Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The IFF World Championship qualifications have been played throughout the world. Though there has been positive buzz in non-European sections, I'll be focusing more on the mainland qualifications.

Harsh reality

Here goes. None of the final standings in the qualification rounds are good. Actually, they're worse than bad. I'll shoot you with some examples.

Finland: Four games, four wins. Goal aggregate: 103-6
Switzerland: Four games, four wins. GA: 51-6
Czech rep.: Five games, five wins. GA: 94-6
Norway: Four games, four wins. GA: 66-10

This is ridiculous! What on earth does this have to do with positive image of the game? Nothing. In my perspective, attending to these qualifications with the best roster available is like cutting a wound to your mother and pouring some salt and tequila in it. 

Set yourselves for one moment to the suit of French national player. Humiliating loss to Finland by 28 goals while you are unable to produce even one goal, none the less at least some sort of level of challenge. What are your feelings? "It's fun to play?". I don't think so. 

Fact is that these kind of results have nothing to do with the plans of making floorball an Olympic sport. These numbers show with no mercy the astounding difference between the levels that these countries play.

But worry not! I have the perfect solution for this. 

The Remsu pact

This manifest contains the only two possible solutions to this problem that I think plaques the entire game. This said, I have to admit that the skills of players outside of mentioned top 4 countries (Sweden as recent world champions didn't have to qualify to games) have come up quite well in recent 5 years. 


The firs alternative in this matter contains the top 4 teams (FIN, SUI, CZE, SWE) playing themselves a series that determines the starting positions in the games. Other countries would play qualifications in the same way that they do today.

As the reality is, these four countries will not be unqualified for the games. Not in any circumstances in the following 10 to 15 years. So why do they need to play with other countries? I see no reason for that, since countries can have exhibition matches also with less in the stake.


The other suggestion is that the WC-qualifications are played in the same way as they are done today. However, the TOP4 countries would not be allowed to dress their top rosters for the qualifications. These games would be much fairer, if players would either young prospects and/or players that would not otherwise get the glory of representing their respective nations. 

Both of these suggestions would have impact for the other countries attending. They would know in the first place, that the qualifications would be very challenging, but not impossible. Any nation would be able to win. 

Since the top 4 spots on the WCC are reserved for top4 countries (this might hurt but there's no evidence that other countries would develop their players so well in following 5 years that the situation would change) the games itself would be only chances for other teams to battle as brave losses as possible.

I know that my visions are not so encouraging. But I'm a man that prefers occasional reality checks. As well as floorball has spread in the world, the top level of the game is very narrow. I open this suggestion for comments, feel free to either agree or disagree in the comments box.

- Tommi -
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