Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Floorball on the Internet will change

As they first came up with the Internet (based upon the Arpa-net), traffic was sent using a bunch of different protocols. Http:// stood for hyper text transfer protocol (hypertext is clickable links) as one example, and ftp:// indicated a file transfer protocol and so on...
Most users in the later on more developed graphical user interface - as it came to be the standard - did not care too much about this or the protocols, and mainly most traffic ended up on computers via the http:// way to "ship" information.

Today we see a few large interesting trends and not too many talk about different protocols any more. The move from standard computer screens to phones has already happened and what many try to do now is to find a seamless experience between different screens - Windows 8 is just one example.
Our own idea about this is that one could almost talk about graphical user interfaces that most likely will transfer into semantic interactive interfaces. We will see more eye movements, voice control and other human ways to interact like gestures that will make us interact via the Internet and in principle the net will sense us via sensors (well that is what it does via key-strokes too duh). On top of this the fragmentation is enormous with apps and extensions or widgets locking the users into specific sets of code and information. To our own mind it is like each more complicated sub reader/function is on its own protocol... just like the early architects tried to design the net initially. It is just that the first vision covered only a few protocols... now we have a new protocol in almost every new function (not always technically but more from the user experience). Then toss in artificial intelligence, the semantic web (internet information that machines read and not humans) add the Internet of things, where every little bit of gadget is connected to the web...
Add the reality that PC sales is falling very fast - instead we rely on tablets and phones - something that push us away from traditional browsers to what we described above as apps widgets etc often built for specific operating systems - but we think here that they almost function as they had their own protocol of communication and the fragmentation of how we as individuals interact with the net is huge.
Now we are laymen in this area so if some expert thinks we got this "nutshell description" is wrong, please let us know... ;-D

Anyway, why is this important for Floorball?
Well, to build for the future we must understand how the future might look like and that ought to be based upon history, current trends and other predictions.

Here is such a very interesting prediction http://www.wired.com/business/2014/01/death-pc-also-mean-end-web/
In this material we think the conclusion is a bit wild, but we can see how the importance of the browser are fading away and this is the gist of this post; - we can fully understand how Twitter (in its current form) can - or already has - move(d) from being a little social media experience to become a big hub for content.
Keith Rabois, as the Wired article above points to, is a guy that seems to have a good feel (i.e. he knows) about what is going on. He claimed recently that Twitter will deliver content (this probably does not mean all content - but most likely very much of the content that is or will become important to humans) And if he is right - well then the idea to build Floorball big on Twitter is something of the most important we can do - if we seriously want to build Floorball on the global scale.
So whatever you do do not miss out on Twitter (and probably Instagram too since they rule the image part of social media).

If this is wrong? Well, then we have to figure out what is right and build for that instead - but as it is right now some things seems to indicate that Twitter is a very very very important platform for Floorball.
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To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

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