Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kristers Gudlevskis, Latvia's Olympic and Syracuse Crunch's AHL Goalie UPDATED

Official image via Sochi Olympic games - directly linked via url - no copy made
This is Kristers. Today a Swedish tweet jumps up that claim that he is not only the Latvian Olympic Ice Hockey goalie - but he has played Ice Hockey for five (5) years ONLY and before of that - he was a Floorball goalie.
This tweet went rampant...

If that is all 100% true we do not know. But we know that he is seen as the next big Hockey goalie from Latvia and some people seem to think that it is thanks to him Latvia now play at the highest level of Ice Hockey - and yes some say that he will become better than Arturs Irbe too.
We have been trying to dig out floorball references online but no luck - we even tried to search the Internet in Latvian - and yes that is a different thing to do...

But we know this...
The following is what was posted on him by Vladislavs at the HF boards last spring:

"I must say that if it wasn't for Gudlevskis, Latvia would have been relegated from the elite division. Not saying the rest of the team played that bad, but Kristers came up huge. Some crucial saves at crucial times.
In the end, Gudlevskis (who is just 20 years of age, mind you) went 2-1-1, with 2.22 GAA and 92.5%.

He has a rather interesting playing style. He is very mobile down low and is quite good with his pads. It was mentioned that he started off as a floorball goalie, which might have attributed to that. He is also quite aggressive, often coming off far outside the crease to challenge the shooters, which is somewhat strange, taking his size."

This is a link we do not dare to post here due to copyrights - but this is how Kristers worked the other day against Sweden..
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