Sunday, November 3, 2013

Crisis Precede Change - in both playful and "serious" hockey

Ok, here we will now weave out two crisis and connect them and predict the possible change that ought to be imminent since - we do have two crisis at our hands...

Sweden's male National Floorball team now has 22 straight international victories - that is a new record and the Swedish media loves it..
This is the suite sourced via so it is in Swedish.
2013-11-03: Sverige-Finland 5-1 (Schaffhausen)
2013-11-02: Sverige-Schweiz 6-5 (Schaffhausen)
2013-11-01: Sverige-Tjeckien 10-3 (Schaffhausen)
2013-09-14: Sverige-Norge 12-2 (Oslo)
2013-09-13: Sverige-Schweiz 6-3 (Oslo)
2013-04-28: Sverige-Finland 5-2 (Tammerfors)
2013-04-27: Sverige-Tjeckien 7-3 (Tammerfors)
2013-04-26: Sverige-Schweiz 8-4 (Tammerfors)
2013-02-02: Sverige-Finland 7-4 (Borås)
2012-12-09: Sverige-Finland 11-5 (Zürich)
2012-12-08: Sverige-Tyskland 13-0 (Zürich)
2012-12-06: Sverige-Slovakien 18-1 (Bern)
2012-12-05: Sverige-Norge 7-1 (Bern)
2012-12-03: Sverige-Ungern 33-2 (Bern)
2012-12-02: Sverige-Polen 14-3 (Bern)
2012-11-23: Sverige-Norge 11-3 (Varberg)
2012-11-04: Sverige-Finland 7-6 (Växjö)
2012-11-03: Sverige-Schweiz 8-1 (Växjö)
2012-11-02: Sverige-Tjeckien 11-3 (Växjö)
2012-04-29: Sverige-Finland 10-3 (Bern)
2012-04-28: Sverige-Tjeckien 7-6 (Bern)
2012-04-27: Sverige-Schweiz 5-3 (Bern) 

Floorballcentral call this a disaster and a significant signs of a crisis - even if the Swedes does not agree upon this - for all the others however this must be a serious crisis for the Floorball sport.
Victories to its own death is a dangerous and not constructive path we think.
No, we do not say that Sweden must play worse or bad. What we say is that Sweden must SERIOUSLY help other nations to become as good as they are. Mr. Vaara (headcoach) talks about the eminent SSL league as the worlds best Floorball league to pick players from - but please share it with others and let the SSL spread over several national borders and build the sport so it becomes interesting. We think this kind of crisis can only call for one thing - and that is a change - to gain much better balance at the top. 
But also a wider good top... 

The wider Floorball top takes us to North America and to hockey. Back in the old days when hockey was played either in North America or Europe with almost no exchange during the Soviet era. The world hockey scene only counted two nations as the very best. The Canadians or the Soviets. The rest was second grade hockey.
Today Canada and USA by far sport the largest hockey organizations in the world.
In case we can agree that Floorball is just a very playful form of ice hockey - then there are no doubts if Floorball wants to grow the top of serious good global Floorball - well Floorball must go after North America since it is here we have truckloads of hockey culture and talent - to be pruned into a more - maybe playful version on hockey - called Floorball. 
But North America need Floorballs help to do this as good as possible - hey how many sister towns did Växsjö have in north america now again? (3) just sayin'.

Let us repeat; Today Canada and USA by far sport the largest hockey organizations in the world.
The IIHF - their ranking shows, that the two largest ice hockey nations in the world - are not as efficient as they are large.

2013 Men's World Ranking via IIHF
1 Sweden 3105 (tiny country - like two Wisconsin with massive playful hockey in school)
2 Finland 3065 (tinier country - like one Wisconsin with massive playful hockey in school)
3 Russia 3040
4 Czech Republic 2975 (remember this is what is left as the slovaks left - yes playful hockey in school)
5 Canada 2940
6 United States 2895
7 Switzerland 2845 (a seriously rising nation - yes very much playful hockey in school too)

We like the idea to call Floorball - "playful hockey in school".

We say from the North American perspective that the ranking above is nothing but another crisis. And crisis precede change.
It is easy to observe that the four nations with the world's best implementation of playful hockey in school (floorball) are doing darn good on this ranking.

Let's zoom in on the USA too. ADM is a great initiative, to use the best possible resources, to steer hockey in the USA in a much better direction. It includes the idea to have athletes try other sports - but many other things mainly focus on the ice.
We may however say that there is no ADM initiative in Sweden or Finland - not at least that we are aware of. This said - it is true - many #LTAD ideas are in place over there in some sports just like in the ADM. To us here the main difference in hockey education is not in the education itself - but in the supporting infrastructure. And the supporting infrastructure offer much playful hockey in and after school - if we now can agree that we can call Floorball "playful hockey". This is thinking outside of the rink! A.k.a. creativity.
To us here playful hockey is nothing but a turbocharged adm program on stilts - if we use US terms - and this is the main difference in the education on how to play around with a stick - as we see things.
The largest change to a north american hockey program may only come from full playful hockey implementation (floorball dude) into the school system from K-12 to all universities.

So if we believe that Crisis Precede Change - then Floorball in Sweden have a task to tackle and hockey in USA has an assignment too - if we lived in wonderland - these guys facing different crisis could try find each other - to work together.

Oh, one more thing. The latest from NHL, right now; Steen has done most goals, Sedin most assists and Karlsson has most points by all defenders - not bad from guys that played playful hockey in school and come from a place not larger than two Wisconsin. 

Yupp, Swedish cheese is good too - but Floorball is better - at least for hockey.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!