We are delighted to inform you that we will have two Latvian national players playing at the US Floorball Invitational.
Andis Blinds and Ainars Juskevics
Andis Blinds
About Andis Blinds:
Goalie of team Latvia in WFC2004, WFC2006, WFC2008, WFC2010
5 times champion of Latvian floorball championship
6 times nominated as the best goalie in Latvia
DOB: 1983-26-10
Ainars Juskevics 
He is widely considered as the greatest floorball player of all time in Latvia. He was ranked 25th place in the 2007 list of the greatest floorball players in world. Juskevics is a member of the Latvian National team. He is one of the leading scorer of the national team.
Position: Center
Shoots: Right

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We plan to be back with a comment on the efforts from Latvia soon