Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Play to Games to Sports to Education

There is no doubt that this summer's largest Floorball news came in via Fatpipe and that they are about to release a full line of Angry Bird branded Floorball equipment.

Whatever you think, that is the opinion of

Hm, as we also pecked up (birds go pecking) that some educational effort was in the works from Angry Birds and that they initially might focus on China, we started to think... And this is how we think..

From now on Angry Birds connect to Floorball. Floorball connects to both Education and Ice Hockey. And Angry Birds also has educational programs in place and they relate to education too. How? Well we did not fully have this picture clear for us but then poff an article from the Scientific American bounces up... Not a single word about Floorball - but a full story that zooms in upon Angry Birds and education written by the Mighty Bird himself...

Let us just toss in some quotes here as one of the world's best school systems are being discussed by the mighty bird;
"Often when families move to Finland from other countries and put their children in day care, they worry that the schools are not teaching them enough. They say, “The kids are not learning anything. They're just playing.” But that's the whole point: humans learn by playing, and that philosophy is built into the Finnish school system. "

Then as he turns to other educational efforts by the Angry Birds:
"We have never seen ourselves as exclusively a games company, and now we are doing more and more with education. Last year we partnered with NASA on Angry Birds Space, which teaches kids about microgravity. We are also working with CERN to develop games and animations to teach the principles of quantum physics to children as young as four and six years old. "

As the mighty bird dwells into the subject of future development for all the Birds..
"It is very important for kids to get to do real things, to work with objects that they can touch and feel. In a few years I believe that more than half of our business will be physical."

This article is wrapped up with the prediction that there are so much to be done to connect the virtual world with the physical world and that is inline with how we also see some of the most important sport development for the future, to start with sensors and cameras to enhance the game and then an array with possibilities beyond. Of course we think that Floorball should lead this development since Floorball is not an antique sport, but just born.

The link we have only provide our readers with a limited version of the full Educational Angry Birds article since it rests beyond a paywall - but still it is good.

Then you check out this - do you think the Angry Birds are related to Ice Hockey or not?
This was the official mascot in use at the Ice Hockey World Championships...

This goes beyond any green man show and wow - and HEY, welcome to Floorball you tweeting birdies...

225% Increase in traffic this summer compare to last... has just been able to stop a negative trend of the number of hitz to the blog that started March 2013. This is just natural and follows all previous patters of traffic going to this blog in seasonal patterns.

Yes the blog went crazy and improved with some 3 folded plus amount of traffic as we passed the last WFC in 2012 and during several of the following winter months.

Summer is always a bit slower for Floorball since the main countries are a bit slow and the overall activity is thin.

But the interesting thing is that we have not been very active posting the last weeks - and still the number of hits in July has surpassed the number of visits from June.

What is more is that we still have the highest summer traffic ever now during 2013 - with some 225% in increased number of hits - or like twice the hitz from previous years and an additional quarter more..

Today the top counties hitting on Floorballcentral are, USA, Russia and China.

And you know what - soon they start back the world's biggest and baddest leagues with much more activity so - rock on!

Another advanced Hockey prep camp in Canada,,, and Floorball

Well, they say it better than we do here..
So just follow this link, read and why not follow a good example..?

Here is another top notch Soccer player...

That is up for a Floorball tourney... this weekend at the Swedish Floorball Open.. 2013.
This site is only in Swedish but it displays some good sponsors, including Adidas, Honda and many more... perhaps the 3 on 3 games being played outdoors - might be streamed live on that same page to August 2-3rd.

Who this is Floorball man?
Magnus Hedman...

Special Olympics - Only 12 hours to go on the best special offer ever!

As we write this - there are only 12 hours left of the good offer from Floorballplanet to provide an entry level Floorball set to Special Olympic groups across the USA at a very decent dicount.
This is the initial offer as we tossed it up.

Right now we do not know exactly how this generated sales or to what extent possible this offer - that in its extension could give special olympics up to 20% off their first set of sticks.. - worked.

But we know one thing - this is one of the most shared posts ever at - via Facebook - since it has - still with 12 hours to go - it has been shared 42 times via different people on Facebook - and that is outstanding in itself.

Thank you all for trying to bring Special Olympics USA to the table of future sports, like Floorball!

To be honest to you - if you would miss the deadline set by Floorballplanet for this their special offer, with a few hours or so. Try to tell Floorballplanet that Floorballcentral wrote that they should still honor this, since it is such a good thing that they come up with..
I think we should be able to convince them... ;-)

And Special Olympics is with no doubt a very important thing - this man seem to agree, too ;-)

But we here, prefer the Special Olympics Winter Games, since it sports Floorball. ;-D

Greetings Blackout Floorball in NJ

This is a classical clip of Floorball Open gym...

It shows the same basic pioneer spirit as we have in the midwest - but this time it comes from NJ.

We like the classic way you may flip a net if you are a goalie short as well as the improvised boards, even if falling over a couple of chairs might hurt and it is howling work to get all those boxes in place and keep them there... Something that we ought to develop in another frontier Floorball post here as its very own subject.
But some of the plays show emerging passing and an eye for the game at a level that hints for some good development of the game.  We do miss female participants, but we are sure they will emerge as the season moves forward and it is cool to see that some players are fairly young.

Good work Blackout Floorball and thanks for having the embed code available at YouTube.

no nonsense

but the acting line could have been skipped...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NHL's green men and marketing - can we learn a lesson for an Angry surprise?

If you never heard about the green men that are fans of Vancouver in NHL... well we would recommend this

In essence what they have done is to create a viral live happening that have spread way beyond the canucks home games. And what did this cost - pennies on the dollar! What did they sell - not much until Pepsi and others figured out that this was a fun idea..

Why do we post about this?

Ok let us play with an idea here..
First we take this not too expensive costume... and way better than the green morph outfit...

Then toss in a few of these sticks below and some balls as hand-outs...

And place it all at a bunch of NHL games this winter - if not all... YO!

Can USA resist that? Would Kids see this? Would media pick up on this? Would this be good for both Angry Birds and Floorball in the US and Canada? Would this be an incredible cost efficient way to advertise a sport, and a couple of brand names at the same time? And taking America by an Angry surprise?

Do we need an investor to do this?.....

We prob missed to show you this one by the way..

The full collection... wait so far they said..

Times Square

This Picture..

Went crazy on Facebook with almost 1000 hits in like 24 hrs... We think this picture does not only show that Floorball is in NY NY - but also why USA need a healthy dose of Floorball right? Thank U to 
Lauris and Girts

Team USA Camp Summer 2013

USFbA has a great new article up...
Here is our mega quote

"A few days ago the U.S. Men's National Team completed their camp in Sweden. The camp saw U.S. players living in the U.S., France, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden gather for training and fun
during five days at a camp called Marocko outside Motala.

Sixteen players looking for a spot on the World Floorball Championships Qualification squad had choosen to to come. Of the sixteen eight where at their first national team event.

- It is always great to see new potential World Championship players at camp, says GM Adam Troy.
The camp started with some tactical training as well as on court practice before the team took on Swedish 4th division team Solfjäderstaden. They are a good team who have their aims set at the
Swedish third division and it looks like they will succeed.

Solfjärderstaden took the lead pretty early and found the net before the two minute mark despite a solid effort in goal by Michael Adamek. The Swedish team had a 1-3 lead after the first
period and wouldn't let Team USA to close. Midway throught the game the score hiked to 4-6 efter a goal by newcomer Mattias Andreasson but the game would end 7-10 and a loss for the U.S.
team. Two other newcomers to show off during the game where the two Alexanders. McVey with two goals and Granvald with three.

This was followed by a tournament on the beach, or close to it at least. It was three on three, with goaltenders, on a tenniscourt sized playing field. The team was split in two. One of the
teams didn't make the playoffs but the other made it to the final where they fell to a team made upp of players from the Swedish SSL-team Jönköping. "

Wanna read the rest of this story... its here

Monday, July 29, 2013

Cosom and Gretzky - to buy history, can one do that?

Here is another truly amazing fact about early Floorball development. That took place in America during the mid 80ies.
As the sport was growing in Sweden and just before as the manufacturer Jolly...well, they still seem to sell some sticks..
In 1987 Jolly released the very first Floorball blade with "ventilated blades" Yes Jolly came first with his invention...

Anyway - we wanted to talk about Cosom from Minneapolis in this post..and Gretzky.. Just a few years earlier one of the very first branded plastic sticks came in - most likely via Cosom - and it was branded - Gretzky99. Yupp. 
We never found any traces of this product as we went through the historic archives in Minneapolis... But the only place we ever have seen this stick is published in the book Innebandy by SIBF, 2011. This picture is under copyright so we do not dare to show it here..
But it is a basic red stick that looks like a mix between an original Cosom stick and later on more inspired Floor Hockey sticks. The blade is proportionately rather high and it reminds a bit of an Ice Hockey goalie stick. The shaft is short - it looks like a rather ugly stick - but the plastic stick is branded GRETZKY99 - with a big grey and red sticker at the end...

You want to buy this icon of Floorball history?
Well this site claims to have it as a set with a net... and the deal is for just 25 bucks...

This is how they describe it..
The Gretzky 99 Hockey Set
Price: $24.99
Description This hockey set includes two 36-in. polyethylene sticks, a 42-in. folding goal with nylon net, hockey balls and puck. For ages four and up.

That ball and a puck makes us yet again think about yes you know it Floorball and not Floor Hockey

California goes Floorball


Rookie Camp 2013

A little unplanned vaccation here with rather few posts... it might continue for a few days and traffic will be down a bit... but we will be back.. in the inbetween times more from Rookie Camp via the IFF

Friday, July 26, 2013

Westchester NY to write US Floorball history in September?

Here is a tweet we just caught..
US Floorball Invitational tournament in Westchester NY Sept 27-29. Sign Up or message me for info. Please retweet! 

It just danced in from Coach Janos aka @Coach_Janos on Twitter.

After a few more tweets, we understand that they talk about three rinks and it sounds like with real floorball boards on em' all...
Hmm this should attract Canadians. Hmm the notice is short. Hmm may they will break the largest tourney ever in the states (we think it involves 16 teams)... It ought to attract Hockey teams, Lacrosse players and maybe some Floor Hockey guys too maybe?
What is the cost? What is the rules? What is the age groups and team levels? Do they have refs?  Is this the same thing as the US National Championships at the Harvey school? Well at this point we are looking for more answers... to get this cleared out... Hold out and we will serve the rest we need to know as..soon as.. we have it.

Would a team from Wisconsin go? Yes preferably. But the reality is the we are on a summer break and most likely players could never ever be able to decide on a thing like this in like 2 weeks time - hmm. We start back September 8th.

Then if they in Westchester get plus 16 teams... well then goal in Tomah WI for the Midwestern Floorball Championships 2014 in Mid April is with no doubt to be in line with those numbers.. we have been at like 12-11-12 teams each year so far and we have renewed interest from far far away for this spring and,,, well plus 16 teams should not be a big problem we think... Tentatively the Midwestern Floorball Championships 2014 aim to continue to be the most cost efficient tourney in America - we will plan for two days and if we need three courts - we will get three - or even four courts.... We also aim for more neutral refs this year and try to source them from different states.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two of today's observations - Czech it out and weather...

First the Czech television shared this FOR KIDS and - well this is how it will look like globally when the time is right. Americans ought to attend...
OK This is a good clip - we do not understand a word - but it shows what kids are doing in Europe - we can not embed - please czech it out!

This winter we wrote about climate change (that is a problem Floorball can not fix) and we noted that many outdoor rinks is hard to keep the ice on since the winters are getting warmer or with more irregular weather - and Floorball would work as an indoor substitute... But then summer time.. We have figured out that beach volleyball is tricky due to all the rain. But hey you say now you are nutz volleyball can just move indoors.. That is right - but then think of all Baseball and Softball games that rained out... That is harder to move indoors... And yes Floorball may be played both outdoors and indoors - but you already knew that...

Nim Killson top Five

Nim is the main Swedish version of the root verb borrowed from the English word nimble.
Killson is spelled like this if you look at his birth certificate and not like with a double ss as many Swedes think...
Well then maybe you should not believe in every single word you read at this blog either - since hmm a few minor mistakes slip through here...
Nim Killson.. with some flair..

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

US Nationals September 2013

Just in as a news flash.. from gfloorball.

Breaking News: Generation Floorball to host US Nationals Floorball Tournament 28-29th of September at The Harvey School, Katonah, NY. First team signed up Manhattan Kings from the city that never sleeps. Who will be next? ‪#‎floorball‬‪#‎floorballUSA‬

More to come we suspect...

Stefan Hedlund on USA

The other day Mr. Hedlund, the head coach for the US National male Floorball team, posted a blog over in Europe. A part of his text described his engagement with the USA team.
Just a few days ago. by the way, the same man and team USA just wrapped up a camp in Sweden, this camp is mentioned in this post - but it was written a few weeks ago so the writer looks forward to that camp in his post. 

We got Mr. Hedlunds kind permission to googelize a translation - and hepp here it is...

I was the coach of the U.S. national team as it for the first time got a chance to play in the top A division at the World Floorball Championship in 2012. I was for the first time during last year the leader on the floor instead of a spectator or analysts in the stands. OH, was that fun!
This was an extraordinary experience that I really hope we can surpass for the World Floorball Championships, Gothenburg in December 2014. I think the quarter-final is not far away for the US team. We have a very exciting squad development right now.
The Qualifier scheduled for next February where we are to play against Canada and Jamaica will become a measure of the team value, and we hope to pull the longest straw. In a month team USA will be at a Swedish camp and the US team has many new players in the squad, who want to prove themselves before the World Cup. It's a bit like Christmas for me on every camp - just like meeting old relatives (the players), plus all the new players (the gifts).
I could dedicate an entire summer blog about my views on the international floorball development and my view of the men's World Cup from a Swedish /American perspective. But I will not this time, since I continue to follow a fixed gps route!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lessons from a petition = We R hiring!

Recently we decided to post a petition to get Floorball into the US school system, Click banner on top of this page if u did not already.
Interest flared and many good people signed. But some prominent geeks and gufuses did not - Ok we will not hang them out here - but you know what we Well maybe we do that one day - since if people do not care about Floorball in the us school system - well then we do not think they are good representatives for Floorball.

Anyway that is not the point with this very post. We want to share what we learned instead...
Here are our lessons from online petitions - Floorball or not.
A) To have people sign you must approach then with direct messages like email, facebook and similar
B) Almost no one sign from an image or a blog posting
C) It is utterly hard to have people spread the idea in their own network of social media, some do but they are extremely rare

We are hiring a driven lunatic that want to change the US school system with a petition to to get Floorball into the US school system. You will need to put this on top of your daily agenda and everyhing less but some hundred thousand globally harvested signatures is bad. You will have to have an extensive email network and be able to build a blog and extensive presence on social media.
Payment is good in terms of a personal fulfillment that you did something reasonable decent with your life. You might meet Arne Duncan or his successor as the project is wrapped up. Someone might make a statue of you one day. And you will become an expert on how Floorball, the US school system and how social media works.
Applications are accepted from today - from anywhere in the world - teams of people are welcome to join for this cause.

This position is only open to people interested in paradigm shifts.

Need a Summer clip?

This is how we want to see promotion done ;-P

Still very tentatively about 2014 MFC

We aim to play the Midwest Floorball Championships 2014 as a two day tourney. We have applied for the following dates April 12th and April 13th 2014.

As soon as we have a confirmation we will be back. We do suspect that we will have even more teams since we have heard about interest from far far away. This could also mean that we might add one more venue to play on.
We will for 2014 demand that each state participating at least send one referee too improve our reffing and the fairness of the games...

2014 MFC will still be a 4 on 4 tourney with goalies and regulation nets.

Hold Out.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Are sports Culture specific?

We thinks so but only to a rather limited degree.
You can most likely find a bunch of sports in your own culture that is not that big and probably would have a hard time to make it big in other cultures..
So how do you know if the local sport is not very culture specific but more general in its culture instead?

We think it works like in the restaurant business. Let's take McDonald's and Subway... this is two of the worlds - no it is the two largest restaurant chains in the world - with utterly strong brand names.
Are they not culture specific? We would think a little bit but not all the way...
We suspect it works like this,...
If a sport or a restaurant franchise is so strong so it starts to dominate or become very big in one, or a few specific cultures then we have what can take this sport (or restaurant) and make it into a general culture instead...

In the case of Floorball we have a few more things that paves the way for being of a general culture.
The cost is low, it is flexible to play, it is safer than many alternatives, it connect to both Ice Hockey, Field Hockey and Bandy and yes it has for sure grown very large within some different cultures... So we bold enough to say that we think Floorball is much less culture specific than both Bandy and Field Hockey...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Mighty Eagle as a stick.. or the top notch Fatpipe Angry Birds stick...

If you take all the world's frikkin' sticks... Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Lacrosse and Floorball sticks.. you put em' in a large pile and the you pull em' out one by one and put them on a scale...
The Angry Birds Mighty Eagle from Fatpipe will be the worlds lightest stick of them all...

This is the word from the Fat man:
Mighty Eagle 100G, So far the lightest floorball stick in the world. Full carbon shaft, Jai-Alai shooter blade.

In case you r angry and want to show the world that you are a Mighty Bird - simply there is no other choice but Fatpipe's Mighty Eagle and for now the Angry Birds collection is complete - with one of the most advanced sticks in the world.

Do you think you can get a Hockey, Field Hockey or Lacrosse stick with Angry Birds on em'?... or with this speed? Dude and dear dudette... get real...

This is modern hockey beyond your wildest dreams... just being mighty enough.

Floorball long-term Forecast USA

Is it possible to write a Floorball forecast for USA? Nope.. and that is exactly why we do it.

For the next year....
Floorball growth will continue to be utterly slow.  A few selected schools will pick up the sport but no larger school organization will commit itself to Floorball at any larger scale.
Usa Hockey will make some minor moves on more local levels - but full commitment on a larger scale is questionable at this point, irrespective of #LTAD and the development in other Hockey countries. The ADM will continue to promote different sports as Lacrosse (too violent in our taste) and Baseball (most athletes gets as much exercise as when loading the dishwasher in our opinion).

Special Olympics USA will discover the sport during the year and most likely the sport will become recognized as full worthy SO sport. But integration will be rather slow since many interested SO organizations in the US are stuck with the infrastructure for poly hockey. In the case that the Special Olympics discover that Floorball has deep roots from MN and MI and that the sport early was marketed as a sport for special needs - this might boost their interest but we think the spread of that knowledge to be rather unlikely.
Advances by the national US teams will not affect the development very much in any vital direction.
A wild card for Floorball in the US could be presented by Angry Birds if they are able to place sticks with larger retailers and get their educational program going in the us too.

2014 will be a boost for Floorball since the large WFC will set some interesting records and media, inclusive global media will cover this, We think a few media outlets in the US ought to run stories from the WFC. The Floorball market in the US will see some momentum from this and we here would not be surprised if our traffic would triple late by 2014. But this is still far away from any larger penetration. And the schools will not wake up by this.

2015, will not be very significant but organic growth will continue and as a whole Floorball in the US will most likely be twice as big as today.

During 2016 the WFC in Canada will bring on a very good boost for articles media post and so on. Suddenly we think USA Hockey will declare a more serious interest - but for them to go from theory to practice will take yet another 3-4 years.

2017 will become the true breakthrough for Floorball as a Special Olympic sport. It is now we will start to see a more serious commitment from state run SO organizations. From here SO will bring on parents and PE teachers and some strong Floorball enclaves will be erected in the USA.

2024-2028 As Floorball being a very young sport with a very young cadre of followers we will see an Olympic debut here (since Floorball is a sport building on skills - no one may be doped - and that fits the Olympic idea).
We do not think Floorball in the US will explode at this point but we will see serious momentum and at least 10% of all schools should do Floorball by now. It will take another 15-20 years to fully flood the school system..

Wild Cards?
- If a European Floorball team decides to challenge a NHL team (instead of going to Bali and send one tweet in Swedish about their trip)
- Nike and Adidas realize that they could make money on Floorball
- A pronounced NHL player decides that he wants to tell US kids that Floorball is cool
- Some lunatic starts an American professional Floorball league
- The government realize that this would be a good investment
- The health industry switch from repair to maintenance and invest into Floorball to build American health from the bottom

This might be a gloomy outlook or forecast - and we can only wish things would develop faster - and maybe it will...

Friday, July 19, 2013

How Kids should play - it goes for cross ice too

Perfect we say Perfect

Let us show this again from the IIHF ICE HOCKEY

2013 Men's World ICE HOCKEY Ranking

Czech Republic
United States

The countries Marked in RED have extensive Floorball in school and/or at other places roughly.

You know what - to take our point to the extreme - take the grey teams out... crazy enough - the list also illustrates - in rough terms how much Floorball different countries have in school - and that is a frikkin' amazing way to read this list. If you are clever this should mean a whole lots of things to you...

And among the grey teams - the ranking order of them also roughly coincide with the use of Floorball in school - scary huh?

Floorball gear pushing forward with more boards to the US

Floorball Gear is about to place a direct order for this season and more importantly bring over full size regulation Unihoc rinks. This will be the first time these world class boards will be availbe for purchase in the US. 

Unihoc is the premier Floorball equipment manufacturer in the world since 1972.

This is great opportunity for all of Floorballl partners to take advantage of this limited time offer to purchase and share the cost of ocean shipping direct to our warehouse for pick up in the US. Call for Details today - 714.493.9980 this offer will only be good until June 28th, 2013
Rink Corners Rink Goals
School Sets
SetsTake advantage of the lower costs offered by Floorball Gear on this limited offer to get ready for those summer camps and events. floorball rink 
Ask About Our Party Rink Packages
Street Stick
Hottest Street Stick on the Market for Outdoor Play.

Save 20%Limited time offer to save on all ocean shipment to US on this order.
Note that pricing may adjust according to current exchange rate at time of shipment.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What we wrote Mr. Farrey

Mr. Farrey is an excellent writer that does an awesome job to explain LTAD and several other related matters for Young hockey players in both ESPN - and we think he had the same article posted in the USA Hockey July issue too. Good for him.

We have a little problem with his article and we think it is another of those "Whasthington Post" style articles... We almost flip here as we read him describing the developments of Swedish Hockey - and yes he fully ignores to mention the word Floorball or how it works in the school system in Sweden.

So we wrote him a letter...
and hepp here it is...

Dear Tom,
Congratulations to a great article.

I must however add a few of my own view-points as being raised in Sweden.

To me cross-ice is nothing but small field Floorball transcended onto the ice. Let me explain.

Floorball is Sweden's second largest sport and it is what all swedes are raised with at school. It is operational there at the similar magnitude as Basketball here, both in regular curriculum, in special schools and as extracurricular activities as well is in semi professional, amateur, or recreational Floorball leagues. Floorball is very much about fast stick-handling and some people call it even the world's fastest team sport. The most common description however is that Floorball is for all.
Today all Swedish NHL players, yes, also the Slovak Hossa brothers - as You mention one in your text, they all have Floorball experience. Floorball is utterly strong in all west European BIG Hockey nations, Sweden, Finland, The Czech Republic and Switzerland - the surprise nation that incredible enough made it to the worlds hockey final this spring - well, they also have strong Floorball in school,
Peter Forsberg, the last guy to do a hat trick in a Stanley cup final hails the benefits of Floorball as from the Hockey perspective together with many others.
Ice Hockey clubs in Sweden use Floorball too and for instance the original club of the Sedin twins has two sports on its agenda, Ice hockey and Floorball,
I agree that LTAD, cross-ice and all what ADM do is right and they are indeed on the right path. But I do think they miss Floorball.
So, I do then also think that you too miss to describe Floorball too as you do describe Swedish Hockey players and why they are skilled.

Swedish kids do not know about either Lacrosse or Baseball, the most common other sports for Swedish kids are either Soccer or Floorball. Both parts of the infrastructure I think build Swedish Hockey rather strong.
Swedish Hockey have earlier said that a development program they put in place was the reason for the recent decades good production of Swedish Hockey players - the only problem with this reasoning is that Swedish advances in Hockey skills also coincide with the implementation of Floorball into the school system.

The International Floorball Federation has said that Floorball is the world,s fastest growing team sport. Floorball was recognized by the IOC in 2011.
The Floorball ball and the first plastic sticks came from the Cosom company in MN some 50 years ago, some of the first rules were devised in Battle Field MI at the same time.
These seeds started Floor hockey in North America and Floorball in Europe. Today Floorball is a powerful force and holds the indoor spectator record for any other indoor sport in Sweden. In the Czech republic they sat a new spectator record too with some plus 10.000 spectators this spring. For the upcoming WFC 2014 in Sweden national TV will air all Swedish games. 
If you like stick handling I suggest you search for zorro and Floorball on you tube, or listen in on twitter what the kids say. Since Floorball is very young it is known under many several different names, Innebandy, Salibandy, Unihockey, Florbal etcetera - most kids tweeting Floorball is from Singapore and other English speaking countries.

Hockey Canada has now used Floorball for 8 years. Last winter they started a program to get Floorball into school.

Floorball is considered to be inclusive, fast, fun, cost efficient, comparable safe, strenuous, skill-building, and highly flexible. Floorball was featured as a demonstration sport in the Special Olympics Winter World Games in Korea, January 2013.

I think we must inform US American kids as well as the US school-systems about Floorball.

Have fun!

OK, Here is today's quiz - this letter was sent a few weeks ago - so did he answer or not?
Friend or Foe? Hero or... well we do not write that word on this blog. What do you think?

Coach Greg Janos, USA

Yet again do we see a new splendid article from  And yet again we re-post the bulk of what they write to direct traffic over to them..
You know what today has been crazy, and in the midst of July - and the Floorball season should be almost dead here... we have soo much traffic to this blog so it counts as high as during a WFC, like last winter.. I think we have both Sidney Crosby and Angry Bird's bomb to thank for that...

Anyway here is the latest from and coach Janos... take it away Sir.

Generation Floorball Summer Camp in Connecticut, USA

Generation Floorball coach Greg Janos is sharing some comments of his first experience as a Floorball coach. Coach Janos is an experienced coach both in Hockey and Lacrosse.
This past Thursday I had the privilege of introducing Floorball to a 100 plus kids at a multi-sport summer day camp at Chelsea Piers-CT.  The day ran like a typical school day having the different groups rotate around the sports complex moving from sport to sport as if they were changing classrooms.   At least it was a typical day until they came to me and were introduced to Floorball!
Being introduced to a new sport from another country was the highlight of these lucky campers’ day. Even their camp counselors got in on the action joining their campers as they ran through practice drills. Some of the counselors and coaches from other sports even came back to play on their lunch breaks.  The kids left their Floorball session excited and asking when we could play again!   Seeing Floorball spread like a wildfire in only a few hours was really exciting.
As I reflected on the day after seeing so much excitement from the campers and coaches, I tried to pick out the one aspect of Floorball that stood out the most to me. Unfortunately, I was unable to do so. Floorball is a sport that provides way too many benefits to only highlight just one.  The first thing I that noticed was that every kid was able to pick up the stick and start playing!  We had campers, boys and girls, ranging from 5-13 years old join us throughout the day and not a single one had an issue grabbing a stick and ball and staying engaged in the activity for the whole time.  We were even lucky enough to extend one group’s time to an hour and forty-five minutes! These kids were so into it that not a single one asked for a break! They just wanted to keep playing!  It was amazing to see so many kids just pick up a new sport so easily and have so much fun playing it right from the start. While watching the kids play I took notice of how many skills are used in this new crossover sport.  The stick handling skills and shooting like hockey, the hand–eye coordination of lacrosse, the tactical positioning of basketball, and the cardio vascular conditioning of soccer. The sport of Floorball incorporates skills from so many other sports all into one.  It is mind blowing to see so many skills being combined into one sport and be played at the rate of speed which Floorball is played at. If you want to read the rest please go to the main source at

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Bomb from Angry Birds

Here is the next stick that Fatpipe release in their Angry Birds line... like its NEW NOW

It is the Bomb... more angry than ever.

Now we talk about a real stick for many Floorball players, it has flex 31 the famous
JAI-ALAI blade and the fat guys say: 
Bomb 31, juniors and ladies competition stick with Jai-Alai shooter blade.

Since we here soon like 2 years ago called out to Rovio with the cry that the world needed Angry Birds Floorball sticks,,, ....

Well now, let us cry yet again..

We think, we seriously think that Angry Birds should become an IFF sponsor - Why? - it just makes sense to us. And you know what will happen? All larger Tourneys will have Angry Birds mascots running all over the place - and it would be darn better than all the other mascots we have seen soo far...

Yes Floorball is an utterly strong Youth sport and can Rovio find a better forum - than Floorball - hrmm we now wonder... if this will take another two years?

Top Notch INDIVIDUALIZED Floorball Coaching - via Oscar & Warberg IC

Warberg IC is one of the Worlds best Floorball Clubs and Oscar Lundin is one of the worlds best coaches. Just recently he posted about Coaching in Sweden - Oscar gave us permission to run a fast "googelized" translation..
This is good stuff since its clearly connects Top Notch  Floorball to other sports too, including Ice Hockey.
Take it away Oscar:

Identity - What Separates You?

Posted on July 16th, 2013 by Oscar Lundin

There are about 300 spots in the world's best Floorball league, The Swedish Super League, fighting for these goes on among all the world's best floorball players. To achieve this, players to have have something special, something that draws glances and sports managers' interest to themselves. Think about what you stand for as a player, what you regularly do and radiate on the court. How would you explain your game, your movement patterns and your behavior? Would I be able to point you out among 30 other players during a match if all had the same number and color? What separates you? If you arrive at the answer and the understanding of your own game - you will grow confidence - because there's only one of you.

I coach since 1 May 2013 Warberg IC's men's team along with the eminent Mr. Jim Canerstam. A fantastic and fun assignment. My task on the staff is to work with the players individually and work with their development, both field players and goalkeepers. Try to increase Svedin / Neogards saves percentage month by month, try to get Henriksson score 10% more points than last year, try to get the Palm to move over the central line with right timing, or try to get Olofsson to win more duels at the boards. To achieve this it requires knowledge, confidence and commitment.

linked in via url at Innebandymagazinet
Andreas Nordenwall shot and Rikard Eriksson screen the goalie Svedin.

The knowledge I seek I find at many different places, "What separates you?", I have borrowed some from Mr. Derryl Belfry, an inspiring gentleman who is the Skills-coach for several of the NHL's top players. He can be found easily on YouTube, which in itself is a fantastic tool for finding exercises, expressions and situations to be used in the daily work of developing players. - Belfry on "Identity as a player."

I am inspired whole lot of other sports and their leaders. Two collaborations I have are extremely important to me. Erik Granqvist, goalie and video coach in Färjestad BK (one of the best Swedish Hockey teams ever, our note), he has for the past two years has been my mentor. Erik has shown how Färjestad works and in particular how he acts with his goaltenders and shooters. Every summer, Erik goes over to L.A. and works with some of the most skilled goalkeepers and hockey players in the world. Erik has also given me the opportunity to be with and work at one of the world's best camps for hockey goalies. I will return to this...

The second collaboration that gives me a lot of inspiration, ideas and tools, it is with Mikael Stahre, IFK Göteborg (one of Sweden's best Soccer teams). Numerous times have I been at IFK camps at Kamratgården and got to discuss leadership, tactics, Goalkeeping and balance with Sam Larsson.

One thing that stuck from Stahre is right way to look at a player's and a team's balance. A player is eg 40-60, 50-50 or 70-30 balanced when the first value is defensive and the second one offensive. As an example from floorball would be that Mattias Wallgren is a 70-30 and Linus Henriksson is 30-70. If you then assemble formations with these values ​​in mind, you get quickly a feel for how the balance will be in the team and the various formations of fives. Try it yourself!

Back to L.A. and Erik. The latest time when Erik was over it was one thing that the outfield players (Sidney Crosby, John Tavares and others) talked a lot extra about was to - "Engage the Core." In each sequence and exercise during their skills sequences they tried to work as actively as possible with the chest stance. They tried to maintain an athletic position to react a little faster, to fit a little better, and to push a little harder.

Url linked to Innebandymagazinet
Erik Granqvist to the right with Sidney Crosby and the brothers Eric and Mike Comrie.

This is now a part I will work extra hard focus on for our players. Constantly being athletic and when doing clinical skills we work to have such an active stake as possible. "Engage the Core" and get more power and speed.

Just athletic position is super interesting as you look at sport in general. You'll find the "athletic stance" all over.

Athletic positions.

If you must reach the top in your sport, however, you'll need more than an Athletic Position only. We talk a lot about a players Competitive level and to bring this to exercises, and in training as well as to see the game the same and always compete. Always push a little extra in all the races. Visualize game situations and you will do anything to win your area and duel on the track. What I see and hear as I have the chance to work closely with the most skilled players and leaders in various sports, - it is a high Competitive level a the clear and common denominator. How is yours?

We will in Warberg IC increase the dose of individualized training for the future. The key is finding a balance against the team tactical approach. The players feel that they have to develop their skills and qualities while managing to keep the security and "harmony" in the game. The individual focus should be inspiring for the players and it helps them to build their identity and hence their confidence. We try to build on this!

Jonathan Åkesson works on direct shots. Coach's Eye app is a great tool in this context!

So - try to create your own picture of your own game (or your leadership). What identification do I have? What do I stand for? Subsequently Learn to practice with an athletic position and with a high level of competitiveness. We'll see you in the SSL :)

Breathe and Enjoy! 

Oscar Lundin
the link only in Swedish...

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Arrgh Arrgh Arrgh Arrgh

The other day we ran across a Youtube clip that was called something like "see when a Floorball player breaks his ankle" or something like it.

Warning, this clip, that we will not link you to, was not on Floorball but on some rough form of Floor Hockey or Ball Hockey.. and yes the player broke his foot.
This may of course also happen in Floorball too.

But our problem with Floor Hockey and many similar versions of Hockey emulations is that they are nasty, rough, hard and therefore has a rather bad reputation at some schools and the sport is sometimes black listed. That is not a problem in itself we think - as we think that is right.
But as ignorant people mix up Floorball with most other nasty forms Hockey emulations - well then we have a problem..
a serious problem...


Floorball is a comparable safe sport - but not fully free of accidents. But still we think that compared to many other sports - floorball is a very nice and calm activity and almost like paradise... But yes at times Floorball might hurt too - just ask this guy...

Via FTTO both a ball salami and a blade tattoo - aouch

Mr. America and Guinness World Records

We have said it before and we will say it again - we do make mistakes on this blog - but we dare to recognize this and we think it better to make mistakes as compared to so many others - that remain mute.

There is even a web clip on YouTube that say that Floorballers must raise their voice any not remain mute... but no this post is not about this - but about Mr. America!

We have from secure sources - the players themselves - heard that as the world longest Floorball game was played - and as this event also will end up in the Guinness book of world records...

There was not just one American playing "Sir Zac Costi" as we have written about just in an earlier post - now we had also the American; Mr. America himself playing - or also known as Mr. Vince Faso.

Each time Mr. Faso scored in this Marathon Floorball world record, last weekend, the crowds cheered Mr. America!

So the outcome for you ess ey (usa)?
We have two Floorball world record holders from the United States.
Sir Zac Costi and Mr. America himself (Vince Faso).

We here... are both happy and proud. Congrats to you guys! You make the difference for Floorball, thanks!

The Best Thing Ever = TBTE with Arthurs Irbe and more

We got some great material from our Dear Friend Daan Rollin from Belgium.. Only thing we missed was a caption for this picture but we think it is showing, Patrik Åman, Arturs Irbe and Mr Blinds himself.

In America the previous NHL goalie Mr. Irbe is without doubt the most known in this trio, the other two? Well one is a legendary Floorball keeper from Sweden - Mr. Åman, and Mr. Blinds.. well he is becoming a legend himself right now building a Floorball goalie imperium.. hmm any other Floorball brand will most likely be very tempted to get engaged with Blind Save since they in serious ways breaks new grounds...

What these guys are up to? A 50 goalie International Floorball goalie camp in the Baltic with goalies from 8 countries - where a NHL long time merited Ice Hockey goalie and world star helped teaching a new generation (and old too) how to become better Floorball goalies..

Not bad...

Here is Mr. Rollins personal note from this event. Read it - it is full of sparkles and stars...
Blindsave goalie camp – 12-14 July

Blindsave organized another successful goalie camp. This time they were able to get goalies like Åman Patrik and Artūrs Irbe. The camp attracted 50 goalies from 8 countries like Latvia, Belgium, Great Britain, Finland, …
There were 2 groups divided by age, because the youngest one just turned 9 and the oldest one was 29. So there was a lot of diversity in the groups. Åman Patrik and Blinds Andis were leading the practices. The first day training was more on the theoretical part of being a goalie and how goalies should behave in terms of moving. Later that night we had a VERY special guest: Artūrs Irbe.
Irbe taught us a lot about how a goalie should think in different situations, what his experience was with being a professional goalie in the NHL. It really was interesting to see these 3 gods (see above) together!

The second day was a lot more about shooting and the practical part of goalkeeping, still movement was the number 1 working point. Later the afternoon every goalie got filmed during an exercise and analyzed later the evening. This was pretty interesting to see because every goalie has a different style!
Then the organization of Blindsave did something amazing for all the goalies that flew in from another country. They took them to the fishermen’s festival in Roja, the Baltic sea and one of the most beautiful shores of Europe! There they were able to taste all the nice fish caught earlier that day!

Sunday was all about reading the game! We spoke about various situations on the field and how to deal with them, later on we even got to do some penalty shots! After training everybody was sad that the camp was over already.
In my point of view “Blindsave goalie camp” was one of the most interesting experiences in my life! there were so many great goalies with different points of view on being a goalie, and we compared these approaches/opinions...all the time

To the blindsave crew: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013


r e l a x

it will be here one day soon - we promise

We have an American as World Record man in Floorball - Sir Zac Costi

In the net we have Mr. Costi USA - in the world's longest Floorball match ever at 26 hours... It has been reported that his ankle took some injury that might need medical care.
We think if you break a world Record in Floorball as an American... well, let us call him Sir Zac Costi from now on ;-) Congrats Sir.

This quote is from the organizers and "History was made last night when the Guinness World Record of Longest Floorball Marathon was broken at 19:42. And new record set at 26 hours as the game was called end at 20:29."
So the new record is 26 hrs and is 47 minutes longer than the previous record.. we do not know the final score or if they kept the numbers right.

Here is a live clip...

Full coverage as well as more links

Friday, July 12, 2013

A hot day in North American Floorball.. Updated some mistakes, sorry

First we hear from BC Floorball, that just announced, oh well it was the local government and rather Ms. Coaralee Oaks, Honorable minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and Mr. Bal Gosal, Minister of State, Sport that announced more support and a new grant to BC Floorball.
BC Floorball themselves announced a new President in Mr, B Zimmerman and via Mr. G Beaudin we learned that BC Floorball now have been awarded close to 50,000 CAD over the last 8 months to develop the sport, and through their Floorball challenge program they have had some 17.000 potential players exposed to Floorball lately

From Toronto the drum beats that the Maple Leafs Hockey school steams on with full Floorball power. This is done under the guidance of Mr. Greg Schell, he is the Director of the Leafs Hockey school since forever almost ;-) (we speak experience here), and Mr. J Mikkola and Mr. B Jutla from Floorballpro - for sure did not the Toronto NHL player Carl Gunnarsson show up too...  here he is if you do not know him a bit better

In USA we had our big day yesterday, when we think the largest ever (so far and U wait) US kids clinic that took place up in CT, under the management of Coach Janos and Mr. Laeben... and if they continue like this well then things will start to happen big here too - Mr. Laeben has promised an article and we will re-post it here too, most likely with a video clip.
You know what they will do it agin next week and..

In Florida this takes place next week..

Then by now out dear American National player Mr. Costi is playing the game of his life as they try to set the new world record in the longest ever played Floorball game.. Eh the facebook page is all in Finnish and rough to understand - but we think the most recent score was 53-78 just a few hours ago, the game should be over tomorrow morning at some time...
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!