Monday, September 30, 2013

SSL Fall 13 - Vipers-Crusaiders

It is so fast that the cameraman looks slow

Fundamentals and Perfectionism in the stick selection - and beliefs

You probably find as many opinions about Floorball sticks as there are people - or at least sticks..
This is how we think it works.

First there are a few very Fundamental things to think about;
A) The stick should roughly reach your belly button. A few exemptions are possible. It seems like some Hockey players prefer a slightly longer stick - but still not too long. Some younger kids act almost Ok with a little taller stick too. And specialized and advanced forwards in wheelchair Floorball tend to prefer rather short sticks for lightning fast stickhandling.
The thesis is a long stick provide good reach and the shorter stick faster movement but less reach.

B) A righty player should use a righty stick and the hook of your blade will affect how you play Floorball - just try different hooks and you will discover this. Straight blades are mainly for entry level players, but it is also true that some of the worlds best players use almost no hook and close to a straight blade.

C) A sturdier and a little more heavy stick will last - in most cases. The very lightest sticks can last a long time too - but this also relates with how you play the stick. The Flex in your stick is another related dimension to how the stick might behave - but at the fundamental level you will survive with the most common flex numbers

D) You must believe in your stick. This is the mental dimension of how much you love your stick - and doubtless many Floorball players develop love for the tool of their trade.

Color, Brand, Flex, Blade; shape, face, size or design features, or the sticks Design, Special features, the Grip, Curve, Shaft design, Special flex designs, extreme weight and all other new things that the high-tech Floorball industry are constantly developing... it all can be sorted in under the headline Perfectionism. And these areas are where you dive into after you feel this path to be right for you to excel in Floorball.

As an entry level and or recreational player the fundamentals are much more important - and you know what?
All the tricks in the areas of perfectionism can perfectly well be sorted in under our D) point too at the Fundamental level -
"You must believe in your stick"

To App or Not? And this time win shoes on guessing?

The IFF has just recently upgraded their app for Android and the iOS version should be out at any moment - if it is not already out.
This is with no doubt one of the best tools one may have if you want to keep track of the largest tournaments and - as You might already know - the Champions Cup is just around the corner.

We strongly advise this app if you are interested in Floorball and its International development at the top level.

Here is an article that the IFF recently released

This time if you guess good on the results before the Champions Cup you may win a pair of shoes...

Apps are otherwise an interesting subject. Many are those outlets that have produced their own proud app and then just wondered why not more people liked it as much as they do themselves? It is our opinion that a news APP for Floorball is a very good thing. We are also firm in our guessing that so much more traffic will go via phone connections (maybe apps) in the next years. Down the road however it would not surprise us if information as well as the way it is packed together is independently wrapped up and the presentation screen (TV/Phone or computer) will not affect the content at all beside of maybe the size...

Support the IFF and the sport - download the IFF Floorball APP today!

Not the first time for Roger Federer

Earlier we wrote and told you how he has referred to his own Floorball experience (as many many many European Tennis players.
Here he wishes one of the best Swiss Floorball teams good luck.
Roger Federer and Floorball via FTTO

Sunday, September 29, 2013

It is only when we make mistakes we have good opportunities to learn new things

OK, this is a fast report on Frontier Floorball.
This is a dynamic thing; meaning one night we have a full house and it looks like we can not host all players and the potential for even more players looks crazy good.
This means we are on the verge for a crisis and we must try to find another venue or a set-up that works better for us. But dynamics means things can go in the other direction too.

So tonight we did the experiment to move to another school with the opportunity to use two courts.
And we probably could have been a bit more prepared (lesson learned). The divider between the two courts did not fold all the way down to the floor. It stopped like 73 millimeters above the floor. And a Floorball ball is like 72 millimeters in diameter. Not good. Then the drop down wall was so soft that it did not work to play balls against it. Hmm.
Next problem was that the crew was a bit more thin as compared to earlier - we were close to the minimum to play on two courts. Hmm. Then we did not have the key to the box to control the divider between the courts and someone closed the box - the same box we did not have the key for (lesson learned).

Then after like 45 minutes of play a Basketball crew shows up and claim the courts belongs to them.
We gave in.

This is Frontier Floorball. And a new thing.

Floorball is serious about Special Olympics

This is quoted from IFF
"Special Olympics demo at the Champions Cup 2013
On October 3rd the CC spectators will have the opportunity to watch a Special Olympics Floorball demonstration match.
The local Special Olympics club team Koovee will show the spectators what Special Olympics floorball is all about during the demonstration match played on Thursday October 3rd. The game will be played during the second intermission of the Women´s match Sveiva - Classic"

US Invitational is over

So far we have bit and pieces of information.
We know that Manhattan Kings took the title and BosDiego did a good tourney.
The best source of information is at this moment this page
or dive into their twitter stream
We expect more from these guys out in the East that have done a very good job..

Friday, September 27, 2013

Dear Thomas Bach

Floorballcentral agree with you - the youth is crucial and we should not only consume sports - but produce sports activity too.
You most likely already know that Floorball might be one of several keys to unlock sports tomorrow for all the kids.
About 9% of the Swedish population are engaged in Floorball at least once a week...

Cheating on Wax?

We ran into this goalie blog that discussed the glide and slide of things. This is when the goalie slide over the floor - knees down from post to post - on, his or her, knees full Floorball style.
It is a well preserved truth that a goalie in Floorball that is able to slide good also moves fine over the floor covering the net.

But to slide in the best way over the floor - it is good or at least beneficial if you either spray your pants with some silicone or why not wax them up with a candle?

Problem is that this is in most leagues illegal - why?
Now you better think - do you think the floor gets slippery if it is full of wax or silicone or not>?
Can a forward slip maybe and is this advancement thing cheating?

We think it is. But then we know people in baseball that spit on the ball too.
What to do? Maybe just stay calm and keep on playing Floorball huh?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wow the IFF is preparing Live streams perfectly right for Champions Cup

This is what the IFF is doing for the Champions Cup and streamed Live Floorball;
A) In very good time they have tonnes of games listed to be streamed live
B) The embed code is easily accessible and this may be re-streamed by many blogs like this one
C) A clear count down is visible so it is easy to see how long it is left until the game starts for each live stream (not when the game starts - something that is irrelevant in the global perspective - but how long it is to go to game start)
D) All games are listed in good chronological order

We at will do the following;
A) We have opened up a new tab for streamed live Floorball
B) We have posted the streams for the first day - will will fill up with more streams after the first day (or earlier). But for now this is a well filled tab.
C) The one thing we hope for is English commentary and maybe the score superimposed over the stream - but we know that is to ask for much ;-D
D) It would be great if stream time before games, and in-between games, as well as after are used for advertising - for the sport itself or for sponsors...

You have to do this;
A) Find the Tab up to the right on this blog or use this link
B) Set aside some time to see awesome Floorball of top notch quality
C) Wait until the games start - as you start a clip - via YouTube a timer comes up and tell you how long til start - or you may also bookmark the time via IFF's YouTube channel to your own digital calendar. Today you have plenty of time to get prepared and plan for this - as this is our pre notice in good advance
D) Enjoy

To sum it all up - this looks like a Floorball blogger paradise ;-D

Twitter Update Sept 2013 - 1000 Followers!

Today we are happy to announce that we have 1000 followers on Twitter.
We are the third most followed Twitter account in North America and the by far largest in the USA. We trail BCfloorball and Floorballpro - at times we have been ahead of them. But not now - that is not important as long as we all grow at a steady or explosive pace. And that is exactly what is going on - check out the list below and enjoy how Floorball grows very fast on Twitter too.

Here is the full list by the way; courtesy of Floorball News;

Canada Cup is the only other North American account on this list. Then one may wonder why we are not on the profile list instead - but who cares as long as we may promote Floorball?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time to warm up for WFC 2013

It will be so cool just a few months now

To the tune of squeaking shoes and the rhythm of plastics

Back - in lost eons of time - when we tried to play Floorball in funky rooms - found at Universities in Gothenburg Sweden. Yes, this is at the time when we even played in rooms with ceiling pillars and walls covered with mirrors. Almost bizarre conditions to normal standards of today...  Imagine a full wall filled with mirrors for young girls to dance ballet in front of - but you hunk down and use it for Floorball instead...
Yes that is a chapter in itself.. just imagine to play with a mirror wall and the mirror image of the ball going - do you think someone ran into that wall too? Well, Anyway.
At some point during this time we did some experiments with music too.

It was cranked up music from boom-box big volume - what did we think? Hm, we probably had seen some other high intense work-out being performed to music, so why not?
What came out of it?
It is hard to guarantee that the memory is right (since we ran into the mirrors a couple of times) - but it was kind of annoying to go and switch side on the tape player each 30 minutes, then the sound level was either too high or not pumping enough. If you truly are focused on playing a little bit better floorball with full focus and prestige with your buddies - well then the music is just like a loose hat or something that does not fit the costume.

We do not know what other people at other places in the world have as the experience playing Floorball to loud and forceful music? It would fun to know.

Today, we think the best music is that tone of squeaking shoes on the floor and the rough beat of plastics.

US Floorball Invitational - game plan

The latest from Gfloorball and US Invitational is the game plan;
It looks like below - the full scope you will find here with much to come -


September 28, 2013ottawaOttawa BlizzardManhattan_Kings_Logo_fin 150Manhattan Kings8:00 am
September 28, 2013Philly Stormers1Philly Stormers/NJ BlackoutBosdiego_logoBosDiego8:45 am
September 28, 2013Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 7.40.25 AMToronto UnitedSF_logo_whiteSan Francisco Floorball9:30 am
September 28, 2013Bosdiego_logoBosDiegoottawaOttawa Blizzard10:30 am
September 28, 2013Manhattan_Kings_Logo_fin 150Manhattan KingsScreen Shot 2013-09-22 at 7.40.25 AMToronto United11:15 am
September 28, 2013SF_logo_whiteSan Francisco FloorballPhilly Stormers1Philly Stormers/NJ Blackout12:00 pm
September 28, 2013ottawaOttawa BlizzardScreen Shot 2013-09-22 at 7.40.25 AMToronto United12:45 pm
September 28, 2013Philly Stormers1Philly Stormers/NJ BlackoutManhattan_Kings_Logo_fin 150Manhattan Kings1:30 pm
September 28, 2013SF_logo_whiteSan Francisco FloorballBosdiego_logoBosDiego2:15 pm
September 28, 2013Philly Stormers1Philly Stormers/NJ BlackoutottawaOttawa Blizzard3:00 pm
September 28, 2013Manhattan_Kings_Logo_fin 150Manhattan KingsSF_logo_whiteSan Francisco Floorball3:45 pm
September 28, 2013Bosdiego_logoBosDiegoScreen Shot 2013-09-22 at 7.40.25 AMToronto United4:30 pm
September 28, 2013ottawaOttawa BlizzardSF_logo_whiteSan Francisco Floorball5:15 pm
September 28, 2013Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 7.40.25 AMToronto UnitedPhilly Stormers1Philly Stormers/NJ Blackout6:00 pm
September 28, 2013Manhattan_Kings_Logo_fin 150Manhattan KingsBosdiego_logoBosDiego6:45 pm

Updated app from the IFF - win shoes

This is what they write this morning.

The IFF Events Mobile App for CC 2013 is launched for  iOS and Android! Guess the results and win Asics shoes!

Download the iOS version in the App Store &
Android version on Google Play

Get all the Champions Cup results, stats, news, tweets and YouTube live matches directly to your iOS or Android device!  Guess the CC results, collect points and win Asics shoes!

Start by select your favorite team and get social by sharing the game actions or your result tips on facebook or twitter.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We borrow some stuff from Happee...

Happee is the worlds most recognized Floorball club on social media and they do so much good for Floorball - they even produce stuff in English like this:

Happee broke the curse of NST

Second match since the beginning of the season and a second victory for the moose!
  1. After the successful visit in Tampere the moose herd didn’t have much time to recover, as the bus headed to Lappeenranta right on the following morning at 10:30 a.m.

    On Sunday Happee won the match almost the same way as it happened with Koovee previously. The moose brought the points home after crushing NST with 3-6.

    The absolute top guns of Sunday’s match were Jami Manninen with a hat-trick and Veli-Matti Hynynen with two passes and the prize for best player of the match. Happee’s young defender Eemil Ukkonen has a strong presence in the game as well, striking his first goal for the league with a distant shot during the first period...

    If you want to read the full story you go here

    OH, let us share a full game too - not live - so take out the Chromecast now and cast it up onto the big screen please

NO not in America - but in Europe

North America does not yet have the number of players - but parts of Europe do.
What we mean a certain part of the population are Floorballers - no not in places where it is too dominant - but in places - where you find reasonable levels of Floorball interest...

OK, here is the plan - for the right time and place - Floorballcentral hereby suggest that some folks seriously starts to arrange:

Who is first being a bit modern?

Extracurricular Networks

One of the first ideas to build the Internet was to make it indestructible in case of war and it did not take them long to figure out that the best way to do this was to use a rather independent network and to ship packages through the network. The idea was to build a stable thing that would last.

I do not think anyone understand how extra curricular sports at Middle (Junior High) or High Schools work until you either have worked with them, participated in them or had a child engaged in something. This is massive, this is well arranged, this is bussing, this connects all the schools in some or another way to other schools - and in essence it is a huge STABLE network of larger proportions.

Dennis Chighisola has told us several times that the idea to fast ger Floorball going in the American school system will be very very hard if not undoable. As we now encounter the larger system with the structure of a very stable network - well he might have a point, Even if we can get Floorball into a number of schools - well nothing will happen until the majority of schools in the same network will recognize what a great sport Floorball is. So to do this from the grassroot approach will be time consuming. It is probably way better to do this with a top down approach instead.

The task to inform and entertain Americans about Floorball is not undoable - it is just a huge task. And we are doing some very interesting in-roads, traffic is growing and much is still to come...
Just watch out for Gfloorball this weekend... to start with.

The Indian Floorball Federation set a very good example

It has just been reported that the Indian Floorball Federation has just announced an official Floorball day in India. Cool!
That is incredible news and exactly what we have said before - ok ok we have not said that India should do this but we have said that the full global Floorball community should do this.
Good deal here is how we think... since Inda was first - why can not other nations, just tag along? Do the same - use this the Indian day and honor them for this idea - then start to celebrate you own national Floorball day on the very same day.

We go with India here and we say - August 31st is the date to Celebrate Floorballs own day!

You need to start to plan this now.

Here is the full story from the IFF

Finnish Floorball is a tricky Sport

Say no more
Photo via IFF

But it is only the player behind the guy in yellow that holds his stick too high, above the hip. hmm And the McDonald team seems to be a bit more in balance right?

More On Results and Standings

Our Dear friend at Floorball Results is doing an awesome job to keep all results and standings in order for the TOP 4 leagues in the world.
As a BETA test we have now tossed up a separate TAB that links you directly to their site.
If this works good and if they allow us to keep this linked function.
It seems like Floorballcentral will be able to provide you with even deeper insights about Floorball.
Why not pick a favorite team and try to follow it throughout the season and maybe on twitter?

Our advice? Why not follow Happee - that so far has done the most on social media for Floorball.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Minneapolis sent us a Postcard


Wheels of Speed

via Interesting post from the IFF
Photo via IFF

The Wheel Wolf team is regularly playing their league games in the Czech Wheelchair floorball league. BUT they are a Polish team.. so in essence one might say that the czech league is transnational...
This Photo is from an exhibition game this summer when the asphalt was close to melting - and maybe it was the heat that made the goalie to leave his facemask on the ground?

Full story here 

And more Wheelchair info here

Can some Floorballer beat this too?

This is why we love Hockey - it is fun!

Floorball gives Hockey a lesson? Updated!

Or is it the other way around?
Yes, to be honest this time it is the other way around. Well that is not the most important question - but the question is if Floorball is good for stick-handling skills?

No, that question just turns into a joke.

The other day we posted Patrick Kanes amazing puck/stick-handling skills from a commercial made in Chicago.  We loved it.
Only two days later - Floorball's own answer surface and this time from Pascal Kern in Switzerland.

Here is the original:

 - we guess the guys at Bauer did not explore too much about Floorball. We also just guess that the first video was done for peanuts - and the second one - well that invoice was probably properly typed up and sent by snail mail.
LOL, OK, Sorry for the tease - could just not help it.

Let's at least try to look at this a bit more serious.
If you look very carefully you might notice that out of Mr. Kane's all incredible moves not all are 100% perfect - but as close as any athlete may do this - we guess. It is the same for Mr. Kern, a few hardly detectable moves not 100%perfect in his clip too.
What about speed? The law of physics provides the Floorballer with much lighter equipment - the ball weigh 23 grams and Mr. Kern's stick most likely weigh in at around 200 plus some grams. This indicate that the Floorball moves ought to be a tad bit faster - but in all honestly it is impossible to tell from these clips.
Where we think the subtle difference show is when Mr. Kern do toe-drag sweeps of the ball towards his own body as we see them as utterly fast. Then of course as he kick the ball up in the air and bounce it on the upper side of the stick - a ball makes that move easier than the puck.
But if  Kern is the worlds fastest stickhandler in Floorball, we do not know, and it would not surprise us if we will see more attempts to show of like this from other Floorballers.

Then you might also ask yourself who is paid the most for doing this? And if Floorball in school has anything to do at all - with the fact that Switzerland made it to the world ice hockey championships final last spring?

This is the another video of this kind from Floorball. The first a classic hockey ad featuring Gretzky and Sundin for McDonald's  - then remade in a Swedish Floorball version by Salming.  Enjoy;

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Frozen Shorts on yelling at kids

Mr. V.J. Stanley is behind the blog Frozen Shorts. 
This is a coaching resource for youth sports. Much of what Mr. Stanley say is based upon a life long experience from coaching sports. Frozen Shorts is to us also very much in line with what the Long Term Athletic Development line of thought say is good. This is only one reason why we think Frozen Shorts has an important message.
Frozen Shorts has kindly granted us permission to repost his latest posting - on the subject to yell at kids.

Stop Yelling at kids during a game
I am not sure why this has become so prevalent. Last Sunday I was at a youth sports event, and as always, the sport does not matter. There were 6 year olds playing. One coach yelled at his player: “If you don’t want to be out here, I’ll let someone else in who does.”

I am not sure what bothered me more: the fact that nobody on this team thought this should be stopped, or more precisely, that this was obviously an every game occurrence.
Let me explain a couple of things about kids that I have learned from being a parent and a coach. Kids trust adults. Especially adults put in a position of authority. Trying to teach kids by yelling at them makes them feel awful. They live in the moment. When they feel hurt, they rebel, ignore, and/or shut down.

They are kids. The younger they are the harder it is to teach them “plays”. Just let them play everything and love to be active. You know how many times kids change their minds in a day? Besides, it’s like trying to herd baby kittens and puppy dogs when they are that age.

If you want to see kids playing well with no yelling, go to my website and click on videos. Scroll down to the Pop Warner video. These kids were given one minute of instructions and allowed to play. The officials were a high school volleyball player and a high school soccer player. They were out there for safety and to blow the whistle when the play stopped. These kids were averaging between nine and sixteen plays in a 20 minute half under their coach’s tutelage. In the second half they will run 21 plays! Watch them do cart wheels and somersaults.

They do not perform their best when they are constantly being told what to do either. Ever heard a two year old say this: “I can do it by myself.” When is the last time you were at a playground and you heard the children stop what they were doing to ask an adult to give them more structure?

Coaching is a very important part of youth sports. A wise man once told me, “Coach the kid, not the sport.”
Or, Coach Molly and Bo, not the x’s and the o’s. This is what we do at Frozen Shorts. We use science, psychology, and data to teach all who will listen and want to learn that a safe, healthy, and happy child
will play all day if you let them play for fun.

You see it’s not my job to decide when or even if the light goes for those associated with youth and high school sports. My job is to just keep flipping the switch. I am just the messenger, the truth was already there.

You can follow VJ on twitter @VJJStanley, Please like him on facebook at frozenshorts, or read other essays from VJ and watch related videos at

Link to Frozen Shorts

The fall start at Tomah Fury - Floorball in Wisconsin

Tomah is off to their - unprecedented best season start ever.
Normally when the season starts it has been a little slow at first before the word is out and then it normally picks up. But this year beats everything we have seen before.
It is incredible how we during 2,5 hours - roughly - can get 30 people to be provided with a fun, fast and healthy work-out. We do not know any better way on how to utilize a gym - as efficiently as we do.

This creates however some positive problems, after this falls three session we realize that the crew has been fairly different each time. This means A) the word is out and people know we do Floorball but it also means B) if all these people would show at the same time - well that will not work. The day all 50-60 people show at the same time we will crash.

Solution? We will try to find a larger venue and start to play on two courts. Solution number Two is to form some sort of league - but first we must come down with venues and how to practically solve this positive problem.

More on Chromecast and Google

As Happee right now are streaming live and free floorball games via their YouTube account from Finland. ..
We now took the liberty to use the Google chromecast to cast Happee's live stream up to a large flatscreen here in Wisconsin - poff in hd - wireless from our smartphone.

Warning warning. A message jumped up via the chronecast app saying that we could not cast live video from a youtube stream.
This was serious bad news to us.

Google seems to not think right here. This must be changed in some way.

Another Wedding?

All U need is love, right?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Not too many Europeans have done as much as this Gentleman - for..

Floorball in the USA


(if you do not agree to this - let us know who and when - beside of some coaches)

Two rule dimensions; changes and interpretations

Rules in a sport may either be changed or interpreted differently. The recent rule change in Floorball to more and more allow foot passing in different leagues is a step forward for Floorball we think since it will increase the flow of the game. It is also a good example on a changed or new rule.

From Sweden we this week read about a heated discussion about reffing directives to much much tighter follow the rule books at Floorball face-offs in the top Floorball League SSL. There are articles, opinions and just a good debate going on - without any real change to the rule itself - but just the notion to a more strict policy to follow the rule book in detail. Beside of being a good discussion - we are not sure if the importance here will make the game better as in our first example. But there are no doubts - possession is king in advanced Floorball and therefore the face-off is important.

From Swedish Ice hockey, they also started with new directives for the refs in the highest Ice Hockey league, this year renamed to the SHL, or the Swedish Hockey League (wonder where they got that name from). In essence the refs are told to now be much less allowing in several aspects of the game.
And the instant reports from Twitter about this is often complaining things like - no, no, no - "now Ice Hockey in Sweden is like Floorball on Ice."

15 goals with Sisu

From the Finnish top level

South Africa number 56, via the IFF

South Africa was recently elected as IFF Member no 56 Floorball becoming the third IFF Member from Africa.

The previous IFF members from Africa are Mozambique and Sierra Leone.

The President of Floorball South Africa, Mr. Michael Kliment, was the person who officially introduced the sport in South Africa:
- I was asked by many of the young ladies who had been playing field hockey to find a new alternative sport similar to hockey.

Full story here

Friday, September 20, 2013

Kane's stick handling spread among Floorballers too

This clip is spreading over Floorball sites as an example on good stickhandling - we agree.
And since we are not far from Chicago here... Yes outstanding..

Latvia - 2016

Rigid and Static?

This summer we came across a job application for a teaching position at a regular middle school, often also called a junior high at some places.
It was not too much special beside of what most applicants would expect.
Still we found one thing that raised our eyebrows as we like to understand things and how they work.

Many teaching positions may involve some extra-curricular duties. This means that beside of the class room service, the teacher is also expected to participate in or manage other activities. We find that to be a good thing.

However as we back up to the job application the extracurricular services were all listed on a form, in very very specific terms and descriptions. This makes sense as the school wants order and organization. But it does not make sense at all in the case one want to bring something new and unknown to the school and the kids - like Floorball.

Why do we write about this here? Well we think this tiny example show a little puzzle piece on how tricky it can be to bring forward the paradigm shift of floorball.
We know for sure that Floorball at places are a success among kids and schools at almost incomparable proportions. But this example also show how only a rigid and static form can almost become a hurdle for new things.

Of course this is not a very large obstacle - but it kind of forms a static attitude we suspect? Maybe we are wrong?
But, just imagine if they worked with similar forms at silicon valley?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nag Nag Nag

Advertising is often everything but fair and balanced. Product information is to most consumers much more credible and valuable. But this means that the message must balance what is weak with one product compared with another. Then add style, street smartness, and passion as well a vibrant skills.

All this comes together in the constant stream of product reviews done by Klubbhuset TV.

There is only one problem - it is done in Swedish with no closed captions.
Maybe it is OK for Klubbhuset to do this for their own market.

But how brands like Unihoc, Salming, Fatpipe, Exel, Oxdog, Realstick and yes all the worlds top Floorball manufacturers can accept this - that the worlds best marketing Floorball TV stream goes on - with no closed captions goes far beyond our own understanding.
Then if Floorball eye's the Olympics - is it not time to have the world's best promotion material with subtitles? WE are speechless and that is good since there is no need to have a closed caption for a mute sound right?

So why not mute the sound and just watch some moving images?

The Ball Size & Young kids

In soccer we have described "cluster-ball" as kids are too young to play the comparative large ball fast enough in high grass. The all run after one ball that moves fairly slow in a cluster pattern.
Still Soccer use balls of different sizes (smaller for younger players).

The natural idea when you play Floorball with very young kids, like 4-6 years, would perhaps be, as in Soccer, also would use a smaller ball?

As the National Finnish Floorball Federation developed a form of Floorball for geriatric players or players with limited movement abilities they came up with a Floorball version called walking Floorball. One interesting recommendation however was to use a larger Floorball ball to slow down the game a bit.

Hmm does such balls exist?
Yes and no. There is such a ball for softball practice that would work.
The larger balls to the left are made for Softball and are close to 10 cm in diameter. The regular Floorball ball is 7.2 cm.

But the most remarkable of all this is that - to our knowledge - no single manufacturer are today offering such a ball for kids Floorball play. And we do not think such a ball with approvement from the IFF exists.

If it is now good to play a larger ball for very young kids - well then such a ball for Floorball should exist - right?

Where is Switzerland?

This is the top 10 countries visiting this blog since we started in 2009;

Pageviews by Countries - now closing in on a quarter million hits

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States








Czech Republic


Where in the world is Switzerland located, do you know?

Oxdog enters the US Floorball market

There has been several changes in the products available on the North American Floorball stick market over the last few years. We have seen Speedhoc to enter Canada as well as Realstick and Wooloc and more material being advertised from our Canadian friends. Other brands that we have seen before seems to have diminished in their activity as we think about Blast and a few other previous available brands.

Salming has doubtless been dominant (together with X3M) as the dominant brand both in USA, via Floorballplanet and Floorballpro in Canada. No wonder since they are so tight related to ice Hockey too. But also Unihoc and their sub brands are available with online outlets sourced from the east in Canada and from floorballgear in Calif. Last winter as Peter Forsberg engaged himself in the brand Exel, and he did talk about the potential North American market... we thought we would see some moves from that direction too - but this is apparently to happen yet.

We have been knowing for, some long time now, that Oxdog is present on the local market in NY but it is first today that they for the first time drum a little on the bom-bom instrument to tell the world about their presence. Oxdog has kind of walked in on their tippy toes before. We do not think they have a US online store yet - but it would not surprise us if they have such a thing up soon too.
Here is by the way a good Oxdog description from Spain what is going on with Oxdogs products
Then we have Blind Saves goalie gear available too...via NY.

Next post, will yet again touch base on all the big manufacturers and one of the repeatedly strange questions that we constantly get back to - we can not understand why they do not act in this matter - and we promise to continue to nag about this until be see a better approach... Hold out, you will know more soon.

Media in Sweden talks about NHL style league

Media in Sweden started yesterday to write about a new top league in Sweden for Floorball that would be shaped after an NHL concept. With two divisions, 2 more teams, and traveling teams that went on road trips to play away games etc. The reports also described how lower leagues would be configured. And it was said that all this would be valid from next season.

In comments to this some officials from SEI does not confirm or deny the reports in detail and say no decisions has been made.
Here is a TV clip in Swedish that is related

We say here;
A) A concept with less travel, shorter distances over the Geography and several games on each road trip is a slam-dunk in economical terms for every team as compared to the current system, the time it will take to get there is the main problem - not the opportunity. It is just to compare what is an opportunity and a problem.

But we also say;
B) The only way to fast shape floorball with much more even competition and much more interest for the sport - is the creation of trans-national leagues. This is the sure way to go if floorball wants to build for the Olympics. This would also mean much better exposure in English. This is to us - beyond a slam-dunk - and an obvious no brainier.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WFC 2014 Gothenburg Sweden - and some simple, but mad math

OK, it is about 15 months to go but - still let us just lay out some basic surrounding facts.

The World Floorball Championships in Gothenburg 2014 will become a rather remarkable event due to many reasons we think.
It will be the 10th big WFC celebration - and it will finally be back "home" in Sweden - in a town where much of Floorball's explosive development did start.

It will be played in the home arena of the Frölunda Indians, the Swedish SHL Hockey team. And its logo looks like this;

Then, as we just briefly do some basic math we come up with the following numbers; Gothia Cup in Floorball, at Scandinavium, has recently had 10 111 spectators watching a league game of floorball.
The Swedish final in 2005 was played in front of 14 656 in the audience.
In the Czech Republic - this spring - we saw a new Czech record of 10 451 spectators for their superfinale.

The Swedish final has a contract with Malmö Arena, their maximum capacity is at 15.500. But after the spring in 2014 the contract with the Swedish Floorball Federation is fulfilled. And, hold now on to your big helmet. This article - from the main Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet claims that the Swedish Floorball Federation has mad plans for the future as they eye the Tele 2 Arena with a capacity for 30.000 spectators or..... Friends Arena with a capacity for 50-65.000 in the audience for the 2015 Swedish National Floorball final. The idea is to set a new remarkable attendance world record for Floorball. Use Google translate please.

In light of this all - it seems almost creepy scary with a WFC in 2014 at Scandinavium with a max capacity of 12.044 spectators.

Let us just say that we are kinda happy here that we are not responsible for the selection of Scandinavium for the WFC in 2014. And to all you people that already works with this - we must say good luck.

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!