Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cool Move from Canada

As they let all Floor hockey and Ball hockey players try Floorball for Free.

In our humble opinion all Floorball groups across North America should offer this!

Via Floorballpro as a tweet;

First the Tweet  for Kids and Adults! Floor Hockey & Ball Hockey players can try floorball for free in Sept:

and then the link ok ;-D

Hey there!
Try floorball for free!

Hockey fun for kids and adults
What's Floorball? Floorball Highlight Reel
What's floorball? It's hockey without the ice. Watch the video above to see what Steve Stamkos thinks.
Floorball is an exciting, safe and inexpensive form of indoor hockey suitable for players of any skill level. Great off ice training for hockey players. Leagues are starting in Toronto this month.
Learn more about floorball from:
FloorballPro | The Score | Toronto Star | NHL.com | Globe & Mail
Game Times
Toronto Recreational(Adult)
Sun 5:30-7:30PM
Ryerson Kerr Hall
31 Gerrard E.
Sept 15th, 2013
Toronto Intermediate(Adult)
Tues 8:00-10:00PM
York Glendon
Bayview & Lawrence
Varies per team!
Contact us for details
Sept 17th, 2013
Toronto Competitive(Adult)
Sun 7:30-9:30PM
Ryerson Kerr Hall
31 Gerrard E.
Sept 15th, 2013
Toronto Youth(Kids)
Fri 6:00-8:00PM
Crescent School
Bayview & Lawrence
Oct 4th, 2013
Ready to sign up?
Surf to the online registration page now!
Note: you must create a Membership Profile for Floorball Canada first which will open up the ability to join a league.
Want to try it first?
Attend an open house session or contact us to try a free game. Just bring yourself, shorts, t-shirt & indoor shoes. Floorball equipment can be provided.
Don't see a league in your area?
No problem. Contact us to start one! You can also check out the Where to Playsection for a full listing of groups or watch how your Minor Hockey Association can start their own league.

Keep in touch with us by joining the PlayFloorball facebook page. You can also follow @playfloorball on Twitter. To learn more about our leagues, check out our league website at www.playfloorball.com or call us at 416-972-9305 x101.
Don't hesitate to get in touch anytime as we are always happy to talk floorball. I hope to see you on the court this year.

Juha Mikkola & The Grassroots Floorball Team
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!