Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dallas Stars Breaks the ICE - with Floorball

Dallas Stars is the first NHL club to provide their own branded Floorball stick to their own community.

Dallas Stars Breaks the ICE - so give em’ an award please!

What Dallas Stars now have done is something of the most remarkable in the history of Hockey.

They take an active stance in the introduction of a new Hockey Sport to America. They do this since they know and understand the benefits this will bring to Ice Hockey too. They are very very clever.

What they have done? In essence they have done four main things
A) Promotion - they have actively let Floorball be promoted during their own Ice Hockey home games and beyond
B) Product development - they have designed their own NHL/Dallas Stars stick i.e. a sure product magnet for many young men and women
C) Philanthropy - they invest serious money into the joy hockey of Hockey to 14.000 students in the first phase and additional 100 schools during 2014 in their local area
D) Initiative - they have sat the pace and the direction in the best initiative ever as it comes to youth hockey in the USA

Hands on, they have developed this Dallas Stars Kids stick together with Salming. It comes in two colors for different teams and it is perfectly designed to be used in school for Floorball.
Then they take the utterly good initiative to donate all full sets of sticks to schools around in their local area together with as they say: Fitness Stars is supported in part by JCPenney, Children’s Medical Center, FloorballPlanet and the Dallas Stars Foundation.

What we will think will happen next:
A) Dallas Stars will most likely start to sell these sticks too via their merchandize stores, we guess
B) Kids in and around Dallas now have tools to seriously be able to improve their own stick-handling and the physical expenditures from the early ages
C) This will increase the focus upon the Dallas Stars in schools and - the team should be able to - in the long run - sell more tickets to their home games and other sales too
D) Other teams can not just sit and stare - they must have the same solution in place too with their own branded NHL Floorball sticks. And - we think you will see Floorball sticks from many if not all NHL teams in not a too distance future - last in on this ship is a donkey - we would not like to cheer for that team lol
E) Other teams should follow the example of the Dallas Stars
F) The goodwill this will bring to the Dallas Stars and the NHL is incredible - here as well as in Europe
G) It would not surprise us if there will be a slew of more advanced NHL sticks too, at least later on (what do you think, Peter Forsberg as partly owner of the other brand of Floorball sticks?)
H) Shortly the demand for floorball rinks might soar.. and teams and tourneys and life… ;-D

What surprise us:
- That other Hockey development units in the USA, like hockey schools and institutes etc has not driven this harder by themselves - yet - not even at the minor hockey club level. But we can not be too hard on the ones still less knowing
- That Special Olympics International have not moved their pawns forward yet - the exposure towards them has been excellent in particular with Floorball as a demo sport during the last Special Olympics Winter World Games in Korea - soon almost a year ago
- That the Let’s Move, ActiveschoolsASAP, the designedtomove or all other initiatives, governmental or not, that all want to bring health and movement to kids - as well as the aim to curb the epidemic development of overweight people - has been fully silent as it comes to Floorball so far. Some of these people have their livelihood and their own reputation based upon the improvement of physical movements and health related matters - now they all must look at the Dallas Stars
- That the insurance and health industry has not made the initial move to provide America with a new sport that will make kids run during PE - as opposed to have them stand still as so many old team sports do
- That this had to came through a commercial hockey operator like the Dallas Stars

Other thoughts
As other NHL teams might become interested to follow the good example of the Dallas Stars - we say it should be done in a similar way. With exhibition games of Floorball outside of the home hockey arena - using real Floorball boards. Some NHL clubs do have local Floorball groups able to help out with this. Then we say that NHL should offer stick sets not just from one club but from two clubs so you can buy a set of Floorball sticks for schools branded with for instance two different teams like maybe the Black Hawks and the Red Wings etc. - and the two teams can play each other in school. It is all just to use your own imagination - and U know what kids are good at that.

We also think a NHL team should invite a top Floorball team, like Happee from Finland - for instance - since they are the worlds best Floorball team as it comes to social media, and play a top game of Floorball for charity after the Hockey season is over as an extra promotional stunt. This game should be televised too. The game and the result is not the main thing. Or why not send some pro hockey players to schools for some Floorball fun? Their salaries ought to cover that right? Dallas is doing this right by involving alumni players in this their own drive...

One thing is sure here - we will always love the Dallas Stars - they have now ignited the fire and most likely changed the hockey foundation for Hockey in the USA forever. And that is not bad for a commercial NHL team - it is in fact even better than to win the Stanley Cup if you ask us. And we think the IFF should honor the Dallas Stars with the most prestigious honorably award ever from Floorball. Problem is such an award does not exist yet - but is’nt it time to create the first honorary Floorball award? And when that is done - Floorballcentral say - give Floorball’s Nobel Prize to the Dallas Stars!
We here at Floorballcentral is today utterly happy and state; nothing bad about Floor Hockey - but we send them our smiles ;-D
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!