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Top Notch INDIVIDUALIZED Floorball Coaching - via Oscar & Warberg IC

Warberg IC is one of the Worlds best Floorball Clubs and Oscar Lundin is one of the worlds best coaches. Just recently he posted about Coaching in Sweden - Oscar gave us permission to run a fast "googelized" translation..
This is good stuff since its clearly connects Top Notch  Floorball to other sports too, including Ice Hockey.
Take it away Oscar:

Identity - What Separates You?

Posted on July 16th, 2013 by Oscar Lundin

There are about 300 spots in the world's best Floorball league, The Swedish Super League, fighting for these goes on among all the world's best floorball players. To achieve this, players to have have something special, something that draws glances and sports managers' interest to themselves. Think about what you stand for as a player, what you regularly do and radiate on the court. How would you explain your game, your movement patterns and your behavior? Would I be able to point you out among 30 other players during a match if all had the same number and color? What separates you? If you arrive at the answer and the understanding of your own game - you will grow confidence - because there's only one of you.

I coach since 1 May 2013 Warberg IC's men's team along with the eminent Mr. Jim Canerstam. A fantastic and fun assignment. My task on the staff is to work with the players individually and work with their development, both field players and goalkeepers. Try to increase Svedin / Neogards saves percentage month by month, try to get Henriksson score 10% more points than last year, try to get the Palm to move over the central line with right timing, or try to get Olofsson to win more duels at the boards. To achieve this it requires knowledge, confidence and commitment.

linked in via url at Innebandymagazinet
Andreas Nordenwall shot and Rikard Eriksson screen the goalie Svedin.

The knowledge I seek I find at many different places, "What separates you?", I have borrowed some from Mr. Derryl Belfry, an inspiring gentleman who is the Skills-coach for several of the NHL's top players. He can be found easily on YouTube, which in itself is a fantastic tool for finding exercises, expressions and situations to be used in the daily work of developing players. - Belfry on "Identity as a player."

I am inspired whole lot of other sports and their leaders. Two collaborations I have are extremely important to me. Erik Granqvist, goalie and video coach in Färjestad BK (one of the best Swedish Hockey teams ever, our note), he has for the past two years has been my mentor. Erik has shown how Färjestad works and in particular how he acts with his goaltenders and shooters. Every summer, Erik goes over to L.A. and works with some of the most skilled goalkeepers and hockey players in the world. Erik has also given me the opportunity to be with and work at one of the world's best camps for hockey goalies. I will return to this...

The second collaboration that gives me a lot of inspiration, ideas and tools, it is with Mikael Stahre, IFK Göteborg (one of Sweden's best Soccer teams). Numerous times have I been at IFK camps at Kamratgården and got to discuss leadership, tactics, Goalkeeping and balance with Sam Larsson.

One thing that stuck from Stahre is right way to look at a player's and a team's balance. A player is eg 40-60, 50-50 or 70-30 balanced when the first value is defensive and the second one offensive. As an example from floorball would be that Mattias Wallgren is a 70-30 and Linus Henriksson is 30-70. If you then assemble formations with these values ​​in mind, you get quickly a feel for how the balance will be in the team and the various formations of fives. Try it yourself!

Back to L.A. and Erik. The latest time when Erik was over it was one thing that the outfield players (Sidney Crosby, John Tavares and others) talked a lot extra about was to - "Engage the Core." In each sequence and exercise during their skills sequences they tried to work as actively as possible with the chest stance. They tried to maintain an athletic position to react a little faster, to fit a little better, and to push a little harder.

Url linked to Innebandymagazinet
Erik Granqvist to the right with Sidney Crosby and the brothers Eric and Mike Comrie.

This is now a part I will work extra hard focus on for our players. Constantly being athletic and when doing clinical skills we work to have such an active stake as possible. "Engage the Core" and get more power and speed.

Just athletic position is super interesting as you look at sport in general. You'll find the "athletic stance" all over.

Athletic positions.

If you must reach the top in your sport, however, you'll need more than an Athletic Position only. We talk a lot about a players Competitive level and to bring this to exercises, and in training as well as to see the game the same and always compete. Always push a little extra in all the races. Visualize game situations and you will do anything to win your area and duel on the track. What I see and hear as I have the chance to work closely with the most skilled players and leaders in various sports, - it is a high Competitive level a the clear and common denominator. How is yours?

We will in Warberg IC increase the dose of individualized training for the future. The key is finding a balance against the team tactical approach. The players feel that they have to develop their skills and qualities while managing to keep the security and "harmony" in the game. The individual focus should be inspiring for the players and it helps them to build their identity and hence their confidence. We try to build on this!

Jonathan Åkesson works on direct shots. Coach's Eye app is a great tool in this context!

So - try to create your own picture of your own game (or your leadership). What identification do I have? What do I stand for? Subsequently Learn to practice with an athletic position and with a high level of competitiveness. We'll see you in the SSL :)

Breathe and Enjoy! 

Oscar Lundin
the link only in Swedish...
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!