Friday, January 31, 2014

This post is a tribute to Jamaica

It is not only about their first game. It is not about nothing but the spirit they show.
To travel this far. With limited resources. To get in to this.
It all points to one thing - this is real men. This is men that does not hesitate about a strong challenge. This is bravery galore. This is men that seeks their own ways. This is true sport heroes - that should make headlines.

And you know what - this is the real list... 





Antigua & Barbuda
Cayman Islands
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
Saint Barthélemy
St. Kitts & Nevis
St. Lucia
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad & Tobago
Turks & Caicos Islands
Virgin Islands
Costa Rica
El Salvador

French Guiana

A real stunning upset

Korea wins with 10-1 over Japan.
We swear that no one could have guessed that - but you know what against all odds - we at least picked the right winner this time ;-D
Here it is enjoy

Countdown to USA Jamaica

Are U ready just hours left now.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Live as You learn..

We have now removed our plug-in on this blog for Facebook. Since we do not want to pay them money to promote Floorball = that idea is just too absurd.

New Zealand first Floorball haka

To select a good game - you must use your nose - just like picking the right grapes

So what comes more natural then go for this classic combination

Something tells us that Spain has an upper hand on this.. Let's see.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ramblings on the Floorball field

This is the kind of post you type up as you chew on a grass straw - no - not the kind they for sale in some states. Just a regular hay style one..

First two excuses on broken promises:
Broken promise A) We have promised to honor the unit in the USA that did most for Floorball in 2013. After long deliberations we have decided that Dallas Stars is the worthy winner and even if we first wanted to celebrate this more - the reality is... that so much other things are going on right now - we might be back to salute this a bit better later on.
B) We have also promised to act like Dr. Evil and tease 10 accounts on twitter that claim they work with obesity... at the same time as they fully unable to respond on Twitter... For now that project must be pushed forward a bit... but it is not yet cancelled.

From the department of daily news:
We just saw a picture on twitter showing Team USA sitting talkin' away - maybe about Olympic stuff who knows? In other news from around the globe we learn the Singapore have had flight problems and did not arrive with the last players until 1 am  or 7 am the first game day - no wonder Japan won... Then some indications via Jamaica hint that they can not send their full team to Canada... But that is all we know for now.
Then there is this mail sent to us - talking about a youth Floorball tourney that has the potential become even larger than our own tourney the Midwest Floorball Championship. We will have all the juicy stuff about this rather soon - so stay tuned...
Then as @Floorball_news release its twitter weekly top list - dog (bark bark) on it - our own twitter ulfjens floorball - or #floorballwithoutborders or the #floorballcowboy seems the fastest grower in the world for last week on the Floorball subject (with a few modifications).
Our comment? Hmm tonnes of people, including these trying sell Floorball brands, call themselves marketing fancy experts - we R just the #floorballcowboy...

Most athletes never get to play for their country at even one world championship

And most journalists are never ever mentioned at

Today we want to give the plastic version of the "Purr-blitzer" price to Paul Svoboda, The Intelligencer in Canada.
Our motivation states - "for consistent reporting on a ground-breaking topic that has the power to change young peoples life for ever".
Mr. Svoboda is a shooting-iron journalist that cover Floorball in Canada and all of America's far beyond any other journalist.

Let's quote him from yesterday;
"Relatively new to Canada, the sport was introduced to Belleville five years ago by Moira teacher-coach Todd Crawford, and the city now has its own league and the game is growing in popularity, says Tipping.
“It's addictive and a lot of fun,” she said. “Todd pushes it too, but he always told us that if we liked it, great; if we didn't, that was no problem too.”
Tipping says floorball is catching on in Canada due in large part to its similarities to hockey. That's also why, she believes, the Canadian senior women finished 13th in the Czech Republic at the 2013 Worlds after being ranked 21st."

Mr. Svoboda's last masterpiece on Canadian Floorball is to be found here:
It is a story about a young athlete, Ms. Tipping, that is up to represent her country for the third time. If you like Floorball or hockey it is a well worth read...

Today's most interesting game Ukraine-France

Is... between Ukraine vs France - courtesy of IFF - THX!

We think Ukraine will surprise big time and defeat France.
But we also think France will be back with their own upsets...
But hey we can be totally wrong - been there before... let's see

Why it is wrong to use Facebook to promote Floorball

It is obvious - that this is not a very efficient way to promote new things... But what we think we see more? Our own blogging moves more and more over to the micro blog Twitter.

Facebook and Floorball - we say watch out. Twitter go ahead - and u know what Twitter does not even offer closed groups... Floorball needs marketing - but clever marketing,

How to beat IFF and Asics's Floorball guessing app

Well You don't since it is impossible to predict the future
WE just took a selfie - aka a screen dump
But it is a good idea to observe the following. You earn 3 points in this app for a correct guess - guess and guess - we would prefer to call it a prediction since it sounds a bit more on the money.

To get three points is very hard. But almost as many points, or 2, is earned when you guess - or predict the right difference of goals between teams..
No, that is not easy either.. but if you keep this in mind then your predictions will be a bit more aimed in the right direction. You must respect that a game last 60 minutes and you make a handful of more goals than in ice hockey. So if you believe that one country is 4 scores better than the other... With 60 minutes of play time a 4-0 score probably is an out lier - but a 18-14 score is even worse...  No do not worry about the comparative difference in playing strength - that perspective would say that a 4-0 victory is much larger than a 18-14 score. The app only care about the difference.. So if you find what U think is a decent scoring difference (this is what you must focus on) then you only need to come up with reasonable number of goals in a game and to us using 4 as the difference - the interval from 6-2 up to 9-5 are more reasonable results... but hey remember to focus on the difference..

Then at last to earn only one guessing point - is not that hard. Most teams are different in strength and if you only follow the world ranking you should get a decent amount of points...
But this is also a truth with some modification. It is also here you must be willing to gamble and take those surprise points. Like today. We thought Denmark would win - since Germany has earlier played well at home and Denmark indeed wanted a revenge. Nope it is impossible to guess all this. But something tells us that Ukraine is underrated as being underdogs - so we think they will beat France today. We also think France will be back with their own upsets later on. We think Singapore is much underrated too ad might bring forward an upset too. 

Na, much of this is pure luck but you have more luck if you play with the luck a little bit. Today was fun since we ended up second on this list among almost 600 guessing - but we might be gone by tomorrow -  that is fine...
As we started this post - you can not predict the future - it is impossible - but U can just estimate it a bit... 
OH one more thing if you want many points you must guess all games...

And as someone lets a computer do this guessing loaded with all background informations... The computer will win all the shoes..

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Germany-Denmark Live

Yes we have a bunch of games listed under the tabs above..
We think this will be a good game to share on our front page...

6 hours to go as we posted this one...

Floorball @ United States Olympic Training Center

Photo Credit Matt Cunningham linked in URL via Instagram feed
It was in a snow storm. They had some cup issues and one player fell and hurt himself... Beside of some things that may occur as you try hard.. at the dawn of things. Floorball was tonight played for the first time at United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado. That is news that sounds like music to us here.

Then just a few hours earlier we heard via Twitter that the first Floorball Clinic in Palm Harbor, Florida was up for grabs.

Wellington News from New Zealand spiced things up further today with this story..  from a country just a little bit ahead of the US.

We quote;
"Floorball was first introduced in New Zealand in 2008 and has since won an incredible popularity at all age levels. Wellington has currently around 800 active players across all age groups. Other clubs and groups are located in Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch, Palmerston North, Upper Hutt,Queenstown and University of Otago.

Games for the World Floorball Championship Qualification are played over 5 days at the ASB indoor stadium in Kilbirnie. This will be an incredible opportunity to see highly-skilled players in a sport that has quickly become popular in New Zealand."

Sunday, January 26, 2014

WFC 2014 is over us! 24 live Q games to start with, soon, in a true global event!

The WFC Qualification is a true global event... and it is so cool that we have the Internet... We do not know how this would have been done otherwise...

Image IFF
A) First we would like to congratulate to the incredible beautiful logotypes for each qualification that the IFF has produced. We have been concerned as we saw some of the first ideas for this years 2014 WFC. But hey we were wrong - all graphic communications for the 2014 season seems to be top notch and just superb. Congrats to all involved. Outstanding work on that Graphical detail and you have set a new standard!!!

<------- look at the left

B) The stream of games coming up is almost overwhelming wow - exactly like it should be. For now we have tossed up 24 live FREE games. We re-cast by using the IFF code posted via their YouTube feeds (this is how it should be done you solidtango guys&gals). The aim is to stream the Americas qualifications to our front page i.e. here - this means we must be a bit alert on the posting... U find all games on the tabs above on this page...

C) Right now we are NOT covering all qualification games - we aim to re-cast several more games under each tab. But we have not yet figured out where to post other feeds since we do not want too many tabs.. Let's see... we are thinking about this still.


Floorball to the Olympics - is an excellent Facebook page also for PE teachers

This is a page that we rely very very much upon for our own facebook appearence.
Check em' out here..
This is their point of view on Floorball in school

"Message to all PE teachers in the world.
- Floorball , from a pedagogical point of view , is probably the best alternative to use also for children who are normally inactive or difficult to get active in class."

This logotype is 100% fully unique in the world of Floorball.

This logotype is 100% fully unique in the world of Floorball. 

Not because it is the most beautiful... but the illustration used -  the ball in this logo is IDENTICAL to the image on the patent application that was filed by Mr. Clinton V. Carlson - at his own company COSOM in MINNEAPOLIS MN in 1952.

2014 is also a magic year since it is exactly 50 years later - since Mr. Tom Harter arranged the first large size "Safe T play or Cosom Hockey" tournament - 1964 -  in Battle Field, Michigan with 63 teams. Cosom Hockey is THE ROOTS for all floorball we know.

How do U spell to Lochov?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Two basic modes of play...

In essence you can play in two ways - with your mind or with your body.

Computer games and chess must belong to mindgames. A body game without any thought to it, does probably not exist... Even Mr. Strongman that pulls trains with his teeth use some kind of a strategy.. But just to make this reasoning basic - if you move your body then it is about body play. Then you of course have different levels of body play too and a game like softball does not include as much of a work-out as soccer for instance (under normal and common conditions).

The mind game people have a hay day at this point in the evolution. Schools cater to perhaps 90% if not more of their focus on mind games (its called education) and only offer PE, well more - like now and then.
But the computer - or rather the screen explosion - has taken mind games into new territory.
Let us repeat what we have said earlier... let computer gamers upload game play and right now kids (and playful adults) watch 12 BILLION minutes each month of game play - insane facts for your mind to play with.

Some folks thinks the body games will reply to this and maybe Google glass could be part of that response? Here is a cool article about the first Google Glass observed game in Basketball

But seriously... we wonder. If body games ever will match mind games as it comes to TV productions at the grassroot level (what do). We do not need computers on the heads (google glass for instance) on a few athletes or the audience. No, for a sport like Floorball we probably need two other important units. We need a sensor unit - not a computer. But some sort of a sweatband that records A) HD video, B) Sound, and C) Some kind of a bluetooth or WIFI signal that sends it all to a server. This server need A) an AI driven software that automatically edit the footage to reasonable good footage and automatically post it to a channel like twitch B) it needs to be dirt cheap.
Is that possible - we think everything is possible - and all dreams will come true.

With this in place - twitch will get a good or decent competitor from the body games... Then as u might wonder who in the world will watch all this user generated recreational footage of boring Floorball?

The answer is clear people like to see themselves and what they have just done - just look at... twitch.,tv. or at selfies at instagram....

Full Invitation Midwest Floorball Championship 2014 (1st Ed)


Rules and regulations for the 2014 Midwest Floorball Championship.




All U need to know for  2014

Date, Time and Location: Tomah High School, Saturday & Sunday May 3-4th 2014.  from 10.30 AM. First games tentatively starts at 11.00 AM.

General Plan: This Year a new Female only conference is introduced. The number of conferences will be decided upon number of teams in each conference. Conferences might be merged. Previous years the conferences formed as a Rec conf and an Advanced conf. More teams might open up an intermediate conference, or a High School or a Hockey team conference too. The female conference need a minimum of two signed up teams. Other tentative conferences need a minimum of 3 teams.

Game format: 4 on 4 players plus goalies, regulation size nets with goalie and 4 subs per team, recommendation to have at least 2 subs per team - max number of players in a team is 9, time per game approx. 20-40 minutes in total divided in two half's, game times may depend on the number of teams participating.  No, undecided games - if a draw at full time a shot-out with 3+3 penalties in first round, then one by one, until one team wins.

Team Format: Both Female and Male players welcome on co-ed teams (exception female only conference), players must be at least be 14 years old or at least be in the freshmen year at High School. We are open for youth conferences too if coaches bring forward teams/players and are willing to officiate and organize such tourney conferences.

N.B. High school teams are allowed to sign up directly in the rec conference too if they prefer to do so.

Referees/Rules: Mr. A. Buvarp, from USA Floorball and Colorado will be Head of Referees as well as head of instructions about the rules being used. A separate reffing clinic will be held tentatively 8 AM in the morning, before the tournament.

NEW for this YEAR: All Clubs must contribute with one referee. We think this will make the tourney more fair since earlier most referees have been from Tomah. NB The intention is to rule stick checking much more diligently than before. Rules will mainly be in accordance to regular Floorball rules with minor possible simplifications. We aim to mark crease for goalies..
We are HOPE that one court will be equipped with a regulation floorball board system, being slightly smaller than a regulation size court. We STRONGLY recommend the youth below age of 17 in any conference to use protective eye wear- as mandated at places in Europe.

Meetings: Before the tournament (or each conference) a quick referee meeting. Head Ref will go through the rules used for the tournament - all assigned refs are mandated to participate. Directly followed by a short 5 minute “all coaches meeting”.
A lightning fast ceremony for the winners after the tournament is aimed for too. Formal complaints may be brought forward to the head ref after games for an additional fee of USD 50. This fee is non-refundable. In case a formal complaint is filed after a game a separate ref meeting is called for this single matter of discussion and a decision. We want to avoid this procedure by all our means.

Team Sign Up: An identical winning team listed in one conference a previous year may not sign up for a lower conference. The last sign up date and day for post stamped team fees to Tomah Parks & Rec. is April 2nd  or 15th, 2014 see information above.

Player Fee: 75 $ per team (makes this America’s most cost efficient tourney we think). Elementary and Middle school teams pay $50 per team - in case such conferences would emerge. A conference with females only - would not cost extra for players playing on other teams. Females playing only in the female conference pay $10 per player.

Check or Cash is to be mailed payable to:
The City of Tomah
The Director of Parks and Rec
819 Superior Avenue
Tomah, WI 54660

Mark the envelope 2014 MFC

Basic Team information form - MUST BE FILLED IN - see further below

The valid team sign up must include a valid and dated signature as well as the following information:
A) Team Name, including the name of the leader/coach and Referee
B) Team Roster i.e., Player Names (5-9 players), including assigned goalie(s) - two assigned per team
C) Shirt Color
D) Paid Team Fee $75, or the late sign-up fee $20, per player
E) Team email contact and phone number
F) Team Referee Name
G) Volunteer Indication if you can pick up a “free agent” to your team or not
H) Your own rating of the team from “Recreational - via Intermediate up to - Advanced”.
I) Teams belonging to Youth Hockey Clubs, High Schools or Middle School/Elementary school mark this too. These special conferences will be created only when three teams or more exist in each group. Youth Hockey Clubs with players 14 and above of age and High School teams will if less teams exist in this group be playing in the recreational conference. Younger school teams will not be playing if less than three teams sign up. Young school teams are subject to the mandatory use of protective eyewear for all players.
- You may sign up filling in the information as of above - via email to

Payments can also be paid at the venue before the games - as long as you have signed up according to deadlines and can in print show your date of the sign-up. We CAN not add new teams after the final sign-up deadline.
We do not demand players to have a numbered shirt or Jersey - but it is good if this is possible. Pennies may be provided.

Free Agents: Some players may not be able to form a full team so we may also try to form a pool of free Agents and as soon as we have 4 - to 7 players - these may be assigned to a “united” team. We can not promise that this will work - but we do want to accommodate for players without a full team and this has worked before. Free agents must pay and sign up to The City of Tomah in the same way as a team - with names on a roster. Free players pay $20.

Goalies: Goalies will not be allowed to play without a good face mask/helmet. Floorball goalie equipment is preferred.

HINTS: Using Hockey gear or similar You may have elbow pads, a cup, a big Hockey style Jersey and preferably a thicker shirt to have under, a hockey helmet and face-mask - if You add good knee pads from Volley ball (not the best to recommend, but a basic solution) - maybe a good pair of thin gloves - in principle - then You only need to find a pair of long padded pants to be fully set as a goalie.

NB, two years ago one team goalie used hard shell knee pads - from Baseball. This is not allowed under any circumstances since it might scratch the floor.

Boards: We are almost certain at this point that one venue will have real Floorball regulation boards, on other courts we will use the walls with some use of soft ice dividers from Tomah Hockey. Remember if you play Floorball close to a wall and you fall into it I can be a very hard fall. Play carefull close to all walls!

Tournament format: Depends on number of teams signed up in each conference - but the intention is to have all players to play at least 1,5 hours of Floorball, divided into a group round and a set of finals. Minimum four games for a team is the aim but not 100% guaranteed. This is to be announced in more detail at a later stage as the deadline for sign up is past due and we have the final number of participating teams. The number of teams and how we divide these into groups or even conferences, length of games etc will all determine the tournament format. It is crucial that You rate your team as recreational, intermediate or advanced - this will help us decide on the tournament format.

This is what we wrote four years ago - “We do think we will have in-between 4 -10 teams - but this is up to you. How many teams can you send?”

Doping, Swearing and Code of Conduct: As a gentleman's (and woman's) agreement - no doping. But if someone obviously is under influence of a substance or in other ways disturb this activity or do not follow the rules at the venue or not use a normal code of conduct he/she will be asked to leave the premises immediately. The referee is responsible for misconduct related to his/hers “own” game - game misconduct is to be reported to the head ref..

Awards: Most of the tournament fee will go towards the rent for real boards and the transportation of these. But we will try to aim at producing a T-shirt and at least something more for the Champions. At this point we do not dare to make any further promises. It would be great if Chicago and Tomah could bring back the Trophies - so we could pass the glory on to the new winners.

Insurance: Players and teams are not insured or protected by the Tomah Parks and Rec department, by Tomah Fury or by anyone else related to this activity - in case of an accident or other mishap. All players teams must rely on their own solutions, insurance etc and assume their own risk related to participate in this activity according to Wisconsin statues. This is why we need a signature on the sign up.

Miscellaneous: A Goalie may double up, that is play goalie in one team and play as a field player on another team. This to help more teams to have access to a goalie. Assigned field players may in principle only play for one team, any exceptions must go through the Tournament Director. If a goalie is supposed to play a game between “both” his/hers teams - he/she must assume the primary goalie position.

The Rooster for a team can be changed until before the game starts as long as any new players have paid their fee. Paid fees will not be refundable.

We plan to run concessions during both days and this is also a way to fund balls and the rinks we plan to use. No carry in food, please! We will also have a little mini Floorball store up and for other activities - we are open to all your suggestions.

In case of a few teams signed up this will be a one day tournament. But that will most likely not happen. The two day tournament will also include a social evening at a local pub Saturday evening.

We plan to sing the National Anthem(s) before the tourney.

Expectations: We think we will have more teams than ever before and we hope to have a few teams that travel even a bit further ;-)

Purpose: The main purpose is to have fun, to get better at this and come together.

Questions: or 608-377-2217. Further information will be sent out as soon as the deadline is past due, when we have the valid email list for participating teams and we have shaped the format of the tournament, in groups, conferences or how we design the tourney based upon the teams signed up. ETA of final planning about one week before the tournament. By pasting the following link into a browser you should not get lost.,-90.516701&sspn=0.019116,0.033088&rq=1&ev=zi&radius=0.99&split=1&hq=highschool&hnear=&ll=43.97753,-90.512238&spn=0.019888,0.033088&z=15
Incase of many teams we might expand and use two venues. But at this point we think two days at the same venue will cover our needs.

Disclaimer: Anything and all in this invitation may change without further notice. This is mainly a presentation on what we aim for. We do appreciate your input on this, see questions as of above.

You have just been invited!

Tomah Fury &

The City of Tomah, Parks & Rec.



Use the form to sign up for snail mail: Hint copy and paste and toss it into an email for faster sign up

Team Name:___________________________________________________

Team Strength,    A) Advanced____    B) Intermediate____    C) Recreational____


Special Team Conferences,    1) Female only____    2) Hockey Clubs____                  

3) High School teams (teachers invited to play too)____    

4) Middle school ages co-ed 12-14____     5) Elementary Ages____ 7-11

In case of signing up for Special Conferences - still the strength rating must be filled in. Special conferences 3,4 and 5 must use protective eye wear.  We recommend all players to use protective eye wear. We STRONGLY recommend the youth below age of 17 in any team to use protective eye wear- as mandated at places in Europe.

Team Shirt Color:_____________________________________________________

Team Captain:_______________________________________________________







Player/ Sub Goalie____________________________________________________



SIGNATURE FOR THIS TEAM____________________________________________________

The clever ones just copy and paste this from this page... No no copyrights whats so ever from us on this :-D

Friday, January 24, 2014

XFBall - we R on this ball promise

Let us quote real fast...
"The Swedish-based Company Excellent Floorball, together with the International Floorball Federation (IFF), have designed and developed XFBall, an educational platform for creating animated floorball plays and drills, making it easier to plan and execute trainings.
The service will be available worldwide on January 27th. The release coincides with the start of the 10th IFF Men’s World Floorball Championships Qualifications.
XFBall users can create animated plays and drills and share them with players, teams and coaches, even parents and teachers. The practice drills can then be viewed before practice at home, saving time for more on-court activity for players, instead of standing and listening to coaches explain the practice drills. It will also make it much easier to build a library of practices for a team or even a whole club."
Now we have talked to them and hopefully we will be able to present some exclusive material early next week after they go live - yupp we have seen the video too as in a pre-release and we say yeay - hold out let's see what we can get up here... 

Topsy social facts for the last month on Floorball

We took a closer look at Topsy and Floorball tonight. Topsy is a social media search engine - recently purchased by apple if we are not wrong. Their copyright policy is outspoken so we do not dare to post graphs here. But links should work decent enough.

Floorball looks like being at a steady growth over the last month on twitter with up to 400% increase at its best but seems to hoover in the 300% range right now

As you do the comparative search for #floorball with the hashtag it looks like this
This reveals that #floorball with the hashtag is about 50 tweets less per day in rough terms - but still the over all picture show a similar strong growth on twitter.

Topsy also measure sentiment and the last month we looked at - shows Floorball to have a sentiment between 68-82 % and - we r not 100% certain to what to compare too but - doubtless it sounds rather fair and good to us.
Topsy also reveal that the latest most popular subject on twitter lately is related to recent tweets from the Canada U19 Girls team. It is only a post from Spain that is up in the top on the subject of Floorball beside of Canadian news.

Whats more? Ehh Dr Evil told us that if we would change name on our twitter account from like Ulfjens Floorball to like ulfjens #Floorball then maybe all our tweets would be featured on some cool web pages..
well we think that would be a bit too much... so be will not listen to Dr. Evil this time...

Usa move U19 girls forward too

The last days we have seen several news about the Canada U19 Girls team that will go to Poland later this year.
We recently talked to Mr. Buvarp in Colorado at USA Floorball and he told us that hopefully they should be able to announce a coach for a USA U19 girls team in early February 2014 as one of the first steps in the possible development of USA's own girl squad.

Then today a facebook page jumped up - and all girls in the USA interested in Floorball should probably check this one out
It has just been up for a few hour but is already about to break the 100 likes barrier.

Then this came up to... this is for all serious girls out there that possibly would like to aim for this National US team..

We hope to fill you in more a.s.a.p.

Two different news in one post is not the best...

But it is slightly more efficient..

OK From Canada local news on their U19 Women's Team to be found here
We quote;
"National team veteran C.J. Tipping along with Hannah Wilson, Raven Tabobandung and Ashley Boulter were named to the U19 roster this week. The team was recognized during the first intermission of the Belleville Bulls vs. Oshawa Generals OHL contest Wednesday night at Yardmen Arena."

From Finland and the IFF happy times and a role model for other federations...
Image IFF

The IFF lets us know that we will have live streams - from all World Floorball Championship Qualifications 2014. The image above shows the addresses and hey - livin' a dream here...

Opinion and Money

We fully understand that clubs in Sweden would like to make money on live streaming Floorball. We also fully understand that Innebandymagazinet makes a move with "PLUS" or pay only content to secure their own financial status.

But both these practices are however counter productive in the larger picture - if we fast - as fast as possible at Olympic speed would like to grow our sport in the International perspective.
The largest potential for Floorball growth is not on the mature markets but on the new markets - and these markets needs to know as much as possible.

We do not have a good solution on this. And even if we get our own PLUS subscription at Innebandymagazinet (the worlds largest Floorball news resource in Sweden) - it would directly hurt their own aim to make money on their news if we started to repeat or re-distribute what they publish. This is from the International perspective a problem.

We do not know how to solve this - we do not know think we can solve this. Out own game is to market Floorball as hard as we can. Suddenly we are more strapped than before and have to play this a bit more on the defence or at least with less attack.
We want however to thank Innebandymagazinet for all the material they have made available - to date.

Storvreta-AIK from Yesterday on nat TV

Wait a little bit the server sits in Sweden OK

Rode an Uber yet? Then what about a fitmob?

As so often Wikipedia commons - hey give them some credit or money pls

Or a lyft? Maybe you tried the airbnb app too? You know - these apps that offer ridesharing and makes all taxidrivers grunt or offer stays at places and not at the common hotel via another app like airbnb...

Something tells us that the fitmob will get some headlines in Sweden (since the name can be perceived absurd in Swedish)... But irrespective of this - it is indeed a cool thing...

Let us quote fast company;
"And soon, they’ll also trade in their gym membership in favor of a neighborhood workout. At least that's the hope of Raj Kapoor, who launched an app on Thursday called Fitmob that allows trainers to host classes in parks, community centers, or anywhere they find space. “The best way to motivate people is other people, social, community,” he says. “So we said, let’s focus the new gym around people rather than expensive real estate or fancy equipment.”
FULL STORY in deepth here...

Do we need to add a Floorball app that works like this - at least for the more mature markets?

The later for sure we will have apps with many different functions too and eventually an app browser too maybe? Or maybe just a browser lol.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Canada's Future hope - U19 Girls going to Poland this spring

Hey, They just released the full U19 Girls Canada squad. This team was introduced last night at a Hockey game between the Bulls and the Generals. And radios stations covered this too..
We hope you already know that the IFF has a splendid resource page on how to get more girls engaged in Floorball. If not try this
Logo linked in via IFF

The rest of this post is the official announcement from Team Canada and their own facebook page. Here is the original...
The observant observer will observe that a good observation is - some girls down below have also played on the national ladies Team Canada - keep on observing pls ;-)

Introducing the U-19 Canadian Women's Floorball Team that will be representing Canada in May, 2014 during the World Floorball Championships in Poland.

Here are the girls representing the team tonight (January 22) at the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre as the Belleville Bulls take on the Oshawa Generals:

Chelsey Maclean
CJ Tipping
Eryn Brown (Absent)
Katie Linker
Raven Tabobandung
Theresa Woodland
Megan Behan
Ashley Boulter
Kristen Kehoe
Mackenzie Deseure
Sarah Bernier
Mack McCullough
Hannah Wilson
Shacey Orleck
Tina DeFranco
Stephanie Ford
Katelyn Burton (Absent)
Dana Issacs
Julia McKinley
Devon Morrison (Absent)

General Manager: Brett Davis
Head Coach: Todd Crawford
 — at Quinte Sports And Wellness.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!