Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tall, taller and the tallest - or just jump as high as you may

Let us now say that Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) is not just a scientifically proven desktop approach - but let us also pretend that it was in wide use by all grassroots.
Let us play with the thought that we had multi sport programs for kids. That we catered as much to the weakest performers as to the best. That we did not push kids into different age brackets. That we realized that kids develop differently through puberty offering different windows of trainability.
Let us pretend that this was not desktop products at the top of different organizations tryin' to develop sports but that this was in actual use by grassroots and implemented into schools... too.

Let us also pretend that these schools and grassroots also put a significant focus upon the growth spurt among the kids... Then the question still linger - would this kind of approach promote sports where the tallest - or the very first kids to grow tall and strong - had significant benefits?
Would school sports - focus as much on such activities?
And you know what - we are not thinking about high jump here.

Get us right here. We do think that school sports should promote all kids - including the ones getting tall first Yes. But with a full understanding of LTAD and how puberty or other things makes kids grow... would school sports still be somewhat dominated by activities - promoting the very tallest kids? And would most PE teachers still be above average in height (we can not prove the last idea - but it sure looks a bit suspicious at times).

Just sayin'
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