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Markham proves that through Youth Hockey Floorball may explode in North America too

Let us quote Markham Floorball:

"Hockey Canada’s Latest Dryland Training.
It started as a demonstration at the 2011 MMHA Celebrates Hockey! Festival and grew into the first floorball league in Markham."
 and now they say this.. from the very latest development...
"Now in its second season, Markham Floorball is moving to the beautiful triple gym at the new Cornell Community Centre located next to Markham Stouffville Hosptial."

So in just like two seasons a hockey operation move the initial little group of Floorball pioneers - in Markham - to a triple gym facility.. Not bad huh - and we know you can do the same thing - if you just decide to do it. One day - no-one will be serious doing quality hockey - without some Floorball in the gym or in the school.. Yepp we're certain bout that here.. Your choice is to lead or - to be left in the dust. ;-D

Wanna know more?
and now you can like them on facebook too

We hope shortly to have some hockey related Floorball news from another part of Canada too - stay tuned...

Everything is the world's largest in America

Next weekend we will have the World's largest consumer fair for Hockey - and this time they feature Baseball too - so some 40.000 visitors are expected - but you know what... Thanks to Floorballplanet... we will see Floorball in action too.

Mr. Gross at Floorballplanet just shared with us some of the plans on a Floorball Seminar that Floorballplanet will offer free of charge at the Expo next weekend and... here, well, we will share these notes with U too so you have the grasp of what is going on.. too.

Have you heard about Floorball?  It’s a fun, fast paced, exciting, safe, and low-cost type of indoor hockey.  Floorball resembles floor hockey; however it is played with advanced lightweight sticks and rules that make the game much safer.  Originally established in Sweden in the 1970’s, Floorball is played by millions of people in over 50 countries around the world.  It is very popular in Canada and is rapidly becoming a sports phenomenon in the United States. 
I would like to invite you to learn about an exciting opportunity to introduce Floorball to schools in the State of Hockey.  The Let’s Play Hockey Expo is being held next week at the St Paul RiverCentre on March 7-8, 2014.  With tens of thousands of attendees, this show ranks as the premier hockey event in the United States.  Admission is free. 
FloorballPlanet will be hosting a “Floorball in Schools” seminar late Friday afternoon, 3/7 at the Expo.  At 4 p.m. in Meeting Room #2, we will be presenting a 20-minute Power Point presentation about how to incorporate Floorball in a school PE program.  While the presentation is geared to PE professionals – teachers, coaches, and administrators, it is open to anybody with an interest in starting a floorball program in any organization.  Following the slide presentation, we will adjourn to a special floorball rink area for 45 min to an hour of floorball drills and scrimmage.  Attendance is free and everybody is invited to participate.
As a special bonus, we will raffle off a Floorball School Set (sticks, balls, bag, and Floorball Training Guide – a $500 value) to one lucky participant in the seminar.  Join our seminar and win a chance to outfit your PE class with floorball equipment for FREE!  
Floorball has been adopted by schools, community centers, hockey programs, and other organizations across the country.  While floorball is popular with hockey players at all levels for skill development and dryland training, we are seeing huge growth with the incorporation of Floorball in school programs.  It is ideal for school PE classes and is appropriate for any age level – elementary, middle or high school.  Since there is no body or stick contact with floorball, it is easily played coed and with mixed age groups.  It is very inexpensive and kids LOVE IT! 
FloorballPlanet is the largest floorball equipment supplier in the United States.  We have introduced floorball to hundreds of schools across the country.  Based in North Texas, we have presented at the TAHPERD many times as well as CAHPERD and LAHPERD.  We will be staffing a booth at the Expos with all the latest floorball equipment as well as videos and information about floorball.  We will also be hosting a Mite/Squirt Floorball Tournament on Saturday, giving young hockey players the opportunity to try floorball in a competitive format.  This will also give coaches and parents the chance to observe just how this fantastic sport contributes to the development of young hockey players and see first-hand the excitement it generates.
This is a unique opportunity to introduce PE professionals in Minnesota to a great new PE program and it’s totally free. 
If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact


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Sensational Hockey PEP tool makes great success with top notch professional Floorball team Pixbo

Some people still think that Floorball has nothing to do with stick-handling, and stick-handling is probably not an art of Hockey either - so how the heck can Floorball have anything to do with Hockey?
If you are one of those readers we ask you to get away from us - in dust and smoke...

Our most popular post on this blog is only about Hockey. But that has not changed our main idea to write only about Floorball here. But - our most popular post here is also about a tool for hockey - the PowerEdge Pro.

Well - Now this is what is going on - how a Hockey tool from Canada is brought back to Swedish top notch Floorball and ---- yes this is how the practice is run at Pixbo Wallenstam nowadays...

Well this is not just a funky video from an odd secret little Floorball practice...

Canada's National male team coach Mr. David Jansson is also the head coach of Pixbo Wallenstam in SSL - and you know what... This top icon in global Floorball - has written us a text about the Poweredge Pro.
This is what Mr. Jansson told us - using his own writing...

Before I was able to try the PowerEdge Pro (PEP)  for Floorball

Instantly I realized the potential in a tool as the PEP. I had however a hard time to envision how the PEP would work in real life? Would the players like the PEP? Would this tool make our skill practice slower and increase frustrations? Or would it be just brilliant? I was very keen from the first day to find this out and I was indeed highly pleased as Mr. Joe Quinn at PowerEdge Pro decided to send me four specially designed PEP for us to use in Pixbo Wallenstam.

The first test with the PEP at Pixbo and at the Swedish Floorball College

The players were instantly curious as I arrived with the PEP’s to the practice. This occurred right after our successful WFC qualifications in Canada. Many players also was interested to hear about the qualifications and how they went, as well as the very latest news from Team Canada. This contributed to everyone being curious about new Canadian influences. We have now used the PowerEdge Pro on all practice sessions we have had in Mölnlycke (our practice sessions are divided with 50% in Mölnlycke and 50% at Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg). The players fully enjoy the increased obstacle that the PEP puts forth. We mainly use our PEPs as an obstacle to move by as we do the warm-up sessions for our goalies. The PEPs function as a pass and dribble challenge. I like them indeed as they demand that the players keep their vision high, to be able to get through the obstacle at the same time as the must find the right angles for their passes to address them properly. It would however have been a great thing if the PEP’s would have been designed to be stack-able, to easily store and transport them, otherwise I can not find anything I do not like about them. I indeed like the PEP very much and they have been received utterly well by all of our players!

So we also checked in with Mr. Quinn at Poweredge Pro and he admits that he is working on a Floorball section on his website at

This site was not up yat as we published this - but - we have been promised that: 
A) it will be up soon - as it is good enough 
B) More video clips of the PEP used by Floorball is in the pipeline too, and 
C) We have more text on the subject written by Mr. Jansson...
So stay tuned...
and yes if you do not have your own Poweredge Pro yet? Maybe it is time to scratch the head a bit?
We'll be back...

On copyright
OH only one more thing - if U use this clip or text without referring to this source as a COMMERCIAL source (we have to pay for any of your material in text pictures or video) - floorballcentral will do all we can to blast U hard as we can in verbal terms.

Random thoughts on Kim Nilsson

No this is not really random thoughts on Kim Nilsson but more about the environment that he acts within.

The other day Kim Nilsson scored 5 out of 7 scores in a top notch game for AIK. That is what we call a real "storm-hat" trick and yes we indeed agree with AIK as they say that he is - if not the worlds best Floorball player - at least he is one of them.
This bounces over to the video of him doing all these goals - it jumped up at solid tango and - either they do not have an embed code for this clip - or we could not find it. Irrespective of this the reason - we think it is seriously bad that the promotional tools for floorball is not in place for Floorball at this level. SIBF or SSL must shape things up in this respect.

Then it is announced today that Kim is going to Grasshoppers in Switzerland. The exact salary is not disclosed but it for sure sounds like - most likely one of the best professional Floorball contracts ever - and that is not bad. We think this is good for both Kim and the sport itself.
Still we imagine with instead cross-national leagues that we have mentioned here before - like a North European league and a Central European league - we think the player compensation - would be even greater.
That is why, we like the #floorballwithoutborders tag line ourselves here...

What do you like? #floorballwithborders ?

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All Floorball players wear the wrong outfit!

By Vincent Baas (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Here is an interesting text that tries to figure out how large of a role the outfit plays in a sport as speed skating

If we then think - in speed skating the resistance on the ice is low and the air drag might play a role - right?
Hm, but then as we look at a running sport as Floorball - is not the runner in mid air as he or she travel in between the steps as a runner? And at that moment the resistance must be even lower than on ice? hmm
It is easy to also look at the best track and field stars on short distance like 100 m dash - is there not some tight outfits and runners in bicycle pants there too nowadays?

So the only main question to solve is what is the name of the Floorball team - that will be first out playing in super tights - like they do in speed skating? If science can not prove that the tight outfit is a bit faster - well then maybe the placebo effect might work.. wonders or the competition will pale as old teams come in big pants and non-tight jerseys?
Then there is another benefit too - the other team can not pull your shirt - and the top Floorball teams would indeed start to not just play supercoool - they would look supercoool tooo - maybe?

American Universities may benefit by a wake up call? - China is on...

The IFF writes; "The WUFC organising committee is pleased to announce that the list of registered participating teams in this year´s World University Floorball Championship comprise of a good mix of European and Asian university teams."                                                                                                                                           
And China is in too - main article                                                                                                         

WFC 2014 Will break all records

Yes they had a ballot thing going today.
It came out like this.

Composition of WFC Final Round groups
The composition of the groups at WFC 2014 will look as follows:
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
SwedenCzech RepublicJapanRussia
The two best teams of group A and B go directly to the quarter-final. Teams placed 3rd and 4th in group A and B and the teams placed 1st and 2nd in group C and D make it to the first playoff round (played before the quarter-finals).

Floorball GDP - on the tip of the iceberg

Captain Robert F. Scott's party "at the south pole", 1911 (exbt-iceberg-46)
Wikimedia commons - On the tip of the iceberg

To measure things - is not easy.
First you must know what to measure, then how to do it and finally you must use a measurement that makes sense. It is just basic math - but oh my - it is rather tricky - and how often do we not see people mess up so many straightforward measurements? The classic is probably as the school teach kids to measure things en masse in percent - even if the sample is way lower than 100... This is in reality a bad way to use a faulty scale. Why measure something that comes in maybe tens - by the hundreds? Whatever you do do not believe people too much as they talk about percents and their sample is way lower than the 100.

OK, our favorite sport Floorball can be measured in many ways, you can do number of players, licensed players or spectators - or time on the TV?
All good ways to illustrate the sport but we are today looking for something larger and perhaps much better.
We want to see the full iceberg! Not just the top!

Let's say this.
We want to find the GDP of Floorball or rather the GFP = the Gross Floorball Product or the full market value of Floorball.
What we need? Probably this:
Stick sales, other equipment as in sales, including shoes, balls, grips, and full player outfits towels soap etc (include the refs for heavens sake), we need meals, drinks and medication expenses related to Floorball as well as travel expenses, local gas money, including costs for hotel rooms or lodging. We need expenses in the same way not only for players but also for parents and fans. We need to estimate health benefits and the value - but also how Floorball affects insurance and injury costs. We need to figure our communication expenses, tickets or the things bought by spectators - some hot dogs maybe and a soda?. Then we must also value volunteer time and maybe also indeed put a value on the time so many players put into their Floorball - too - and did we forget the deodorant and the hair-spray too?
Then venues, buildings and the financial business behind all investments and floors or gym time must be valued too. Maybe some player salaries too. Toss in volunteer marketing online activities and printing of posters, YouTube clips and social media.. and old school media too. Now you can come up with the rest. (hint Millions in sponsor money)

Well it is only when we know all this we can figure out the full market value of Floorball.
Or the GFP.
And it is first when we have this we can show the world what in the world Floorball is - a number of x licensed players just gets funky in comparison with a real estimated Gross Floorball Product - in hard economic terms.
So Who should do this? We say both the Finnish and the Swedish Floorball Federations should do this.
Can they do this? No probably not.
What can they do then?
They can call some economic departments at the top Universities in their countries - tomorrow - and ask them to find a few students willing to take on this as a task in research - or as a seminar paper at their University - like now.

We do predict that these numbers would make some headlines too. So the value of these headlines must be included too gufus.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Historic moments in the Dallas area as new league is formed

Saturday 22nd of February 2014 was a big day in North Texas floorball. After several years of playing in various groups across the Dallas / Ft.Worth metroplex, a new league format was created by splitting the existing playing groups into three teams. The teams (Ft.Worth Floorball Club, Baltic Bangers and Ballcrushers) have agreed to play series of eight games per team (a total of 12 games) in the initial season from February to May 2014. The league, named North Texas Floorball League, has confirmed dates of 2/22, 3/15, 4/19 and 5/15. The games are played in Flower Mound and Forth Worth.

The founding teams are welcoming new players and teams to join the league, and the target is to have a minimum of four teams starting the next season in the fall of 2014.

Is the girls better?

In comparative terms? Or would Zlatan say something about this too? We do not know....

We do not care if this is based upon FIFA hubris...

It is live and a ballot - and will be up today at some point - let's hope the ballot hostesses looks sweet as apple pie :-)
OH, by the way the 10th WFC in 2014 will be the largest and most incredible ever... Rock da world Floorball!

When Finns do not beat USA in Hockey...

They do this...

Sure some others do the same thing...

Female Hot Flashes - Fit of emotions? Floorball?

Well this is science now

Let us quote Mr. Nyberg:
"Michael Nyberg, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Copenhagen, said when women enter menopause, their estrogen levels taper putting them at risk of cardiovascular disease.
Team sports can make up for women's estrogen loss as it improves their conditions, reduces blood pressure and thereby protects the cardiovascular system, Nyberg said.
Thirteen pre-menopausal women ages 45 to 55 took part in the study, as well as 10 recently post-menopausal women. All of the women were tested before and after the 12-week training period, during which they played floorball twice a week."

This was just published in The American Journal of Physiology

And - still America does not seem to grasp how much they need a modern sport like Floorball?
Get real baby and get into real plastics - not only for kids - just so you know...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Martin Luther did he play Floorball too?


Yoo - Boys and Girls

Nope he did not, but he was an agent of change - and if he lived today he would prob have posted a few theses about Floorball too - perhaps not 95 - But maybe something like this?

1) The first task of Floorball is to spread the sport to others, including kids of all ages - all over the globe - and this feat is not done through administrative driven organizations

2) Floorball is in comparative terms a highly successful school sport with high participation rates - compared to many other activities - all schools in the world must know this

3) Floorball with a high penetration in school appear to have positive effects on skills in similar sports like Ice Hockey

4) Long Term Athletic Development is not just a developmental trend to make sports better - it is a paradigm shift on how to develop kids in constructive and social manners - thus the society and this task runs through from education in any vital subject - to sport improvements

5) The modern school system must prepare kids for an ever faster changing world - to focus PE on century old school sports will not help our next generations with this

6) Explosive obesity trends and related illnesses must be challenged with both better food patterns and more movements that focus on kids being active in sports that keeps them running (like Floorball) and not stand still during games

7) The economic focus on helmet wearing elite athletes as being superheroes must be changed towards a new set of ideals - set forth - where the recreational playing child, or adult, is not just the true hero - but also supported by relevant economic incentives

8) The health insurance industry must take the responsibility to use economic models to build healthier and prophylactic recreational team sport environment for kids instead of paying insurance expenses to a health care system that can be prevented to a much higher degree

9) If we can not make Floorball a household question in all homes and for all kinds of special needs -  we have failed

10) Floorball must be a subject to change in itself too and the sport must relate to the new world where people are not just connected to screens - but paralyzed by screens. Floorball must know how to regulate a game that is played at the same time as all players are tweeting using voice commands and listening to tweets - during a game in real time - maybe hundreds of times. Floorball must be prepared for, or know to deal with a very different future

Or would Luther posted 10 different theses?

Bloggin' Mode...

We are entering a slower pace blog mode here for a few days as we are stuck in other stuff.. bloging will go for slow pace for about 10 days...
See You back soon at unexpected times...

BC Rocks On with Floorball connected to Hockey

First we steal some code with honest and good intentions from BC and the +

Through this unique partnership,  The BC Floorball Challenge will set up a shop during the Summer Hockey Camps and rollout “Floorball Fridays” over 4 weeks.
Floorball+ will have a mobile Floorball equipment store and will supply the equipment.  Each Hockey Camp attendee will have an opportunity to get a Pro caliber Floorball stick.
“For several years, we have been working with the dry-land hockey trainers of Prep Camp to highlight Floorball as a fun, yet smart, cross-training system for hockey skills development”  say Greg Beaudin- President of BC Floorball “Integration in to the camps have been the hurdle, but now we have an easy-to-rollout model that can be implemented by the Camp organizing team, the Kids are going to have a blast playing Floorball…they always do.”
Then we wonder if we did not see that someone from Eau Claire, Wisconsin was connected to these camps in some way for this summer - hmm we think that will mean that Floorball might find a future home in Eau Claire USA too - good stuff and only time will tell...
OH Yes we know you want to read the full monty too... Please be the guest of BCFloorball

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The best there is...

The Swedish News outlet Innebandymagazinet has just recently nominated two Swedish players as the worlds best Floorball players. This has been reported too by the IFF in a good post that cover tonnes of facts and more stuff!

We say it is honorable and right to do this, both for the players in the spotlight as well as for the people involved in the selection process as well as for the news sources reporting on this - good job to you all.

But we think there is a much better focus. We say that the selection of the worlds best Floorball athletes is something that is done in a preserving system and it will not significantly expand the sport. If instead we nominated the worlds best leader as it comes to the art of spreading, building and sharing the sport - the focus instead would be aimed upon the growth of the larger Floorball organism. And with a focus on a growing system we will see more countries, more players and more activity. As this happens so many more players will have the opportunity to become the worlds best player too (not just Swedes) - and competition in the long run will increase and become better (this is just basic LTAD ideas too but on the leader side instead).
Therefore we took on the task here - right now - to nominate that worlds best Floorball leader that in significant ways work to build, spread and share the sport.

Our own nomination goes to the Korean Floorball Federation and Mr. Kim.
We nominate Mr. Kim to the worlds best leader because:
"He works constantly with no exhaustion at several levels to bring more people into the sport. Mr. Kim is not just doing the hard footwork at grassroot levels he is also actively engaged with great organizational tasks too. Mr. Kim further work in an environment where the genuine knowledge of Floorball is small. Beside of his work Mr. Kim is further not quiet about what he is doing - he is a master on social media and that is what we expect from a modern leader that is on a true mission to build the sport of Floorball"

Congrats Mr. Kim!

As with everything in this world there might be people out there saying that - I know someone else that should be nominated to the worlds best Floorball leader. So please be our guest - send us a line and tell us why you know about someone else that is working with dedication to make a difference for kids in this world and Floorball. We did not say that we can nominate people like this every year - but we do think that someone else but us - should recognize some outstanding people for what they do in a much more serious manner.
Yes, we just passed you the ball - what will you do with it now?

Ops, since 31% of all coaches in the top Swedish leagues has been kicked out during the season too - we also think that it is time for some LTAD leadership incentives too - who will nominate the worlds best Floorball coach by the way? A funky blog in a far away land on the brink of eternity?

Hurry up if U want to vote on the next SSL mask

Yep it is from AIK - the classic old soccer and Hockey brand in Stockholm Sweden. This time their top keeper will have a new face mask and U can still vote on its design..
The mask is being painted in Switzerland we think and... U cast your vote here...

Spoiler alert - we voted on design number 2 LOL

Who wants to work as a panther?


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mr. Kim in Korea sets a New Standard

Mr. Kim from Korea's Floorball Federation (KFF) told us that he was working on a new rink design. So we asked him to give us some more details and this is what he told us:

Floorball in Korea is 10 years old now... but we don't have many rink systems in Korea.

My basic idea is "When people feel floorball is fun and a good sport, they will start to pick up the sticks .."
I think many European, Americans and Canadians know that hockey sports are very fun.
But, Most Koreans don't know how much fun hockey sport are... because they do not have the opportunities to play it - except for the elite hockey players.

Most Koreans think "the Hockey game is difficult, it is expensive to start with, maybe dangerous, and it is hard to find teams and a place to play at"
First, we have to make people feel that the hockey game (in this case floorball) is fun and an easy approach...
Floorball in itself is fun, but it is safer and more fun with a rink system.

I think we must make floorball more fun and safer to develop this sport.
As long as floorball is a school and recreation sport in Korea, the schools doesn't want to spend big money to buy rink systems...( and there are no budgets for non-elite sports in Korea). So, school teams can't afford to buy IFF certified rink systems.
But many teachers have asked us about cheaper rink systems.

I have tried to find cheaper ones, but I couldn't find these the cheaper systems from any other country.
We have felt that we need cheaper rink systems to develop floorball further in Korea. At the same time, I found one company in the plastic business that wanted to manufacture a rink.
Therefore we, the KFF, gave them the idea to develop a new plastic rink.

I have have some ideas by seeing some other team's small "special rinks" (wood desk, wasted wook.. etc)

Our new rink design is made out of cheaper plastic materials and it is lower at a 35cm (one foot) high, it has a 3cm (above one inch) thickness, and is made of sections in 1.8m (2 yards) lengths...
This is not for the big game, this is for kids and outdoor use... but still adults also can play with this.
And as we want to bring this, a full rink outdoors, it has to be smaller to be easier to carry... lighter...

70% of our Indoor Gyms are occupied by Badminton clubs, 30% for Basketball & Volleyball.
It's therefore really hard to find indoor gyms in Seoul...
SO, we will try to play on outdoor basketball courts using this our new rink system and show our sport to the public (one good thing is the promotional aspect and there are no needs to pay a Gym fee either)!
I Hope this approach will help to develop floorball further in Korea!!!

I know, that many other countries also have the same problem... I hope they also can solve this problem to develop floorball further and we will be able to make floorball a more fun sport by using rink systems
There are many good rink systems in Europe... but we also need low end ones to develop our sport.
Let me take Basketball hoops as an example
There are $100,000 electric hoops in Japan, and there are $2000 hoops in China...
Even if they are of a very different quality, people can basketball anyway at both places,

We have to make people play our sport anywhere without spending big money or doing large investments.
Then our sport will grow... people will buy good and real rink systems (IFF approved).
This is just a way of development,

H.J.Kim / KFF

Our comment: Mr Kim is doubtless one of the largest geniuses in the world of Floorball. But that is another subject that we will be back developing soon...

Vipers vs AIK


This Winter we played a friendly between Wisconsin & Minnesota

The Score? Ok it ended; LOVE - LOVE

Let us get our vast perspectives together on #LTAD & education

First, One of Sweden's largest sports - both in school and at recreational settings as well as a full fledged elite sport - is Floorball. But You knew that one already right?
OK, it also seems like that Swedish Floorball has taken a substantial leading role in Sweden, and in the Floorball world, as they try to develop LTAD or Long Term Athletic Development too.

So the other day as we found this recent clip on Sir Ken Robertson and his ideas on how schools must evolve to build creativity to meet change in an ever changing world - we made the assumption that you may draw parallels between what Sir Ken Robertson say about education and what many #LTAD folks in sports want...
Well, here is that post by the way...

We continued to wonder a bit if we were on the right path or not... So we checked in with Emil Persson head responsible for the development of Floorball in Sweden - and the man behind the Swedish Floorball Development Model (SIU) - this work is somewhat similar to what USA Hockey is aiming for within their ADM program.

We had two questions to Mr. Persson. The first was if he see the parallels between the development model in Swedish Floorball and what Sir Ken Robertson say as he talks about education? This is what Mr. Persson answers:
"I know pretty well the ideas of Sir Robinson. I read his book about finding your element last year. And I sympathize with what he is saying. He is describing a paradigm shift within education and the school system, and we are trying to describe and carry out similar change in the culture among our team sports. We are all talking about the individual and adapting the system into supporting the individuals passions and “elements”. That’s when motivation and self-determination comes in the picture."

As Sir Ken Robertson (we do not know why he is so specific about the Sir thing but we think it is because he is British) talks about how to implement the change in the culture of education he insists a bit that real change goes from the bottom-up and not from Of course we then asked Mr. Persson a rather poisonous question. Should the new model (called SIU in Sweden) be either top-down or bottom-up driven? This is a poisonous question since it asks for an either or answer. Mr. Persson is clever enough to not fall into our little trap as he answer...
"In order to make an implementation and a change in culture, we need to have both a top-down driven and a down-up driven model. All the key factors that we are talking about on top is not in the mindset of those who are at the grass-root level. Bur for the implementation to be a success we need to support the people on the grass-root level in changing their behavior. Because they need to go home from a lecture or some kind of education, and act differently. Otherwise we haven’t accomplished anything. They need to carry out what they have learned, without doing the same thing as the always have done. And that takes time and energy."
and he ends by saying
"So we have only began our journey. And we have a long way ahead of us."

And that is all things we fully agree upon here out on the vast prairie as we still miss cross ice practice - but that miss is nothing compared to how we miss #floorball. ;-P

Monday, February 17, 2014

Now using the blog to promote twitter

Check out @ulfjens's Tweet:

Ops, our news on Uganda and Lindås went ballistic

So let us add another one that we probably have missed in the constant stream of good Floorball news...

KAIS Mora, a top notch Swedish Floorball Club doing extremely well with their ladies... will start to co-operate.. or may we say "coach" - Floorball in Russia.

Full post on this at the IFF - it is not the latest - but still news in the right and strong direction. Go Floorball Go...

TRY to Understand the POWER of Floorball Please!

We have incredible news from Asia that stirs up some feelings.
The SEA Games is a big asian multi sport games arranged fairly frequently.
The SEA games are in some way related to the Olympic structure of competitions. We can at the moment not describe here exactly how since we are on the run.. But use a search engine if you want to know exactly.

Here is an interesting article that describes how Karate - an enormous sporting activity in Asia (and the USA too, by the way - at least if you compare to the Floorball activity we have in the USA) are being left out from the SEA Games - where as... yes you read this right...

Floorball get the positive nod and is in...

We love the SEA Games since they understand the future landscape of school sports - do you?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Prac-tease from Switzerland

with a chair...

Do U remember the Power Edge Pro tool we wrote about the other week for like hockey practise - it sounds we have more material coming in soon...

Lindås goes to Uganda

That is good... but there are more countries starting on U that could need some inspiration.

Lindås Waves tar innebandy till Uganda from Magnus Nordin on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kristers Gudlevskis, Latvia's Olympic and Syracuse Crunch's AHL Goalie UPDATED

Official image via Sochi Olympic games - directly linked via url - no copy made
This is Kristers. Today a Swedish tweet jumps up that claim that he is not only the Latvian Olympic Ice Hockey goalie - but he has played Ice Hockey for five (5) years ONLY and before of that - he was a Floorball goalie.
This tweet went rampant...

If that is all 100% true we do not know. But we know that he is seen as the next big Hockey goalie from Latvia and some people seem to think that it is thanks to him Latvia now play at the highest level of Ice Hockey - and yes some say that he will become better than Arturs Irbe too.
We have been trying to dig out floorball references online but no luck - we even tried to search the Internet in Latvian - and yes that is a different thing to do...

But we know this...
The following is what was posted on him by Vladislavs at the HF boards last spring:

"I must say that if it wasn't for Gudlevskis, Latvia would have been relegated from the elite division. Not saying the rest of the team played that bad, but Kristers came up huge. Some crucial saves at crucial times.
In the end, Gudlevskis (who is just 20 years of age, mind you) went 2-1-1, with 2.22 GAA and 92.5%.

He has a rather interesting playing style. He is very mobile down low and is quite good with his pads. It was mentioned that he started off as a floorball goalie, which might have attributed to that. He is also quite aggressive, often coming off far outside the crease to challenge the shooters, which is somewhat strange, taking his size."

This is a link we do not dare to post here due to copyrights - but this is how Kristers worked the other day against Sweden..

Are U a Mite or Squirt Hockey Player close to Minnesota?

“Are you part of a Mite (8U) or Squirt (10U) hockey team?  Would you like the chance to play in a FREE floorball tournament with your teammates while spending time at the greatest hockey event in the Upper Midwest, the Let’s Play Hockey Expo?  If so, then here is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of one of the biggest hockey events of the year.”

The Let’s Play Hockey Expo is being held at the RiverCentre in St Paul, MN on Friday and Saturday, March 7th & 8th.  Held in conjunction with the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament, this is a can’t-miss event for every hockey player.  Now, for the first time at the Expo, FloorballPlanet, with the support of Minnesota Hockey and Let’s Play Hockey is pleased to host a Youth Floorball Tournament on Saturday, March 8th.  Designed to let hockey players experience the fun and excitement of floorball, the tournament is open to any 10U or 8U hockey team.  No prior floorball experience is needed and participation is totally free.  We will have two floorball courts set up in the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in the St Paul RiverCentre with genuine floorball boards – just like those used in World Cup competition.  

The tournament will start at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning and will end before 7 p.m. Each team will have the opportunity to play at least 3 games.  Ideal team size is 10-12 players but you can register with as few as 8 players.  There is no body or stick checking in floorball so players have the chance work on their stick skills and team play.  Bring a T shirt, shorts, and sneakers and plan to wear your hockey jersey.  Floorball sticks will be provided for all players but there will be a large selection of sticks available if you would like to buy your own to play at home.  

“The Let’s Play Hockey Expo is FREE.   The 8U/10U Floorball Tournament is FREE.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to experience floorball in competitive games, work on your stick skills and have a blast at the biggest hockey show in the country!”

Friday, February 14, 2014

The real Mojo - The Floorball Instatop!

Sometimes we are happee here that we viper(s) away a bunch of people on twitter and - well we do fairly good and claim our humble bragging rights tweeting as ulfjens floorball.

But the real mojo is not Twitter for Floorball - the real mojo on social media is Instagram.
The latest development is fully explosively insane... Take klubbhuset for instance - they added almost 1000 - last week alone.

So why do we not do Instagram too? - well we do but it is more a private stunt and we do not have the flow of constant good Floorball pics needed to keep an explosive Instagram feed going - but this is not the full truth...
From our perspective Twitter is more words than images and we think words convey more meaning - but no not always. Instagram also drive meaning but more on the emotional side - but twitter can move emotions too so they do not exclude each other...
OK we do know as well - if you want to change an attitude or sell something - ha it is not by clever arguments you do that - no it is by emotions - so the current surge on Instagram and Floorball is probably the best thing that is going on right now - just a pity that we missed that train... So Twitter must do for now...

Here is the latest Instagram explosion on Floorball via Floorball_News a true hero in the Floorball world.

This is just a sample of that page... retailer RULE with FFS in Spain in top - a good paella!

Radiolab - Rallarbo media sweeps the Radio world with Floorball from Holland

Radiolab is the world's best radio - and if you have not heard it before try it out it is just magic. But here is a contender it is Radio Rallarbo the big difference is that Radio Rallarbo mix Swedish with English and focus on Floorball. The day Radiolab do something on Floorball - that day dear Rallarbo you better watch out ;-D

Today an Interview with Tim Hidskes from Groningen in Holland via Radio Rallarbo

After the Swedish - you will hear only ENGLISH and hint if you listen very closely they promote one specific twitter account in this radio too ;-)

Our dear friends from Spain has also done an Interview with Mr. Hidskes - and its is here - with video and all - OK Hint - do not start both Interviews at the same time.. its just too much ;-D

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Czech's Just released a new brand

It is called WOOW.
We think we have seen this before - but according to the SP institute that test sticks - this is a new Floorball brand. They probably aim at the Czech market first... Hey does not that blade design remind us about another blade? That is the QUEST-ion?

We also think that Hockey monkey now has Sher wood's Rekker Floorball sticks available here in America - so things are chewing away forward...

Self Determination

In the latest blog from the Swedish Floorball Federation on the subject of the Swedish Development model they link their readers out to.... well...
And yes we are also in America. So therefore we will share the link here too

Just kidding - no this has nothing to do with where we are located - this is on motivation. What drives people, fellows, co-workers and students - in both academic subjects as well as in sports.
Read it - show it to your peers  - do it.
This is how you get good - in whatever mission you have...
Our mission?
Is to spread Floorball in America and yes - we do believe fully in the selfdeterminationtheory...

Tall, taller and the tallest - or just jump as high as you may

Let us now say that Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) is not just a scientifically proven desktop approach - but let us also pretend that it was in wide use by all grassroots.
Let us play with the thought that we had multi sport programs for kids. That we catered as much to the weakest performers as to the best. That we did not push kids into different age brackets. That we realized that kids develop differently through puberty offering different windows of trainability.
Let us pretend that this was not desktop products at the top of different organizations tryin' to develop sports but that this was in actual use by grassroots and implemented into schools... too.

Let us also pretend that these schools and grassroots also put a significant focus upon the growth spurt among the kids... Then the question still linger - would this kind of approach promote sports where the tallest - or the very first kids to grow tall and strong - had significant benefits?
Would school sports - focus as much on such activities?
And you know what - we are not thinking about high jump here.

Get us right here. We do think that school sports should promote all kids - including the ones getting tall first Yes. But with a full understanding of LTAD and how puberty or other things makes kids grow... would school sports still be somewhat dominated by activities - promoting the very tallest kids? And would most PE teachers still be above average in height (we can not prove the last idea - but it sure looks a bit suspicious at times).

Just sayin'

Falun - Mullsjö concentrated SSL

It is amazing how popular these clips are on this site...
This is a very fresh cut just hours old...

Education must be done like they do those computer games

Oh that is a tricky headline to develop...
However some of the very best Floorball training programs at for instance Warberg in Sweden - some parts focus intensely on individual skills development and Oscar Lundin (head of development), also known as Oscarwiz on twitter, has shared many different individualized drill activities on Youtube. And even if most team sports mainly do drills designed for the larger team - this individual focus is a development we think is here to stay.
Wait a minute, some sports - that does not focus as much on the team as a unit - has for ever been engaged in individualized training programs. Golf and Tennis are two core examples of sports with much focus on individualized training programs. Yes, both Golf and Tennis has team competitions too.

How is education fairing in this perspective do they do individualized education? Is there a LTAD thought in Education too - maybe a SIU or ADM idea or plan, on how to do this too?

This talk by Sir Ken Robertson wrestle with some of these matters. See the full talk - it is outstanding!

How to move more team sports toward more individual training? Or is that not the idea?
Our first thought is that this is way too expensive to do - every Floorball player can not have their own teacher..

We think however with more technology - new technology... We will have so much more knowledge on what each player is good at and what he/she lacks. We think that big data technology is prone move into Floorball too and we think eventually we will see - down the road - personal digital coaches for each and every player. Yes some sort of a computer game for each and every Floorball player - a digital personal coach present during the practise sessions maybe as a simple phone app... to start with.

Until these tools are readily available - think for yourself - what are you good at - what are you bad at. You indeed most already know this. If your slapshot is bad or if you do not belong to the best dribblers in your club - start from the ground up - do your own special training in the areas you are weaker in... Or do the opposite try to develop some of your best skills into perfection so no-one may catch up - excel in your own flavor.
Rock n' Roll as Sir Ken Robertson say. Floorball will emerge stronger than anything else if we know what to do at the grassroots. Developmental programs in all the honor - but why wait for someone to give you a plan - when you can do your own developmental plan - that perhaps is even way more motivational?
Floorball to us here - is a vital part of any educational PE system.

Floorball shoes on the tennis court

No, no closed captions - we can not do anything about this. We think you can - try to either post on the movie that you miss English or why not write Unihoc and ask them - if they only plan to sell their shoes on the Swedish market. We can not do too much about this and sorry but we can only offer this is Swedish...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

AIK - PIXBO the short version

The Magical Hockey Helmet #LTAD

"In a youth sport organization with maybe 10.000 kids we know that maybe only two of these will ever play for the national team. If the question were if we should build our educational structure for only these 2 - or for the other 9998 - I know what I would prefer"

These are the words by Mr Emil Persson - developmental responsible at the SIBF (the National Swedish Floorball Federation) and responsible for the Swedish Floorball development model that is very much based upon LTAD. Mr Persson has suddenly appeared in the lime light in Sweden.
First Swedish National Tv recently sent a documentary on sport development - the first episode thoroughly exposed Swedish sports from a LTAD perspective and Floorball and its developmental model took on a highly dominant part in this show and it was being portrayed as leading the Swedish LTAD development.
Mr. Persson just was featured in a larger interview in the HD newspaper and he also started his own blog with the aim to develop and explain how the new Swedish development model for Floorball looks like.

None of these three parts, The TV documentary, The Interview nor the blog is available in English.
But we still share the links to the Interview and the blog here - if you use an online translator. Most of you should be able to get the gist, at least, out of these links...
News Article


OK for you that is too lazy (the lazy people are also often the very most efficient). This is a good part from the blog...
It is from the UN charter of the rights of the kids on this globe... and if you do not know these - well u could be in trouble ;-z
as a quote... via Mr. Persson

"Today's post I thought that we appropriating term as child rights perspective. It is basically about what rights children have in sport, based on the UNCRC. The CRC is an addition to human rights specifically relating to all children up to 18 years. It does not mean that we're talking about children up to 12 years, as we usually do in sports. The Convention was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1989 and is based primarily on four main principles:
- Children's equality and rights.
- The child's best interests must come first.
- Children's right to life, survival and development.
- The child's right to express their opinions."

Now this turns rather good - so please now read the rest at the source - even if we are forced to link you to online translations...

Is floorball good for Olympic sport?

Hi again.

It's Tommi here, with something critical thinking in his mind. This time I'll take deeper approach to the possibility that floorball would be introduced to Olympic games. As our main blogger, Michael Borg, has kept us aware, floorball and IFF in particular are doing their best to gain the position of exhibition event in one of the forthcoming summer Olympics.

In the following text I argue with myself in both segments, yes and no. Actually I don't have strict opinion about the fact. Both solutions have their pros and cons, and It'll be up to some shady officials (politics also perhaps) to do the math and make the decision. I'll take the classical Q and A - discourse. Let's see where I'll end up to.


Q: Should the summer Olympics include floorball?

A: Yes. They should

Q: Why?

A: The floorball is the next best thing aside from basketball and futsal for indoor sports. As being relatively easy and cheap sport, it has also evolved to top class sport with at least some professional players playing it also. 

Moreover, the spectator numbers for WFC-games has increased annually in both men and women's games.

Q: Is the game popular in the world?

A: Not yet, but in the Europe there is quite big improvements in both professional level as well as in non-professional levels. I have to mention that for example in schools in Finland and Sweden floorball is the most popular school sport, prior to basketball, football (or soccer) and ice hockey. 

Q: How about other continents, aside from Europe?

A: There has been significant increase in the number of listed players in Canada, USA, Singapore, South Korea and China. Those are quite important countries in terms of possible players and also when we think about the money and marketing.

Q: What about the results in World Championships?

A: As being dominated by both Sweden and Finland, the amount of countries taking part has increased. The games are being held once every two years and this is some sort of hybrid between Ice Hockey and Football.

Q: Very well. Do you have intercontinental championship games?

A: No we don't. Back in the days we had only European Championships, but nowadays only World Championships. 

Q: What would floorball gain from the exhibition event status?

A: First of all, the "world" would know more about the game. Also athletes from other events would see the game, and most likely be fascinated about it. Not to mention the amount of sports bureaucrats in the games, should marketing be well done, the big shots would also get the understanding about the sport.

This is however pretty much the only sport that is easily and cheaply accessible for big numbers, in schools and such. That's the route the game has been introduced in Finland for example. 

Q: This seems legit, do you have anything else?

A: Lots of, but this is the info in nutshell. If you have further questions, feel free to call. 


Q: Should the summer Olympics include floorball?

A: Definitely not!

Q: Why?

A: The game, as easy and cheap as it is, is still far from serious sport. 

Q: What do you mean with that?

A: Well. Floorball is major sport only in Sweden and in Finland. Runner ups are Switzerland and Czech Republic. After them, the gap is far wider than the Grand Canyon. You can see this simply by looking about the results in WFC-games. The numbers are ridiculous.

Q: Umm. OK. Can you compare the levels in to any other sports that have Olympic status?

A: Actually I can. To Women's Ice Hockey. As you know the final is every time USA vs. Canada (Floorball Finland vs. Sweden). Next two are Finland and Sweden (floorball Switzerland and Czech Rep.). And this is the situation in both men's and women's games. 

Q: Well then, if there is reference in other games, why not then?

A: This is good question! It's about the spectator interest. Why do you wan't to see new sport that has actually no meaning earlier than in the semi-finals? This would make us look bad, many would say: Ok, there's speed and goals but there's no competition at all. I'd better change to equestrian *click*
Q: You're one tough piece, aren't you?

A: Possibly. Or only realistic person.

Q: But as discussed earlier, wouldn't the status be good in long term?

A: There's a good chance for it, yes. But I'm skeptical. Mostly because I think that the IFF and local Federations should first be able to rise at least one major market to the sport. (e.g. USA, Russia and/or China). This would give the game much more emphasis in coming talks about the relevance of the game.

Q: What is then your idea about time frame?

A: The process making floorball serious Olympic sport will take at least 10 years. If we take actions that is. I think that this is realistic time scope for making us important, and take USA and Canada with us. I'm confident that we need professional league in North America before we are good to go.

Q: Ok, thanks. Anything else?

A: Lots of, but this is the info in nutshell. If you have further questions, feel free to call. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

There are a bunch of Olympians in Sochi that also plays Floorball

The ski stars, both Northug and Hellner for example... Then we think some official representation is in place too... eh well and here is:
Kamil Stoch, from Poland, a floorball playing Olympic Gold medalist in Ski Jumping Sotji -2014.
Photo: Kuba Atys - this last material is with bravery borrowed via Floorball to the Olympics - a just great facebook page you may find here
If you have not tried Floorball yet - tell us what you wait for - Godot?

The one they all talk about in Sweden this week

Why they talk about him? Crazy story about transfer and its complications. So instead of playing the sport and marketing the sport abroad...
WellWellWell they play the sport - but mainly buzz about fuzz.
If they took all that energy and instead... aimed it abroad - we would be so happy here...

Monday, February 10, 2014

We welcome yet another US National team

Usa Floorball is at it again.

It was just announced and promoted via twitter that they aim to create yet another U19 National USA Floorball team. It was not long ago they started to talk about a female U19 team to go for the WFC in Canada during the spring 2016. Today they talk about a male u19 team too.
Jonas Leaben is quoted as follows..
"The work in the US has already started but with the right goals and team in place we will assure to accomplish greater things for the sport here in the US. We have already been in contact with some people with major influences and look forward to present this as soon as possible." Says Jonas.

"This is very exciting news and a major milestone for US Floorball as an organization. I’m personally very honored to be a part of this historical event in US Floorball"

Full story?

You wanna play on the team too? Yeah it's tricky to find the link so here you go...

Spanish Winter Memories

Yupp, Floorball is kind of a wintersport too

Skill drills Warberg

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Elementary Math - Are kids as strong as Magic Johnson? #LTAD

By Steve Lipofsky
[GFDL ( or
via Wikimedia Commons
The other day Mr. Bonelli asked if Basketball is a wise thing to play with kids under the age of 10 on Twitter?

Here is the elementary math answer:
The Basketball ball weight is according to NBA 624 grams - that is 601 grams more than a Floorball ball or above 25 times as much as one Floorball ball, at 23 grams.

But that is not the right answer.. Let us take Magic Johnson - he is a big guy, but still not too big - he was listed for a weight of 100 kilograms during his career. This means you need to pile up 160 basketballs to weigh as much as him.. OR we may say ONE BASKETBALL WEIGH just a little more than 0.6% of the body weight of a big Basketball player. No we are still on the wrong track here - this is supposed to be about kids...

An average child that is 9 years old weigh about 28 kilograms (or 61,6 lbs) You need a pile of 45 Basketballs to weigh the same. BUT NOW THE ONE Basketball suddenly represents 2,2% of the players own weight - maybe not much of a difference huh - well the ball now - in relative terms is ALMOST 4 times as heavy for an average 9 year old as compared to Magic Johnson. Is that fair?

If a basketball ball represents 2.2% Of the body weight on a nine year old player - a Floorball represents 1/25th of the Basketball weight.  So with the floorball we fall off the percent scale - but we also fall off the per mille (per thousands scale) in is first at the measurement of ten thousands of the child's body weight we find the relative value - in percent it looks like this 0.08 percent. That is 2.2 versus 0.08 per cent.

Math is crazy, it just plotters out numbers and not much understanding. So let us sum this up in words instead.
If Magic Johnson were to play with a Basketball that is as heavy as it is for a nine year old Magics new ball would weigh in closer to 2,5 kilogram or almost 5.5 lbs (it is like a medicine ball) to be fair play.
But we have skipped one thing in this comparison - we have only compared the weight of different balls and players weight. If we now add the muscle strength...
If a child is nine and the comparative weight of the ball is almost 4 times higher as compared to Magic Johnson's ball - then to compensate for the lack of body weight the child ought to be almost 4 times stronger too as compared to Mr. Johnson - to be able to dunk the ball...

Mr. Bonelli, we understand why you asked that good question...   #LTAD

Or is there anything wrong with this reasoning?

Today it is 299

Carl Milles Poseidon looks naked without a Floorball stick

Saturday, February 8, 2014

USA has the world's best traffic signs

Referee hockey ahl 2004
Wikimedia Commons
 USA stands out as it comes to many traffic signs. They are often clear and easy to understand - many signs even include some text to explain - what the sign means. At many other places in the world - you must study hard to learn and remember what some rather cryptic signs means. Do we need to mention the Swedish sign for date restricted parking? Headache yet baby?

In the team sport world many sports have their own set of odd reffing signs or gestures performed by the ref, the umpire or a line man. Some toss a flag, others wave a hand in the air others knee bend and act like they are cutting of their own legs below the knees.
If you are a sport connoisseur you know all these gestures. But if you just fell onto a new game or if you take grandma to the big game... well its not so easy.

Why not make em easier?

Here is our recipe:
Toss in one part of Siri or Google Now - both works decently - add a little mic, shake and do not stir.
Place hardware like a well seasoned phone at a safe place on the ref and add a few ounces of a fresh cell phone battery.
The one part of a Mic may be placed close to the refs mouth.
Connect one piece of well seen hardware like a big flat screen TV via a wireless signal and add carefully a spoonful of loud speakers. Spice the serving up with some nice on screen graphics.
This arrangement taste best during any game. And instead of funky gestures that only half the audience understands anyways - the ref just speaks out his verdict and POFF in clear text it jumps up as OFF-SIDE call on the screen with some flickering graphics. Yes speech-to-text is a cool thing.
Oh golly - they do not have off-side in Floorball, well then give a 2 minute penalty instead...

This is about basic communications - all ingredients exists - and we do not know why modern sports not yet have developed this?

Do you know why?
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!