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How to make Floorball and U grow faster on Twitter - part 1 Jan 2014


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Twitter is not about the personal U even if many people think so and if they think so - well they are a little bit right too - since many people do sell themselves or what they know or want to know via Twitter. These guys and gals still think like mass-media superstars and acts like em' too.
Nope the big thing comes when you go away from the follow me hysteria and instead triy to balance up your network. However the second thing to think about is that this is not about the nodes (the people) in the network - but it is instead the links in-between the nodes that gets important and make it all strong. Indeed it is like Floorball - it is the passing and when the ball goes through that you build up the game as a team.

Then if @Ulfjens Floorball is able to gain 25 followers per week at the same week as @Innebandymag is able to gain 50 followers per week it looks like 50 is twice as many as 25 (only an example U guys). But if 50 people is followers but not being followed - well that is a mono-directional link. Whereas 25 followers that also are followed - it creates a bi-directional link and maybe it should be worth twice as much because in theory here you can have both listening and talking - instead of just talking. Just like Floorball, we do not want to pass in one direction we want to pass back and forth on Twitter too.

OK just some theory. They say Twitter is easy to learn but it takes a life time to master and that seems to remind us about Floorball again.

The idea for twitter to be used to promote Floorball does - not at all - have to do with personal gains. The top lists as presented by @FloorballNews is good from the perspective that it spurs competition. But the best for Floorball is definitely if the full Floorball community grew and doing this together and much faster.
We mean to grow in 4 main dimensions
A) The number of people/Clubs etc on Twitter
B) The Number of LINKS and preferably bi-directional links between these members (followers and follows)
C) The number of Tweets
D) The number of Re-Tweets

So it is not particular good if only a few accounts on floorball grows - since it is much better if the full community grows. It is true that the community now grows at a very very good pace. But we think it can grow even faster. Therefore we will share some ideas here on how to grow your presence on Twitter - in case you want more Floorball in the world.

There are many services out there where you can buy followers and - almost all of them are junk and if they work - well you get random and low quality followers - and you do not want to have that. But some of these also offer free services - and even if we would not really recommend any of these. There are a few advantages to have a little group of followers that early on in your Twitter career grows fast.
A) It is almost never what You say that counts - but who You are - and on Twitter to have credibility there is only one way to get this credibility (cause most people will not know you - unless you r a megastar and they think they know u) the only other way is to have a bunch of followers. So to be credible on Twitter you must have a bunch of followers or you are Mr. Nobody - what you say comes like in second hand. Some say too much - and yes we know who You think about now.
B) If you have an initial growth spurt some other possible followers will notice this and are more likely to follow you.

We have seen one Twitter growth service - that has a free service for a little amount of initial Followers and if You are made of money they claim they can provide U with a truck load of followers... Still remember - services like these grows your follower base with Followers outside of Floorball and they are absolutely not recommended for long term growth. Only like a little start engine.
Here is one such service - we may recommend https://soapbox.vtricity.com/
This service will work to fast grow your followers - we do recommend to use it with caution - since this is not followers in the Floorball community. But it will act like a little start engine for you.

The next parts of our tricks will give you more tools for you to grow your floorball presence on Twitter.  But the main idea is that the full community grows... not just you. Therefore we ask you for a favor.
Could you please either re-tweet our tweet about this post - or tweet yourself on Twitter about this post?

It is time to work together - like a Floorball team - so help us - we think we just helped you.

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!