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Our comprehensive coverage CONTINUES - via and thanks to the IFF and their embed codes we r able to re-cast live Floorball here.



Live streaming Floorball Is up shortly and live games start early morning US time. These are normally good feeds.
N.B. Games are played at the same time 2 and 2 - hit start and u will see when live feed starts!

8 games total posted so far...

Where is Canada? well mainly only top nations will be streamed live - but it seems like Canada has a game versus Germany scheduled for Sunday!

Here is a good page on the standings too

Proudly wanna show the 2014 MFC Program

It is all thanks to Ground Round -

Here a sneak preview

Canadians walk Polish Streets in the name of Floorball

well and much much more!

CoachChic Re-writes the US Hockey summer landscape

We could have not said this better ourselves and this man writes better than Hamlet (at least if you love hockey more than poetry). 

Take it away Dennis!

And Now For A Great Off-season Training Idea

April 30, 2014 by  
I introduced this idea a few weeks ago, in hopes members would set some space aside — in their off-season schedules, and in their heads — to expand their stick-skills quite a lot.  To be honest, if I had yet another young Chighisola coming along in the game, I’d have a floorball stick in his or her hands as soon as he or she was capable of chasing a ball around the house or yard.
With that, my idea follows…
– Dennis Chighisola

And Now For A Great Off-season Training Idea

Okay, to begin, I’m not making a big deal of this at all.  What I’m really suggesting is that every member — including goaltenders — get a floorball stick and ball, watch a few videos on “Zorro-ing”, and then just fiddle with the stick and ball as often as possible.
As an aside…  I’ve known hockey players since I was a youngster, and I’ve studied them for at least the past 40-years.  More than anything, I’ve discovered that the good ones tend to be fidgety types.  I mean, they can’t stand still for long — some of my favorite pros can’t even remain still during the playing of their anthem, and most of the good ones love having a stick in their hands, and a puck or ball to fiddle with.
What I’ve also discovered is that we can actually encourage a “puckhandler’s mentality” with fairly young kids.  That’s part of the purpose of my Incredible Stickhandling video, and it’s also the reason I’m encouraging my member friends to give the floorball “Zorro-ing” a sincere try over the next few months.
I’m doing all I can to encourage you here…  I found a friend in the floorball equipment business, and he’s promised to give my friends a very fair price for a stick and ball.  (I receive absolutely nothing from those sales.)
My friend has also provided some information for selecting a stick, etc.
Then, in the end, I’ll provide a few more informational and demo video links.
Just to remind you of how the floorball stickhandling tricks had to be named, I’ll refer to the old 1960′s TV show — called “Zorro”, wherein each episode began with the star moving his epee through a quick Z-type action.
Click the picture to the right to gain an understanding on selecting a floorball stick…
Here’s a pretty good video about picking the right stick for you…
And, at some point, you might like to curve your stick-blade…
 I doubt many members will need the following information at first, but what the heck…
Okay, before showing you a few pretty good “Zoro” videos — as kinda incentives, let me say that I’m not necessarily suggesting that member players spend their entire spring and summer playing with a floorball stick and ball.  Instead, what I’d highly recommend is that players use it to fiddle at times when it makes sense.
During the many years when I was a hockey dad...........................................

Wait a bit hold on here - if you want to read the rest - on zorro and more hockey philosophy - oh here is da link

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Our comprehensive coverage - via and thanks to the IFF and their embed codes we r able to re-cast live Floorball here starting tonight.


Live streaming Floorball Is up shortly and live games start early morning US time. These are normally good feeds oh so fast servers fast servers..we hope.
N.B. Both first games are played at the same time - hit start and u will see when live feed starts!

4 games posted so far...
Some games might later be also shown under the tab above live Floorball games.

Where is Canada? well mainly only top nations will be streamed live - but it seems like Canada has a game versus Germany scheduled for transmission on Sunday!

Here is a good page on the standings too

Updated Game Plan 2014 MFC

We had some comments that the top 4 should play about the Intermediate Cup. And the Top 3 ranked as Recreational teams should play about the Rec Cup. And that makes sense so we have changed it around a bit in the main plan.

Otherwise it all looks the same.. and this is valid from our last post on this subject

First some housecleaning.

From 7.20 approx in the morning I need help with:
Taping up lines.
Setting up boards, one Full RINK system will be used in main gym (instructions will be provided)
For second gym we will use corners - and possibly rink units provided via Wausau and/or Ice dividers from the Hockey Club. Walls could possibly be used too.

I am sure Brad will help and make certain that all teams have paid as well as signed the required free of responsibility document as requested by the Tomah Parks and Rec - from 8 AM in the morning.

Ref meeting takes place at 8.30. To be held by Anders Buvarp.

Otherwise this is the schedule we aim to follow.

Here is the new schedule!

Culture Translations

Sometimes you just not have to translate a language but also - just imagine how things would have played out in other parts of the world.

So let us first understand the recent Special Olympic News from Europe on Floorball and the European Special Olympics Floorball Masters and the activity they run in conjunction to this..

If we translate this in very fictional ways to America - an American Floorball SO masters - it would probably have had almost as many countries participating.. So that is one way to grasp this.
Then as the seminar on Floorball included Princess Nora of Liechtenstein (an IOC member) and the Managing Director of Special Olympics in Euro/Asia as this took place on the other side of the pond....
              In the case this would have taken place in America instead... We can play then with the idea that Mr Tim Shriver himself as the top SO representative would have gone to Las Vegas to try to play Floorball together with an American IOC representative like MS Anita Defrantz or something... End of thought experiment one.

Well Culture translations does not stop here.
This article describe rather well what is going on in Asia

So as we pretend that the SEA games is more or less the same as the Pan American Games... then you kinda get part of the scope. Yes Wrestling and Weight lifting is out - and maybe that is not too remarkable in Asia. But as you notice that the very traditional ASIAN sport Karate is out too???  - then you should start to think.. Let us play the culture game again.
What is a top notch American sport? Baseball/Softball, Basketball and Football. It does not matter wich one you pick for your own thought experiment. But as we play with the idea that in the Pan American games (kinda same as the SEA games - a multisport event with some sort of olympic connections... at least) would toss out a typical American sport to benefit Floorball...
It will not happen in America? No maybe not now.. but is it not time to see what is going on at places?

We do think so

Monday, April 28, 2014

IOC Member Played Floorball and it is Special Olympics on the GO!

Great News from the IFF.

On how Floorball breaths new winds into Special Olympics and on how Princess Nora of Lichtenstein, an IOC member, plays Floorball at a seminar held in Europe...

Europe by the way... - well this seminar was also attended by representatives from both Venezuela and Jamaica...
Not bad at all - Let us quote the IFF:

"During the practical and theory floorball sessions on the second and third seminar day, the floorball training was attended by Princess Nora of Liechtenstein, who is also an IOC member. Also the Managing Director of the Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia, Mrs Mary Davis, visited the training session and tried floorball.

- This was one of the best seminar we have had in last years in Special Olympics, mainly thanks to the cooperation and involvement by different parties. We wish to thank the IFF for taking part in the seminar, says Miroslaw Krogulec, Sports and Program coordinator Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia."

Full Story - Ya betcha

And Hey, did you see Princess Nora plays a Fatpipe stick - interesting ;-D
The Managing Director for Special Olympics Euro/Asia also reportedly play Floorball wonder if she used a fatpipe too - We here love it and this is the way to go - for kids of all ages and all talents!

Updates 2014 Midwest Floorball Championship

Flexibility is key!

Ok 5 days to go!

We have a few issues we are currently working on:
A) The Game plan might be adjusted and we may release an updated version later on. The main change will be that the 4 best teams in the Intermediate/Recreational group will have an Intermediate play-off and the 3 last teams will play for the Recreational final (currently the numbers 3 and 4 above is in the other order). The opinion has been expressed that it is the actual team strength that should decide placements and not the estimated strength at sign-up

B) As the discussion has also been heard from several places about players being able to double up on Advanced teams as well as at the same time they play on a Recreational/Intermediate team or not. We will assign this matter to a tournament authority and deal with this in both a principle manner as well as find a strict line how to deal with this. The main purpose is to stick with initial rules but also to make as many players and teams as happy as possible

C) As a new thing we hope to present a pamphlet describing teams and the game plan that will be distributed as teams sign-in during the morning

Friday, April 25, 2014

Updated! World Sensation! & 20 years later..

It took them 20 Years - 35 games - until the Czech Republic was able to beat Sweden. It happened today and Mr. Suman was this happy...

Finally after 20 years and 35 matches!!.. cze-swe 6-5. Now just hope for early repeat.
So now we wonder when can USA do the same - to beat Sweden in Floorball? In 40 years time? Maybe?

We also wonder why we have not yet seen any good English story on this yet... The Swedes has this up -  (no only way to get it is through an online translation) - but even if this is as International news as it ever gets - SIBF prefers to talk in Swedish only...

Our opinion is that this is not good enough!

Then they win again!!!!!
6-5 over Finland today!!!!!!!

Master Game plan 2014 Midwest Floorball Championships May 3rd

We have it in!

First some housecleaning.

From 7.20 approx in the morning I need help with:
Taping up lines.
Setting up boards, one Full RINK system will be used in main gym (instructions will be provided)
For second gym we will use corners - and possibly rink units provided via Wausau and/or Ice dividers from the Hockey Club. Walls could possibly be used too.

I am sure Brad will help and make certain that all teams have paid as well as signed the required free of responsibility document as requested by the Tomah Parks and Rec - from 8 AM in the morning.

Ref meeting takes place at 8.30. To be held by Anders Buvarp.

Otherwise this is the schedule we aim to follow.

Any Questions?
If you ask them on twitter to @ulfjens - all can see both question and reply? or see above.

This information will be distributed over the weekend to signed up teams..


This is exactly not how to do it.

OK the embed code is up and we R live...

Bur DEAR DEAR DEAR - you must release embed codes way before games. You must share this wide on Social Media. You must communicate...  Or no one will care.

This comes via Salibandyliiga in Finland and we wish they would have known better - here live only the last part of this top notch International game - presented - in a true amateur spirit.

Or where in the world has this been announced? Did we just miss it? The test image... above does currently hide live action press the player pls.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

So the Amateur Icehockey guys in Chicago will start Floorball too?

This is Illinois - This is Hockey. This seems to be ADM and it seems to be USA Hockey too.

What they say? We are not sure yet.. but we quote:
"In this video you will find interviews from Floorball equipment providers, players and coaches as well as in game videos to learn about Floorball and why it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Look for programs starting in Chicago area soon."

The video they refer to is via gfloorball in New York we think - and this was posted last week..

Here is the link if you want to go figure out more...

Hmm. For the Midwestern Floorball Championship we do have Chicago already signed up. And this is a fairly decent team that most likely would dance the socks off anything that AHAI would be able to put in the very fastest tennisshoes.. Interesting.
Maybe we will have a bunch of Floorball teams in Tomah next year from AHAI?

Lets hope so! Come on you guys we want to dance!

Dynamite News via IFF

First they have upgraded their APP!

And this is what they say:

"Get ready for the new edition of the IFF Events Mobile App with improved guess the results features!

In the WU19 WFC Mobile App the top three ASICS guessers will be ranked by most 3p guesses (correct final score) & 2p guesses (correct winner & goal difference).

Both the A-division and B-division ASICS guess the results winners will receive ASICS shoes."
Illustration; IFF 

The app should be updated - if not already now - most shortly!

But the Second news - is possibly even better.

We will have live feeds = Streaming from the U19 Women WFC from Poland! This means that we may plug in tonnes of Floorball here and move from being a blog to become a TV channel again. In perfect manners the IFF has already tossed up embed codes and in a few days time we will plug them into this site in some way -
hold out!

Next time I will blame Magnus!

Next time I play goalie and some pesky shooter score in the top shelf...
I will fully blame Magnus.

And if you are the scorer - maybe you should thank Magnus huh?

Power Girls from Canada...

Goes to this... (well, they flew already out yesterday)


Next Time - 2016 this will be played in Canada - it's the World ChampionshipsU19 Girls...

We need a USA Team too - and if you know your Floorball or high quality level Hockey - do not wait - sign up here..

Dear Hockey Coach may we present what we call hockey infrastructure?

Nope it is not Softball...

You do not have this?
Really? Let us rephrase that; R E A L L Y?

Do not blame us here - we're doing what we can to help you - but U must do a few things on your own too..

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In Canada they still have real News

A Headline:
Saltfleet hockey star en route to world floorball championships

And why not a Quote?
"McCullough may be a newbie to floorball, but she’s a veteran between the posts.

McCullough has been a goaltender for the Saltfleet Storm girls hockey team for two years. She ended her run in net with Saltfleet on a high note last month, picking up a 1-0 shutout win over No. 2 ranked Kingston’s Holy Cross in the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations AAA/AAAA championship in Sudbury. The shutout helped seal the Storm’s first provincial title."

Read more? here...

Current Stuff i.e. tomorrow...

First the time/game plan for the 2014 Midwest Floorball Championship - has been moved forward - but we do hope to have the game plan ready tomorrow - courtesy of Tomah Parks and Rec. But...

Well, tomorrow we will do this too.
So one Health activity in that poster above - will be to show some Floorball - and this stunt might possibly delay the announcements on the game plan for 2014 MFC just a tad bit more..

Then we are trying to digg out some interesting news from Texas too - but tomorrow seems a bit busy so - lets see.

Offence and style, is that two different things?

First some style in low res from Slovakia....

and who did recommend Lacrosse for Hockey players now again? hmm...

Then something that many people would see as offensive - in many gentlemen sports - maybe?

But heck as a #floorballcowboy we like this too...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Houston Push Forward

You know what we just will rerun - their full PUSH - Stolen from Facebook

If you know anyone in Houston area who should play floorball, please share this with them or have them contact me or do both.
Why should I sign up my child for Floorball
Since majority of Americans have never heard of the game called floorball, which is played over million people in +50 countries, I wanted to share few reasons why parents should choose floorball for their children to participate in.
First of all, floorball is safe, easy to learn and fun sport on its way to 2020 Olympic games. I want to highlight some of the benefits of having your children to play floorball compared to some of the major sports in the USA.
Please feel free to comment, like and share to promote discussion about floorball versus other sports. There are four different factors (one for each major sport) that will be discussed that makes floorball one of the most desirable sports to play in Texas.
First, I wanted compare ice hockey versus floorball. Hockey in Finland pretty much holds the same status as football in the America. It is the national sport where Finland plays in the top level in the world cup and in the Olympics, even taking bronze home from Sochi. Everyone has their home town team to support and many dreams have been fulfilled through hard work and many hours on ice, as many young Finnish hockey players have been drafted to NHL.
If hockey is the ultimate sport in Finland, why even bother to play floorball? The main reason floorball became the second choice sport for the youth was the affordability. Soon after floorball was invented there was an economic downturn in Finland that forced parents to rethink if they were able to afford their children to play hockey. Only in recent years floorball has become the first choice sport among the youth in Finland, Sweden and other European countries.
Here is a list of equipment that that is needed to properly equip your child to play hockey. The items selected are the most affordable hockey equipment from Sports Authority.
Helmet: $49,99
Shoulder pads: $34,97
Performance shorts: $39,99
Youth hockey pants: $59,99
Suspenders: $10,99
Shin Guards: $14,97
Elbow pads: $9,97
Cup $9,99
Mouth Guard: $4,99
Gloves: $34,99
Skates: $46,99
Blade Guards: $6,99
Hockey Stick: $54,99
Hockey Puck: $2,99
Tape: $3,99
Bag: $36,99

The startup cost for hockey equipment, just if you were to buy the cheapest of all the equipment available would come to $423,78 + tax. In addition, three day camps run starting from $160.
The start up cost for one week all exclusive floorball summer camp is $150 + tax, which includes a stick and a ball.
Total hockey startup cost = $583,78 (+SUV to carry all the equipment)
Total startup cost for floorball =$150
Difference: $433,78 (take a vacation or put it in savings account)
Meaning: with the same amount invested on one child playing hockey, you can have almost 4 children to play floorball for the same amount of investment.
I have to say that playing hockey was always fun, whether it was on a frozen lake, school rink with or without boards or on a real hockey stadium. My college experience with 5am hockey practices in the negative weather made it even greater.
We are looking forward to work together with current and future hockey and floorball players. Please share this with anyone you know in the Houston area that should put their children into our very first ever floorball summer camp in Houston TX.
Also, please read the following article how NHL team Dallas Stars is incorporating floorball with their youth program.

The World's Best Sport

From the world's best TV - it is pure brilliance

If you want complain that this is not in English - we suggest you do that here, we kinda gave in

I want a Floorball stick that tweets by itself!

We posted on recent tech sports development last night - In short what happened was that Nike just closed down its hardware unit for gadgets, tracking athletes - and not many understand why?
Some speculated that Nike are moving towards Apple and the hint is that we are to see a new breed of wild "tracking" gadgets for athletes well beyond what you may dream of... They hint about gadgets of some sort of a second degree.

Venturebeat describes this rather well on how the next gadgets will not just have basic sensors that measure heartbeats - they describe this well in this their own reasoning;
"Why Apple’s wearable has to be about the story of you — not just data" 
The article describes how sensors can tell your story... read it...

Did U think Social Media now?
But it will not stop there. As we get not only beyond sensors but computing power (in essence "beyond sensors" connected to computational power in a device - like in a Floorball stick - or connected to your cell phone) nothing is then impossible.
Here is a great story on how your cellphone already today can be used to cure cancer. YES!

Now take this to the Floorball court - imagine shoes, sticks, maybe the ball and the rink as well as the goals - everything is connected - not just only with sensors and readings of big data. But also with world class distributed computational power - hm at some point we might not even need the coach? Maybe each separate play can be forecasted like we today fairly good can predict weather (that is a hard task) and each player will have his or her own live streaming YouTube channel... Scary? And if we can predict game "weather" (short term plays) we might be able to tell long term performance too (how is your teams Floorball climate for instance?). Money? To do all this? Did you ever hear about the betting sports industry?

Maybe, but the main limit to what we can do - or what we will be able to do - is mainly your own mind. But perhaps AI will take care of that too?

I myself is fine - if I just get a Floorball stick that can tweet by itself - each time it scores..

International Bonanza in Tomah Wisconsin

As we look into the nationalities or roots - we have a lots of people coming from different places.. to the 2014 Midwest Floorball Championships - May 3rd.. 2014.

Of course we have Americans and Swedes and Finns.
But we also have people with deep or recent roots from Poland, Malaysia, Germany, England, Scotland, and we probably missed someone too, is someone from Switzerland too? Earlier years we had Swiss people involved... 8 maybe 9 or more original nationalities in a sport tournament - in Tomah Wisconsin? When do you think they had that last? (last year - dear friend - this is how Floorball looks like in America still)

That is not bad - to arrange a Floorball tourney on the border of the frontiers of the Floorball world and serve up like a United Nations party - in US -  Cheeseland!

Where ever you come from all of you are welcome to Tomah - and the Parks and Rec is currently working with the tourney design right now. The final count is eleven teams - the aim is to have an initial qualification round at least for Recreational and Intermediate teams - and probably award an intermediate division too... We will know for sure tomorrow - according to the current plan. Let's See!

The one the waits for something good - Happee takes the Finnish title "mestari" (how do you spell that?)

This was posted like 5 hours ago and... you know what the pace of hits are at this point 1000 hits per hour - not bad!

Full story on how Happee became champs in Finland is best read through Happee themselves..

Special Olympics European Floorball Masters...

it is a very interesting arrangement...

This tournament coming up in just a few days (starts Friday) is co-hosted by Austria and Lichtenstein. They expect 200 plus athletes from 16 European countries - and the well informed Special Olympian also knows that in 2017 it is time for a new round of the big Special Olympics Winter Games - and these will be arranged in Austria.

Yes, in 2013 as the Special Olympics was played in Korea - Floorball participated for the first time as a demonstration sport.

But the Special Olympics European Floorball Masters that starts now on Friday is very interesting from another perspective too..
During these games a main Special Olympics Floorball Seminar is arranged too. And beside of the delegations from European countries participating in the games with teams. Some highly interesting countries has announced their participation at these seminars - Jamaica, Venezuela and Israel are all participating in this European Special Olympic celebration with delegations.

The President of Special Olympics Austria and also the President of the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017 Mr. Hermann Kröll states:
"With each Special Olympics event people with intellectual disabilities will catch more attention, greater acceptance, enjoy more significant interest and popularity in our society. Unified Sports are new addi-
tions to the Special Olympics programs where mixed teams of players with and without mental disabilities compete against each other on the fields. This kind of team sport has further growth potential and will be one important issue to discuss at the upcoming event.
Among floorball are basketball, handball, volleyball and beach volleyball the unified team sports of Special Olympics. "

We here will try to cover this event as good as we may

Monday, April 21, 2014

Asian moves - Penang Builds Malaysia

"Although floorball is not one of the sports under the Education Ministry’s National Schools Sports Council calendar, there was a major breakthrough this year as the Penang schools competition was supported by the Penang Sports Council.
“I am happy to see the Penang Sports Council coming aboard to help us develop floorball in the state. We hope to have a great long-term partnership with the council to continue the progress of floorball, especially at the school level,” said Penang Floorball Association secretary Christopher Koh.""
Full article via the Star

Several times we've said tech will change sports

That is why this report from theverge is so interesting

Yepp it will affect Floorball too

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pavel Barber on Stick-handling Hockey & Floorball

Pavel Barber - MindStickHandler from BC

MindPuckHandler is one of the most interesting Hockey stick-handling channels on YouTube and MindPuckHandler does not stay shy - Mr. Barber say his channel is, the worlds premiere stick-handling source on YouTube.. or to quote him...

"The most creative shootout dangles on YouTube, & YouTube's #1 source for shootout tutorials." here it is

So we checked in with him.

Who is Pavel Barber? I'm a man who is obsessed with progress. Nothing drives me more. I have an overwhelming passion for hockey, and an unhealthy obsession for stickhandling. If you need to find me, chances are that I'm alone somewhere with a puck and a stick having the time of my life.

Why is Hockey your sport? Because it has great meaning to me. The game has always been there for me. As a kid, my fondest memories are playing mini sticks, ball hockey, and barely being able to sleep because I was so excited to get on the ice. I have learned so many life lessons, made so many lasting friendships, and created some unbelievable memories. Hockey taught me commitment, how to be a team player, and how to overcome obstacles. But through training on my own, hockey has taught me the most important lesson of all that I apply to all areas of my life: "It's not just what you do, it's how you do it."

Tell us about your dreams? What do you want to accomplish? I want to get this next generation better at the game. I've seen hockey grow. I've seen the level of skill rise. I have been inspired. Now I strongly believe that it is my turn to inspire others. The ultimate goal is to help as many kids out as I can get to that next level. Eventually I want to run my own high performance hockey skills camp where I emphasize the importance of focus, commitment and persistence - but most importantly, enjoying the game above all. I am currently living my dream now, though it is on a smaller scale. I am making Youtube videos that are inspiring kids to get out there and train to get their hands better. Every day I think to myself "How freakin' cool is that!?" It is the highest honour to me.

What is Floorball to you? Floorball is a game that gave me a refreshed love for the game of hockey. It is so challenging, and the amount of dangles you can do with that stick is insanely addictive to someone who loves to create new moves. You have to have such a fine touch when stickhandling with the floorball stick, that when you pickup a hockey stick, you immediately notice the benefits. Floorball is my secret weapon of off ice training, but I hope to get the secret out.

If we say that many Hockey people in the USA recommends their youth players to play games like Softball, Baseball, Lacrosse and Basketball during the summer - what do you think about that? I think it's a very uneducated way to go about it. On the topic of building skills, we know very well that there are some sports that offer transferable skills that help compliment their other sport of choice. If hockey is your sport of choice, you need to ask yourself "what skills from softball, baseball, lacrosse and basketball will transfer over to my hockey game?" I always encourage kids to stay active, and will never tell a kid not to play these sports if they truly love them. But if you are looking for a summer sport to play that will compliment your hockey game the most, you have to give floorball a shot. It has the most transferable skills.

Do you think Floorball would be a better fit? 100%.

Tell us what you think about Floorball in school? I know for a fact that the kids would love it. I've seen the young kids I coach at hockey camps play it, and it is always a success. For physical education classes, I think the teachers need to think about 2 things: 1) Are the kids getting good exercise, and 2) are the kids having fun. Floorball is an incredible workout, and the kids love it. The more they love it, the more they will play it, and the better health they will have as a result. Not to mention that it is safe and extremely low's perfect. Much better than the flimsy floor hockey stick games I used in high school.

Any thoughts on those million kids in North America that can NOT enjoy Floorball is school - whereas it is bread and butter in many North European schools - do you think the North American system is in a weak spot - as we compare like this? 
And do you think Floorball give hockey players better sense and a better “eye” for the game? I will tell you this - in the book "The Talent Code" which discusses how the best in the world build up talent, they talk about a sport called futsal, which is a soccer game played with a smaller ball, in a much smaller area. It turns out that the "talent hotbeds" in the world (the places in the world with the most skilled soccer players) were all playing futsal as a supplement to help them get better at soccer. The transferable skills are obvious. When they go play soccer, they now have a bigger ball to use so it's easier to control, and they have so much more space and time! So when they get into trouble, they can use their futsal skills to get them out of it. Futsal is to soccer what floorball is to hockey - we just haven't realized it yet. We need to catch up, and fast. Floorball players will have better hand eye and vision for the game because those skills are embedded into the game and are used on a regular basis. It's a pretty simple equation once we see what the game has to offer - the problem is that most of North America just hasn't seen it yet.

As we admire the stickhandling “Pavel Barber” shows on youtube - we wonder if you could develop two parts of stick-handling - Speed and Soft hands - how do they come together for you? It's all about how you train. Whenever we train, we cannot be afraid to fail. Failure is a word with such negative connotations, despite the fact that the most successful people in the world are those that have failed the most. So to build speed and soft hands, we must worry not just about what we do, but how we do it. We need to become our own coach. When you fail, ask why? What did I do wrong? Then correct it and try again. When you succeed, do the same thing! Ask yourself did I succeed. The ultimate result you want is not that you can do it, but that you can do it consistently. So for speed and soft hands to come together, you must go at your own pace. Always challenge yourself. To build skill, we must train just outside of our comfort zones. Not inside the comfort zone because then we're staying in one place and not progressing. And not too far outside of our comfort zone because then we are frantic and learn nothing. The reason we train just outside of your comfort zone is because you are challenging yourself to progress, while maintaining the ability to retain as much feedback as you can. That's what you want! Feedback from everything you do. Have fun, challenge yourself, and believe in yourself. The results come...just slower than you would like! Stay in the process.

What is love? Baby don't hurt me...don't hurt more. Sorry I thought I was on "Don't forget the lyrics" for a minute. In all seriousness, LOVE is our highest emotion. Love is the most powerful feeling in the world. We can feel it, but we can't understand it. It is powerful and can lead to bliss and heartbreak. I can promise you if you don't love it, you won't get good at it. Think about it - if you don't love something, are you going to put in all those hours of work necessary to make you better at what you do? If I had no love for hockey, I would not have gone to the park almost everyday to practice stickhandling, and I would not have gotten better. Love is passion, and you need it to get better...and you need it to be happy. Success does not equal happiness. Your happiness equals your success.

Anything else you want to add? Yes - I want everyone to truly believe in themselves. There will be many people trying to bring you down when your dreams are big. Please never let this stop you from pursuing your dream. Nobody ever has the right to bring you down. Never let anyone tell you that you can't, because what do they know? Who are they to say that? Only you know what you are capable of, and if you let someone hold you back, then you are robbing yourself of reaching your own potential, and you are robbing the world of witnessing the greatness that is inside of you.

Floorballcentral - say - in one word 100% - AWESOME Thanks Pavel!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

How to use a Hockey rink

Or as they say in Finland - how to build a hirvi-theatre.

Finnish Floorball Finals are played tomorrow and we think Happee will win!

Then we have been trying to find a good source on the results on the big Floorball tourney they play right now in Ottawa.. but we just find fragments... like kinda on twitter..

Friday, April 18, 2014

Teams in 2014 Midwest Floorball Championship - Tomah Wisconsin!

Over the Easter the Tomah Parks and Rec is trying hard to bring onboard a final recreational and the 12th team for the tourney - since brackets for the tourney will be much more easily be arranged.  If this is possible we do not know until Tuesday next week.
The Parks and rec is also investigating if a third division is to be awarded/created - i.e. an intermediate division. Currently one team is signed up as an intermediate team. Two teams have declared that they possibly could participate in an intermediate division. Last years winner in the Recreational division has signed up in the Recreational division and could be considered to be promoted. It is possible that the tournament is arranged so teams must qualify to each division. More on this to be announced Mid next week.

The teams signed up so far and ready to go are:


Chicago Innebandy (IL)
Team Shirt Color: white

You9ted  (WI, CO, OK, TX)
Team Shirt Color: Red/Black

Minneapolis Floorball (MN)
Team Shirt Color: black/white

All Nuts (Tomah, WI)


Minneapolis Lakers (MN)
Team Shirt Color: black/white

Wisconsin CRUSH  (WI)
Team Shirt Color: Home: White

Patriots (Tomah,WI)
Team Shirt Color: Home: Orange

Goodhue Floorball Club (WI, MN)
Team Shirt Color: Home: PURPLE

Superheros 2.0 (Tomah,WI)
Team Shirt Color: Home: White

St. Paul Saints (MN)
Team Shirt Color: Home: Black Away: White

The Hunters (Tomah, WI)
Team Shirt Color: Home: Camo

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sponsors 2014 MFC

We are happy to announce that the following operations sponsor 

The 2014 Midwest Floorball Championship


Supported also by Ace Hardware and several businesses/operations - more information pending

Piggy-Back? For Floorball? Another form of marketing?

One good lesson from the software industry is that many of today's large functions or apps or services that people use BIG TIME - did not emerge into stardom by itself.. Many technologies has risen since they have been mentored forward or piggy backed on top of other services..

It is well described in this article

This is interesting and can be used by individuals too - as to increase your presence on social media if you want to promote Floorball for instance ;-) to piggy back is the golden word...

But - now we are thinking about something else.
This is what the IFF writes..
On Champions Cup..

And if you read this you also understand this will be the last time the Champions Cup is presented in this form since - well they have not been able to find the economy for this kind of a tournament just yet. This is a normal problem for an aspiring sport that wants much but not just have the real or full reach yet.

This is what John Liljelund say:
"- The stakeholders of the Champions Cup have during the last year discussed the ways to continue to develop the Champions Cup. All parties agree that floorball needs a top club competition, but at the same time we need to enhance the marketing value of the product and start to get return on investment for running it. The stakeholders will still during this spring come with a proposal for how to conduct the Champions Cup in the future, John Liljelund, IFF Secretary General,."

Well, let us then toss in our ideas. If we look at the social network industry it get obvious that a service can become boosted by another service. If we then say that a Floorball tournament is a service... and if Floorball is able to find another aspiring sport or similar activity - with high or similar European penetration? Maybe some sort of a dual arrangement? Maybe an interesting package dual offer to TV/spectators? 
Piggyback? Anyone?
This post is not offering a solution but at least a way to expand upon ideas. The main issue as we see it - we do not grow fast enough on the International stage? Huh?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The little Floorball club...and disappearing messages

Watch out!

You have your little Floorball group right. Lets say some 20-X  players. You set up your little club page - or later down the road the big club page... on facebook.
If you do not do this right you might be in for some hardship or at least small questions.
We have heard from people complaining that messages on Facebook disappears..

We think it works like this. For Facebook to be fully happy they want you to promote your messages to your "likers" - this promotion is done by postings, notifications to others by a kind of a push message. That is good. The problem is that if you do not pay Facebook a fee - to do this - these notifications will only work (rumors online say 6-16%) for a select few of the people that likes your page - in the case the page you have is set up as bad as possible. So now you have to be careful and realize that your page is not a push delivery system but more a bill board system with no push. That means each player must him- or herself go to your page to find the right information.
Most of you already knew this - but we want to stress this yet again in case some new group wants to start and plans to use facebook as their main connection hub on the club.

A new group? Yes, Yes-terday we had another new group started in Allen TX - more to follow later.

Electric Wheelchair Hockey Floorball - World Championship!

The IFF highlights the next big thing in Electric Wheelchair Floorball Hockey..
logo linked in via organizer pointing to source 
"The 3rd IWAS Electric Wheelchair World Championship is played 4-11 August 2014 in Munich, Germany.
The national teams are training and fine tuning their tactics and strategies and supporters from all over the world are every day more curious about the program and the match schedule of the event."

"Electric Wheelchair Hockey floorball means: perfect ball control in combination with mature technology, good teamwork and responsive maneuvers – that’s not so easy. This is what the Munich Animals and the German National Team players are going to show to the present press representatives during a demonstration match in which they will be directly involved to better understand what it does feel like playing EWH.

And a trailer is here too

OK Hockey folks are you ready for some dangles?

Pavel Barber is the man...

Someone that still thinks a long wood stick and a golf ball is good enough?
Someone that still thinks a foam blade equipped plastic pipe in school is the way to go forward?

At Floorballcentral we know the way forward and that is not through Lacrosse or Softball during the dry-land season - not at least where we come from...

Now move forward into what is next!

Latest Update on 2014 Midwest Floorball Championship

The deadline for signing - up teams has passed. We have 11 teams confirmed. We will make a last attempt via the Tomah Parks and Rec over the weekend to find one more additional team to play in the Rec division.
We might upgrade one of the Rec teams to play in the Intermediate division - this - if we find one more Recreational team - would mean that the tourney will have three divisions, Advanced, Intermediate and Recreational - and also have three winners - this will be confirmed after Tuesday next week.

We have today also discussed a qualification round that would have all teams being qualified to each division by 3 placement games - before each division is being played. This can only happen as we have 12 teams signed up. Further Tournament structure will be released in the middle of next week.

T-Shirts and Floor tape has been ordered. We are still looking for baskets for a possibly raffle draw to bring in more revenue.
The rental fee of the real board system that we will be used will be covered by sponsorship by the Tomah Booster Club plus the fee to sign up the teams - some possible raffle tickets and T-shirts sale. This budget might be a close match so we might put up a donation jar to to further cover expenses to raise the money needed.
The board system will provide one real Floorball rink - almost at the size of a full rink - the minor lack of space in the gyms means that we play 4 on 4 with goalies.

Welcome to Tomah and stay tuned for further News - as the final game plan is set in stone - mid next week.

EGGstra Easter Twitter advances

The blue Twitter bird is laying some eggs...
& this is how we Floorball people celebrate easter..
After an idea by Floorballcentral - design SwissenergyIBK
Twitter is developing in a forceful manner for us right now. Last week our account "ulfjens floorball" yet again was the worlds fastest growing on the subject of Floorball on Twitter.
Our expressed strategy for further growth, to expose Floorball, is to build the decentralized and modern network - instead of the old idea with a mass medial approach - the no follow back- network is dead on twitter.
We say here that the old idea of just talking in one direction - used by so many others on the Twitter Floorball subject - is what hampers Floorball expansion on Twitter. Twitter is social media - and not mass media.

The approach we use include the app unfollow me (it provides a tool to take out all bad followers i.e. followers that does not follow back = a bad follower and followers that does hardly ever tweet = a bad follower).
Then of course we aim to be nice to and a bit courteous (within in the normal limits of not being ridiculous) and we try to say what we think - since we search for some sort of truth too.
This strategy seems to work. Last week we had a new height of followers on Twitter and.. right now over night it looks like we had the highest number of followers ever in a 24 hour period.

What is interesting lately is two things; A) we are now reaching many people outside of the normal Floorball domain - that is the kind of audience we truly like to inform about floorball in an entertaining manner (recently many of these accounts has been authors - seriously good we think). B) Then the other part of this is that some of these accounts are not small Floorball accounts with a couple of hundreds of followers - these accounts have often 50K followers or more. So as an account of this size retweet or do a mention on Floorball? Well, we suspect the word might sip out.

What about other social media?
Facebook - we have a feeling that progressive people working with definition and development of ideas not tend to gather at Facebook. Then the idea that a Facebook post only is shared to in between 6-16% of all connected people - if you do not pay Facebook. Well it means that it is not a very good tool for promotions.
Linkedin - it seems more and more obvious that LinkedIn needs me as a user more than we need them at this point. Recently they turned of the function, or the function to display who is investigating you seems not to be working - this function is crucial as you want to network. We suspect they want you to pay for their service to network in this way and nope that is not what we are looking for.
Pinterest - maybe a bit too on the female side... but nope for now, we have decided to focus - so the same goes for some other networks too like Reddit- but Tumbler needs a special mention since it is so strong among young people...
Instagram - is doubtless the king as it comes to the idea to spread knowledge/advertising on Floorball to the world - the trick for many big accounts out there is to reach beyond the local crowd. But this is probably the best tool to use if you want to promote Floorball with global presence. We have however decided to focus on Twitter.

What about other subjects beside of Floorball?
Yes we could have picked any other subject that we care about to promote - but for now we cling to Floorball and to develop this further - well we probably would need another long blog post...
Stay tuned!
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!