Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Team USA Camp Summer 2013

USFbA has a great new article up...
Here is our mega quote

"A few days ago the U.S. Men's National Team completed their camp in Sweden. The camp saw U.S. players living in the U.S., France, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden gather for training and fun
during five days at a camp called Marocko outside Motala.

Sixteen players looking for a spot on the World Floorball Championships Qualification squad had choosen to to come. Of the sixteen eight where at their first national team event.

- It is always great to see new potential World Championship players at camp, says GM Adam Troy.
The camp started with some tactical training as well as on court practice before the team took on Swedish 4th division team Solfjäderstaden. They are a good team who have their aims set at the
Swedish third division and it looks like they will succeed.

Solfjärderstaden took the lead pretty early and found the net before the two minute mark despite a solid effort in goal by Michael Adamek. The Swedish team had a 1-3 lead after the first
period and wouldn't let Team USA to close. Midway throught the game the score hiked to 4-6 efter a goal by newcomer Mattias Andreasson but the game would end 7-10 and a loss for the U.S.
team. Two other newcomers to show off during the game where the two Alexanders. McVey with two goals and Granvald with three.

This was followed by a tournament on the beach, or close to it at least. It was three on three, with goaltenders, on a tenniscourt sized playing field. The team was split in two. One of the
teams didn't make the playoffs but the other made it to the final where they fell to a team made upp of players from the Swedish SSL-team Jönköping. "

Wanna read the rest of this story... its here

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