Monday, October 21, 2013

Details about the new USA Hockey Floorball - Salming stick

Mr. Floorballplanet working his phone for another stick order we suppose
We checked in with Mr. D. Gross at Floorballplanet about the new USA Hockey Branded Floorball Stick - and this is what he had to say...

1. How did this stick come to be?
After the success of the Hockey Canada floorball stick produced by FloorballPro and Salming,
we have been looking for an opportunity to create a similar product in the United States. USA
Hockey’s interest in floorball as a complement to hockey (especially for the ADM program)
opened the door to discussions about creating a branded stick for use in their programs. We
worked closely with FloorballPro and Salming to make this happen.

2. How would you categorize this stick?
The stick is an entry-level stick with some features of a high-end stick, such as the Aero blade.

3. Who should use this stick?
The stick is great for players that are relatively new to floorball. It is especially appropriate for
hockey players using floorball for off ice training or making the transition to playing floorball.

4. What different colors, styles and lengths will this stick be available in?
The stick was developed using the same components available in other 2014 Salming stick
models. The shaft has a 32 flex with the Salming Ultimate Grip. The blade is Salming’s very
popular Aero blade. The stick is available in two lengths – 87 cm and 100 cm. The graphics
design and colors are the same in both lengths and feature a really cool USA Hockey look.
Suggested retail price is $49.99 for the 87 cm stick and $54.99 for the 100 cm stick.

5. May a player switch the blade on this stick from another design?
Yes. The stick is equipped with the Aero blade and a player may change out the blade for any
other Salming blade, including the Aero-Z “Zorro” trick model.

6. How do you know that this stick will last and not break as so much Floor Hockey equipment
sometimes do?
When used properly, Floorball sticks typically last for years even under demanding conditions.
We recommend playing with the official floorball rules to increase the lifespan of the

7. What is the best feature of this stick and who would you recommend this stick to?
This is the only floorball stick in the world with the USA Hockey branding. It is recommended for
players that already possess basic stick skills but may be new to floorball, e.g., hockey players
wanting to play floorball for training or league play.

8. If a hockey team wants to have a full set of sticks, how many sticks will they get and will it be
cheaper to buy sticks that way?
FloorballPlanet and many of our retail partners specialize in offering custom floorball equipment
packages for schools, teams, and organizations. For example, for hockey teams, FloorballPlanet
offers a special program for creating an equipment package that meets their exact requirements
using a variety of floorball sticks, balls, bags, and training materials. The USA Hockey branded
floorball stick is included in this program. When purchased this way, teams are able to realize
savings of 20% or more over individual retail purchases.

9. Does the stick come with some other promotional material like T-shirts, fliers or stick bags?
Each stick has a custom sticker with basic promotional information and stick-length
recommendations. We have brochures and promotional flyers available.

10. How long should a Floorball stick be?
When held in front of you with the toe of the blade touching the floor, the grip end of the stick
should reach 1-2 inches above the belly button.

11. Who did the design work?
Salming’s designers in Gothenburg, Sweden did the actual design work with input by
FloorballPlanet, FloorballPro, and USA Hockey.

12. What does USA Hockey say about this stick and Floorball?
USA Hockey is interested in floorball. They are recognizing that floorball and hockey are very
complementary. Their decision to use floorball equipment in their programs and grant a license
to use their marks on a floorball stick is testament to that support. Expect to hear more about
floorball from USA Hockey in the near future (especially in regards to the ADM program).

13. Hockey Canada has had a stick like this since 2011 and they also have a program in place to bring Floorball to schools across Canada - will you now do the same?
FloorballPlanet has been instrumental in bringing floorball to schools in the United States for
the past five years. Hockey Canada has recently instituted a nationwide school program using
a custom straight-bladed floorball stick and logo bag with special training materials. The stick
used in this program is different from the Hockey Canada Matrix stick which has been very
successful in Canada. We are not discussing a similar program with USA Hockey right now but
we hope to in the future.

14. Any plans for USA Hockey branded Floorball balls too?
Not at this time.

15. Do you think Floorball can bring some benefits to USA Hockey?
Absolutely. We’ve been talking for years about the synergistic relationship between hockey and
floorball. This is a concrete step in getting those in the hockey community who may not have
heard of floorball yet to find out how playing floorball leads to more skilled hockey players and a
growing base of players.

16. Can schools in the USA, start to use this stick too, in like PE and extracurricular programs?
Yes, they can. However, this stick is not designed for PE programs where floorball is introduced
as a new stick sport: we have a less expensive model for that. It is ideal for high schools or any
organization looking to put together a floorball team for club or interschool play.

17. Do you have any lesson plans or other instructions available and if so where?
Yes. We include a 10-lesson Floorball Training Guide with most of our floorball stick packages.
It is also available for individual purchase. We also have “Floorball, A Sports Revolution”, a
professionally-produced DVD by FloorballPro which includes demonstration of floorball rules
and floorball training drills.

18. Should kids use protective eye wear as they play Floorball, and do they need any more protective
Goalies are the only floorball players who require protective equipment (mask, knee pads,
padded pants and shirt). Protective eye wear is recommended but not required. Floorball rules
and equipment are specifically designed to minimize injury of any kind.

19. Do you have any other sticks that you would recommend?
We have a huge selection of sticks – from beginner through elite advanced. Check out our
selection at Floorballplanet.

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!