Thursday, July 18, 2013

What we wrote Mr. Farrey

Mr. Farrey is an excellent writer that does an awesome job to explain LTAD and several other related matters for Young hockey players in both ESPN - and we think he had the same article posted in the USA Hockey July issue too. Good for him.

We have a little problem with his article and we think it is another of those "Whasthington Post" style articles... We almost flip here as we read him describing the developments of Swedish Hockey - and yes he fully ignores to mention the word Floorball or how it works in the school system in Sweden.

So we wrote him a letter...
and hepp here it is...

Dear Tom,
Congratulations to a great article.

I must however add a few of my own view-points as being raised in Sweden.

To me cross-ice is nothing but small field Floorball transcended onto the ice. Let me explain.

Floorball is Sweden's second largest sport and it is what all swedes are raised with at school. It is operational there at the similar magnitude as Basketball here, both in regular curriculum, in special schools and as extracurricular activities as well is in semi professional, amateur, or recreational Floorball leagues. Floorball is very much about fast stick-handling and some people call it even the world's fastest team sport. The most common description however is that Floorball is for all.
Today all Swedish NHL players, yes, also the Slovak Hossa brothers - as You mention one in your text, they all have Floorball experience. Floorball is utterly strong in all west European BIG Hockey nations, Sweden, Finland, The Czech Republic and Switzerland - the surprise nation that incredible enough made it to the worlds hockey final this spring - well, they also have strong Floorball in school,
Peter Forsberg, the last guy to do a hat trick in a Stanley cup final hails the benefits of Floorball as from the Hockey perspective together with many others.
Ice Hockey clubs in Sweden use Floorball too and for instance the original club of the Sedin twins has two sports on its agenda, Ice hockey and Floorball,
I agree that LTAD, cross-ice and all what ADM do is right and they are indeed on the right path. But I do think they miss Floorball.
So, I do then also think that you too miss to describe Floorball too as you do describe Swedish Hockey players and why they are skilled.

Swedish kids do not know about either Lacrosse or Baseball, the most common other sports for Swedish kids are either Soccer or Floorball. Both parts of the infrastructure I think build Swedish Hockey rather strong.
Swedish Hockey have earlier said that a development program they put in place was the reason for the recent decades good production of Swedish Hockey players - the only problem with this reasoning is that Swedish advances in Hockey skills also coincide with the implementation of Floorball into the school system.

The International Floorball Federation has said that Floorball is the world,s fastest growing team sport. Floorball was recognized by the IOC in 2011.
The Floorball ball and the first plastic sticks came from the Cosom company in MN some 50 years ago, some of the first rules were devised in Battle Field MI at the same time.
These seeds started Floor hockey in North America and Floorball in Europe. Today Floorball is a powerful force and holds the indoor spectator record for any other indoor sport in Sweden. In the Czech republic they sat a new spectator record too with some plus 10.000 spectators this spring. For the upcoming WFC 2014 in Sweden national TV will air all Swedish games. 
If you like stick handling I suggest you search for zorro and Floorball on you tube, or listen in on twitter what the kids say. Since Floorball is very young it is known under many several different names, Innebandy, Salibandy, Unihockey, Florbal etcetera - most kids tweeting Floorball is from Singapore and other English speaking countries.

Hockey Canada has now used Floorball for 8 years. Last winter they started a program to get Floorball into school.

Floorball is considered to be inclusive, fast, fun, cost efficient, comparable safe, strenuous, skill-building, and highly flexible. Floorball was featured as a demonstration sport in the Special Olympics Winter World Games in Korea, January 2013.

I think we must inform US American kids as well as the US school-systems about Floorball.

Have fun!

OK, Here is today's quiz - this letter was sent a few weeks ago - so did he answer or not?
Friend or Foe? Hero or... well we do not write that word on this blog. What do you think?

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!