again in the middle of July..
Quicks reflections from today though - Both Sweden and Finland - that has the highest Floorball penetration in schools - yet again deliver awesome results at the IIHF World hockey Championships. Yet again we think it shows that Floorball in school is way better than Softball - whatever all #LTAD gurus say. Why are the kids recommended to stay still or sit down as they do sports? It is just way too old thinking for us here...

Here is another clip we should not show since they refuse to sponsor international marketing (i.e. making english texted clips)... But Fatpipe has a new blade in the pipeline. JAB

We might toss up our own dream American development model for hockey - that not criticize the current one - but it for sure looks very different - why we would do this? - because we can!

Then yes it is a long weekend here and not too many posts...  But the iff posted today some cb developments that we might get back to too...with some comments..

Our twitter growth in the middle-east this week has been staggering.. We think it relates to A) The next upcoming soccer worlds and - B) An important sport politics meeting that took place recently in the middle east - but we do not know!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Live English Soccer on Swedish TV

Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden and English footballers
Via Wikimedia Commons the Swedish King and Brittish Soccer players from way back in history

The Swedish state run TV monopoly started to send live English soccer in 1969. The first game was won by Wolverhampton Wanderers FC,  1-0 against Sunderland AFC.

Swedish TV together with the Norwegians and the Danish payed 1500 dollars for the first game. The Swedish share of the cost was 850 dollars. This program was called Tipsextra in Sweden since it was tied to state run and controlled gambling too.
British TV did not start to send live soccer full games until 14 years later, in 1983.

Soccer is the largest sport in Sweden and for a long time many Swedes thought that British soccer was state of the art and games from other European leagues did not show up on TV, until way later.

We suspect here that live games from England did contribute to the popularity of the game. We suspect that the English language was a helping factor to bring Soccer onto Swedish TV. We think the reasonable good Soccer played in England at this time (1969) was a contributing factor to bring full TV games to the Scandinavian audience.

Why do we write this at a Floorball site? Well today the Swedish SSL is rated to be the worlds best Floorball league. The cost to offer International TV stations live Floorball could not at this time be much more (in comperative terms) than what the Scandinavians paid for the first live English League Soccer games? The main true difference is the language - and how accessible Swedish Floorball is to foreigners, with limited Swedish knowledge.

Other things that we learn from the Soccer example is that the first deal was initiated by the customer and not the seller. Something that could affect the set up of a deal.

So is there a market for top notch Floorball from a league via satellite or cable TV stations? We think so if the price is right and perhaps if this is offered as a deal to the right customer(s) and maybe including other interesting content?
If it would be good for the popularity and the promotion of Floorball? 
U tell us. Or maybe we r just crazy like always... ?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Parkour is good at marketing, but Netball is not bad either

Here just a few comparisons how folks sell in a new sport online:

Parkour: About 9,220,000 results
Floorball: About 1,690,000 results
Netball: About 7,830,000 results

Parkour: About 5,960,000 results
Floorball: About 93,900 results
Netball: About 93,400 results

Parkour: 110,781TWEETS
Topsy Sentiment Score: 69
Floorball: 10,489TWEETS
Topsy Sentiment Score: 83
Netball: 66,131TWEETS
Topsy Sentiment Score: 84

Yes, Floorball has a name problem - but the other sports do not care. It is interesting that moving images are performing well for Floorball since much advertising revenue is to be found here. Then is it OK to do this? Well benchmarking is always interesting - and these guys could be classmates. Then wow it seems like the sentiment score over the last 30 days at Topsy is way better for Floorball as compared to Parkour - and that is interesting!

Dear Americas - Could you please try to just get this (target group #PE Teachers)

Here is an Quick wrap up on the status of FLOORBALL = something you perhaps did not know yet.

A) In 2011 Floorball was recognized by the International Olympic Committee, the IOC

B) In 2014 the South East Asian Games confirms to not include Karate, Heavy Weight lifting or Wrestling in the 2015 Edition of the games. But they include Floorball

C) This spring 2014 the Special Olympics has confirmed that Floorball now is a global official Special Olympic sport - and for the Special Olympics Winter World Games, to be held in Austria 2017,  Floorball is to be included as a regular discipline

D) It was announced three days ago that the International multi discipline event the World Games - that are to be played in 2017 - will include Floorball too. Floorball has had an official World Games sport status for a rather short time

No links? No, no links - we just think that if you do not believe us or are hesitant about this what we write - do your own research. Toss up your own search engine of choice. Find you own information and knowledge in the area on how sports will look like when your students are out teaching themselves (maybe just in a few years time).

But u better hurry up!

Quality dwellings... and why you should not buy sticks in Europe

Quality is a misunderstood concept for many.
From the producing side it has often been determined that quality is to supersede expectations and this only a.k.a. - nothing more. It means if you supersede too much like U go to school in diamond laced jackets - you are not in line with the quality since quality is too high.
On the other hand dirty jeans with holes in them is not good enough either since the quality is not good enough. Good quality is to just supersede the expectation and nothing more.
Value is another property that means different things to people and it should probably only be measured at the individual level - even if most folks think someone else can act as an appraiser and tell u how to value things.

But that is from the producers side of things.

From the consumer side of things several new things are up in the air.
A Mr. Pink has for instance recently declared the death of the information age. Maybe the reason for this is that we just have way too much information. And maybe we just have too much products too? We here assume with too much of either information or products the supply risks to outperform any sort of demand. Mr. Pink states that we are entering a new age that he declares to be the innovation age. Yet again ideas of change and creativity are centerpieces in our reasoning - maybe they move forward due to economic ideas that state that when demand is high and supply is low the value goes up - maybe we just do not have enough ideas - as compared to the products and the information we have - we just do not know? Things in the more holistic perspective turn indeed a bit complex and as a human consumer a good way to deal with it all is to simplify things and just create shortcuts. Or just do what is easy.

So, as a consumer of Floorball stuff - what is good quality for me?

Well from the value point you must decide yourself what you value. The following questions will not direct you - but provide hints about what could be important?
Is the brand of a stick the most important Value to me as a consumer? Is color a big thing - as well as the stick design? What technical tricks do I need on my stick? Must my stick be lightweight?
Is the length of the stick important? Is the lefty or righty configuration important? Is the flex of the stick important? The softness or hardness of the blade - do I need think think about this too? Do I need a cheap, a medium cost stick or an expensive stick? Can I play with balls with no dimples or not and why? How important is Floorball compared to other stuff I do? Am I a good or just reasonable good player?

The advice from us here as we try to answer these questions... on our own...
To us here - but maybe not always to you - we think:
Stick Length and the righty configuration is crucial to us. We just must have a 96-97 length stick and a righty blade - nothing else works for us since we are so utterly used to this.
But we also indeed like a rather light stick with a fairly medium soft/rigid blade and our stick must look cool - these are properties we value rather much.

We also think that we as a consumer want to just go slightly beyond our own expectations... So if we like a 90 dollar stick as the main price level choice by our spine. Then we often want to treat ourselves with a stick that is worth maybe 20-40 dollars extra - since we are just worth it.. Maybe this is just a psychological aspect of things - but still it is very tangible.

And remember the value of a stick is never what it has costed before - if you find sticks that is on sale... the sale price represents the true value to the seller - so in reality another stick with no mark downs might be as a good value as the other on sale. And it is only as a seller and a buyer agrees on a price that the sales will happen. But then we end up in another subject - negotiations - and u know what some people wrote books on that subject too - so sometimes the fast slim line is the best way to move forward.

Then as it comes to frontier Floorball - floorball on new developing markets. It is crucial that the seller of Floorball sticks makes good money on his or her business. Because if they do not make enough money the supply of good sticks will dry up. So our full hearted advice is two folded here.
Do not buy stuff from Europe - and do not negotiate on price too high with your local guy. To get Floorball going from a local bush sport - it is crucial that all our local guys stay afloat and make money to be invested in further market development. Not only for their sake -but for your sake and for the sake of Floorball. To be developed beyond the frontier.

Goalie Style

Our U could do it as a friend of us - he got some mixed snowmobile and speedway gear - and stopped balls galore - wild west frontier style

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

One man stands up for what he thinks is right!

This is a tweet from today:

This below is a quote from the link to where this tweet points!

"A lot have happened since last email we sent out. Floorball is making huge steps to be an official Olympic Sport in 2020 or 2024.
Floorball in the World Games 2017

Floorball an Official Special Olympics, 2017

Do not miss out on this opportunity and please share with your teammates or hockey friends. We cannot stress what great opportunity this is to compete

Mike Bonelli
USA Hockey Regional ADM and CEP Coordinator"


Here is da link again...

Thank You Mike - our hearts are warm!

We just want to add one thing to this - The South East Asian Games - something comparable with the Pan American Games here in America - has decided - to toss out Karate (an Asian sport - is it?) Heavy Weightlifting and Wrestling - if we still are able to read things right. And... yes and include Floorball for these games in 2015.

Nope Floorball is not the same as Floor Hockey! Give kids what they deserve!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

MAX ZORRO from Canada

More and more folks knows their zorro moves up north

Important milestone reached in the Dallas area floorball development

An small but important step for floorball development in the Dallas / Ft.Worth metroplex was achieved on Saturday 5/17/2014. The first season of the North Texas Floorball League came to an end with the championship games being played in Arlington, TX.

The league was created four months earlier by forming three teams from existing groups who have played in the area for years. The teams were named “Ft Worth Floorball Club”, “Ballcrushers” and ”Baltic Bangers”, the latter two former around a group playing in Flower Mound under the name Dallas Fireballs. By creating 3 teams a league could be formed and a season of 11 games was scheduled from February to May 2014. Throughout the season, the teams played very competitive games and the Semi-final between Ft.Worth and Baltic Bangers was a great game decided in the last minutes of the 3rd period to the favor of Baltic Bangers. Unfortunately, the Ballcrushers, who has won the regular season, could not gather a full team to the Final so Baltic Bangers won the first league championship after beating Ft.Worth 5-3.
The founders of the league (David Friedman, Jukka Kotti and Kim Aaltonen) sincerely hope that this first season was the beginning of something great and that future seasons will see even more teams fighting for the cup. The Fall 2014 season is already scheduled between 8/25 and 11/17/2014.


Others will follow...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunday, May 18, 2014

3 different ways Floorball introduction may happen in a new country

This is not only three different ways it is also three different stages.

First you will find individual engagement. Individual engagement is limited to some single souls and even if they can make some big initial loud noise - in reality nothing much will happen.

The second stage is when organizations, like a company or some other entity like a school takes on the stake to introduce a new sport. This phase can make some local change occur but it is still limited to the local environment. Some smaller sport conferences could be considered to belong to this stage. This step means we find change but not at all at the larger scene.

It is only at the final largest scale or with big national organizations that cover a full nation or something that goes beyond this we can start to see real implementations and a movement forward.

Two things are utterly interesting right now in this light as we put Floorball in the sport spot light.
We have this

But it is also a fact that Floorball now is an official global sport for the next Winter Special Olympics in 2017 that takes place in Austria. If this does not initiate some organizations within the USA to start to initiate some development rather soon on US soil? We will continue to scratch our heads here. Right now we just think it is a matter of time until some nationwide organization will take some sort of an action.
But it is indeed not until the US Department of Education wakes up - we will see the real change we so eagerly are looking for...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Floorball rink in MINECRAFT?

it looks like this
sourced via

Moonshot technologies and how they link to Floorball

Team Sports can and may be changed is several different ways.
A) We may develop the big things we have
B) We can introduce new sports
C) We may change the reason why we do sports

Here at Floorballcentral we think all this will happen.

A) We know that Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are about to happen - and we can not see how this will stay away from virtually any sport known to man.

B) We ourselves tries to introduce a fully new team sport here in the US - that we think is fully superior for most kids - unfortunately not known yet to the big masses - so this is the problem that wrestle with the tensions between early adoption and mass adoption. By the way - An incredible interesting challenge.

C) In case you seriously look at the drivers or reasons why we do sports - beside of the fun and the thrill part - we here are convinced that human health must take a much larger stake in the core reasons why we do our sports.

And all this leaves us with Moonshot ideas for how sport ought to look like. Most people say that Moonshots are crazy. But most people are wrong. Right now the time is right for Moonshots - just look at Silicon Valley.

Yesterday Larry Page at Google sent out a Google founders letter... This is a guy that knows his Moonshots..
Let us just quote him on on how he describe invention and reinvention:

"It’s amazing what you can achieve with a small dedicated team when you start from first principles and aren’t encumbered by the established way of doing things. Yet I’ve learned over time that it’s surprisingly difficult to get teams to be super ambitious because most people haven’t been educated in this kind of moonshot thinking. They tend to assume that things are impossible, or get frightened of failure. It’s why we’ve put so much energy into hiring independent thinkers at Google, and setting big goals. Because if you hire the right people and have bold enough dreams, you’ll usually get there. And even if you fail, you’ll probably learn something important."   / Larry Page.

So even if Floorballcentral ends up failing - we S T I L L learn a lot!

But we can not think that we will fail.
We do believe that sports of tomorrow will be very much integrated into both big data and why not "living" computergames. Just imagine to watch the World Floorball Championships final as "a live player" on an Oculus Rift or something in 4K - or beyond? 
We further seriously believe that Floorball will make a huge dent in all old teams sports we have available - why - since this is just something that makes full sense and the opposite (to only further develop century old team sports) is absurd. 
- And, finally, it would not surprise us at all if companies that work with health care one day will start to pay recreational Floorball players by the hour - just as an action of preventive medicine. The only thing to get this done is to build another economic system of medical investments. Money exists already to the trillions for the ones already sick - the trick is to prevent parts of these expenditures from happen - at a much lower costs.  Floorball could most likely be a part of such a solution - we say - as our own bold Moonshot.
Moonshots by the way? Maybe to you - but not to us here - and most likely not to Larry Page neither.

Canada Cup at full swing right now!

Our advice?

 Well we think, Twitter is the best bet to keep yourself updated.  

Today a special media and celebrity game is scheduled and some media coverage should come out from that. 

We wish all Canadians and/or others Good Luck at the Canada Cup - Americas Largest Floorball Tourney at full swing right now at the

 Maple Leafs Gardens!

All games yepp the USA is not even close to what they do up north...

Polish Super final comes up with a live stream - let us hope Sweden and Finland can learn from this!

All According the IFF - credits to them for images, links and informations.

It goes on live early tomorrow morning Saturday here - no embed code that we know of and no count down clock..

Latvia won a close game over the USA in the IIHF world Championships 6-5

Thanks to our wonderful Latvian twitter sources - we instantly know that the following, marked in red below, are Latvian National Hockey players with specific Floorball experience (specific means more than just in school): This list is IIHF's official Latvian Team team list - all credits to them.
We may update this list as soon as we have any more names in. Ha the first RED guy on this list - started out his career as a Floorball goalie...

Then in more general terms - we do have an estimated confirmation that most Latvian schools have Floorball in their sports program - so most likely - all of these below should have held a Floorball stick at least a few times. We think this statement describe the reality as good as possible.

Why we do this? We would like to be fully clear about our statement that Floorball does not hurt any level Ice Hockey player (rather the opposite). To level the playing field - in this case the ice?

We can only wonder about the USA?  Floor Hockey?

31MASALSKIS EdgarsL175/5'9''78/17231 Mar 1980HK Poprad
33PUNNENOVS IvarsL185/6'1''85/18730 May 1994Rapperswil-Jona Lakers
50GUDLEVSKIS KristersL190/6'3''86/19031 Jul 1992Tampa Bay Lightning
2LAVINS RodrigoL180/5'11''84/1853 Aug 1974Dinamo Riga
11SOTNIEKS KristapsL183/6'0''87/19229 Jan 1987Dinamo Riga
13GALVINS GuntisL186/6'1''87/19225 Jan 1986AIK Stockholm
14REDLIHS JekabsL187/6'2''86/19029 Mar 1982Dinamo Riga
22JASS MarisL188/6'2''90/19818 Jan 1985Pirati Chomutov
32KULDA ArtursL188/6'2''97/21425 Jul 1988Salavat Yulayev Ufa
52JAKS JanisR180/5'11''83/18322 Aug 1995HK Riga
81PUJACS GeorgijsL185/6'1''95/20911 Jun 1981Dinamo Riga
3STALS JurisL191/6'3''91/2018 Apr 1982HK Poprad
12VASILJEVS HerbertsR180/5'11''84/18527 May 1976Krefeld Pinguine
16DAUGAVINS KasparsL183/6'0''83/18318 May 1988Geneve-Servette
17NIZIVIJS AleksandrsR177/5'10''77/17016 Sep 1976Dinamo Riga
21BERZINS ArmandsL192/6'4''97/21427 Dec 1983Beibarys Atyrau
24REDLIHS MikelisL181/5'11''81/1791 Jul 1984Lokomotiv Yaroslavl
25DZERINS AndrisL185/6'1''85/18714 Feb 1988Dinamo Riga
28GIRGENSONS ZemgusL188/6'2''88/1945 Jan 1994Buffalo Sabres
29LIPSBERGS RobertsL180/5'11''88/19429 Jul 1994Seattle Thunderbirds
47CIPULIS MartinsL181/5'11''82/18129 Nov 1980Dinamo Riga
70INDRASIS MiksL190/6'3''85/18730 Sep 1990Dinamo Riga
87MEIJA GintsL185/6'1''80/1764 Sep 1987Dinamo Riga
90JASS KobaR183/6'0''87/1921 May 1990Bili Tygri Liberec
91KENINS RonaldsL178/5'10''80/17628 Feb 1991ZSC Lions Zurich
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!