Thursday, November 14, 2013

Whattabout' Alexander Steen then?

Did he play Floorball too?

Ho ho ho. What is most amazing about this, is probably how information travels. Listen to this.  As of today Alexander Steen is in the top of NHL's individual rank as top scorer and top points (goals and assists). OK maybe he is on the same points as the good ol' Mr. Crosby -  but Sid has one more game played if we read the numbers right so right now Mr. Steen is listed in top..
So hands down Mr. Steen is a fairly good hockey player OK.

Let us now back up til 2008, oh wait is in 2004 Juha Mikkola arrange the first Canada Cup Floorball tournament in Canada... Then later on as he works on this he is clever enough to realize that hmm if Canadians understand that many European Hockey players do have Floorball as a part of their experience (today we would say ALL has this experience with only exceptions for a rather few Russians) maybe they will understand that Floorball might be a good thing. Mikkola was right.
In Mr. Mikkola's strives to identify hockey players with Floorball experience he is able to list a bunch. Here is a cool picture from this era - but it is all rights reserved so only a link..
In 2008 his advertisings are successful and the main Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet writes a story here only in Swedish - but they refer to the Toronto Sun.
The IFF also wrote this

And if u do not want to follow the link.. here is the lazy version and the gist of it from like 5 years back...

"Mats Sundin grew up playing floorball. Maple Leafs teammate Alex Steen was still playing floorball after he turned pro.
And the Leafs´ other Swede -- defenceman Anton Stralman? Yeah, he´s a floorball disciple, too.

"Nope we here could not find the original article... 

So Alexander Steen is not just a Hockey player that played Floorball - he is one of the first being referred to by Juha Mikkola as a hockey player with Floorball experience - not bad huh?
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