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You have seen machines shooting tennis balls right

Well this is what we call on a route to innovation..
And some cool save clips too etcetera full of life..

wow Finland, Floorball and Christa

Our last post has been shared 87 times on facebook and in about 12 hours this post sailed up to the 7 th most read post ever on this blog - in only 12 hours, it is fully unprecedented on this blog. We started blogin' in 2009.

But thanks to Finland, thanks to Christa herself, thanks to the power of Floorball this traffic jump here shows the incredible power of floorball.
Let us repeat - this is not floor hockey - do not make the blatant mistake to confuse floorball with things it is not.
Floorball is huge!

Thank You All for your visits

Thursday, August 29, 2013

One of the VERY best young ladies from Finland in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is lucky to yet again have a top notch Floorball athlete. The first player we had was Roger S. from Switzerland that came a few years ago to Osceola, here is a thing we have not showed you before on him,
Then we had Andreas from Storvreta, Sweden,, this is him as he took Horicon Wisconsin to win the recreational division in the Tomah Open Andreas also gave us some fun Zorro memories.

Today we have the honor to introduce a world class young lady from Finland, she, No. 20, just arrived to Wisconsin after a victory in the U18 girls Prague Open Championships.

Christa in Action

And as a winner in Prague this summer

We'll let her explain in her own words...

I'm Christa from Finland - now I'm a exchange student in the US. My hobby is floorball (salibandy in Finnish) so I brought my floorball stick and a few balls to the US so I can continue to practice . I started playing floorball when I was 10 years old and my dad was a coach many years until I changed to a new team last year. Because I have been able to train and play with older girls and at school I have had an opportunity to train with guys to improve my skills. I'm used to practice hard and many times per week because I want to reach my goals. One of the my goals is get in to Finland women's national team.

I have been selected to a floorball camps where they select the best players of specific age groups. I have been also selected my age girls finnish all stars game East v. West once.

I went to the Prague games with team Eastside last summer. Our team were a group of friends and our teams oldest player was 17 years old and we played in the girls U18 category. We won all our games but some games were tough. When we won the tournament it was the best moment in my life. And the Prague games is my very best floorball experience.

Everyone knows what floorball is in Finland but here things are different - no one knows what floorball is in Wisconsin and I always have to explain; that floorball is like a ice hockey without the ice and skates. Here is so hard to practice because I'm the only one who plays floorball. But everyone are interested to know what floorball is. I'm going to play ice hockey during this my exchange year here in the US so my skills won't go away.

FLOORBALL IS MY PASSION! it's a lifestyle.

- Christa

Here we find Christa's team in movin' action and we look forward and hope that she will bring some good moments to the Wisconsin Floorball scene too.

Welcome to WI Christa!

This is one of the more promising things from the Swedish blog world

Of course only available in Swedish - but with on-line translations the most fluent reader in any language - should get a decent amount of gist out of this one...
This what?

Here you have a brand new blog aimed at tactics. This blog is written by a highly active individual at the very highest level of Floorball in Sweden and therefore this individual wants to remain anonymous. We respect that. We also think that if you want to play serious good with your team - and that probably goes for ice Hockey too...
Then, with some translation tricks this blog might provide some seriously beneficial material.
In case you like it pls let us know.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Obama Stick Pic

via Ace and facebook by linked url

We think that is fully Ok - but we think it is a disaster that the LetsMove initiative are fully mute about Floorball. To us that is a serious serious problem.. ;-D . It is our understanding that this is a Photoshop trick above - but next week the President goes to Sweden to meet several Scandinavian dignitaries - so it would not be bad if someone put a real stick in his hands ;-D  Or, if you plan to go out and wave at him - skip the flag - wave at him with a Floorball stick instead ok?

UPDATED How to language bomb on Twitter



Still too many Sandbox people on twitter are just acting like native idiots on Twitter as it comes to Floorball.

Tweet after Tweet; from big clubs, and others like leagues, and federations come sailing in the native language and with using the native tongue only.

Hey Twitter is a global tool. Bad vibes babe if we want to grow this thing...

OK here is our prescription for a bomb action:
A) A Floorball Tweet comes up on a native tongue in your stream with native crazy hashtags like #IBSUMMER - fully non-comprehensible by any English spoken person
B) You hit the reply button
C) Translate the native Tweet into English - Replace all bad native sandbox hashtags with the clean english #Floorball
D) Add the word please
E) Hit send
F) You have now done a good deed, you have now embarrassed the nut behind the native tweet in a positive way and you have now spread knowledge about Floorball to so many more.
G) Bomb Away

Floorball rulez - Summer 2013

Most of our readers already know that the foot pass rule is being changed gradually in leagues over the world with the idea to allow foot-pass. Tests have shown that the tempo of games increases and yeah not very much negative stuff has been detected. Sounds Sound to us.

Then there has been a little discussion in the Swedish magazine Innebandymagazinet about the rule to allow passing back to the goalie. One writer claim that this rule came in play in the mid 2005, or something, and it was inspired by Soccer. The same writer claim that the rule that say you can not pass your own goalie has made the game much more defensive with defenders rolling the ball "around in defense positions". It also cuts out some of the offensive goalie action from the game.
Normally we here have strong opinions - but in this matter we only think the passing back to the goalie would be ok with a fairly weak vote.

Then rules like jumping, seeking the ball with the head, or playing it with your head...are also up on the table and one writer thinks they all should be scratched since they do not have too much to do with the core of the game and these rules just slow down the game...
We think maybe - but we are not sure - but sure the first time back in the ice age as a ref (it was Evert he reffed all the games in Gothenburg at this time) tried to explain to us that we could not jump - we thought he was kidding... :-) We never joke ourselves - oh, maybe we do.

Pickin' Tomatoes

Here is a sure way to make some Tomato pickin' a bit more fun..

Schools and Universities in the O' Phillipines

O' Phillipines, is located well straight o'crosse the water from LA and just a pebble toss away from Hawaii using US eyes... well almost.

This is what the IFF writes on the latest fast development in that area of the world;
"2012 was a very productive year for Floorball in the Philippines. It was reported in the assembly that through the support of the IFF Development Program, with equipment such as sticks, balls, and the rink, Floorball Philippines has been able to reach out and spread floorball across the nation. At present, floorball is already being played in the following schools in Metro Manila: Ateneo De Manila High School, Assumption College Makati, Colegio de San Agustin Makati, De La Salle Santiago-Zobel, and De La Salle University Taft-Manila. Floorball has continued to grow in the pioneering schools namely University of Asia and the Pacific, University of Makati, and University of the Philippines as they progressively grow as established floorball clubs.

Floorball is also growing in the central region of the Philippines particularly in Bacolod City and San Carlos City, spearheaded by Mr. Renato Bravo. Several schools in Western Visayas as well as those in Cebu and Palawan are potential areas to start floorball clubs."

Full story - as always here and it rains in information about Schools and Universities - just as it should.

Floorball Shoes

We know that Salming Shoes has been a tremendous success. First they came with the X-model then a special shoes for goalies ans now they have like three different models including the new exo-skeleton shoes.

The we know that Unihoc is far into the process to release a Floorball shoe too. Why, because that market likes it and it is a profitable business.

What is next? Well we think we will see shoes from Fatpipe (Angry Birds maybe), Oxdog, Exel and maybe realstick too?

This will create the good indent into shoes sales from some larger shoe brands as Adidas, Reebok and Nike, hopefully as more specialized shoes arrive to the market..
And what must their reasonable response be to not lose too much shoe business? To develop special Floorball shoes too? Maybe, but the most clever thing would be to answer with Floolball sticks by using hockey brands like Bauer, CCM and so on...
The development is right now rather interesting and maybe a brand like Sher-wood eventually will make a shoe too? Tomorrows development will be exceedingly interesting.
But just stay calm and play Floorball OK!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The invitational championship...

GFloorball straighten out some questions into clear answers here...

US Floorball Invitational is a yearly floorball tournament hosted by Generation Floorball. This year the focus will be on an Adult tournament and the reason is that there really are no youth teams in the US. Within the next years to come we really plan to host both adult, youth, male and female teams from all over the world. US Floorball Invitational will host  up to 16 teams from both Canada and the US.
US Championship is a yearly tournament that USFbA organize to crown the best US team. This year the US Championship will be played at the US Floorball Invitational.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email at
Thank You guys!

Check out Blinds, Irbe and Åman at the world's best Goalie Camp

What can we say - ha Mr. Andis Blinds might come to New York soon - and he is the man behind the worlds best Floorball goalie Camp ever that included instruction from Arturs Irbe - world famous NHL goalie.. Yes it all connects - we may only hope you connect too ;-p

Well, embedding does not work due to UMG and their copyrights... so please check this out at this YouTube link instead 

Look America

This is from Brandon Canada.
They have just announced their first division winners as Precision Toyota..

Look America, it is only the goalie that use protective gear in the worlds fastest team sport.
Congrats you guys

Monday, August 26, 2013

It is our opinion...

That Floorball is not growing fast enough in the USA.

Most kids do not have a clue about Floorball, what is worse is that the very same thing goes for most PE teachers and the big majority of hockey coaches and sport journalists too.

There are some floorball movement forward here and there, but not even close to the level it should be at. We think we know that Special Olympics may discover floorball for real within 1 to 16 months time. We think that is not fast enough. Maybe it can spread over from Canada - but that will take too much time too. Maybe USA Hockey finally realize the hockey benefits - like the Canadians already have. But the speed does not seem to be lightning fast there either. Field Hockey seems to be fully ignorant. Maybe toy sticks branded with Angry Birds will shake American kids - but still it will not happen next week... and so much more than some toys are needed.

So what to do? To continue to blog here with furious words and hard facts... or should we change tactics and become much more evil and angry to shake people around a bit?

The kids of today in the USA need Floorball NOW - much more than they need this blog and - much more than they need you and me.


Round-up today only

Floorballshop Spain explains on how the name Floorball was invented. If you do not know this read their great post. here in English of course.

Our own take is something is style with that Ice Hockey is not called Ice Puck and we thus do think it is utterly important that the sport should be known under one name and not 11, or something. We do like the "slang" Swedish expression Plast - that stands for Plastic - but it sounds best in french we think Plastique...

From New York we read that San Diego merged thaier forces with Boston and that the tourney will sport a BosDiego team, and that this team will defend the US title as champs.. More reading here

From Canada we heard over the weekend that Steve Nash or his foundation, was engaged in some Floorball and that is very good news.

From the IFF we learn that Unihoc will provide some extra support to South Korea, Brasil and Malaysia. Good stuff for us here in the Americas since we need Brasil online - big time. They will let us know more how things are shaping up September 2nd. More here

And in Shanghai Angry Birds chirp on via twitter about Floorball from a Finnish/Chinese expo. Wonder if there has been any sticks up in the Oriental Pearl Tower yet ... whoops, today they have another even higher building - amazing how fast that town is growing..
Pic via Fat Pipe Factory

Here one of the more recent high lights too from Sweden

Any other news? Please drop us a line!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dalen is also

one of the best teams in Sweden to make an indent on social media...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

US Invitational 2013

New Site, full coverage and about a month to go. All you need is to be found here

Here is more from this site "Manhattan Kings is the first team to sign up for the first ever US Floorball Invitational. They will also compete in the US Championship and compete for the best team in the United States.
Floorball in the US is growing and this will be a great test to see how they compete against other teams."

We also pick this up from the Facebook page US Floorball Invitational 27-29th of September. We hosted a tournament 2009 and now we are back. We are just finishing up the website. We are aiming for two teams so please let me know about interest to participate. One division and with teams from US and Canada.
Teams already signed up Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Boston. in the pipe Philly+NJ Blackouts, San Diego, Florida and more.

Special appearance Oliver Oftedal Andis Blinds and Adam Troy.
Good luck we say from Floorballcentral as we will keep an eye on this.. Since Gfloorball is doing good work blogin' we will try to re-post as good as possible and this way sponsor this event at the Harvey School.

Friday, August 23, 2013

It is not the video that is cool...

What is cool is that Lucas (Star Wars) and Rovio (Angry Birds) and Hasbro (toy figures) Mash-up their products and creates a new thing.
There is something else going on too - Just a few years back most kid heroes came from traditional media, like Disney movies and other tales or books. Just walk out the door and go to any supermarket and look around - be astonished about haw fast computer games or phone games now this fall decorate so many kid T-shirts. Just look at the toy section... So it is not the Video in itself that is cool but the co-operation or mash-up. Then that they get like almost 3 Million hits in a month is not bad either...

Why do we post this at Floorballcentral? Well we think that the idea from Angry Birds and Fatpipe to release a full line of Floorball sticks is one of the best things that ever happened to Floorball. Plus the idea that Rovio engages in Floorball educations too..

And that is almost the next mash-up, characters, toys, games and sports, huh?

Let us dream away a bit...
What do we look forward to? Maybe that they take the slingshot out and put in a Floorball shooter instead? Offer sticks with Telepod functions. That is when you can send your stick to the game too and get new in-game levels from a physical stick - just like in the movie above.
Why you wonder... Piece of cake this kind of marketing penetrates and compared to all YouTube clips on Floorball - well this is real consumer marketing. These Birds knows their marketing in ways Floorball may only dream of.
We just calmly wonder what Mojäng and Minecraft will do next when they realize what the birds are up to...
And yes - we do not think any other sport in the world could do something similar - so let em continus with their regular big games..

What you say this is not real Floorball? This is shining start marketing of an new era in our opinion.
This is new school media and probably for the future much more valuable than TV coverage of big games..

Ice Hockey beats Floorball

Updated info... we have credible information that salming did not play for maif.. sorry. And yes sometimes we do mistakes here - the MAIF is located like 1 hour away from Salmings origin..

This story has been picked up via twitter...
It is fully incredible, but not very much exposed.

If you did not already know +Börje Salming, the man behind the Floorball and Hockey (well they do Team handball, Squash  too) - THE sport brand - Salming.
He comes originally from Kiruna in the very north of Sweden and a street in Malmberget, Kiruna.

Yes Salming is big over there, they just released stamps with him on them too.

What has just been reported via twitter was that MAIF (the local Malmberget sport club) - they have different sport sections - one Ice Hockey section and one Floorball section.

And as a pre-season practice game.. They played each other in... yes Floorball, two days ago. The incredible part of this story is that the Ice Hockey guys won over the Floorball team.

It has been explained on twitter that both the teams have not practiced very much over the summer break and that is why the Hockey guys won. We here on the other hand thinks that that is not the main reason. The main reason for the Hockey guys to be able to win this game was that the games are so utterly identical. It is just a fact you can take most Hockey guys or gals and very fast turn them into decent good Floorball players.

This story, even if little leads to several other questions or ideas:
A) As the USA wants to form a U19 girls team to participate in the U19 WFC in Belleville Canada for 2016 - one might just wonder how many of the US American girls will have strong Ice hockey roots?
B) It even more highlights the question raised by Coach +Dennis Chighisola why US Ice Hockey operations are so slow to embrace floorball?
C) If it is true that the Malmberget teams have not practiced enough over the summer... well the fact is that the Swedish new Floorball Champions from Falun, have been celebrating their Champion status from this spring by doing five practice sessions per week over the summer...
D) On that stamp of a bove more than one player has refered to Floorball as a good thing for Hockey
E) Sure Floorball has been on Stamps too - maybe it is time for more Floorball stamps, Huh?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Game ideas?

Örebro in Sweden has been able to win the GOLD twice in the main National Swedish Youth Floorball League - and that is a remarkable feat.
The world's largest Floorball Magazine "innebandymagazinet" picks this up and talks with intensity about new tactical triumphs and a new kind of "man-against-man" game. They write about a new kind of offensive Floorball based upon some very old ideas. And they do not just have one article up on this but many..
Words like speed, stamina, strength and high pressure is used as the philosophy is explained and how the team leaves the traditional zone-game to play; player-against-player with high offensive pressure.

We will not cover all of this here. But we just want to share a small part on how some defense ideas works...
The defense in your own zone for instance.
copyright innebandymagazinet
Spelare = Player, löpning = running, Passning = pass, motspelare = attacking team, bollen = the ball
1) The defending left wing goes home and charge the attacking forward in the corner together with own left defender - to gain ball control
2) IF the attacking forward still makes a play out from the corner, the defending team performs a full rotation
3) Defending right wing forward turns to become the new left wing forward
4) Right defender moves up to become Right wing forward
5) Center forward becomes left defender
6) Left Defender moves to the center forward position

Hmm interesting and maybe something to try in other sports too, huh?

Full story here, but U must Google translate or similar service...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The first North American Hockey manufacturer to do Floorball Equip!

Ever heard about Outra Sport from Hong Kong? Or Lexx, Tempish, Kensis and Cynyc?
Well that is all new Floorball brands with certified equipment  2013.

But the largest news is this

This Ball was certified 2 days ago by SP in Sweden  and it has IFF embossed on it and Sher-Wood.
As You know Sher-Wood is the large Canadian producer of Ice Hockey equipment. The ball looks like it has been inspired by Oxdogs rotor balls a bit.

Do you now think that Sher-Wood will just make a ball? wants to bet on the idea that we soon will see Sticks from Sher-Wood too.

Way to go Sher-Wood welcome to Floorball ;-D
This their hockey stick selection by the way...

IoT and Glass - Google Glass in Floorball?

IoT stands for the Internet of Things - and it is when not just Your computer and phone is hooked up via the Internet but all other things too - why not a Floorball player and a Floorball stick too?

Glass stands in this text for Google Glass - you may buy them in 6 months time - and they will offer, possibly a new reality?

Is this for Floorball? We think so. Some parts of this technology could be used for cheating - almost like doping..
Imagine a red dot that identifies open team mates, a camera lens backwards to provide true split vision, some numbers that show the strong and weak points of any goalie built upon statistics, or visual coach orders. If this is cheating or not?

Most people have seen American NFL, a coach with a bratwurst size microphone that yells out MOTOROLA in front of his smile and two swollen grey donuts that cover his ears... cheating or not?

Would Floorballers wear funky glasses like these? Well many of them already use protective eye wear...

Then if the ref has them - he or she can instantly do his/her own replays of what he/she just saw and fast get others, including computers, to help him/her with - judgement. Probably not cheating but a more fair game?

Then imagine full streams of a player view as Kim Nilsson in live feed score the final goal from his own perspective at the 2014 WFC, or live feeds from fans watching games up close... screamin'. Yes, TV as we know it is dying.

Utopia, maybe - but not as far fetched as you think.

This is a great article on the subject...
Let us just quote the most interesting statement.
"It's not unlikely that the majority of in-home sports consumption over the next decade will shift from traditional TV broadcast to streaming and web TV services, whether those services are operated by ESPN, Apple — or YouTube. YouTube's partnership with NBC Universal for the 2012 Olympics is "just the beginning," Smallwood says.
Is it really so hard to imagine YouTube, which is of course owned by Google, gaining exclusive broadcast rights to a major sports league in the U.S. or Europe in the next decade? And if they do, doesn't it follow that Google Glass could be deeply integrated into that experience?"
Chew on that for a second...

This is how a hockey Glass game looks like and below some other ideas related to the issue..

here another read...

What we think at Floorballcentral?
A) In Feburary 2014 Glass will be on the market
B) We want to see the first Floorball Glass experiment soon
C) Someone should work on this so the rules are open for benefits and improves the game - and that ought to be the IFF, we think - maybe they already do - we dunno?

Full story from Times Square

Courtesy of Gfloorball - we just quote em here..


A few days ago, I played floorball in Times Square with my buddies from Latvia, Kristaps Jekabsons and Girts Smelteris. It was one of the greatest floorball experiences I’ve had here in the USA. In addition to being top-notch players, Kristaps and Girts have an extraodinary story to tell. They are traveling around the world looking for Latvian floorball players in each country and city they visit. So far they’ve played with their countrymen in Malaysia and Japan and now in the US. Here, they’ve hitchhiked from Los Angeles to Key West; and on to DC and Philly; and finally to New York. These modern-day pilgrims endured the trials and rigors of the road for just for one reason – to play some floorball in Time Square (at least that’s what I was told :)).
Girts and Kristaps shoot to score in Times Square


Thank You Gfloorball...

A Geography lesson from Republic "C"

As real as any sport can get - Girls it is your time this winter..

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why Hockey People in North America should care about and nurture "tiny" Floorball

Yeah sure, yet again the regular corporate bs about how Floorball can improve Hockey players soft hands - nope not today... ;-D

In Canada they have some campaign going to grow the game... well one of the smartest things to do would probably stretch a bit on the definition what Hockey really is...

Let us just toss in some Floorball facts here.

In the little town Trosa Sweden - with 12.000 inhabitants - 4% (FOUR) percent of the population is licensed Floorball players..

It is estimated that some 850.000 Swedes play Floorball each week - well that is like 9% of the full population...

Since Floorball is a new and a Young sport the Male Floorball World Championships has only been played 9 (NINE) times so far... The 10th time will become the largest Floorball tourney ever and it will happen in 2014...

Now Hockey People hold your hats - in 7 out of 9 Floorball WFCs the live audience for the Floorball finals has been larger that the World Ice Hockey Championship finals. (source ftto) - SEVEN OUT OF NINE TIMES!

So, now you might grasp why the IOC is a bit interested in Floorball too..

And then they want to grow the hockey game in Canada? Wow... or How is probably the best question - lol..

This post is dedicated to all Hockey people working with USA Hockey - have fun and do the right thing is our strong and warm advice (warm is a little joke he he).

On Asian tour part 2

linked in via Innebandyplaneten..

Pre-season Warberg-Mullsjö

More and more pre-season action from the larger leagues

Monday, August 19, 2013

More Dimples from the Tech corner

The other week we posted a scientific video that confirmed that a golfball (or floorball) with dimples have like 50% less drag..
It is just a fact. Nothing to mess with...

Now look at this...

In principle we could take any floorball blade for this discussion but - I just took the blade I use myself.

Our question is - how large is the surface of this stick? Of course they know at Salming.. but let us try to speculate and just guess a bit..

The depth of the blade is like, about 5-7 Millimeters so let us assume about 6 mm.  In principle we have like 5 bars roughly 230 millimeters long. Plus minus 5 -10% maybe?
Then all bars have an upper side and a lower face plus a leading edge and a tail edge - for the sake of easy math say one mill each for the edges. Then toss in like plus 20% for ornaments, wider areas and extra small bars and the fitting to the shaft... etc etc ,, sounds fair?

OK, 6 x 10 = 60
plus 2 x 10 = 20   this is for a crosscut at like 80 together, add 230 for the length and... 18.400 mm square plus 20%... yup: 22.080 square-millimeters seems to be a rough estimate of the surface of this blade..

Now let us do the ball - the Floorball ball - we take Pie times 72 x 72 to get the sphere area - size of the square = 16277.76 Square millimeters... Let us toss out like 10% for the 26 holes and we are at... like 14,560 square mils.. for a regular Floorball ball approx.

This estimate shows that the surface of a Floorball stick flying through that air is like roughly 44 percent larger than the ball - yes you may toss in a bit of the lower shaft too and we are probably well above 50% in size of area - compared to the ball - as an area flying through the air as you shoot hard.

You know what - that blade goes as fast as the ball through the air as we shoot slapshots - YES IT DOES if not EVEN a BIT FASTER
... the ball has dimples- since we know it will reduce drag with about 50%,,,,

Are we fully crazy here ? Sure as always!

To us it seems obvious that the Floorball blade and the lower part of the Floorball stick seems to be in much more need of dimples than any Floorball ball in the world -  if we want to shoot as hard as we can - with as little effort as possible?
This seems the stick of today has been designed. We do not know about one single manufacturer that use dimples on their sticks...

So let us yet again challenge all Floorball producers in the world - Who will be first with a blade and the lower part of a stick to be filled with dimples? Just like a golfball?

If you do not agree on this - well come on and argue against us - unfortunately we think we are right -

and other improvements ideas like these we must sort in under the more wacky label - wow... kinda. dimples in the blade would in essence include what these guys tries to obtain...

Now some patent trolls may steal this idea to be used in Tennis, Squash, Golf and Hockey too - why not lacrosse too? - That is fine since they will not be able to come up with the next thing  nor stay ahead of us lol

When we decide - or You?

Unihoc just tossed up a great initiative. They will start a Floorball charity and we may all vote at their facebook page or at IFF's facebook page - this is wonderful! And efforts will be made.
Here is the Unihoc home page

OK, what would we like to see from the countries you can vote on?

A) We think it is better if the country picked is an English speaking country since that might create better impact online and on social media - so sorry smaller online languages like Greek and Romanian might be tricky for us here to support.

B) Then we like countries with some connecting sports and Ice hockey and Field Hockey ought to be connecting sports... maybe Soccer connects a little bit too.. but no we do not see a clear choice from this perspective. Brasil and Portugal are interesting and Portugal play some sort of inline roller hockey that is big..

C) High online penetration is also good and here Korea has a good position, yup Malaysia too.

D) Jamaica stands out as they quick can bring other countries on-board in that area and they do speak English - but is the infrastructure in place in terms of venues to play on?

E) The other good thing with a small country is that whatever Unihoc will do the comparative impact will be better on a smaller market, Hmm China and Brasil seems very large then...

F) This is a tricky choice. Our vote goes to Ireland since they do speak English and since their special Olympics Floorball activity stood out very good earlier this year..

G) We miss USA on this list, since it is the largest single Ice Hockey market in the world and USA also has a reputation of being a trendsetter and - well we at least try to speak English and Spanish in the US.. Maybe the US is just a too big of a market?

H) Make your own pick here - - but please think a bit what you vote on before you just let your feelings take you away. What is best for Floorball?

N.B. Only a few days to vote so pls vote already now.

Sorry, about being half sporadic here

It is summertime and we have been tied up on much other stuff..
We should be back with much more material soon..
Right now here is a great link from the TV in the Czech Republic, sorry we can not embed.

But you'll find great Floorball if you follow this link..

We will be back asap with much more stuff.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

How Angry Birds Introduce Floorball in China

Yes, This looks like the Mighty Bird Himself with Angry Bird - Fatpipe Sticks in full swing in China..

Dug on it - we must do this in the USA too!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

2 things that must work better in the usa

First the obvious thing that too many schools lack floorball.
Then the second matter what they still do in 19 lower states...
Get real America. ..

Friday, August 16, 2013

Angry birds teach beginners floorball in China

Check out @pvesterbacka's Tweet:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Six hours of the best ever... TV in HD

It is unfortunatly in Swedish only,,,
But just look at the real future of Sports - 6 hours - faster than anything you have seen in team ball sports - ever.

This is Happee time

There are no doubts the Europeans are charging up for a new season..

This is Happee calling in...
We here think they are world Champs as it comes to spread the sport of Floorball in English!

In credible work Happee rock on with much more Hirvi Theater...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why is Floorball free of Charge?

As we play open Floorball in Tomah, WI -  it is fully free of charge, Why?

Well first there are some practical features. We have a good Parks & Rec that wants to offer things and activities, Then we have a co-operating School District and finally, we have a bunch of volunteers spending hours after hours bringing Floorball to Tomah, WI.
Also we want to mention the IFF that helped us out with our first set of sticks, we still use a few ones from that load they shipped us.. as free loaner sticks.

Then we have a few philosophical ideas too.
If we should be able to compete with other well established sports and make dent in the smaller community we must try to remain free of charge. The only back-draw we see of this is probably that something that is free of charge has no value... We are not sure.. But as we, in a tiny community in the American middle of no-where, have been able to get like 50 people engaged some nights last spring for open Floorball, well, it feels like the concept works..

This idea of Floorball that is cheapo is also what we take to the Midwest Floorball Championships as we play in April each year. Most players pay like 10 bucks - a fraction of what most other American  tourneys cost - in any sport. We will continue to keep this fee as low as we can, with minor reservation for a hike to 12 bucks per player or something for the 2014 tourney...
Since we have detected far away interest for the 2014 tourney,,, well right now we think it will become a two day tourney with several more teams as ever before - let's wait and see but things looks promising and we would not be surprised if the 2014 edition of the Midwest Floorball Championship turns to be the largest Floorball tourney in the USA ever.

What You have to remember from this post?

A) Open Floorball in Tomah will be back Sunday September 8th, kids play at 5PM and Adults at 6 PM - Sundays
B) The Midwest Floorball Championship might sport some 20 teams in 2014 and may be a two day tourney, tentatively April 12th and 13th - tentatively.
C) Stay calm and play Floorball
D) If hockey teams would dare to send teams to the Midwest Floorball Championship in 2014, we will rock beyond our own dreams.

Thank You, Klas

Klas Pettersson, has helped us a lot with answering questions and guiding us in the right direction. Klas is the author of the best ever written book on the subject of Floorball. He wrote the book “Floorball - the birth and expansion of a world sport” together with Mr. C. Gustafsson. It is on 597 pages and published in Swedish by the Swedish National Floorball Federation (SIBF), 2011. And, yes we have read it page by page.

Klas left this world yesterday, after being sick for some time.

Klas work and passion is an important part of the incredible things that inspire us here. It is due to people like him and their love for Floorball that we must continue and share the sport with so many more. They have the right to know what Klas knew.

We send our sincere condolences to his family and friends at this time of a hard loss.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

On the country side in Finland

Some kids are out and about..

US Patent No 2.597.704

This is a number you must learn. This is the number you must remember. This is the number you must have on your shirt. In some way at least.
In case U are nutz for Floorball.

Go here

Take screen shots, quote the text and pls just love it OK!

Spread da wörd please...

Friday, August 9, 2013

Scrimmage NJ Blackout versus PA Stormers

Both teams played great. It was a competitive atmosphere but there was absolute sportsmanship from everyone involved. The final score was 12-6 in favor of NJ Blackout.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

this is how crazy thing works...

A) Floorball is according to numbers from SIBF Sweden's second largest sport, ok.
B) With statistics you may prove whatever you want.
C) Irrespective of the SIBF Floorball comes out extremely big in Sweden if you do some research by a source like the Swedish National Sport Federation.
D) We think Floorball still has the top spectator record for any indoor sport in Sweden
E) A wild news outlet in Minneapolis claimed yesterday that Bandy is the big thing that improves hockey players in Sweden. YAWN BABY.
F) They are right as in terms of skating but not in terms of size or impact on hockey players in school or gyms .
G) Bandy has 6375 members - Floorball has 185.500 members - both are hockey emulation one used in school.
I) This is how Swedish TV covered Floorball in 2008

the answer is NOT AT ALL

J) So even if, Licensed number of players are high, the number of members is at close 200.000 and the spectators at games are very good too,,, in swedish but still interesting - look for innebandy
K) You do not have to be a genius as you monitor Swedish press to see that Floorball is seriously discriminated as a sport in media coverage
L) You would think that SIBF is doing a good job since Floorball is so big in Sweden
M) We do not think so here as the media coverage seems rotten as best
N) Mr. Harnesk - seriously the global community wants to see more in media from SIBF if we want to go Olympic - a.k.a. you have some work to do.
O) We just think it would be fair if Swedish media could portray the reality of sports in Sweden -  and this would help us all to spread Floorball beyond the borders of Sweden too.
P) Why is the media penetration so weak in Sweden - is that perhaps our fault too?
Q) Who is working on this issue by the way?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Finland goes to Spain, + 40 min documentary

This is LENA, this is what happens as Finland goes to Spain...
It is in ENGLISH!!! We order you to see this one.

This is not only Floorball this is culture - Rock on!

Monitoring IFF in the early month of August... and thoughts on TV

Two interviews pre Champions Cup are posted, kinda interesting;

Then we stumbled into a tweet that noted that the stream from SFO in Sweden was a pay for stream via solid Tango, a system used in Sweden to stream Floorball. does not like Solid Tango or other club systems that stream Floorball games as a paid for service - since the main task people working with Floorball should be to promote the sport. We understand that some business people would like to earn money and direct this to Floorball to keep it floating. But think that both the IFF and Happee by using YouTube to stream live and free Floorball is a much better way to promote the sport. And then as we are well beyond a build up phase it is time to do business on the sport - but not until then.

This is an interesting post on how TV will look like in the future from the founder of YouTube..
All clubs using proprietary or community systems to get paid by online TV - should read this article and understand why this is good for global Floorball.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Quote...

As we write a larger paper on Floorball we came up with this quote..

"To make Americans in the best way fully understand the idea of a sport; that was “invented here - but grew there”, would perhaps be to replace the word Floorball at every specific place throughout this blog with the word Basketball instead. That way of describing the matter would first put it in its rightful light and the scope of the matter would be easier to grasp for any layman in America.? We mean by this how would America look like without Basketball - or how does it from the outsiders perspective look like without Floorball?"

Is this a Yea or a Ney?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Via Oxdog this weeks cooolest picture

Full photo credits to Oxdog..

Why is this such an utterly cool picture? Two things, first as Phil Carlson - as he described how the early US Floorball history came alive in Minnesota - he said that his cousin Clinton V Carlson started out to invent a practice ball for golf in 1948. His patent was granted 1952 and...later on they scaled it up to be used with plastic sticks,,,, yup Phil Carlson also told us that the very first plastic sticks that came out via the Cosom corporation - they were inspired by golf clubs and field hockey clubs...

One more thing a picture like this fully reveal eh what activity is ancient and old and what activity is new relativistic and brave for tomorrow... thx OXDOG!

K K - we'll run this one too

Nope it is not news, since it is a few years since Henrik picked up the Floorball stick.
But we think it is darling, that someone in Korea makes a tribute to one of Swedens best ever soccer players, many scots will agree...Henrik is just another of all these LTAD athletes that is invloved in more than one sport,,, yes Henrik played a few games for Helsingborg in SSL Floorball too

Thursday, August 1, 2013

We have asked this before...

Why doesn't many other sports use balls - or flying - objects with dimples.

Yes Golf came first and Floorball borrowed from Golf. And yes likes balls with dimples in them.

But to us here - laymen in any kind of aerodynamics - that question still lingers. A 50% improvement of air flight?
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!