Monday, March 31, 2014

Mr X - from Tomah

By Enrique Ardito (Internet, tapa de libro a la venta al publico.) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The two main goalies in Tomah had a chat Sunday night - about a few of the best scoring forwards and - no we do not want to reveal who is who - so we will call them all MR X.
But the goalies did identify some very typical features for several good scoring individuals/forwards and how they approach the net.. It all ended up in a little list..  We will not say who is who but here are some specific features from a few players scoring good... in Tomah.

The Bow-man:
Comes normally in on the right side as a left-winger at high speed and approach the net in a wide bow towards the net, If the bow is too narrow towards goal it becomes dangerous since the shot is hard and often well-placed. If the defence is able to force the bow-man wider - a pass is likely or the bow man rounds the net and a new calamity comes on from close to the goalie on the other side - passing/back drop is normally excellent.

The Bomber:
Often travel from side to side in front of the net or in the center of the slot. The Bomber shoots when no one is ready. The shot comes fast and without warning and hard from both sides of the stick. The accuracy of the shot has been a question mark earlier - the hardness is not a question mark - but the accuracy has improved greatly during the last year. The bombers best feature is the well masked shooting and the willingness to take the shot very fast. On the other side of the coin we as goalies know that this is a player that prefers to shot as compared to pass.

The back-hand flicker:
The approach is right on with zig zag dribbles/movements towards the net. Typical feature is a threatening forehand shot that force the goalie in a locked or weak position to do the save - then the ball is flicked over to the backhand side and either a score or another cool move before a score. But not much shooting or the hardest shot - but excellent passing, a dominant ball winner, good mainframe and a true score winner in particular on rebounds. This season, doubtless one of the most efficient scorers.

The passer:
Excellent passing all over the court - not much scoring but many many assists. The passer has passed to another player more or less on the goal line (twice). The passer is valuable for the other team but - shots are rare. When they rarely come - the scoring percentage is high.

Mr. Fast hands:
Normally steals the ball with a wide toe drag. Two or three lightning stick handling moves and a pass. Mr Fast hands can not be left in a shooting position in the slot - this player shots high and normally hits the top shelf corner or the post with the hardest shot we have in Tomah. A slight preference for the pass though. So this is a hard player to predict - and no - do not let him shoot..

We might be back with a few more player profiles as we have analysed a few more top scorers or defenders... Let's see depending upon the feedback.

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