Thursday, October 31, 2013

Constant LIVE International Floorball this weekend (almost)

Nope, we could not hold off. Even if the blog is too small. IFF offers a bonanza of live streamed Floorball this weekend.

So this is what we have done - our live stream page is for now filled with male games for both tomorrow Friday and Saturday at For Sunday's games we plan to re-cast them on this page. Hold out.

Then we have nine more games announced via IFF - so we had to create a new page and we filled it with female Floorball - nine games from tomorrow Friday till Sunday here -

However there are a few more games sent via National TV too in Sweden. We are not sure if we will recast these games or not - we do not think any embed code is available until each game is on. So it is a trickier thing to share TV games.

We think that every National Floorball Federation that not run or re-cast these live streams on their own webpages are committing a crime against the idea to share and spread the sport. We think they should be held accountable in front of the International court in Hague or something ;-D.
But do not worry about that now - since it is only hours left - IFF - let the games begin!
And hey if you do not have time for all games - only set aside one hour or two - sit down and relax in front of live Floorball at the TOP level at almost any time the next three days...

What the Floorball guys plans for Dallas Stars NHL game tomorrow

We checked in with Mr. Kotti from Dallas Fireballs that runs the Floorball show outside of the NHL game between the Stars and Avalanche tomorrow at 7.30 local time.

They have planned for Floorball demo plays with experienced players and real regulation nets. Then they plan to use a Zorro artist too to show off some freestyle Floorball too - of course their show will provide the audience at the NHL game a chance to play Floorball outside of the American Airline Center too.
Mr. Kotti sound very excited - not only about the weather that is forecasted to be in the 70ies tomorrow - in Dallas i.e. - but he is also excited about the fact that last time, only a few weeks ago, they showed Floorball outside of an NHL game in Dallas - a clip was shown on the jumbotron inside the arena - Kotti sounds optimistic about the possibilities for this to happen tomorrow yet again.

We wish all Floorball participants at the Dallas Stars game good luck. But we also wish the audience as well as the Stars themselves a win in their own game.
Hmm, we have the feeling that Mr. Kotti might smoke a cigar tomorrow night and if so - we think he is well worth it.

Floorballcentral thinks that this is superb advertising on the subject of Floorball - and we demand that this is done at all NHL games across this continent ;-D - give the kids in America a new - inclusive - fast - cost efficient - comparable fun - strenuous - skills building and fun sport NOW...
This is not a day to late.. Why do the kids in America do many antique teams sports in school? Why is so many schools and extracurricular programs and hockey clubs lacking Floorball? We are lost if you now would ask us these questions.

In other news from Dallas it was also just reported that Floorballplanet now sell Floorball sticks via That is a good move, we think, since only Stiga Floorball sticks has been available through that channel earlier - and Stiga is really not that very big of a Floorball brand. Floorballplanet offer both Salming and X3M sticks at Amazon.

Sorry Sid - Martin beats you in hits on YouTube right now

Just in,
The fastest growing Floorball clip ever - that spoofs a Sidney Crosby clip done by Reebook - just surpassed the original itself.

Here is Sid and you may see the numbers of hits on YouTube for yourself...

Here is, yet again, a wonderful way to introduce Americans to Floorball - yes check out the number of hitz too - not bad huh?

Thank You Innebandymagazinet for pointing this out!

Speed Update

We have earlier said that Otto Tikka Finland had the World's hardest shot.

The Swedish Tabloid Aftonbladet now say about this movie

 that A)
The water bottles Martin Östholm shoots down is for real no tricks.
B) the watercooler is not real but edited
C) Martin has the worlds hardest shot measured at 211 Km/H (131 MPH or almost 59 m/s)
D) that is faster than any Tennis serve or Hockey slapshot


The movie is by the way the fastest growing Floorball clip ever on YouTube

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

UPDATED Our Live TV Stream Re-cast updated - Games start Friday

We will re-cast the Euro Floorball Tour here at our live stream page with the Worlds top National teams facing off.
image courtesy of the IFF

Right now we have two hot games up for Friday and four for Saturday here
We plan to re-cast two more games Sunday too. These two games might however be re-casted on this page instead.

Then we know there are even more good games streamed over the weekend - but some of that information is confusing and we do not know if payments will be in effect or not. Sometimes streamed content via for instance national TV channels are blocked on certain markets etc... we therefore do not dare to promise anything more for now.

OK UPDATE the IFF just sorted out the confusion and we will see if we can add even more games to this blog somehow - problem is that we R running out of space END UPDATE

So for now we will focus on the IFF stream - it is clear - it has obvious clocks counting down to game starts (start a video and the clock comes up). IFF also offer an easy way to fast grab the embed code to re-cycle their stream - so we also recommend more Floorball pagest to re-cast IFF's incredible good streams.

So what do you do this weekend beside of watching some Floorball?

Thank You IFF!

Ahoy, Floorball Sponsor-ships are fun!

Sponsorship sounds boring - but you know what - most ships are rather interesting, so also this vessel to move things ahead. ;-D

You can categorize Sponsors according to many different ideas. We think the one that make the most sense is the divide between the different drives of the motivation within the sponsor themselves. Or, the answer to the question why they would like to sponsor Floorball?
And this can be divided into four main areas of interest. But even if we claim that this is true - it is also true that even if as we say a specific company for instance is a "survivor sponsor" - it does not mean that their own survival is always directly linked to the survival aspect of the motivation behind the sponsorship. A "survivor" can very well also have motivation from the other three dimensions of motivation behind a sponsorship. But the survivor is most often a bit more under pressure to perform we think.

Here is a model we think illustrates a bit how we see this.

Sponsors of Floorball and their main reasons to support the sport

Since the WWFC 2013 is movin' closer let us look at the main sponsors for this event as an example. Just first remember most sponsors focus often on more than one thing - often from the micro to the macro level. A sponsorship may span from individual sponsorships, to teams/clubs to Federations in "organizational terms" or in "happening terms" from awards, via events to tournaments etcetera. But we will not explore that area too much in this post since it relates more to the exchange between investments and returns. Today we want to focus on motivators mainly.

The WWFC 2013 is sponsored by; an insurance company, a shoe company, a flooring company, a sport board company, floorball equipment,, a local sport campaign, the city of ostrava, the city of brno, and are both regional governmental agencies.

If we first look at the five last, the cities and the regions, we suppose their motivators are tied more to what we call charity and image sponsoring. We suppose that they offer several support services that makes the wwfc run smoothly as well as they want some spot lights shone on them. Swerink and Unihoc are companies we would like to classify mainly as survivor sponsors. To them Floorball activities are their main lively-hood - and without Floorballs own health they would not survive - but it is true that the image dimension as well as the revenue and the charity aspect appeals to them too. The companies Asics and Gefloor are not dependent upon Floorball and they are mainly the revenue sponsors in this group. They see the potential to directly boost their own business with their sponsorship. Of course the image aspect is very appealing to these companies too.
Ceskapojistova the insurance company is the only company that we would classify directly as belonging to the Image motivator as of above. Their business will most likely not directly be affected by an WWFC, they would survive without Floorball and revenue changes due to Floorball will not happen this year. But they are in desperate need of a cool and vibrant Image for their future business.

Just for fun - if we would look at a minor tiny tournament somewhere else - remember if you need sponsors - your best chances is probably to aim for sponsors first in the charity group. These will help out because they like you and they do not expect too much in return.

Oh, our WWFC reasoning as of above exclude both the IFF and the Czech National Floorball Federation - even if they are listed as sponsors by the organization - we think they have too much of their own fingers in the cake - to be seen as real sponsors.

Our conclusion of this reasoning is that it must be of the utterly most important interest of Floorball as a sport to build its own brand (hey, this goes for clubs and players too) since it is only with an utterly strong brand the sport of Floorball can attract the most vital and dynamic (read rich and willing to invest) sponsors. We aim to dive into how to build a brand too and any brand's most important marketplace - in another post soon.
But to gain the very most interesting sponsors Floorball should aim to multiply the numbers of sponsors - with a deep interest in the Image motivation aspect of sponsorships. To do that best - the offer - the brand of the sport - can not be compared to itself. Floorball must be seen as a much stronger alternative as compared to other sports - but also other image-building events.

This is a huge task - but also the only viable way forward in strong winds with strong competition - it is just like sailing a ship.
Say, is not sponsor-ships cool? ;)

Sexism as it comes to uniforms?

Grandpa always liked female beach volleyball. Not too much because of the sports action, but more for the outfits the ladies wore.
pic via efc 2011 IFF
In Floorball most ladies use the standard outfit, but we do have seen some more exotic female teams playing Floorball in skirts. Just like they often do in field hockey. We like skirts on female Floorball players we think it looks female, proper and cute. We also think it gives the sport a more pronounced gender identity, and yes it is a bit sexier too - or as we say in America - it makes the players look attractive. We do not think that attractive players in a team sport makes the perceived value of the sport lower - but higher.
So in our own opinion it is not wrong if female players play floorball in skirts.

As someone yells "that is sexism" from the barricades of equality. We respond, we like the celebration of cultural values too - so we think Scotsmen should play Floorball in kilts. Celebrate both gender and culture and show the world.
End of discussion.

A Chirp and a Beep - yes agaiiin.

We do not want to do this - not Twitter again - oh well.

Why is Twitter important?
The youth - a very valuable target group - tends right now to prefer Twitter over Facebook - this is facts, just been reported by - oh, we forgot who. The emotion from us is that yes Twitter is much more fun and looks a bit more stylish than Facebook.
Twitter just opened up a new policy on pictures - bad or not? We do not know. But images via Instagram nor Facebook will not have a "timeline appearance" on Twitter from now on. Only native twitter images will jump into your stream - and guess what - with images of TEXT - anyone that wants to promote Floorball with more than 140 letters - add a picture to your text, Brutus ;-).
The other thing is that readers first notice tweets with pics in em' - so use them. Let us see what an indent Floorball can do - as in comparison to other sports?

More on Twitter structure!
Well we explained most here
and here
We missed a few things though. First twitter is a social network where you talk to your followers mainly and not to the whole world so you must be a bit personal in your tone. Some Floorball Twitterers do this very good but others talk like they are doing serious proclamations. We like the personal tone and a heated debate if there is room for one. So toss the gloves or just speak up like at Hyde Park.

Then what is the purpose of using Twitter?
To waste away the time of your life? Maybe? Na, we think there could be several different reasons. Our own reason is to spread the light about Floorball. And if that is your reason too - then let us yet again set one thing straight:
We do believe that Floorball is for all - we also believe that Twitter is for all. So when some parties use twitter to create "subcultures" or limits the information (remember information wants always to be free) to specific groups or codes like by either language, specific names or hashtags - well then it is not for all any longer - since this also creates bubbles of isolation.. And as this happens - we R not using Twitter in the very best way to spread the light about Floorball - and what is worse  - in our opinion, the idea that Floorball is for all - is lost.
So far Twitter does not translate tweets or hashtags and anything beyond two hashtags is waste on Twitter - so please stick with #floorball (for global sharing) and only one more (for local sharing).

Today, Floorball News announced that we as;  for the third consecutive week gained most followers of any other Floorball account in the world on Twitter. First, that is crazy. Second, if you do not do use absolute numbers but relative numbers we would not be in top this week. Third, all other Twitter Floorball accounts must do a very very crappy job. Forth, we think they list us on the wrong list. Fifth, too many companies with labor and capital working for them must do MUCH better to move their Floorball business forward. Sixth, we are uncertain if we will come out on top again. Seventh, the only thing we do is actively unfollow bad accounts and actively follow other Floorballers...
You can do that too!

Our Challenge to you - beat us on Twitter for next week - in any way you want - but first please follow 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

U Going to see Stars vs. Avalanche - Friday?

Well if you do.

I will be hard for you to miss the Floorball rink put up outside.
Yes - yet again the Dallas Fireballs Floorball Club and Floorballplanet will toss up a rink outside of the American Airline Center Friday.
Just that the Dallas Stars let them do this is incredible Floorball news and as we have said before - from this fall Dallas Stars is our very own favorite NHL club.

Last time, a few weeks ago, we heard rumors that they even showed Floorball on the jumbotron. It would not surprise us if Floorballplanet shows the USA Hockey Floorball stick at this event - and that is also very good targeted Floorball news - we think here. Rub it in!

Special Olympics Floorball now also in Israel

The IFF writes;
"Israel is all geared up to begin training in Special Olympics’ newest winter sport - floorball. The Special Olympics Israel and the Israeli Floorball Association organised a seminar for floorball coaches on October 16.
- Floorball is considered one of the winter sports in the world Special Olympics organisation, and here, at Special Olympics Israel, we decided to kick off activities in this sport, said Reuven Astrachan
from SO Israel.
In order to promote and develop the floorball sport in a proper and professional manner floorball training for representatives, of the various teams that expressed their desire to take up this sport, was organised.
The theoretical aspect of the training was held by the Chairman of the Floorball Association in Israel, Mr. Yevgeni Mogilevski, and the practical training was conducted by the Israel Team coach, Mr. Vitali."

Our own comment;
This is great news to us here in the USA too. Even if we would have loved a much more proactive and not reactive development from the birthplace of Special Olympics. We are sure it will be here too - we just hope to see some American action soon too so many of the several thousands of SO athletes in America also have the chance to soon develop their own Floorball skills. To us this is not about administrative advances - but about today's and tomorrows active SO - or not SO - athletes.

A new set of intense top level streaming live Floorball

Right now we are in love with the IFF.
Starting Friday - they will start to stream live top notch Floorball again via their YouTube channel for the
Men´s & Men´s U19 Euro Floorball Tour over the weekend.

It seems like things are already in place and we should be able to re-cast their stream via embed code here at Floorballcentral so look forward to games on this page or at our live stream page. Remember since they play in Europe this will come up fairly early in the mornings. Stay tuned and do not switch the channel please.

Mr. Troy writes fresh news from Sweden

Yesterday one of the most important games this fall took place in the Swedish SSL league. AIK played Storvreta at home and the world's best Floorball player Mr. Kohonen was back playing for the first time after knee surgery.
Mr. Troy is not only a reporter on location - but also the GM for team USA and he writes;

"After surgery this past summer Mika Kohonen has been on the sidelines for the last couple months but today he was finally back where he belongs. On the floorball court playing for Storvreta IBK. With a special knee brace from the U.S. he is able to run despite the fact that some rehabilitation remains. His return took place during the away game against the league leaders AIK.

The game started explosively with both teams going full throttle. The first goal would come after approximately five minutes. Storvretas first formation, lead by Mika Kohonen, would be the ones to draw first blood. Swedish national team player Henrik Stenberg would find Hannes Öhman in front of the goal and he would find the net behind AIKs goaltender Patrik Åman, 0-1."
Good work Mr. Troy and the full article is available here

Monday, October 28, 2013

We hesitantly dare to promise a 2014 Midwest Floorball Championship

As our first suggested dates went head on with the prom... we asked again.

It looks like we will have a two day tourney and - for now - logo and dates looks like these..

Mark the calendar and yes the ball in this logo is the same image as Clinton V. Carlson used when he filed for the US pat for how to design and make these balls in 1952.
Can we get some 20 teams this year?

Big Money, and why we think some Floorball clubs are more clever than others - plus ding-dong

Bloomberg just recently tossed up infographics that turn things rather interesting we think. Their material is upon Baseball - but nevertheless.

Let us just recap that Floorballcentral loves #LTAD and the idea that winning in team sports has not much to do with the real joy of sports - to have fun - to maybe become better or at least not very much worse...
So we do recognize this interesting but weak correlation. Yes - it is fun to win - but fun must come first, ok.

Anyway, what Bloomberg's graphics say is that the most valuable Baseball teams in the world - is not the same ones that wins the most. So yet again another weak correlation - this time in pure money - related to who wins the most. Yes - it may be profitable to win - but let us make some money first, ok.

The values in Baseball teams seems instead to relate much more with how strong the specific team name is branded.. (advertised)
Check it out yourself here

If this holds true for Floorball it means if TOP clubs want to get their economy as good as possible they should build their brand as strong as they can - probably a good idea is to focus as much on this part - as much as on the games themselves.
Yes, Happee we are thinking about you again as the worlds strongest Floorball Club brand. Good work and in the long run it could turn profitable too?

These ideas hold most likely to be true for the sport itself too - in competition with other sports...

So when we figured out today - that this falls most important Club game, with the worlds best Floorballer returning back - as AIK played Storvreta in the SSL - and it was all advertised with the #AIKSTO hashtag on twitter - we twerked our brain into bits and pieces. In our opinion today was some 365 times lost on twitter as the crazy miniscule hashtag #AIKSTO flashed galore on our screen - it was a day when the #floorball hashtag just lost a big opportunity to reach out.

Who is coming up with all these miniscule hashtags all the time? - who wants to keep the game for themselves? - and who is in charge? 

See This?

We have now been playing floorball with kids for several years. In recreational settings, at the Parks and Rec, in extra curricular after school stunts, at Boys and Girls Clubs, at churches, at Hockey activities, with scouts and more. We do not plan to stop.

Public domain cc by dylan o'donnell liked in via
 ---> We just want you to be 100% certain about one thing. As we have kids playing we have them use protective eye wear. Statistics say that eye injuries are less common in Floorball as compared to Squash - but much more frequent as compared to Tennis - and then some numbers show a crazy level of eye injuries from Basketball in the USA - but. In essence you can prove almost, what ever you want, if you fiddle with statistics and the high numbers of eye injuries in basketball exists; just because everyone plays Basketball.
As phrases state something fuzzy... in line with "eye wear are not required as you play Floorball but recommended" - we do not even listen. We refuse!
All main developed Floorball nations have mandatory use of eye wear for kids age 16 years and under.

Recently at a session we had a mishap or incident, for the first time ever, after several thousands of Floorball hours. The tip of a stick from a very young and inexperienced - but very excited player - came up with force and went straight towards the eye of another young player that instantly became very sad. At that moment we praised everything we could hold as important - that - we have been so strict about the use of protective eye-wear for kids. In essence the goggles we used - worked as they were supposed to - they protected the naked eye and no harm beyond some emotional stress was occurring to the player that got a fast Floorball blade in his face.

This was to us a good reminder about the importance of protective eye wear. Please use em' as you play with kids. You may pick up cheap but ANSI certified protective eye wear at places like for a few bucks each and they can make the difference. Of course real certified and branded Floorball glasses with a perfect fit are even better. In hockey they have almost no eye or face accidents at all for kids - since they started to use face masks in minor hockey.
Floorball in North America should not be the cause for lost vision to any child is our opinion. Use protective eye wear on the kids you play!

Floorball is an active activity at high speeds. Floorball is therefore a very healthy thing to do. But as with all intense action - it is never 100% risk free. But we must aim to minimize the risks. That is also why we use seatbelts in cars (school buses should have seatbelts too).

If you do not believe us ask Philip Soutter, the legendary German National Floorball Coach, instead. He played Cosom Hockey (the predecessor to Floorball) as a young player and got a red plastic puck in one of his eyes - so bad that he became blind on the very same eye.
Do not let that happen again! Play Floorball - but play kids safe!

Advanced Technique? and Mechanics..

We guess you have seen this?

Our point is when will we stop feeling that complex towards soccer... when will we see floorball robots.. Hmm Ok some things already exists or has been done according to this book.. from Eurobot 2008 we quote:
"In this challenge, two opposing robots pick up floorballballs representing biological samples or frozen regolith and put them in three separate containers." So even if not playing games we have had robots picking up floorball balls - not bad as a start.

Hmm you may think what you want about robotwars and vehicles like these
via link from

But, if you arrange a larger tournament in Floorball and you need some different entertainment in the intermissions.. Hmm why not call in some local clubs with radio controlled cars. Ask them then to mount a floorball blade to a bunch of cars, toss in a ball - let em' play the game - and Floorball would have another game based upon mechanics and the idea of constructive activities..
Why? Well we think it sounds like a fun thing...

Cool Czech Club - that we like here

This is a cool club from the Czech Republic playing in the second Czech league for both male and females. Oh yeah they have a bunch of teams.. why they are cool?
Hah, they took their teams and poff went to school - meaning they have started a program to get top notch Floorball in the Czech Republic to work direct with local schools. Their project is called "floorball to school" and they started at an elementary school. They aim to hit 15 schools next month...

We hope more good clubs will follow thier example and... why not visit some foreign schools too? Ho ho!
Here is an article on this - if you use a funky online translator you will get the rest of the gist..

Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to Estimate, to Estimate we said, Floorball - with interference added

A friend from Norway said the other day “North American Ice Hockey players just underestimate Floorball way too much”.

A striking and brilliant comment - that we got stuck with us for a few days - and of course she is right, even if the comment is boldly sweeping.

We think it works like this. First before you have the chance to estimate or underestimate Floorball you must know what it is. And sadly enough - we think still we here have much more hockey people that do not even know about Floorball as compared to the ones that have heard about it. Then if we replace the word Hockey with School in the sentence above - well only very small fractions of all PE teachers in north America have ever heard about Floorball to date - is what we guess this fall - 2013.
So in reality Floorball might not even be up for the real estimate - as of yet.

Then for the few that knows something, We think, to be able to make a fair estimate. Well it is not just to go buy a stick and slap around a ball...
This is about quality instruction, the ability to play in good settings and to let the culture to grow by itself. This will take time and probably more time in a larger community, like the USA. So we think realistically - even if we might see some of the first more accurate evaluations from hockey pockets rather soon. But still rather limited statements school authorities, if any. Probably we must wait another few years down the road for the first signs of real estimates from the educational side - that is a pity since - the school is the main platform. To get realistic estimates from more of the broader target group - without any interference - it could take anything from 15 to 30 years.
Interference? Yes, maybe Olympic games or other global news, if some other "bold profiles" are able to make a fair estimate or evaluation of the game on their own - and then start to talk loud about it. That is what we call - real interference - not just an obstruction in a single game. ;-D

Saturday, October 26, 2013

BSA, Boy & Cub Scout Spokaree - now with pumpkin balls

It is a tradition across boy and cub scouts to go to a fun Spookaree night. In west Wisconsin - last weekend it meant this too;
Ghosts in the nets, costumes and face paintings and hundreds (we did not count them) of boys (and a few girls) played floorball for the first time. It was called quidditch to make it a bit more snappy...

How it went? Crazy, most of them did not ever want to leave...

Minneapolis floorball gettin' better and better

Sure looks like they may for a team to keep an eye on for next Midwestern Floorball Championship.
The final date is still up in the air right now we hope for May though - waiting for the word since April did not work this year - our initial plans collided with the prom in Tomah.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More on boards (part 2 of 2) what the world need?

So perhaps the height of a Floorball board is not the uttermost critical dimension we have? We discussed this subject in part 1. And if the top of a for instance 10 centimeter lower Floorball board was designed with a rounded top - almost looking like a lightbulb...
Public domain illustration
The inner rounding of this top on a rink system would not just slightly help the ball to stay in place it could also be designed in a soft crash friendly material to protect both the boards themselves and maybe players too?

But if we really want to do something good well then we probably have to think in some new ways.
Let's say we want Floorball boards with significantly lower environmental impact. OK. Then we want Floorball boards that are a bit more lightweight to save on handling and shipping expenses too - and in more cost efficient ways ship boards to new continents - and we therefore want Floorball boards that use way less material. That is why we have been chasing the hight of them boards we have. OK. Then the cost of a new set of regulated boards... Why not aim to set a goal, as some folks have done to produce the world's cheapest computer or something? Let's say a low cost IFF certified but alternative system, should cost at the point of delivery like maximum 40% of todays current costs? Is that possible? We do not know.

Did you ever dismantle your Klippan coach from IKEA and did you discover that it was mainly made out of paper or cardboard material? Still maybe not cheap enough. But some recycled versions of cardboard do offer a very good and low environmental impact. The back draw with cardboard constructions is that they are not too water resistant. Well, if not treated right.

Now you look at this

Izhar cardboard bike project from Cardboard Technologies on Vimeo.

So if he can put a bicycle together from cardboard? Should not someone be able to build a 100% revolutionary environmentally focused low cost board system for Floorball? Maybe we are wrong - but at least we try to explore things.

Izhar, in this movie, said early on that cardboard can be made as strong as carbon fiber and they also said that a cardboard bike would cost 20 dollars. The reality has however caught up to them and today the price is about 10 times as high and it seems like the crowd funding for this bike project is struggling. More details here from Fast Company

But is not boards for Floorball a much more low tech application? And the idea to use recycled material must be tempting to more people than just us?

The city of Surrey

We quote BCFloorball;

"BC Floorball started a Floorball development partnership program with the City of Surrey in 2012, and enlisted help and assistance from Point 8 Training and Development, whose leading programs for kids sport and recreation led to the successful I AM GAME initiative across all Surrey Rec Centers.

Floorball was quickly embraced by Sport programmers who had a collective wisdom and hundreds of combined years of experience with Canada’s popular Floor Hockey programs. After several workshops and demos, funded in part by the BC Sport Participation Program, it became obvious that all the #socialliteracy and #physicalliteracy principles of the Point 8 New Game Plan model, were exactly what was needed to breathe new life, and CS4L | LTAD compatibility in to the ‘old school’ rec activity of floor hockey."

The full story you find at

More on boards (part 1) and today about their height

We tossed up a more general post on boards like a year ago

Let us become a bit more specific;

First by asking a few questions. Floorball boards are designed to be 50 centimeters high. We ask why? Is 50 cm better than 55 or 48 cm? Would it be possible to scientifically prove that 65 cm is not as good or a height at 25 cm is just way too low? We do not know?
However we think that the board height has in someway been estimated to be at a good height to promote decent games of Floorball. But has this been tested and if so how? What is the optimal height of Floorball boards? Do you know or is this just determined by tradition?

Why we ask does not 100% relate to the boards and how they function during the game itself - we think there are other features that may become utterly important for Floorball boards.

As Floorball spreads across the globe more boards will be shipped. Just recently New York announced their and the US east coast first set of real Floorball boards.
But when Floorball grows to Mexico, South America, further in the Caribbean, to Africa, Asia, including South East Asia, India and China - far east into Russia... Well the shipping of boards and their cost will act as a nice bottleneck for the sports growth - if production of boards remain in high wage countries as the shipping remains expensive - in relation to what the new countries wants to pay.

This is why we asked the questions about the height of the boards above.
This is our thesis: Floorball boards should be designed with a priority to ALSO in an optimized way fit into regular container traffic and hauling equipment. We are not sure if this parameter was used as early board rules determined that boards should be 50 cm high. We also think that a significantly lower board, let say 30 cm high still would offer rather decent games of Floorball. And boards designed this way would use almost maybe 40% less plastics and weigh much less and be significantly cheaper to ship. This has not only to do with the price it also relates to the environmental impact the sport generates. Then we do not know if a lower board would be considered safer or not? Makes sense huh?

Normally it is said that Floorball is a very flexible sport that you can play in many variations. But as it comes to the boards the question is if the current floorball board design is optimized for far-way-countries?
Perhaps an alternative board solution would be a clever move?

Part two on boards to be up soon...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Belleville Officially confirmed for girls U19 - WFC 2016

Read the full story

So girls in North America, and on Jamaica, it is time to get the act together. This will become the largest Floorball celebration ever in North America.

We do know that girls with both quality hockey and extensive floorball experience - born in the span of roughly 1997-2000 has an opportunity of a lifetime to make it to a national roster - most likely both in Canada and the USA.

Will we ever see a penalty like this in the NHL?

Just sayin'..or maybe they already did one like this and we just missed it?

Then of course we dream about doing it ourselves too - but that must be done in slow motion with the worlds slowest keeper or no - it will probably not happen.

Tell the Finns to use #Floorball instead of #Salibandy - since they know what they do

This is how Floorball grew on Twitter last month

This is interesting since Google analytics often show this picture

In other words a trend going down, but we here think that the Google trend just shows how traffic migrates from regular search engines to social media. And THIS IS WHY national Federations and Floorball Clubs must be active on social media - or we miss the audience.

Here is another very interesting image

First we of course have the terrible name problem for our sport yet again and we can not understand why not IFF address this problem with force - we can only nag about this serious digital problem ourselves. Then this image (N.B. this image include the use of hashtags on Twitter - other results come up differently if not using the hashtag) shows very clearly that Finland - or at least the people calling our sport #salibandy rocks the twitter world. They are in volume like almost 3 times as good as tweeting as the people tweeting either #floorball or #innebandy (all other names for the sport has been excluded in this graph).

The best way for this volume to grow would be the use of the #floorball only - and the fastest way to do this is to tell the Finns to change first - since well the Swedes seems lost in space and not to know twitter or how to put in hashtags anyway..

Or how do you dear reader read this statistics? Wanna explore more in this field - try Topsy a cool social media search engine.

More on Spencer Abbott as a Floorball player - now NHL/AHL

Our post yesterday, declared Mr. Spencer Abbott to be the very first North American with a proper and extensive schooling in Floorball, just recently entering the NHL. His former coach Mr. Herrington has been kind to share some more material.

And it is doubtless so that Mr Abbott also use number 13 on both his Floorball shirt as well as his Hockey shirt.
Spencer Abbott representing Canada as a Floorball player with jersey number 13
All Photo's in this post courtesy by Mr. A. Herrington
We have also been told that Mr. Abbott in 2011 was named top Floorball forward at the Canada cup that year, and he played a friendly for Canadas men's team vs the USA men's team, and he then scored one goal.

Spencer Abbott in Floorball action

Monday, October 21, 2013

If and only if.. and then we do honestly not have a clue

If Floorball is a vital subject to be taught in Physical Education and in the case Coaching is a teaching art..
Then this clip from TED

And this cover article from the last issue of Wired

How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses

Both must fit rather well at a floorball blog - but hey you must watch the clip and read the article first - before you start to wonder how this could be applied to floorball too - if we know - na, no we do not have a clue - but it is probably wise to ask the students first.

Details about the new USA Hockey Floorball - Salming stick

Mr. Floorballplanet working his phone for another stick order we suppose
We checked in with Mr. D. Gross at Floorballplanet about the new USA Hockey Branded Floorball Stick - and this is what he had to say...

1. How did this stick come to be?
After the success of the Hockey Canada floorball stick produced by FloorballPro and Salming,
we have been looking for an opportunity to create a similar product in the United States. USA
Hockey’s interest in floorball as a complement to hockey (especially for the ADM program)
opened the door to discussions about creating a branded stick for use in their programs. We
worked closely with FloorballPro and Salming to make this happen.

2. How would you categorize this stick?
The stick is an entry-level stick with some features of a high-end stick, such as the Aero blade.

3. Who should use this stick?
The stick is great for players that are relatively new to floorball. It is especially appropriate for
hockey players using floorball for off ice training or making the transition to playing floorball.

4. What different colors, styles and lengths will this stick be available in?
The stick was developed using the same components available in other 2014 Salming stick
models. The shaft has a 32 flex with the Salming Ultimate Grip. The blade is Salming’s very
popular Aero blade. The stick is available in two lengths – 87 cm and 100 cm. The graphics
design and colors are the same in both lengths and feature a really cool USA Hockey look.
Suggested retail price is $49.99 for the 87 cm stick and $54.99 for the 100 cm stick.

5. May a player switch the blade on this stick from another design?
Yes. The stick is equipped with the Aero blade and a player may change out the blade for any
other Salming blade, including the Aero-Z “Zorro” trick model.

6. How do you know that this stick will last and not break as so much Floor Hockey equipment
sometimes do?
When used properly, Floorball sticks typically last for years even under demanding conditions.
We recommend playing with the official floorball rules to increase the lifespan of the

7. What is the best feature of this stick and who would you recommend this stick to?
This is the only floorball stick in the world with the USA Hockey branding. It is recommended for
players that already possess basic stick skills but may be new to floorball, e.g., hockey players
wanting to play floorball for training or league play.

8. If a hockey team wants to have a full set of sticks, how many sticks will they get and will it be
cheaper to buy sticks that way?
FloorballPlanet and many of our retail partners specialize in offering custom floorball equipment
packages for schools, teams, and organizations. For example, for hockey teams, FloorballPlanet
offers a special program for creating an equipment package that meets their exact requirements
using a variety of floorball sticks, balls, bags, and training materials. The USA Hockey branded
floorball stick is included in this program. When purchased this way, teams are able to realize
savings of 20% or more over individual retail purchases.

9. Does the stick come with some other promotional material like T-shirts, fliers or stick bags?
Each stick has a custom sticker with basic promotional information and stick-length
recommendations. We have brochures and promotional flyers available.

10. How long should a Floorball stick be?
When held in front of you with the toe of the blade touching the floor, the grip end of the stick
should reach 1-2 inches above the belly button.

11. Who did the design work?
Salming’s designers in Gothenburg, Sweden did the actual design work with input by
FloorballPlanet, FloorballPro, and USA Hockey.

12. What does USA Hockey say about this stick and Floorball?
USA Hockey is interested in floorball. They are recognizing that floorball and hockey are very
complementary. Their decision to use floorball equipment in their programs and grant a license
to use their marks on a floorball stick is testament to that support. Expect to hear more about
floorball from USA Hockey in the near future (especially in regards to the ADM program).

13. Hockey Canada has had a stick like this since 2011 and they also have a program in place to bring Floorball to schools across Canada - will you now do the same?
FloorballPlanet has been instrumental in bringing floorball to schools in the United States for
the past five years. Hockey Canada has recently instituted a nationwide school program using
a custom straight-bladed floorball stick and logo bag with special training materials. The stick
used in this program is different from the Hockey Canada Matrix stick which has been very
successful in Canada. We are not discussing a similar program with USA Hockey right now but
we hope to in the future.

14. Any plans for USA Hockey branded Floorball balls too?
Not at this time.

15. Do you think Floorball can bring some benefits to USA Hockey?
Absolutely. We’ve been talking for years about the synergistic relationship between hockey and
floorball. This is a concrete step in getting those in the hockey community who may not have
heard of floorball yet to find out how playing floorball leads to more skilled hockey players and a
growing base of players.

16. Can schools in the USA, start to use this stick too, in like PE and extracurricular programs?
Yes, they can. However, this stick is not designed for PE programs where floorball is introduced
as a new stick sport: we have a less expensive model for that. It is ideal for high schools or any
organization looking to put together a floorball team for club or interschool play.

17. Do you have any lesson plans or other instructions available and if so where?
Yes. We include a 10-lesson Floorball Training Guide with most of our floorball stick packages.
It is also available for individual purchase. We also have “Floorball, A Sports Revolution”, a
professionally-produced DVD by FloorballPro which includes demonstration of floorball rules
and floorball training drills.

18. Should kids use protective eye wear as they play Floorball, and do they need any more protective
Goalies are the only floorball players who require protective equipment (mask, knee pads,
padded pants and shirt). Protective eye wear is recommended but not required. Floorball rules
and equipment are specifically designed to minimize injury of any kind.

19. Do you have any other sticks that you would recommend?
We have a huge selection of sticks – from beginner through elite advanced. Check out our
selection at Floorballplanet.

Design and the web presence of #floorball this fall...

Yet again we want to express our gratitude to the IFF since they have lifted their own web page to a very very good presence with a strong focus on social media - splendid is our judgement.
Here they are IFF at

The latest development came from Germany with a new webpage, that has been toted to offer focus on social media too - hmm to us here we like the graphical looks of their site - but no IFF seems to focus better, at least from our perspective, on social media. Good work Germany - but right now we hold the IFF as the social leader...
But Germany sets a new standard with focus on schools - that we just love - good work indeed. This is a very important area for Floorball that we can never focus enough on.
Here you find New Germany here

The Swedish National Floorball Federation just released a new mobile app. This tool is a outstanding goldmine with its incredible amount of possible facts being delivered for almost all any reader and any team could dream of. In this respect their new app is fully outstanding.
This app can be found at;
Apple Store:
Google Play:
From the design point of view - or if they want this app to win a beauty contest (or their webpage) - it becomes obvious that they ought to hire an Art director  ;-P.

Spencer Abbott, Toronto Maple Leafs, first North American in NHL with real Floorball schooling

Mr Abbott, number 56 in the Toronto Maple Leafs, played Floorball under the coaching of Anthony Herrington at the Sherwood school in Ontario for four (4) years as a part of the off-ice program within the Hockey Canada Skills Academy.

Mr. Abbott is therefore the first ever North American raised Ice Hockey player with an extensive Floorball experience as a part of his Ice Hockey background, now with NHL experience as he was called up from the Toronto Marlies recently. This is notable, at the time they started doing floorball - almost no-one had never ever heard about Floorball in Canada. This is well before Hockey Canada started to promote Floorball to be played at schools in Canada.
Mr. Herrington is Canada's most distinguished profile as it comes to Floorball as a sport and as a support sport for Ice Hockey. Mr. Herrington writes "one of the years we entered the Canada Cup Floorball competition in the intermediate division (as a high school team with Mr. Abbott on the roster) and we won!!"
Mr. Herrington is clear about how skilled Mr Abbott is as a hockey player.

After his 4 years of playing with Mr. Herrington in Sherwood, Mr. Abbott played Ice Hockey in Maine.
The writes; "So he went to the University of Maine and played well enough there to become a finalist for the Hobey Baker Award as the top player in the NCAA."
The writer, Mr. Radley at the, also wrote in 2012 " He was not only the leading scorer in the country this season with 59 points in just 37 games for the University of Maine Black Bears, but he led online fan balloting for the Hobey Baker. That makes him a favourite to be included in the final three, which will be announced March 29." Radley continued;
"Winning the former award as his conference’s top player might’ve been a little bit of a surprise if only because no Maine player has won it in 17 years. His play, however, made it an easy decision. Abbott’s production has increased in each of his four years in college, from 16 points as a rookie to 28 as a sophomore, 40 as a junior and this year’s 59."

Here is what Mr. Abbott said himself this spring

For a Floorball fan page, like us, it is very interesting to note how they talk about sweater number 13 in the Toronto Maple Leafs, as you know Mats Sundin used to wear that one - and he was also one of the first big Hockey players that openly admitted how Floorball had been an asset for his stickhandling skills.

So what are we trying to tell you with this story? You will reach the NHL if you play a lot of Floorball in school and beside? No that is definitely not what we think or say. But if you want to play good Ice Hockey and you dare to exclude Floorball as an off-ice component - well then we think you need help and what is why you find us here.
OH, yeah one more thing - most - if not all - Europeans playing in NHL today has Floorball experience from their school system, from Floorball clubs or even Ice Hockey clubs. And the Europeans are fairly good at what they do, right?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scoring Make-up and rules - some daredevil thoughts

Most sports are determined by either time, performance or score during a time frame or as in relation to how the opponent perform. Some rely very little on time but are still very different in it nature. As an example we can take long jump and high jump. Just imagine how long jump would look like if all contestants had to jump beyond a certain distance for each jump - just as they do in high jump. It would be a new type of a length competition. Some sports rely very little on the actual measurement of specific numbers or the time itself and are instead ruled by a horde of referees that score points like in high diving or figure skating.
Some team sports use active time and they keep on stopping the clock - some sports passive time. As we think about the time dimension Soccer is interesting since games at the highest level often varies and a game may be anything, almost, in between 90-95 minutes. American Football is interesting since the 4th quarter almost always seems to become a very long quarter. A sport like Tennis has specific ideas about the winning of different segments or sets of a game. Some other racket sports have also ideas about that a game is not over until it is won by at least two points. Well we can go on like this with many more reflections.

Why? Well it is a fact that Floorball at the International level has shown some pronounced strength differences between the best teams as compared to the "almost best teams". The IFF has changed the groups for their largest tournaments to somewhat curb these differences. We think that is good. But we also would like to expose some daredevil thoughts on how the fixed idea of measuring Floorball games by 60 minutes and the winning score - could be changed too - not to change the game itself but maybe the score or the points "make-up". We will give two examples.

A) In this version each Floorball game consists of three sets (it is the regular periods just that they are valued pointwise much higher). Each of the two first sets must be won by one goal. In case the score is equal in either of these sets - a penalty shootout takes place after each set. The third set must be won by two goals. Overtime is played after the 3rd set - why not without goalies? Each set won earns 3 points, each won set after either a shootout or overtime play earns 1 point to the loser and 2 to the winner. The points score earned from such a game with "sets" could vary from 9-0 to 6-0 or 6-3, 8-1, 7-2, also 5-4 and each game would have 3 possible overtime/shootout occurrences.

B) This next variation holds the two first sets/periods in a game as threshold sets. In the case one team leads with, for instance, 5 or more goals after the second set the game is over. The third set also called the tie breaker must be won by a total of two goals. If that is not accomplished after 60 minutes - a mix of playing with less field player or penalty shootouts may be used.

No no no, we do not think it must be done like this but we think folks should dare to think outside of the envelope and be brave to explore a bit. Maybe different organizers of tourneys should explore and experiment a bit around the fixed ideas how most games are measured and scored? We think it would maybe develop the sport? Parts of the ideas above could be mixed and of course other ideas used too.
The main idea must be that Floorball as a product must be as attractive as possible for the audience and also its advertisers. Maybe more shootouts, the demand to win a game with two points and shorter game time for too unequal teams could refine the product?
Even if the game itself still is mainly the same and this would just be some "scoring measurement make-up" to make it all look even more pretty.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Golden Gate Cup 2013

Some things comes on more sudden than others... Today we think about the environment and re-cycle some text and images from USFbA about the next US Tourney coming up.
NB - early bird registration comes up in just a few days...

The Golden Gate Cup

November 9-10, 2013
(Current info is for 2012 but will be updated on this link)

YMCA gym at Treasure Island.
749 9th Street
Treasure Island, CA 94130


Registration Deadline is October 31st. Registration fee is $650 + AAU insurance.
Early bird registration ends October 21st. Registration fee is $550.

Practise makes perfect

Example of practise drills from Gothenburg. We like the tempo, the idea with a rebound bar and maybe you can borrow or be influenced by these ideas?

Fall Celebrations with USA Hockey


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beside of the scores from the Breda Paragames

Oh, well here they are, yet again courtesy of the IFF

Sunday 13 October: Final Day:Switzerland-Dutch Talents 4-3
Belgium-Germany 4-3
Netherlands-Canada 8-3
Sweden-Czech Republic 8-0

Saturday 12 October: Semi-finals: First four of the group stagesSweden-Canada 7-1
Netherlands-Czech Republic 0-2

Results Saturday 12 October Sweden-Czech Republic 2-0
Germany-Canada 0-4
Switzerland-Belgium 1-2
Netherlands-Germany 5-0
Belgium-Sweden 0-5
Czech Republic-Switzerland 6-1
Belgium-Canada 0-4
Sweden-Netherlands 1-1
Switzerland-Germany 1-1
Canada-Czech Republic 2-2

Results Friday 11 OctoberNetherlands - Belgium 5-0
Czech Republic - Germany 3-0
Sweden - Switzerland 6-0
Canada - Netherlands 2-4
Belgium - Czech Republic 0-6
Germany - Sweden 0-5
Switzerland - Canada 2-8
Czech Republic - Netherlands 2-3
Germany - Belgium 2-3
Canada - Sweden 0-3
Netherlands - Switzerland 6-0

But what strikes us is two things;
A) For the first time ever Canada goes to compete in Wheelchair Floorball and in EUROPE and that is huge.
B) Second it is very interesting how the referees makes comments upon this - as the referees are skilled regular refs from regular Floorball and the rules are fairly similar - Wheelchair versions of Floor Hockey or Hockey can not compete in this respect - we think - since rules are not as easily transferred?  Then take that spin over to special Olympics and their version called "poly hockey" - where in the world are they able to find very skilled refs for those tourneys? We just wonder here.

Hungary is not only about green peppers in school

It is reported via the IFF... here is full  story;

We quote with a picture and a few lines... from the IFF.
"Floorball has become really popular in Hungarian schools and a big step forward has been taken with the so called "Student Olympiad". Nowadays this 3 versus 3 championship between schools is the second most attended sport in Hungary.
More than 460 teams from around the country are participating in the school championships and only football (spelled soccer here) is more popular."

Why should this not happen in the USA too? We have tonnes of prominent organizations like the Let's Move initiative as well Active Schools ASAP and many other - including obesity fighting organizations - this is not a handful number of interest groups - they are many - that wants to get kids going in the US and most of them base what they do on serious research and use some of the most distinguished professors in the field.. then we just came to think about with Nike and tonnes of interest groups behind it...

But still we have not seen one single important US organisation that care about kids and health to step up or forward to talk about Floorball?
 - are they home blind? Or do they use blinders as horses do?

We do not think so - we think they are just slow - and a bit too slow - it will change here too - we promise.
But we are utterly curious on who will take the initiative and lead..

We think however that -
Last into the water is a donkey! ;-D

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The numbers people talked about today

As we talk about Floorball being utterly fast - we do not just mean the speed of the ball, players, or the growth of the nobel game itself.
Today we have heard about people from Singapore sayin' that they have the Floorball world record in Guinness - as it comes to the fastest score in a game - and it sounds like a guy from that kingdom have scored 2 goals within 5 seconds - yes the very same guy. A regular hat trick in many other team sports must take eons in comperative terms to accomplish is our thought.
Then from Sweden we learn about a game in the highest league SSL where AIK won over Dalen with 13-9 - some 22 scores and the third highest ever in that league - the highlight video clip is not out yet - but we have to understand that the video needs a bunch of edits..

here it is

More tricky Twitter notions

Image linked in via
The picture above shows different types of networks for communication. A) represents the old idea of mass media where one central node supply most information. In reality it is true that some minor interaction can occur as well between the end users too - like when people discuss news. The model at C) is a distributed network and it is more like what is possible on social networks. B) is like a transition phase in between.

Last week we came out as the worlds fastest growing #Floorball tweeter on Twitter. That is nothing to brag about since still our numbers are petty. But it is our opinion that the distributed network as shown in figure C) is by far superior as we want to spread the word about Floorball. So one of the tricks we use to gain more followers is to avoid and unfollow all those twitter communicators on the floorball subject that build more old fashion centralized twitter networks around themselves. How do we know that? We do not - but we take the notion - if a twitter account is not following us back - well then they are most likely not building a distributed network. And thus we unfollow them.
We also communicate on twitter to say when we unfollow big Floorball twitter accounts. What happens doing this - as we unfollow others like this - we suddenly start to grow.
So why not follow our example - unfollow twitter accounts that do not follow you back and tell the world that you have unfollowed them?
Then of course we actively tries to follow a bunch of new people too - but not that very much..only as time allows.
Then of courze - we have used one additional little trick that have worked rather well. If you ask kindly we may share that trick too.

It is our opinion that the growth of Floorball on social media is crucial for the growth of Global Floorball.

Storm Hockey in Tomah meant Floorball too

The other day we played Floorball at the Hockey Club here in town. It is not common practice yet in Wisconsin. But Storm Hockey from North Dakota brought it in.
We got it on tape too - with kids having some fun.
One of them yelled - "wow I did not know Floor Hockey was this fun" - the thing is that Floorball is NOT Floor Hockey. But since we did not want to ruin the young man's day - we kept silent. He did not, as we heard "here here here" all the time...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We can talk about soft hands and game sense for Hockey players... forever

But this pic shows it all

Just look at the grip - look at the eagle eyes... control.

Picture is taken by Juri Danilow - he has the full copyright - we have asked by email 2 days ago to use it here but not heard back.
NB, this is not a copy but an url link to the already published image. In case the copyright owner do not like this posting we will take it down. Problem is - this picture speaks more than 1000 words.

Direct from the Office

The first sticks arrived at the office - picture linked in via an instagram url... thanks for sharing Matt!

Trendy Buzz Mag Covers Floorball in the USA

Yup let's shake em Americanos around a bit....

hmm we thought other mags would pick up this before - but dawg on it were we wrong... so sorry you other guys - but you are in the rear mirror now.

And now entertainment time...

"The Moment Of Truth" by Kurre Westerlund (manager of one of Finlands best floorball Team: SSV)

 Thank you jorge for pickin' this one up

Wheelchair Floorball via via

Just in via BCFloorball
Wheelchair Floorball at ParaGames

Gold Medalist Patrick Anderson- 2013 Nominee for IPC Male Athlete of the Year

An exciting new era in North American Wheelchair Hockey has begun, as Team British Columbia, representing Canada took to the Floor at the ParaGames in Breda, Netherlands. This is the first North American team to go compete internationally in this great new sport.

Locally, Nationally and Continentally, Wheelchair Hockey for Manual and Electric Wheelchairs has had a decent history of participation, however it’s with #FLOORBALL equipment and rules that has really changed the game and given our players opportunities to compete in large scale tournaments like the Prague Wheel Open and the ParaGames....
Read the full scoop and story here

Unihoc and their definitions...

First this picture
Linked in via URL from Unihoc Facebook page.

It is utterly important for us to say that we support this - and this is the right thing to do - and thank U Unihoc - You shine in this respect as compared to other manufacturers and/or floorball brands.
Good - but one thing can be done better and that is your definition of things.

We agree that this is charity and a good deed. But it is something else that could maybe even larger too - you just miss to define this.
We tossed a few days ago up some fundamental ideas about what modern sports should contain. This is what we wrote: - A real sport should actively work with its own environmental footprint
Source Here

This is exactly what Unihoc is doing by shipping out used equipment - we are talking about how to RE-CYCLE!
Yes this is unchartered territory - this is to take care about the environment - this is to have an idea about global warming and this is where Floorball should be.
Ice Hockey has programs in place to collect used equipment - based upon an environmental approach (at least I think we have read about that at some place). So this is not only charity - this can be so much more - if we only could define what we do - ok?

On another note we think Floorballcentral has helped Unihoc with another definition too - we might one day publish what we wrote them and how they nowadays fully comply with our suggestions. But we will save that for another post...
Hey Unihoc - good luck with any Charity drive - just make em based upon recycling and environmental concerns too - please!

Montreal Open 2013

The real Mountain calls - mont - real...


The 2013 edition of Montreal Open will take place on November 9-10 in Montréal, Québec.

This is the 8th edition of the Open and this year the tournament will be organized by the Montreal Floorball 
Club (MFC).

As being an open tournament as usual, this time around the Open elite division will also serve as the first round 
for the Canadian Floorball League (CFL). Visiting clubs from Cambridge, Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto 
alongside home team Montreal FC, will be competing for both CFL and the Open honors.

Location: Just like last year, Cegep St-Laurent will serve as our tournament venue. It is close to
the St-Laurent borough core (with restaurants etc.), next to the highway 40, 15 minutes from the
airport, next to a metro station and not far from downtown Montréal.

Address: 625 Sainte Croix Boulevard, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 3X7
Parking is not free at the Cegep parking so we would recommend you to buy a ticket. For less than
$10 you can get a ticket to last for a day.

Dates and times: Saturday November 9th (9am to 8pm) and Sunday November 10th (9am to 6pm).

Registration fees and deadlines:
Intermediate: $450
Elite: $550
Registration and payment deadline is Sunday October 26th.
Teams that register and/or pay later than October 26th have to pay a $50 delay fee to be eligible
for the tournament.

Payment method:

Rosters (with names, numbers and birth dates) need to be sent to by
November 7th.
A maximum of three Montreal Open elite division players are allowed on an intermediate division team
Minimum participator age is 15 years as of November 9th, 2013.

When registering your team:
you need to state complete club name
which division your club want to participate in (intermediate or elite)
name of contact person including email, home phone and cell phone
roster with player names, numbers and birth date as well as staff names and birth dates (if finalized - but no later than November 7th) payment (no later than October 26th).
uniform color (both home and away if applicable)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email to or 
call 450-575-6186

Welcome to the Montreal Open and hope to see you there in November!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Honda in Floorball - Sweden

Swedish Floorball has a long row of top notch sponsors.
One of these is Honda.
And right now they run a campaign - that means if you buy a new Honda - they will give you SEK 4000  - roughly 620 USD to buy Floorball equipment for...

You know what - we wish Honda will start to sponsor Floorball in the USA too - ;-D
Use a translation service... and continue to wish hard.

Hands on - tight or not? What about dynamics?

The parent yelled to his young skater - "both hands on the stick!".

That was wrong - first since parents are not supposed to yell - and most likely not coaches either. Often the players will not hear and many verbal bursts are probably more aimed to impress other parents?
OK, we admit. At times it is good to hold both hands on the stick - but not always. We have seen too many game determining situations to be decided by using only one hand - both in the offence and the defence. Yupp, we are still talking Ice Hockey.

Even if Floorball is slightly different and it is slightly more common with one hand on the stick (we do not have any scientific studies to prove this statement) - still, two basic principles rule the way you want to hold your stick.

Principle One.
First do we grab the stick firm and hard? Yes at times we do. But not that much as we fire our gun but more as we fight over the ball and maybe in a tight clinch with another more evil stick blade.
No one chops wood by hand these days - but if you do that - you will fast realize that a looser grip provides a faster acceleration - since this optimizes the swing. It is the a similar thing as when you hit that funky Floorball ball - you want to optimize the speed. So our principle one is mainly about the hardness of the grip and the truth - all according to us - both hard and soft grabs of the stick is good to have.

Principle Two.
This is trickier and involves other perhaps higher values as love and music. This is how David Oertel describes how a conductors baton should be held Yet again we see the description of the higher level of excellence or an almost mystical level of Self-actualization. This is when the grip does not exist anymore in the mind of the holder and the stick unites with the player as into one unit. This principle is more about mental awareness about the grip or not - where the higher level means that the player has reached the optimal melting point with his or her stick.

You know what;
We think all this can be wrapped up by saying - get a dynamic grip on things and explore further with that stick of yours.
So maybe that is exactly what the parent should have yelled too?

Poking fun of a Mr.Kane again, this time Mr. Evander...

Recently Advertisements for the new Bauer Vapor Ice Hockey stick showed a skilled Patrick Kane playin' around with his stick - days later - several similar Floorball videos jumped up...

As Unihoc's new Östholm video jumped up today - we did not first realize that they were poking fun of this video below... so here it is again in its right context...
Around the watercooler is where things gets discovered at the office, right? Maybe at other places too? And.. do not deny your kids Floorball please...

1: Evander Kane, Winnipeg Jets (NHL)

Video 2: Martin Östholm, Pixbo Wallenstam (SSL)


Was released some 20 Minutes ago from NEW YORK.

can't be better - sorry about the yelling by the way but you get exited when tomorrow comes around.. and knocks your door.

That best ever includes all sorts of Films... yes all sorts..

Östholm in an ad for Unihoc

Fun right

How to evolve?

Guide for developing Floorball-country

State of the game

How's floorball doing? That's the question, many people in the field of Floorball are asking throughout the globe. Answers can be divided by regions.

In Europe the boom is emerging effectively. The national teams of Finland and Sweden are easily the top two in the game (Sweden being the ultimate best, sorry Finns). Next two are the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Both of them have had some success against the two top countries. After that we have some quite promising buzz from Russia, Norway and Germany.

Then we have Spain, Greece, Italy and France also. All of these mentioned have established leagues and possibly divisions even. I could easily say that the game has it's window of opportunity in this continent wide open. Is IFF ready jump through it?

At the new continent, both USA and Canada have allready attended the IFF World Championships. News suggest though that in both of these conuntries, the state of the game is pretty well comparable to the state of ice hockey in mediterranean. One must however not be sad about it, rather Norht Americans should use this state as point of evolution.

By scrolling the history of IFF World Championships, we can easily say, that the europeans dominate the game where more oriental teams tend to struggle. Goal difference is a good measurement in here, rather than wins and ties. In 2012 Singapore had -57, Hungary -39, Japan -37 and Canada -41. Those were last teams in their respective groups. Third-comers were Estonia +-0, Poland -22, USA -7 and Russia -9. Stats are clear, the teams are far from equal, horrible numbers were still added to table in the play-offs.

But as said, this is the modenrn situation.

What's done better in top-4?

Well, this should be easy. In Finland, Sweden, Czech and Swizerland there are very promising numbers of U-19 registered players. Worn-out proverb states, that the future is in the children. And so it is in floorball also. The junior system MUST be developed in the very early stage of the new game. Thus the propaganda, if you will, about the game should be emphasized towards schools and other organizations working with the youth.

I have to say that in Finland, regardless about the two WC titles, the majority of people still think that floorball is the "girly" game for those who are too weak for ice hockey (ring a bell, canadians?). So even we have still to prove ourselves.

The Finns have succeeded in putting floorball to schools. Recent reports suggest, that floorball is the most popular sport in gymnastics classes throughout the country. Schools have invested in decent rinks and goals, not to mention the tapes on the floor for the game. This has eventually generated the popularity of the game to rise to it's moden level. We have junior teams in both genders from 7-year olds up to U20:s. The situation is the same in Sweden, I have no knowledge about the system in two other countries, but the amount of junior players (19 911 in Czech, 14 637 in Switzerland) suggests that at least nearly similar system is used.

Aside from children, the game is very popular in sporting events of commercial businesses. Many corporations, unions and other type of organizations have their own floorball championship tournaments. This is also a point, that should be noticed in other countries as well. Promotion tours are one way to acchieve this goal.

What could/should be done?

I like to summarize things. In coaching and in daily work, I like to simplify things to few main points that can be conducted in the fashion that the local atmosphere requires.

  • Juniors
    • As pointed out earlier, junior system develops the future star players
  • Active promotion
    • Tours to schools, companies, organizations other sport teams.. the list is endless.
  • International contacting
    • Both in knowledge and education in coaching, player development and refereeing
    • For foreing players GO ABROAD! Play in other countries, develop yourselves, bring the knowledge back home.
  • Having patience
    • The did not pop up instantly in Europe, it will not do it in your country. But it is able to do thata
I am confident, that the floorball people are eager to assist new countries in development. For example, I'm more than eager to visit other countries and to give my knowledge about the game to their usage. And there are quite many people like me throughout Europe.

- Tommi

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!