Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grammar lesson UNO

This blog spells like a TNT dynamitard. Our sentences R almost guaranteed to be suspicious as long as they are understandable and not broken. But we do write about Floorball even if our culture connect is like a half-broken heart..
So in the case you would be an English major litt teacher at the University of Minneapolis (or elsewhere) U most likely fast as greased lightning - would grasp that we R not after the pulitzer prize here - or any other prize either...
Then as we dissect some of the few homemade english material we see on-line about Floorball with a happy non-english background from a few of the big countries...or.. just good attempts to type in English. Well we see the same things ourselves - now, from some kind of a middle of the road perspective. The cultural disconnect we see is bombastic, spelling sometimes very British influenced and sentences that are even more wild but ours... Still they do a heck of a job and write for Floorball. No always with the reader in their mind but - whatever - there is a series of good attempts going on.. You must just read some of it with some sort of another perspective to get em' together at times.

Our wild conclusion? He, eazzy as Fredrik say in the Salming video..
We think grammar is almost close to worthless - as long as you get your point through. If we get our point across - then it does not matter too much if we spell right or not either...
It is Floorball either you spell it Florbalu, Florbols, Innebandy, Salibandy, Unihockey, Saba or whatever - so from the grammar point of view - the communicative content must and will override the form.
The main exception is branding... And one name is the way to go - and you know what - that branding matter would help with some of the grammatical matters too..

A Happy New One from Floorballcentral - and yes we are closing in on 300.000 hits...

Nightlife? Any nightlife?

We know that U can play only one on one if you want to. And we know folks playing tournaments in the middle of the night too..
But this was for sure a new way!

Floorball Shoes has been a hot matter this fall

So hot that we missed the latest shoes from Salming - Race 2.0

The Factory Idea...in kids sports.. too?

Sir Ken Robertson is amazing as he compare the school system to be built around century old ideas of factory bells (school bells) calling for the production of teaching to begin. Or as we produce learning by teaching kids not according to their abilities or the subject or what society will be expecting - na instead a main idea is to teach by birthdates and deliver students out from the production units - by the year they were born..
Well check out what he says himself here

And as we expand this into kids sports... well is there not a similar pattern?

Kids are engaged in one sport for long times - tied into one activity and too many many many many games, practices in one drill and...
Does this not also remind us about the old factory idea? - with almost separate production units for each little sport.
Kids may sign up for gymnastics, swimming, volleyball or ice hockey just as a few examples.. But it is always done in the very same way - doing mainly the same thing - more or less?

Long Term Athletic Development or #LTAD point clearly at the idea that kids are kids and should not get stuck in one repetitive thing. The factory idea may produce good athletes after some 10.000 hours - yes (with more question marks involved) - but the cost for the society is crazy. Numbers with drop-out rates of kids from team sports at some 75% has been mentioned (ok we have not that number strictly verified). But our friend V.J. Stanley J.R. just also reported on linked-in today, the cost for overuse by too much activity from one sport and he said: "$1.25 BILLION spent on overuse injuries in youth and high school sports".
We here support the ADM unit with USA Hockey and their ideas that kids should try other sports full out..

But we also envision a new type of sporting clubs and kids activities. Why not merge the Hockey club with a basketball club and then add some soccer and Floorball to the club operations too?
Why does not Parks and Recs offer year long sporting programs for kids - that offer swimming, soccer, floorball, basketball and ice hockey in one changing program?
Should not the kids be in the center of this instead of your own sport? What is most important?
And should really a Floorball website be the driver in these ideas - that answer is yes. Since we think the first ones doing things like this will sweep "the floor" with all other sporting operations in the us...

OH one thing more - if U look closely on the sports above we have excluded some old sports where kids stand still -too much and too long...


Monday, December 30, 2013

No pictures as the final 2013 night close the year in Tomah

It was rock n' roll cold out. The Packers and the Bears made most of Wisconsin glued in front of flat LED screens and most of the kids I planned to bring on myself to the kids session - was either sick or not at home.
And we run into three people that said - well tonight we can't do it.

So our hopes for Floorball tonight and the last session in Tomah 2013 - was a bit modest.

In came players from our very first session years ago. Many regulars did not show. In came players that started with Floorball a bit later. In came a few new players, some kids and...

Three hours later...
Tonight we played with kids for one hour and that group engaged 10 players 4 active parents and - 4-5 bystanders or watching parents.
The next hours - we played 2 hours for adults...
We had three thirteen year olds...and engaged 18 players and 4-6 other people just hanging around,,

So the final night in Tomah in 2013 started out with very weary feelings about Floorball - but it ended with a rather cool activity that engaged almost 40 heads,,,
And that is not bad when the Packers play Chicago for a win and the temperatures is falling fast in Wisconsin... driven by cold Canadian winds. 40 people engaged in Floorball a Sunday night in Tomah and we did not take any pictures...

In 2014 we are back again - i.e. next Sunday - at 5 for kids and at 6 for the larger kids all co-ed.

Thanks to you all for 2013... Here comes 2014...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Floorball meets Hockey and this time it looks like...


OK all in Swedish as always...
A fast recap -
- This is specialized Ice Hockey students and Floorball students
- They play Floorball so the advantage to Floorball is somewhat nasty - nice of the hockey guys to do this..
- Floorball dance the socks of the hockey guys with 14-2 or something
- Hockey guys try physical moves - most in the 3rd period... see the vid dude and dudettes
- Floorball players say - na hockey guys does not have any game plan their game is just too un-organized
- Hockey players say this is much faster than our game and a bit funky since we may not use physical force

What we say? - well read this blog and U will know...

The insane feeling... of being upside down

How to best describe the insane feeling of living in a Floorball empty country? Hm, not an easy task. Okidoki there are a few limited Floorball groups deserted into loneliness - maybe their own loneliness.. and some folks try harder than others. But the reality in 2013 is still harsh for Floorball in America.

The reality is that Floorball is still utterly rare - ok non existent - in almost all schools. The number of clubs - that almost never play other clubs are small. And most clubs rely on expat European or Asian folks often more happy than good... The number of YMCA's sporting Floorball = close to zero. Churches organize a lots of people but not Floorball. Scouts has never heard about Floorball, and companies are very if not extremely unlikely to use Floorball for teambuilding experiences, sponsoring - oh what?. The Military spends many billions but not any cents, on Floorball. Doctors and/or medical professors, and politicians as well as most people within the Olympic committees - or even within Special Olympics - are lost too. Hockey clubs or Universities.. - well let us not even go there...
The health insurance industry - is playing a game that is out of bounce as seen from a Floorball perspective.
There are money, resources and personnel - but no aim at all

The best way to describe the insane feeling... of an acute lack of Floorball... is probably to say: "rake America into a pile - toss out Basketball from everyone's mind - and U are the only one in this world who knows about Basketball - well, how do U feel now?"

Ok, maybe we R unfair. There is light in the tunnel. The Olympic track is utterly interesting - with soon like 10 years to 2024 - maybe a "holey" year... Canada has cool things going. Things that will turn critical when momentum moves in. We think Special Olympics International will say something very special next month - so special that it might have the power to move things forward. Dallas Stars seems to have a good thing goin' and maybe USA Hockey too.

So even if times are still a bit depressing as compared to the largest Floorball nations - doubtless - we R 100% convinced. Time is not the problem - it works for Floorball - and yes. Floorball will turn this country big time upside down. Floorball will write sports history in America as a new dawn....

Being wrong on this? Well that word... does not even exist in our vocabulary.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013

The largest gets only larger

Today started the worlds largest Floorball tournament and it is yet larger than ever before. Some 600 plus teams with 11.000 plus players and teams mainly from Sweden, but also from Finland, Belgium, Ukraine and Russia - but this year nope - no participation from Jamaica.

Can Ball Hockey match that?

It is not overwhelmingly easy to find informations about this tournament in English - one page with some basic information is from last year - and that is the easiest one to find. Both Gothia Cup and tournaments down the in Czech Republic seem to master the international advertising a bit better - at least as it comes to marketing in English. Or maybe it is just us being utterly bad managing our search engines? Or could it be that Uppsala thinks this is a little secret - if so sorry u r now busted!

Anyway some efforts by Mika Kohonen stands out and IFF writes what he is involved with during the storvretacupen for special needs players here http://www.floorball.org/news.asp?kieli=826&id_tiedote=3667

Here is more on Mr. Kohonen

Anyway, Storvreta themselves has some 19 teams involved and... here is a few pics and Swedish news from the first day..
We must link you out since we do not know how the copyright would work otherwise... but hey that first picture wow does it speak Floorball to us - check it out it is just great http://www.uppsalanyheter.se/sport/innebandy/item/3113-bildsvep-storvretacupen-2013-12-27

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Unexpected WTF?

The bleacher report writes some confusing stuff about how Zuccarello has risen to unexpected stardom in NYR - here http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1899993-breaking-down-unexpected-rise-to-stardom-of-new-york-rangers-mats-zuccarello
U N E X P E C T E D ?

Well we knew a few years back in like 2010 -  that he had the right hands....well (for hockey too LOL)
Read this -

We probably had more posts on him at that time... - yupp he fully dominated the Swedish Hockey league too earlier... with very soft hands...

Was the word unexpected? - well well well the most unexpected here is not floorball or Zuccarello - the most unexpected is instead the use of the word unexpected by the bleacher report... very unexpected by our own ideas and standards here...

Monday, December 23, 2013

Van Damme and Volvo - sorry this guy is 100 times more cute

Ok to understand this you must first see this one via Volvo

Then there is one 9 year old rock n' roller goalie from Latvia.... Kids rule!

We say this beats any other xmas salut we have seen - have a nice x-mas

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Now it's time for Xmas.
Happy holiday's to all friends and foes... We hope to be readily back soon... ;-D

Hockey and the size of events

Ok, now it is more or less hours until the World Youth Hockey Championship starts in southern Sweden. If we can understand media right (Swedish media) - the Swedish team is seen as a hot contender with a fairly strong team. We ourselves would like to add the benefits of being on home ice on top of that.. But this post is about something else.
The organizer of the 2014 World Youth Ice Hockey Championships describe the tournament with roughly the following words. "This tournament is one of this years largest winter sport events in Sweden".
Of course there are many ways to measure size - and how U measure the largest is the question that answers that question.
We here however notice the wording. It is in the wintersport group they claim to be one the the largest events.

As the organiser of the 2014 World Floorball Championships describe their event coming up in December 2014. The say; "this is the largest sporting event in Sweden".
Yet again - we say the size depend a bit on how you measure the size. But we can assure U one thing here -"We love the boldness of this statement - and U know what - this statement portray in a rather good way - the size of Floorball in Europe.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jamaica's coach Mr. Persson reports

via JFA linked in from gfloorball.com

Some facts about me first. I am 23 years old, I live in Växjö, My occupation is Student, I study Coach and Sport Management, in my senior year. This is my 7th year as a floorball coach. I have coached teams in a few clubs, Östra SK, Mullsjö AIS, IBK Vöikers, VUGI and now this year I am assistant coach in Lessebo GOIF in the Swedish division 2.

My first contact whit Jamaica was around August. Then I asked them about next season, and if they needed a club coach and if they had any financial opportunities to take me to the island. But they told me that they really wanted me to come, but they could not cover the expenses. So I continued my search and forgot about Jamaica. But in November I saw that they had registered for the World Cup and I could not find any info about any coach and national team, so I made a contact with Jason Daye again and just for fun asked him about the national team. He said he wanted my help, and after a few days I decided to take the job as Head coach of team Jamaica. Before I went to Jamaica I met up with Jason, he lives in Uppsala so we met half the way and discussed the time for me to be spent in Jamaica and so on. He also had a big bag of sticks for me to bring to Jamaica. Then it was time for me to have my first national camp on Jamaica. The day before we were supposed to start the training cap, the sport center we was supposed to be in, call and said that they had booked some other events and that we could not use their facility. So the there where some light panic. Sofie Nilsson, also from Sweden. Fixed so that first day of camp we could use another venue at a school. And the other three days that we could use a field on the national arena complex.

First day of camp we played without any floorball boards, and the conditions to control the ball were rough. I had some basic drills, and we finished playing 4 on 4. Second day of camp we started of whit a beep test in 30 degrees Celsius (86F) and a gazing sun! Peter Miller did best and ran all the way to level 13. That's an excellent level to reach even indoors and not running in the sun. There was also some players that reached level 11 and higher. Day 2 we also worked on basic skills and drills, and the players played their first ever whole game, 3 x 20 minutes. Day three we work a lot on tactics and the way I want them to play in Canada. Everyone understood the way to play and their tactic skills increased very fast. Day four we worked on box/power play and we played some 5 on 5 to find the right lines to use in Canada. The team spirit is really good, everyone enjoys floorball and I can see that they love it! I think floorball can grow a lot on Jamaica if they can solve the issue with more than one rink. Everyone can't wait to go to Canada and try to make an upset!

This Qualification can be a though one, but the players will gain valuable experience and learn to understand the beautiful game of floorball! If Jamaica can continue to improve with the speed shown and good coaching, they will be a threat in 2 years, and a real contender to get into the world cup in 4 years! I saw a lot of potential in many players, if we just can give them the tools and help them improve, there might even be a Jamaican player in the Swedish Super League in maybe less than 10 years.

Merry X-mas Mr. Persson and we fully support you on this adventure!

Yes, We love Canada here in Wisconsin

Pics are from WFC 2013 courtesy of IFF via flicker

Created with flickr slideshow.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Swedish Release party Unihoc shoes - very Swedish

Ops, only in Swedish and as far as we can see no closed captions.
This could indicate that Unihoc only plans to sell shoes in Sweden - or at least start in Sweden. We do not think so. To us this ought to be world class floorball news. So we do not know how they think here. Or if our own idea that big time news should be produced in English - is it just plain crazy and wrong?
What do you think? At least you can see the pictures of Unihoc's largest news since Ahlberg started to fiddle with plastic sticks...

Good example on how to miss out on perfect international marketing opportunities - we say - cool or not? U answer.

World Class News via Jamaica and Special Olympics

The IFF Writes:

"Special Olympics players make Jamaican national team – 20.12.2013

Two Special Olympics Jamaica athletes have been elected to the Jamaican floorball national team that will play in the 2014 World Championships Qualifiers in Markham, Canada.

Orion McCaw and Oshain Daley will join the Jamaica Floorball Association’s (JFA) national team preparing for the upcoming 2014 World Championship Qualifiers in Markham, Ontario, Canada January 30 to February 2, 2014. The JFA Squad will face off against the USA and the host Canada to battle for two (2) places at the Finals to be held in Sweden in December 2014."

via IFF

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The evening post - on Dallas Stars and Ft. McCoy

First we are happy to report that yet again we played Floorball with kids at the US Army base Ft. McCoy in Wisconsin tonight. The kids were very delighted and had very much fun and they ran alot. We hope to be back for another stunt soon.
How it looked like? Almost like this..
Dallas Stars Floorball session 4 via J Kotti
Ops that was a pic from the last demo at a Dallas Stars home game. Well it looks very much like the game we played in Wisconsin tonight too.

Tonight our friends from Floorballplanet did not have a rink up in Dallas. They have had snow down there dude.. Instead they went inside the American Airline Center and tossed up an information booth as the Stars took on Avalanche... Dallas won 4-1 and it seems like Floorball already has a good impact :-P in Dallas.
Na, but we are certain many many people in Dallas saw a Floorball stick for their first time tonight. And we love that.. Talking about love.. this is real Floorball love too

Incredible good news via the IFF on WFC 2013 and its interest

The IFF just posted some facts and figures about the last WFC 2013 here


Let us just quote a little bit;

"WFC 2013 Spectators - New total attendance record: 43,806 - New attendance per match record: 5,021 (CZE-SUI bronze match) - New total daily attendance record 9,447 (final day)

WFC 2013 on TV - A total of 20 WFC 2013 matches were shown on TV in six different countries. This is a new Women´s WFC record."

Behind the scenes at a WFC - and a bonus link!

Our friends in the Czech Republic shows how it looks behind the scenes when you pull a WFC together.
Great work.

Thank you guys and it is material like this that fully makes us question - Ball Hockey, Floor Hockey and why not Poly Hockey too?

OK, Lets toss in a bonus link too. This is Floorballzone a Swedish resource that produce some material in English. This post is utterly interesting since it tries to lay out a few reasons why Sweden is so good at Floorball as they are http://season.floorballzone.com/en/behind-swedish-successes-the-national-team-operations/

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stick Statistics WFC 2013

Our Friends from Spain did it again. Last time they showed from a U19 WFC that Salming dominated the choice just ahead of Fatpipe.

Now this time from the Female 2013 WFC with slightly older players - it is yet again Salming that tops out - this time just ahead of Unihoc.

This is interesting since Unihoc claims to be the world's largest brand. But as it comes to the elite level Salming seems to have their act together.

Hold Your Horses

This is a traffic report from a Floorball outpost.
As you see - we recently surpassed the quarter million mark in number of hits to this blog and we are on course to hit 300.000 page views in a not too distance future.

The other day we read that the machine traffic on the internet for the first time ever just surpassed the human volume on the net. That is an interesting fact since the automatic machine traffic grows faster online as compared to human traffic.

Why do we write about this here on a Floorball blog? Well it could be that some of our numbers of hits to this site could be done by machines... and yes that is true. But since we use fairly good analytical tools we also know roughly how much traffic is bogus. And right now we say that roughly 30% of all hits to this site may be bogus. It works also like if we R very active then more bogus traffic shows up.

Why do we tell you this - well a few things; If you run your own Floorball blog - be aware a bit. Second it seems like a place like twitter is not as much plagued by bogus traffic and finally it seems like the load of bogus hits just grows all the time.
Do we care here - nope we R on a mission and we still - excluding bogus hits - have very good numbers here.
Today, by the way, Malaysia just sailed up in top - just behind the USA.


Now we hire a Doctor or MD

Via http://msurjblog.com/ (Unknown Wikimedia Commons User / Wikimedia Commons)

Many Doctors, MD's or Physicians, in the USA are seriously involved with work to either curb concussions, to fight obesity, or just to get kids to move more. Some knows about #LTAD and explore what age appropriate training might entail and so forth. Many of these clever and nice guy's and gal's work either for their own - or they contribute to some larger organizations. That is good. Some are even professors and distinguished people within governmental often rather prestigious organizations. That is still very good.

But we do not know about one single doctor that express his or her ideas about Floorball yet. We here think Floorball and the massive use of Floorball (exactly like they do in Scandinavia for instance) will have a highly possible and positive impact on issues like the rate of concussions from kids sport, obesity or overweight related issues, and the development of age appropriate team sports for kids and just plain basic movement for people in many categories.

Not one single Dr. has yet said anything positive about Floorball in the USA

We think we need help with a credible Physician to spread the good message.


Floorballcentral is hiring a social media savvy MD or Physician 

We require that you understand how valuable Floorball can be in terms of health perspectives as we describe them above. We require that you have keen interest in the health matters for young and old, of both genders, and also for people with special needs. We demand that you are not afraid to be outspoken in health matters as long as you are guided by good intentions. We expect at least weekly activity related to this blog and other channels like social media that needs to hear the Floorball message related to health and sport in the USA - and beyond.
This job will include a few dog years until you may rise to stardom. This stardom is by no means guaranteed and you must work for it.
We offer freedom under responsibility.

Salary; You are paid by the intrinsic awareness that you are the first outspoken credible source in the USA that relates Floorball to health and wellbeing.

Organization; Floorballcentral is independent, utterly idealistic and for non-profit - but not yet registered as such. This may however change over time.

Fringe benefits; As this change and Floorball reach the Olympics and the local penetration will soar. Your own personal reputation or status may increase in-line with Floorballs expansion.

Send Your resume before January 31st 2014 via Twitter to


Please use only one tweet. This position is only open until filled by the right candidate after the deadline date.

Yes seriously - we would never joke about such an important thing as people and kids future health.

Big in Brooklyn

We quote Gfloorball.com "Generation Floorball spent a whole day in both Brooklyn and Rockaway introducing Floorball to kids in an after school program. This is the first step to get Floorball part of the after school program managed by Millennium Development."

How Roosevelt connects to Floorball

  • Theodore Roosevelt
    26th U.S. President
  • Theodore "T.R." Roosevelt, Jr. was the 26th President of the United States. He is noted for his exuberant personality, range of interests and achievements, and his leadership of the Progressive Movement, ..via.Wikipedia.

  • He was called Ted or Teddy and without go into any details he was the man that gave all kids their name for the new plush toy the Teddy Bear early in the 20th century.

    This is how Floorball relates to Teddy Bears. This from a recent Swedish game in the 3rd division. They arranged a teddy bear rain for children with imprisoned parents or homeless parents. This is the first such drive and close to 300 teddy bears was collected at this event. Check out the link below. Merry Xmas Mr. President and thanks you for what you have done to many millions of kids - it is amazing that your teddy bears now relate to Floorball too.


    We love Jamaica

    The head coach Daniel Persson is preparing The Floorball National Team for the qualifiers in Canada!
    · 15 hours ago in Kingston, Jamaica ·via Facebook

    Why would U do Flag Dance?

    When U can do this instead!

    More Dallas Stars Floorball

    The fifth Floorball exhibition at a Dallas Stars home game happens this Thursday as the Canucks come for a visit to TX.
    Floorballplanet informs that this time they will move inside and possibly they might sell floorball sticks at the venue too. The Floorball club the fireballs from Dallas will also participate as volunteers.

    We also have heard rumors about a possible Floorball tourney for youth players in relation the the Let's Play Hockey Expo in MNPLS in March... We will investigate a bit more on this and will be back accordingly if we may find out more...
    Hmm with kids it should look like this maybe?

    clip via the Czech republic

    You learn something new everyday - today on curved shafts

    The basic idea behind a curved, a bow or a double bow shaft on a floorball stick is often explained as.. with the bow (or curve) the tension of the shaft in the forward shooting direction is way stiffer and therefore provide the shooter with a harder shot.
    At times it is also said that the curve of the shaft (or bow) at slap-shots - as the stick hits the floor just behind the ball - will force the stick to release its energy with a better kick - at the moment the blade is released from the floor and this kick goes right into the ball... all thanks to the curved or bowed shaft.
    Then some experts also say that since the blade comes with a slight angle compared to the straight stick (often between 1 to 3 degrees) it makes the player hit the ball a little bit more behind what a straight stick would do - and this is supposed to mean that the ball is hit slightly earlier and therefore the shot is supposed to come a bit earlier... And this the last part... we do not fully believe in here...

    As we recently tested one on the most extreme curved sticks ever built over at SP in Sweden - we realized another fairly unexpected impact from a super bow stick. The curve affected the stick in the most odd way as it came to the stick balance - and it did not fit us at all.

    We know here is more Swedish gibberish... But if U have the strength to check this out.. Here is the new pro bow argument.
    The bow makes the player place the stick slightly more behind the player in stick-handling situations - you may see this on klubbhuset's eminent video - oops turn of the sound please - only Swedish...
    The stick is adjusted like this since the player wants the blade to be 90 degrees against the floor - to feel good. This compensation is due to the small angle of the blade - in this case a G bow 2.0 from Fatpipe...
    This placement of the blade - more behind the player - might in theory mean that the player protect the ball slightly better - as a stick-handler with a bow - primarily designed for shooting.

    And that was the new thing - at least to us here.

    Monday, December 16, 2013

    Happee Christmas

    This is why we say Happee in Finland is the worlds best club on the subject of marketing not just themselves but also the sport.
    We here wish them also Merry Xmas and a Happee New Year.

    We already know that happee will continue to be the worlds most followed Floorball club for 2014 on social media - since no one else is not even close to match this....hrm... it is also called "how to build a brand".

    Wow the ref statue became popular galore....

    So how about another one? This is an incorrect hit

    901 Incorrect hit

    Rules of the game:
    One blow with the hand.
    Author's comment:
    Very calm. The attitude of the referee is right for the junior game. The young players are eagerly watching the sign.
    Budapest, Hungary, via kotti 

    OK, we have a few more but suddenly we R not 100% certain if we may repost these since the copyright holder might be someone else than we first thought.. hmm...

    Floorball Mags?

    Mostly in print, Floorball magazines comes on local languages and hey a new Finnish one just jumped up here today; http://issuu.com/salibandyliitto/docs/lr_salibandy_4_2013

    Mr. Beaudin in Vancouver made one of the first via paper.li (automatic aggregation) and it looks like this http://paper.li/modernhockey/1305219581

    We have a long time had our own too;  http://paper.li/ulfjens/1356585592
    If you go here http://paper.li/newsstand#!papers?q=floorball you will find all mags that are automatically built around Floorball.
    And the very latest addition came today in from the US via Mr. Cunningham:  http://paper.li/Hockey_matt/1387249195

    We have lately been a bit sparse on pushing too much for our own... on twitter.. so this post will do instead. ;-)

    US PE Teachers K-12 and beyond - please take a vacation!

    By Pierre-Selim (Self-photographed) [CC-BY-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0), FAL or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons
    Can you spot a trend on a few independent reports? We think so. During the last months we have had independent reports from US Americans going to Canada and the reports come in that they have seen Floorball sticks in regular Canadian retail sporting stores.

    This means to us a few things;
    First we have reached a point when sticks are not just in Canadian stores due to some sporadic thing but it seems like we have reached a sustainable level at some quality retail sporting places.
    Second this means that so many more people will see them and then scratch their head and not do nothing more about it. Give this some time and some more time.... These sticks will eventually find their ways into very many new customer hands. And down the road we will have what we view as a critical mass. The critical mass will make things explode. In Canada - and that is good.

    Eventually we will see sticks in US sporting stores too.

    So if you now are a US living PE teacher and you want to be with it and do modern things. We would advise you to go on a vacation to Canada and visit a well sorted sporting store. You do not have to do much more. You may just think about what you just saw. Then back in the US think even more about it.
    As you are done thinking - you may either pick up sticks instantly at the store in Canada or why not order sticks online in the US when you come back home again?

    We think US PE teachers should be aware of the latest sporting trends. We think US PE teachers grades K-12 and beyond should go on a vacation and now it seems like you just have to go to Canada to see the latest big trend that have the power proven to transform school sports. This is not a new product created on a marketing stunt to get money out from your PE budget with new almost meaningless gadgetry. This is a real sport on track to the Olympics. This is a kids sport. This will be for U  and that is irrespective either U want it or not. The kids will eventually demand this.

    If you want to be your own schools "Steve Jobs" or at least the leading PE guy in your district? Well right now a trip to Canada could help you in the direction. It will be here in the US too. Your choice is more about if you want to lead the change or just become changed by it? Yes, it will still take a few years...
    That is however exactly why - we think you need a vacation - right now.

    Basic Ref crash statue course 1

    Try this:

    Rules of the game:
    The arm held vertically.
    Author's comment:The sign is quite good, but the card should be red. Shouting is not always necessary, but in this case it may be so because the referee has more red cards in his other hand. Perhaps the game is more fierce than normal.
    Kuopio, Finland
    Photo: A referee from Kuopio, Finland via Kotti

    Let's push the sharing idea again and talk about eating

    First we love the new initiative from the IFF that there will be a mentor plan in place from strong nations to the others under some sort of a device sayin' "Each One – Teach One" is an utterly good initiative.. Let us hope that we will see not only talk - but also some walk...
    Here in the US we also hope that they will not only focus on banana republics. We like Banana republics - but for the sake of Floorball we think the "big belly" countries like the USA, China, India and a few more must be dealt with using some grand scheme since they are too important for Floorball.

    Then marketing again..
    That name bugs us here though. Why should countries like Sweden get away with only helping ONE for instance?
    Then the wording itself - sounds like some elementary grade slogan... or a by-product by a committee - toss in some rock n' roll.. Call it - Pro's securing our outposts or something... a little or - way more imaginative instead. Use marketing to catch the audience... Make things fun, not boring.

    It is still our idea that the best sharing of the sport and its skills comes via cross-national leagues.

    Just toss in the KHL here in this mind warp too... They have just moved to include the best Finnish hockey club Jokerit and rumors say they are now talking to Malmoe in Sweden too. This will rewrite all the European top hockey leagues like crazy. The KHL has the potential to seriously become the world's best hockey league - and that would be ahead of the NHL.

    For Floorball this may mean two things in Europe. A) The Ice hockey guys will offer a crossborder big Hockey league in both Finland and Sweden. This will attract the audience and this will be in competition with Floorball. B) These moves makes it even more urgent to think cross country leagues too. And here it is all about the initiative. Either you eat or someone else eats you. So the first cluster able to get a cross country top Floorball league going in Europe will have a serious upper hand on any other such attempt. This does not have to be professional, this can even be done cheaper than today as teams can go on tours and the geography can become optimized - with much less considerations of funky national borders.
    And finally in our opinion this will spread the sport better than any other desktop construct - at least in Europe.
    This is not to dream away this is to build dreams that are feasible to realize.
    Yupp, if you do not eat them - they will for sure eat you - just look at Hockey and learn.

    Sunday, December 15, 2013

    One of the most watched female Floorball games ever

    Yes we R growing fast here...

    How to be nasty in Floorball

    For some serious fun... and philosophy about what is democratic?

    Many crazy folks makes apps that no one downloads. Since IFF took the turn to social media - they have done several things right. And one is their own app... Yes it is popular. But one of its best features is the little game where you may guess how the main games will end... This is a splendid way to build the sport!
    OK it is still rudimentary and basic and can become so much better done... so let us just add some ideas on how to improve this... thingy

    A) Much more users must be visible with a full scrolling interface
    B) Users with the same score should be listed at the same place and not be on a numerical order as now
    C) You should be able to go back and see history files what you have guessed (yes more data)
    D) Help files should be available to track playing teams previous performance
    E) Guessers should have indicators if they are moving up or down in the game
    F) Names should be highlighted in different colors if you score like 3 points or two..

    This is how the game - and how it ended - for the 2013 WFC

    courtesy: S. Houman

    Steen Houman first we officially would like to congratulate You! We have a long time liked his Danish blog and in our opinion he is doubtless one of the worlds very best International Floorball Experts. And we are utterly happy for what he has done so far for Floorball. Thank You Steen!

    For our own bragging rights we also wanted to include this image - since it in ways shows how you may work with social media to obtain advertising for your very own blog. Yupp we missed ourselves the third spot by one point - among 992 contestants - so we're happy here.

    The President of IFF has now asked the CB to go figure out what social media is...and  We tweeted this the other day... just before this was mentioned.

    Some people also say that your boss will discover social media and twitter 2014 ;-)

    We think leaders should lead and not follow... but no more rants about that here for now... Instead the philosophical question of the day:
    What is more democratic - to Read or to Write? And you can only pick one...

    Our answer? Well if you read then... we will continue to write here and feel both utterly free and very democratic too!

    Special Olympic Floorball News in Jan 2014 and some usa female thoughts

    It is our understanding that Special Olympics International are expected to take the formal decision if Floorball is to become recognized as a Special Olympic sport - or not - in January 2014!

    We here say - they will say yes... and any other decision would just be a big mistake - that of course can be changed later on. By why would anyone like to deal with things like that late changes? No we say Floorball will be here to stay for Special Olympians.

    So Special Olympians in the USA?
    Are U ready for some Floorball soon?
    Floorball is for sure ready for U!

    Then the just finished female 2013 World Floorball Championships has been successful for many. But our page views at this blog could have been better. We think this has to do with the crazy qualification round that kicked out team USA from the play-off in Europe. Guess what the US Americans are not interested if they do not play - simple as that!
    Here the sporting or administrative reasons to run the sport - just killed the opportunities for promotions in one of the most important future areas for Floorball? Dude.
    In our opinions the people behind this decision should seriously try to figure out what their main task might be?
    From a sporting perspective we say the team USA is better than some teams playing this WFC. From the marketing perspective few other countries (including banana-republics) can be so interesting to conquer for Floorball - as the USA?
    How many administrators - does not realize this?

    So no this part has not very much to do with sporting principles - then what law of physics demand geography as an ingredient for discrimination - beside of pure money? It is supposed to be fair right? Well to us a system that excludes one very important country - is that fair? Has the ranking system something to do with anything? http://www.floorball.org/default.asp?kieli=826&id_sivu=462&alasivu=462
    And what in this ranking system grants 3 Asian/Oceanian countries to participate - but one American?

    Nope - we kinda lost right now as we say - pls redo. ;-(

    Saturday, December 14, 2013

    Epic live streamed World Championship 2013

    Who gets 5th?

    Who gets 3rd?

    Who wins?

    Made possible by one of the most modern and forward sport federations in the world  - give the kids what they need - feed, courtesy and live via IFF

    Epic at home in the mean time

    Mr. D Mo is back in town.
    Here is his xmas video postcard from Tomah

    Yes, we will be playing tomorrow again - just as a normal Sunday...

    Epic Games between WI-MN Today

    Today WI and MN squared of in some epic games in Minneapolis..
    We had a blast and would like to thank all MN people involved - no names - we mean You all!

    Who won? Bad question - we all won. We all either became a little bit better or we tried at least to stay as good as possible.
    Different schools? Slightly - Minneapolis play a bit cleaner than Tomah (with Wausau and Finnish reinforcements). Oh well we also borrowed 2 more players from MN on and off.

    Coolest memory? Bill's crazy baseball hit - poff in the net.

    International - yes with connections from all over...

    Pictures and maybe movies should be up in another post... soon.

    Hold out....

    Thursday, December 12, 2013

    Celebrate Lucia with us - the light queen

    Or rather many lightning fast queens...

    More Girls!

    Did U know that the IFF has specific efforts in place to get more girls play the sport? And did you know that many Canadian girls have deep Ice Hockey roots - but the Girls from Australia has instead their roots in Field Hockey? Well now U know. Here is by the way IFF's informations about getting more girls active in a fast and healthy team sport.. http://www.floorball.org/default.asp?id_sivu=654&alasivu=654&kieli=826

    More International Floorball - from ITALY!

    More Radio?
    In English? Ok here is Radio Rallarbo again and yes it is in english... just wait a few minutes and hear live - how Floorball lives on in Italy:

    Thank U Radio Rallarbo!

    Ms. Lam Team Canada

    And here great News reporting via Canadian press http://www.intelligencer.ca/2013/12/12/chapman-nets-ot-winner-at-floorball-finals

    Wednesday, December 11, 2013

    US News and Goalie talk...

    OK, you have to skip like 3.15 into the Swedish from Radio Rallarbo...
    Then boom an English interview with the US Goalie Mr. Adamek from PA,,, just follow this link and enjoy some US radio... sound on floorball

    How Canada secures place 13 in the World Floorball Championships LIVE

    Here it is all bare to the bones live via the splendid IFF service - in like 12 hours. Canada will give Hungary a lesson in stick-handling skills and sail in as the world's best 13th nation tomorrow among the ladies...

    Then we must of course add - if one of the larger Floorball nations indeed decided that they wanted to share the skills of the sport and went from talking the talk to walking the walk...
    Canada should easily be among the top 5 nations... Well maybe some school development is probably needed too.

    No Hungary we love you too - only problem for us here is that Hungary is not an American nation, not just yet

    Go Canada GO!

    Amazing Canadian information control and some philosophy and more rants.

    We found new surprising stuff - a bit late maybe but try this
    or this

    Here is the classical philosophical question of the day. If a tree falls in the forest and no one ever heard about it or saw it. Then did that tree fall at all - or did it not happen? Maybe it did not happen?

    Earlier we have had the feeling that it is a bit too easy to predict the results from WFC's. This is something we now must eat. There has been some remarkable results during the 2013 WFC. Our own guessing of the results has not been very good (OK we took some chances too). Australia stands out as a good surprise. We think the Japanese results have looked very promising with close games. Germany came in with a good surprise too beating Denmark. We think these are all good developments for the sport. Sweden seems still to be a big problem. SIBF must share skills to other countries in significant ways to make the sport more interesting - there is no other way to solve this. To solve the matter to make the sport way more unpredictable. It seems like we are on a good path. The new group system devised by the IFF is very good and makes the games better - but Sweden... hm. Let us now hope for more amazing surprises. Maybe the Swedes instead should play in their own WFC division and just be excluded from the regular WFC? Maybe a separate Swedish WFC with six regional Swedish teams on top of everything? Why? Well that seems to be in line with the reality... And the reality sometimes comes in as crazier than any fantasy...

    Ok no more rants for today! Go Canada Go - show Korea what you have!
    The game should start any minute. Poff 11-0 to Canada wow!

    A skills video - Willy from Norway

    This is the most successful male player ever in the World Floorball Championships - 50 goals and 9 appearances ie - he played all WFC's ever arranged if we are right.

    Politics part 2 - Physical Proximity

    So the race for the Olympics heats up - with many contenders right.
    Some things we should probably not discuss here cause we do not have the mandate to do so....? Oh no - the world is free and the word too - so let's get to work... ;-D

    In our opinion the physical location is utterly important for the IFF. We know they have a great deal in Finland with very - let's say reasonable costs for their office rent. That is good.
    But if Floorball want to get into the Olympics as soon as possible - we imagine that it would be extremely beneficial if IFF relocated their head office to Lausanne in Switzerland. Why? Because we think physical proximity could be utterly important in the battle to move the sport forward. Then we know that developments outside of Europe is utterly important for the larger cause too. So the next reasonable development is probably to have micro offices or some other sort of representation - that goes beyond just individual representatives...
    Yes it is not cheap to stay on top. But the question is if not the IFF should have an Asian office too - maybe in Singapore... and then down the road plan for maybe an office in Canada too that will cater to the Americas. Yes the second development probably need some 3-4 more North and South American countries on board first? And we have not even discussed the idea with a European Floorball Federation... since we think that comes down the road.
    Crazy? Yes if you compare to what we have today. But Crazy for the future - most likely not. How to finance? We still think that with many more licensed tools/products for Floorball like, shoes, floors, jerseys, pants, jackets and socks.... ok u take it from here...
    Fantasy? Maybe...

    Tuesday, December 10, 2013

    In nine hours Canada will flatten out South Korea

    Sorry Korea - we love you - but we must cheer for Canada... The sole and only as well as lonely American team in the WFC 2013


    Courtesy of IFF - live top notch Floorball

    Politics part 1

    Today it was announced that Football (American Football) gained provisional recognition by the IOC. First we say congrats to American Football. Second we notice how American media goes crazy about this on both news and Twitter - and all say the American Football might become an Olympic sport by... 2024... we wonder why they did not go crazy about Floorball's recognition by the IOC in 2011?
    Hmm. Parts of Ice-age-Floorball - or rather the origin comes from Minneapolis and... well it is perhaps only we that know this still.., hm. That will change.

    Then this little post jumps up today via the IFF...
    It seems to be a little notice about Floorball being included as one possible sport by 30 some others far away in Asia in some kind of a local SEA games. This will not be picked up in American news - we promise.... But...
    We have the feeling that this is incredible good news for Floorball from Asia. We have a feeling that this is one of the main and best steps ever for Floorball. We think Floorball will not only be on the Charter-list for the next SEA games in Singapore. The kids in Singapore will - according to us - be the main power that will nail Floorball down as a big sport in the next SEA games in 2015.
    And you know what - the SEA games spell Olympic, Olympic and Olympic around the full thing over in Asia...

    John Liljelund, IFF secretary general said today:
    - "This is a major achievement for the sport in Southeast Asia and it will require that the IFF with the other stakeholders continue to develop the sport in the region to honour the possibility to participate in the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore"

    Floorballcentral wish American Football good luck - but we seriously think that it looks like Floorball is on an awesome track - something that rings around fairly good right now...

    More politics tomorrow - 

    Monday, December 9, 2013

    Graphene? Who will offer the first Floorball stick?

    Head has a tennis racquet with graphene in its design on the market and this is what they write;

    "HEAD’s new core technology introduces the world’s strongest and lightest material: Graphene™.

    Discovered in 2004, Graphene™ consists of a single two-dimensional layer of carbon atoms. This material has a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel, which makes it the ultimate substance for creating new HEAD tennis racquet frames with exceptional properties. Graphene™ technology allows for the first time an optimal redistribution of weight in HEAD racquets. Through the use of Graphene™ in the shaft, the weight in the middle part of the tennis racquet can be reduced. Instead, weight can be shifted to more functionally relevant areas in the grip and racquet head. This unique construction provides players with an unmatched maneuverability and an increased swingweight. In other words, a racquet with Graphene™ is easier to swing and enables even more powerful shots. And it will give opponents a really hard time."

    Read more here.. http://www.head.com/g/us/graphene/

    We suspect Floorball will bring on such sticks too - but who will be first?

    The IFF report on Canada - Japan

    "Both teams strived for victory in this match, each wanting to record their first win in this tournament. In the end, despite a fight back near the end of the game from the Japanese, the Canadians held on for the points."

    Full and excellent coverage via the IFF here

    Saturday, December 7, 2013

    how does it feel Canada?

    We think the largest floorball loss we ever felt ourselves was like 9-2 or 10-1 or something. 14-0 must be a much worse pain in the rear...
    We hoped Canada would be ready to.. maybe not match Germany... but at least have a slim chance to rock a castle. We're wrong the Germans owned the ball and ,, and we flunked points on IFF's guessing game on this game too.. (OK Floorballcentral is still doing good on this - only 2 points behind the leader). But tomorrow is another day right?

    Soon Canada plays Denmark and in our opinion they R even better than the Germans so this might not be pretty... Whatever you do girls we will love you and please try to keep the only American flag in the WFC as high as possible - and things will be good!

    Here is tomorrows the most important American game Denmark vs. Canada... 12 hours to go when posted.

    The Carlson Award - our own - for Floorball in the USA

    We decided to create our own Floorball award. We'll call it the Carlson award - since the Carlson family came up with Cosom Hockey (a dinosaur version of Floorball), the first ball, as well as the first plastic sticks in Minnesota some 50 + years ago.

    Our Carlson award will look like this

    Who did most for Floorball in the USA 2013 
    award design via cooltext.com

    For now no money will be at stake and it will be a pure honorary award. If some philanthropy clever individual realize that this is a good thing (or an investor) then we can toss in a monetary award too ;-).

    Anyway, The Carlson Award will be awarded to the unit, human, organization or whatever that - has done the most for Floorball, its image, and growth in the USA during 2013.

    Anyone can nominate anyone else and include a mandatory short motivation. If readers here demand a voting process we might consider including that too. For now we plan to pick the winners without a voting procedure - winner will be picked in January 2014. Nominations or other opinions should be sent to ulfjens(X)gmail.com - please replace the middle x part with a regular @ sign, no brackets.

    Who did the most for Floorball's growth and image in the USA 2013?

    Our nominations for 2013;

    Dallas Stars; For consistent Floorball demonstrations outside their arena during several home games in the NHL and for the development of their own Dallas Stars Kids Floorball stick together with Salming, Floorballplanet and FloorballPro. And for a Fitness initiative that includes Floorball at local schools around Dallas in a drive where - hundreds of Floorball sticks are donated for fitness - to fight obesity.

    USA Hockey; For the design and production of their own branded Floorball stick together with Salming, Floorballplanet and FloorballPro - marked clearly with the logo USA Hockey.

    GFloorball.com; For a consistent website, instagram and other promotional activities including the introduction of the first board system in New York. For the eminent production of a high quality zorro film and the arrangement of the US Invitational as well as a pronounced support for activities at Floorballcentral

    Floorballplanet, Salming and Floorballpro; For the joint efforts of these three - to not only produce the first USA Hockey designed Floorball stick - but also for the first Floorball stick with a NHL team logo (Dallas Stars) exposed on the sticks

    Psych on USA Network; For the quick but significant exposure of female Floorball in one of their TV 
    episodes broadcasted in the USA

    Nominations from U - for others that you think contributed to exposure of Floorball in the USA are open until the rest of the year. The honorary winner will be announced mid January 2014. Feel free to write us if you have any opinions upon the nominated as of above too!

    So Wrong by us

    We thought, we hoped, and we guessed that Canada should have something interesting to come up with against the very good team Germany. We even thought that there was a slight chance of a Canada surprise.
    Nope we were wrong. Germany is in another division. And they did hardly let the Canadian girls borrow the ball. 14-0 talks a very clear language.
    We think the main difference in the skills lay in the floorball foundation in Germany versus Canada. Some hockey skills from the ice can not make the cut. What is needed is a large organization with many many clubs - all other things - not enough.
    Anyway we say Go Canada GO!
    And we also note that Australia takes a surprise victory over Hungary today - interesting since Hungary used to be half decent a few years back and to the Aussies this must be a very good victory. Congrats Australia and this is good for all Floorball across Asia and the Oceania.
    Poor Canada (today) on your shoulder rest not only the reputation of Canada but all of Americas too.
    So we will continue to support you through rain and shine.
    Go Canada Go.
    The Full Canada game can be seen in the post below this one...

    Friday, December 6, 2013

    We Send LIVE World Floorball Championship TV streams here!!

    So Welcome to the Ladies 2013 WFC!
    It starts now and here today.

    We have so far plugged in 24 live games on two pages that will cover top notch floorball well into Monday. And we plan to recast all games via the IFF here in a live stream bonanza;
    Our channel one live games are to be found here
    and here channel two
    You may also find this via the tabs on top on the blog.

    Yes Canada starts today too so we do a double up here and show their first game live here too. Here is by the way all about Team Canada http://www.floorball.org/joukkuekortti.asp?joukkue_id=1174893566. It seems like Germany in the first game will prove to be a good game. But we think Canada might surprise...
    As this is posted... 10 hours to game start... Hint the first game starts in 4 hours on channel 2 as of above.

    How much does the US Olympic movement know about this?

    We suspect they do not know too much. Or at least do not yet feel this Floorball thing to be urgent...

    Let us therefore quote exactly what IFF's President Mr. Eriksson say in his foreword to the 2013 WFC.
    On the subject of Floorball and the Olympics...

    "Our sport has taken a number of important steps forward, in order to reach the Vision laid out for 2020 and a place in the Olympic Games. The next task is to be ready for 2015, when the IOC chooses the contenders for the “short list” of sports that have a possibility to enter the 2024 Olympic Games. With the newly elected IOC President, Mr Thomas Bach from Germany, we send him our warmest congratulations; we are following closely eventual new requirements and or changes in the process for the next IOC short list.

    The goal of entering a multi-sport event in the coming 5-8 years – requires that we really go public, on all levels and communicate the important values that Floorball possess. It will in the end be the relative importance of Floorball in each country where it’s played, which will determine our faith on the international market. It is with joy that we are now, since May this year, a member of the IWGA who organises the World Games, and since the requirements for participation in the World Games have changed, all sports that are members need to re-apply, by the end of this year, for the Wroclaw Poland 2017 games, so now we have a real chance taking part in Wroclaw in Poland in the summer of 2017!

    Sportaccord is also launching possible Urban Games (for team sports and “ball” sports) in 2015 and setting up World United Championships in 2017, to be organised in Russia, so the scene with international events looks very promising but as the same time very challenging."

    Do we yet again need to remind you that much of Floorball was initially invented in the USA at the Cosom Corporation?
    It is only maybe 10 years to go and that is not very much if U want to build a very good Olympic team. Well it is not time to become embarrassed just yet - we think,

    In our opinion - the USA is a continent

    Tomorrow the WFC 2013 starts in the Czech Republic. This time without the USA as Canada won the right to go to the Czech republic as they qualified ahead of the USA. Yes, the Canadian's were worthy to go and this time better than the USA. This from a sporting point is OK and good.
    Floorballcentral will cheer for Floorball and Canada as much as we can! Go Canada GO!

    But there is another side to this coin - beside of the way things actually are.
    In our opinion; team USA should be able put together a ladies Floorball team that most likely is better than several of the teams that now are playing in the 2013 WFC.
    In our opinion; a qualification system that excludes team USA from the WFC - hurts Floorball as Floorball wants to grow in the Americas - on not just one - but maybe on two main continents.
    In our opinion; the qualification to the WFC is not optimized in terms of spreading the sport to the Americas since now, only one team is eligible to go. Yes, sometimes math or even basic math about what is fair or not - is not the best thing to use. Some dimensions fall outside of the math...
    In our opinion; it can not be bought with money that the USA network TV-program psych showed Floorball  like a year ago - floorball need more of this - but without the USA in the 2013 WFC things like this might be harder to accomplish.
    In our opinion; It is easy to say that if the American continents could engage more countries (something that will happen) to the qualifications and then the chances are larger for the USA to participate in future WFC's. But to do this the promotion value to have the USA playing WFC's would be good to have too - this is like what comes first the hen or the egg?
    In our opinion; Floorball is about two main things A) The sporting dimension B) The promotional dimension
    In our opinion; More should be done in the promotional dimension
    In our opinion; USA is not just another country - it is almost a continent on its own
    And it is just not a continent - it is a continent where the hockey culture is strong and thrive ... and yes where the first tools for Floorball was invented some 50 years ago.
    In our opinion; the USA should never be excluded from any future WFC tournament as long as the USA can put up a team that is on par with other participating teams. We do understand and respect the qualification system for the WFC - but not the promotional aspects of it.

    This "continent" is too important for Floorball. So far not all realize this...

    Sonja was just highlighted by main Swedish Floorball mag.

    So we will show her here too
    Sonja Hotke Team Canada... ready for the WFC 2013

    The most addictive substance is a sport?

    Try something new. Toss out all heavy sport tools and you will be stuck in something new. This time from Latvia.

    Is this really a stick-handling parody?

    Or is this how it indeed looks like when Hockey players tries to fumble with Floorball for the first time?
    Ha, no this is good guys - but you know what - We just 100% love the session when the shot goes into the post - it is just brilliant. Enjoy and thanks to U Mr. Peters for posting this.

    How the real stuff looks like? When Hockey players in Canada takes on a real tool to battle a new dribbling tool?
    Ok, let us first just remind you that two of our most read posts this month is on the poweredge pro tool - a refined version of the tool you see above in the parody.

    This is brand new footage - Joel Inouye Team Canada Men's Floorball team performing PEP (the PowerEdge Pro) - yes looks like #Hockey too.. right? Ehum?

    Thursday, December 5, 2013

    Floorball BOOM penalty of the year...

    More Special Olympics and Wheelchair Floorball demonstrations at 2013 WFC

    The IFF just released the special needs Floorball Demonstration schedule at the World Floorball Championships 2013;

    Image courtesy of the IFF
    Demo matches program in the month of December from the 8th to the 14th, 2013:

    Special Olympics:
    8th: demo during both intermissions of the match CZE - SUI starting at 17:00
    Teams: Benešov vs Sedlec

    Manual Wheelchair:
    12th: demo during both intermissions of the 1st match of the day, starting at 9:00 (9-12th match1)
    Teams: Ostrava 1 vs Ostrava 2
    12th: demo during both intermission of the match starting at 17:00 (Q2)
    Teams: Ostrava 1 vs Ostrava 2
    13th: demo during both intermissions of the first match of the day starting at 9:00 (11th Place)
    Teams: Abak Ostrava versus Polish selection team
    13th: demo during both intermissions of the match starting at 20:00 (5-8th match 2)
    Teams: Abak Ostrava versus Polish selection team

    Electric Wheelchair:
    14th: demo during the second intermission of the match starting at 14:00 (semi 1)
    14th: demo during the second intermission of the match starting at 17:00 (semi 2)
    Teams: Selection of the South-Moravian Region versus selection of the Moravian-Silesion Region

    Full story here

    A little more on Branding - with a purpose

    The Internet has brought on some bad things along with all good things. Two of these bad things is that most news today is measured in terms of their popularity and U know what - most news are therefore very bad news and covering so broad stuff that even big news turns close to not interesting. The other bad thing is that many news R presented with so catchy headlines - that you almost must read them... Then when you read them the substance is not really there.
    Here is such an article;

    This time via Forbes. We think that headline is wrong since it makes a crazy claim just to drive traffic to the article. Not good. And, Yes we became lured away - however there is one thing in that article that is interesting from the Floorball point of view of things.
    As they try to explain modern Branding, for any company, organisation or movement, they do claim one rather interesting thing.
    They hint in the direction that modern branding on social media must be purpose driven. What is your purpose? And that is a question we like here.

    So what is the purpose with Floorballcentral.org?
    Easy, our purpose is to get all kids and teachers (including hockey people) in all of Americas and beyond to know about Floorball and have Floorball as an activity option - as it is time to do some fun movements. This is a health and motivational (fun) purpose.
    Our obstacles is limited funding to do this, limited philanthropy support, limited knowledge from most people, too much reliance on traditions, not enough change and more things that keeps the Status Que in place... But we R 100% certain this will change - otherwise this blog would have been closed down by now.

    If you now R active with Floorball as a club, a producer or as a federation - why not stop for a moment and try to figure out...

    What is your own purpose?
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    Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
    To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

    Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!