Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Coachchic answers Tommi Remsu

This turns into one of the best debates ever here we think..

Coachchic states on his site:

"In a way, I have little argument with what Tommi has had to say from his floorball perspective. If there’s anything wrong with this, it’s that he may have totally misunderstood the conversation Michael Borg and I were having over on Twitter. I mean, Mike and I were looking at the two sports from a totally different angle, as in how floorball might help ice hockey players.

I can’t put words (or thoughts) into Tommi’s mouth here. However, I read the same kind of paranoia or defensive posturing from my interactions with many figure skating instructors.

I’m sure my hockey friends are familiar with how quickly figures coaches will offer their expertise — as in feeling they’re experts on skate-edge control and striding (God forbid). Of course, just hint that a hockey guy can help figure skaters and those some instructors will shriek in horror, “Oh, no! Hockey and figure skating aren’t anything alike!”

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