Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jamaica's coach Mr. Persson reports

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Some facts about me first. I am 23 years old, I live in Växjö, My occupation is Student, I study Coach and Sport Management, in my senior year. This is my 7th year as a floorball coach. I have coached teams in a few clubs, Östra SK, Mullsjö AIS, IBK Vöikers, VUGI and now this year I am assistant coach in Lessebo GOIF in the Swedish division 2.

My first contact whit Jamaica was around August. Then I asked them about next season, and if they needed a club coach and if they had any financial opportunities to take me to the island. But they told me that they really wanted me to come, but they could not cover the expenses. So I continued my search and forgot about Jamaica. But in November I saw that they had registered for the World Cup and I could not find any info about any coach and national team, so I made a contact with Jason Daye again and just for fun asked him about the national team. He said he wanted my help, and after a few days I decided to take the job as Head coach of team Jamaica. Before I went to Jamaica I met up with Jason, he lives in Uppsala so we met half the way and discussed the time for me to be spent in Jamaica and so on. He also had a big bag of sticks for me to bring to Jamaica. Then it was time for me to have my first national camp on Jamaica. The day before we were supposed to start the training cap, the sport center we was supposed to be in, call and said that they had booked some other events and that we could not use their facility. So the there where some light panic. Sofie Nilsson, also from Sweden. Fixed so that first day of camp we could use another venue at a school. And the other three days that we could use a field on the national arena complex.

First day of camp we played without any floorball boards, and the conditions to control the ball were rough. I had some basic drills, and we finished playing 4 on 4. Second day of camp we started of whit a beep test in 30 degrees Celsius (86F) and a gazing sun! Peter Miller did best and ran all the way to level 13. That's an excellent level to reach even indoors and not running in the sun. There was also some players that reached level 11 and higher. Day 2 we also worked on basic skills and drills, and the players played their first ever whole game, 3 x 20 minutes. Day three we work a lot on tactics and the way I want them to play in Canada. Everyone understood the way to play and their tactic skills increased very fast. Day four we worked on box/power play and we played some 5 on 5 to find the right lines to use in Canada. The team spirit is really good, everyone enjoys floorball and I can see that they love it! I think floorball can grow a lot on Jamaica if they can solve the issue with more than one rink. Everyone can't wait to go to Canada and try to make an upset!

This Qualification can be a though one, but the players will gain valuable experience and learn to understand the beautiful game of floorball! If Jamaica can continue to improve with the speed shown and good coaching, they will be a threat in 2 years, and a real contender to get into the world cup in 4 years! I saw a lot of potential in many players, if we just can give them the tools and help them improve, there might even be a Jamaican player in the Swedish Super League in maybe less than 10 years.

Merry X-mas Mr. Persson and we fully support you on this adventure!
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