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Female Hockey? Is a marginal sport in Sweden

This is ladies of tomorrow - across the world as we see it - This time TV from - well Sweden.

Mr X - from Tomah

By Enrique Ardito (Internet, tapa de libro a la venta al publico.) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The two main goalies in Tomah had a chat Sunday night - about a few of the best scoring forwards and - no we do not want to reveal who is who - so we will call them all MR X.
But the goalies did identify some very typical features for several good scoring individuals/forwards and how they approach the net.. It all ended up in a little list..  We will not say who is who but here are some specific features from a few players scoring good... in Tomah.

The Bow-man:
Comes normally in on the right side as a left-winger at high speed and approach the net in a wide bow towards the net, If the bow is too narrow towards goal it becomes dangerous since the shot is hard and often well-placed. If the defence is able to force the bow-man wider - a pass is likely or the bow man rounds the net and a new calamity comes on from close to the goalie on the other side - passing/back drop is normally excellent.

The Bomber:
Often travel from side to side in front of the net or in the center of the slot. The Bomber shoots when no one is ready. The shot comes fast and without warning and hard from both sides of the stick. The accuracy of the shot has been a question mark earlier - the hardness is not a question mark - but the accuracy has improved greatly during the last year. The bombers best feature is the well masked shooting and the willingness to take the shot very fast. On the other side of the coin we as goalies know that this is a player that prefers to shot as compared to pass.

The back-hand flicker:
The approach is right on with zig zag dribbles/movements towards the net. Typical feature is a threatening forehand shot that force the goalie in a locked or weak position to do the save - then the ball is flicked over to the backhand side and either a score or another cool move before a score. But not much shooting or the hardest shot - but excellent passing, a dominant ball winner, good mainframe and a true score winner in particular on rebounds. This season, doubtless one of the most efficient scorers.

The passer:
Excellent passing all over the court - not much scoring but many many assists. The passer has passed to another player more or less on the goal line (twice). The passer is valuable for the other team but - shots are rare. When they rarely come - the scoring percentage is high.

Mr. Fast hands:
Normally steals the ball with a wide toe drag. Two or three lightning stick handling moves and a pass. Mr Fast hands can not be left in a shooting position in the slot - this player shots high and normally hits the top shelf corner or the post with the hardest shot we have in Tomah. A slight preference for the pass though. So this is a hard player to predict - and no - do not let him shoot..

We might be back with a few more player profiles as we have analysed a few more top scorers or defenders... Let's see depending upon the feedback.

A Blog in Overdrive

Last Month was utterly strong. Without a WFC - we still zoomed in at the second best month ever - only shy 110 hits for the full month as compared to the best month ever... That is so cool!

Yesterday came in extremely strong - probably thanks to the bleacher guys that featured Floorball as a cool sport. Yesterday is the best day so far during 2014 and we think the third best day ever...

We think we will hit some new cool numbers during April since much new is on track - and November-December 2014 will doubtless set fully new records with the 2014 WFC in pipeline...

The USA is consistently doing very well on this blog - and over the last year we have in general terms on average double traffic - from the USA.
And the USA is the undisputed leader-reader of this blog.

Good work Uncle SAM!


WE NOW AIM TO PLAY THE 2014 MidWest Floorball Championship for one day


May 3rd!

It looks like this will be possible and games are to be scheduled accordingly

Rishabh - a boy that make Dreams into reality?

Real DREAM WORKS that can become true

Rishabh is a young man from New Delhi India dreaming about Floorball. Naturfloorball is one of the world’s best Floorball camps in Spain.

They connected over the Internet and became friends.

End of story?

Naturfloorball has decided to invite Rishabh from New Delhi - together with his coach Mr. Mrinal to the camp and Spain this summer. We wrote about it here the other day… the main problem as we already said is the funding.
So we spoke with NaturFloorball - since we realized - this is not a movie from Disney - this is real. This is desire. This is dreams. And this what should be possible to do in the real world too.

Floorballcentral and Naturfloorball agreed that this could possibly work as a crowd funded project - and right now - here today NaturFloorball has launched the campaign for Rishabh to live his dream. It is here… via….

Ok, what favour we ask from you - is either one of two things;
A) Either you directly support this with a minor donation (skip that next Dreamworks movie or something similar, skip a soda... and make a real difference for once). This campaign is not asking for much and - U may create positive wonders
B) If you are not in a position to make a donation yourself - well then let this story go rampant on your social media - on instagram, on twitter, on facebook or whatever and to all your email contacts. And we will love you!
Email is indeed the best way to share stories like these...

This is not only about helping Rishabh. This is about a larger cause. This is to show the sporting world that the little Floorball community - the global community - is strong and can make wonders and big real dreams come through.
The nice thing - only a minor donation - can give you personally a big stake in this project.

Do GOOD now - make their real dream - come true.
You have the magic and the force to do so!

The Bleacher report snaps up Floorball on Manhattan

Well, here...
You know what...
This blog is right now on track to set a new daily record as well as a new monthly record...

We're not done... BRB

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Final Call 2014 MidWest Floorball Championship






Registration close April 15th - the last two weeks sign-up is $20/player

Link to sign-up and rules 

Cambridge Canada + Floorball grows strong + FAST

This is a great clip - that intensely show something that is just growing. Good stuff Cambridge.

Something in horse style say the commentator..

The other say it must be at 450 kilometers per hour...

That is about 280 MPH ;-D maybe they exaggerate a bit,, but it is sure a good shot of the defender... up high. Östholm.

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Soccer & Floorball tricks - WOAH!

This reel had only 18 hits as we tossed it up - U will be among the first to see this... Now try it Ur-self;-D

Don't Worry be HAPPEE

Pictures speak for emselves - this is Finland!

How to make more money on the local Ice Hockey operation

as Hockey winds down... for the summer

As the North American Ice Hockey season winds down we observe some facts. The intensity is done. Some clubs take out the ice and other clubs try to make it through the summer with limited but devoted crews and in many cases weak attendance...

If we now think about heavy machinery or big semi trucks they all obey one rule. 
It basically means you want as much as possible out of your investments and equipment. An excavator must for instance run way beyond 8 hours per day to be profitable in the best sense and - no profitable operation can have machinery stalled for months each season to - make a decent living. 
So to make hockey even more attractive and profitable in North America - to be honest - we need much more up-time in the buildings and infrastructure we have. They can not stand deserted 30% of the year - its just a waste and bad economics!!! 
But to run a freezing operation is the summer - when the F hits highs outside is not cheap - in particular when attendance is weak...

The next observation in this scenario - creates a rather interesting opportunity. The hard fact is - that in the case we think that Floorball has the real opportunities to grow as big in north America as it is at places like in Singapore or in North Europe... hmm. We have a serious infrastructure problem in North America - most school gyms are not big enough for full size Floorball. (yes we here do think that Floorball might become Olympic way before you even believe it). But you know what - all summer deserted Ice Hockey rinks could easily host a full blown Floorball rink in size. Hockey in North America offers in this respect better infrastructure than many schools.

So to make hundreds of small Ice Hockey rinks magically transformed into top level Floorball arenas - we only need a turn-key solution.

Here is the recipe;
A) An easily installed floor that offers a flexible solution and a good bounce at a good price for hockey rinks
B) A cost efficient board system for Floorball
C) Two Floorball nets
D) A commitment from the local hockey club to try to create better hockey players with dry land training and to get most of the players (and new ones) into these programs - to also make more money...
E) Then we probably need some sort of a local summer league Floorball system for youth Floorball teams too

? Who offer this turn-key solution? at the right cost? We dunno yet but it sounds like a joint operation between Gerflor (or someone else) and a rink producer.

A) Better Athletes/Hockey players
B) Better Hockey Club economies
C) More fun for the kids
D) Olympic readiness

The reality?
Hockey and others continue to promote Softball, Baseball and Lacrosse as good alternatives -  for dry-land training.

Floorballcentral shakes our head and is continuously convinced that this will change - with or without our help.

Friday, March 28, 2014

What all US University Students must know!

Well most people think, that is a tonne of things... but to be honest with you.. Not much.. Machines today are better than humans to store information. 
So the key is - instead of having all answers - to ask the right questions or to know where to find INFORMATION. Is key!

To do this - see clip below from FISU - on the International World Universities Championships... Then  hey - find the right questions to ask!

Salming runs away

Sorry this post intended to describe how Salming started with underwear - got its first logo at Drömfabriken and turned to Floorball and now goes head on with some of the largest in running and.. more. Well, they just opened a special Salming Running store in the same town that Hugo Boss first opened their own first Sport store (but that is another story). Well time flies and we can not develop all this here and now - we might however get back to this...
For now this is how Salming - now challenge the old big fat brands in the shoe business. Swollen big companies that does not even know how to spell to loorball yet. (oh did you maybe say Flirtball or floorball_ R U sure? ;-P

Thursday, March 27, 2014


This is most likely the first ever Picture of Floorball from Colombia - and it was just taken.
 via Floorball to the Olympics on facebook

PIXBO vs FALUN game 1 of 7

Someone said that PIXBO is on track to set a world record in Sudden Deaths - or something.
This is game one - best of seven.
Ok I know TV4 is slow globally since data has to travel the lines - but hey it's much better that that broken tango thing they use at times... so please be patient.

Strategic Sponsorship with KUBB

What is KUBB?

We face the same challenges - we are hauling in Scandinavian or Nordic rooted fun recreation to the heartland of the USA.
We both think that it is good that people meet - face to face in real life - to have fun. If you get some workout or some time to enjoy yourself in good friendship relations.... it's exactly what life brings on.
We both face the monumental task to get our ideas implemented into the modern US society including schools.
We both share the same level of almost insane passion for what we do.
As KUBB people thinks that KUBB comes more handy than Horseshoe or corn hole... We think Floorball beats the sanity out of all Floor Hockey or other odd stick handling sports people tend to do in America...
In short we are brothers in arms.

So how is Kubb doing in the USA?
Much better than Floorball is our judgement. They run US Championships with close to 100 teams. They have full media and sponsor penetration on their local markets and the summer calendar is filled up with KUBB tourneys. They now also talk about and experiment with a real league.

Any technicalities?
Our agreement is based upon a mutual understanding that we build US recreational activities for the future with games that are a bit more advanced, more modern, constructive, and also fun - as compared to some old sports or recreational activities, We will share ads and links with each others - so if you live in the USA and you never heard about Kubb or Floorball. If you visit either the USAKUBB,ORG site or Floorballcentral - we aim to make certain that - if you learn about one - you must know the other too.
Then if there is some north European culture involved too - we will love it.

Go KUBB go!

Malaysia shows the best use for any pair of buckets

via Coach Gilbert

The Good and Less Good - it's all about Dynamics & Life is Good

As we were out in Tomah yesterday to try to bring in some local sponsorships, gifts, coupons, support or whatever - anything - to present to our players for the 2014 Midwest Floorball Championship... Well, let's be honest, the overall response from the local community was not strongly overwhelming (at least not yet) and we must continue to try to do this. As it looks like right now we are way behind on this part compared to previous years and any donations for the players going to Tomah would not hurt... ;-)
So that is the bad.

Then as we toss up the good news on twitter that they have sold tickets like crazy for the 2014 WFC in Sweden - this is a news story that does not even exist in English yet - it just came as a tiny tweet yesterday. And the IFF has also only shared a tweet on this so far - 5 hrs ago today...
Over 20 000 World Floorball Championships tickets were sold within 5 days! Get your WFC ticket now:...

But the good thing is that the Sport Minister of Canada did retweet this our own tweet in this matter to his own followers.
And that is exactly what made our day shine. It feels good that a very important pair of eyes have focus on Floorball as a new sport..

On the news themselves...
The organizer in Gothenburg Sweden has sold 20.000 ticket to the 2014 WFC in five days. This means they are on track to the new record of 200.000 spectators for the full event. This will shatter all previous records. The backside of this good news is - if you want tickets - well it might be at bit late for the last games if you want em' now. Yesterday they only had 3000 some tickets left to the last round of games.
We have earlier in one post on this blog scratched our heads about the choice of Scandinavium for the finals since we think that this big Ice Hockey venue in Gothenburg (Frölunda home Ice) can just host some maximum 12.000 spectators per game (depending a bit how they arrange the layout). We suspected the arena Scandinavium might be on the smaller side as they now aim to arrange Scandinavias largest sporting event in 2014. 

On the subject of Silly season rumors for the 2014 Midwest Floorball Championship, it is possible that we might have an international European player from one of the better countries joining.. 
Let's see...
Yepp it's all floorball dynamics baby!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What all Floorball Actors must Grasp in terms of being Social

via worldoffloorball

They say social media is over us. They say it will change how you do business. They say we are social creatures. They say to sell stuff you must understand how this change will affect you.

Who wants to sell Floorball?
- Indeed the producers of the equipment
- But also all clubs (and federations) - since they try to sell the sport to players or tickets to the audience and sponsorships to companies and organizations etc.
- Then some players need personal sponsorships too and therefore they might not only just be a good player but also the best player on social media to draw in interest, funds and increase their own personal brand value.

Got it?

All this is created through social relations and social media is the tool that is re-mapping the reality in these respects.

Therefore - Floorball must understand social media - if we want to build the future.

But it does not stop here it also relates how leaders are able to lead - we think without a strong precence on social media - and you call yourself a leader?  --- > We think you are indeed destined to fail big time!

Here is a wonderful presentation from Simon Kemp posted at - check it out and then figure out how you can use social media in the best possible way to build Floorball - yo, you must do it yourself - & remember YOLO!

As Old media and the new sport meet in Canada

Todd Crawford is the ladies man

Floorballcentral fully support dreams - since dreams makes reality

This is a great story.

Naturfloorball is one of the world's best Summer Floorball camps and it involves top players/coaches from Finland. Naturfloorball takes place in "everything unders the sun", or Spain.
Rishabh is a young player from India - he loves everything Floorball - and his big dream is to go to Spain with his coach Mrinal for the Naturfloorball camp this summer.
Right now several avenues are explored to make his great dream come through. However to make this happening additional funding is needed.
If you are the right philanthropy ignited person to make this happen - you may step forward now.

Floorballcentral believes in dreams - we think they form our future - and this particular dream is one that we want to see come through... YOLO!

We promise to keep you posted on the development of this wonderful sun-shine story

Today - one week to go

If you aim to hit the 2014 Midwest Floorball Championship - today you have one week LEFT to sign up for the best cost efficient deal of only $75 bucks for a team. After next Wednesday U still have 2 weeks to go - but we charge 20 dollars per player - still super cheap compared to many other tourneys - but right now it is even more cost efficient. This is the IKEA of all Floorball tourneys in America!

It looks like we will most likely have more teams than ever before - and dough on it - we have strong rumors about at least one kids team - and if that is true - then we will fix one more - and we will at least have a demonstration game - with Floorball for kids played on a real rink with real refs... May 3rd in Tomah WI.

Wanna sign up now? 

The White Card - how to do it

The IFF supports April 6th for world Peace and Sport with a carton blanc..

“Carton Blanc” (White Card) is the name of a highly-acclaimed travelling photo exhibition by Maud Bernos dedicated to children living in areas of conflict or post-conflict and their daily involvement in sport. The exhibition was displayed at the 5th Peace and Sport International Forum in 2011.
The photos, taken in the Great Lakes region of Africa and in Israel-Palestine, highlight the faces of children who are at the very heart of our action and who are our tireless driving force. The photographer named her exhibition “Carton Blanc” in reference to the red card, which signifies the most serious offense that a player can commit. Here, the colour white, which symbolizes purity and peace, is therefore used to represent positivity and constructiveness in sport."

We say this is perfectly right & we love it - but it could possibly have been done with the full spin too - to us the full spin would have been to not just only support this - but also proclaim April 6th to be the International Day for Floorball too. Sic, we guess we will continue to stress the importance for ONE International Day of Floorball. ;-)

Play Ball - here is full story via the IFF
U may also find instructions how to support this initiative - and maybe win stuff too - if you follow that linkaroo.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Matt Makes a Brutal Stick experience

Matt is one of the well known players from Texas. The other week he changed stick to a new model.
It was a brutal experience..
These are his own words about the acclimatization process.. from a Salming Kickzone to a Sniper of the same brand.

"Brutal for me might not be the same as brutal for most. I normally can and would pick my spots with my shots while using the kickzone. Every time we scrimmaged I scored 10+ goals in about 90 mins... went to the sniper and my shots we off I was only scoring 5-6 goals... went to scrimmage the Dallas fireballs (best team in DFW area) got stoned on 2 breakaways. Immediately switched back and ended up with 2 goals on my next 2 shots. I love my sniper now and my shot is back and just as good... took me a good 3 scrimmages of 90 mins in length to get it back tho.."

Something tells us that Salming has more product news to maybe "xplode" out soon, maybe this week?

Audience Flagrance

The Audience and the audio is essential to work up the right atmosphere. Happee knows this. Wonder if SSL or the 2014 WFC may beat this beat?

Top Notch reporting from SSL

This does not need any quotes. This is the way it should look like. Good reporting - in English from the world's best Floorball league from one of the most intense play-off series and a seven game run.
This is what IFF can do
This is how to promote Floorball on the global scene - it is just little amazing that they do not do this as good and fast from Sweden too?
One day, they must.

Coachchic answers Tommi Remsu

This turns into one of the best debates ever here we think..

Coachchic states on his site:

"In a way, I have little argument with what Tommi has had to say from his floorball perspective. If there’s anything wrong with this, it’s that he may have totally misunderstood the conversation Michael Borg and I were having over on Twitter. I mean, Mike and I were looking at the two sports from a totally different angle, as in how floorball might help ice hockey players.

I can’t put words (or thoughts) into Tommi’s mouth here. However, I read the same kind of paranoia or defensive posturing from my interactions with many figure skating instructors.

I’m sure my hockey friends are familiar with how quickly figures coaches will offer their expertise — as in feeling they’re experts on skate-edge control and striding (God forbid). Of course, just hint that a hockey guy can help figure skaters and those some instructors will shriek in horror, “Oh, no! Hockey and figure skating aren’t anything alike!”


The Best of Magnus Svensson

As Magnus Svensson calls it quit - let's celebrate him a bit with this clip via floorballmedia

Yipee, closed captions

This clip has closed captions on Google hooray! - the Finnish can be translated into French if you push the cc button.
Guess what Mr. Mikael Lax shoot as good on both languages...

More Canadians up with Floorball

This is not much of a post - just a link.

Dude or Dudette - if you like hockey and wonder how Floorball can fit into PE or Hockey for future devs... You should check this out. They are on to something - is what we think and say.

Monday, March 24, 2014

As the Swiss are ready for their big finals...

Yupp, the IFF cover it here

And we just noticed that one of the teams in this final - SV Wiler-Ersigen are sponsored by the new brand LEXX.

Hey maybe you remember this post - as we scratched our heads on how they appeared from the social media marketing perspective and we poked some fun on how they spelled KEVLAR.

The spelling has been fixed - but twitter seems to still be missing - so if you wanna beat one Floorball brand in terms of followers on twitter - to beat LEXX you need one follower we think ;-)

Incredible by both the winner and the loser

Game 7
Sudden Death

Storvreta beats Mullsjö + next up 7 games for them against AIK - a classic old sports club. On the other side Falun takes now on Pixbo - before the last big SUPERFINAL

Relation of Floorball to other sports

Hi again.

This time my post is focusing for the "hot" topic about the so-called relation of floorball to ice hockey. This has been quite an issue in the social media, when mostly Americans have done some advertising for the game in very strong hockey atmosphere.

Below you can see some tweets about the topic:

My personal replies to the matter have caused a need for further investigation about this issue. So here it is.

Statement 1: Floorball is not Ice Hockey without ice

Actually. It's not even near. Now calm down, I understand that for people just getting familiar with the game, it surely seems like that. I mean; sticks, 5 players per side, two goals, goalies with masks and the rink. Basically the same?

Well. Nope.

The differences are so large that even this blog is too limited for thorough investigation. But I'll consider on some small points that in my perspective are the most important differences between the game.

First of all, the physical game. Although floorball is rather physical game (checking is against the rules - in theory) it is much more clean in this matter than hockey. We have most of our brawls in the corners and in the situations where one player is trying to get the ball from other in open space.

The most uniting scenario in majority of these situations is that usually there's a little no no speed at all. The players don't run and bumb to each other, they mostly "wrestle" stationary while trying to get the ball. There are some situations similar to hockey tackles, but they happen in situations where the ball is not on the possession of either of the players.

Second, the offsides. As many already know, floorball field has only one "line" and that's the one in the middle. So there are no offsides, and this allows the game to be played constantly throughout the field. When you see still pictures from professional game, the player that is furthest from the ball, can be as far as near the goalie. All this without being outpositioned, but rather playing the tactical scheme of his/hers team.

Third one is the specification of playing positions. Well ok, this is quite a long shot. But anyhow, in my perspective, the floorball player is not as much limited to ones position as for example in ice hockey. When hockey player is a winger, he is a winger. Same goes with the defenders. Though we have players like Erik Karlsson in hockey, the main idea is still focused on the respective position of the player.

My personal thoughts here rely on the idea that player has to be able to produce at least decent results regardless for the position where one currently is. Our game in this season relied mostly for on-game rotation of players. So in many cases we found that the highest player was defender, where the bottom one was a winger. And this could be the situation in defensive sector also.

The speed of the game is so fast, that you can not just stay in position that you are listed in the roster. Natrually this happens in all ball sports, but I think that not so much.

Feel free to argue in all the content here.

Statement 2: Ice Hockey is not the best supporting training-game for floorball

It is good, but not nearly the best. 

The finesse of handling the stick is not nearly the same in hockey. For example my own hockey stick is maybe 160 cm (c.a. 5 ft.) and floorball stick is 100 cm ( 3 ft. and some inches). The playing pose couldn't be further away from each other. 

I have my history in Ice Hockey. And this can be seen for defect in my floorball playing. My slapshot might be powerful ( 130 km/h) but it is not economical. I know players that can deliver the ball faster with simple wrister. The ways that hockey player uses his/hers long stick and weighty puck have caused many problems for players moving between the games. 

Stickhandling and eye-to-hand coordination of course are universal in theory. I have seen very much floorball-type stick moves in hockey field (using the tip of the blade for some turns etc.) but in general you use the sticks differently. Come on, you don't compare ice hockey to the traditional hockey that is played in grass. Or to golf.

Tactics of Ice Hockey and floorball are totally different (see earlier about offsides). Floorball is much more free-flow game in the entire field. So sticking to Ice Hockey scheme is actually harmful for floorball players.

This doesn't mean that the hockey would somehow harmful for floorball players. Or vice versa. For example Jori Lehterä and Teuvo Teräväinen have their history in floorball. Both are good in at least stick handling. Most of current top floorball players in Finland and Sweden have played ice hockey in the past.

So there are benefits, yes. But hockey is not the best one available. Then what is?

Statement 3: The best possible support game for floorball training is basketball.

This statement relates to the tactical side of the game. Not so much for the actual skill with ball.

For me as a coach, the most important part of playing team sport is not at all the things you do with the ball, but the things you do (and do not do) without the ball/puck/whatever. And with this in mind, I strongly suggest that you should play much more basketball than ice hockey. 

In basketball the man-to-man defending is much more emphasized than in other games. The most significant aspect is the movement. When moving indoors with legs (not skates) the actual movement lines are very similar to professional floorball. 

Also the actions in basketball when the ball is lost to the opposing team is, aside from crucial, again very similar to floorball. Looking back to my teams last season, the one pinpoint in development was actually the turnovers. What was and what should have been done in those situations. I have to say, I got some of my ideas watching Finnish national team progress in World Championships qualifications. 

For the next summer, we will emphasize our training in basketball (among others).

What other sports are good for training floorball?
  • Badminton/ping pong (mostly for goalies - hand-eye coordination)
  • Soccer (endurance, positioning)
  • Track and field (good for speed, endurance, stamina... everything)
  • Gymnastics (balance, body control)
  • Parkour (same as above)
  • .... and of course everything that gets you moving!
Feel free to comment!

- Tommi Remsu

Sunday, March 23, 2014

It is time to celebrate Happee a bit

Happee is the world's most followed Floorball Club on Twitter - it is also the world's best club as it comes to marketing of Floorball - they beat the nutz out of any other club including - all the Swedish ones!
Picture stolen from Happee without their permission ;-)

OK, from the American horizon it is one thing that is remarkable about Happee from Jyvaskylle in Finland. Their name.. Happee.
Let us qoute the
"[ syll. hap-peeha-pp-ee ] The baby boy name Happee is also used as a girl name. Its pronunciation is HHAEP-IYIY †. Happee is derived from English-American origins. Happee is a variant of the name Happy."
Yep this is in English - should we not care about what Happee means in Finnish? To be honest with you we do not think so - the web is global and do we really care? or... maybe if someone knows - ok tell us...

Na the thing and the idea to have a name that seems to mean happy is 1000% genious...
Watch this guy that claims if u r happy - all things will get better

You know what we think that works in Floorball to - and Happee might have an upper hand if they realize the value of their brand name
Happy Floorball is better Floorball

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The latest game: Storvreta-Mullsjö

Next up is game SEVEN

MarsBlade - Yeah another Hockey idea...

Hockey ideas on this blog has ONE great benefit - they drive traffic to our blog. If we would not say that - we would be lying.
As we scouted the Let's Play hockey Exhibition in St Paul recently we ran into Marsblade from Östersund.

The few Floorball connections we see is that - yep, yet again we have Swedish things and yep, yet again we talk about dry-land training for hockey. At least in the in-line version of the MarsBlade and from a #LTAD perspective maybe too, we think?

What is interesting is that the blade suspension in the Ice hockey version seems to work as well. It is well explained in the video above - and it is no brainer that a blade that slightly adjust between body weight, pressure and the ice - has the potential to get more traction into the ice - and this way enhance skating.

Nope - not much Floorball - but very much hockey indeed.

Time for Summer Camps?

The IFF promotes two summer camps on their home page - in Spain and in The Czech Republic.
Follow this link

But Hey, there are way more other camps too - in Sweden, Finland and also a couple of specialized Goalie camps... Best way to find em'? Use a search engine. The specific about the two summer camps the IFF promotes are that English instruction is provided - but in most developed countries many people speak some sort of understandable English - and the adventurous part could be nice too?
We have also heard rumors about a possible summer camp in Texas too - as we know more - we will try to keep you posted.

Very interesting observations...

We have been busy with other stuff so no posts for a few days and the blog goes incredible good? Hmm maybe we should not post here? Huh?

Ok here is another cool things on shoe developments from Nike. This is for soccer... But since some Floorball producers are keen into the shoe show...
Hm could this be a possible future Floorball direction too?
Full story via Wired on new Soccer shoes - where the sock is merged kinda to the shoe and the tongue is gone..

Psst, it is Great ol' Britain that drives the traffic to this site right now - just so you know...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How Floorball in Swedish TV crush NHL and British Soccer

We picked this up via Ryan Halden... over Twitter. Thanks Ryan!

It is about Sport on TV in Sweden. Sweden is a little country - about the size of two Wisconsin...

Last week - on TV - The Floorball game Storvreta-Falun had 46.000 spectators on TV and as Vancouver played Ottawa in Hockey (also shown on TV in Sweden) 21.000 Tv spectators saw that game. If you are good at math you'll see that Floorball was way more than twice as big.
Another Floorball game on TV, last Saturday (not as a high profile game) Linköping-Mullsjö had 31.000 spectators on Swedish TV. And the very same day the classic meeting between Arsenal and Everton in the British Premiere League - Soccer is huge in Europe) they had 26.000 spectators on TV. Do you need to scratch your head now?

The main question raised in the Swedish text above is - what would have happened if Floorball would have had the comparable good media coverage as most of the all old sports have in Sweden? We have said this before: the Swedish Floorball Federation - must do much more. Not just with their own local media penetration in Sweden - but also in terms of International efforts.

Floorball is a golden egg.
People within the Olympic movement might seem to understand this.
But several main sponsors, main sport producers, and almost all people outside of the few big Floorball nations - does not have a clue yet.

That is what we try to change.

Maybe the game between Storvreta and Falun was more important?

Maybe it was here Storvreta first ran into trouble?
Now with a situation - like at gun point - they must be able to win three straight games against Mullsjö...
This is old footage... But Storvreta for sure must win today - or it is bye bye for them. High-lights - starts about 5 min into clip - Excuse us and TV4 for all odd language and no closed captions...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This is for REAL - and Olympic

The South East Asian (SEA) games - is a multi-sport event governed by Olympic organized structures in Asia.
That is fairly easy to grasp.
But if you now focus on Asia and we say that among the 36 sports... they took out Karate - yep we're still in Asia.
Weightlifting is also out...
But Floorball has been added... as a new sport to the SEA games...
OK now you read this one more time...and again.

So for any Floorballer - or any sport enthusiast - these are the news that will put Floorball in its right light.;;

The spot-light!

Full story via Singapore

This Blog offer some unexpected posts - today on politics and passion i.e. #metafloorball

Twitter via @MarjiJSherman, from WI

Historically, old philosophers ended up with two main political ideas, divided by the line - on how we should share things.
Either with a strong government and sharing resources within that system, or relying much more on individual initiatives.

Other early historical ideas in politics divided the lines between keeping things like they have been or be open to new paths of development.
Modern technology seems to have settled this later thinking since it seems like obvious that change in itself and new innovations is what drives the economy. Any Amish person would probably argue about this position though.

Other modern political ideas have been added at recent places aiming at a focus on the environment or the streams of immigration for instance.
But in the larger picture these political ideas are more not a developed political philosophy but tend to be more - like - one question matters.

OK, Then as the Internet jumped up, 15 years ago or so, some people claimed we entered a new era with a possible new economy. False or not? Probably depending upon who you'd ask?

Our own reflections has recently wandered from the old political ideas based upon how to share resources in the society more to some sort of a political quality or passion perspective.
What is good in the society? And where are the politicians that wants to make good, do efficient quality, and where is this very political party? A political party based upon passion or quality as the main question that drives their own philosophy?

It seems like social media at places, in much, are driven by some people trying to make good - and they r fully passionate about what they do? Is this a new passionate expression and a new quality measure - or is it just a trick to get more followers?
We do not know yet.

If we now toss in Maslow's hierarchy of human needs into this reasoning's_hierarchy_of_needs

image Linked in via Wikipedia

And let's continue on the political perspective - Well maybe Quality and Passion should be the very most important political drives we should be offered by political parties instead of the idea on how to divide the resources? Quality and Passion might - instead of looking upon how to divide things - focus on how we better generate wealth - and why not figure out what wealth truly is?

Then you may add the work or job perspective upon this too... 
Most people that work reach the esteem level, see above, at many jobs. Some workers reach other levels as defined by Maslow too. But if you want workers to create wonders - well, should you not aim for the top and the level of Self-Actualization? Should not the full larger society also aim for this?

Maybe it works like this - you can not do one thing, and being told to do this, and then try to find passion in this - whatever you now are asked to do? - Well, maybe you can, but this way to find passion is perhaps not as an easy walk as compared to the other way around.
Where, you first; find your passion and then you take your own subject of passion and drive it into - a place where it becomes your job, your mission, your religion or your passion. Hmm?
Will this work? We do not know yet. But the idea is interesting from the political perspective and the work perspective - we think (at least for now).

But one thing is for sure - if you now are passionate about Floorball - hey, you could possibly be on the very most right track in your life. Yes, this reasoning works for anything (beyond Floorball too) that you are passionate about. It all only boils down to find your passion.

For all of you being passionate about Floorball - it could be a good idea to recognize this reasoning above and try to understand a bit of our own passion - beside of the game and the plastic ball itself!

#metafloorball = the higher levels of self-actualization! 

Thanks Maslow!


2014 WFC - Set to Crush all the records

The IFF writes:
"The 10th IFF Men´s World Floorball Championships in December will be one of the largest championships ever, doubling WFC spectator records and having 16 participating nations from around the world. The WFC 2014 is also the sport event of the year in Sweden."

They continue:
"This year’s IFF World Floorball Championships in Gothenburg will be the largest championship ever hosted by one city in Sweden. Sweden has previously hosted both World and European Championships in football, as well as Championships in handball and ice hockey. However, never before has one city been home to all of the competing nations and all matches."

And Max Markusson, the event Manager, says:
"– This year’s WFC is the largest sporting event in Scandinavia and we are very proud that Gothenburg is its host "

So Dear folks living in America, maybe it is time to start to realize that there are some good large things cookin' - and hey, why not aim for Gothenburg in December too to not get a big question mark in your head later on? - this is not just a little recreational activity delivered and first invented by some men in at Cosom in Minneapolis some 50 years ago, huh? This is change at the global scale of how folks do and live sports.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Porn from Salming 2014-2015

What we like is that these catalogs are thicker and thicker for every year.
The thing that makes Salmings 2014 Floorball printed matter exceptionally interesting is how their shoe section - not just is first - but it almost dominates their full presentation...

Yes, we do suspect that Salming tends to run a good shoe business
Yes, it was most likely a very clever move by Unihoc to follow Salming in their tracks - with shoes too.
And at some point both Nike and Adidas must see what Floorball has up its sleeve - now maybe more in particular as Floorball brands chew directly into a very large shoe business.

Then the new goalie Jersey looks very cool too.

Sticks? You just not worry OK!
No sorry - no embed code - but here a sexy catalog link via Salming  

Update 2014 Midwest Floorball Championship (mar 18th)

Tomah are not using Floorball boards for practise and will not have the advantage of the experience doing this in the last weeks running up to the tourney.
Chicago has confirmed participation and will most likely be the team to beat. Still no true female team has signed up - yet.
We know that Minneapolis are in discussions on how to set their teams up. Wausau come with either their team or a team merged with Appleton. Wausau also plan another tourney in the fall.
A team that could be called U9TED might play in the advanced division with possible players from; WI, OK, CO, and MA. This team needs to find a goalie. Tomah will most likely sport 3-4 recreational teams at least if not more, we know that one of these teams at are at this point looking for players. The two former top Tomah teams are in discussion of a merger to create the best Tomah team ever in the advanced division, and one player will come in from WA to enhance this team according to rumors. There could possibly be 2-4 youth teams. But at this point we do not know.
This weekend in Tomah also sport a citywide garage sale. We have also heard rumors about a brat fest? Also all players that will travel may keep the Wisconsin Dells in mind as it is located 40 minutes by car from Tomah.

The Booster Club in Tomah will take care of concessions and we plan to have a stick store up with many new sticks available via Floorballplanet.

We are currently behind with some sponsor development here and we do not have as many baskets or similar items as awards/prizes for the players as we had last year. So if any player or company would like to make donations or bring items that goes back to the players - like baskets, shirts, tools, or coupons, or other monetary donations. Floorball in Tomah as well as the Parks and Rec will be happy to accept items in this respect.

More Updates will follow! We hope!

More on the Floorball grant for Hockey teams in Canada

We've found a document that more in detail explains the $800 CAN grant offered to Canadian Minor Hockey clubs to kick-start Floorball. This is how it reads (we borrowed a copy straight off as big quotes):

Overview: Over the past several years, Floorball Canada (FC) has discovered more and moreminor hockey groups are interested in Floorball but are commonly stopped from establishing a league because of the risks involved in newly starting a program. In addition to the resources FC has developed to help minor hockey groups successfully get started (based on our work with the Markham Minor Hockey Association) we are launching a pilot funding program.

Minor hockey groups across Canada can apply for an $800 start-up grant that can be used to help offset the costs of launching a new floorball league. The following are the benefits and requirements associated with participation:
Benefits of Participation: Minor hockey groups that successfully apply to participate would receive the following benefits:
- A one-time $800 cash grant
- 15% discount on all equipment purchased through FloorballPro or a local FloorballPro retail partner (if available)
- The facilitation of a four-hour demonstration event (not including mileage beyond 100 kilometres) for only $300 ($500 value)
- All FC Member League benefits:
o Recognized as a Recreational League Member of FC
o Receives one vote at Floorball Canada Annual General Meeting
o Access to comprehensive insurance coverage for organization and events ($5 MM)
o Recognized on FC website
o Access to a template website including an online, credit card-based member
o Use of FC logo on their website and the tagline, ‘Officially Recognized by FC"

Sounds Good - sure it does - and this could possibly drive some new Floorball action in Canada. If we think this grant will be offered for a long time? Hmm, we think if many Minor Hockey clubs goes into this - the time limit could be short. But honestly we do not know. What we do know is that Markhams program - as they refer to - has been highly successful - and Markam is not just any little Hockey operation in Canada (you just figure out whom of the big NHL-players that comes from Markham for instance). 
And we hope to soon (in a few months or so have some new #floorball material from Markham too - let's see..
If there is a catch to this grant? Well it is not described as a catch but here are the requirements:

"Participant Requirements: In exchange for the aforementioned benefits, minor hockey groups would need to meet the following requirements for a minimum two-year period:
- Minimum of one paid Referee and Coaching Certification annually ($70 certification for each)
- All players, coaches, referees and administrators register as Regular FC Members ($15)
- Competition employs International Floorball Federation rules and equipment
- All floorball-specific equipment and supplies purchased by league only is secured from FloorballPro or a local FloorballPro retail partner (this does not include players)"

Source application form at

registration platform and league management tool

Friday, March 14, 2014

Stanley Cup Winner... this is in English just wait - Eric talking about life in Finland - both Hockey and Floorball

Via IFF this is big hockey watching Floorball and comments upon Floorball and Hockey life - this is so good thanks IFF for sharing this..

Brave Finnish Penalty on vine

Floorball in Indian National School Games

This is a personal report provided by our dear friend Mr. Mrinal Naugain

- It Was really a great news for us when we heard that Floorball is now a part of School National Games and there'll be a Floorball tournament officially recognized by SGFI ( School Games Federaton of India ) at Rajnandgaon Chhattisgarh, India, January 11th - 13th 2014 for Both Under 19 boys and under 19 girls categories. 
We were so happy that It was all because of Dr. Prabhat Kumar (IAS) President - Indian Floorball Federation (InFF) and Dr. Pradeep Singh Secretary General, InFF whose great efforts made it possible. It was really needed!! It'll give Floorbal a push and make it a popular game in schools because now parents feel free to send there child to play Floorball if not for the Sport then at-least for the Scholarship they'll get once they are a part of a their State team of National Tournaments, and the Certificate will give them a chance to get admission in Good Colleges. And For Parents in India that's what matters, a secure future for their child. 
It's obvious with a population of 1,184,639,000 one needs to be sure about about your future generation. And Now Floorball is a Best way to get it. It's New, Easy to learn and and Less Injuries, what else we want. Their child will be physically fit while securing his future with fun. Here more than 250 players from different states participated and near about 700 spectators were present their to enjoy this new sport. 

A total of 30 matches were played in this tournament, Top 3 teams were: 
Boys: 1. Chhattisgarh 2. Delhi 3. Uttar Pradesh 
Girls: 1. Delhi 2. Chhattisgarh 3. Gujarat 
And in the end it would love to say that 'INDIA WILL GROW FLOORBALL, But I've seen it myself how Kids get attracted towards this new sport and how It helps them come out of their shyness by getting them involved with the other kids and make them more confident so now I must say 'FLOORBALL WILL GROW INDIA' like never before. Floorball is an addiction which keeps you alive and Happy, and I'm Happy to be an Addict of Floorball.

Mr. Naugain

Hallo Africa!

This is one of the coolest pictures on Floorball we have seen
Image Courtesy IFF & MFA
Yes IFF has a full story too on Floorball in Mozambique

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Need for Floorball in the Americas

Just taste the word NEED - first for a few...

file linked via wikimedia commons
The first thing you must figure out IF you want to bring a new product or service to the market is if you fill a need - or solve a problem on - the same specific market.
Cause - if you do not fill a NEED or solve a problem - well then your market or product is cold as ice.

So why in the world do we need Floorball in the United States?

Do we need plastic sticks - well probably not - since we have so many other sticks readily available - but hey Floorball is so much more than plastic sticks.

OK here is a list - BUT you just pick your own need or problem - and then use it as the reason on why U - Yourself - build Floorball where U live.
- No other activity may emulate Hockey in a gym faster, more efficient or safer - so yes we do need a better support sport for Ice Hockey
- American kids needs a modern team school sport alternatives to old team sports - that keeps them running and does not provide more advantages to the tallest
- Parks and Rec's need more alternatives for recreational activities that keeps the pump beating and acts like health enhancements
- America need more cost efficient sport alternatives
- America need safer activities with less injuries
- The Long Term Athletic Development model need Floorball as an alternative sport
- The Special Olympians need more inclusive sports - more easily accessible
- Paralympians need new alternatives too
- America need more movements to fight obesity
- America need a larger focus on recreational sports
- America need something that is more fun, fast and modern

Disclaimer - when we say America we talk about two continents including Hawaii and the Falklands. When we say more cost efficient we mean what we say as long as we have access to a court. As we say safer - it is a comparable measure often related to other tougher contact sports (Floorball is not free from injuries since it is a highly active engagement)

Now U pick your need - and give America some Floorball please


The world's best? Maybe..


Växsjö - Falun Live - NOW a Pay feed

Here for the first time ever we re-post a live feed of a game you have to pay for 79 SEK.
That is about 10 USD.

This is the first game from SSL - with embed code with a countdown clock and with just one hour to go.

If You like this let us know!

Boards in Tomah - plus sign-up reminder

Right now we Play with Boards in TOMAH, WI
Photo J Hockstedler
The plan is that these boards will be used for the Midwest Floorball Championship. This will be A) The first time ever in the MIDWEST that you have real boards used in a Floorball tourney. B) It is also the first time ever anyone played Floorball with boards in Wisconsin.
Through Mr. Fiedler in Wausau we also hope to offer a non certified board construction on the second venue during the Midwest Floorball Championship.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

BIG News from QUEBEC - KIDS Leagues galore!

Both Montreal and Laval will now sport Floorball leagues for kids.

From the ages of 3 to 16 in several age groups Floorball for kids - now offered in a perfect way for this summer in Quebec!
Check this out

Jamaica with a cool bi-lingua offer for Floorball

The IFF writes:

"In an effort to improve the quality of the national league the Jamaica Floorball Association (JFA) is taking part in a new Bilingual Floorball Project"

pic via the IFF
"This project allows floorball players from other countries to live in Jamaica for a period of time, playing floorball and teaching the language of their country.
- This project follows the IFF´s Each One - Teach One concept for associations to partner with other groups/organisations to promote or improve floorball nationally. We will be working with embassies in order to cover the cost of the participants´ stay in Jamaica, says Jason Daye, President of the JFA."

Full story -->

Local Advertising...

Looks like this...

Monday, March 10, 2014

Epic Failure

Even if KlubbhusetTV thinks that it is OK to publish the world's best Floorball video and footage - without closed captions (subtitles in English)
It is utterly bad if not Warberg or Exel demands subtitles in English and acts on this.

It only translates to one word BADWILL
- we say shape up: KlubbhusetTV, Warberg and Exel!

Speak a language understood outside of the duckpond #floorballwithoutborders

Sunny Observations in St. Paul

Floorballplanet created a Floorball tourney at the Let's Play Hockey Expo and invited both Mite and Squirt hockey teams to participate this Saturday and when no tourney games were on... scrimmage games ruled the two courts.
If it was a success? Well, that word is to weak to describe all those happy hockey/floorballers. Kids lined up like crazy and as they played games - the attendants had to force em' away so as many as possible could feel the smell of plastics.
No, this is not twisted advertising for Floorball - this is a rather neutral view point. Our judgement is that hundreds of new kids met happily Floorball this weekend.

Let us just sum up the scrimmage games. The scrimmage was not reffed and kids just played away. If it was Floorball? - a little bit, but we also saw tonnes of street hockey styles mixed with baseball, handball and tennis too. How many on each team? As many as the sticks were available - so seven on seven with small nets and - well the courts were designed like for a very tight 2 on 2 game - for reasonable decent adult Floorballplayers - we would say. So it was crowded pond floorball style.
For the Mite and Squirt tourney we had the same crowded pinball game feeling. Passing was not a main part of the game - and to slide at a base, as it is done in baseball, was not rare to see.
But beside of all this euphoria, all the intense feelings and the speed - we saw something else...

In both groups - both in scrimmage and the Mite and Squirt games... We saw 10 year olds - younger and older - with the most basic toy Floorball stick in their hands - playing hockey like we never seen kids play a stick before..
Ok we know this was not out on the cheesy countryside in Wisconsin, but hey some of these kids - if not most of them... THIS:
Was some of the most talented stick-handlers we have seen at this age. And many of these youngsters would easily trick any "normal" high school-er right up into the bleachers. Wooo!
OK, now remember - most of these kids have never seen a floorball stick before. They are raised on clunky sticks using heavy rubber cylinders or golf balls. In school they probably play toy plastic pipes with a foam blade (yes, that is insane but true) and during summer they most likely stand still and swing a baseball bat if they not put on the gloves and chase around with a Lacrosse scoop.

Take all this shake it around - add the basic straight blade of a toy Floorball stick - and they just came out like sunshine.
One must say that the future of Hockey & Floorball looks bright in the USA!

Floorball meets Hockey in the USA

Guess where the Floorball stand was located?
Photo  credit D Johnson. Let's Play Hockey Expo

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Unihoc Shows the World how to do closed captions!!!!!

And Johan Samuelsson shows how one of the Wor;ds best Floorballers live...

Silly Season - Midwest Floorball Championship 2014

This is only rumors and loose ends - but something of this below can possibly emerge as true...

It sounds like a United team is forming with players from Oklahoma, Colorado and Wisconsin - that aims for the advanced division. We also hear that Wausau might present a team together with Appleton WI. From Wisconsin we have also heard about a brand new team from Black River Falls that will try to make it. At the Let's Play Hockey Expo in St. Paul several high school teams from Minnesota told us they will send a team - but that are rumors we believe first as we see them... A possible crew from Lacrosse WI showed some interest as well as two others from Rochester and Duluth, MN. We do think we might already have a Rochester team in the making - that will team up with a few WI players - so possibly 2 Rochester teams?
Thunder Bay has said that since they go to Europe they will not come and the Girls we have in Green Bay seems hesitant too. Madison is quiet and Eau Claire is out on a KUBB tourney...
Then as we ran into Sher Wood - the stick producer the makes Hockey sticks (and now also Floorball sticks) we asked the marketing guy to send a pure Sher Wood team to Tomah... Let's see! We think they should.
And yes - it do sounds like the US Bandy Federation will send a bunch of top athletes and a team to participate in the 2014 MidWest Floorball Championship too.

This can be fun. A few weeks still until last day of sign up.

Yes - this year we hope to have boards on both courts and at least one set of regulation boards will be used.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


YUPP, Tomorrow it starts - The worl'd Largest Consumer Hockey exhibition in St. Paul MN. They expect some 40.000 hockey players and fans and a bunch of Baseball players too included in these numbers...
Floorball will be there too and the set up for the two small style rinks looks like this

OK, so what we will try to do?
We will use Bambuser and see if we can get some live streams up. It could be from the Mite & Squirt Floorball tourney that is planned for, it could be from the booth of Floorballplanet, it could be from interesting people - like one of the core founders of Floorball Mr. Phil Carlson (from Cosom) that we think might join us....or others...
If it works - good - if not at least we tried. When we will air? Dunno but during Friday or Saturday is a sure bet...
What about the picture/movie below?
Well it is as scale and it is just a test shoot to see if we could air over our home wifi... in St. Paul over the weekend it will be different but we hope their WIFI may carry our stream of live Floorball action from the USA.... hold - on. LIVE footage should show up below and maybe direct into twitter too - at this point we can only hope for the best.

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!