Thursday, November 28, 2013

World Class Shoe News - Unihoc goes full in with Shoes

Here is a selection of their new products

This is just one of their new shoes
photo unihoc

What we say?
This shows A) How the little company is progressive and move their domain into a new field (following Salmings lead).
B) But it also show how the big Dinosaurs like Nike and Adidas are not fast enough to keep up with their own business. If the head guys at Salming and Unihoc would have been in charge at Nike or Adidas - we promise you that they both at this time would have had Floorball sticks in production. So in essence this shows how the big guys fail since they are just too big and too slow.

It also shows how important (in money) the surrounding business is. It is few sport businesses that make most of their income on the sports tools - but the clothing. Shoes are clothing...
This also show why the IFF must start to license at least the floorball shoe business... and more.

We say - Congrats Unihoc and Happy thanksgiving to the rest of you - except Adidas and Nike - to you we say: good night - with a big smile on our lips!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Too important to be quoted...

We take a risk - we run a full copy here of IFF's latest App announcement... fully formated with code and all. It is just too important Floorball stuff. We can only hope they will not smack our fingers ;-D Full credits for this post goes to the IFF

IFF Events WFC 2013 Mobile App is here! – 26.11.2013

The IFF Events Mobile App for WFC 2013 is now launched with new features!
Download the iOS version in the App Store& Android version on Google Play or update your current version of the App (search: "IFF Events").
Get all the WFC results, stats, news, tweets and YouTube live matches directly to your iOS or Android device! Guess the WFC results, collect points and win Asics shoes!
Start by selections your favourite teams and get social by sharing the game actions or your result tips on facebook or twitter.
Asics guess the WFC results competition
The best WFC 2013 results predictor will win GEL-CYBER SPEED indoor shoes. Start guessing by clicking on the matches adn choose guess.
You collect points in the ASICS Guess the result game in the following way:
- 3 points for correct winner and result
- 2 points for correct winner and goal difference
- 1 point for correct winner
New features
In addition to the features above the WFC 2013 version of the mobile app also includes an event guide for spectators including information about venues, ticket sale, transportation to and from the venues and WFC 2013 contacts.
Android users can download the free IFF Events mobile application from Google Play.
- updated version available!
iPhone and iPad users can download the free IFF Events mobile application from the App Store.
- updated version available!

5 FACTS and conclusions/ideas sent this way to the IFF

Not many modern sport stores make much money on the true sporting gear. The truth is that most modern sport stores, both in America and Europe, more looks like a department clothing store. We do not say if this is good or bad - it is just the way things are and where to make better profit.

The IFF has created a genius certification system covering Floorball Sticks, Balls, Eye-wear, and Rinks etc. This system certify that tools used for Floorball is verified by a quality control system administered by the SP institute in Sweden.

This system guarantee a minimum level of quality for all certified equipment and no serious Floorball player or club would today use non-certified equipment. This system also provide manufacturers with a quality assurance from the IFF. From one perspective this could be also compared as a "marketing threshold" expense level.

This system support the IFF with certification expenses that supports global Floorball and cover the cost for the certification processes.

Producers of Floorball equipment has recently started to develop other Floorball tools as shoes - by Salming and other producers seems to have new Floorball shoe products in their pipeline too - if we are not mis-informed.

Floorball should immediately expand its voluntary certification system to cover other Floorball tools like shoes, socks, jerseys, pants, jackets - sporting clothing and even winter and summer jackets. This - to in substantial ways - offer quality certification for both all direct Floorball "tools" but also for "in-direct Floorball tools". Like apps, floors and even commercial websites etc (approved by the IFF)
This to offer a global volunteer quality level for all Floorball related products. But also to substantially improve the positive cash-flow to the IFF and invest this revenue stream in further International growth of the sport.

If a shoe producer like for instance Asics may offer an IFF certified floorball shoe - it is likely that the certification will have an effect on the sales of these certified shoe models in increased volumes.
If young Floorball players would like to dress and appear in-line with their sport of choice - it could be likely that IFF certified clothings could become more preferable and sell better.
With a higher positive cash-flow to the IFF - more investments could be used to build International Floorball and also other versions of the sport aimed at players with special needs.

Is this possible? Well no-one will know until it has been tried... But a fact is that other sport federations too have branded clothings for sale. The difference with the Floorball certification system is that IFF does not just put on a label. There is an actual quality certification process in place - that works both as a marketing tool and a service for the end consumer...

OK, Tell us now - what is wrong with this?

USA vs. Sweden the NHL numbers - a skills game?

We have done this before. It is nasty. And we R 100% convinced that you can prove anything with statistics.
So we do not believe in this in its full extension. But take it for what it is. It is a numbers game. But we will use the statistical numbers as listed by the NHL - right now at

The first background knowledge is that Sweden sport some almost 60.000 licensed Ice Hockey players. The second number is that USA organize some 500.000 + licensed Ice Hockey players. This is an odd number since it is hard to determine who is supposed to become licensed or not and how good our sources are. Still the numbers illustrate two different hockey educational systems where the American version is about/roughly maybe 8-10 times larger.
So by using basic statistical understanding, most numbers should come out with an eight to ten times advantage to the USA. Or with using more fuzzy math = a substantial advantage for the US Americans on track towards being large at the top.

This is how it looks like right now in NHL as you look at nationalities in the top 10 best skaters across the board right now, as comparing USA vs. Sweden:
Top number of Scorers in the top 10 list
USA 1 vs. Sweden 1
Top number of Assist players in the top 10 list
USA 0 vs. Sweden 4
Top number of Points (scoring plus assists) in the top 10 list
USA 1 vs. Sweden 3
Top number of plus/minus statistics in the top 10 list
USA 1 vs. Sweden 2

Critique? The sample is to small? Maybe, but even with a larger sample still many many players raised with a Swedish Hockey education do play in the NHL and US Americans are not represented with the dominance that the size of their Hockey engagement/education (number of licensed players) would suggest. Canadians have much better representation too in the top 10 lists? True, but still the Canadian Hockey educational system is also like ten times the size of the Swedish version. Both Canada and the USA ought to have representation in the NHL that U would suspect to be like 8-10 times larger than the Swedish representation... we think.

In our opinion the single largest difference between Swedish and US American hockey education is one single thing. Dear reader - Now, it is your turn to try to figure out what that may be.
A hint - you should be able to find it here on this blog.

And we did it - we wrote one post without a specific word we use all the time here


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Poweredge Pro a hockey tool used for Floorball too

Recently we tried to write our first post at this blog about Ice Hockey only. It became an insane success and in just a matter of days it sailed right up on our most read top list ever. It was a post upon the Poweredge Pro training tool for Ice Hockey and can be found here
We have since fully declared that our intention is not to start write hockey stuff here - irrespective if it drives traffic. Others do that much better than us.... We write about Floorball and one reason why we touch on hockey is that it seems to improve Ice Hockey players in substantial ways. The main reason for this blog is to kick start Floorball across this large continent and the home of hockey.

The most incredible about the poweredge pro - to date - comes in this post as we see how Mr. Anthony Herrington use the Poweredge Pro as a hockey tool - now - for Floorball. Herrington has worked for Floorball for a long time and was deeply involved in the Floorball schooling for the very first Canadian born NHL player with an extensive Floorball background, he is also a scout for the Oshawa Generals.

Mr. Herrington says: - "Floorball in my opinion is the "best training for hockey without skating". Stick skills, eye-hand coordination, lateral movements, body positioning, ball/puck protection, flat and air passing, shooting on the run, defending, read and reacting...I could go on and on about how much it helps hockey players."

Now U take a look at this... Look closely... IT IS PEP THE HOCKEY TOOL USED FOR FLOORBALL - then after this read the interview with Mr. Herrington below. We think this is just sensational material... And U know what - we have more clips to come on this blog... hold out.

This is Chris Haigh doing the PEP Floorball style under Mr. Herrington's leadership...

Describe how and when you came in contact with the PEP for the first time? 
Joe's (Mr Joe Quinn is the father behind the PEP system) son (Nick) played for the Oshawa Generals (the team I work for) and when I saw the Power Edge Pro web site and immediately wanted to try it ! I gave Joe a call and he was able to come to my school for a clinic on the ice. My students loved the creativity of PEP and how hard it was to master.

How did you start to think about to use an Ice Hockey tool to transfer it to Floorball practise sessions?
Everyday I am thinking about different training tools for ice-hockey and floorball. After Joe's on-ice PEP session, I invited him back to my gym, as I told him we should try it with Floorball. I then explained the sport of floorball to him (as he had never heard about it). Within minutes my students were completing the creative moves they just performed on the ice now in the gym...both Joe and I couldn't believe what we were witnessing. It was a seamless transition from Hockey to Floorball...and floorball for hockey.

Can you use the same exercises for Floorball with the PEP as hockey do?
The exercises are similar, however, you quickly realize how fast skating is when compared to running. As you can see from the video it is amazing what eye hand coordination is needed to perform in-tight stickhandling maneuvers with a puck or a ball.

Have you modified any PEP activities to fit Floorball better?
We use it during skills circuits as a station or an obstacle in the gym. Some of the skating patterns required in hockey are not required in floorball. However, the control needed and the muscle memory created for high speed stickhandling is 100% transferable in my opinion.

In your opinion is the toe drag more important in hockey or in floorball? And can the PEP help with toe drags?
Hockey/floorball coaches do not like toe drags as it can cause turnovers in the wrong areas of the rink during crucial points of the game, that could result in a goal against. However, I think toe-drags are important for stick control with the ball or puck. There is a time and place for them to be properly executed during a game. Highly skilled players should be able to use both parts of the blade when stickhandling. PEP creates this opportunity as it applies resistance to the player, and allows them to practice the toe drag.

Do you have any favourite activities you do with the PEP as you drill Floorball?
My favourite activity is just using it as an obstacle. A coach can put the PEP unit down in any drill to force their players to move past it. I have started to use it as a "move followed by a quick shot". I am also going to use it for small area games. These situations are so important, coaches should be looking for ways to re-create them so that their players can be more successful.

Does the players have any favourite drills? And if so what?
They never get tired of it. There are so many patterns, in addition to letting them be creative on their own. PEP provides a challenge for players to practice their skills.

Let's say that it seems that the PEP is considered to be a very good tool for Floorball players too - do you then think that Floorball clubs over in Europe will become interested in the PEP too?
I am curious to see what Floorball Coaches in Europe will think of this training tool. Any good coach should always be looking for ways to challenge their players and also be looking for ways to train in a fun and creative way. I watch a variety of other sports to see what they do in practice as it may give me an idea to use in my coaching and practice planning. Hockey is very similar but different to floorball, I think this is an example of something hockey can give to floorball.

Floorballcentral constantly claims that Floorball is utterly good for Ice hockey players and we know that you fully support this and that you have been able to develop the first Canadian player with an extensive Floorball background so he just now is playing the NHL/AHL. But could you please develop the other side of this coin. Could you develop your thought on the idea what Ice Hockey does for Floorball? How good is indeed a good hockey player as they try Floorball. Do they fully master it at once or is there a learning curve?

Ice hockey has good skills to transfer over to floorball. I like how players have to "drive the net" in hockey and have good balance and puck protection. I like the physical skills needed to compete in every zone in hockey. This can be seen in our "Canadian style" of floorball. We defend and protect our net really well, compete hard for loose balls, and then counter attack for offensive rushes. The perfect analogy is how different nations around the world play different styles of soccer. There is no wrong way to play soccer but it seems Italy, Brasil and England all have different tendencies of game play. So if Canada has a "hockey" flare to their floorball game, it could be an advantage in the future as the sport grows in North America. I think it takes a long time to "master" any sport and floorball is no different. A good hockey player does not guarantee to be a good floorball player.

If we polarize hockey players in either power players or skilled players. Do you think both ends of this spectrum need as much Floorball both or does one profile benefit substantially more from Floorball?
I think every player needs to work on their game regardless of what position they are. Floorball in my opinion is the "best training for hockey without skating". Stick skills, eye-hand coordination, lateral movements, body positioning, ball/puck protection, flat and air passing, shooting on the run, defending, read and reacting...I could go on and on about how much it helps hockey players.

Have you used the PEP for any drills in Floorball that is not done in hockey ie have you further developed the usage of the PEP in the Floorball environment?
I am always evolving as a coach. In Canada we don't have enough leagues or tournaments to play floorball in. PEP floorball training is really a new concept. I look forward to using the PEP in my floorball coaching to develop good drills and game situations. Coaches could assign their players "Homework" throughout the season, (for example using a PEP at home in the basement or in the driveway). This way, players can still practice during and after the season to assist them in the development of their stick related skills. The more quality repetitions executed by the player will ultimately make it easier for it to become 'instinct' during games.

Sher-Wood - amazing huh? UPDATED

Here it is...(yes, it is a world premiere here) we first thought that this was the first ever North American certified Floorball stick - certified according to IFF standards at the SP institute in Sweden.. But some reliable sources claim that another manufacturer in North America certified sticks like more than 10 years ago...
Oh well.
We say still that these are the first real Floorball sticks from a North American main producer of Ice Hockey equipment. And that is not bad...
Photo credit SP Sweden/Ljung
These Sher-wood sticks, shown here, are all sticks that feels to be good sticks. The logo comes out in a more bold way on the other side of the stick. The blade is perhaps the part that surprised us the most and it has a very mature and advanced design and appears to be well developed both in terms of design as in functionality - playability.  The design is otherwise modest and the main colors they work with is black, white and yellow.
Floorballcentral thinks that these sticks might become rather successful and we'd love try to a few to play with rather soon.

Update, the certification SP institute in Sweden just released three new "official" cert. pictures
Photo; SP

Photo; SP

Photo; SP

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What do the Floor Hockey people think right now?

We do not know.
But we love to speculate a bit.
Let us toss in some barebone facts:

- In January 2013 Floorball is a part of the 2013 Special Olympic Winter World Games as a demonstration sport in Korea

- In August 2013 we discover that Sher-wood - the old classic and excellent Ice Hockey stick producer has certified their own Floorball ball and - we guess that Sher-wood soon will have their own Floorball sticks on the market too (most likely within a year & we just picked up news that they just had a number of Floorball sticks certified)

- In October 2013 USA Hockey release its own Floorball stick designed by Salming and Floorballplanet

- By November 2013, rumour indicate a larger municipal community in north America to consider a wider replacement of Floor Hockey with Floorball

- In the same month Dallas Stars not only introduce their own Floorball stick for kids but also a comprehensive program aimed with support towards schools for their very own fitness program introduction with Floorball

So the first question is - do the Floor Hockey guys see this? And if not - well we do not have any further questions.
But if they do - as we see things they have two options - either to pretend its raining and not do a thing. And as we think here - go down with the flag in top.
Or can they meet this - can they answer - can Floor Hockey titans like Mylec and Franklin be fast enough to develop their own comprehensive lines of Floorball equipment or will they use other strategies?

Times are exciting right now.

Pixbo-Falun SSL full game

Solid Tango is a large provider of moving Floorball footage. This post is an attempt to embed a recent full game from that service... Warning commentary is Swedish... but let's see how this works. And thank U Pixbo TV.

Sher-wood goes Floorball

This is via the test institute SP in Sweden.

Five new sticks and one blade from Sher-Wood

Cert No. 41 64 01,  Blade,  Sher-Wood Rekker 65Cert No. 41 64 02,  Stick ,  Sher-Wood Rekker EK4 30
Cert No. 41 64 03,  Stick ,  Sher-Wood Rekker EK6 27
Cert No. 41 64 04,  Stick ,  Sher-Wood Rekker EK6 30
Cert No. 41 64 05,  Stick ,  Sher-Wood Rekker EK8 27
Cert No. 41 64 06,  Stick ,  Sher-Wood Rekker EK8 30

This indicates that Sher-wood, the Canadian Ice Hockey stick producer now has produced or at least certified FIVE different Floorball sticks and one blade. The name used is the same as for one of their famous hockey sticks.

Interesting huh? Ok we have yet to find a more official word or pictures or to figure out when this will be released... we have earlier this fall shown Sher-wood's first Floorball ball on this blog too...

Rome was not built in one day

Right now we are in Sweden. And we hope to dig out something rather interesting stuff. Nope can not tell you about this yet. But we are collecting stuff that most likely will result in at least two cool postings here if not three. Posting might still be sparse but we have some cool stuff on its way so hold out...

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Amazing... on hockey

Just recently we ran our first post - only on hockey. Trying not to mention Floorball at all.
This one...

U know what? This post has in a very short time fast blasted itself up on the top 10 list - among our most read posts ever - now at spot number 10. That is fully amazing.

OK, listen to this. We are right now working on a follow up on this post. We have new material on the PowerEdge Pro; the practice tool for hockey -  we feel it may just stun you ....
And most likely make you say wow...

Hold out - soon in a new post - just above this one...

So let us try to understand what the Stars just did?

This is what we think:

The Stars, have figured out that hockey starts in school. They have realized that it is hard to bring a Zamboni or even ice into class (particularly in Texas). They have understood that playful hockey leads to more serious hockey. They know that most European hockey players are doing utterly good in their Ice hockey and that the big bulk of them are raised on Floorball in and beyond school in Europe.

They know about the obesity and overweight crisis among the modern population. They know that kids must RUN. They know that Floorball may make them run. In essence we think the Dallas Stars Fitness initiative - might both save lives and also build hockey.

The Dallas Stars now initiate a fitness program and may donate knowledge and Floorball tools to schools in Texas… nope that is not what they are doing. Wrong wrong wrong....

If you know Bill Gates - he talks about philanthropy as in terms of investments - and that is exactly what the Dallas Stars is doing. They just laid the foundation for not just larger “hockey-sport” interest in schools across Texas. But also a serious initiative to make kids move to fight overweight problems - and Floorball is a vital tool to do this.
And the final by-product of this - we say here - it will create an explosive growth of Floorball in the USA too. Not bad.

OH yes Dallas Stars has as the first NHL club ever developed their own Floorball stick for kids - with Dallas Stars new logo on them and that is not all - We call it philanthropic investments not only to build health with movements for kids but also to build a much more modern hockey culture.

This move is the most clever ever as it comes to Floorball and Hockey. You would think.. But no wrong again. This is not very clever at all - it is just plain old common sense. The X-traordinary thing is that Dallas Stars is FIRST doing this - at the same time as they talk about it too. As we said before Dallas Stars is now our Fav North American NHL team - forget the rest until they catch up.

We here have been so certain that this would jump up somewhere sooner or later. We just love that both the USA Hockey ADM unit and the Dallas Stars are now building Floorball in the US. It will be exciting to hear more from them both in this subject.
So what’s next? Wait. We are still utterly surprised that Let’s Move and other campaigns in North America like Active Schools ASAP, and many many others including all those that claim they try to fight obesity..... - but still do they know nothing about Floorball? Outrageous if U ask us...

Today our hints to all these organizations are three basic notions:
A) Kids run when they play Floorball
B) Floorball is a comparable safe and a very cost efficient activity
C) Kids love it. 

All these guys working to improve kids physical activities- now are smacked on their fingers by a private enterprise. Oh well not just any private enterprise. It is NHL baby, it is the Dallas Stars. First with a big move forward in the name of Fitness and Floorball.

OK, what is next?
If you are a tiny little Minor Hockey Association… Do not become lost in the dust. Follow the lead of the Dallas Stars - do the same make certain that your local elementary school have Floorball sticks too. Go there - help the schools with Floorball instruction, some sticks and we can almost promise hockey in your hometown can only soar and become better - it did in Sweden and Finland… and you can improve the physical activity at your schools too and fight obesity with Floorball fitness. 
It is not an option - it is a basic mandate.

On the larger scale?
We guarantee that all progressive NHL Clubs will follow the example of the Dallas Stars - hey! NHL clubs can start to sell sticks too and that means revenue back to the club… Our challenge to all NHL clubs is simple..
U have seen what the Stars just did - what can U now do to beat them? Can you do it better? promise our undivided love to the NHL club that can prove to be doing this even better.
But of course… being first is always a heck of an accomplishment. Congrats to the Stars....

.....and yes Texas is the world’s largest state right now.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Via Alexander Steen and Floorballpro

If we are not mistaken Alex Steen kept on with Floorball even a bit into his pro hockey career...
Picture linked via Floorballpro

Dallas Stars Breaks the ICE - with Floorball

Dallas Stars is the first NHL club to provide their own branded Floorball stick to their own community.

Dallas Stars Breaks the ICE - so give em’ an award please!

What Dallas Stars now have done is something of the most remarkable in the history of Hockey.

They take an active stance in the introduction of a new Hockey Sport to America. They do this since they know and understand the benefits this will bring to Ice Hockey too. They are very very clever.

What they have done? In essence they have done four main things
A) Promotion - they have actively let Floorball be promoted during their own Ice Hockey home games and beyond
B) Product development - they have designed their own NHL/Dallas Stars stick i.e. a sure product magnet for many young men and women
C) Philanthropy - they invest serious money into the joy hockey of Hockey to 14.000 students in the first phase and additional 100 schools during 2014 in their local area
D) Initiative - they have sat the pace and the direction in the best initiative ever as it comes to youth hockey in the USA

Hands on, they have developed this Dallas Stars Kids stick together with Salming. It comes in two colors for different teams and it is perfectly designed to be used in school for Floorball.
Then they take the utterly good initiative to donate all full sets of sticks to schools around in their local area together with as they say: Fitness Stars is supported in part by JCPenney, Children’s Medical Center, FloorballPlanet and the Dallas Stars Foundation.

What we will think will happen next:
A) Dallas Stars will most likely start to sell these sticks too via their merchandize stores, we guess
B) Kids in and around Dallas now have tools to seriously be able to improve their own stick-handling and the physical expenditures from the early ages
C) This will increase the focus upon the Dallas Stars in schools and - the team should be able to - in the long run - sell more tickets to their home games and other sales too
D) Other teams can not just sit and stare - they must have the same solution in place too with their own branded NHL Floorball sticks. And - we think you will see Floorball sticks from many if not all NHL teams in not a too distance future - last in on this ship is a donkey - we would not like to cheer for that team lol
E) Other teams should follow the example of the Dallas Stars
F) The goodwill this will bring to the Dallas Stars and the NHL is incredible - here as well as in Europe
G) It would not surprise us if there will be a slew of more advanced NHL sticks too, at least later on (what do you think, Peter Forsberg as partly owner of the other brand of Floorball sticks?)
H) Shortly the demand for floorball rinks might soar.. and teams and tourneys and life… ;-D

What surprise us:
- That other Hockey development units in the USA, like hockey schools and institutes etc has not driven this harder by themselves - yet - not even at the minor hockey club level. But we can not be too hard on the ones still less knowing
- That Special Olympics International have not moved their pawns forward yet - the exposure towards them has been excellent in particular with Floorball as a demo sport during the last Special Olympics Winter World Games in Korea - soon almost a year ago
- That the Let’s Move, ActiveschoolsASAP, the designedtomove or all other initiatives, governmental or not, that all want to bring health and movement to kids - as well as the aim to curb the epidemic development of overweight people - has been fully silent as it comes to Floorball so far. Some of these people have their livelihood and their own reputation based upon the improvement of physical movements and health related matters - now they all must look at the Dallas Stars
- That the insurance and health industry has not made the initial move to provide America with a new sport that will make kids run during PE - as opposed to have them stand still as so many old team sports do
- That this had to came through a commercial hockey operator like the Dallas Stars

Other thoughts
As other NHL teams might become interested to follow the good example of the Dallas Stars - we say it should be done in a similar way. With exhibition games of Floorball outside of the home hockey arena - using real Floorball boards. Some NHL clubs do have local Floorball groups able to help out with this. Then we say that NHL should offer stick sets not just from one club but from two clubs so you can buy a set of Floorball sticks for schools branded with for instance two different teams like maybe the Black Hawks and the Red Wings etc. - and the two teams can play each other in school. It is all just to use your own imagination - and U know what kids are good at that.

We also think a NHL team should invite a top Floorball team, like Happee from Finland - for instance - since they are the worlds best Floorball team as it comes to social media, and play a top game of Floorball for charity after the Hockey season is over as an extra promotional stunt. This game should be televised too. The game and the result is not the main thing. Or why not send some pro hockey players to schools for some Floorball fun? Their salaries ought to cover that right? Dallas is doing this right by involving alumni players in this their own drive...

One thing is sure here - we will always love the Dallas Stars - they have now ignited the fire and most likely changed the hockey foundation for Hockey in the USA forever. And that is not bad for a commercial NHL team - it is in fact even better than to win the Stanley Cup if you ask us. And we think the IFF should honor the Dallas Stars with the most prestigious honorably award ever from Floorball. Problem is such an award does not exist yet - but is’nt it time to create the first honorary Floorball award? And when that is done - Floorballcentral say - give Floorball’s Nobel Prize to the Dallas Stars!
We here at Floorballcentral is today utterly happy and state; nothing bad about Floor Hockey - but we send them our smiles ;-D

We have a video of the - Dallas Stars Floorball sticks

not at the highest resolution but still we have the first video of the first ever NHL branded Floorball sticks - and we do not know what you think - we think this is a historic document - hands down.

These sticks are designed by Floorballplanet, Salming and the Dallas Stars; the design is mainly a Salming entry level school stick that resemble their previous model 36 with a straight blade. It is a well proven and developed design that works well with both its flex and the straight blade in school settings.

Beside of technical gibberish - this is exactly how you introduce Floorball - it can not be done in a better way.


NHL club - Dallas Stars Floorball initiative. is serious and include 14000 children to start with!

Woah... Let us quote and focus a bit upon the size of this...
First this - "Dallas Stars President and CEO Jim Lites announced today the launch of Fitness Stars, a physical education pilot program aimed at fighting childhood obesity through hockey-based fitness challenges. The program will launch in all 26 Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District elementary schools during the month of November, serving over 14,000 children as phase one of the initiative."

This is what they further say:"The program kicked off today at Thompson Elementary at a special pep rally in the school’s auditorium followed by a street hockey clinic for third through fifth graders put on by Dillon and members of the Dallas Stars Alumni Association.
The Stars will donate all necessary hockey equipment to participating schools which includes Floorball equipment, Fitness Stars bracelets and collectable charms, wall charts to track children’s progress and additional instructional materials....Top Fitness Stars each year will be honored on-ice during an intermission at a Dallas Stars home game at American Airlines Center."

The next cool thing comes in this part:"Phase Two of the program will involve expanding to 100 additional schools and recreation centers by 2014. Fitness Stars is supported in part by JCPenney, Children’s Medical Center, FloorballPlanet and the Dallas Stars Foundation.

Schools interested in receiving more information regarding application for the Fitness Stars program can visit


Dallas Stars - first NHL club to introduce Floorball to the USA

to us this is so new and so sensational so we will have a bunch of articles on this subject..

Here is our first post that just dug up the source files...
.........and now enjoy the quotes
This is what Mr. Lites and Mr. Dillon from the Dallas Stars just had to say:

“Childhood obesity is an epidemic in North Texas and we feel that as a sports franchise we have the responsibility to use our resources to help promote awareness and solutions to this serious issue,” Lites said. “We have designed a program that teaches children how to establish lifelong healthy habits while incorporating the physical activity of the sport of hockey.”

”Staying active and eating healthy as a child were big reasons why I was able to achieve my goal of becoming a professional athlete,” Dillon said. “Getting to be a part of a program like Fitness Stars is just one way that I can encourage healthy life choices and help kids in the same way people helped me growing up.”

Kim Nilsson's move

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Good Story from Thunder Bay, Canada

Dr Koo writes:
"Here's a recent article that I wrote for a Swedish Floorball Magazine about the upcoming 2013 Canadian Women's National Floorball Team:

Canada will be participating in the 9th Women’s World Floorball Championships, December 7th ­ 15th, 2013 in the Czech Republic. World Floorball Championships are played every 2 years. Team Canada’s first appearance for the women was in 2007."

Full story can be found

And yes Thunder Bay is more or less just north of Wisconsin...

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Solid Confirmation

The city of Tomah has today confirmed the dates. So now it is time to start to build the tournament. If possible we'll open a high school division, a female division and a hockey team division beyond the divisions we normally play - if we get the players and the teams.

Please share away!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Charity via Unihoc - Cute via Nederland...

Great Charity - it is just that we think that this is good for the Environment too

Then a cute invitation in dutch... just check out some stick-handling pls...

Special Olympics vids - Floorball from Korea Jan 2013

A bunch of new interesting material just came up and this is very good. If many hits we may add more

3 Reasons why Floorball must have an ENVIRONMENTAL policy in place NOW

One of mankind's largest issues could be climate change - therefore Floorball, as a modern force, must actively have the environment high on its agenda

The environment does not need more plastic junk out in landfills or in the ocean and Floorball is a rather plastic activity

The IOC care about the environment - and Floorball wants IOC to care about Floorball - Dude

So what can be done?
First there are some things in place that are good but just defined bad. For instance Unihoc's charity drive to collect Floorball equipment is nothing but a re-cycle campaign - unfortunately it has yet to be defined as such.
The latest from Sweden talks about a female top league system based upon NHL ideas to save money. Wrong again. This is not only to save money this is also more efficient travels and thus less environmental impact and therefore a strive in the right environmental direction. Yet again a problem with the definition and a misunderstanding on why things are done like they are.

But what can be done more as an environmental policy for Floorball?

May we suggest the following:
1) Sticks must be recycled. If we add a recycle refund value to each stick of for instance 1 USD the recovery rate of sticks returned to clubs collecting sticks would increase. These sticks could then, just like Unihoc has shown, be sent to developing Floorball countries. It is just to systemize this and drive it forward in the name of an environmental and charity effort. Sticks not being recycled to other countries should be taken care of in other ways to not end up in a landfill or in the plastic patch in the Pacific Ocean
2) Stick producers should make sticks with recycled content, either on a volunteer basis or being mandated that a part of stick production should include recycled material in their equipment (could also cover other equipment such as clothing and bags or other products)
3) Floorballs environmental strives must be communicated strongly. The main idea must be to build awareness and hopefully be rewarded (by the IOC) for strong environmental commitment. Sticks and other products with recyclable content should be marked as such with an IFF issued logo - taken care of at certification.
4) Floorball could take on one main environmental cause to communicate spread and share awareness about. Since the sport is called plastic at places - a good idea would be to aim efforts in the direction of the plastic patch in the Pacific Ocean
5) Floorball should recommend all leagues to use efficient and environmentally friendly travel systems, like they do in NHL (and as the Swedish ladies now plan to do) to minimize environmental impact by playing several away games in one trip - saving travel expenses also means less energy used
6) Floorball clubs could have systems in place that encourage fans to share the ride as they go to watch live Floorball. Easily addressed by a ride share app that show who you can share a ride with as you want to go to big games. This may also be used by active players as they go to practice - ride-share systems could have a large environmental impact locally but hysterical impact on the global scale
7) Uniforms, bags other equipment could be classified in terms of its environmental impact too. This probably best done on a volunteer basis by the producers
8) Clubs with an quality environmental policy in place, meeting certain standards as in certified ways, should be allowed to wear an official environmental logo on their club equipment
9) Board and rink systems that weigh less (less transport environmental impact) and made out of more environmentally friendly material - or classified on how to be recycled etc. Most likely boards/and rinks needs its own environmental regulation system. Anyway board systems with a pronounced environmental benefit should be certified free of charge by the IFF, whereas other board systems with no environmental policy should be charged at a much higher fee to get certified - to start with. Perhaps the rules should define better what an optimized environmental friendly board system should look like (could it for instance be 15 cm lower?)
10) Floorball ought to be the worlds first sport to implement an awareness strategy for the environmental impact of sport shoes. A) manufacturers should have in place environmental impact from production and transports B) Recycled content in shoe both from material used and from material possible to be re-cycled C) A system to recycle or re-use the shoes too. Shoes meeting these criteria should be allowed to use Floorballs environmental logo.

Some of these ideas as of above are maybe not fully practical to develop in 2013 or not next year either. But with the matter of climate change and the current manner of things... It is in our opinion borderline crazy to not focus a new modern sport in the direction of its own environmental impact. This is work that must be started now. And hey in our opinion this is a matter that must be dealt with - as serious - as the matter of doping if not even more. This is a matter of Floorballs social responsibility and the environment.

And nothing less.

OH, one more thing - the IOC has environment awards and there is no doubt that the upcoming Russian games in Sochi has an environmental policy in place too...

The utterly most International Sport - expats Rule!

Face it - it is probably hard to prove but we think Floorball is the world's most International Sport.

First it is true some locals does not always like that a bunch of foreigners run around and almost dominate a new sport in Many countries. But if this would not be the case - well business would have been close to zero at some places.
What we see and encounter here is people from Sweden, Finland, a few from Switzerland and maybe a bit less from the Czech, but we see Singaporian, Polish and Latvian and Danish... you know what - they are all over. In Canada, USA, Brasil, Belgium, China, Thailand, Africa, Ukraine, France, Singapore, Bali ops we better stop otherwise this will turn into a big list.

Since Floorball is in a very expensive phase with organic growth much of all this is either initiated by expats or people with roots in two different countries. People that were born in one country and that work or otherwise live in another country.
And our thesis is that no other sport on this globe has a higher level of expats involved as a proportional measure. It could possibly be that Soccer has more - international exchange in absolut terms. But as in proportional terms we think not even soccer may compare as we use the proportions of expats involved in the sport of Floorball.

Of course this is almost impossible to prove.

So why should we care? Well if you do feel that International exchange and the melt or tossed sallad of International cultures is of benefit to the globe? Then maybe this should be celebrated?
So we do that here and now by saying Horray to all expats - you do an incredible job for Floorball Thanks to you all from Floorballcentral - we do recognize what you all do!

Then we are certain that this will not last forever as Floorball grows stronger and stands on its own national feet in more and more countries too.

But for now - sorry you nationals - expats rule!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Whattabout' Alexander Steen then?

Did he play Floorball too?

Ho ho ho. What is most amazing about this, is probably how information travels. Listen to this.  As of today Alexander Steen is in the top of NHL's individual rank as top scorer and top points (goals and assists). OK maybe he is on the same points as the good ol' Mr. Crosby -  but Sid has one more game played if we read the numbers right so right now Mr. Steen is listed in top..
So hands down Mr. Steen is a fairly good hockey player OK.

Let us now back up til 2008, oh wait is in 2004 Juha Mikkola arrange the first Canada Cup Floorball tournament in Canada... Then later on as he works on this he is clever enough to realize that hmm if Canadians understand that many European Hockey players do have Floorball as a part of their experience (today we would say ALL has this experience with only exceptions for a rather few Russians) maybe they will understand that Floorball might be a good thing. Mikkola was right.
In Mr. Mikkola's strives to identify hockey players with Floorball experience he is able to list a bunch. Here is a cool picture from this era - but it is all rights reserved so only a link..
In 2008 his advertisings are successful and the main Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet writes a story here only in Swedish - but they refer to the Toronto Sun.
The IFF also wrote this

And if u do not want to follow the link.. here is the lazy version and the gist of it from like 5 years back...

"Mats Sundin grew up playing floorball. Maple Leafs teammate Alex Steen was still playing floorball after he turned pro.
And the Leafs´ other Swede -- defenceman Anton Stralman? Yeah, he´s a floorball disciple, too.

"Nope we here could not find the original article... 

So Alexander Steen is not just a Hockey player that played Floorball - he is one of the first being referred to by Juha Mikkola as a hockey player with Floorball experience - not bad huh?

Swedish NHL style news via for the ladies

Photo via IFF and Per Wiklund

We quote away:

"The Swedish Floorball Federation has created a new league system model, based on the example of the NHL. They plan to introduce the new system to the Women´s Svenska Superligan, to make the competition even more interesting, and, at the same time, save costs for the team.  This new series format has been developed and proposed for the Women´s SSL and 1st Division. Discussions about the new system were begun by the clubs themselves, and it could be introduced as early as next season. One of the main advantages of this new system is to reduce travel costs for the teams."

Then we comment away too:
NHL is a national cross border league. Floorballcentral suggest that move too - why not a North European League? And a north and a south top conference plus add a top play-off? Think big aim high! Build on. Grow the audience and the interest. ;-D Or would it fail? Too brave?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New TV Channel - Floorball but...

The world's largest floorball magazine - innebandymagazinet - today opened up a new service. It is webb based TV galore via them at
It looks magnificent and is filled with clips and live streams from... well it seems like Sweden..

This is fully perfect and should have been done a long time ago. However you may always raise the question why this kind of media (moving images) is separated from images and text that stay with their regular site - but that is just our guts reflexion.

OK, if you dive into this, please notice a few things. Most of the material is sourced from other places like YouTube, Tango, TV4, Vimeo and so on.  Things are free - but not always so it is kind of a mess and weak standards/mixed interfaces. This means that you can not always find the embed code that handy if you want to use it - you must go to the specific source page. A solution built on YouTube like IFF's online channels seem to be 100 times easier for the blogger to work with. And if you use Google's own chromecast to watch TV on the big screen - only YouTube is supported..

Two thoughts come out from this:
A) It is incredible how the increase of Big Data eventually will provide us with so much Floorball that most likely we will see a couple of 24/7 channels one day that just constantly stream live games across the globe - not a bad idea huh?
B) We do not think TV will fill the recent twitter request for daily International top notch HighLights of the world's best scoring - as for instance the NHL is doing - so someone else has to fix that as we do support that request too.

Attitudes - Dear Floorball player learn from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs hired John Scully in 1983, as CEO from Pepsi, using the question, - "Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?" 

This quote has nothing to do with computers, soda or not even apples. 

This line has everything to do with attitude. 

And attitude has very much to do with Floorball.

So if U want to share Floorball with so many people and kids as possible U can in reality not run around believing that we play a whiffle ball (it is not even a whiffle ball - it is cosom's fun ball - by the way) with plastic sticks. U can not wander around toting the concept of a new sport. U can not brag about excellent exercise or fun. Nope all arguments that Floorball develop hockey players is also rather futile.

The only thing you can and must say is that Floorball is here to change the world - (at least the sporting and kids world).

This must be enough and indisputable true (at least at places).

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Book Release Party

The best book written to date on Floorball is SIBF's monumental book Innebandy (Gustafsson, Pettersson, Svensson) unfortunately it was only published in Swedish, 2011. Mr. Czitrom has way earlier written the most comprehensive book in English, Floorball. Lately we have seen a small number of book attempts that often appear to fall short in terms of the subject and the substance - well, we have honestly not read the latest ;-).

A couple of years ago we started notice some of the spectacular things Happee had going with Hirvi, The Moose, Hirvi Theater and their famous barebones calendar. This way we came in contact with Ms. Rositsa Bliznakova that helped Happee with some of their International communications in English.

The other day we played around with the Amazon widget below and a new book....

Floorball: a growing trend 

 ...published just now at Amazon popped up in our face. It s written by Ms. Bliznakova co-authored together with Mr. Matti Kautto. And you know what - as we write this there are still 4 books left at Amazon (see below in the widget oh dear student).

So we checked in with our good friend Ms. Bliznakova to welcome her to our/ well her / own release party. This is what she had to say:

About the book and me:

Maybe the most curious thing is that I've never played the game myself. I've grown up in Bulgaria, where literally nobody has heard about floorball. But I am a living example of the inclusive power of floorball - for me it was love at first sight. I volunteered at a few international floorball tournaments right after I moved to Finland, and after that it was like it's meant to be - everything led me to floorball and floorball led me to better things, like successful integration in Finland, job opportunities, friends etc.

In my country of origin football is the big thing. I have always imagined that someday I will be a player agent or something... So I applied for a master degree programme in Jyväskylä, the Finnish Mecca of sport science. There I changed my mind and decided that floorball is much more interesting. And more - floorball needs me - because I am so faithfully loyal to it, but in the same time otherwise so disconnected from every sport in its practical terms, that I can do something, which everybody else disproves and ignores - I can do a floorball research. Because I can think outside the box.

I should admit, that although I successfully graduated as a Master of Sport Sciences, many people had hard time accepting the ideas I promoted, namely that floorball is an academically significant subject, that it's big enough. And those, who were seriously involved in the sport, had difficulty accepting that namely I can contribute for sport's development, because I'm a newcomer.

I had plenty of free time this summer and I was thinking that it would be a good idea to update my research and publish it, because otherwise it would be just another forgotten research on the dusty shelves of a university library.

Even though the book is an academic text, it's written in understandable language, so anybody from a teenage enthusiast up to a professor can read it and find something useful.

Big part of it is about marketing. And I don't mean just the marketing of floorball-related products, but of floorball itself. In today's social world everything can be considered as a product and consequently be marketed, even people, so why not sports! By knowing more about the sport and summarizing this knowledge, we can position it properly and predict much better its future. Compared to other sports, which have existed for thousands of years, floorball is young. So we have the unique opportunity to observe its development right from the start, to understand it as a social and market phenomenon considering different factors, which played role it its upbringing to today's successful and progressive discipline.

Maybe the world's best example of floorball and good marketing is Happee Floorball Club, where I am proudly involved in the international communication of the club. Naturally Happee has found place in my research as a case study.

Another case study is about floorball in Bulgaria. Of course, for me it's a big issue. And I still cannot realize how in this globalized world Bulgaria is in informational and developmental isolation till this very day! The big question there is, when the authorities are gonna wake up and do something?! Because there is a floorball federation, but nobody has ever seen any activity on its side. Its members cannot (or don't want to) be reached - neither by me, nor by other interested parties. This makes the task of developing floorball in the country very difficult. I know there is many important problems in Bulgarian society nowadays, but floorball isn't one of them, in fact I think it can only help solving them. So this kind of passiveness is for me ridiculous. I personally cannot be an influence otherwise than with the power of words - I don't live there anymore, I don't even visit often, I don't have the financial or network capacity to make things happen. What I can do is speak about the sport, raise awareness. I am preparing a website, where my research findings and some blog entries will be translated to Bulgarian (because foreign language is an issue for many Bulgarians), so people can get to know floorball. I know that for my critics towards Bulgaria many people will hate me, but I actually do it to help.

In the future, if only I find the time and financing, I'd like to continue researching floorball, maybe as a doctoral study or maybe as a new independent book. I'm open to new suggestions and opportunities.

Yes, we have not yet read the book but we hope to do so shortly and then we might share here what we think - deal?

Vive L'France et - We Assume that...

Floorball Brest had the permission to toss this up to YouTube - if not and we are notified about it - We'll take it down.

This is TeleMatin - a French main TV Show - like Good Morning America or something... from this weekend.

Why is this interesting for us? Well almost half of Canada (eh almost) speaks French and some folks in Louisiana speaks creole or something close to French - right?

15 Scores from Swedish TV

OH, one more thing - if you do not turn down the sound you will have a lesson in Swedish too ;-)

The Sandbox Project in Canada

We have earlier in several posts praised in Canada. We have expressed our joy over the Long Term Athletic Development model (LTAD) and posted on several interesting examples - like the use of green cards in Finnish soccer and how #LTAD is used in Swedish Floorball and much more.

The Canadian Sandbox Project is another very interesting initiative. Just listen in to their mission:
To make Canada the healthiest place on earth for kids to grow up. Working directly with parents, business, health industry leaders, governments and non-governmental organizations to raise awareness, pursue research, and develop solutions.
That is bold - but not at all short of what is appropriate. Here you find them by the way

So let us toss in Floorball as a solution into the sandbox's mission and see what we would be able to check off on our own checklist.

- With broadly implemented Floorball in young people's life - there would be an option for a NEW team sport that keep almost all players running and not mainly still standing in one spot - benefit increased physical expenditure (it is though) - that may improve the overall health CHECKED

- With broadly implemented Floorball in young people's life - there would be a new option for a team sport that could gear players in the direction of a NEW team game with lower rates of concussions - benefit reduced health care expenses and less human suffering - CHECKED

- With broadly implemented Floorball in young people's life - Floorball offer several developed forms of the sport for people with Special Needs, Including Special Olympics, Wheelchair versions (manual and electric), and versions for the elderly population too (walking floorball) did we say; a broad implementation by the way? CHECKED

- With broadly implemented Floorball in young people's life - the tools of the trade, balls that weigh 23 grams and reasonably soft and lightweight sticks as well as boards that fall over as you run into them create a fundamental safe platform for kids (did you ever skate into a hockey rink or goal at full speed by the way) potential benefit comparably decreased injuries or trauma compared to some other large team sports CHECKED

- With broadly implemented Floorball in young people's life - the expenses for sport infrastructure are minimal compared to almost all other large team sports (volleyball excluded) - benefit reasonable investments with incredible return on investment in terms of activity and health CHECKED

- With broadly implemented Floorball in young people's life - well at many places Floorball is seen as a cool sport by the youth (no not all agree on this but at least emotions are frequent) - benefit the cool factor for both leadership and players CHECKED

- With broadly implemented Floorball in young people's life - most indicators hints in the direction that Ice Hockey becomes better (more skilled) if you have tonnes of Floorball in place - benefit probably only for countries that not yet sport Floorball en masse CHECKED

- With broadly implemented Floorball in young people's life - well, we could go on like this again and again but not too many read too long blog posts UNCHECKED

So can Canada's Sandbox Project succeed without Floorball? - as Floorball stands utterly strong in nations like Sweden, Finland, Singapore and more? Canada wants to be second to none right?
We opt out from the direct answer to that question - but we dare to say that they would be utterly brave if the Sandbox Project did not take the most obvious shortcut possible to accomplish their mission.
Floorball is nothing that complicated - just a brilliant shortcut to the furure.

Good Luck - U R on the right track!

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!